‘Dunes and Deplorables’: A Trump rally in the sand

Notice for them it is all about money.  Having more money than others they feel don’t work as hard or are not as deserving.   They do not care about anyone or anything else.   They do not realize that they are uninformed and that Biden’s tax plan only adds tax to people making over $400,000.   I just posted about hundreds of children who will never be returned to their parents because of the hate of this administration, yet these all white well off people don’t care.   Entitled pricks.   Hugs

NIH chief: Trump has not met with White House COVID-19 task force in ‘quite some time’


NIH chief: Trump has not met with White House COVID-19 task force in 'quite some time'
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President Trump has not met with the White House coronavirus task force in “quite some time,” the head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said Tuesday.

NIH Director Francis Collins told NPR’s “Morning Edition” that Trump instead gets his information from Vice President Pence and task force member Scott Atlas, neither of whom are infectious disease experts.

“I think the president primarily is getting his information from the vice president, from Dr. Atlas,” Collins said.

“Obviously, it’s a bit of a chaotic time with the election…There’s not a direct connection between the task force members and the president as there was a few months ago, but this seems to be a different time with different priorities.”

Atlas is a neuroradiologist and a fellow at the Hoover Institute, a conservative think tank. He was added to the task force over the summer after appearing frequently on Fox News.

Atlas has emerged as one of Trump’s most influential advisers, but he has come under fire from public health experts inside and outside the administration who accuse him of feeding the president misinformation.

Like Trump, Atlas has publicly questioned the value of doing more testing, mask wearing, and has said pandemic restrictions amount to “panic.”

Atlas has also argued that even if low-risk people get infected with COVID-19, it won’t lead to more deaths.

Most controversially, he has praised the herd immunity strategy outlined in a document called the “Great Barrington Declaration,” which calls for allowing the virus to spread among lower-risk, younger people to build up immunity while having “focused protection” on older, high-risk people.

In the NPR interview, Collins urged people to “consider the source” of their information about the coronavirus, and listen to public health officials.

Collins also said the surge of COVID-19 infections is “sadly somewhat predictable” because the U.S. has never been willing or able to get the virus under control and drive infections down to a manageable level.

“We have not succeeded in this country in introducing really effective public health measures, those simple things that we all could be doing. Wear your mask, keep that six-foot distance and don’t congregate indoors, whatever you do, and wash your hands. It’s so simple,” Collins said

“People are talking about, is this the second wave? We never got over the first wave, we never really drove the cases down to the baseline,” he added. “Here we are now with 220,000 dead and we’re going straight up again with the number of cases that are happening each day.”

Deborah Birx Reportedly Confronted Pence, Called for Scott Atlas’ Removal From Covid Task Force Amid Conflicts With Health Officials

Deborah Birx Reportedly Confronted Pence, Called for Scott Atlas’ Removal From Covid Task Force Amid Conflicts With Health Officials

The Monday Washington Post report examined how Atlas became one of President Donald Trump’s top advisers despite contradicting numerous health experts with his proposed pandemic strategies. The report said that between his herd immunity advocacy, his dismissal of public safety guidelines, and other conduct, Atlas’ colleagues have taken a negative view of him, generating “discord” on the task force.

Atlas is a radiologist with no training as an epidemiologist, yet sources tell the Post that he frequently uses “junk science” to dispute the analysis of Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Robert Redfield, and FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn.

This has resulted in conflict between Birx and Atlas, per the report:

Birx recently confronted the office of Vice President Pence, who chairs the task force, about the acrimony, according to two people familiar with the meeting. Birx, whose profile and influence has eroded considerably since Atlas’s arrival, told Pence’s office that she does not trust Atlas, does not believe he is giving Trump sound advice and wants him removed from the task force, the two people said.

In one recent encounter, Pence did not take sides between Atlas and Birx, but rather told them to bring data bolstering their perspectives to the task force and to work out their disagreements themselves, according to two senior administration officials.

Atlas told the Post the article was “another story filled with overt lies and distortions to undermine the President and the expert advice he is being given.” He also denied that he or anyone else at the White House is pushing a herd immunity approach, which contradicts his previous advocacy on the idea, and he previous got in a “fierce debate” with Birx and Fauci on the matter.

The report comes shortly after Twitter scrubbed a tweet Atlas put out claiming masks don’t work at stopping the spread of Covid-19. Previous reports have also indicated that Birx has grown frustrated with the White House’s approach to the pandemic and the misinformation Atlas has been providing to Trump

The important things to notice is the qualified doctors are being sidelined and ignored while the unqualified SPTV doctor has tRump’s ear.   With tRump’s recent claim that Biden will listen to scientists used as an insult, tRump must believe listening to the knowledgeable people is wrong, it is better to listen to quacks who tell you what you want to hear.   

