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March 31, 2020

Trump ENDS press conference over star reporter asking question he won’t answer

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For the tRump cult, don’t give the rest of us crap because you are ignorant.  Hugs

Trump Is Shipping $100 Million In Medical Equipment Out Of The Country

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As hospitals around America struggle to secure enough medical equipment to keep their doctors and nurses safe, Donald Trump said on Monday that the United States is shipping $100 million of “surgical and medical and hospital things” out of the country.

“We’re also sending things that we don’t need to other parts,” Trump said during his daily coronavirus informercial-slash-rally. “We’re going to be sending approximately $100 million worth of things, of surgical and medical and hospital things to Italy.”

There is no question that the outbreak in Italy has been devastating. With each passing day, thousands more people contract the coronavirus and hundreds die.

But we’re now seeing the same trends develop in the United States as well, with America having the most coronavirus infections in the world and the number of deaths approaching 3,000 as of this writing.

All of this comes two years after Trump disbanded the White House pandemic team and just weeks after he publicly called the virus a Democratic hoax.

Now, in the midst of what appears to be a deadly shortage of medical equipment in the United States, Trump announces he’s shipping $100 million in supplies out of the country – more than a month after he sent 18 tons of PPE to China.

I wonder what he got for it, tRump doesn’t do anything unless it benefits him.  Hugs

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump is nuts, the best people say so

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(story here) .. (cartoon by Stuart Carlson)

(story here) .. (cartoon by Signe Wilkinson)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)

Political Cartoon U.S. gov Dan Patrick economic stimulus plan elderly death rate rises coronavirus

Editorial Cartoon U.S. COVID-19 401K grandma deaths economy




Political Cartoon U.S. stimulus bill coronavirus relief trickles

Political Cartoon U.S. Coronavirus DOH Quincy E.H. ventilators states bidding


Editorial Cartoon U.S. lungs essential must remain open coronavirus

Political Cartoon U.S. people take comfort Cuomo leadership Trump fails

Political Cartoon U.S. debriefing coronavirus cases deaths Trump rages over TV ratings

Tom Toles Comic Strip for March 31, 2020

Chris Britt Comic Strip for March 30, 2020

Matt Davies Comic Strip for March 30, 2020

Editorial Cartoon U.S. Coronavirus COVID-19 Stay Home Order homeless housing vulnerable

March 31, 2020



Steve Benson Comic Strip for March 30, 2020

Gary Markstein Comic Strip for March 31, 2020

Ken Catalino Comic Strip for March 31, 2020

Steve Kelley Comic Strip for March 31, 2020

Moderately Confused Comic Strip for March 31, 2020

Robert Ariail Comic Strip for March 31, 2020

Lalo Alcaraz Comic Strip for March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020

The coronavirus crisis hasn’t changed Joe Biden’s mind on ‘Medicare for All’

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The recent layoffs have exposed the myth that if you like your employers healthcare coverage you can keep it.   The candidates like Pete Buttigieg kept claiming they were for people having a choice!  Yes the people’s choice to … be unemployed and have no healthcare.  This is the second time in recent history we have seen employer healthcare disappear for employees.  It has to stop.  The lies to protect corporate wealth need to stop.   We need a universal healthcare, we need medicare for all.  How long will we the people cower and give in to wealthy corporations that want to control every aspect of our lives for their profit.   The last two years have seen an incredible transfer of public money , your tax paying dollars go to the wealthiest people  / corporations.   This time you get crumbs, but last time in 2017 the workers / lower incomes got nothing.  This last stimulus bill as originally push by McConnell had nothing for the workers, nothing for unemployment, nothing but giving unrestricted unrecorded money to corporations.   He yelled on the Senate floor how unfair it was of the Democrats to hold up the bill to give the wealthy donors all that good money sitting in the US treasury in a time of such crisis, yet when the Democrats wanted to give better unemployment benefits to the people who lost their jobs the Republicans had a melt down about how would companies be able to pay starvation wages if unemployment paid better?    Wake up people before it is too late if it is not already.   The game is rigged and stacked against everyone in favor of the very wealthy.  And the Republicans are in on it and helping bleed you dry.  

There is always a reason behind the scenes why the wealthy or the government don’t want something for the lower incomes.  The military gets most of its volunteers from the lower incomes by enticing them with help for college, free medical, a mess hall to get meals in.   Just sign away your life for 6 years to be able to live, unless you die.  And the 6 years … well that is unless we decided we want you longer.  

