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January 21, 2018

My lates video , it is on soap pods. Hugs

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My latest YouTube video is on my channel.  It is on the current eating of soap pods.  I am not going to post it here as I need to have people start watching my videos on Youtube and commenting if you want there.  I get lots of views of my videos here, but they don’t translate to YouTube.  So please if you are interested go to 

and let me know what you think.   Hugs

January 9, 2018

Children’s health in the USA. An important read.

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December 16, 2017

Trump Administration Bans CDC From Using Certain Words: Transgender, Diversity, Fetus, Science-Based

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Are we the people going to go along with no having clear and concise information based on it will hurt the feelings of a few demagogues?    I am beyond the boiling point.  WHen scientist can’t use the right terms because it offends those who hate science, when doctors must lie by law because those in charge prefer the lie, when some subjects can not be covered by the intelligence / security agencies that protect our country because it upsets the tyrant want to be tRumpsky, it is a farce past the time to stop.   We must not let this continue.  We are all now at risk because of this crap.  Hugs

December 13, 2017

Play is important for all beings. Hugs

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November 30, 2017

The real reason American health care is so expensive

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November 29, 2017

Wild Elephants salutes the men who rescued their baby elephant from a ditch’

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If you ever thought animals had no feelings, watching this video will show you how wrong you are.  They do care greatly for each other and their young.   Let’s do what we can to stop their slaughter.  Hugs

A little girl needs help. No child should be without health care. She did not get care when needed, but she can now. IF we care. Hugs

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Everyone needs a little oral care

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November 20, 2017

Dad who let his child die plays the victim.

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This is why I think fake homeopathy and religious exemption laws are so  dangerous.   Hugs

November 19, 2017

Fight to fix this. Is this the country you want? Healthcare for all. Hugs

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October 28, 2017

Cruel and Inhumane? | Filosofa’s Word

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Rosa Maria Hernandez … you are likely to hear that name a lot in the coming days, for she is, at age ten, one of Donald Trump’s “bad hombres”. Rosa Maria came to the U.S. when she was three months …

Source: Cruel and Inhumane? | Filosofa’s Word

October 6, 2017

Like a teenager asking to borrow the family car.

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Yes, Yes, Yes……  Oh hello there.  Sorry I am excited.    Really it is a great step in my recovery.   Let me start from the beginning rather than at the end, it will be easier to follow that way.  

it starts on Wednesday morning.  I am still using a cane when I am tired or walking any distance.  I had a new cane that Ron was going to shorten to work for me.  He took it to our shed where his tools live.  He returned very quickly in rotten humor saying turn off the circuit breaker for the water heater  and he rushed back out the door.   Well after doing my task I let curiosity get the better of me and followed him.  Turns out our water heater tank had developed a rather disturbing rupture.  So long story short, Ron who was to work that night, instead took a PTO day and installed a grand new water heater.    That evening tired and sore he went to bed.

Thursday he couldn’t sleep as he has slept the night before.  Ron went through the scripts I got Tuesday.   HE found four scripts with the wrong dates.  I called and they said bring them in on Friday and they would fix them.   He went to work and did a 12 hour shift in the Open Heart ICU and that is very hard work for him.  He came home really tired out.

I was worried how tired he was.  I told him I would drive over to the hospital to get the scripts fixed.   He wanted me to let him get a couple hours sleep and he would take me.  I convinced him the med changes had already made me feel better.   I felt I could do it.  I could drive there and back with out a problem.   He was so tired he relented and like a super happy teenager I drove my self to get the scripts fixed and then to the pharmacy to get them filled.    I was even feeling up to driving to back to pick them up.   Yes, it is great.  I was for a little while an independent person again.   I admit I am tired and sore now but that is to be expected.   Yes I am excited as this is a step for what I am working hard for in the future, being able to do normal things and even go to school and then work.    Thanks for reading, I need to go look at email and blogs.   Hugs to all.   Scottie

October 3, 2017

Just back from the doc for those wondering

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Hello All.  Welcome to my Toy Box.   Pull up a piece of internet and let me tell you the good news.  As many might know I have a series of conditions that make my life a bit of a challenge.   Bone, muscle, circulatory system , and nerves have all been issues.  Also a bit of having my own immune system take a few lashes out of me.  In a couple weeks I have an appointment with a endocrinologist as now they think some of the other problems like my hormones being way off, by body not using the needed vitamins and minerals, and my horrible being tired all the time, are caused by my having Parathyroid.    Oh well add it to the growing list.   However it does keep life reminding me how lucky I am to have good health coverage even if it is costing more every year.  

The good news is I got to see my old provider, who I have not seen since May.   I have had my surgery, and was well on the way to getting stronger when two things set me back.  First I was seen by a healthcare provider I see occasionally and we agreed to cut the meds I was on to see if I could do with less.   Unfortunately we cut to far to fast.   When I tried to reach him as I normally do when the meds go wrong, I was blocked by a low level office staff because I seen my provider of 9 years in a different office.  The office was in the hospital and the staff follow different rules.  This staff member never checked either my providers, jsut took it on herself to claim I was new and only seen once.   So she refused to pass my needs on to the doctors.   I was angry as this was happening during the Hurricane Irma.  So I was set back, no more walking, no doing house hold chores, no more going out.  I was back to limping.   

