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July 21, 2018

He is and always has been a moron. He seems proud of it.

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July 19, 2018

One of the ways

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One of the ways of apartheid in South Africa tried to keep the black people down was to change the schools.  The school for whites offered a higher education , but the education schools for black only were allowed to offer learning for labor jobs.  The idea was why teach math and reason skills to people who would have no use for them.  It was a two tier class system of education for a population divided into to bosses and slave labor.  Sound familiar, it should, that is what hey are trying to do in the U.S. today.  Only in our case it is the wealthy against the poor.  They will get rid of or enslave the brown skins later.  Hugs

I refuse to prend it is not personal anymore. If you still support tRump you are my enemy. I will fight you, I will not be civil. This is my life and the lives of many others you are playing with.

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“The Department of Health and Human Services has sent a clear signal that it doesn’t intend to protect the rights of women and LGBTQ individuals. The Trump-Pence administration’s decision to hide these resources — and the likely forthcoming action from HHS to roll back enforcement of discrimination protections — is shameful and part of a continued effort to rip away access to medical care for women and LGBTQ people.

July 10, 2018

Our race to the bottom is won

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July 9, 2018

10 commandments of logic. Thanks Randy

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10 commandments of logic

July 6, 2018

Sharia law in the U.S. pushed by… Republicans.


June 9, 2018

Only one, are you not so proud now. Hugs

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only one

May 16, 2018

Ranting Pro-Trump NYC Lawyer Threatens To Call ICE Because Deli Staffers Were Speaking Spanish [VIDEO]

This sadly is America today under tRump and his fowl ilk.   

I simply do not feel like posting the shit this man said and his seeming not to understand US law, even though he is a lawyer.   There is not national language in the USA and the fact that you can not speak a language others are speaking is not their fault, it is yours.  These people were not speaking to him.  However just hearing something he couldn’t understand set off his “white english privilege” to explode.   I lived in a country where I couldn’t speak the language.  I tried, but it is a skill I did not have.  Those people did not shun me, nor make me feel bad, they helped me, often changing to english to make sure I was included. Why can we not do the same here?   Hugs

April 30, 2018

Learn how the system works before you criticize it

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I am getting so tired of hearing tRump and the republicans on Fox that defend him say that democrats want all the immigrants from the southern border , both legal and illegal , because they will vote for the democrats.   They can NOT vote!  Especially if they are illegal.  You have to be a citizen or a naturalized citizen.   So stop this bullshit please.  Learn the system of government and voting of the country before you start spouting off with nonsense.  How do people listen to tRump and fox spout this crap and believe it.  If the President doesn’t even know the requirements for voting, how can he be considered able to lead the nation?   Hugs

April 29, 2018

Keep in mind what is really important. Hugs

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The truth about education in the US

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(cartoon by Pat Bagley)

April 28, 2018

We are guilty of harming our own

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April 27, 2018

We Need gun control. The NRA is against all forms of regulations.

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(cartoon by Kevin Siers)

(cartoon by Steve Sack)

(story here) .. (cartoon by Rob Rogers)

April 13, 2018

The state of the US today

(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Clay Bennett)

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)

(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Steve Sack)

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)

(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Stuart Carlson)

(cartoon by Paul Fell)



April 11, 2018

A bit of a rant on my take on stupidity. Recently I have watched people say things really clearly wrong and not even bother to find out the facts. I do not have time for that nonsense. Hugs

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