White nationalists praise Tucker Carlson’s full embrace of their “replacement” conspiracy theory


On the April 8 broadcast of Fox News Primetime, Tucker Carlson offered perhaps his most explicit justification yet for the core belief of the so-called “great replacement” conspiracy theory, telling viewers that “Third World” invaders are coming to replace them and reshape their environment, and that they should do something about it.

After the Anti-Defamation League called on Fox News to fire Carlson for his remarks, white supremacist and far-right personalities were quick to make their approval known.

White supremacist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes explained what Carlson actually meant in his statements, lamenting that Carlson wasn’t more direct and theorizing that he probably had to dial it back in order to avoid consequences at Fox.

Nick Fuentes Tucker Carlson Great Replacement

Other racist and extreme far-right media personalities and social media accounts also backed Carlson, celebrating him for broadcasting “what nationalists have been talking about for decades” and defending him against criticism.

Way of The World on Twitter
Columbia Bugle on Twitter
Scott Greer on Twitter
Liberty Hangout on Twitter
Mike Peinovich via Telegram

Various Telegram accounts associated with white supremacists movements and the far-right

Telegram user reacts to ADl's condemnation of Carlson
Telegram celebrates Carlson's comments
4Chan reacts to Tucker
4Chan reacts to Tucker
4Chan reacts to Tucker

Can there be any doubt now about what Fox News, and the right want?   The right wing media has been pushing this agenda for decades.   Before that we had other means they distributed it with just printed paper.  I remember a guy I knew who lived near us in WPB who would leave a print out his friends printed on our doorstep.  It was full of the local news and especially the police blotter with the most hateful incorrect descriptions and venomous  langage.   The most racist garbage you could imagine.   Once we found out who was doing it we put a stop to it.   But this guy was a world traveler, had money, was at one time someone in the entertainment industry and well known to the wealthy social community.   And his views were repugnant.  He once went off on a black mail delivery person because he accused her of stepping off the sidewalk to his house onto his lawn before delivering his mail.   Hearing the yelling I went out and got involved, to back her up if anything came of it.   Afterwards he wanted to have words with me, that ended quickly and decisively as you may imagine.   He never spoke to Ron and I again as long as we lived there and we did not mind at all.  Hugs

Misinformation, misdirection, and lies

I am amazed at the amount of right wing cartoonist / media that seem to deliberately misconstrue and distort what Biden is trying to do, the legislation to make things better in the US, and to bring the US in to the 21st century to compete with other advanced  nations.   All because of the idea that the government should serve the wants of the wealthy upper class which the elected officials are members of, but never work for or help the lower incomes average people of the country.   This is all so the wealthy can increase their wealth more, the poor will get more in a desperate situation.  The want to create a third world banana republic where they control everything, have everything, and the people are just their servants to use and dispose of when they are no more use.  But it is the disinformation, the lies they spew and draw that makes me wonder their motives.    Hugs

As for the situation on the border, so many attempts by the right to make this a new problem.   They seem to forget this surge happens every two years about.   Remember these people have to travel by foot and other lower income slow means.   Remember most are running for their lives and safety, not just to work for a better living, and yes the ones that want to work for a better living are important also.  Biden has not changed the rules, even though he has tried.   He is still operating under the rules tRump put in place because tRump made it really hard to change his asinine polices and the Republican Ag’s like Paxton of Texas who is indicted for his own crimes have vowed to sue everything Biden tries to do on the border to make things better.   Yes the Republican do not want things better, because they would rather have an issue they can bash the Democrats with than help the people living in those horrible conditions.    Biden is trying to make things better by opening up better and larger facilities.    Biden is still using the send everyone back because of Covid policy that tRump people implemented.   The US is by law and treaty required to admit and process the people asking for asylum, and so Biden has asked for more resources to process them rather than jail them.  Why put able body people who are willing and want to work in jail to wait for several years to get a hearing.  We need more judges and staff to process the people which could cut the time down to a reasonable few months.    Also the huge issue is the housing of minors.   They are coming, they are here, and they need to be treated as the children they are.   Children!  So they can not be dropped off at a bus station in Mexico nor in the US as tRump was doing with adults.    The ICE detention centers are not designed or big enough to hold them and ICE shouldn’t be holding kids.   So Biden has asked Fema to step in and help provide housing and structure for these kids.  

