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July 31, 2020

But no $600 for the unemployed

July 30, 2020

Federal judge demands Homeland Security document all the false information it told the court

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How can we expect the courts, as rigged as they now are, to hold tRump and crew to the laws when they simply lie to the court.   Hugs

Federal judge demands Homeland Security document all the false information it told the court

On Wednesday, CNN reported that a federal judge is ordering the Department of Homeland Security to document all of the times it gave “inaccurate” or “misleading” information about the reason it was excluding residents of New York State from the Global Entry system.

“District Judge Jesse Furman wrote that the revelation — which came in a letter from the acting US attorney — of inaccurate statements made in the case was ‘deeply troubling,’” reported Geneva Sands. “Furman said the government didn’t even ‘purport to provide’ a full list of false statements, ordering additional documentation.”

This comes after the Trump administration admitted last week that it had lied to justify the move to exclude New York residents from the customs expediting program, which is broadly thought to be retaliation for a “sanctuary” policy limiting federal immigration officials’ access to motor vehicle records.

The administration had previously argued that these rules were a threat to national security — but subsequently admitted several other states have been applying similar policies without any need for the federal government to restrict their access to Global Entry.

Too many deaths, quite a video. We are losing as tRump plays politics to change reality for his own good. He has no concern for the people of the country.

Every parents dream, sacrificing their children to the economic wealth of the ruling class


Police Arrested 120 Anti-Racism Protesters in Omaha, and Barely Anyone’s Talking About It

We have to stop the police take over of the country.   We are the frogs in the hot water, never seeing our own end coming as it has been gradual.   The police treat the citizens as less than them.  The police treat the people as if the police are an occupying army and they get to do what they want to the people to maintain the status quo.  Are we a police state yet?    Hugs

Police officers wearing riot gear corralled anti-racism protesters in Omaha, Nebraska onto a highway overpass over the weekend, blocked both exits, and fired pepper balls into the crowd, according to videos taken of the peaceful demonstration and organizers who spoke to VICE News.

Approximately 120 protesters were then zip-tied and arrested, primarily on charges of failure to disperse or obstructing traffic, although a few also received other charges like resisting arrest or unlawful assembly, according to a police spokesperson.

They were taken to the Douglas County Correctional Center, where protesters told VICE News they were given limited water and bathroom access. Those arrested were also told the jail was experiencing issues with its computer system, which made officials unable to quickly process and release them. Some languished until Sunday night, during which time they were zip-tied in the parking lot for hours or detained inside the crowded facility.

Douglas County Corrections Director Michael Myers disputed that protesters were not provided adequate access to bathrooms and water inside his facility, and said there are public toilets in the holding cells as well as private bathrooms and water fountains in the jail’s “day room.” Additionally, the protesters zip-tied in the parking lot were still in police custody, he said.

Saturday night’s protest in Omaha, one of many nationwide that ended in arrests and brutality this weekend, was held in solidarity with Portland’s uprising and also demanded justice for James Scurlock, the young Black man who was fatally shot by a white bar owner in Omaha while protesting George Floyd’s death in May. The bar owner, Jacob Gardner, was not charged because the Douglas County Attorney’s Office said he had acted in self-defense during a fight. 

“It was as peaceful as you could imagine,” said Riley Wilson, a legal observer at the protest, who was clearly identified but detained for about 22 hours on charges of failure to disperse and obstruction of a traffic way. “There was absolutely no violence, no property damage, no vandalism,  no fires.”

One demonstrator, Mark Vondrasek, tried to ride his bike through a gap between two officers who had choked off the people marching across the overpass, while many protesters crowded on the sidewalks. He was promptly shoved, shot with pepper balls at close range, and tackled by multiple officers as he “bled profusely, all over my shirt and mask,” he said.

Another protester, who was arrested and jailed Saturday, 28-year-old Cole Christensen, shared a photo of the welts from his pepper ball wounds on Facebook; he was shot while standing near Vondrasek. He told VICE News he had asked police officers multiple times why they were arresting people on the bridge, before being slammed to the ground and zip-tied himself.

“I know for damn sure that I was not once warned before they walled us off on that bridge and said, ‘You are being detained,’” Christensen said.

He was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer, obstructing the highway, and failure to disperse. While he was in jail, he said one correctional officer took photos of him on his cell phone and mocked him for his effeminate voice.

Danielle Conrad, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska, said attorneys have been working “non-stop to develop litigation to address what happened in Omaha Saturday night,” concerning both the treatment of protesters and organizers’ concerns that the mass arrests were intended to have a chilling effect on any future demonstrations.

The demonstration had nearly wrapped up when police suddenly blocked off the overpass and began placing people under arrest, according to protesters. By “kettling” the protesters on the bridge — a crowd control tactic that’s been in recent months — police may have prevented the demonstrators from peacefully dispersing since many were so close to their endpoint, Conrad said. They could have been let off with a citation so they could’ve returned home, Conrad said.

“It was only in this last block or two in the march itself — when folks were heading back to the starting point — that really all hell broke loose,” Conrad said. “That’s troubling from a lot of different perspectives.”

