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July 2, 2020

Houston Moves COVID-19 Patients to Other Cities: ‘We Don’t Have Capacity’

With novel coronavirus cases in Texas approaching nearly 161,900, hospitals in Houston, the county seat of Harris County, are moving patients to facilities outside the city in a bid to cope with the surge in COVID-19-related cases and lack of beds.

Harris Health System, which operates Houston’s Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital and Ben Taub Hospital, has transferred patients to the University of Texas Medical Branch in the cities of Galveston and Conroe as well as the Woodlands community in a scramble to find beds for patients, Houston’s ABC13 reported.

Charlie McMurray-Horton, the associate administrator for clinical integration and transformation at Harris Health System, told ABC13: “We are actively trying to transfer out ICU [intensive care unit] and surge patients that are COVID positive and under investigation, just because we don’t have the capacity to treat those patients.

“It really has intensified in the last month or so,” McMurray-Horton said.

Dr. Hashibul Hannan, who works at Houston’s SignatureCare Emergency Center, told ABC13 on Saturday, there’s been a massive spike in COVID-19 patients at nine stand-alone emergency rooms in the Houston area.

“We’re having to send patients far away. Like from Houston, we have to send people to Galveston, to Beaumont, to Huntsville,” Hannan told ABC13.

On Tuesday, Texas reported a record 6,975 new cases, the highest daily case count since the outbreak began, according to the latest report Tuesday from the Texas DSHS.

On Monday, doctors in San Antonio reported hospital beds were running out, with nearly two dozen COVID-19 patients reportedly waiting in emergency rooms for beds to be available.

“We’re in a crisis,” Dr. Jair Melo, the director of critical care at San Antonio’s Methodist Healthcare System, said at a press conference held by doctors from the health system, News Channel 4 San Antonio reported.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg confirmed a facility has been set up at the Freeman Coliseum sports venue with 250 beds on the floor ready to admit non-COVID-19 patients, including those recovering from surgeries, should hospitals reach full capacity.

Dallas is also looking to open a temporary hospital at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in a bid to cope with the surge in COVID-19 patients.

The Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston last week announced it is admitting adult patients to help create additional bed space for COVID-19 patients.

On Sunday, the Texas Medical Center, Houston’s leading source of intensive care unit (ICU) data, was reported to have deleted all previously published reports of ICU data from its website, amid a statewide spike in hospitalizations related to the novel coronavirus.

More at the link above.   I notice that the Texas governor that refused to let cities mandate masks has now required masks state wide.   The LT gov was on Fox news saying Anthony Fauci has not been right yet and their doctors telling them to go full speed into reopening were.   Well here we are, they are needless repeating what happened in New York so they could please the Dear Leader and pretend wearing masks was against their freedoms, yet now that reality wouldn’t give in to them, they are admitting that yes it is with in the states authority to demand you wear something for health and safety reasons, or just because they are terrified of seeing  boobies out side of their paid for porn.  Hugs

Doctor: The patients are getting younger and are more sick

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July 1, 2020

World hostage

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US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir

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So much for having friends and allies around the world.   But I bet tRump shares his stash with Putin.   Hugs

No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at least

The US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world.

Experts and campaigners are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider implications, for instance in the event of a vaccine becoming available. The Trump administration has already shown that it is prepared to outbid and outmanoeuvre all other countries to secure the medical supplies it needs for the US.

“They’ve got access to most of the drug supply [of remdesivir], so there’s nothing for Europe,” said Dr Andrew Hill, senior visiting research fellow at Liverpool University.

The drug, which was trialled in the Ebola epidemic but failed to work as expected, is under patent to Gilead, which means no other company in wealthy countries can make it. The cost is around $3,200 per treatment of six doses, according to the US government statement.

The deal was announced as it became clear that the pandemic in the US is spiralling out of control. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading public health expert and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the Senate the US was sliding backwards.

“We are going in the wrong direction,” said Fauci. Last week the US saw a new daily record of 40,000 new coronavirus cases in one day. “I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around,” he said. He could not provide an estimated death toll, but said: “It is going to be very disturbing, I guarantee you that.”

More at the link above.   Hugs

June 27, 2020

The Republicans want to take away millions of peoples healthcare in a pandemic, ask why?

