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April 23, 2017

But we are the wealthiest country in the world…. so our republicans keep telling us.

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April 22, 2017

I wish more people could understand this. I had several of these and have been given these responses. Hugs

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April 21, 2017

Have to wait it out.

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Sorry I am not on much right now.  I seem to have been lucky to have caught a stomach virus / bug that has been visiting everyone around here.   Despite my not being out much it apparently slipped through the cracks to get at me.   I am not a happy camper.  Today is worse than the last two and I thought they sucked.   So I am going back to bed.   IF I can stand it, I will use my Ipad to read a few more grand blogs.  Hugs

April 12, 2017

It gets messed up doesn’t it.

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I have been warned for a while now that I was running out of options on my diabetes.   The oral meds were not working.  As I have to have surgery very soon, they have to get my sugar down and under control.  My primary is not really the greatest and I have had to lean on her a bit to get things accomplished.  So Monday I had a visit with my pain care provider and got my shots.   I only got ten shots this time because even though we went lower I asked for her to start lower rather than just below the shoulder blades.  The pain care ANRP is the best.  Then Tuesday I saw my primary care.  She is a PAC.  I don’t hold that against her, she is just not really consistent at her job.   In fact I asked her if I should go to a specialist for my diabetes management, and she got a little offended.  Well the thing is I was put on injection insulin.   Now that doesn’t bother me, I have given shots, I don’t mind shots, I get a lot of them already anyway, and so giving myself a shot is not a problem.   I don’t care for the new way they do it, these pens injection devices as I have twice not gotten my full dose.  I prefer the old way of drawing it up out of a vial and such.  Well she put me on this super new pen injection insulin which has both the insulin and some other drug in it.   It is like super new, the rep is really hitting the doctors to prescribe it even though the pharmacies don’t stock it and insurance doesn’t cover it.  Which is what happened to me.  She gave me a sample to use while she sent the prescription into the pharmacy.

The pharmacy called me this morning and flat out said no way.  OK I have had that happen on several meds.  Here is where it gets to be a problem.  Most doctors offices work closely with the pharmacies, especially the one I use as it is the largest health care hospital system in the county and they use the huge pharmacy to provide all the employees and families durg needs.  It is really huge.  so like if your prescription has run out the pharmacy will call the doctor’s office for a new script for you.  Or in this case they would call the doctor’s office and say they won’t cover that script and here are the options.   This all makes it much easier for the patient.  But the primary care I have ( until I can change it ) hates the pharmacy to call them, and has actually told them not to call and often refuses to take the calls.  I have complained about it but got nowhere.

So this morning the nice lady at the pharmacy called , explained everything to me, how they wouldn’t cover it, how they would cover my insulin lantus but my copay would be $50 for three months for that and $50 for three months for something else, on top of the $50 I pay for my blood pressure meds, and some other drugs that cost me less amounts.  Not complaining because while that is tight for me, it is doable and a lot of people don’t have the insurance I do and their copays are a lot more.  I agreed to the $100 for three months added payment.  Then she said she would try to work it out with the doctors office and explained the problem.  So I am waiting for a call to be told what medications to take and how to get them.  Plus am I staying with a pen system or the old ( better I think ) system of vial and syringe.   So the thing I really need to do is get the hip surgery as soon as I can.  I am to see a different orthopedic surgeon because the first one I had such a dislike for.   My pain care giver says the one is much more suited for me and so I think it will work out.   Get that done and it is one less problem and a lot less pain.  I won’t need the wheelchair and I won’t need a new scooter.

Speaking of scooters I just found out that it takes a filled out 12 page form that takes about 2 hours to complete.  Most doctors offices won’t do it.   So I would be out of luck as they say if I needed it anyway.  Be well and happy.   Hugs


March 28, 2017

Athletic young person . I was stunned. Wish I could have done this. Hugs

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Kid on sofa

March 17, 2017

Afraid yet?

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March 9, 2017

The Republican health care bill makes no sense – YouTube

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March 2, 2017

One paragraph of Obamacare saved this boy’s life – YouTube

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February 27, 2017

Extremist Quacks Get Life Sentences For Murdering Their Diabetic Son | Debunking Denialism

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*edited this to correct the months that I was out of school.  It was some time in the earliest part of spring because the old snow was trying to melt away,  and I was taken out of school not to return until we moved twice.*  Hugs

No one wants to hear what I have to say about this.  No one wants to hear me rant and rave.  I don’t want to use words that I need to express my anger at this.  Remember when in the late 1960’s when the people I lived with were accused of abuse of myself, they simply moved. I have told the story before how they moved twice in the spring to mid summer.   I was taken out of school and did not return until we were in a completely different town and school system.   SO here is an excerpt from the article.   Hugs.    

