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January 21, 2020

Chris Hedges on America entering the “Trump Phase” of late capitalism

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It’s just so unfair that American companies aren’t allowed to pay bribes to get business overseas

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“An example of large news: They report that in the spring of 2017, Trump implored Rex Tillerson, then secretary of state, to help him jettison the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. “It’s just so unfair that American companies aren’t allowed to pay bribes to get business overseas,” Trump whines to a group of aides. Nearly every line from Trump, in “A Very Stable Genius,” is this venal. Another example: While visiting Pearl Harbor, according to John F. Kelly, Trump’s former chief of staff, Trump seemed to have no idea what had actually happened there. Throughout he is misinformed and confused while at the same time utterly certain of himself. An example of small but nonetheless piquant news: Administration lawyers came up with a nickname for Matthew Whitaker, the former acting attorney general. They called him Mongo, after the illiterate galoot played by Alex Karras in the Mel Brooks movie “Blazing Saddles.” Rucker and Leonnig are adept at scene-setting, at subtly thickening the historical record. More than a few of these scenes feature Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, known to nearly all in the White House as “the kids.” They’re viewed as in over their heads and possessed of unfailingly defective judgment.”

— A Meticulous Account of Trump’s Tenure Reads Like a Comic Horror Story – The New York Times

January 20, 2020

Kansas City Radio Station Agrees To Play Russian Propaganda 6 Hours Per Day

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I suppose when you already have a Russian asset firmly ensconced in the Oval Office this sort of stuff shouldn’t be surprising. And no doubt the MAGA cretins would see nothing wrong with Russian propaganda broadcasting on American radio stations. Just normal capitalism they’d argue.

Somewhere Ronald Reagan is screaming, while Vladimir Putin laughs his ass off.

More at the link above.   Hugs


Never any money to help the people, it all goes to wealthy corporations

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25 people own the government

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Turns out the Tea Party were just racists. The deficit hawks used bad faith. The wonks were stooges

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Turns out the Tea Party were just racists. The deficit hawks used bad faith. The wonks were stooges.

To the surprise of no one.

26 richest people

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January 19, 2020

To be clear, compare

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Unskilled labor

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January 18, 2020

The objective

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Socialism for the rich

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AMERICAN IDIOT‘We Should Make Money Off of Everything’ Trump Told His Top Military Leaders – While Calling Them ‘Losers’ and ‘Babies’

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‘We Should Make Money Off of Everything’ Trump Told His Top Military Leaders – While Calling Them ‘Losers’ and ‘Babies’

“We should charge them rent,” Trump said, speaking about South Korea, upon learning the U.S. has a military base there with a $10 billion missile defense system. “We should make them pay for our soldiers. We should make money off of everything.”

Calling NATO worthless and “in arrears,” Trump blasted his generals.

“We are owed money you haven’t been collecting!” Trump said. “You would totally go bankrupt if you had to run your own business.”

Trump unleashed his anger at his general and the Iran nuclear deal, forged by President Barack Obama.

“They’re cheating. They’re building. We’re getting out of it. I keep telling you, I keep giving you time, and you keep delaying me. I want out of it.”

He moved on to Afghanistan, calling it a “loser war.”


“No, that’s just wrong,” the secretary of state said. “Mr. President, you’re totally wrong. None of that is true.”

He wasn’t finished.

“The men and women who put on a uniform don’t do it to become soldiers of fortune,” Tillerson said. “That’s not why they put on a uniform and go out and die . . . They do it to protect our freedom.”

Conservatives think profits are more important than the quality and quantity of health care

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Conservatives want sick people to suffer.

Conservatives want families to stress about bills.

Conservatives want mothers/newborns to be as unhealthy as possible.

Conservatives think profits are more important than the quality and quantity of health care.

US Conservatives are out of step with the entire world.

January 15, 2020

This should be illegal

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Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton.

Republicans are War, Inc.

Think it over

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The billionaires’ agenda is going to make every aspect of your life worse.

They all got rich by avoiding paying their fair share.

Journalistic malpractice

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January 14, 2020

The Republican tax law is bringing in far less money than claimed—but it’s not an accident

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It is important because, as we all know, the overall effort has ended in a budgetary disaster. That is not overstating things; government coffers are expected to be down a trillion dollars in 2020, which is less a fiscal problem than an act of budgetary terrorism.

“Republicans were racing to secure a legislative victory during Mr. Trump’s first year in office.” Eh. Republicans were racing to use unified Republican government to push forward a longtime dream of the Ayn Rand wing of the party: murder effective government through orchestrated neglect. Rep. Paul Ryan, the House Speaker at the time, had goals taken directly from Grover Norquist and other hard-right conservatives who have for decades expressed open contempt at government doing anything for anyone that did not involve bombing them; the explicit technique favored has been, since Reagan, to slash government revenues to unsustainable new lows, then use the resulting deficits to argue that steep, vicious cuts are required—for social services. For food aid, for Social Security, for Medicare. For infrastructure: Why should the government build transportation networks and hubs, rather than let the “free market” decide which roads should be built and how much it could cost to drive on them? For education, and science, and moon landings and the rest of it.

That leads to the more fundamental problem: It seems an error to claim that any of this was unforeseen. It was certainly foreseen. That Republican revenue claims, and Republican claims that “new” taxes on corporations would balance out the gargantuan new tax cuts given to the topmost one percent, were inflated if not outright fraudulent was warned of from the first drafts.

The law was “by all accounts, sloppily written”, says the Times, which is the reason that lobbyists have been able to absolutely gut much of the purported loophole-closing Republicans bragged of. This wasn’t an accident. It could have been patched before the bill was voted on; it was not.

