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May 16, 2019

Religious doesn’t mean good, Christian doesn’t mean moral

Pastor Who Raped Adopted 14-y.o. Daughter Gets Lenient Sentence Due to His Faith

Pastor Who Raped Adopted 14-y.o. Daughter Gets Lenient Sentence Due to His Faith

Here’s all you need to know about Pastor David Richards: He repeatedly raped his adopted daughter, starting when she was just 14 years old.

She finally told authorities when she was 16. He denied doing anything wrong, though his semen was found on her bed frame. A jury found him guilty on nine felony counts (including rape, incest, and sexual battery) earlier this year.

Richards faced the possibility of 72 years in prison.

You already know where this story is going, don’t you…?


Ultimately, the judge backed away from the 72 year maximum sentence he could’ve given… and settled on a mere 12.


It’s just another example of Christianity literally being treated as a Get Out of Jail Free card even though we’re talking about a convicted child rapist. An atheist who raped his daughter would go to jail for life, I guess, but a Christian man who sexually abuses his daughter over and over deserves some leniency because he’s really a good guy.

Amber Richards is the daughter in question, and she said in her impact statement that “Not a day goes by that I don’t, in some way, think of what he did to me. I firmly believe if given the opportunity, he would victimize another young girl.”

The judge heard that and ignored it. Then he gave David Richards the opportunity to traumatize more children in the future in part because of his dedication to Jesus.

MI Lawmaker: Abortions “Should Be Painful”; Women Must “Allow God to Take Over

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Do I need to say it?  Do we really have any doubt about what their real goal is?  A christian theocracy with their view of Christianity being the law.  White males in charge, all others are minorities with little to no rights.  Women will be property of men, simply forced sex providers and forced incubators for the male’s offspring.  Anyone who won’t follow their view of god will be put to death.  We have a dangerous situation here.  It is happening all over the world where civil governments are being taken over by religions.   I do not feel good about the situation we have today as I have watched the separation of church and state being eroded and the Christian religion getting more and a more privileged position in the laws, forced into schools, and science having to give ground to fables / fairy tales.  Hugs

MI Lawmaker: Abortions “Should Be Painful”; Women Must “Allow God to Take Over”

None of that matters to Republican State Sen. Kim LaSata.

On Tuesday, she celebrated the idea that women would suffer if this bill went into effect. Start watching around the 1:59:50 mark in the video below.

Of course it should be hard!” the senator from St. Joseph exclaimed. “And the procedure should be painful! And you should allow God to take over!! And you should deliver that baby!”…

LaSata told colleagues she had delivered a stillborn baby after her own D&E procedure went awry. LaSata cited her traumatic experience as evidence “of God looking out for me,” and suggested that all women carrying medically unviable fetuses would be better off delivering their babies.

“You should allow God to take over and deliver that baby,” she said, “and it shouldn’t be made easier for you.”

Silly me. I thought Republicans just wanted to inflict suffering upon refugees. Nope. They’re perfectly fine hurting any woman who is already suffering. Because that’s what God wants.

To be clear, the women who would undergo such a procedure at that stage are likely the ones who received horrible news about a wanted pregnancy.

This isn’t even about a potential life, then. The fetus is never going to live. This is strictly about making women suffer.

Alabama’s Near-Complete Abortion Ban is All About Pushing a Christian Theocracy

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Secular country anyone?   Christian theocracy with religious laws.  Christian sharia?   Hugs

Alabama’s Near-Complete Abortion Ban is All About Pushing a Christian Theocracy

Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, a bill that was approved by overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the Legislature. To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.

“Every sperm is sacred” really is now the law in Alabama.

It’s telling that Ivey’s God cares more about an unborn fetus than a 12-year-old rape victim or a mother whose child would forever suffer due to genetics or an inability to provide it proper care.

But Ivey is certainly not alone in invoking her faith in defense of this indefensible bill.

Here’s State Sen. Clyde Chambliss:

“Roe v. Wade has ended the lives of millions of children. While we cannot undo the damage that decades of legal precedence under Roe has caused, this bill has the opportunity to save the lives of millions of unborn children,” Chambliss said. “Life and liberty are not man given; they are given by our Creator. Today, Alabama made clear that we will protect our rights and the rights of our unborn children.

He’s wrong, of course. Abortions, by definition, don’t end the lives of children. And you can’t have God-given liberty when a women is forced to endure pain and suffering because a majority of Republicans, almost all men, decided they should have to.

Christian Sharia Laws

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Racists are embolden in the US

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Not Me!

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Black in the US: He was not required to show ID by law, the police officer stole his wallet from his hand while the other blocked him and checked his ID

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End aid ?

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How did it happen?

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(cartoon by Jen Sorenson)

(cartoon by Clay Jones)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)

May 15, 2019

Florida strikes again

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State radio joins State TV

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FLORIDA: Three Radio Stations To Air Two Minutes Of Trump Speeches Every Hour Until 2020 Election Day

FLORIDA: Three Radio Stations To Air Two Minutes Of Trump Speeches Every Hour Until 2020 Election Day

The Wrap reports:

A trio of Florida radio stations have announced they will each be broadcasting two minute snippets of Trump speeches every hour of every day until the end of the 2020 presidential race, with the first broadcasts to begin Friday.