Omaha Police Capt. Mark Matuza told the Omaha World-Herald that the protest was stopped because it “leaned toward the potential of getting violent,” but the Omaha Police Department did not respond to a request for comment as to what led them to believe that potential existed.

The Omaha Police Department provided a more detailed timeline of events Wednesday, which noted that protesters had been told several times Saturday that their assembly was unlawful. The police also said protesters had knocked over or moved construction barrels and candlesticks, and that some protesters had resisted arrest or officers’ commands on the bridge.

“On-scene command made the decision to book the involved parties into jail out of fear that disturbances and potential further criminal activity would continue in the downtown area if they were cited and released,” police said in the timeline, which was released to the media by Lt.  Sherie Thomas Wednesday. “It should be noted that at least 10 clearly audible warnings were given to the group.  Most of the group disregarded the warnings and continued to violate the law.”

While being arrested on the bridge on charges of resisting arrest, failure to disperse, and unlawful assembly, 23-year-old Bear Alexander said officers kneed him in the stomach “MMA style” and threw him on the ground. He said he was told the resisting charge stemmed from him putting his hands up rather than immediately lying on his stomach.

After that, Alexander — one of the leaders of ProBLAC, which helped organize the protest —  said he was transported to the jail relatively quickly, while some were made to wait on the overpass with their wrist zip-tied behind their back. Alexander wasn’t released from the local jail — where he was held in isolation — until about 24 hours after he was first detained. He said he intends to fight the resisting arrest charge.

Emma Mills, 25, said she was one of the protesters detained on the overpass for hours. Once she finally made it to the jail, she was held in the parking lot for at least six hours. There, protesters were not allowed to go to the bathroom and were hardly given access to water except for when they were asked to share from one bottle while still zip-tied, she said.

Once Mills was in the jail’s custody, the holding cells were extremely hot and crowded, she said. At least one person was crying. Bathroom access was still limited — and the toilet in one of the women’s cells was overflowing.

“Police officers would just walk by and laugh like it was a joke, it was pretty gross,” said Brianna Larson, another protester who wasn’t released until about 5:30 p.m. Sunday

Transgender people were also cordoned off into isolated cells, according to Mills and Larson. And most protesters were confused why they were being held even after they posted bail.

“It was just a very harrowing experience,” Mills said. “We had no idea what was going on that whole time.

Wilson, the legal observer, said that for about an hour, about 40 men were placed shoulder-to-shoulder into a holding cell that was designed for 15 to 20 people. While at the jail’s parking lot waiting to be booked, he also witnessed a person pass out, be taken away to a hospital, and brought back. By that point, protesters had been in zip-ties for about five hours.

Myers said that staff members are investigating what went wrong with the facility’s computer system, which went down for routine maintenance early Sunday morning and didn’t fully come back online for several hours. That significantly delayed the release of many protesters because the jail had to process bail payments on paper. But, in the meantime, the jail brought in extra officers and staff.

The transgender individuals who were held in isolation were there because the committee that determines placement isn’t available 24/7, he said.

“It was just an unfortunate 24 hours for us and for everybody,” Myers said.

Clarification 7/30: This story has been updated with a statement from the Omaha Police Department and to include more information from the Douglas County Correctional Center.

As mental health professionals, we cannot remain silent: Trump’s authoritarian presidency is a national emergency

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As mental health professionals, we cannot remain silent: Trump’s authoritarian presidency is a national emergency

Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist with antisocial proclivities and a core sadism. It is this combination of psychopathology that leads him to be intensely attracted to the powers of a dictator. Indeed, Trump has proven repeatedly that he wants America to be an autocracy, not a democracy. He has systemically and purposefully guided our country toward dictatorial rule during the past four years. He has frequently embraced, admired, complimented, envied and even fawned over autocratic leaders throughout the world.

Donald Trump in a second term would be unstoppable. And America might be changed forever.

Trump seeks complete power and control. According to him, the president has absolute, all-encompassing authority. As such, Trump does not abide by norms or rules. He breaks laws with impunity. He interferes with all attempts at oversight and accountability. He believes that he is free to exert his power as he sees fit, no matter the motivation or legality or well-being of anyone other than Donald Trump.

Despite taking the presidential oath, Trump exhibits no intention to uphold or defend our Constitution. He does not recognize that the three branches of government are co-equal. He has demonstrated his belief that the executive branch holds all power. Look at how he has politicized the Department of Justice; he has been able to get investigations of himself and his cronies stopped. Branches of government in a dictatorship exist solely for the benefit and pleasure of the leader. Trump treats our judicial branch as an extension of himself, and as a vehicle for obtaining power and hiding his corruption.

Trump does not believe in the value of the free press because its function is antithetical to his needs and wishes. His constant proclamation of “fake news” is his way of trying to undermine and even destroy the credibility of the free press. Trump asserts that he has the right to jail journalists. He tries to portray journalists as “the enemy of the people,” even though their role is to serve as a watchdog of government and to inform the citizenry. In a similar vein, Trump believes he has the right to jail political rivals. He sees them as his mortal “enemies” because they have the audacity to compete against him or to speak out in opposition. He seeks to exact sadistic vengeance on his political rivals in order to destroy them and to enhance his power.