The fact is herd immunity was tried in Sweden, a country much different than the US, and even there it failed and caused a lot of unnecessary deaths.   The ones who pushed for it then, now say they regret doing that.   We do not even know if it is possible with this Covid virus.   

You might wonder why some would push for this policy of herd immunity which will cause a lot of unnecessary death?  Because those people are only worried about their wealth, their investments, their well being.  And yes I have known doctors like this personally.   Their entire reason for doing the medical that they did was to get wealthy and invest it to become really rich.   

The ones pushing herd immunity know it won’t be them on the front line serving people who might have Covid, it won’t be them catching Covid, it won’t be them left with unpayable high medical bills and bankruptcies losing everything if they get hospitalized with Covid, it will be you not them.    They will be safe, if they get it they have access to the best care,, and they can afford that care.   But what they can not do is make more money, lots more money, if the lower class / the workers / the average people do not go back to living as they did before Covid.    That is why they push this.   They need you to make them money, to make them richer.  If you get sick, have no healthcare, even die it means nothing really to them.  They will replace you with someone else who has no choice but to step into the line of fire in your place.  With no help from the government, no unemployment, no stimulus, no food or rent assistance what choice do most have but to accept the risk?   The risk the wealthy are not made to and are not willing to face.   

Other developed countries did not do it this way, did not ask their people to risk sickness and death.   They gave from the government to the people to pay rent and buy food.   The deaths were limited, the peoples healthcare provided.   Yet in the US we love to claim we are #1, and the wealthiest country on earth.   Are we really?   At what cost?   Hugs

Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

ABC News reports:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace questioned Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller about the Trump campaign’s attacks on Democratic nominee Joe Biden in connection with his son Hunter’s work at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, noting that two GOP-led Senate committees had cleared both men of any wrongdoing.

“The fact is Vice President Biden has actually released his tax returns, unlike President Trump and there’s no indication he’s gotten any money from anyone in these business deals,” Wallace noted.

In response, Miller cited a disputed New York Post story published last week about Hunter Biden and then invoked Hillary Clinton, saying “Voters hate it when people make a lot of money trading off of their family name.”

I have started to really hate the gaslighting from the tRump camp.   I have always hated lying, I think it is one of the few things I really get hung up on.   I hate that these people have made reality meaningless.   His base cult followers spout these accusations all the time not even caring about how tRump’s hell spawn is raking money hand over fist off his name and his presidency.   It is sickening to me.   Hugs

Florida Reports Highest Coronavirus Numbers In Past Two Months

Florida Reports Highest Coronavirus Numbers In Past Two Months

 Florida reported its highest coronavirus numbers in two months with another uptick in new infections Saturday, surging to more than 4,000 cases.

The state also reported nearly 90 more deaths, which pushed its official death toll to nearly 16,000 Floridians since March. Since the outbreak began, Florida has recorded more than 752,00 coronavirus cases.

The rise in Florida comes as infections are increasing alarmingly in other parts of the country, particularly in the Midwest and other areas that were relatively spared during the earlier onslaught of the COVID-19 outbreak.

There was no immediate explanation for the rising numbers. It’s the third time in the past seven days that the number of new cases has well exceeded 3,000, according to state health statistical reports.

Three weeks ago, Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted all restrictions on restaurants and other businesses in Florida as part of his push to resuscitate the economy.

The rise comes as Florida prepares to open its polls Monday for early voting ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Saturday’s new report pushed the seven-day average to more than 3,300 cases, although trying to gather statistical trends has been hampered recently because of reporting anomalies.

On two occasions in recent months, one-day totals exceeded Saturday’s surge but were statistical outliers. In one case, data being reported included numbers that should have been previously reported — as was also the case in early September when a testing company dumped data that dated as far back as April.

FL May Scale Back COVID Reporting As Cases Climb

FL May Scale Back COVID Reporting As Cases Climb

The Miami Herald reports:

Florida’s Department of Health on Friday confirmed 3,449 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing the state’s known total to 748,437. Also, 94 resident deaths were announced, bringing the resident death toll to 15,830.

Friday is the second day this week that Florida reported more than 3,000 cases. It is also the highest single-day count reported since Sept. 19, when 3,573 cases were added. Testing did see some increase and the positivity rate decreased slightly.

The state has had a total of 46,862 Florida residents hospitalized for COVID-19-related complications, according to Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard.