“Gulf Coast Media, Inc. senior management acknowledged that broadcasting the President’s speeches may not be consistent with conventional commercial FM radio, but we have taken this approach to show the community’s sincere appreciation for President Donald Trump’s work in Panama City and Bay County,” the station said.

US Embassy Staff To Leave Iraq Over “Iranian Threats”

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The rhetoric is getting heavier and the gossip starts to fly.  We worried and wary.  Hugs

US Embassy Staff To Leave Iraq Over “Iranian Threats”

CNBC reports:

Washington ordered the departure of non-emergency government employees from Iraq on Wednesday, after repeated U.S. expressions of concern about threats from Iranian-backed forces.

The U.S. State Department has ordered the pullout of the employees from both the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and its consulate in Erbil, the embassy said in a statement.

On Tuesday, the U.S. military reaffirmed concerns about possible imminent threats from Iran to its troops in Iraq, although a senior British commander cast doubt on that and Tehran has called it “psychological warfare.”

Religious freedom

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Out of sight, out of mind

Has anyone else noticed that all talk about how horrible the elected President of Venezuela is has come to a complete halt?   It was pushed several times a day by the administration.  They were talking plans to both send aid and assistance to the young US picked upstart.  Then our Vice President announced the day of a US backed attempted coup that the US would give money to the military if they joined in the coup and over throw the existing government.  Wow, that was tough talk.  What happened, did the coup succeed?   Or was it the phone call tRump got from Putin saying stay out of Venezuela as we are good friends with that country?   Oops, tRump let it be known he was angry at Bolton for being too aggressive and getting him yelled at by his Russian boss. 

Now instead of a coup in Venezuela we are trying to start a war with Iran with the idea of taking out their leadership and replacing it with a US approved one.   Maybe even a democracy but doubtful, more likely a dictator who will be told to change the country from Islam to Christian as soon as possible.   We have sent troops, planes, ships, and more to an area already on a hair trigger.   We have hurt the economy of Iran deeply with strict sanctions the rest of the world doesn’t like.  We have possibly used our friends the journalist killing Saudi’s to fabricate stories of attack on ships and bases blaming Iran.   Trump has talked about taking other countries oil reserves.   We designated their elite military force as a terrorist organization.  Our government keeps accusing Iran of meddling in other countries with no sense of the irony of it.  Think of how angry we in the US got when we heard of the Russians meddling in our elections, yet here are two countries the US is actively trying to over throw their elected governments.  We tell other countries they need to stay out of the US sphere of influence in this hemisphere yet we have been in every conflict in the Middle East in some way or form.   We still have old jerks in both the White House and Congress who still think this is 1950 and the US is the only super power with the A bomb.   The idea that the US gets to dictate to the world how things will be done, who their leaders are, and what they can do is long over and our government needs to learn this quickly.  If you think Iraq was a mess and Afghanistan will never really be fixable as we are trying to do with little success, Iran will be a horribly embarrassing shit show that will devolve into guerrilla wars all over the world with civilians being targets.   The terror attacks will ramp up to a level not seen.  Iran is mountainous not a flat desert.  It is a technologically advanced country with a well trained military.   In the Iraq wars we had other countries backing us, and if we go to war with Iran we will have only the Saudi’s and the Israelis.  Make no mistake, this is basically a religious war fuel in part by tRump’s hatred of Muslims and President Obama.  This is a desire by the fanatic religious people to knock down the competing religion as they push for Christianity dominion around the world.  This is also pushed by large oil companies who hope to get their hands on what oil the planet has left.  We need to be proactive on this.  Hugs

Religious politicians breaking the law and public norms to enshrine their favored discrimination into laws

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Texas Senate Revives “Save Chick-fil-A” Bill While Avoiding Public Input

Texas Senate Revives “Save Chick-fil-A” Bill While Avoiding Public Input

Just days after a bill to “save Chick-fil-A” died in the Texas legislature, Republicans have taken special action to resurrect the low-priority bill.

The State House failed to pass that bill. But the State Senate just took up its companion bill, SB 1978 and placed it on a fast track for approval. (Why bother letting the public weigh in on it, right?)

On Monday, the Senate waived rules to allow [Sen. Bryan] Hughes’ bill to be heard in committee without public notice. A few minutes later, the Senate Affairs Committee convened and held a speedy public hearing on the bill with no speakers — probably because no one had notice there would be a debate. When the bill came before the House State Affairs committee last month, dozens of people spoke for and against the bill.

Later, the committee advanced the bill to the full Senate and placed it on the Senate’s intent calendar for Tuesday.



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(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(story here) .. (cartoon by Stuart Carlson)


May 14, 2019

See conditions at McAllen Border Patrol station

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Remember this humanitarian crisis is caused by tRump administration refusing to release people for hearings and for cutting down on judges and hearing officers.  Their intent is for none of these brown people to be able to stay in the US.   The administration hopes to be so cruel these people simply give up and go back to death.   Hugs


CNN has obtained exclusive photos from the McAllen Border Patrol station which show young children sleeping outside on rocks over the weekend.
A baby bottle filled with milk can be seen in one photo next to a child sleeping outside on dirt, and in another, a woman is seen sitting on rocks leaning against a wall clutching a child.
Additional photos show the chaos and overcrowding at the station’s outdoor temporary holding area. According to a CBP official, when indoor holding facilities are full, they are forced to keep people outside to await processing.

I stand by this

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drop in empathy

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