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July 1, 2020

The never maskers do not know real hardship

June 25, 2020

White Woman Coughs on Baby After Mother Spoke Spanish in California

June 24, 2020

officials warned that some young people had become seriously ill

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Tax Credits are worthless when you have no income to write off.

June 20, 2020

Trump Blames Buffalo Protester For Assault By Police

OT.   Hurting so bad right now I can hardly breathe.   Every movement is pain.   Helped Ron relocate and install our ring door bell camera that never worked well on my office door to beside the kitchen door, angled to catch all the sheds the Ring floodlight camera in the carport is not really positioned well to see.  I made a large dough mixture for three loaves of bread, lots of milk, 4 eggs and 6 table spoons of butter, should come out really fluffy, it is rising for the last rise.  Ron took pity on me and cleaned everything up.   

I know I am behind on comments and as soon as I get done with the bread that will be my entire afternoon project answering them.   I love them so please keep them coming.   I have had a lot going on which has limited my time at the computer but I have tried to post news when I get a chance.    Heck I have not even had much time to read news.   But i have 30 minutes until the hot bread comes out to read and post.   I hope all is well with everyone, I value each of you.   Oh I guess to morrow Ron would like me ( us? ) to make a oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies.  Hugs

Trump Blames Buffalo Protester For Assault By Police

The Daily Beast reports:

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, President Trump essentially said the fact that Martin Gugino has a brain injury and can’t walk is his own fault. “These police, they meant business,” he said of the night in question.

More at the link above.    Hugs

June 16, 2020

Cats have staff, cats rule

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June 15, 2020

What matters to evangelical Christians


Yes, and they use my office as a snack room and lounge.

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Off the Mark Comic Strip for June 15, 2020

June 14, 2020

The problem with my desk

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Off the Mark Comic Strip for June 14, 2020

June 10, 2020

The Mitch McConnell Story | SEAT AT THE TABLE

June 6, 2020

I am wiped out, my afternoon project.

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Good news is Ron says they are wonderful.   I made Ron oatmeal raisin cookies today.   I wont eat them because I dislike raisins so I made a small batch.  He was like a kid when they cooled enough to eat but were still warm.   Here are the pictures.   I need a nap.   Hugs

June 5, 2020

The Next President Of The United States

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Please contrast the difference between Biden and tRump.   Hugs

June 4, 2020

We need police reform NOW

The DOJ filed a brief with the SCOTUS to allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ in adoption

DOJ Files SCOTUS Brief Against Adoptions By LGBTs


June 3, 2020

Read This Christian Dad’s Letter to the Boy Who “Stole” His Daughter’s Virginity

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Read This Christian Dad’s Letter to the Boy Who “Stole” His Daughter’s Virginity

More than a decade ago, two high school students ended their relationship.

Breakups are always tough. They’re especially heartbreaking when it’s your first love. But that situation happens all the time. Hopefully you learn something from the experience and carry that with you into your future relationships.

Last week, however, the past came back to haunt the boy… even though he’s been married (to someone else) for the past seven years.

According to a Twitter user named Isaac, that boy — a friend of his — received a letter from his ex-girlfriend’s father. And it’s a doozy.

In all seriousness, what troubled him the most about this letter was the father treating his daughter as if she’s his property. That’s something that he thought only existed in some other cultures and religions, not the Christianity he’s most familiar with. Even when he dated the girl in question, the father was perhaps overprotective, but nothing like this.

Please go to the link above and read the ranting letter of an evangelical Christian who thinks he owns his daughter as property and that her purity, her virginity was his property, that was stolen from him.  It is sickening and something you hear Christians complain about in other religions.    Control of the female body, control of the female sexual organs seems to be a large part of Christianity these days.    Hugs

June 1, 2020

“We are a nation in pain right now … “. A new path forward, a new hope!

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May 30, 2020

4 white Missouri cops sued for alleged brutality on 68-year-old black woman and son in a Sam’s Club

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Four white police officers allegedly used excessive force on a 68-year-old black woman and her adult son after the son was wrongly accused of stealing a TV in a Missouri Sam’s Club, a new lawsuit claims.