Spectrum News Miami reports:

We’ve been keeping daily track of the COVID-19 numbers put out by the state. But the Governor’s Office now says with Florida in Phase 3 of the reopening, it’s considering scaling back the frequency of its reporting. Advocates for long-term care residents call the data vital when it comes to policy and decision making in the fight against COVID-19.

“What places are hot spots, what places might need extra staff and extra protective equipment,” said Sam Brooks, with the National Consumer Voice for Quality of Long Term Care. Brooks said doing away with the daily release of the state’s COVID-19 related data would negatively impact those efforts.

There is more at the links above including lots of pictures of Republicans meeting, greeting with tRump and others, all with masks, even the ones who have Covid.      It is like they are deliberately actively attempting to spread the virus now.    I am not sure if it is to advance their herd immunity or to leave a sick broken country for Biden to have to fix.    Hugs

In U.S. Midwest states, new COVID-19 infections rise to record highs


– Wisconsin and other states in the U.S. Midwest are battling a surge in COVID-19 cases, with new infections and hospitalizations rising to record levels in an ominous sign of a nationwide resurgence as temperatures get colder.

More than 22,000 new cases were reported on Wednesday across the Midwest, eclipsing the previous record of more than 20,000 on Oct. 9. Hospitalizations in those states reached a record high for a 10th consecutive day, as some hospitals began feeling the strain.

More than 86% of the beds in Wisconsin’s intensive care units were in use as of Wednesday.

A field hospital opened in a Milwaukee suburb in case medical facilities become overwhelmed. Neat rows of makeshift cubicles enclosing beds and medical supplies occupied the fairgrounds in West Allis, which has been the home of the Wisconsin State Fair since the late 1800s.

Dr. Paul Casey, the medical director of the emergency department at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said entire wards full of COVID-19 patients were stretching resources “to the limit.”

“It’s going to get worse,” he told CNN on Thursday. “We predict it will peak mid-Novemeber.”

More than 1,000 people were hospitalized for COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Wednesday, the state’s health department said. Health authorities recorded a near 25% spike in coronavirus hospitalizations in the past seven days compared to the previous week.

Other Midwestern states were also setting grim records.

Since the start of October, North Dakota and South Dakota have reported more new COVID-19 cases per capita than all but one country in the world, tiny Andorra.

These states are reporting three times as many new cases per capita this month than the United Kingdom, Spain or France – where infections were also on the rise – according to a Reuters analysis.

“It’s quite concerning,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious diseases expert, said in an interview with ABC television on Thursday. “We really got to double down on the fundamental public health measures that we talk about every single day because they can make a difference.”

Fauci also warned about the risks of crowded gatherings, as President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail after recovering from his own bout with the coronavirus.

COVID-19 hospitalizations hit a record high on Wednesday in Iowa as well, while the state also posted its biggest one-day increase in cases since Aug. 28.

Trump, making a push in the final weeks before the Nov. 3 presidential election after being hospitalized with COVID-19, held a large rally in Iowa on Wednesday with most in attendance not wearing masks. He has continued to minimize the threat to public health posed by the virus that has killed more than 216,000 Americans.


New York, once the U.S. epicenter of the global health crisis, is now dealing with infection spikes in several “clusters.” Governor Andrew Cuomo said he expected flare-ups to continue for at least a year.

“The way of the world going forward is going to be that the virus will constantly flare up in certain locations,” Cuomo told reporters this week.

His efforts to stem local outbreaks of the coronavirus have put him in a two-front religious battle with Catholics and Jews, who are asking courts to void restrictions they argue limit religious freedom.

Cuomo, a Catholic, said his the measures, which restricted gatherings at religious institutions to as few as 10 people in certain targeted areas, were not intended to single out religious groups and were consistent with other steps he has taken to combat “clusters” where infections spread rapidly.

But he also blamed Orthodox Jewish communities for causing some of the infection spikes in their areas.

An intensive care nurse at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City told Reuters on Thursday there are at least a dozen patients with the virus in critical care there, the majority of whom are Orthodox Jews.

There are about 50 patients with the virus in her hospital and that number is “increasing every day,” she said, asking to not be named because she was not authorized to speak to media.