Border misinformationCome on man misinformation

joe at the border

I nearly choked on my morning coffee when I read the stories of the Republicans so righteously complaining  that Biden was giving housing to “them illegals foreigner  while letting our valiant warriors struggle to live while homeless”.  Oh woe the military members who struggle to live in dignity under Biden, who has been president for a few months.   Meanwhile the Republicans had the White House for the last four years, the Senate for the last four years, and the House for two.    What did they do for the veterans?   Nothing!  They slashed the VA budgets while spending lavishly on new defense programs for weapons and wars.   In fact the Covid America Rescue Plan that Biden put forward and the Democrats passed had money to help homeless veterans among other funds for helping veterans and the homeless both.   The Democrats did this!   Not one Republican voted for it!   Not one Republican voted to give money to help homeless veterans get help.   So Republicans can shut up until they put up.   This is the New Republican way, vote against anything that helps people but take credit for it if people like it, or rail against the problem that they refused to help fix.

Homeless vets

Misinformation 3

These angered me because it is an attempt by Republicans to hide their bigotry while claiming that the legislation would increase something that is not happening now.    The big lie is that that election fraud in an amount to change elections has happened.   It never has in my life time and I am an old @#@#@.   tRump did not lose because there was that much election fraud,  He lost because 8 million more people voted for Biden.   That is why the Republicans do not want “those” people to vote, they did not vote for their guy.   The minor fraud that was found in every investigation was done by Republicans for tRump!   The reason is Democrats value democracy and the idea of the right to vote.   We want everyone who is eligible to vote.   We would like to stop restricting other wise eligible from voting.   One person one vote.   The reason is that Democrats are willing to appeal to the people and work to get their votes.   Republicans do not care for democracy.   They want power because power increases their wealth.   Because they wont appeal to the people nor work to win their votes, they have decided they don’t want people to vote.   They want to rule,  they want to force people to live as they say rather than do what the people ask. 

election law misinformation

This again is pure misdirection and misinformation.     The public supports people needing verification to vote.   So do Democrats.   However Republicans have written laws that require identification that people who normally vote Democratic are less likely to have.   Why is a college ID not a valid ID but an NRA card is?   People who live in cities tend to vote more Democratic, and people who live in big cites tend not to drive their own cars, so they do not have drivers licenses.   In some states older people have trouble getting a drivers license or state ID.   If they live in the country they have to travel a distance when they do not drive to a place to get a card, and then they have to produce identification that they may not be able to get.   What this is designed to do is to add more steps to vote, to use the right to vote.   These are people who all their lives have voted before these new laws to stop them, they are citizens, they have a legal right to vote that the Republicans are trying to take a way.   If the Republicans want people to have a set ID for voting they need to make that ID easily available and at no cost.   Help the people get the ID’s the Republicans want people to use for their right to vote.  Restrictions to rights should happen rarely and for real problems.   Republicans losing elections is not a real problem.   These laws restricting voting, making voting harder is a bigoted attempt to find a problem to hang their racism on.   If you think this is not racism why is the restrictions always aimed at making it harder for POC and other minorities like Native Indians to vote, but makes it easier for older white people to vote?   Yes it is racism. 

