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March 31, 2020

Trump Is Shipping $100 Million In Medical Equipment Out Of The Country

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As hospitals around America struggle to secure enough medical equipment to keep their doctors and nurses safe, Donald Trump said on Monday that the United States is shipping $100 million of “surgical and medical and hospital things” out of the country.

“We’re also sending things that we don’t need to other parts,” Trump said during his daily coronavirus informercial-slash-rally. “We’re going to be sending approximately $100 million worth of things, of surgical and medical and hospital things to Italy.”

There is no question that the outbreak in Italy has been devastating. With each passing day, thousands more people contract the coronavirus and hundreds die.

But we’re now seeing the same trends develop in the United States as well, with America having the most coronavirus infections in the world and the number of deaths approaching 3,000 as of this writing.

All of this comes two years after Trump disbanded the White House pandemic team and just weeks after he publicly called the virus a Democratic hoax.

Now, in the midst of what appears to be a deadly shortage of medical equipment in the United States, Trump announces he’s shipping $100 million in supplies out of the country – more than a month after he sent 18 tons of PPE to China.

I wonder what he got for it, tRump doesn’t do anything unless it benefits him.  Hugs

Hey Joe, ready for Medicare For All yet?

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Tribe That Drew Trump’s Fire Over Casino Plan Loses Its Reservation Status

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The Dear Leader’s money streams must not be interfered with.  tRump will use all the levers of government to crush those who anger the king tRump.   This is again criminal and scary.  We have to deal with tRump and McConnell.    They are turning the country into a one party rule for ever like China.   The corporate Democrats don’t see this as a huge problem as they are paid by the same big donors as the republicans but the Democrats are paid to lose.   Otherwise why run a candidate with as many problems as Biden?   Hugs

The U.S. Interior Department is rescinding the reservation status of a Native American tribe whose plan to build a casino on its Massachusetts land was attacked by President Donald Trump last year.

The planned gaming operation would have competed for business with nearby Rhode Island casinos with strong ties to Trump, who once owned, then bankrupted, casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs informed the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe on Friday that its 321-acre Cape Cod reservation will be “disestablished” and its land taken out of federal trust, according to Tribal Chairman Cedric Cromwell. Land in trust to the federal government effectively grants a tribe special legal status and autonomy. The Mashpee Wampanoag, however, will still be officially recognized by the federal government as a Native American tribe, according to a spokesman for the Interior Department.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs “informed me that the Secretary of the Interior has ordered that our reservation be disestablished and that our land be taken out of trust,” Cromwell said in a statement Friday. The crushing news came as the tribe “desperately” struggled with the “devastating pandemic” as the nation tallied a record 100,000 cases of COVID-19.

Rep. Bill Keating (D-Mass.), who represents the district including the tribal land, called the action “one of the most cruel and nonsensical acts I have seen since coming to Congress.” Interior Secretary David Bernhardt “should be ashamed,” Keating said in a statement. “In a time of national health and economic emergency, the secretary of the Interior should be reaching out to help all Native American tribes,” he added.

Trump last year attacked the proposed federal Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act, which sought to protect members’ “tribal homeland.” Trump blasted it as a “special interest casino bill” and used the name of a Native American hero as a slur against bill supporter Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), slamming her yet again as “Pocahontas.”

The bill was later passed by the House, but failed to get through the Senate.

The tribe’s proposed casino would have been competition for two casinos in Rhode Island owned by Twin River Worldwide Holdings, whose president, George Papanier, was once a finance executive at the Trump Plaza casino hotel in Atlantic City, The Washington Post reported.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Committee, is a lobbyist for Twin River casinos, Keating noted. His wife, Mercedes Schlapp, is the White House strategic communications director.

Trump attacked Native American casinos in the past as unfair competition when his operations in Atlantic City were still functioning, at one point calling them the “biggest scandal ever.”

He insisted at a congressional hearing in 1993 that tribal owners “don’t look like Indians to me ” and claimed: “I might have more Indian blood than a lot of the so-called Indians that are trying to open up the reservations” to gambling. (Check out the video up top.)

More at the link above.  Read how vengeful and bigoted tRump is.  Read how he holds a grudge and thinks only of money, his money, and how he can get more money.   Hugs

Disgusting and upsetting but it is the Republican way

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People are dying, tRump loves his TV ratings

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Impeached Trump fiddles. #vainglorious

Republicans do not believe in social safety nets

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We need a robust social safety net.

