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June 9, 2016

Linda Harvey Rewrites Obama’s Pride Proclamation – Joe.My.God.

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Source: Linda Harvey Rewrites Obama’s Pride Proclamation – Joe.My.God.

I would like to thank Joe.My.God for posting this. Very informative to how extreme fundamentalists are getting. I would love to have someone go through this responding to each line, as almost every sentence is a distortion or out right lie. I can think of a dozen people who could do a great Job with this. Just a few off the top of my head are Ark, Arch, Nan, Victoria, and so many more I have met on Arks blog. Oh it would be so sweet to read the rebuttal. One last thing, this shows just how the religious fanatics view tolerance for everyone, it really means they get their own way and have to force everyone to do as they wish. Screw the rights of someone else who doesn’t agree with your religious views, nope they have to give up their rights for something that doesn’t even affect them. To them it means no tolerance for those with different views, LGBT, or even of a non-extreme version of their faith. I see how they worry about their own rights but Kim Davis denying a right of marriage to a same sex couples, denying their legal rights in refusing to DO HER JOB when it did not affect her, they defend her , her actions and yet scream they are the ones being denied rights. What a distorted world they live in. Hugs

The real threat in a bathroom.. it is not the transgender people.

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June 6, 2016

Some common sense

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June 4, 2016

Kinky Boots: Just Pee (Where You Wanna Pee) – YouTube

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May 16, 2016

Potty Police

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(story here)

May 14, 2016

Rep. Alan Grayson: “I rise today to address the great American bathroom controversy.” (C-SPAN) – YouTube

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Franklin Graham: Trans Rights Are A Moral 9/11 That Can Only Be Stopped By White Jesus [AUDIO] – Joe.My.God.

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Source: Franklin Graham: Trans Rights Are A Moral 9/11 That Can Only Be Stopped By White Jesus [AUDIO] – Joe.My.God.

What bothers me and the reason I am posting this, is the statement here : “I want the school boards of America in the hands of evangelical Christians within the next four to six years,” he said. “And it can happen and that will have a huge impact…”. See this is the problem with these people. If gay people even want acclaimed books like “Heather has two mommies” in the school libraries the religious organisations scream we are indoctrinating little kids. These same groups keep claiming they are the victims and all they want is tolerance. Yet here you can see their true colors. They don’t want to have tolerance , nor do they want to live and let live. No they want us eradicated, want all of us gone, and they fight for the right to enshrine discrimination against just us in law. While we just ask for our rights under the constitution and the law, we don’t seek to shut down the their churches, we don’t want to shut down their bible groups, we don’t want their preaching off the TV and other media. All the things we don’t want to do to them, they want to do to us. They want all gay people off the TV. They want all books that have even a gay or transgender person banned. They want to shut down our clubs, because we are gay. I also have seen what happens when fanatic religious groups take over a school board. It happened in West Palm Beach when we lived there. They ran saying that their religion would not interfere with their duties to public schools, then when on the board they tried to force every tenet of their religion on to all the school kids. Funny thing was all Christian holidays were extended, but other faiths did not get their religious holidays honored. If you follow this stuff in the news you know what Texas has done now that front. The fanatic religious groups got the text books reworded and and hyped up with silly stuff that went with their religion. They down played other faiths, they trashed science, they had the texts say things that were not true, changing history , biology, and any science , worse they had the text books not only favor the christian bible but had the bible installed as a resources book, the bible was to be used over any other text. We have to stop this as soon as possible. So don’t let the local elections get away from us. Hugs

May 13, 2016

European Union Denounces Anti-LGBT US Laws – Joe.My.God.

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Source: European Union Denounces Anti-LGBT US Laws – Joe.My.God.

I am either getting tired, or too interested in what show is on the other screen as I had to read this several times before it sunk in to my brain. I Think we should understand how we look to the rest of the world. So often I hear how the USA should lead the world. We constantly are bombarded by politicians who want us to meddle everywhere in the world, mostly militarily. So note how the world see us on social issues. Maybe if we had a better record on social issues, social needs , we wouldn’t be hated in other countries so much. Hugs

May 3, 2016

Man Interrogates Woman For Using Women’s Restroom – YouTube

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Please watch this. It shows just how backward and unsafe these “bathroom laws” are for people. It shows how now anyone, of any gender, feels they can question anyone using a restroom, follow them into the bathroom and basically CAUSE the very thing they were trying to make the laws against. Fact is things were fine and there was no problem until a few god people felt we all had to live under their rules, and be the gender they decided we were. A few days ago I posted about a girl being manhandled and thrown out of a female bathroom by MALE police. These laws and the horrible things being said that goes with them from church nuts and right wing politicians seems to give anyone the right to challenge any one else. NO one has the right to demand some one prove that they are one gender or the other. What if it is a crook who thinks they can steal someones ID if they can get them to show it so they can prove they may or may not be which gender. I have already posted a few videos this morning showing how religious NUTS went into a target and one of the hateful things they kept saying was that they believed their deity made things their way and we ALL had to live by the sayings and rules of THEIR god. Stop these hateful laws and hateful speeches and hateful people NOW. Hugs

May 2, 2016

Who they should be concerned with.

April 29, 2016

Bathroom Bills: A Closer Look – YouTube

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April 28, 2016

Liberal Redneck – American Family Association Boycotts Target – YouTube

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Lesbian harassed and forced to leave a public restroom because the police insist she’s a man – YouTube

This is hard to watch. The police were repeatedly told by the other females that she was a girl. The police harassed her, shoved her, and manhandled her. They should be sued. They were escalating the situation instead of calming it down. In the end after the sound stops you see the office knock her down in the parking lot. This is police brutality. So now to go to the bathroom we must have our birth certificates?? I ask because in many places you can get your other I.D. changed a lot easier. Even if someone produced I.D., the police wouldn’t know if it had a different gender than “born” gender. So what is she to do? Pee out side where it is a crime and get on the sex offenders list? Or maybe she should have dropped her pants to show them her equipment, but then they could arrest her for Public nudity, lewd behavior and again she goes to jail and gets put on the sex offenders list? I do hope so much she will sue the police and everyone she can. Maybe that will shut these jerks up? Maybe the officers can be punished for their clearly bigoted abuse of her. Hugs

April 27, 2016

Let’s Talk About Bathrooms – YouTube

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April 23, 2016

WATCH: Transgender Teen Explains What Happened When Ted Cruz’s Campaign Kicked Him Out of a Rally – The New Civil Rights Movement

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16-Year Old Says ‘The Fact That I’m Thrown Out Based on My Identity Is Ridiculous’

Source: WATCH: Transgender Teen Explains What Happened When Ted Cruz’s Campaign Kicked Him Out of a Rally – The New Civil Rights Movement

April 21, 2016

Liberal Redneck – Transgender Bathrooms – YouTube

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Why Republican Politicians Should Use a Separate Bathroom – YouTube

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April 15, 2016

True or False? with N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory – YouTube

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April 9, 2016

A Message from Delaware Gov. Jack Markell – YouTube

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March 30, 2016

Political editorial cartoons to get us thinking.

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(story here)

‘I Read The News Today, Oh Boy’ .. (more here)
(cartoon by Dave Granlund)

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been arrested and charged with battery following his alleged attack on reporter Michelle Fields .. (story here)

The birds have delivered their verdict. A tiny bird landed on Bernie Sander’s podium at a noisy Portland rally and tweeted contentedly (story here), whereas Donald Trump was viciously attacked by an angry American bald eagle when he tried to use it in a photo-shoot (story here) ..



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