Corporations don’t want higher wage laws for clear reasons but they also don’t want universal healthcare.  Right now the majority of people who are stuck in their jobs stay there because of the need for healthcare coverage insurance offered by their employer that they pay a lot of their income on.   It is a club to be used against the workers, just as GM tried to do in the workers strike when they took away strikers healthcare for their families.  Kids needs went unmet, cancer patients treatments were stopped.   Do you really think this is a plus for the people?   Hugs

“Single payer will not solve that at all,” he said Monday. Bernie Sanders begs to differ.

Sanders and an army of progressive allies say the pandemic elevates the need for a single-payer plan that covers everyone, as the Federal Reserve estimates that as many as 47 million Americans could lose their job due to the coronavirus.

Asked to respond to Biden, the Sanders campaign’s national policy director, Josh Orton, said Medicare for All would ensure that everyone is insured without out-of-pocket costs and that rural hospitals would have consistent funding streams that don’t rely on for-profit insurers.

“The coronavirus crisis reveals why it is imperative the country move quickly to guarantee health care as a human right,” Orton told NBC News, calling it the appropriate fix for “a dysfunctional, greedy health care system [that] ties most people’s health care coverage to employment.”

There is a video at the link above.   Hugs


An update on my spine

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We got to the pain clinic a bit early as with everything closed down our normal high traffic was a nearly empty roads.   Ron drove me and waited in the car as he did not feel it safe for me to drive with as much trouble as I am having with that leg.   When it was near time for my appoint I hobbled to the door.   A sign on the door said only one person at a time in the waiting area, and so I waited outside.  They had it set up so that when you entered the entry room, the waiting area was blocked off.  Instead a person was there to squirt your hands with sanitizer, and to escort you to a exam room.  Very efficient way to handle things to keep exposure down.  

I am standing at the entry door when this buffoon swaggers up right next to me and booms out of the way I need to get in.   I turned slightly and explained they were only letting one person in at a time.   No way the guy bellowed and then decided that he really felt a need to talk with me while ignoring personal space.   I backed up from him and made it clear I was not interesting in talking.  He did not seem to hear me.  He went on to tell me that he had a back operation and the doctor operated on the wrong thing and how none of them could be trusted and how this whole thing with the virus was just hype so the doctors could charge more.  I flat out told him he was wrong, I did not care about his back operation, and I wanted him to stay at least 6 feet from me.  I am normally much more patient with people and I do care about people.  However I was getting angry now as he sure did not seem in pain, I was in a lot of pain, and he was being a jerk.    A car pulled up with an older lady in the passenger side and a younger woman driving.   The guy about bounced over to the car and stuck his head into the open window and said that I was next and claiming they were only letting one in at a time.  There was a big sign on the door that said that but I doubt his ability to read.   

I got in next, was squirted, weighted and put in an exam room.   When the person came in to do my vitals I asked the young woman if she would go to a routine doctor’s visit and go to have blood work done right now.   She said she wouldn’t do it unless there was something wrong.   Then Josh , the doctor’s assistant in the spine shot came to get me.  As we waited for the doctor I explained about the upcoming every three months primary care visit and asked what he would do.  Josh said he wouldn’t go right now.   The doctor came in, I have known him a long time and like and respect him.   I asked him as he was preparing the spot.   He was going to do both sides but stupid me said I could live with the left but really needed help on the right.   I explain my problem with the primary care visit and asked him his opinion.   He was very clear, concise, and adamant.  No I shouldn’t go and he explained why.   He said 60 % or more of the people in the primary care waiting room would be there for symptoms of the virus.   OR worse.   In the blood lab the same thing.   He said I was too high risk and there was nothing in my health records that would reasonably suggest the risk was worth a return three month visit.   I am paraphrasing as he was a lot more emphatic.   He basically told me to stay home, that we all should stay home unless an essential service or needing food.  Told me to order food delivered if possible.  

Then he had Josh put the scope over my spine and the doctor said he could clearly see the trouble, the damaged spot.   I said did I mess my back up in the fall.    He said yes it was clear more damage was done and where the nerve was being damaged.  The shot was really painful but I forgot about my leg for a minute, I also forgot to ask him what the exact problem was.   Then I asked him about the instant morphine.  He looked up my medical record and said he couldn’t.  That I was already at the max dose of 90 MG permitted by the state of Florida.   The state kept cutting back on the limits and giving pharmacists the power to fight doctors prescriptions of painkillers.   While I was thinking I was not taking 90 but only 45 I let it go for another day.   Then on my way out I seen Brenda, my normal provider and the one I did the video call with that was so messed up.  

