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November 30, 2016

Who is watching, and why.

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November 2, 2016

Misogyny is …..

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July 24, 2016

Ben Carson says being transgender ‘doesn’t make any sense’ — like leopard wanting to change its spots | Christian News on Christian Today

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Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson thinks being a transgender just “doesn’t make any sense,” and even compared their situation to a leopard wanting to change its spots.

Source: Ben Carson says being transgender ‘doesn’t make any sense’ — like leopard wanting to change its spots | Christian News on Christian Today


What a bigot and to think he has an education and still thinks these things.   Hugs

July 11, 2016

‘Restaurant’: TV Ad Depicts Harms Faced by Transgender People in Public Restrooms – YouTube

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June 29, 2016

PHILADELPHIA: Public School System Adopts Sweeping Pro-Transgender Student Rights Policy – Joe.My.God.

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Source: PHILADELPHIA: Public School System Adopts Sweeping Pro-Transgender Student Rights Policy – Joe.My.God.


I forget if I posted this already.  I just want to point out how easy it is to be a caring human.  No trouble , no fuss.   The whole USA needs to see how easy and kind, how grand this is.   I thank the school system for their leadership that did the right thing.  Hugs

June 25, 2016

for everyone who says only Muslims are terrorists.

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Transsexual tree ???

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A 5,000-year-old tree in Scotland is giving itself a sex change. The male Fortingall Yew has been producing pollen for as long as scientists have been studying it, but in 2015, the tree suddenly sprouted berries in a rare occurrence that means at...

June 16, 2016

‘We don’t believe him’: Dan Savage rejects Trump’s attempt to foster LGBT-Muslim tensions

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Source: ‘We don’t believe him’: Dan Savage rejects Trump’s attempt to foster LGBT-Muslim tensions

Columnist and activist Dan Savage bluntly rebuked Donald Trump on Tuesday for his response to the Orlando mass shooting attack.

“We’re not gonna fall for it,” Savage told MSNBC host Chris Hayes. “You can’t draw a clean line between the LGBT community and the Muslim community because there are LGBT Muslims in the United States and all over the world. Muslims are a part of the LGBT community, not distinct from it. LGBT people come from all races, all faiths, all ethnic backgrounds, all classes. And Donald Trump attempting to pit the queer community against the Muslim community is not going to fly. We don’t believe him.”

The presumptive GOP presidential candidate has already drawn heavy criticism — includingfrom within his own party — for doubling down on his call to ban Muslim immigration into the US in the wake of the attack. Hayes argued that Trump had also employed “a certain kind of European right-wing politics” in which he uses anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric to paint himself as an ally to LGBT Americans.

“Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country and who suppress women, gays and anyone else who doesn’t share their views or values,”Trump said. “Ask yourself, who really is the friend of women and the LB and LBGT community: Donald Trump with his actions or Hillary Clinton with her words?”

But Savage argued that Trump has also promised to undo the legality of same-sex marriage.

“Donald Trump is the enemy of the LGBT community just as he is the enemy of the Muslim community,” said Savage. “Beating up on what is in the United States a vulnerable minority group isn’t the way that you impress other members of other vulnerable minority groups to win their support.”

Watch the interview, as posted online, below.

Bathroom laws

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June 11, 2016

Blackout: Pakistan – YouTube

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This is a hard video to watch, but it is well worth it. Several very important things are talked about. First the idea that should concern all of us, in the video the cleric and politicians are trying to impose and force everyone to live under their religious laws as the clerks see them. No exceptions no having a different view. sound familiar? It really should, because that what the fundamentalist, the extremists, and all the religious leaders that want to repeal all advances in human rights to force every one to live by their version of their personal religious code. To me this is supper scary because this is the same thing that the religious right wants to do in this country. In Muslim countries with Islam as the religion they call the biblical laws “sharia laws”. It means the holy book is the supreme law of the land and everyone must be held to it. Here in the USA many christian groups want to force everyone to do that very same thing, to live by their religious views, only their views, and you have no say in your life but are forced a point of the gun of law, religious law, to follow them. That is simply christian sharia law. Yet while the people like Ralph Reed, Pat of the 700 club, Bryan Fisher an the AFA, or any of the religious groups that spout hate and lies to pretend they are not bigots, just saving the children. These groups are a huge threat to liberty in this country, not same sex marriage, not non discrimination laws, but the idea that they want to restrict your rights, your freedoms, your every thought and deed to conform to their personal view of one religion. Not to mention there are I read 1400 different christian sects, which every single one says they are the only true on , the only religion and they all insist you be forced to follow them.

Second on the punishment they hand out.. seems barbaric and horrible to us right? We are an enlighten society. However several republican members of our own congress have called for similar measures against law abiding gay citizen. Yes our own congress and many states have tried to pass laws that call for prison or other harm to people who are gay. One congress person wanted to quarantine all gays on an island. How many times have we heard a jerk in power say that being gay was the same as a child steamroller and that only gays spread disease, and my favorite, all the hurricanes and natural “act of God” happenings are the fault of gays as god is giving us warnings to get rid of those gay people. How much is done to pander to their base, I don’t know , but as a gay man who has fought all my life for the simple freedoms and rights every tone straight person has, I can tell you how scary these religious groups are. So lets remind all those people who try to make us live by their religion that it is called sharia law, the very same things they are so against when it is another religious trying to enforce it.

One last thing, if your talking to someone and they say the founding fathers were deeply religious, they were tight with god and they wanted god involved with everything, and that they founded this country to be a christian nation, and that they wanted everyone to be deep in the christian faith, tell them they are full of shit. Tell them to stop getting their history for the waked out answers in genesis web site. Go look at the truth and you will find that your church school or home schooling fanatic mom did not tell you the truth. OK I am not going to drag this out, there is so much more to say, but dealing and refuting these jerks is a full time job in it self. Many hugs to all and best wishes.

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