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April 24, 2019

Feds Arrest “Students For Trump” Co-Founder On Fraud Charges, Allegedly Posed As Attorney, Faces 20 Years

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Just like the guy they support, crooks, scammers, and criminals.   Hugs

Feds Arrest “Students For Trump” Co-Founder On Fraud Charges, Allegedly Posed As Attorney, Faces 20 Years reports:

A Tennessee man charged by New York prosecutors with pretending to be a Manhattan lawyer and taking thousands from would-be clients was the co-founder of Students for Trump, a national group that mobilized college campuses in the run-up to the 2016 election and plans to do so again in 2020.

From the Justice Department:

LAMBERT and at least one co-conspirator perpetrated a scheme to defraud consumers of legal advice and services by falsely representing through web-based platforms for freelancing services, websites, emails, phones calls, and other means, that they were experienced attorneys who had attended elite law schools, when in fact they were not attorneys and had never attended law school. Having misled their victims into believing they were highly qualified attorneys, LAMBERT and his co-conspirator then attempted to, and in some cases did, provide legal advice and services to their victims in exchange for which their victims paid money.

As alleged, LAMBERT used the alias “Eric Pope” when communicating with the victims, and falsely represented to at least some of them that he was an attorney at a law firm called “Pope and Dunn;” had attended an elite law school; was an expert in corporate, finance, and property law; had worked with hundreds of clients, including “tech moguls” and “entrepreneurs” in the United States and Europe; and was located in New York City. But according to the Complaint, LAMBERT was not and had never been an attorney, and was not located in New York City.

LAMBERT, 23, of Bristol, Tennessee, has been charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. The maximum potential sentences in this case are prescribed by Congress and are provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of LAMBERT will be determined by a judge.

Enshrining religious doctrine into the laws to make a theocracy

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Mick Mulvaney: Trump Lets Us Take Our “Faith and Work It Into Our Policies”

Mick Mulvaney: Trump Lets Us Take Our “Faith and Work It Into Our Policies”

More at the link above as always.  Hugs

If anything, what Mulvaney said was damning for religion. If religion is guiding Trump’s policies, you have to wonder why the Christian faith is so senseless and cruel. Which Bible verses are they using to tear children from their parents? Which words of Jesus are they using to turn away asylum seekers? Is it the Old or New Testament that teaches them to ignore climate change?

If Mulvaney’s lines received applause at the breakfast, it’s only because he belongs to one of the Republican Party’s acceptable religions. A Muslim staffer ever saying something similar about the Obama administration — even referring to some generic religious idea like “being kind” — would surely result in the entire right-wing media universe raging against Sharia Law for weeks.

Mulvaney accidentally told the truth. He said the quiet part out loud again.

In a nation founded on separation of church and state, it’s disturbing for any politician to say religious beliefs are the basis for public policy. Sure, everyone’s ideas are based on their own backgrounds, but policies should ultimately be driven by reason and evidence, not the irrational whims of a particular God and His followers. Even if faith points them in one direction, that’s never enough to justify the government’s actions.

But as is so often the case with Republicans, they’re okay with it as long as it benefits them. If people of another religion or political party used the same language and made the same arguments, the GOP would be up in arms crying “persecution.” Since we’re talking about Christianity, though, the FOX News crowd will just eat it up, no questions asked.

April 23, 2019

All Science: Kuwaiti TV Promotes Homosexuality “Cure” With Suppository That Kills Semen-Eating Anal Worms

And in crazy bigot news tonight we have this story.   As always I find the comments as interesting as the stories.  Hugs

All Science: Kuwaiti TV Promotes Homosexuality “Cure” With Suppository That Kills Semen-Eating Anal Worms

The Jerusalem Post reports:

A homophobic Kuwaiti academic claimed on Scope TV that she invented a cure for homosexuality based on Islamic medicine. “I discovered therapeutic suppositories that curb the sexual urges of boys of the third gender as well as the fourth gender, which is butch lesbians. They have excessive sexual urges,” said the anti-gay and anti-lesbian researcher Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel.

Al-Sohel claimed, “This is science, and there is nothing to be ashamed of,” and “the sexual urge develops when a person is sexually attacked, and afterward it persists because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen.”

Al-Sohel said her inventions of suppositories “cures those urges by exterminating the worm that feeds on the semen.” She added, “Bitter foods increase masculinity” and “the ingredients [for the cure] are the same (for both sexes) but I made them into different colors.”