To avoid the social services, the education system and doctors, the parents moved to another province. After a few more years of pain, isolation, starvation and a lack of sufficient medical treatment, Alex died. Now, both of the parents have been convicted to life in prison for first degree murder. Justice has been served, but it was too late for Alex and his life could have been saved by the system years before if it was not because of the decision of a judge to give him back to his parents. Later investigations would reveal that the parents had gotten another child taken from them earlier and another infant that had died under mysterious circumstances. 

They denied that he had diabetes, kept him isolated and starved him for years.

Source: Extremist Quacks Get Life Sentences For Murdering Their Diabetic Son | Debunking Denialism

February 24, 2017

More on my routine

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I would like to share with you more of my morning routine.  My routine is important to me and if rush to do something else I get all flustered.   I often forget things if I don’t stay with my routine.  I tend to be out of sorts for sometime.  

So I left off basically at getting my shower and leaving the bedroom.  I go to my office, turn on the computers, lights, open the blinds.  I then feed the cats treats as they are meowing at me, and each one is on their sides of my desk.  Milo next to the monitors, and Odie in the alcove.  I have small towels down so they know where to lay and do not try to crowd me.  If I do not put the towels down they creep closer to my hands , closer to the equipment.  I then go to the open concept kitchen / living room.  I start my coffee.  I open all the blinds.  I get a couple sodas from the refrigerator.  I return to my office.

  I should explain the lay out.  It sounds like I am moving down hallways and stuff, which is not so.  When we bought the place we loved the design of the home.  It was an older home but seemed in good shape.  We knew the owners, who had only been in the home a couple years.  They portrayed themselves as extremely moral christians.  We spent a lot of time with them and enjoyed their company.  So we were both surprised and dismayed to find out they lied to us.  The house was not sound.  It had massive water damage, mold in the walls, failing pipes, rotten floors.  After a couple years of trying to fix things piecemeal and stay ahead of each crisis Ron decided the only way to get ahead was to gut the whole place and rebuild it.  We did not see much problems.  Ron had the skills and we had the money to do it.  Then after gutting the place and pulling up the floors, taking out all the walls, redoing the pipes and electric things changed.  We lost a large chunk of our income.  I got very ill and my medical cost soared.  We also took in someone who needed a home who had no income and way to survive without us.  The repairs ground to a halt.  We lived this way for a few years.   Now things are again returning to a more normal status.  Ron and James put down floors, built new bathrooms, set up walls.  So here is the new layout for the kitchen / living room / my office.   Ron left the kitchen / living room open with no dividers.   It works best for me the less walls and hallways I have to go around.  My office has a door on an angle to the the open living room / kitchen.  Basically my door way is in the middle of both rooms.  Ron did this deliberately so I would be part of the household, and interact with others.   

Back to my morning routine.  I now start my daily computer tasks.  I first set the second computer I use to watch news and movies / videos and other things on.  I normally start with a semi news and comedy program, from there I move to several news stations.   Then on my main computer I open Twitter and do a dozen or so tweets.  Then I open my blog home page and start to answer the comments.   The comments are very important to me.  I love them.  I try to answer each one.  At this point I use to go to a bunch of comic pages I like and get chuckles out of.  However I rarely do that now as I have a lot of blogs I love that I get emails from about comments and new posts.   So because I sometimes don’t feel up to being on the computer or have doctors appointments I have gotten way behind on them.   What I prefer to do is have a list of bookmarked sites of fellow bloggers I really enjoy.  I use to just go down the list, read all the new posts and comment on them.  I prefer to do my reading and blogging this way.   Until I get my email backlog knocked down I now start by opening my email and reading each one, using them to go to the posts and comments I have missed.   

So that is my morning routine and basicly my day.  Today my computer time will be interrupted.  I did not get to my computer until 11 AM.  Then about 1 PM I have to wake Ron ( Ron worked a 12 hour shift last night and I was in too much pain to sleep until after 3 AM )  to take me to the hospital outpatient lab for a urine test.  The doctors are worried about my liver with the meds I was on.  My primary wants me to take less pain meds, which I can’t do.   My pain doctors want my primary care to put me on sugar meds that do not strain my liver, which she doesn’t want to do.  I am in the middle and having to do lots of blood and urine tests. 

This is my day, almost every day.  It is my routine and I like it.  Be well.   Hugs


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