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August 31, 2017

The bake penne creation

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I have been trying to do more at home.  I started planning daily supper meals.  However bad start to the seek.  Starting on the weekend I got really ill.   Vomiting, sweats, chills, complete fatigue.    Anyway I have to thank James.  He stepped in and kept the kitchen cleaned up and helped me out greatly.   I tried to make the marinara sauce and between vomiting trips to the bathroom I screwed the sauce up entirely.    I got way too much oregano in it.  It was uneatable.   Again James stepped up and made the sauce for me.   We cook differently James and I.  He like plain and simple, I like highly seasoned and full bodied.   But I really thank him for the help and his sauce was good.  

I was unable to make the baked ziti ( made with penne pasta as I did not have ziti ) so Ron stepped up and made it as I took pictures.   Rather than go through a step by step written procedure of how to make a simple dish I will say the one thing Ron does differently is he adds basil to the ricotta cheese.   SO I will just add the pictures and if there are questions just ask.  Ron baked it at 350 for about 40 min.   Hugs

** Sorry for so many pictures.  I had to pare them down from about 70 to 24.   Also the extra large coffee cup is mine.   Everyone else likes standard size but I always loved bigger.   Size can matter if used correctly.   Hugs **


April 14, 2017

Baking Breakfast Together

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Hello Everyone.  Thanks for coming by, pull up a chunk of wi-fi and have a stretch out.   Some of you may know I have good days, and I have not good days.  Well that is not special, we all have that.  What makes mine a bit different is my health issues including pain problems can make a not so good day both happen a lot more often and makes them be quite a bitch.  However the great thing for me is I have it very good comparatively and with out being a blind pollyanna  I would say I am a lucky person.   I am rather happy.  I am not going to write a post on all the bitchy health stuff I am dealing with.   Instead I am going to tell you the great thing we did this morning.

Ron and I love to do stuff together.  One of the things we love to do is cook together.  I admit I use to do more of my share of it than I do now, but I still am part of the two man team.   Yesterday I came up with the idea of creating a breakfast bake this morning.  I had made one 11 years ago and Ron loved it.  So I gave Ron a list of things we needed and off he went to the store.  The last time I had to cook everything in advance, prepare it , and then bake the finished mixture.   

Ah how things have improved.   Ron was able to get a couple bags of precooked crumbled sausage and bacon.   The ham also was cut up, even though Ron did cut it smaller.   We got a huge bowl out and I went to town creating my own recipe.   First I added the crumbled meats with the chopped ham.   Then I added three different types of shredded cheeses.  Then Ron cut up a velveeta spicy cheese and added that.  Then I added a bunch of hash browns, which are simply shredded potatoes.  Now if you like peppers and onions you can add them.  Once we had all the stuff in the bowl, I mixed it up by hand.   

Ron had 6 really nice mini loaf cooking pans.   I filled them with the mixture up to about an inch from the top of the pan.   At the same time Ron took 9 eggs and put them in a bowl and using his new stick blender I got him, he whipped them up with some water.  This he poured over the mixture in the baking pans up to the top level of the mixture.   This gives the eggs room to rise as they soak into every part of the mixture.   Ron gave the pans a shake as he filled them as the eggs settle  in the nooks and crannies.  

We preheated the convection countertop oven to 425.   We set the timer at 30 minutes.  We checked them at 20 minutes to make sure.   Ron ate a slice or two and pronounced them great.   I ate mine with hot sauce.  I did not add salt with the mixture as I prefer people to add the salt at the time of eating as people have such different tastes.   I agree it was great.   The most wonderful thing is Ron and I did it together.  It was a great joy to be creating side by side as we made this with no measurements or complete recipe.   Poor Ron had to do all the clean up as just the small part I did wore me out, but he did not mind at all.  

