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August 6, 2017

9 Arguments Christians Give Against Same-Sex Marriage

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Source: 9 Arguments Christians Give Against Same-Sex Marriage

February 21, 2017

When it goes from faith …..

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December 31, 2016


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December 21, 2016

Christian soldiers

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December 19, 2016

The 3 Easy Steps to Repeal Marriage Equality – YouTube

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This is scary.  It is what I have been afraid of.  One reason I dislike these so called “freedom of religion” laws.  I don’t understand the deep hatred so many of these right wing religious groups have for gays.  Most of them make it quite clear these laws are designed to let them harm or discriminate against gays.  Specifically gays and transgender.   However how long will it be before someone will claim they can discriminate against blacks because their religious beliefs are based in white supremacy?  Will a public school teacher get the right to refuse to teach Muslim kids due to their deeply held christian beliefs?  This country has had a long struggle with discrimination and bigotry.  We had to install laws to keep people from indulging in hate acts against those groups they did not like.   Once you legally give permission for one group to indulge their bigotry, once you let one group be discriminated against, then other will try to be given the same “rights” and want the laws to let them discriminate against their disliked groups.   Talk about special rights, that is just what these religious groups want.  The special right to discriminate based on their own brand of faith.   I can not understand why they want to push these laws so hard.  Again I don’t  understand why these groups hate gay and transgender people so very much.   Of course the lack of education in the country today, the teaching of faiths over science and history, is a large part of the problem.  Look at the situation in Poland the last year.  They are going through the very thing we are starting now.   Be careful.  Hugs

December 13, 2016

Minnesota Couple With No Gay Clients Sues to Refuse LGBT Customers, Because God: WATCH – Towleroad

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So how long before it moves from just denying service to LGBTQ people to denying service to blacks, mixed race couples, singles having sex out of marriage, and people belonging to a different religion.   Once you give people the right to discriminate one group, it won’t just stop there.   It will spread to anyone they have a prejudice against.   The US will become a place with blatant discrimination against a majority of people for “religious reasons”.  Hugs

Telescope Media: A Minnesota couple is suing the state for the right to deny service to LGBT people despite the fact that they have no gay customers.

Source: Minnesota Couple With No Gay Clients Sues to Refuse LGBT Customers, Because God: WATCH – Towleroad

Excerpt below:

The Daily Beast reports that the “lavishly funded” ADF has made anti-LGBT lawsuits a lucrative business with reported revenue of $61,864,483, some $430,000 of which went to the group’s president and CEO Alan Sears.

December 1, 2016

Donald Trump’s 10 Worst Appointees – YouTube

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I tweeted earlier today that I was very worried because every cause I hold dear is now under threat by this president elects administration.  All the rights I fought for and wanted, all the equal rights of race and ethnic groups or gender equality, of concerns for the environment, concerns for public education… so much more.   Ron use to laugh because I use to read the news on my Ipad for about three hours before getting out of bed.  I don’t read much news on the news sites right now.  I can’t stand what is happening and I really fear the damage, the lasting impact of this new president and his team.  I ask every gay person, such as the log cabin republicans, who supported him how they feel now?  Why did so many vote against their own interest.  They may not have liked Hillary , but she wouldn’t have dismantled the very things important to your life.   This new president and his team will.   The more that comes out the more upset I get.   Be safe, be well, hugs

September 30, 2016

Coming soon…. made me spit out my soda. Dang heathens :)

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September 17, 2016

Sharia for Dummies – YouTube

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Now I did know one Muslim man who was the kindest most giving man I knew other than my husband. However this video scares the poop out of me. I think it is designed to do so. I think it takes the worst of the Muslim faith and displays it, as you could do with the Christian faiths. However as I believe all religious faith is detrimental to humans, I am posting this. I hope science will take us from this as soon as possible. Hugs

September 8, 2016

words of the constitution.

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