Republicans do not believe in social safety nets.

We need to get rid of Republicans.

The ‘death panels’ were all a GOP projection

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“ A Criminally Corrupt Political Party! Phroyd
The ‘death panels’ were all a GOP projection. *no one is surprised*phroyd:

A Criminally Corrupt Political Party!


The ‘death panels’ were all a GOP projection. *no one is surprised*

(via ourprairiedog)

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump is nuts, the best people say so

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(story here) .. (cartoon by Stuart Carlson)

(story here) .. (cartoon by Signe Wilkinson)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)

Political Cartoon U.S. gov Dan Patrick economic stimulus plan elderly death rate rises coronavirus

Editorial Cartoon U.S. COVID-19 401K grandma deaths economy




Political Cartoon U.S. stimulus bill coronavirus relief trickles

Political Cartoon U.S. Coronavirus DOH Quincy E.H. ventilators states bidding


Editorial Cartoon U.S. lungs essential must remain open coronavirus

Political Cartoon U.S. people take comfort Cuomo leadership Trump fails

Political Cartoon U.S. debriefing coronavirus cases deaths Trump rages over TV ratings

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How to file for federal assistance in the tRump presidency

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March 30, 2020

The coronavirus crisis hasn’t changed Joe Biden’s mind on ‘Medicare for All’

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The recent layoffs have exposed the myth that if you like your employers healthcare coverage you can keep it.   The candidates like Pete Buttigieg kept claiming they were for people having a choice!  Yes the people’s choice to … be unemployed and have no healthcare.  This is the second time in recent history we have seen employer healthcare disappear for employees.  It has to stop.  The lies to protect corporate wealth need to stop.   We need a universal healthcare, we need medicare for all.  How long will we the people cower and give in to wealthy corporations that want to control every aspect of our lives for their profit.   The last two years have seen an incredible transfer of public money , your tax paying dollars go to the wealthiest people  / corporations.   This time you get crumbs, but last time in 2017 the workers / lower incomes got nothing.  This last stimulus bill as originally push by McConnell had nothing for the workers, nothing for unemployment, nothing but giving unrestricted unrecorded money to corporations.   He yelled on the Senate floor how unfair it was of the Democrats to hold up the bill to give the wealthy donors all that good money sitting in the US treasury in a time of such crisis, yet when the Democrats wanted to give better unemployment benefits to the people who lost their jobs the Republicans had a melt down about how would companies be able to pay starvation wages if unemployment paid better?    Wake up people before it is too late if it is not already.   The game is rigged and stacked against everyone in favor of the very wealthy.  And the Republicans are in on it and helping bleed you dry.  

There is always a reason behind the scenes why the wealthy or the government don’t want something for the lower incomes.  The military gets most of its volunteers from the lower incomes by enticing them with help for college, free medical, a mess hall to get meals in.   Just sign away your life for 6 years to be able to live, unless you die.  And the 6 years … well that is unless we decided we want you longer.  

Corporations don’t want higher wage laws for clear reasons but they also don’t want universal healthcare.  Right now the majority of people who are stuck in their jobs stay there because of the need for healthcare coverage insurance offered by their employer that they pay a lot of their income on.   It is a club to be used against the workers, just as GM tried to do in the workers strike when they took away strikers healthcare for their families.  Kids needs went unmet, cancer patients treatments were stopped.   Do you really think this is a plus for the people?   Hugs

“Single payer will not solve that at all,” he said Monday. Bernie Sanders begs to differ.

Sanders and an army of progressive allies say the pandemic elevates the need for a single-payer plan that covers everyone, as the Federal Reserve estimates that as many as 47 million Americans could lose their job due to the coronavirus.

Asked to respond to Biden, the Sanders campaign’s national policy director, Josh Orton, said Medicare for All would ensure that everyone is insured without out-of-pocket costs and that rural hospitals would have consistent funding streams that don’t rely on for-profit insurers.

“The coronavirus crisis reveals why it is imperative the country move quickly to guarantee health care as a human right,” Orton told NBC News, calling it the appropriate fix for “a dysfunctional, greedy health care system [that] ties most people’s health care coverage to employment.”

There is a video at the link above.   Hugs


Can Your Employer Take Your Stimulus Check? Ep. 6.388

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tRump does not value human life. You are disposable to him.