She said they fixed the video stuff so the calls would be better and she sent my new scripts in this morning.   ?? I was clueless and everyone was busy so I thanked her and tried to walk down the hall to the check out.   

Talking to Ron on the way home he said she must have increased my morphine from 15 MG three times a day to 30 MG three times a day.   She had said scripts though?  When I got home the local drug store called and Ron went to get my new pills.  When he returned it was only one bottle of my existing tramadol.   Weird.   So tomorrow I will call and see what the story is.   All this mess because of a messed up video call and me not thinking fast enough to ask questions.  

For those interested I did call the primary care office and canceled this upcoming appointment and scheduled one for three months from now.  See I listen.   Hugs

See you soon

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Headed off to get my spine shot in the L4.  Hopefully some breakthrough medications also.   Ron is driving, he will stay in the car.   Hugs

A harrowing tale of life and death happening all over the US,

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I want to add I do not know if Ibuprofen is a risk factor for Covid-19.   My doctors have kept me on it and I am in the high risk category.    Remember Tylenol can be very dangerous to your liver.    Hugs

March 29, 2020

Who to trust

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March 27, 2020

An update for my leg pain problem

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Many people have been pushing me to contact my pain doctor over this really bad pain that has developed in my right leg since my fall.   I had a video call with my provider.   It is a system they hastily set up to work with / diagnose patients with out them having to come into the medical offices.    I like it, once they get the bugs worked out of it.   The call I had was all broken up and choppy video, but it worked well enough for our needs.    She thinks I jared or twisted my spine at the L4.  She is hopeful I did not blow out the disc.   She scheduled me with the doctor who does the shots for Monday morning at 9:30.  I guess from what I could make out there is a new system to handle PTs because of the virus, plus the state of Florida was trying to impose new rules on the pain providers that again are not required of other medical doctors offices.   It is like how Republican states are trying to get rid of abortion by putting all these rules on them that only abortion doctors / clinics have to follow.  

My provider Brenda apologised to me that she couldn’t bring me in right then and asked if I would be OK for the weekend.   I said I would make it.  She reminded me I had this happen before and it was the same problem and the same spot and I had not been able to walk for three weeks when I finally called them.   I remember having the problem but not how long nor what they had done to fix it.   So she is hoping that will do the trick  again.  If not they will increase my pain medications.   They do not increase or refill medications on Friday, I had forgotten that.  Again she apologized that she couldn’t do that for me.  I think it maybe the MD’s don’t work Fridays and she is a well qualified ARNP  with a doctorate degree but the state of Florida doesn’t let her sign for my morphine, which means she couldn’t increase it nor give me break through instant relief morphine.    

So to everyone who wanted me to call earlier yes I might have been able to get my shots earlier or gotten pain medications to help but I will make it through this.  I always do.   Remember that which cannot be changed must be endured.    Thanks again to everyone.   Hugs

NPR Station Will No Longer Carry Trump’s Briefings Over “Pattern Of False Information And Exaggeration”

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NPR Station Will No Longer Carry Trump’s Briefings Over “Pattern Of False Information And Exaggeration”

The Washington Post reports:

“After airing the White House briefings live for two weeks, a pattern of false information and exaggeration increasingly had many at KUOW questioning whether these briefings were in the best service of our mission — to create and serve a more informed public,” notes the statement, posted Wednesday afternoon.

“Of even greater concern was the potential impact of false information on the health and safety of our community.” KUOW provided three examples of bogus information stemming from the briefings. All of them — surprise — came from President Trump.

March 26, 2020

Hate Group Pushes Dangerous Lies: “Asymptomatic People Aren’t Contagious” And Malaria Drug “Cures It”

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Hate Group Pushes Dangerous Lies: “Asymptomatic People Aren’t Contagious” And Malaria Drug “Cures It”

“Now people that are asymptomatic — you might have heard this, asymptomatic transmission, people that don’t have the symptoms — they aren’t contagious.

“If people are asymptomatic, they don’t have the cough, they don’t have the respiratory issues, they don’t have a fever, they’re not contagious. And so they don’t need to be tested.

“The good news is that we may have found the silver bullet to stop the coronavirus. It’s a cheap generic antimalarial medication. This thing has been around since 1944. It’s chloroquine phosphate. That’s what it’s called.

“If we can get this into the hands of assisted living facilities, they can inoculate their entire roster of patients with chloroquine. And it’s preventive. It’s prophylactic. It keeps you from getting coronavirus, and if you’ve got it, it cures it.” – AFA radio host Bryan Fischer.

