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April 6, 2020

it’s never just about a cake

April 5, 2020

TX Woman Dies Of COVID After Posting Facebook Rant: “You Don’t Need Sanitizer, You Need Faith And Guns”

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TX Woman Dies Of COVID After Posting Facebook Rant: “You Don’t Need Sanitizer, You Need Faith And Guns”

From a GoFundMe plea posted on Friday:

With deep sadness and Broken Hearts we share with you that Karen Kolb Sehlke, a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend to all that knew her, went to be with our Lord when she passed away unexpectedly Thursday April 2,2020. Karen became very sick and was admitted to the hospital near her home in Tomball Tx earlier this week. She fought hard until her body just could not fight anymore. Karen was a BRIGHT LIGHT, the LIFE of the party, an amazing friend, but above this a hands on, caring, loving mom and devoted wife.

Donations were suspended at $35,390.

More at the link above.    Hugs

If the captain let his crew all die and blamed it on Obama, he would be promoted and dining at the White House

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If the captain let his crew all die and blamed it on Obama, he would be promoted and dining at the White House.

Trump gives off-the-rails reason for surprise firing of Inspector General

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April 3, 2020

This country is already a social capitalism mix.

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This administration and State Propaganda TV runs on fear and outrage.   It is time people realize what they are hearing on SPTV is lies and distortions.  They are afraid of a boogeyman that simply doesn’t exist.   Hugs

Leaked Border Patrol Memo Tells Agents to Send Migrants Back Immediately — Ignoring Asylum Law

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The problem is this is a sort of martial law.    The president & administration has decided to just not follow the laws of the country and international treaty for no good reason.   The virus is here people, the genie is out of the bottle.  Ignoring the law to carry out a racist program is not legal and has no legitimate purpose.  The bigger question to consider is if they get away with this, what civil laws will they just ignore next?   If you think we can not lose our democracy look what just happened in Hungry, and what has been happening in Egypt.    Their government used pretexts to invoke new laws and powers and kept doing it until the leader because the sole law themself.  This is what tRump has been pushing for the last 3+ years and it looks like he is going to get it.  This administration ignores any requirements they don’t like such as archiving mail, not mixing political campaigning and government functions, not responding to any requests for information even when ordered to do so by the courts.    Hell tRump owes states for all his rallies costs because he refuses to pay anyone thinking he is above the need to pay for what he takes.    All hail the Dear Leader.    Hugs

The administration gave the Border Patrol unchallengeable authority over migrants seeking asylum by invoking a little-known power given to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. public health agency, to ban the entry of people or things that might spread “infectious disease” in the U.S. The CDC on March 20 barred entry of people without proper documentation, on the logic that they could be unexamined carriers of the disease and out of concern about the effects if the novel coronavirus swept through Customs and Border Protection holding facilities.

U.S. immigration law requires the government to allow people expressing a “well-founded” fear of persecution or torture to be allowed to pursue legal status in the United States. The law also requires the government to grant status to anyone who shows they likely face persecution if returned to their homeland.

“The Trump administration’s new rule and CDC order do not trump U.S. laws passed by Congress and U.S. legal obligations under refugee and human rights treaties,” Eleanor Acer, of the legal advocacy group Human Rights First, told ProPublica. “But the Trump administration is wielding them as the ultimate tool to shut the border to people seeking refuge.”

Two weeks ago, the Trump administration hastily put in place a policy, which the internal guidance calls Operation Capio, to push the overwhelming majority of unauthorized migrants into Mexico within hours of their apprehension in the U.S.

Over 7,000 people have been expelled to Mexico under the order, according to sources briefed by Customs and Border Protection officials.

The guidance, shared with ProPublica by a source within the Border Patrol, instructs agents that any migrant caught entering without documentation must be processed for “expulsion,” citing the CDC order. When possible, migrants are to be driven to the nearest official border crossing and “expelled” into Mexico or Canada. (The Mexican government has agreed to allow the U.S. to push back not only Mexican migrants, but also those from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador; the four countries account for about 85% of all unauthorized border crossings.)

Under the Refugee Convention, which the U.S. signed onto in 1968, countries are barred from sending someone back to a country in which they could be persecuted based on their identity (specifically, their race, nationality, religion, political opinion or membership in a “particular social group”).

