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November 10, 2019

Wow a grand movie

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So this afternoon after Ron made a grand meal of pork loin, potatoes, gravy of course, Several vegetables along with a wonderful salad for me.   And it was great.  I did help, but he did most of the work, and all of the clean up.   The thing I want to share is that I only had three hours sleep last night, and a 1 hour nap today, so I decided after our meal to just start and finish the Captain Marvel  movie.    I had watched a few minutes here and there , but never more than 20 minutes at a time.  I always stop the movies to check the news.  But this time I started it from the beginning and watched it all the way through.  It was great to do so.  After my telling him about the movie Ron wants to watch it also.  Now on to other peoples blogs until I get so tired I fall asleep at my desk and must go to bed.   I really like what I do here on my blog, it helps me feel productive even as my body fails.    Hugs

November 6, 2019

You ate out of my food bowl …

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November 4, 2019

This from Randy with a note: For Nan

Yes yes no

October 18, 2019


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October 16, 2019

People have worth and dignity

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October 9, 2019

I get mine, nothing for you. The Republican way

September 22, 2019


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September 19, 2019

Doing jobs others wont

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September 18, 2019

A national shame

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September 11, 2019

The wealthiest country on earth only if you are wealthy

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This 9-year-old was denied lunch on his birthday at school. Now the district is making changes

A boy from Ohio had the “worst birthday ever” after his school lunch was taken away because of an unpaid balance on his account.


Jefferson Sharpnack told his grandmother, Diane Bailey, that he was denied his lunch tray when he went to check out. Instead of getting the cheesy breadsticks he had picked out, he was given a piece of cheese and bread by the lunch staff at Green Primary School in Uniontown, Ohio.
It all happened on his ninth birthday, in front of other students in the lunch line, because of a $9 debt, according to Bailey.

Three-fourths of school districts reported having unpaid student meal debt at the end of the 2016-17 school year, according to the School Nutrition Association. In 2017, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) mandated schools develop plans for students who have deficit accounts.

Think of the huge tax cut the wealthy got from the Republicans, while 3/4 of school districts have children who can not afford to eat.    Is this the nation we want?   A 9 year embarrassed in front of everyone, who probably was already struggling with the effects of being poor, is going to have a real hard time trying to learn anything.     In a country with billionaires and millionaires no child should ever go hungry.  Adults stop taking food away from children.  I was one of those children.  I got one meal a day normally and it was lunch at school.    Thankfully it was in a better US and not one adult shamed me, in fact I was often given food when I was short money to pay for small amount I took.   A couple hot dogs normally, sometimes they would have sliced pizza and I would get a slice.  Let the children eat, as you don’t know what is happening in their life!   Hugs   

August 29, 2019

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Legacy

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)


August 24, 2019

Door Step package theft have gotten out of hand, here is a video.

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Bear Steals Package from Chewy Right off Family’s Porch

A family in Lackawanna County was expecting a delivery of dog food from the online pet store Chewy, but a hungry bear had other plans.

August 21, 2019

I am home

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Hello Everyone. Pull up a chunk of that internet thing while we still have it.  I am home, holding my older cat Milo who is doing his best to hold my arm down and purring loudly, and I am beat.  

I got my shots and it seems to be OK.  The bad one they again slowed the dose and it looks like on the other ones in two weeks I can go to a maintenance dose, but on that one it will take about 6 more weeks.  Unlike others I will have to stay on maintenance doses for about ever.   If not I will have to start over every few years.  They adjusted two of my medications, a topical medication for if I get hives or something, and a nasal spray to help when I get all chocked up and feel like I can not breath.  When I told her sometimes it is so bad I vomit she was upset as she had not realized the reactions of the sinuses was that bad.  I thought she would give me a talking to on the cats being so close to me all the time, on my desk / pillows but she just reminded me  I am allergic to them.   I showed her the pictures of them on my desk, in my arms, and sleeping with me and she agreed that was a lot of love they gave me. 