Today I got it all straightened out and we are back on a plan to move forward.   I showed the email response from the low level office worker and my doctor got angry also.   She kept the print out and gave me her personal private cell should it ever happen again.   I have a feeling there is an office staff member who is going to get a serious talking to.   I need to have another M.R.I as my provider thinks there is more damage to my spine.  I also asked if physical therapy on my back would help?  The answer was maybe but if done correctly with in the bounds of my bone problems it won’t hurt.  So I have a request for that.   My medications got returned to the prior level that worked for me, with the idea I would manage them to try to use only what I needed and to bring the usage down if possible.   Lastly my health provider sees a way for me to get strong enough to return to the work force in the job I hope to get trained for.   SO I am on cloud nine. ( sorry Esme, I will try not to bump your cloud in my happiness ) 

See for me it is not about just making my life comfortable.  My doctors could do that.  But that is not living for me.   I want to be out there in the world.  I want to go on trips with out having to lay down or not do things.  I want to work, yes work, because I really enjoy it and I like earning a wage for my effort.  I want to do at least my share of the house work, if not more, as it is wrong for Ron who is older than me , to have to wait on my hand and foot and do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, shopping, clean the cat litter box, and everything else he does with no complaint.  So yes I am happy.     Tomorrow I see my Hip Surgeon, and hopefully can start on my plan.  Wish me luck, I am going to need it.  My very best wishes for everyone.  I do care.  Be well.  Hugs

September 30, 2017

MI Couple Let Infant Die of Treatable Disease Because “God Makes No Mistakes” – Friendly Atheist

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This again shows the the reason we say fundamentalism religion must be opposed.  It causes harm to everyone.  A child died because of a belief in a myth.  Where is the outrage that would have sprung up if the mother had an abortion.   Selective right to life?  Take any religious belief out of caring for children.  Sad and angry hugs

These parents let their child die because religious pride was more important to them than common sense.

Source: MI Couple Let Infant Die of Treatable Disease Because “God Makes No Mistakes” – Friendly Atheist

September 26, 2017

Box Turtle Bulletin » Today In History, 1956: The Adjustment of Male Overt Homosexuals

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I am grateful to Dr. Evelyn Hooker for the study she did and got the leaders of her craft to see that gay people are simply people.    I wish I had know of this study growing up.  Would have made a huge difference I think.  Hugs

Source: Box Turtle Bulletin » Today In History, 1956: The Adjustment of Male Overt Homosexuals

September 22, 2017

Kimmel Rants Against GOP Health Bill For Third Night – Joe.My.God.

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Source: Kimmel Rants Against GOP Health Bill For Third Night – Joe.My.God.

September 18, 2017

The real reason

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(cartoon by Pat Bagley)

August 10, 2017

Which one do you agree with

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(cartoon by Paul Fell)

(cartoon by Clay Bennett)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund) .. (story here)

(cartoon by Clay Jones)

(cartoon by Matt Wuerker)

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)

(cartoon by Joe Heller)

(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Andy Marlette)

(cartoon by Matt Wuerker)


August 3, 2017

Bone doc says….. No

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I had hoped at least the doc would let me go to using my canes.  Not so.  he did agree to go to 50 percent weight bearing on that hip.   He took X-rays of both hips.  The old one looks OK, but is an inferior implant compared to the new kind they used in my new hip.   The new hip is spot on and seems to be healing well.   He is afraid for me to put too much weight on the leg / hip because he doesn’t want the shaft of the implant to be forced down any into the leg bone.   It is good now, so better to let it heal even if it is slower on me, than to chance a mistake that will mess things up even a little.   OK I give.  I have three weeks to go he said then I can get rid of the walker and go to using the canes.    OK now off to blogs.   Hugs

July 26, 2017

Me and my surgeon

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This is me pre surgery.   I was so happy I had not yet a hint of what was coming.  I thought it would be cream, strawberries, and sunshine.  🙂  The man with me is the surgeon who is a nice guy and the say one of the best in the area.   As for the surgery it was the best I ever slept through.   His part went grand.  It was the people before, and after him that screwed the pooch and hid in a cave for 18 hours.     Oh you know these days they don’t even remove the dressing for you?  The P.A. had said she did but she left without doing it and told Ron to simple take it off at home.   The staples come out a day before I see anyone?   So who takes them out?   They said just let the P.T. person who comes to help you move parts of your body remove them.  Lucky for me Ron is trained to do it so he will do it I think.   OK off to the start blogs , they have built up while I was gone.   Anyone suggest which blog is holding the jumping conversation give me a link to it please and I will make that the next on my list.  Great hugs and let the party roll.  


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