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February 15, 2018

Bought and paid for by legal bribes.

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February 10, 2018

America today

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(cartoon by David Horsey)

February 9, 2018

The blindness of the haves toward the have nots.

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(cartoon by Kirk Walters)

January 9, 2018

Children’s health in the USA. An important read.

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January 7, 2018

The power of our government at work. Is this the best use of our resources. Hugs

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December 30, 2017

We can do better, we have to do better. We need to see how fast we are dropping. The lower incomes are being crushed out of existence for the upper incomes.

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Recently a person tried to claim that taxation was theft, and to take tax money from him to help anyone else was personal theft against him.  I tried for three days to explain how it was the government’s job to work for the common good of the people.  I tried to explain how other countries gain great advantage by taxing the wealthy more.  I tried explain how studies have shown that safety nets, assistance for the poor, healthcare programs to name a few  actually help the whole.  I showed how we have declined in many different areas during the time the upper incomes have raked in more of a huge share of the countries wealth.  The person’s response basically came down to I got mine using public resources and I do not want to pay a cent for any one else or the services I used.   Do not take a cent from me.  If others have a need let them go to charities for help was the basic idea of one of the replies.  The meme below shows how short sighted that is.    Hugs


December 28, 2017

Keeping your eye open…

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December 25, 2017

Trickle down for christmas.

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(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Mike Peters)

(cartoon by Nick Anderson)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)


December 17, 2017


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I hate the way our politicians blatantly lie to the American people today.    Sen. John Cornyn just claimed repeatedly that the democrats wouldn’t help with the tax bill to give the higher incomes a huge break.  He kept saying they refused to help.  Bullshit!  The bill was written in secret and without hearings.    It was dumped on the whole congress on a Friday with a hopeful vote on a Monday.   They kept the democrats and most of their own people out of the processes.   Why?  Because it is a giveaway to themselves and to the wealthy donors and the bill seriously hurts the american public at the same time it doesn’t help the economy at all.  I get so tired of the new idea that blatant lies have no consequence yet if your child lied like that you would punish them.   I get so angry over it all.  Hugs


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December 13, 2017

Why are people sleeping on the street? I would add why are there people including children hungry today? Why? Hugs

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December 10, 2017

Honest advert: Net Neutrality

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December 8, 2017

ISPs Salivating At Net Neutrality’s Demise

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December 7, 2017

Keep waiting, it doesn’t work and never has. Hugs

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(cartoon by Jim Morin)

November 30, 2017

The real reason American health care is so expensive

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November 29, 2017

Making it worse

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November 25, 2017

Every black friday shopper should read this and see themself. I was stunned. I stay home the whole weekend. Hugs

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November 22, 2017

Net Neutrality 11 22 2017

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Editorial note:     In the post below I made the point of how much money you can save by buying your own Modem / Router.    Either as a single unit or a seperate units.    However I misspoke in one way.   In listening to the play back I realized I said …”from the cable company”.    That is a mistake please do not try to do that.   Buy them from an office store , Amazon, or other store where they people understand what they are talking about.   I apologize for the slip up.    I do not use a script as some people do, I speak from the heart as I would to a friend sitting beside me.  That will sometimes cause errors.   Be well.  Hugs

Protect net neutrality against pure open corruption. Hugs

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November 19, 2017

This is the winners / losers in the republican tax cut. The less the income the more the loss. Hugs

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