Pushing religion on patients

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This post goes with with my posting about religions taking over politics and hospitals.   When I had my last surgery one of the PA’s at the doctor’s office was getting the paperwork ready.  She started asking about church attendance and religion.   I told her I was atheist and did not believe in a mythical sky daddy anymore than I believed in Zeus.  She pushed harder asking if I wouldn’t like a visit from a chaplain or a religious layperson to stop by and see me.   Ron burst out ” Bad idea, really bad idea”!  ” Scottie would bust his stitches chasing them from the room”.   She was the PA that was to put my pain medication requirements in the information and somehow forgot.  Then was unable to be contacted for 24 hours, even though she was on call.    

When I woke up in the Hospital room the CNA again asked me which church I belonged to and did they know to come visit me.  I was hurting too much to beat sense into her so Ron told her how it was and she left.  When the nurse came in she also asked which church I was I was a member and when told I was not a church member but atheist she asked if she could have some church members from her church or different churches in the area stop by to visit me and give me comfort.   I exploded at this point.   I did make the threat to sue if any one came to my room not a healthcare provider or Ron.  Said I would make sure it was in every media I could get to that my civil rights were violated.   I had surgery in the morning and never had pain medications until midnight and that was because Ron forced the issue.   As far as we know the PA doesn’t work for the surgeon anymore.   Hugs

Trump Poised To Roll Back Trans Health Protections

The hate is strong in the tRump administration.  They also seem to have a time machine and want to take the US back to the 1950’s, which in their minds was the great golden days of white male supremacy and everyone else knew their much lower place.   In those days the LGBTQ+ were hidden and assaulting them was considered a public good.   This administration is a clear and present danger to the US.    Also please check out the comments to see how the religious take over of hospitals is causing people to lose access to medical procedures as religion’s push their doctrines over accepted medical treatments.    Hugs

The Hill reports:

The Trump administration appears ready to roll back health care protections for transgender people, and advocates are gearing up for a fight. A proposed rule from the Department of Health and Human Services that’s expected in the coming days would make it easier for doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to deny care or coverage to transgender patients, as well as women who have had abortions.

Coming on the heels of the military transgender ban, there are fears the administration could go even further and use the proposal as an opportunity to narrow the definition of gender. Chase Strangio, an attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), said access to health care can be a life or death circumstance, and the rule could have “catastrophic effects” if it is finalized.

Santa Fe Officials Want a Local Church’s Blessing Before Approving New Banners

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Is the US a theocracy now such as an Islamic state?  Are we a secular nation?  Do we have Christian “sharia” law as our legal system?  This is about what kind of nation we are and will become.  Hugs

Santa Fe Officials Want a Local Church’s Blessing Before Approving New Banners

Board members also questioned if the retailers had consulted with anyone at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, which oversees the adjoining historic Santuario de Guadalupe shrine, about using an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The merchants had not.

“We need to be mindful of the church’s opinion,” [board member Jennifer] Biedscheid said.

Said [board member Frank] Katz: “You should have contacted the church beforehand.”

No we don’t, and no we shouldn’t have.

The ultimate recommendation to the Santa Fe City Council included asking the retailers to get approval from that church before moving forward with the proposal.

Why are city officials requiring a thumbs up from church officials before going ahead with a decision that has nothing to do with them? Why would church leaders be allowed to nix the idea?

WA Lawmaker Behind Biblical War Plan Discussed Violent Tactics with Extremists

WA Lawmaker Behind Biblical War Plan Discussed Violent Tactics with Extremists

Washington State Rep. Matt Shea, a radical right-wing zealot who has been in office since 2009, made news last November after his name became linked with a four-page document titled “Biblical Basis for War.” In one section called “Rules of War,” it talks about how opponents must surrender by promising to ban abortions, same-sex marriage, and idolatry — and “If they do not yield — kill all males.”

One of the men, Anthony Bosworth, said that they should locate “Antifa members” and that, if they caught them alone, they could “work him over a little bit.” Another man, Jack Robertson, went even further when discussing a local female activist:

Fist full of hair, and face slam, to a Jersey barrier. Treat em like communist revolutionaries. Then shave her bald with a K-Bar USMC field knife… Would make good attachment points for hoisting communists up flag poles. Especially the ones with nipple rings… But… if you cinch up zip ties enough, you don’t even NEED nipple rings for hoisting.

This was all in addition to talks about surveilling and intimidating their ideological opponents. Shea had no problem with that, and he said nothing in response to the threats of violence. Because that’s the kind of leader he is.

Religious politician trying to force his religion on everyone using lies and misinformation, again.