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The stimulus bill includes a tax break for the 1%

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When individuals buy real estate, even if they do so using loans or other people’s money, they can “depreciate” — or write off, over time — the cost of the physical property on their taxes. Suppose, for example, that a taxpayer bought a $2 million building as an investment. He would be able to deduct, or subtract from his taxes, something like $100,000 a year for 20 years to defray the costs of buying and improving the property. The taxpayer would be able to take these deductions even if the building were going up in value. This is why Donald Trump loves depreciation, as he told the nation during a presidential debate in 2016 — it’s one of many ways he avoided paying millions in taxes. Such love seems to runs in the family: Jared Kushner has utilized tax depreciation, too.
Now here is what changed in the historic $2 trillion stimulus bill. Previously, if a married couple had depreciation deductions that exceeded their real estate business income, the couple could claim that “loss” to write off taxes on a maximum of $500,000 in income from other sources, like wages from a day job.
Under the change, our rich taxpayer couple — and this applies only for individuals, not corporations — can now deduct an unlimited amount of “excess losses” in real estate against income from other sources. So now real estate moguls with lucrative day jobs or bountiful capital gains from other investments can go back to living tax-free, the Kushner way, before limits were put in place as part of the 2017 tax reform bill.
It gets worse, if that’s possible. The change applies to this year — and retroactively to 2019 and 2018. This means rich people can file amended returns now, and get refunds of perhaps millions of dollars, sooner than we can produce the number of ventilators we might need for the coronavirus crisis.

The right wing solution to hemorrhoids would be to give rich people more money

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Trump Blames Hospitals For Shortages Of Supplies

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Of all the asinine hateful ways of misdirecting blame that is rightfully cast on him, he is making harmful wide untrue assertions.   People will believe him and not help as much as they might otherwise.  They may target the very healthcare workers we need nad who are working desperately to save lives.   People need to understand what this arrogant man-baby is doing and need to remember it.   Also some of the comments suggested that if he worked in a hospital he would be stealing stuff and selling them for profit.   Remember in February he sent 17.8 tons of medical PPE and respirators to China while the virus was spreading in the US.   What profit did he make ignoring the needs of the US people.      Hugs   

Trump Blames Hospitals For Shortages Of Supplies

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump has been focused on shifting blame for whatever becomes of the coronavirus outbreak. And on Sunday, he set about blaming hospitals and states for the well-established shortages of equipment to deal with the situation.

During the daily White House coronavirus briefing in the Rose Garden, Trump suggested that hospitals had squandered or done worse with masks and were “hoarding” ventilators, and that states were requesting equipment despite not needing it.

Trump’s boldest claim was about masks. He noted that current demand wasn’t commensurate with what hospitals typically use and suggested that masks were “going out the back door.”

Profit is god while people die

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Things are not good, we need a change

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Trump says he won’t comply with key transparency measures in the coronavirus stimulus bill

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The king has decided what laws he will follow and what he wont.  He got the great giveaway, the moving taxpayer money from the treasury to the wealthy with no consequence to the wealthy.   They don’t want anyone to know how much they are stealing.   The dear leader has decided the very laws pass by congress do not apply if he doesn’t want them too.  This is a direct threat to the country!  The ruler has decided only he has power and authority and congress no longer matters.  How soon until he simply dismiss them?  How much stealing of this money will he do for himself and family even though the law says clearly he is not to do so?   Hugs

Greed and profiteering while people die. It is the Republican way

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AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY, the pro-corporate pressure group founded and funded by billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, wants employees to return to work despite desperate pleas from public health officials that people should stay home as much as possible to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

As states began to order nonessential businesses to shut down last week, AFP released a statement calling for all businesses to remain open.

“Rather than blanket shutdowns, the government should allow businesses to continue to adapt and innovate to produce the goods and services Americans need, while continuing to do everything they can to protect the public health,” said Emily Seidel, chief executive of AFP, in a press release.

FP’s position, which directly contradicts the advice of medical experts who say that social isolation is essential to curbing the spread of the coronavirus, comes after the group lobbied the Trump administration in 2018 to rescind $1 billion from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Much of AFP’s recommended cuts to government programs, which included CDC money for infectious disease control and global health, became part of the official White House budget request, though most were not adopted by Congress.

More at the link above.  Read how this political power house did everything they could to slash the social safety net work for the lower incomes, cut corporate taxes as lower all the time, and take away any government regulation of business so corporations could profit without restraint.   Full out greed.    Hugs


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