This idiots video is at the link above also information from NPR about how people not showing symptoms can spread the disease.   Hugs

March 23, 2020

We need more test kits and lab capacity. WHO offered us more test kits and tRump refused.

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Just a reminder that medical care providers who are exposed and showing symptoms can not get tested at this point.   Ron and his co-workers won’t be able to get tested for a while even as they are caring for PT who have it.  Yet Rand Paul who doesn’t need to care for any sick person gets to go to the head of the line?   The US has a class system.    Hugs 

March 22, 2020

Loss of job means losing a lot of things

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tRump still praising himself while gaslighting the public

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March 21, 2020

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The US is in distress and leaderless

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(cartoon by Dave Granlund)

(cartoon by John Darkow)

Editorial Cartoon U.S. Coronavirus Climate Change reaper global disasters death

Editorial Cartoon U.S. Healthcare Coronavirus patience hospitals childcare quarantine

Political Cartoon U.S. Trump Wall Street COVID-19 masks respirators stock market

Editorial Cartoon World Atlas Earth Coronavirus healthcare workers pandemic heavy lifting

Rob Rogers Comic Strip for March 20, 2020

Editorial Cartoon U.S. Goldilocks Three Bears just right temperament

March 20, 2020


Matt Wuerker Comic Strip for March 20, 2020

Ken Catalino Comic Strip for March 21, 2020






March 10, 2020

A necessary policy

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#MedicareForAll is a necessity.

Health care should not be a market-based plan you enroll through an employer. It’s a human right.

February 27, 2020

I will be out of my office this morning.

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Good morning everyone.   I got up late for me, at 4 AM.   Felt good to sleep that long.   Must be the new morphine.   I will be away from my computers this morning, at my primary care doctors office.   I have always had a high heart rate, steady high rate not spike, of around 120 bpm.  Some times it would run around 140 bpm.    I had a nuclear stress test in 2015 and while they got my heart rate to 200 bpm they couldn’t break the sinus rhythm.

I also have high blood pressure.  Seems I have had that for ever.   Maybe part of my personality, who knows.    So I was being treated for that and all seemed well.   Then in the beginning of last October I noticed my pressure was really high, dangerously high.  It was running 178/96 steady.    My doctor put me on metoprolol also known as lopressor.   It is a beta blocker.  Worked great, my pressure came down and also my heart rate.   I run now in the low normal range for both.   

Monday I had a follow up with my allergist.   My allergy shots are monthly now and they do not take a current medication list during them.  So Monday was the first time they realised I was on the metoprolol.   Turns out that is not a good medication for me.   Some of my allergies are life threatening, so I have to have epipens available to me.   I admit I have not had to use one in years, I am simply careful of what I eat and watch for symptoms if I encounter the other stuff.   The problem is that metoprolol interferes with the epipens and stops them from working.    They won’t give me my shots as they can not control it if I have a bad reaction to the shots, which while I never have it is possible.  So Monday they called my primary to change the medication, and my primary is insisting on seeing me this morning.   I feel it is a waste of my morning as they are the medical people and they put me on the metoprolol without seeing me.   On the other hand I am grateful I have medical coverage I can afford and I can afford the copays.    See everyone when I get back.   Hugs

February 23, 2020

Why not us ?

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February 19, 2020

Colorado marijuana sales hit a record $1.75 billion in 2019

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Colorado marijuana sales hit a record $1.75 billion in 2019

Cannabis sales have now reached a total of $7.79 billion in the 6 years since legalization

“People are moving from the unregulated market to the regulated market,” Bradley said. “As reefer madness goes away, as the stigmatism of cannabis reduces and people come over to the regulated market, I would expect that trend to continue.”

Since January 2014, Colorado’s cannabis industry has generated $1.21 billion in tax revenue.

February 17, 2020

Well that was painful

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Hello Everyone.   This morning I had an appointment with the pain clinic.  I was scheduled for trigger point injections in to the muscles of my back.   However when I told Brenda I was falling again due to sudden sharp pains in my lower back / hips that would cause one or the other leg to suddenly collapse, and that I was having a general weakness in my right leg, it was decided I needed the spine injections instead.  I was overdue for them, but I had not mentioned it as they seriously hurt, and hurt longer than the trigger point injections that I also need.    Can not have both as it is too much steroids.    She also increased my pain medications by starting me on morphine again.   I hope this will cut the pain some.   The shots in to the lower part of my spine not only hurt the back but because of the nerves going down my legs are affected for about three hours my legs hurt more than normal.   Try walking on just your heels.  One of the ways she tests the strength of my legs is to see if I can walk on my toes or heels.    I couldn’t do it.    Hugs

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