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May 10, 2018

A request from my brother Randy

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Randy and I were talking about how much riding my bike has started to help me recover.  He is interested in riding also.  He asked me to see if any of the readers here have some ideas about bikes for him.   He wrote his size below.  He says he is having trouble finding a bike where he lives.    Thanks a lot everyone.  Hugs

6’4″ 300+ lbs. 34″ inseam. Prefer something I could take up north and ride on those dirt roads as well as the paved roads here.


April 28, 2018

We are guilty of harming our own

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April 24, 2018

My view. Religion is like…

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April 7, 2018

NRA wants more gun buyers.

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(cartoon by Keith Tucker)


March 28, 2018

A short update: Oral surgery.

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Hello everyone.  Draw up a piece of the internet and have a sit down.  I just want to update everyone.  I have not been out to as many bogs as I normally get to.  It is not that I have stopped liking all of your blogs, I simply have not felt well.  Plus I have been having appointments that took my time.   I just got back from oral surgery.  I had to have a lot of work on the gums and teeth lately.  So this morning they took out a bad tooth, cut the gums or pulled them from the teeth, cleaned everything, smoothed some places.   They gave me a bone graft to fill the hole the bad tooth came from.  Then they put the gums back and stitch then back up.   I had the lower left done.   I have to have the upper left done and the upper right.   Then the dental work starts.   

So I have a lot of numbing stuff in my mouth now.   Plus I got a whole sheet of instructions for the next two weeks.   No eating for several hours.  Soft foods only, nothing hard or crunching.  No straws.   No hot liquids for a few days.   Plus no brushing that area, but soak it in peridex twice a day.   A bunch of antibiotics.  I turned down the painkillers as I am already on them.   

I hope to be back to the 100 plus blogs and the 300 and up emails I get daily very soon.   Thank you for understanding and again I love all of you.   Hugs

March 21, 2018

So it happened again! A child dies when parents decided to pray away sickness.

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March 20, 2018

And some people think this makes sense.

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March 9, 2018

Foreskin. God’s mistake?

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Playing god with health care.

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(cartoon by David Horsey)

March 8, 2018

Not mine, hers.

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Republican logic

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January 21, 2018

My lates video , it is on soap pods. Hugs

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My latest YouTube video is on my channel.  It is on the current eating of soap pods.  I am not going to post it here as I need to have people start watching my videos on Youtube and commenting if you want there.  I get lots of views of my videos here, but they don’t translate to YouTube.  So please if you are interested go to 

and let me know what you think.   Hugs

January 9, 2018

Children’s health in the USA. An important read.

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December 16, 2017

Trump Administration Bans CDC From Using Certain Words: Transgender, Diversity, Fetus, Science-Based

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Are we the people going to go along with no having clear and concise information based on it will hurt the feelings of a few demagogues?    I am beyond the boiling point.  WHen scientist can’t use the right terms because it offends those who hate science, when doctors must lie by law because those in charge prefer the lie, when some subjects can not be covered by the intelligence / security agencies that protect our country because it upsets the tyrant want to be tRumpsky, it is a farce past the time to stop.   We must not let this continue.  We are all now at risk because of this crap.  Hugs

December 13, 2017

Play is important for all beings. Hugs

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November 30, 2017

The real reason American health care is so expensive

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November 29, 2017

Wild Elephants salutes the men who rescued their baby elephant from a ditch’

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If you ever thought animals had no feelings, watching this video will show you how wrong you are.  They do care greatly for each other and their young.   Let’s do what we can to stop their slaughter.  Hugs

A little girl needs help. No child should be without health care. She did not get care when needed, but she can now. IF we care. Hugs

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Everyone needs a little oral care

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