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June 24, 2020

DOJ whistleblower to testify that Barr’s personal anti-marijuana sentiment fueled cannabis industry investigations

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According to testimony released on Tuesday, John Elias, a career department employee, will highlight Barr’s perceived motivations behind the department’s multiple investigations into mergers in the cannabis industry.
He asserts that 29% of the Antitrust Division’s merger probes targeted the cannabis industry, citing Barr’s explanation for pursuing one such investigation in March 2019.
“Rejecting the analysis of career staff, Attorney General Barr ordered the Antitrust Division to issue Second Request subpoenas,” Elias said, referencing the division’s most comprehensive type of merger probe. “The rationale for doing so centered not on an antitrust analysis, but because he did not like the nature of their underlying business.”
Taken together, the accounts from Elias and Mueller team lawyer Aaron Zelinsky — who will also appear Wednesday, to testify that longtime adviser Roger Stone was “treated differently from any other defendant because of his relationship to the President” — tell a consistent story of notable political abuse across the Justice Department. The two accounts reinforce each other, despite coming from two separate Department of Justice teams overseen by different political appointees.

May 31, 2020

Trump is a Dangerously Ignorant Liar

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May 28, 2020

Too many, too soon! The US is now #1 … in CV19 deaths

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Steve Breen Comic Strip for May 28, 2020

May 27, 2020

What have you got to lose?’ Watch Trump unravel over coronavirus in devastating MSNBC supercut video

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I love the video.   MAGA cult members should be forced to watch it.   Hugs

‘What have you got to lose?’ Watch Trump unravel over coronavirus in devastating MSNBC supercut video

Hell hath no fury like a suburban white conservative inconvenienced


Hell hath no fury like a suburban white conservative inconvenienced.

May 24, 2020

Another reason tRump hates Obama for

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It is a war …

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Frazz Comic Strip for May 24, 2020

May 22, 2020

Chloroquine flavored kool aid

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May 21, 2020

A Tale of Two Pandemics with Robert Reich

May 9, 2020

Let’s not forget that the DOJ under tRump’s orders is in court trying to kill what medical care millions have.

Tom Toles Comic Strip for May 08, 2020

May 3, 2020

WH To Sideline Health Experts, Hail “Success Stories”

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WH To Sideline Health Experts, Hail “Success Stories”

They’ve been signaling this shift all week:

The White House plans to shift its coronavirus messaging toward boosting the economy and highlighting “success stories” of businesses, reducing its public emphasis on health statistics, according to two officials familiar with the planning.

Driving the news: The Coronavirus Task Force — and the doctors who’ve become household names, Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci — “will continue but take a back seat to the forward-looking, ‘what’s next’ message,” a White House official told Axios.

Nothing’s ever set with Trump, and these decisions will be made day by day. But on Saturday, for the first day in weeks, the White House didn’t hold a press briefing and the president made no public appearances.

There is more information and some great tweets also comments at the link above.   So the administration is no longer wanting anyone to hear about the deaths and mistakes of the White House but instead hide it all behind how great the country id doing opening back up.  Thanks to the great savior … sorry Dear Leader.   This is typical dictator shit, hide the truth and claim everything is great, trust me.   Hugs 

April 28, 2020

I have been ill all day

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Hello everyone, you wonderful people in the interwebz.   I am not feeling well.   You may have noticed that I was up late last night for me ( I get really tired by 7 PM and am normally in bed by 8:30. )  It may be my medications, all my pain medications are sleep inducing.  But last night I couldn’t sleep I did not get tired so I was up past 11 PM.   Then this morning after getting up hours late, after being up only a couple hours I went back to bed for nearly 4 hours.   I did not want to get up but felt I should.  

I had a really hard time in bed, my pain levels were high and no matter how I moved I was not comfortable.   Normally I get up between 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM due to when my med’s start to wear off.  Today I simply couldn’t get up.  I stayed awake in bed tossing and turning feeling horrible until about 6: 15.  Then I got up, Milo was really trying to urge me to hurry, he had not been given treaties in a long time.  He has two priorities, his being in my arms and his treaties.  

All day today I have struggled to think, to process my thoughts, to organize them.  I have tried several times to write or answer comments and I just can not seem to organize my thoughts.  I can not think well today.  Everything is a swirl.   Just took my blood sugar and it was 86.  Ron thinks maybe it has been low all day and stupid me with my stomach upset did not eat anything.   I don’t know.  It is a struggle to even write this.  I made left over tacos for Ron but my stomach is off and I can not eat.  I think a good long sleep tonight will help.  

To everyone your comments are important to me and I will get to them tomorrow.  Somehow.   Even if they are a bit late I think it is grand you write in.   Please remember I enjoy all comments even those that don’t agree with me, if you can show why I am wrong, lets talk.  If your goal is to insult or mock or disrupt just to see if I will respond in anger, sorry, wrong place.   Now if you do not mind ( even if you do ) I am going to watch a few more episodes of Matt’s off road recovery and take my two cats to bed.   I really feel shitty.   Hugs

April 27, 2020

Compare health options.

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April 25, 2020

Not socialism — some really go information please read


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