I also lost 10 pounds since my last visit three months ago.  I know I am losing weight which I really don’t mind.   The problem is I am rarely hungry and I am not eating much.  I did not eat last night, have not eaten yet today and I still am not hungry yet.  I know I have to eat due to my medications and I am a diabetic.  Funny thing is my primary care doctor loves that I am losing weight as it helps all my blood work labs.  Yet I am not really that over weight.  I am slightly over 5 foot 7 inches tall and today weighted fully clothed at 184.  I remember when I first got put in a wheelchair I started only eating once a day and small amounts.  Ron got upset at that and talk to my doctor.  He told Ron not to worry, when I got hungry I would eat and it was not like I did not have food available,so when I was hungry I would eat.  

So now I will go to a few sites to catch up on the news and then to each of your blogs as fast as I can read them and maybe leave a semi coherent comment.  Hugs.  Scottie

August 4, 2019


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July 27, 2019

Another Minor Dies In Border Custody

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I am posting this because this kid died in his own vomit.   In US custody!   Hugs

Nutritionally empty and will make you feel shame. Popularity has no bearing on truth.

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Should Low-Income Military Families Get a Food Allowance? White House Says No

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Why do we have service members at or under the poverty level?  Seriously we spend over half our countries budget on the military and contractors get rich while service members struggle.  I remember the sub standard housing in Georgia when I was stationed there.   In Germany we had good housing but in our own country we could only afford old broken down crap.  Today it is worse with much base housing dangerous to the people living in them.   This is not supporting the troops.  Next time some one uses that talking point let them know our lower military ranks are struggling to eat and have a roof over their heads.   Hugs

The provision — in the House’s version of the fiscal 2020 defense policy bill — would provide a monthly allowance for military families equal to 130% of the federal poverty guidelines minus the service member’s gross income (not counting any allowances) divided by 12.

The Trump administration has already weighed in, taking issue with the advocates’ characterization of the situation as well as a need for the bill. In a statement released July 9, the White House said it “strongly objected” to the provision because service members “receive appropriate compensation already.”

For an E-4 with several years in the military, a spouse and two children, the proposed benefit would be roughly $234 a month.

The amount is intended to be used for food, diapers, clothing, toiletries — any essential need.

“The basic needs allowance really is an allowance to do exactly what it says, help with basic needs, a plus-up to the base pay for service members who are at or below 130% of the federal poverty line. We are talking very low pay,” said Josh Protas, vice president for public policy at MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger.

May 13, 2019

Smart pesky critters

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April 7, 2019

Why it is so hard for people today

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March 28, 2019

Offline for awhile

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I am off to make a tomato red sauce for my hubby.  He has worked a lot of 12 hour shifts lately and he has not complained but I know it is hard for him.   On my way home from my shots I stopped at the Publix grocery store ( great people ) and picked up all I needed to make hubby a grand meal when he wakes up.  

I make my sauce with a base of Dei Fratelli tomato sauce as I find them the most tasty.  Then I add cut mild sausage ( I get the long links and slice them into small sections as Ron likes the taste to bite into them ) and we went back to very lean beef ( was trying to not use beef but can not find anything we like as much ) and then add minced garlic, oregano , sweet basil, rubbed sage, thyme, peppers ( I use a mix of green , yellow, and red ) diced celery, and a small bit of chopped onion ( I don’t really like the taste of onion but in a sauce it adds a good flavor ) and after the sauce is hot and simmering I add some organic meat balls Ron likes.   People have different takes on meatballs , some think they should be baked and then added , I feel they should be put in the sauce to take on the flavor.  I also got two kinds of “toasted bread” for the supper, one garlic and one three cheese.  I may have forgotten a few things I add or do but you get the idea.  Sauce shouldn’t ever come out the same if you make it often.  I feel it should be adaptable and change with your feelings / mood.  To me my cooking is an extension of myself and reflects how I am feeling at that time.  Lucky for me Ron loves my cooking.  ( also my extension of my self ?  )  Hugs

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