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April 19, 2019

The scam that hurt the people.

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April 16, 2019

We need to think about this.

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China gets what it needs without war because military industrial complex is not tied to Chinese banks.

They invest in other countries in order to get their resources. We go to war.

“China today has the largest military on the planet, with two million active personnel in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). However, China only spends slightly over one-third as much as the United States, accounting for thirteen percent of annual global military spending in 2017, compared to thirty-five percent by the United States.”

April 13, 2019

The Danish burger flipper

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This is a great post by Infidel on the wage inequality between our country and other countries.   Infidel breaks the information down in ways that clearly show the US workers are getting badly screwed.   You should head over to his site and read the post.  Below is a brief quote from the post, much more information at the link.  Hugs

A while ago I linked to the graphic above in one of the link round-ups.  From time to time it appears in posts on Tumblr, often with some commentary of which this is fairly typical, attributing the difference to stronger unions and better government regulations in Scandinavia.

Since then I have wondered whether it’s really true, though.  There’s a lot of misinformation on Tumblr (as on the internet generally), and anyone can throw together a striking graphic.  As I discussed briefly here (item 2), the US economy since the Reagan administration has changed drastically from how it was before, with 30 years of wage stagnation and people in jobs which would formerly have supported a solid standard of living now struggling to get by.  But could the relative position of American workers really be as bad as the graphic suggests?


April 12, 2019

How Norway designed a more humane prison

We would be wise to understand this.  Hugs

John Kerry fires back at congressman: Are you serious?

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April 7, 2019

This is true

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Why it is so hard for people today

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April 5, 2019

worse times coming

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Trump Asked That Confirmation of I.R.S. Counsel Be a Priority

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He demanded his hand picked person be in chief counsel for the IRS so that any legal request for his taxes be blocked illegally.   That is where his crimes and where he is compromised, in his finances.   Hugs


But the request by Mr. Trump, made to Mr. McConnell on Feb. 5, raised questions about whether the president had other motivations. For months, the president has seethed over vows by congressional Democrats that they would move to obtain his tax returns from the I.R.S. And this week, the House Ways and Means Committee chairman, Representative Richard E. Neal, Democrat of Massachusetts, formally asked the I.R.S. for six years of the returns, using an obscure provision in the tax code to do so.

On Thursday, asked if he would direct the I.R.S. not to disclose his tax returns, Mr. Trump said Democrats would have to talk to his lawyers.

“They’ll speak to my lawyers,” Mr. Trump said during remarks at the Oval Office. “They’ll speak to the attorney general.”

The text of the law does not give the Trump administration clear grounds to deny a request from Mr. Neal, saying only that when requested, the Treasury secretary “shall” furnish the information. But Treasury Department officials are making preparations to challenge any requests coming from Mr. Neal. They would most likely argue that his action is politically motivated, not related to real matters of policy and therefore illegitimate.

March 29, 2019

Federal Spending Hits Highest Level In 10 Years

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What happened to all those republicans screaming about the deficit during the Obama presidency when he was trying hard to save the economy.   The republicans only care about being fiscally responsible when a Democrat is in office, when  Republican is president they spend like a drunken sailor.  Hugs

March 27, 2019

Devos cites the deficit tRump / Republicans caused to stop funding Special Olympics

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March 26, 2019

Trump privately vents about federal aid to Puerto Rico as food stamp crisis hits

tRump & crew do not seem to understand that these are US citizens.  Instead they only see these people as “brown people”.   Hugs

About 43 percent of Puerto Rico’s residents are grappling with a sudden cut to a benefit they rely on for groceries and other essentials.

Federal lawmakers have also been stalled by the Trump administration, which has derided the extra aid as unnecessary

Puerto Rico will again need the federal government’s help to stave off drastic cuts to Medicaid, the health-care program for the poor and disabled, as well as for the disbursement of billions in hurricane relief aid that has not yet been turned over to the island.

The island would not need Congress to step in to fund its food stamps and Medicaid programs if it were a state. For U.S. states, the federal government has committed to funding these programs’ needs, whatever the cost and without needing to take a vote. But Puerto Rico instead funds its programs through a block grant from the federal government, which need to be regularly renewed, and also gives food stamp benefits about 40 percent smaller than those of U.S. states.

But at an Oval Office meeting on Feb. 22, Trump asked top advisers for ways to limit federal support from going to Puerto Rico, believing it is taking money that should be going to the mainland, according to senior administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details of the presidents’ private remarks.