Marvia Gray suffered “mental anguish” as well as injuries to her tailbone, back, shoulder, knees and arms when she was thrown to the ground and handcuffed March 23 inside the Des Peres store, the lawsuit filed Monday in St. Louis County alleges.


Her 43-year-old son, Derek, suffered a concussion, three shattered teeth and other injuries, the paperwork obtained by the Daily News states.


Marvia was especially traumatized during the incident because she feared for her son’s life following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, her lawyer Andrew M. Stroth told the Associated Press.


“Mrs. Gray thought her son was about to be another black man unjustifiably shot and killed by the police,” Stroth said in a phone interview. “You can see in the video that she is terrified with respect to what they’re doing to her son.”


Cellphone video shot in the store and obtained by the AP begins with Gray and her son already on the ground. Derek tries to sit up at one point, but two officers forcefully push him back down, according to the video.


“Get off me,” he is heard yelling. “I’m humiliated.”

Marvia screams throughout the videos, yelling at officers, “Please leave me alone!”


When they tried to load the massive TV in their 2018 Lexus SUV and realized it wouldn’t fit, they asked the store to hold it until Derek could retrieve it later.


A Des Peres Police officer in the store mistakenly thought he was stealing the TV when he returned later. The officer followed Derek to his SUV and voiced his suspicion before a store employee intervened and explained the TV was paid for, the lawsuit said.


Despite receiving this information, the officer still called the Des Peres Police Department and “falsely reported that he had ‘witnessed Gray steal a TV and place it in the parked vehicle,’” the lawsuit states.


When Derek reported the incident to his mom, they decided to return the TV due to the experience with the false allegations, the lawsuit states.


While the Grays were at the store seeking a refund, the four officers, including the one who made the emergency call, “violently and physically seized Marvia Gray and Derek Gray, throwing them to the floor, beating them, handcuffing them, then arresting them,” the paperwork states.

OK to recap a black man bought a TV for his mom, it wouldn’t fit in the vehicle, so he asked them to keep it until he came back with a bigger vehicle.   I have done that.   I did not get beaten and arrested, but I am white.   He goes back and the police officer now there seeing a black guy take a TV out with out paying decided he stole it.  Employees said no he paid for it, it is paid for earlier ( again I have done that).  Nope says the cop, I see a black guy with a big TV so I know he stole it.  The cop calls for reinforcements because he is a chicken shit or he wants his other racist buddies in on the beating, and they find the man and his mom deciding they want a refund because they do not like getting accused of theft.  Maybe because of what happened next.  They were violently grabbed and we see from the picture what happened.   The store cameras captured it.   This is why POC are protesting and burning a city down.   They are tired of this shit and I don’t blame them.  All because a racist cop thought a black man shouldn’t have a huge big screen TV!   It really pisses me off.    Hugs

May 29, 2020

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump hollow in all ways

(cartoon by Phil Hands)

Matt Davies Comic Strip for May 28, 2020

Political Cartoon U.S. Trump administration coronavirus masks


Political Cartoon U.S. Trump golfing coronavirus deaths

May 28, 2020


Political Cartoon U.S. Trump twitter fact check

Political Cartoon U.S. Trump twitter fact check

Dave Granklund editorial cartoon

John Deering Comic Strip for May 28, 2020



Political cartoon

Rob Rogers Comic Strip for May 28, 2020

Tom the Dancing Bug Comic Strip for May 29, 2020




Chris Britt Comic Strip for May 27, 2020

Editorial Cartoon U.S. Minneapolis police George Floyd

 [Bill Day --]

Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for May 29, 2020



Political Cartoon U.S. Trump USPS vote by mail


May 28, 2020

I made Chocolate cookies with Splenda

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Yes they are not good for diabetics, but Ron asked and I agreed to do it.   However the next cookies I will make for him are going to be oatmeal which wont be so sweet for him, but will be cookies he loves to eat.   Hugs

Eric Trump bragged about the stock market as the US crossed 100,000 dead — and it didn’t go well

This is the way wealthy people see the country, the economy, and the lower incomes. Only wealthy people matter. Only their wealth matters. Lower incomes are just tools to do what they want with.   Fodder for their grist mills so to speak.   Hugs

Eric Trump bragged about the stock market as the US crossed 100,000 dead — and it didn’t go well

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