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December 22, 2019

These were funny, but just point out how stupid tRump is

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December 21, 2019

Let’s talk about a misunderstood Constitutional premise and a coin….

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Teacher placed on leave after allegedly telling students she wants to bring back slavery: report

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The bigots are getting bolder and more open in their push for white Christian supremacy and a white ethnostate.   Hugs

According to a report from The Los Angeles Times, this marks the second time in two months that the teacher, whose name has not been made public, has been disciplined for such remarks. She was previously put on leave in late October.

The unnamed teacher works at the Space and Aeronautics Gateway to Exploration Magnet Academy in Palmdale, Calif., where the L.A. Times says about 70 percent of the school population is composed of Latino students followed by black students.

Students say the teacher is a supporter of President Trump, displaying Trump memorabilia in the classroom and praising his proposed border wall with Mexico. Students also allege she said she would “bring back slavery” and gave them assignments having to do with immigration and Trump.



We can afford it and we must change our priorities.

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December 19, 2019

Sex Education

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December 18, 2019

Mexico president opposes bill to end church-state separation

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We need leaders like this.   Hugs

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Wednesday he does not support a proposal to further relax Mexico’s strict legal separation of church and state, throwing cold water on a draft bill that would upend longstanding political doctrine in the country.

The proposal would modify the Law of Religious Associations and Public Worship to eliminate historic language enshrining the “separation of the State and churches.”

Among specific measures, it would reportedly allow religious groups greater access to all manner of media, including TV, radio and newspapers, relax regulations on church ownership of property, provide for cooperation between church and state on cultural and social development and allow “conscientious objections” to law on religious grounds.

It would let ecclesiastical authorities do spiritual work in government facilities such as hospitals, rehab centers and even military installations.

“I do not think that modifying this principle helps — on the contrary,” López Obrador said. “… I think everyone, the majority of Mexicans, agrees that the lay state should prevail, which the constitution establishes.”

The president said the lay state is not anti-religious, but rather guarantees the rights of believers and non-believers alike.

“‘Render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’” López Obrador said.

December 16, 2019

This hurts to report, so I will post the links and and the titles.

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*** triggering****   this is about a child being physically abused in a public school by a large adult.  

NC Deputy Fired For Body-Slamming Child [VIDEO]

NC Deputy Fired For Body-Slamming Child [VIDEO]


‘No justification:’ North Carolina sheriff’s deputy fired after caught on video body-slamming child

A sheriff’s deputy caught on security video twice body-slamming a child under the age of 12 at a North Carolina middle school was fired on Monday morning and state investigators are deciding whether to file criminal charges against him, officials said.

In the school surveillance video, the deputy, a school resource officer, is seen walking with the child down a hallway when suddenly he lunges at the boy, lifts him off the ground and slams him to the floor on his back. Without checking the child for injuries, the deputy picks the student up again and throws him to the floor a second time and drags him down the hall and out of the view of the camera, according to the footage.

Sorry I was not going to post this, I simply did not want to see it nor deal with it.  But having seen it , I can not forget or get it out of my mind.  The vortex is howling at my right ear, I have chills up my back , my muscles are clenched, I am struggling.   I once was that child thrown around by a bigger adult I had no chance of protecting my self from.  He could lash out at any moment and how does a 50 pound kid take on a 250 pound brawler.  I need to go.  Hugs

December 15, 2019

No one asked how we are going to pay for it

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December 12, 2019

Trump declares Judaism a ‘nationality’. Liberal Jews are appalled.

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Trump declares Judaism a ‘nationality’. Liberal Jews are appalled.

According to Newsweek, Jewish groups have suggested the reported move is actually anti-Semitic, in that casts Jews as a separate nationality to all other Americans, and arguing it could stifle legitimate criticism of Israeli policies.

The Minnesota branch of the Jewish Community Action group described the Times report as “horrifying” on Facebook.

As American Jews, we will resist being defined as anything else. This is an empty, dishonest manipulation – the President wants to distract us from the truly violent white nationalism he has emboldened, and his own blatant antisemitism. We can’t let it work.

The progressive Jewish If Not Now organisation said the reported executive order:

Is not about keeping Jews safe. It’s just more antisemitism. The order defines Judaism as a ‘nationality,’ promoting the classically bigoted idea that American Jews are not, well, American.