The meeting — an afternoon session focused on Housing and Urban Development grants — ended abruptly, and Trump has continued to ask aides how much money the island will get. Then, Trump said he wanted the money to only fortify the electric grid there.

A senior administration official with direct knowledge of the meeting described Trump’s stance: “He doesn’t want another single dollar going to the island.”

The impasse comes amid a hardening opposition by the president against extending additional aid to Puerto Rico. Trump sees the island as fundamentally broken and has told advisers that no amount of money will ever fix its systemic problems.

He describes in meetings that large swaths of the island never had power to begin with and that it is “ridiculous” how much money is going to Puerto Rico in food stamp aid, according to the senior official. He has occasionally groused about how ungrateful political officials in Puerto Rico were for the administration’s help, the official said.

Trump also read a Wall Street Journal story from October and became convinced that bondholders and others were profiting off federal government aid — and grew furious. (The story describes prices on Puerto Rico’s bonds increasing after its governing fiscal board projected disaster funding would boost the island’s overall economic health.) Since then, aides have described a president who regularly brings up the island to make sure it is not getting too much money. Current and former officials say Trump often complains in meetings that Puerto Rico doesn’t even know how to spend the money the island has been allocated.

March 23, 2019

New Trump Merch Brands White House As Trump Hotel

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The Huffington Post reports:

President Donald Trump has emblazoned the “Trump” brand name on images of the White House to sell in his Trump Store and at the Trump International Hotel in the capital. The products give the bizarre impression that the White House is a Trump hotel.

Walter Shaub, who was director of the Office of Government Ethics in both the Obama and Trump administrations, sharply criticized the products as the latest move to “monetize the presidency” for private gain.

Other items in the new line slap the Trump Hotels logo above images of the Lincoln Memorial and US Capitol.

March 19, 2019

Worth less …

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March 10, 2019

Shocker: “Humanitarian Aid” Stunt Used To Escalate Against Venezuela

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As it turns out (and who could have predicted this?), all that posturing by the United States government about “humanitarian aid” seems to have been a cynical ploy to further escalate against the Venezuelan government, which has been a longtime CIA target for regime change ever since President Hugo Chávez took office in 1999. It may be time to face the cold, stark possibility that, as hard as it is to fathom, the government of the United States of America is interested in Venezuela not for humanitarian reasons at all, but because it has the single largest proven oil reserves of any nation on the entire planet.

After all, if the US were so keen on getting its $20 million of humanitarian aid to the people of Venezuela, it could simply have given that shipment to one of the many nations that Venezuela is currently accepting aid from like Russia, China, India, Turkey or Cuba to deliver instead of instigating a hostile stand-off on Colombian and Brazilian border towns. Or, rather than demanding that a literally besieged government passively allow large, unexamined shipping containers to be delivered by the government orchestrating that siege into the hands of the Venezuelan faction that is collaborating with it, they could simply have given that shipment to the UN or the Red Cross for delivery. But rather than taking those extremely easy and diplomatically simple measures to deliver its relatively small amount of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people, the most difficult and provocative path was deliberately taken instead, with some extremely suspicious activity leading to the delivery being set fire to by anti-Maduro protesters.

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March 8, 2019

Labor Dept Issues Weakest Jobs Report In 17 Months

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Yahoo News reports:

The U.S. economy added a sharply lower-than-expected 20,000 non-farm payrolls in February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. Consensus expectations called for 180,000 positions to be added for the month, according to Bloomberg data. February’s headline reading for new payrolls was the weakest in 17 months.

March 5, 2019

The tariffs are hurt the US people, see the stargering amount of money they cost us.

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February 26, 2019

Republican polices

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What fucking rich person reality does she live in? Work for what the wealthy dribble on you?

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People want to work for what they get,” Trump told Hilton.

“So, I think that this idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want.

February 8, 2019

Over 100 Undocumented Workers Helped Build Trump’s NJ Bedminster Resort: “Illegals Built This Golf Course”

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Read the Washington Post article for personal stories from Trump’s former undocumented laborers. One of them notes that he now lives in a Costa Rica home that was built with “Trump money” – even though he was paid far less than a legal worker would have been. Another says that Trump’s managers hid her and others from him when he visited the property because only English speakers were allowed to be in his presence.

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