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May 21, 2019

If he lived

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One reason to get rid of the death penalty and to be careful who we put in prisons

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May 15, 2019

Republicans lie to hide their own use of the same law

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The world is not buying it a second time

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Out of sight, out of mind

Has anyone else noticed that all talk about how horrible the elected President of Venezuela is has come to a complete halt?   It was pushed several times a day by the administration.  They were talking plans to both send aid and assistance to the young US picked upstart.  Then our Vice President announced the day of a US backed attempted coup that the US would give money to the military if they joined in the coup and over throw the existing government.  Wow, that was tough talk.  What happened, did the coup succeed?   Or was it the phone call tRump got from Putin saying stay out of Venezuela as we are good friends with that country?   Oops, tRump let it be known he was angry at Bolton for being too aggressive and getting him yelled at by his Russian boss. 

Now instead of a coup in Venezuela we are trying to start a war with Iran with the idea of taking out their leadership and replacing it with a US approved one.   Maybe even a democracy but doubtful, more likely a dictator who will be told to change the country from Islam to Christian as soon as possible.   We have sent troops, planes, ships, and more to an area already on a hair trigger.   We have hurt the economy of Iran deeply with strict sanctions the rest of the world doesn’t like.  We have possibly used our friends the journalist killing Saudi’s to fabricate stories of attack on ships and bases blaming Iran.   Trump has talked about taking other countries oil reserves.   We designated their elite military force as a terrorist organization.  Our government keeps accusing Iran of meddling in other countries with no sense of the irony of it.  Think of how angry we in the US got when we heard of the Russians meddling in our elections, yet here are two countries the US is actively trying to over throw their elected governments.  We tell other countries they need to stay out of the US sphere of influence in this hemisphere yet we have been in every conflict in the Middle East in some way or form.   We still have old jerks in both the White House and Congress who still think this is 1950 and the US is the only super power with the A bomb.   The idea that the US gets to dictate to the world how things will be done, who their leaders are, and what they can do is long over and our government needs to learn this quickly.  If you think Iraq was a mess and Afghanistan will never really be fixable as we are trying to do with little success, Iran will be a horribly embarrassing shit show that will devolve into guerrilla wars all over the world with civilians being targets.   The terror attacks will ramp up to a level not seen.  Iran is mountainous not a flat desert.  It is a technologically advanced country with a well trained military.   In the Iraq wars we had other countries backing us, and if we go to war with Iran we will have only the Saudi’s and the Israelis.  Make no mistake, this is basically a religious war fuel in part by tRump’s hatred of Muslims and President Obama.  This is a desire by the fanatic religious people to knock down the competing religion as they push for Christianity dominion around the world.  This is also pushed by large oil companies who hope to get their hands on what oil the planet has left.  We need to be proactive on this.  Hugs

May 12, 2019

Life intimating art

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May 7, 2019

Gaza Crisis UPDATE

April 27, 2019

Incredible how their beliefs / views change depending on if their tribe is in power

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Sen. Lindsey Graham In 1998: Failure To Comply With Congressional Subpoenas Is An Impeachable Offense

Sen. Lindsey Graham In 1998: Failure To Comply With Congressional Subpoenas Is An Impeachable Offense

Senator Lindsey Graham, a close ally of President Donald Trump’s, once said that a president’s refusal to comply with congressional oversight was an impeachable offense.

In a video unearthed from December 1998 circulating on Twitter on Friday, the South Carolina legislator passionately states that Richard Nixon could have been impeached for failing to comply with subpoenas from Congress.

Video at the link above.   Hugs 

April 19, 2019


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People need to understand the confederates attacked the US and tried to overthrow its legal government. It was a traitorous move.

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April 18, 2019

Feeling on the Notre Dame fire

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April 9, 2019

Doesn’t make sense does it

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April 7, 2019

Why it is so hard for people today

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March 29, 2019

Federal Spending Hits Highest Level In 10 Years

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What happened to all those republicans screaming about the deficit during the Obama presidency when he was trying hard to save the economy.   The republicans only care about being fiscally responsible when a Democrat is in office, when  Republican is president they spend like a drunken sailor.  Hugs

March 27, 2019

Good people

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March 22, 2019

is like saying

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March 19, 2019

Worth less …

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Connection to the rise of hate

We are not safer with the rise of White Nationalism / White Supremacy

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(cartoon by Tim Eagan)

(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Jim Margulies)


March 16, 2019

Still killing people

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Still dealing death

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