Reporting by Lisa Shumaker in Chicago and Maria Caspani in New York; Additional reporting by Gabriella Borter and Peter Szekely in New York; Editing by David Gregorio and Bill Berkrot

Understand that as much as tRump wants to ignore Covid and as much as he wants to promote the massive amount of deaths from just ignoring the Covid virus using a stupid herd immunity, despite the attempt in states with Republican governors wanting to hide the numbers of hospitalization and deaths to fool the public.   Will the Republicans be happy when hospitals are over whelmed and people are dying in hallways like it was in the beginning of the crisis in New York.   Remember why New York and and Seattle were hot spots because that was where flights from Europe were coming into.  Not China as tRump wants to pretend, but all the science shows most of our infection comes from Europe.    This virus is going to really start racing through our country.   The tRump people want to ignore the virus because they have healthcare and assets we do not, and it benefits them if we ignore it and go back to what they think was normal, making money for them.  That we get sick, rack up huge unpayable bills in hospitals, and even die is something that they don’t care about at all.  They want the money, they don’t care if you die giving it to them.   Hugs

McConnell says he will not put $1.8 trillion stimulus bill on Senate floor


The stimulus negotiations are beginning to remind me of running on a treadmill — lots of effort, no forward motion.

Driving the news: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Thursday that he would not put a potential $1.8 trillion+ deal struck by Democrats and the Trump administration on the Senate floor. “My members think half a trillion dollars, highly targeted is the best way to go,” he said.

Why it matters: The economy and American workers need help. Democrats say so. President Trump says so. Fed chair Jay Powell says so, adding that there’s a low risk of “overdoing it.” At some point, such inaction will catch up to investors.

  • This comes against a backdrop of a still-raging pandemic. Yesterday, for example, showed increased COVID-19 caseloads in all 50 states, while over 100 million Americans remain out of the labor force.

State of play: House Speaker Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin talked yesterday and will talk again today.

  • One possible breakthrough is on the Democrats’ ask for a national testing plan, which Mnuchin this morning said on CNBC that the White House will now support.
  • No word yet on if the WH will relent on another sticking point, related to expansions of the child tax credit and earned income tax credit. Or if Pelosi will give the WH a win on virus-related liability protections for businesses and schools.

What to know: President Trump said on Fox Business this morning that he would “absolutely” go higher than a $1.8 trillion proposal, and that he has directed Mnuchin to do so. But there isn’t actually a WH proposal to negotiate against, at least not in document form.

The biggest hurdle is Senate Republicans, who have been left out of negotiations and who seem uninterested in comprehensive stimulus. One explanation is that McConnell is laser-focused on SCOTUS, but it’s unclear why he won’t walk and chew stimulus at the same time — particularly given how much Trump wants a deal before the election.

  • McConnell is, however, at least baking some stimulus crumbs by proposing a series of doomed “skinny bills,” including an upcoming one to create a second round of PPP loans.
  • Democrats haven’t given terribly compelling reasons for why they keep rejecting these piecemeal proposals out of hand, particularly in light of their recent willingness to pass a standalone US Postal Service bailout bill (which, conversely, McConnell ignored).

Where it stands: “I’m proposing what we think is appropriate,” said McConnell when asked about Trump’s “Go big or go home!!!” directive on stimulus. McConnell issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the Senate’s “first order of business” when it returns on Oct. 19 will be to vote on a $500 billion targeted bill — a quarter of what both the WH and Democrats are proposing.

The bottom line: Most of the CARES Act benefits expired months ago, and we’re now less than three weeks away from an election in which most of those who’ve failed to adequately follow-up are on the ballot.

The bottom line is the Republican party is serving the wealthy.   They always have.   The wealthy business owners want a desperate starving population that will take any pennies the wealthy allow them to do any unsafe job with no complaint.   look at other countries with huge slums and small wealthy politically connected classes.  

The wealthy believe, really do insists, that the governments serve their interests.   It is not to this extent in other developed countries because they work for and protect their population, it is only in third and fourth world countries.     In the US the wealthy have convinced a large portion of elected officials through bribes that the government should only serve to make the wealthy more money, called extreme capitalism, but should never work to assist or aid the working population or poor.  Why do they have that idea.   Class structure and an understanding desperate people can not complain or fight back.  

So that is why the Republicans are not willing to step up and extend the same relief and financial assistance to the people  they willingly gave to the large business that donate to them.  While they gave trillions to business with no requirements to keep workers, which kept the stock market for the wealthy going great, they wont give any of our taxpayer moneys to keep the workers and lower incomes from losing everything, being homeless, having to be sick with no assistance, and starving.   

This should make it very clear what is happening in the US.   There should be no doubt.   The extreme wealthy, large multinational corporations have bought all of the Republican party and a portion of the Democratic party to turn the US in to an extreme capitalist dystopia where the wealthy upper class suck every cent of the public money to themselves and live as rulers, while the lower class serves and dies, struggling to live in short hard lives.   Sad hugs