Here are some pictures.  Sorry I did not think to take the pictures until after it had been baked and we started to eat.      Be well.  May your days not be bitchy.   Hugs


December 7, 2016


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Today Ron took me out to a local Chinese buffet this afternoon.  Ron had worked the last two nights his normal 12 hour shifts at the hospital.  It is hard work and when he got home he had intended to stay up to be with me, but instead suggest he would get a quick nap of two hours and get up.  I let him sleep until about three in the afternoon, when he woke up on his own.  We talked about what to do for something to eat or other activities, and Ron mentioned he was still tired but would like to have Chinese.  I agreed and as it is only about ten minutes down the road off we went.   

It was sparsely filled with people eating, being between the lunch rush and the early bird season now upon us.  Great timing.  The food was plentiful , fresh and hot.  Ron often gets me stuff if my legs wont hold me, but several times I went up to the buffet lines myself.  I was watching the few people who came in after we were seated.  There was an older couple two tables in front of us.  I should mention if we don’t get a booth I require a table against a wall as I have a cane and they get all in the way if there is no place to rest them against something. To the right against the other wall was an older man , older than Ron and I , with an even older man who was almost bent double.  I originally thought the two men might be lovers and told Ron there was us in another twenty or so years.   Sorry it is just something I tend to do if I see two guys together out to eat or such I tend to think in terms of my own life.   Ron snorted.   I went up to get a few small things when I was next to the younger of the two older men, I greeted him as I tend to be rather outgoing and friendly.  At first he was hesitant to talk to me and then suddenly decided to fill me in on his whole day.  Seems he was taking his father out to the restaurant.  He did not like the place but his dad loved it and so he brought him there when he could.  I told him he was doing his father a great thing, making him happy and when his dad passed on he would be glad he did so.  He relaxed and then I saw him think on this, his dad passing and he smiled, ( the first one I had seen on him ) he thanked me and said he had not thought of that.   He took an extra large plate back to his table for his dad.  I have to say the older man could eat.  He put both Ron and I to shame, he ate more food then I could have in an entire few days, and still was going strong when we left.   Great for him.    

However I did watch the couple two tables up from us.  the older woman seemed to be a non smiling prim and proper type.  She sat stiffly and ate only sparingly.  Her husband ( the man with her ) ate with relish yet as with most of us after a few plates of different things and some soup he had had his fill.  She sat there unsmiling and not even talking, he ate in silence also.   Contrast that with Ron and I who were jabbering away and enjoying this treat out with gusto, helping each other with different dishes and sampling off each others plates.  

The reason I mention the older couple is that when they left, the lady seeming to not have enjoyed herself, and the man seeming have eaten his fill, I saw something that disturbed me greatly.   See in that restaurant the wait staff is there to take your used plates, bowl, and other things, bring you more drinks, and basically help if you need something or have a question.  It is a buffet so they don’t bring your food.  They are very attentive and right on the spot.   To say they don’t work hard at what they do would be wrong.  After you are done eating they bring your bill to you on a tray, and leave it.  You take your bill to the register at the door, pay and leave.   After the young woman brought the older couple their bill on the tray she left them as is normal.  The couple got up , took their bill and left.  The woman came back to clean up the table.  I saw her pick up the tray and realize the couple had left her nothing.  Not even a few dollars and I seen her face fall for just a moment.    She quickly schooled her expression, but I had seen her disappointment.  I felt she was right to be disappointed.  She had done her job by them, worked hard to keep them in drinks and their place cleaned up.  They gave her no regard.   I reached into my pocket and brought out my wallet to giver her something for them, but by then she had moved away and to do anything would cause a disturbance.  However when Ron came back to our table I told him about it ( he had been up getting me a small dish of hot mushrooms, one of my favorites. ) When our time came to leave I was proud of him.  I had pulled out my wallet to offer the tip, but he said he had it covered and I put my wallet away.  I was stunned at the bill he pulled out as a tip.  That was more than I had planned. It was a tip we would leave at a much fancier full service eatery with a far bigger nominal price.  He looked at my wide eyes and he said ” you were the one upset the others did not give her anything, this will make up for it”.  I was so happy my chest hurt.  We are not wealthy , a couple trying to make it in this world on a one family income.   The bill he was giving as a tip was almost the cost of a one person buffet meal.   I discreetly waved the serving woman over to us, and then gave her the bill Ron had given me.  Her eyes glowed, she broke into the greatest smile.  For a minute she was transformed.  She was so happy.  Then she thanked us, kept lowering her head.  We told her how we enjoyed the meal and thanked her for her  attentiveness and that she had been kind to us and also the food was great.  