The Trump administration has taken several steps to restrict the ability of migrants to seek asylum, a form of legal status that allows someone to eventually become a permanent U.S. resident. Until now, however, it has acknowledged that U.S. and international law prevents the U.S. from sending people back to a place where they will be harmed. And it has still allowed people who claim a fear of persecution to seek a less permanent form of legal status in the U.S. (In the last two weeks of February, 2,915 people were screened for humanitarian protection, according to the most recent statistics provided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.)

The Border Patrol guidance provided to ProPublica shows that the U.S. is acting as if that obligation no longer applies.

Well said, people need to understand this

A clear case of revenge and bigotry

I posted about this yesterday but some may have not understood the extent of the damage this does.  It is a clear hateful harmful action by tRump to hurt others to keep more money in his pockets and the  pockets of his friends.  Doing this deprives the tribe of far more than the casino they need.   Hugs

The tribe’s proposed casino would have been competition for two casinos in Rhode Island owned by Twin River Worldwide Holdings, whose president, George Papanier, was once a finance executive at the Trump Plaza casino hotel in Atlantic City, The Washington Post reported.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Committee, is a lobbyist for Twin River casinos, Keating noted. His wife, Mercedes Schlapp, is the White House strategic communications director.

Trump attacked Native American casinos in the past as unfair competition when his operations in Atlantic City were still functioning, at one point calling them the “biggest scandal ever.”

A slave population needs the words “never again” to to apply to them also

April 2, 2020

The White House Wanted To Give $0 To Tribes In The $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill

The bigotry some people have is stunning.    Hugs

In the end, tribes got about $10 billion in the emergency $2 trillion stimulus bill that President Donald Trump signed into law last Friday.

But if the White House had its way, tribes wouldn’t have gotten a penny in direct relief, according to three Senate Democratic aides familiar with negotiations on the bill. And if Senate Republicans had their way, tribes would have gotten way less than they got.

The National Congress of American Indians, the largest organization representing the interests of tribal governments and communities, told Congress in mid-March that the nation’s 574 tribes would need at least $20 billion in direct federal relief to stem job losses and economic instability caused by the coronavirus pandemic. When the Senate and White House began talks on the stimulus, Democrats pushed for creating a $200 billion stabilization fund to provide direct aid to local and state governments. Of that $200 billion, $20 billion should go to tribal governments, they proposed.


The White House said no to both ― the fund itself, and tribes getting any direct relief.


When Democrats held their ground, the White House relented and agreed to create the stabilization fund, but only if it was capped at $150 billion and didn’t give money to tribes. Senate Republicans countered with capping the fund at $150 billion and giving tribes $2 billion, but only if that money came from a separate, supplemental appropriations bill being rolled into the stimulus. Democrats pushed back again, saying that tribes needed direct financial relief as well as increased annual appropriations to deal with the coronavirus. The direct relief would go toward things that needed immediate action, like tribal health care systems already struggling financially.


This standoff on tribal aid between the White House, Democrats and Republicans was one of the last sticking points in the entire $2 trillion bill, say these Democratic aides, who agreed to speak on background in order to speak freely.

In the final hours, the White House proposed $3 billion for tribes from the stabilization fund. Democrats said no and that tribes would need at least $10 billion. Republicans proposed $5 billion. Democrats said no. The White House and Republicans eventually caved as tribal advocacy groups became more vocal and key Democrats, including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Tom Udall (D-N.M.), vice chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs, made calls to Republicans urging their support.

The stimulus provides a total of $10 billion for tribal governments, of which $8 billion is from a newly created tribal government stabilization fund and about $2 billion is in supplemental appropriations. Here’s a breakdown of specific tribal resources, produced by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

More at the link above.   Hugs

Despite Calls for Global Ceasefire, Trump Threatens War With Iran Amid COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on world economies, claims tens of thousands of lives, and cripples healthcare systems worldwide, President Donald Trump took to Twitter Wednesday to threaten to attack Iran and make the country “pay a very heavy price” for any “attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq.”