Conflating criticism of the Israeli government with antisemitism is actually antisemitic because it implies that all Jews agree with, and are responsible for, Israel’s actions.

There is more at the link above.  I said the other day this was a double edged sword.   It seems the asshole bigots have found a way to have it both ways, to keep college dissent down, and to keep being antisemitic at the same time.   Hugs

All the countries with government-run healthcare provide longer life expectancy and are cheaper.

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A generation of people who believe that “Government can’t solve the problem. Government is the problem” are wrong. Willfully wrong.

All the countries with government-run healthcare provide longer life expectancy and are cheaper.


December 11, 2019

The Left has empathy. The right has self-interest

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The Left has empathy. The right has self-interest.

December 8, 2019

Deliberately dumbing down the US

December 7, 2019

The systems

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December 5, 2019

Gun laws lower violence towards children


Gun laws lower violence towards children.

Republicans WANT more violence for children.

December 3, 2019

What Trump has actually done in his first 3 years

The scandals, the leaks, the outrages, and the bizarre tweets of the last three years can distract from an important fact about President Donald Trump: He has changed policy in ways that affect the lives of millions of Americans.

Some of the Trump agenda is standard for a Republican president. White-collar criminal prosecutions have hit a 33-year low. The Justice Department defends state laws that could kick thousands off the voting rolls. The National Labor Relations Board is now more sympathetic to employers than unions. And military spending is on track to reach the same levels as during the height of the Iraq War.

But he’s gone further. While the media, understandably, focuses on Trump’s many scandals, his administration has quietly enacted a far more aggressive agenda than his Republican predecessors. Big boosts to fossil fuel production have come at the expense of an unprecedented deterioration in air quality. Tens of thousands of people have lost health insurance by administrative fiat, and millions are in the process of losing their nutritional assistance through the same mechanism. He’s remade the judiciary, installing conservative judges at twice Obama’s pace, and he’s consolidated a conservative majority on the Supreme Court that may endure for decades.

Much more at the link above.  Hugs



December 2, 2019

This Irresponsible Sex Ed Curriculum Is Being Taught in Texas School Districts

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This is a short disgusting look at how they are teaching young people about sex in Texas using biblical religious groups to do it.   They make no mention of female arousal or desire because you know only males count.   The two short videos are so stupid and shaming.  The kids learn nothing but don’t touch your self,  never touch others, don’t think about sex , and girls don’t want it.  Do any of those things you are a dirty horrible person doomed to failure and will make Jesus cry.  This is in public schools.   This take over of religion into the secular public schools is hurting kids and causing needless stress on them.  Because it is short I am not going to post quotes, but notice the organization charges over 35 thousand dollars for this nonsense.   Oh they also lie about condoms and birth control, but he what do you expect from fear mongers holy people.    Hugs



December 1, 2019

Bigoted little shit

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Three Utah Girls Stood Up To a Teacher Who Condemned a Boy For Having Two Dads

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Three Utah Girls Stood Up To a Teacher Who Condemned a Boy For Having Two Dads

A group of girls knew exactly what to do when they heard their fifth-grade substitute teacher at Deerfield Elementary School in Utah castigate a classmate who said that, for Thanksgiving, he was most thankful that he was “finally going to be adopted by my two dads.” The teacher launched into a 10-minute lecture on why “two men living together is a sin,” so the girls protested. Several times.

When their efforts failed to deter the teacher, the three girls left the room to get the principal and the teacher was escorted unceremoniously out of the classroom.

Courtney Tanner of the Salt Lake Tribune tells the story:

Students later said that the substitute snapped, “Why on earth would you be happy about that?”

For the next 10 minutes she lectured the 30 kids in the class about her own views, how “homosexuality is wrong” and “two men living together is a sin.” She looked at the boy, too, and told him: “That’s nothing to be thankful for.”

“She also tried to blame our son,” said one of the boy’s dads, Louis van Amstel, “and told him that it was his fault that she went off.

The saddest thing about this story may be that the boy at the center of it all was reluctant to challenge his teacher out of fear that it might hurt his chances of having the adoption finalized, after two previous unsuccessful attempts. That process is scheduled to be completed the week before Christmas.

November 30, 2019

This is what is wrong about US education system and US priorities

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November 28, 2019

Wages did not rise but costs sure did

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