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February 10, 2019

WYOMING: GOP State Rep Compares Homosexuality To Pedophilia And Bestiality In Meeting With LGBT Youth

Republican politicians are so warm and caring.  Hugs

“Fourteen- and fifteen-year old high school students wishing to engage with the legislative process should not have been confronted with the comments made by Senator Hutchings.”

According to Wyoming Equality’s letter to the president of the state Senate, Hutchings said this:

“If my sexual orientation was to have sex with all of the men in there and I had sex with all of the women in there and then they brought their children and I had sex with all of them and then brought their dogs in and I had sex with them, should I be protected for my sexual orientation?”

The students met with Hutchings while participating in the annual Gay-Straight Alliance Civics Day at the Capitol.

Hundreds Of Idiots Protest WA Vaccination Bill [VIDEO]

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An estimated 700 people, most of them opposed to stricter requirements, lined up before dawn in the cold, toting strollers and hand-lettered signs, to sit in the hearing, which was so crowded that staff opened up additional rooms to accommodate the crowd. Many gathered outside afterward for a rally.

Anti-vaccine activists, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent vaccine conspiracy theorist, claimed that health officials are covering up vaccine dangers. Some said their children had been injured or sickened by immunizations. One falsely said the majority of people diagnosed with measles have been vaccinated.

February 8, 2019

Christianity in a Nutshell

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I wish there was a transcript of this as many of my viewers do not care for videos or have time for them.   If anyone knows of one please let me know and I will add it to the post.  Thanks.  Hugs

Understand vaccines do NOT cause autism. They save children from horrible diseases they need never be afflicted by.

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Vaccines do cause autism. The entire topic triggers what one might call a form of rational autism in some people, who have difficulties with information processing, and exhibit restricted and repetitive intellectual behavior. We call these people...

Again religion tries to ruin education for all children

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Religious politicians try to again force their myth in to the education system and on to everyone’s children.  Why teach children the facts as best we know them?  Why use the science that has shown what our reality is?  Why teach what we can show and prove when we can teach an unfounded myth that has no evidence to show it is anything more than a fable written in the iron age?   Science has moved us into the modern age, it is time to leave the fables behind.   Hugs


February 7, 2019

STUDY: Children Of Gay Couples Do Better In School

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The Washington Post reports:

Children of same-sex couples perform better in school than kids raised by a mom and a dad, according to new research from several European economists. The researchers found that children raised by same-sex couples had higher test scores in elementary and secondary school and were about 7 percent more likely to graduate from high school than children raised by different-sex couples.

January 31, 2019

Another armed MAGA ( brown shirt ) Thug

TEXAS: Armed Trump Supporter Arrested At Houston Library Hosting Drag Queen Story Hour Event

A Drag Queen Storytime protester allegedly trespassed in the Freed-Montrose Library this weekend after previously being banned from the premises. James “Doc” Greene Sr., who was issued a trespassing warning last month by the Houston Public Library (HPL) stating he could no longer visit its Montrose location, was detained, disarmed, and escorted out by police on Saturday, Jan. 26, for entering the building and refusing to leave.

He repeatedly asks a library worker for her name and the reason why he is being asked to leave the library. “We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children,” Greene says in the garage. “They are doing it with your help.”

January 29, 2019

Sex, Evolution, And How The Patriarchy Gets It Wrong | Abby Hafer

Another Republican Christian wants kids taught their fables in science class

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If Baxley wants alternatives to settled science taught — because he’s a Christian who doesn’t accept reality, or a conservative who doesn’t accept reality, or a Republican who doesn’t accept reality — it would come at the expense of teaching kids what experts already know is valid. There’s no controversy about, say, climate change among scientists who study the subject for a living. Much like anti-vaxxers, the only people who doubt the science are people who have a lot to gain from spreading misinformation.

January 28, 2019

3 serious things to know about. Hugs

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January 23, 2019

Some information from one who lived through the bigotry there

January 22, 2019

Hugs anyone?

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Slavery or a hug?


(Barna Group, actually in 1997.)
When they’re also bible illiterate.

At this point we have to conclude that he doesn’t even want to be real.


More disgusting behavior from the Covington kids. wonder where they learned this behavior?


January 20, 2019

Where were the chaperones?

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Philips told NBC News that some of the youths who surrounded him had chanted slogans in favour of President Trump’s border wall. “Chants of ‘Build the wall’ and other things that were even worse,” he said. “They were brought up to believe I’m less than human.”

“I’m still trying to process it,” Phillips said. “Who they were, who those young folks were, where they came from and who’s bringing them up. Where were the chaperones? How did this come to take this point? It’s gonna take us all to come together. I’m about prayer, but then you have to have some action to go with it.”

January 15, 2019

Like a penis

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January 14, 2019

We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)

January 11, 2019

Religion pretending to hold a science convention to promote religion.

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January 9, 2019

During Government Shutdown, Muslims Are Voluntarily Cleaning Up National Parks

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While employees of our national parks are unable to work due to the government shutdown, a group of young Muslims are volunteering to clean up the litter left by tourists. Because that’s the sort of thing you do when you love this country.

They cleaned up litter, emptied garbage cans and swept the grounds — from the Everglades National Park in Florida to Joshua Tree, California and the Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio.

“Service to our nation and cleanliness are important parts of Islam,” said Dr. Madeel Abdullah, president of youth group, in a press release. “We could not sit idly by as our national parks collected trash. We will lead by example and dispose of this garbage appropriately and invite all Americans to join us in these parks and others across the nation.”

“I hope it shows that we’re not here just to talk about Islam the whole time,” [spokesperson Salaam] Bhatti said. “We’re here to be part of America.”

An important part of Islam is to help “wipe away the tears of our neighbors during time of distress,” he said. “We are humbly serving our nation at a time when many tears are being shed.”

That same concept is known as “doing Mitzvot” in Judaism and “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you” in Christianity. It’s also called just being a decent human being. And it’s all more than we can say for a president who claims to have the support of conservative Christians but very little of the Jesus they claim to follow.

January 3, 2019

Christian Homeschooling. Maybe the most important thing I can post all week.

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January 1, 2019

History repeats

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Holocaust survivor on Trump: ‘I’ve seen this before — in Nazi Germany’


Holocaust Survivor On Trump’s America: It’s ‘1929 Or 1930 Berlin’…

A leading Holocaust historian just seriously compared the US to Nazi Germany…

People who compare Trump to Hitler correctly see history repeating itself in the way Hitler rose to power and the tactics he used, and Trump’s despicable assault on all our own democratic institutions, his demonization of immigrants and the inhuman caging of thousands of kids and cruel separation from their parents.


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