We left.  I do not know the rest of her day.  I do not know her story, what she faces every day.  I just know the difference on her face, in her body from the older couple who couldn’t even give her a few dollars for her effort, and the total joy that she showed when I gave her the bill Ron had chosen for her.  I tried to be nice after we left saying to Ron maybe the couple did not understand how much even two dollars would have meant to the woman.  He was not so understanding and told me they simply did not care.  They got what they wanted and if not required felt they did not have to give more than that.  Ron is more realistic in the world than I.  We do not eat out often, and when we do it is not fancey.  I am disabled and can not work.  Ron works and maintains our whole home and lifestyle on his one income.    However when we go out we enjoy it and we treat others with respect and courtesy.  Today I was proud of Ron, and I was so glad to see the joy on the woman’s face.  It was the best desert I could have had.  Hugs

November 7, 2016

Spending time together

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Ron and I are best friends as well as spouses.  We have always enjoyed doing stuff together.  However as my health problems began to limit my abilities, and we both were getting older, we couldn’t join in each others interests as much.   I have lost most of the physical ability to move or do much so I can no longer do outside activities with him or work in his great wood shop with him.   I can’t build with him and he has no interest in computers or the web world I do most of my time on.  However the grand thing is there is one thing we can still do together.   That is cooking.  We love to cook together.  Not one alone making a meal and maybe even the other cleaning up.  No, we cook together, adding our own talents to what we  jointly are making.   Often that is breakfast we will make together on Ron’s off days.  Ron is a wonderful cook, and he is so good at cooking meats.  I have trouble judging when they are cooked enough, not to little or too much.     He can cook a steak that melts in your mouth and explodes with flavor on your tongue.  I do rather well with seasoning and sauces, eggs, and deep fried things.   The point is we teach each other, depend on each other.  Mostly we simply really enjoy being together doing one of the last things we can do together.  So today we made a baked ziti together.  We used a lower carb pasta so it was really a baked rotini.  I made the sauce, Ron boiled the noodles.   We had a great time.  Here are two pictures.   Be well, be happy, enjoy your life as best you can.   Hugs

April 13, 2016

My morning for those who wish to know

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I had to get up early this morning.   I had a doctors appointment at the pain doctor, and I had not slept well last night, even though I went to bed early so I would be ready.   As always the people at the office were great and grand.  They all seem to know me and like me, even though they see so many people and I am not sure why they treat me so well.   I had hoped not to have shots in my back, as they are so very painful.   However the doctor checked me and said no I should have them, she hugged me and said she would do it as painless as possible and she knew it still would be so painful.   She marked only 14 spots, she wanted to do more but I admit I begged her to leave it at just the 14.  To help she changed the needle three times on the syringe.    See the muscle spasms make the muscles so tight they are like rock and it is why they hurt so bad and why it hurts so bad to take injection into them.   I had the wonderful woman who got everything ready laughing as when she said it was all ready I told her I was going to tiptoe down the hallway, she asked why and I replied ” I am running away”.  She laughed.   I often get them to laugh.  The doctor had to change one of my meds as the state of Florida is making it so they can’t proscribe one of the meds I need that works so well.  IF the doctor prescribes it and the PT does anything to cause them to die, say I go out and take heroin, which they don’t prescribe, or swallow a whole bunch of pills, even if the pills are illegal and don’t come from the doctor, the doctor is charged with MURDER and the punishment is huge.  The people in government are making it so I can’t get the treatment I need from doctors very qualified to give it.  I am beginning to understand much better how females feel about the control of their medical needs are chipped away and taken from them by men who have none of the same problems.   