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Iowa Lawmaker Tells State Senate We’re All “Guilty of Disobedience” to His God

Iowa Lawmaker Tells State Senate We’re All “Guilty of Disobedience” to His God

Parts of what he said are at the link above.  I do not feel like putting such completely ignorant arrogant religious trash here.   Hugs

Making America hate and scared

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(cartoon by Monte Wolverton)

(cartoon by David Horsey)

(cartoon by Kevin Siers)

(cartoon by Monte Wolverton)


April 21, 2019

Christian Pedophile Roy Moore Leads Alabama GOP 2020 Senate Race

Where is that often preached about Christian morality here?  They would eagerly vote for a sexual abuser of children as long as he has a R by his name.  Being a rabid Christian is a bonus to them.  It is scary that this disregard / disconnect from that they claim and preach simply due to politics!  Hugs

Christian Pedophile Roy Moore Leads Alabama GOP 2020 Senate Race

Apparently Alabama Republicans continue to support Moore despite the fact that in November 2017, during a Senate special election in Alabama, nine different women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, child molestation, and pedophilia against Moore.

According to multiple reports the Alabama politician sexually abused a 14-year-old-girl and pursued many other teenager girls while in his early 30’s.

The fact is, Roy Moore is a dangerous religious extremist and a moral monster not qualified to hold any public office.

For example, Moore rejects science in favor of religious superstition, and rejects the indisputable fact that biological evolution is true. Previously  Moore explained his rejection of science to the Washington Post, claiming:

There’s no such thing as evolution… That we came from a snake? No I don’t believe that.

Moore, like Trump, is also a white nationalist and a birther who repeatedly questioned Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president.

In addition, Moore believes the Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage is worse than the decision upholding slavery.

The Jesus mythology

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No risk, no loss, no sacrifice.

“No risk, no loss, no sacrifice.

When the magician doesn’t want you to know the magic trick has been performed and just quietly goes home from the theater.

The imaginary infection of “sin” wasn’t eliminated, and you still get the blame for things you didn’t do that your perfectly-designed-universe-creating god is wholly responsible for.
Enjoy your eggs.

God of incompetence.

Vicarious redemption is immoral.

Nothing risked, nothing lost.

“No risk, no loss, no sacrifice… no covenant.

A Church That Says Drinking Bleach is a “Miracle Cure” Continues to Do Damage

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For anyone interested Nan did a grand post with comments on this subject.   Hugs

A Church That Says Drinking Bleach is a “Miracle Cure” Continues to Do Damage

Even the Department of Justice has gotten involved with this scheme, finding a man guilty of “selling industrial bleach as a miracle cure for numerous diseases and illnesses.”

By exploiting peoples’ fears and distrust of modern medicine, they’re selling a dangerous substitute.

In a promotional video for the event (around the 7:25 mark), an infant is shown drinking a cup of bleach to “cure” malaria. It’s unclear if that’s what actually going on, but the baby is screaming after being given the liquid.

Blame the gullible people all you want, but when children and babies are involved, the organizers must be held responsible for the dangerous misinformation they’re spreading in the name of whatever-the-hell religion they belong to.

April 20, 2019

Do you still say this?

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Transgender teen suicides after years of parents not accepting her and trying to force her in their religion.

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Please read the letter she left behind.  It is heart wrenching.   Hugs

My morning round up of Christians trying to force their doctrines on everyone else and enshrine them in our laws.

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If Watergate was today

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Run Jane, run

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(cartoon by Steve Sack)

bias reporting

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(cartoon by Jen Sorenson)


remember the outrage when Michelle Wolf called Sanders a liar at the White House Correspondents dinner? Where is the apology now?

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(story here) .. (cartoon by Adam Zyglis)


April 19, 2019

FLORIDA: Trump Supporter Arrested For Racist And Homophobic Death Threats Against Three Democrats

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Really, are we surprised?  Hugs

FLORIDA: Trump Supporter Arrested For Racist And Homophobic Death Threats Against Three Democrats

The Miami Herald reports:

Federal authorities have arrested a South Florida man and accused him of calling the offices of three members of Congress and leaving threatening, racist and homophobic messages. John Kless, 49, has been charged with making threatening communications after U.S. Capitol Police say he called up U.S. Sen. Cory Booker and U.S. Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Eric Swalwell Tuesday and unleashed foul, profanity-laced rants onto their office voicemails.

The Miami New Times reports:

Kless repeatedly used the N-word to refer to Booker and called him a “monkey,” according to court records, adding he wanted to kill black men like the senator. “You’re a fucking disgrace,” Kless allegedly said. “We need to kill all you motherfuckers, man, every fucking one of you, man.”

The Daily Beast reports:

President Trump recently tweeted out an edited video of Omar talking about the establishment of the Council on American-Islamic Relations with footage of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Omar says the video sparked new death threats against her life. In two of the three voicemails, Kless defended President Trump and told lawmakers to stop criticizing him.



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