The threat comes on the heels of the Trump administration crippling Iran’s access to crucial medial supplies as it battles over 47,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 by ramping up a sanctions regime on Iran that leading economists said was “feeding the coronavirus epidemic” and progressive organizations and Democrats said must be eased in light of the deadly disease.

“Unsatisfied with a global pandemic and an economic collapse, Trump wants to add a major war into the mix,” Stephen Miles, executive director of Win Without War, said on Twitter in response to Trump’s tweet.

Miles detailed “a series of escalations” the White House has taken with Iran since Trump took office, including his 2018 formal departure from the Iranian nuclear deal.

“It’s impossible to say with certainty right now what is happening on the ground that’s leading to this latest talk of war, but one thing is clear, we did not have to be here,” said Miles. “The President chose to put us on this path and he continues to own the consequences of his actions.”

Other observers drew attention to the legal language Trump used in the tweet—”Upon information and belief.”

“The United States is threatening wars now based on the standard lawyers use when making allegations they can’t necessarily prove,” said MSNBC analyst Matthew Miller.

There is more information at the link above.   Hugs

April 1, 2020

where is the Republican fervor over these deaths like there was over her email?

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March 31, 2020

Tribe That Drew Trump’s Fire Over Casino Plan Loses Its Reservation Status

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The Dear Leader’s money streams must not be interfered with.  tRump will use all the levers of government to crush those who anger the king tRump.   This is again criminal and scary.  We have to deal with tRump and McConnell.    They are turning the country into a one party rule for ever like China.   The corporate Democrats don’t see this as a huge problem as they are paid by the same big donors as the republicans but the Democrats are paid to lose.   Otherwise why run a candidate with as many problems as Biden?   Hugs

The U.S. Interior Department is rescinding the reservation status of a Native American tribe whose plan to build a casino on its Massachusetts land was attacked by President Donald Trump last year.

The planned gaming operation would have competed for business with nearby Rhode Island casinos with strong ties to Trump, who once owned, then bankrupted, casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs informed the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe on Friday that its 321-acre Cape Cod reservation will be “disestablished” and its land taken out of federal trust, according to Tribal Chairman Cedric Cromwell. Land in trust to the federal government effectively grants a tribe special legal status and autonomy. The Mashpee Wampanoag, however, will still be officially recognized by the federal government as a Native American tribe, according to a spokesman for the Interior Department.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs “informed me that the Secretary of the Interior has ordered that our reservation be disestablished and that our land be taken out of trust,” Cromwell said in a statement Friday. The crushing news came as the tribe “desperately” struggled with the “devastating pandemic” as the nation tallied a record 100,000 cases of COVID-19.

Rep. Bill Keating (D-Mass.), who represents the district including the tribal land, called the action “one of the most cruel and nonsensical acts I have seen since coming to Congress.” Interior Secretary David Bernhardt “should be ashamed,” Keating said in a statement. “In a time of national health and economic emergency, the secretary of the Interior should be reaching out to help all Native American tribes,” he added.

Trump last year attacked the proposed federal Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act, which sought to protect members’ “tribal homeland.” Trump blasted it as a “special interest casino bill” and used the name of a Native American hero as a slur against bill supporter Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), slamming her yet again as “Pocahontas.”

The bill was later passed by the House, but failed to get through the Senate.

The tribe’s proposed casino would have been competition for two casinos in Rhode Island owned by Twin River Worldwide Holdings, whose president, George Papanier, was once a finance executive at the Trump Plaza casino hotel in Atlantic City, The Washington Post reported.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Committee, is a lobbyist for Twin River casinos, Keating noted. His wife, Mercedes Schlapp, is the White House strategic communications director.

Trump attacked Native American casinos in the past as unfair competition when his operations in Atlantic City were still functioning, at one point calling them the “biggest scandal ever.”

He insisted at a congressional hearing in 1993 that tribal owners “don’t look like Indians to me ” and claimed: “I might have more Indian blood than a lot of the so-called Indians that are trying to open up the reservations” to gambling. (Check out the video up top.)