Ron had worked last night.  I already wrote how he shorted his sleep to make me eat yesterday.   He came home and tried to nap while I got ready, he got maybe 30 to 40 minutes, then took me to the doctor.  After he paid the co-pay and checked all was OK, he went back to the van tried to sleep.   To make me feel better he told me if I had to have shots he would take me out to eat for lunch.   So after we left he took me to a local place , a chain restaurant called Perkins.  We were going to go to Dairy Queen as I like it and I enjoy a shake or hot fudge sundaes , but it is quite a way and the trip to and from  the doctors had worn me out too much.  Ron got me an appetizer I never tried which was good, it was this…. chorizo flats which is A double stacked cheesy tortilla topped with chorizo sausage, green peppers, onions, Pepper Jack cheese, salsa and sour cream.  <strong>New!</strong> Chorizo Flats

I ate one and loved it, but I was wearing out.  Ron ate the rest and he like it also.  He said he could make it for me at home if I wanted.    We had an incredible waiter, so energetic and he was doing so much more than the others, and he treated us as if we were family and he was grand.   Ron gave him a ten dollar trip.   But he deserved it, even offering to special make me a desert when I couldn’t eat the meal I ordered.  I ordered the chicken strip sandwich and it was great, but I could only eat one bit.  He got me a box to take it all home.  Ron was happy because I ate even as hurting and tired as I was.  When he was told I wished I could have the Hot fudge sundae the waiter was going to get it for me, but Ron explained I wouldn’t be able to eat it all as it was big, the man offered to make a special one for me with only a bit of all the stuff so I could have a taste.    He deserved his tip and more.  

After we got home, Ron made sure I was comfortable and set up, had all I needed and then went back to bed.   He deserves it.   I am lucky, very lucky.   I will suffer from what was done to me, what my body became and is for the rest of my life, but I have the treatment I need, and people to love me, and so much more.   Oh I lost more weight and my blood pressure was way up this morning, 170  over 100.   They were worried so I have to watch that now for a while and I have not told Ron I lost more weight.   He will try to force me to eat more.  🙂  So that was my morning and beginning afternoon, and now I am blogging , going through all the great blogs I love to read.   Hugs

March 12, 2016

Truly being a caring human

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March 3, 2016

Makes sense in some way I know…seems right. Hugs

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January 25, 2016

Le Petit Chef – YouTube

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Source: Le Petit Chef – YouTube

Fun stuff, have fun. Hugs

November 11, 2015

In the U.S. 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, and 80% of the Total Population Is Near Poverty : Political Blind Spot

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If you live in the United States, there is a good chance that you are now living in poverty or near poverty. Nearly 50 million Americans, (49.7 Million), are living below the poverty line, with 80%…

Source: In the U.S. 49.7 Million Are Now Poor, and 80% of the Total Population Is Near Poverty : Political Blind Spot

September 17, 2015

Hatred Isn’t Dead

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Regardless of their faith, they’re still human beings. We spend a lot of time in the west bragging about how free and awesome we are. But when we get the chance to show it, we end up showing how little we’ve evolved from those scared primates descending from trees. It is past time we actually stand upright and stop pretending that a war somewhere else has no effect on any of us, that a difference in superstitious beliefs means that someone is dangerous and untrustworthy.

Source: Hatred Isn’t Dead

The author of this post won my heart with this last paragraph. So well said. Thanks. Hugs
excerpt below:

Regardless of their faith, they’re still human beings. We spend a lot of time in the west bragging about how free and awesome we are. But when we get the chance to show it, we end up showing how little we’ve evolved from those scared primates descending from trees. It is past time we actually stand upright and stop pretending that a war somewhere else has no effect on any of us, that a difference in superstitious beliefs means that someone is dangerous and untrustworthy.

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