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November 19, 2017

This is the winners / losers in the republican tax cut. The less the income the more the loss. Hugs

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Fight to fix this. Is this the country you want? Healthcare for all. Hugs

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November 18, 2017

Working class and free stuff. who is really gaining from GOP tax cuts

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November 3, 2017

Thread Reader

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I keep saying to people that Bernie Sanders was an independent, not a democrat.   He was using the DNC, the democratic party to do what he couldn’t do as an independant without becoming a democrat.   I ask how anyone could reasonably expect the party to work against itself?    You have a non-democrat running for the nomination of the democratic party.   OF course they would side with their own party member.  I liked Bernie’s message but I disliked the campaign he ran.   He should have joined the party he wanted to help him.   Then I and others would have supported him.  Instead he wanted his cake and everyone else’s also.   Hugs

1. Worth recalling that during the primaries/first quarter of 2016, Clinton raised $15 million for DNC/down ballot Democrats Sanders: $0 2. When pressed in March (when he was sitting on $109 million) whether he plans to raise for other Democrats, San

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October 24, 2017

The republican way

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October 9, 2017

How tax breaks help the rich – YouTube

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September 29, 2017

Please read this cartoon, and think on the new tax plan being pushed by tRump

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Please realize again the tax package gives the most benefit to the wealthiest  individuals.   For example the estate tax.   There are three types of taxes you can pay: income taxinheritance tax and estate taxEstate tax is levied on what you pass on after your death. These items can include cash, retirement accounts, property and more. Currently, you don’t have to pay federal estate tax if the estate is less than $5.45 million.   Notice you have to have more than 5.45 Million for the tax to be a bother.  Do you have that much to worry about?   No , nor does most people.  But the wealthy want you to pay more tax or take cuts in government services so they can stash more money away.   Think people please, stop letting the wealthy convince you to keep giving them the free ride.   Hugs


August 21, 2017

Donald Trump travel, family depletes Secret Service funds for agents

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tRump is bankrupting agencies of the government and seems happy doing it.   One of the problems is he charges the secret service that protects him and his family top dollar prices at all of his accommodations.  He has even kicked them out of tRump Towers, after charging them far over the going rate.

Source: Donald Trump travel, family depletes Secret Service funds for agents

July 10, 2017

Study: ObamaCare market ‘stabilizing,’ not collapsing | TheHill

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Excerpt below.   Hugs

“Early results from 2017 suggest the individual market is stabilizing and insurers in this market are regaining profitability,” the study finds. “Insurer financial results show no sign of a market collapse.”

Insurers’ financial results have improved since the initial couple of years of the health law, the analysis finds.

For example, it found that insurers in the first quarter of this year paid out 75 percent of their premiums in claims. That’s a significant improvement from the first quarter of 2015, when 88 percent of premiums were paid out for claims.

Average claims costs also grew slowly in the first part of this year, pushing back on fears that healthy people would drop coverage.

Source: Study: ObamaCare market ‘stabilizing,’ not collapsing | TheHill


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