No pappers needed

HR 1 banana republic

The idea that raising the tax rate is going to tank the economy and cause corporations to flee the country is a joke.   It is not true and wont happen.   This is brought to you by the same people that have for 40 years told you that if you keep giving more and more money to the wealthy the economy will soar as that wealth trickles down to you.    The wealth never reaches you at the bottom does it?   It was a lie designed to make the wealthy richer and you poorer.   So stop believing those same Republicans now.   The fact is the country and the economy has historically done much better when the wealthy and corporations paid a lot more.   It makes sense.   The wealthy and the corporations can afford to pay more, the burden doesn’t harm them.  However when the burden was shifted to the lower incomes and poor they suffer hardships as they do not have the resources to pay for everything.   That gives Republicans the joy of calling for even more cuts to services that help the lower incomes, while again claiming they need to give more money the wealthy to fix a problem created by doing just that.   Also look around the world.   Every country that taxes the wealthy and corporations have more services for the people, have higher ratings, and still have wealthy and corporations that did not flee.  Don’t buy into the fearmongering, but instead look around, open your eyes to what is happening around the world.    The US is falling farther behind in almost every measure now.   We are far from #1 in anything but military spending.   Other countries are putting money into schools for their people, into medical care for their people, into infrastructure for the people, reusable energy, electric cars and charging stations among many improvements.   China is accelerating research in to reusable energy to corner the market.   The US use to be the world leader, but that was when businesses and the wealthy paid their share of the burden instead of demanding all the money of the country be in their pockets.   Also the same people that loved no bid give away contracts worth millions and billions during the tRump years suddenly have a problem with well targeted spending plans and want to pretend that spending on things that help the people and make life better for the average person is feeding the swamp.   Get real.   There is no comparison between what tRump / Republicans did and what the Biden team is doing now.  

Biden tax increase

Swamp feedings

This is a desperate ploy

Really, less regulation on the food we eat?   Look the facts are that some country wont even let US dairy and meat products be sold in their countries because the US standards are so poor.    There is things in our food that turn my stomach if I think too hard on it.   It doesn’t have to be a game of truth or dare to eat.    Our food and water needs to be safe to eat and drink.   But years of lower standards have made food, especially lower priced foods a gamble.   Do you want your meals with your family to be spent wondering if you or your loved ones will get sick from eating?  The Republicans want you to picture a loving caring big business that always does the right thing.  The truth is most business do what ever they can get away with to make money.  In fact officers of a publicly traded company have a federal duty to shareholders to make as much money as possible even if it does harm or hurts people.  Money is king by law.   So the laws, rules, and regulations have to be created to keep the money grab from being deadly or harmful to everyone.   Again it is normal in a developed nation to have rules and regulations, laws restraining the worst impulses of greed.    Is the US a developed advanced nation or a banana republic?  

Misinformation on meat regs

This one is 50/50.   I included it to show how each side can use the information to their advantage.   The money grubbing cooperate Republican DeSantis is well know for playing to the wealthy for money.   The money flows large in Palm Beach County for politicians.    DeSantis we to meet with some local government leaders, that is true.    However he met only with like minded Republican ones.   He left out the majority of the elected officials.   The ones he talked to were like himself and of course wanted to send as much business as possible to a private business rather than government workers.  There is money to be made dishing out vaccines.   So Publix got the deal and Desantis and possibly other local politicians got some also.   However many board members who were asked by 60 Minutes denied that they talked to DeSantis or would have wanted Publix to get the vaccine contract.   

sixty minutes myths story

Smear is not totally

Facts are important and I recommend people educate them selves on these and other issues instead of following a opinion host who makes millions spouting misinformation or is paid to cause confusion and rage by claiming wrongs where no exist.     Hugs

Why Are So Many Young People Becoming Socialists?

I get so many questions on this topic I think this well thought out video is better able to answer them. For my self I am in horrible back spasms where every breath is a stabbing knife attack to my back. Three hours ago my spouse and I started to make home made ice cream. We both love it more than store bought. However we have a machine that uses ice and salt and we decided today to replace it. We made three batches but before we could finish my back gave out and as much as my spouse was helping it did me in. We have decided to get a bigger more expensive machine that doesn’t require the ice and salt. I am no longer able to do that work. As for everything else I feel better today than I have in 7 days and I expect to get better every day for a while. I had earlier before the ice cream making gone back as far as I could in the comments. I may have missed some that came in more than five days back. If your comment was missed and I did not answer please comment again. I love the conversations and discussions not just with me but seeing what other people think. Sorry this last month I have been kind of absent, I love the internet people who come here. Hugs

The system is rigged.


This is big. Police Chief Arradondo said the knee should have been moved after a few seconds. Not NINE MINUTES!




The system is rigged.



Huckabee could NEVER identify as a decent human being.

He could have enjoyed all those things without identifying as Chinese. Any American can enjoy a Coke, watch baseball, wear Nike, and fly Delta.

The bigotry is just an immensely stupid dog whistle for the cancel culture Right.