More at the link above.  We are screwed if we do not undo the huge damage this and other giving of the US treasury to the wealthy and corporations.    Hugs



Trump’s authoritarian assault on democracy continues: What lies ahead?

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There is more at the link below.   I did clip some of the answers but not the questions, so please go read the article if the clips interest you.  I found the information spot on about tRump and what may happen in the future rings true to me.    Hugs

Fascism scholar Ruth Ben-Ghiat: If Trump wins again, America will be “ready for full-on authoritarian rule”

The Republican Party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump’s regime and an expression of his personal will and power. To that end, Trump has promised financial support to the Republican senators who will soon be voting at his trial. It has also been reported that Trump ordered the execution of Iranian Maj. Gen.  Qassem Soleimani in order to ensure that Republican senators would support his acquittal.

In essence, Donald Trump pays political blood money to his supporters. This is more evidence of Trump’s political thuggery and mobster-style behavior that is unbefitting an American president.

Like other dictators, authoritarians, autocrats and political thugs, Donald Trump believes he is above the law. With the support of Attorney General William Barr, this appears increasingly true.

Trump and his allies label Democrats, liberals, progressives and anyone else opposing him as traitors and enemies of the United States. The most recent example: at a rally last Thursday in Toledo, Trump said that Democrats were “vicious horrible people.”

None of this should be surprising. Trump is following the authoritarian’s playbook almost to the letter in his assault on American democracy, the Constitution and the rule of law. The question is not whether Donald Trump is an authoritarian and would-be dictator but rather whether anything or anyone is capable of stopping him.

The shoe drops slowly, and it is hard for many people to discern what is really happening. This is especially true when there are multiple things happening at one time. For example, William Barr and his attacks on the rule of law and how he is part of this right-wing Christian counterrevolution in America. Yes, Trump is impeached, and that is a type of pushback against him and his forces. What judges are doing to slow down Trump’s agenda is very important too. It is very important to not give up because that is what authoritarians want the public to do.

Authoritarian leaders want you to believe that resistance is futile and that you should just give up. If we give up and resign ourselves to the conclusion that impeaching Trump is not going to have an effect, then he has won. Impeachment is extremely important because it will be on the record, marked in the history books as opposition to Trump and his agenda.

Donald Trump is an example of someone who comes up in history, and the way forward has been prepared for him, in this instance by the Tea Party and the Republican Party.

The road was already prepared for Trump by eight years of Barack Obama and how that created a type of mass anger and rage and panic among many white people. People like Donald Trump appear in history and their role is to undo social and political progress. Trump is a figure who is trying to undo everything that Barack Obama stood for and accomplished. But of course, historical figures such as Donald Trump add something new. Trump comes in and he has a “movement.” Trump does not have a political party. At first, Trump said that he was above politics. This is another common thread among authoritarians.

It is no accident that during the impeachment process Donald Trump has said that he is going to stay in office for 28 years. Of course, that is not physiologically possible. But what matters is the fantasy, because Trump is terrified right now. Leaders of that type create fortresses around themselves in a million ways. They do this with flatterers, lackeys and family. Authoritarian leaders like Trump do not want to hear any criticism. They also want and need total control over people because that settles the anxiety.

Trump does this in other ways as well. He does not have permanent appointees. This means they do not have to be confirmed by the Senate. Authoritarian leaders are actually terrified and brittle people inside. That is why they retreat inward. Donald Trump will not take any real questions from the news media. The authoritarian leader’s ego will not permit any questions, and the longer they stay in charge the worse it gets for a country because they lose all sense of reality. Leaders like Donald Trump make bad decisions, such as starting wars. One of the things that scares me the most is that Donald Trump is extremely destructive. Authoritarian leaders like Donald Trump delight in being destructive. Sometimes such people are also self-destructive.

The civil service has been purged and ruined under the Trump administration. The civil service makes government work. The State Department is a particularly sad example. Career civil servants have been purged because of ideological tests. This can take the form of leader loyalty — which is an ideology of loyalty. It could mean Trump removing experts who know that climate change is real. Civil rights as well. For example, The Department of Health and Human Services under Trump now has a “civil rights office” devoted to the “rights” of right-wing Christian evangelicals who believe their freedom is violated by doctors who agree to perform abortions. The state has been hollowed out. Expertise is gone and ideology rules. The state, the government bureaucracy and civil service are now just a vehicle for the authoritarian leader’s goals.

This brings up the question of madness versus method. One of the objections that gets leveled at people who offer these types of analyses about Trump and authoritarianism is, “No, Trump’s just impulsive.” He’s not mentally ill. He may have some dementia, but he knows exactly what he’s doing. Trump’s spokespeople have been very clear that Trump wants his own intelligence and security services.

Such goals are part of the counterrevolution that has been slowly chipping away at democratic institutions, norms and laws under Trump and the Republican Party. Trump is going after the country’s trust in the FBI and intelligence services. All the relevant structures of government that could obstruct what Trump wants to do are being chipped away. What Trump has been doing up to this point is not at all an accident in that regard.

It takes a lot of time to prepare the public for such an outcome. It requires information and psychological warfare. Trump is very expert in those areas. Chip away at reality and objectivity, and then the public is ready for full-on authoritarian rule. The Nazis knew this very well. The public must be shaped and prepared. This is what Goebbels excelled at. The Russians excel at it. Once the public is shaped and prepared, the authoritarian regime can do what it wants.



The next time you hear Trump and Republicans in Congress crow about unemployment, remember that

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tRump brags about another war crime.

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I watched the very short clip.   tRump repeatedly says we have the oil, the US has the oil.   He repeatedly says we should take the oil.  

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