More at the link above.  Read how vengeful and bigoted tRump is.  Read how he holds a grudge and thinks only of money, his money, and how he can get more money.   Hugs

March 30, 2020

The best time to resist is before it gets to you

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March 28, 2020

Beautiful friends ship of taxpayer money

March 27, 2020

Pompeo pressed G-7 leaders to refer to ‘Wuhan virus’ in statement

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The G-7 leaders have thus far not been able to agree on a joint statement because of Pompeo’s insistence that the group should refer to the disease as the “Wuhan virus,” which other member states have rejected.

“The Chinese Communist Party poses a substantial threat to our health and way of life, as the Wuhan virus outbreak clearly has demonstrated,” Pompeo added.

President Trump and other GOP lawmakers referred to the novel coronavirus as the “Chinese virus,” despite critics noting that such rhetoric could be correlated with a rise in targeted violence against Asian Americans.

Public health officials, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have advised against referring to the coronavirus by its city or country of origin.

March 25, 2020

Right-Wing Activist Opposes COVID-19 Relief Since It Might Help Trans People

Again religion used to bash others.  In this case it is to prevent assistance to people at risk because of church bigotry.  Is this the message their holy book teaches, harm the most vulnerable, hurt the sick, deny help to those who do not worship as you do?   Hugs

Right-Wing Activist Opposes COVID-19 Relief Since It Might Help Trans People

Ed Martin, who runs the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, a group modeled after the woman who arguably blocked the Equal Rights Amendment decades ago, says we shouldn’t adopt proposed relief efforts during the current pandemic because they may help transgender people.

Spoken like someone who has no conceivable idea of the hardships that trans people face.

And spoken like someone who despises a vulnerable group so much that if they are being helped by a relief program — one that would help everyone rather than singling out some groups over others — then no one should benefit.

By the way, just months ago, Martin spoke out against the proposed Violence Against Women Act because it would include trans women.

The Schlafly cruelty lives on.

More at the link above and quotes from this bigot himself.  Hugs


March 23, 2020

Trump fan confronted while buying out ENTIRE stock at Dollar Tree store

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You do realize this is not someone who wants these products for their own use, right?   These are people who know others are desperate to get these products so they bought up as much of the supply as they could, and will sell them for a profit.  Much as the people who bought up hand sanitizer did until Facebook shut them down.  I posted about that guy who complained he had a garage full of sanitizer he couldn’t make a profit on after buying out every store in his county and those next to his county.  Greed, making money on peoples suffering.  Is this the capitalism you champion?  is this the way you want the government or the community you live in to run?   Many suffer and will have to give up all the own so a few privileged few who got there first can make a huge profit on the misery of others.   Well that is not the society or country I want.   The thing that may bite her and her kind in the ass is there are no shortages.  None reported.  If people like her were not buying up every bit of the product there would be plenty to go around like normal.  I noticed she had to fill a pickup bed and a second vehicle.  I wonder how these people think of themselves.  I do notice they are tRump supporters which may explain a lot.   Hugs

Conservative Writer: The Upside to COVID-19? It Shut Down Drag Queen Story Hours

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Conservative Writer: The Upside to COVID-19? It Shut Down Drag Queen Story Hours

… There are silver linings to some of this limbo, one being that the LGBTQ community has to slow down its offenses against our sensibilities.

… famous drag queens are lamenting the lack of people coming to their shows because of quarantine.

Hey, at least kids all over the country can be safe from drag queen story hour for a month…

…… All the viral videos of them sexualizing kids as young as nine-months-old are proof that maybe from certain perspectives, quarantine might be good.

Imagine how miserable you have to be to take joy in the cancellation of a children’s story time. Those events aren’t sexual, by the way. Conservatives, much like pastors and televangelists, just can’t imagine people who don’t fit gender stereotypes without thinking of sex. Everything is sexual to them. Even reading to kids.

More at the link above.   Hugs

March 22, 2020

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Don’t forget the most vulnerable

Tom Toles Comic Strip for March 22, 2020

(cartoon by Bob Englehart)

Political cartoon

Political Cartoon U.S. Coronavirus White House presidency 2020 election voting

Political Cartoon U.S. Mitch McConnell Amy McGrath Kentucky senate race ads danger


Jeff Stahler Comic Strip for March 22, 2020

Political cartoon


Political cartoon

Political cartoon

Political cartoon

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