For Trump, gaslighting the American public is real, while facts and information are “fake.” Reality for Trump is not defined by data or rationality but by his own needs and wants. To reach his goal of control and power, Trump is more than comfortable with his lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories, magical thinking, scapegoating, denials and rambling blather.

There is more information and the rest of the article at the link above, I suggest people read it.  It is not really long.    Hugs

Election hacking and mail in ballots

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BLM, change the policing culture in the US

The police made this a power play.They were proving we are an occupied people and that they think they have all the power

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump is using all levers of government for himself illegally rather than for the people as they were designed to work for

(cartoon by David Horsey)

Matt Davies Comic Strip for July 29, 2020




Matt Wuerker Comic Strip for July 30, 2020

Chris Britt Comic Strip for July 29, 2020


Tom Toles Comic Strip for July 30, 2020


Political Cartoon U.S. GOP voter suppression 




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Joe Heller Comic Strip for July 29, 2020

 [Andy Marlette -- Pensacola News Journal]


John Deering Comic Strip for July 30, 2020

















July 29, 2020

really need to rethink the whole police hiring thing

Trump needed someone profoundly worse that Sessions and found Barr.


Trump needed someone profoundly worse that Sessions and found Barr.

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRumplandia

(cartoon by Monte Wolverton)


Tom Toles Comic Strip for July 29, 2020


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Editorial Cartoon U.S. distance learning coronavirus divide

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July 28, 2020

Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter

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Six people were arrested. The mayor of Richmond thanked the Black Lives Matter protesters he said tried to stop the white supremacists from spearheading the violence.

“Their mission is simple, not the Richmond we know,” said Mayor Levar Stoney.

Portland Mom Describes Being Struck In The Face By Projectile During Protest

Portland Mom Describes Being Struck In The Face By Projectile During Protest

“I could hear a marching band playing in the intersection to our left. I didn’t notice anything in particular happening around me or in front of me in those moments. I was looking around, looking forward, and taking it in.”

“Just before 11 pm, I heard a BOOM and felt something hit my face.”

It’s unclear what it was that hit Jessie-Uyanik or whether it came from federal agents or Portland police, though she would not be the first protester to be hit in the face and have to be rushed to the hospital because a fed fired upon them at short range. Thankfully, her fellow moms and other protesters were there for her.

“I fell backwards into the other moms, who must have caught me because I don’t remember hitting the ground,” she wrote. A mystery hero called for a medic and carried her out of harm’s way. “I never saw this person because there was blood gushing down my face, but I am forever grateful for them for swiftly and selflessly carrying me to safety.”

Volunteer medics, who have become a common sight at 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, stopped the bleeding and when an ambulance wouldn’t come, transported the mom to the hospital themselves.

“I am in awe of the care and compassion shown to me by these volunteer medics and protesters alike,” said Jessie-Uyanik. “I felt safe in their presence.”

More at the link above.   Hugs

#TrumpFascism is Republican legacy on US.


#TrumpFascism is Republican legacy on US.

Trumpism, laid bare. No law, no order, all fraud.

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Trumpism, laid bare. No law, no order, all fraud.

Hey Republicans listen up


Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The US is in trouble

Political Cartoon U.S. GOP republican states rights federal agents

Walt Handelsman Comic Strip for July 27, 2020

Matt Davies Comic Strip for July 27, 2020



Political Cartoon U.S. Trump golf Yankees first pitch coronavirus

Tom Toles Comic Strip for July 28, 2020

Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons Comic Strip for July 28, 2020

Ken Catalino Comic Strip for July 28, 2020

Robert Ariail Comic Strip for July 27, 2020


Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for July 28, 2020

new normal

Phil Hands Comic Strip for July 28, 2020



July 27, 2020

Cotton: Founders Viewed Slavery As “Necessary Evil”

Some Republicans are not even trying to hide their racism and white supremacy.   Hugs

Cotton: Founders Viewed Slavery As “Necessary Evil”

“The 1619 Project is left-wing propaganda. It’s revisionist history at its worst. It won’t be much money. But even a penny is too much to go to the 1619 Project in our public schools. The New York Times should not be teaching American history to our kids.

“We have to study the history of slavery and its role and impact on the development of our country because otherwise we can’t understand our country.

“As the Founding Fathers said, it was the necessary evil upon which the union was built, but the union was built in a way, as Lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to its ultimate extinction.” – Sen. Tom Cotton, speaking to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

ABC News reports:

Cotton’s bill, if passed, would direct the Department of Education to determine which schools were using writings from the 1619 project in classrooms and reduce federal funding in a manner that reflects any “cost associated with teaching the 1619 Project, including in planning time and teaching time.”

A report from the nonprofit Pulitzer Center, which awarded Hannah-Jones its annual Pulitzer Prize for her work on the 1619 project, says on its website that teachers in all 50 states have accessed educational materials related to the project’s reporting.

more at the link above.    Hugs

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