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June 22, 2020

daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: War of reality

Political cartoon

Political cartoon

Above the law: Political Cartoons – Whittier Daily News


Steve Benson Comic Strip for June 21, 2020

Tom Toles Comic Strip for June 22, 2020

Brian McFadden Comic Strip for June 22, 2020

Don Landgren editorial cartoon

Nathaniel Archer editorial cartoon

Joe Heller Comic Strip for June 22, 2020

Political cartoon

Political cartoon

Political cartoon

Political cartoon

Oprah 2020? Political Cartoons – Redlands Daily Facts

June 16, 2020

When it is convenient for you

Republican anger

Why the bigotry? Why to they let their bigotry influence their legal rulings


Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Alito are using the Constitution like toilet paper.

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The future has potential

Political Cartoon U.S. Trump 2020 prison 


(cartoon by Nick Anderson)


Don Landgren editorial cartoon

Dave Granlund editorial cartoon

John Deering Comic Strip for June 16, 2020

Rob Rogers Comic Strip for June 15, 2020

Jeff Stahler Comic Strip for June 16, 2020




(cartoon by David Horsey)

Tom Toles Comic Strip for June 16, 2020


Editorial Cartoon U.S. police reform George Floyd

June 15, 2020








June 15, 2020

What matters to evangelical Christians


Trevor Moore: High in Church – “Gays Got Married”

June 4, 2020

Police opened fire on a gay bar because the owner was handing out water to protesters

Police must be obeyed at all cost in the land of the free … fascists.  Hugs

Police opened fire on an LGBTQ bar in North Carolina after they received an anonymous tip that the bar was giving water bottles to protestors.

So on Sunday evening he decided to stay at his business, in part to deter vandals. He also set up a first aid station for people who needed medical attention, washing tear gas and pepper spray out of people’s eyes and handing out water bottles and granola bars.

He said that he and some staff were working there for about seven hours before six police officers arrived and told them to move just after midnight.

“This is my business,” Lemuel responded in video that has since been posted online. “I rent this space.”

The police officers again told him to move. “The game is over. Get out.”

Lemuel walked back toward his bar, and police said, “You’ve been told,” and opened fire.


Lemuel said that deputies had already passed by the bar, which isn’t far from the Wake County Justice Center.

“During the seven hours, they had, you know, every opportunity to come down and check on us, see what was going on or tell us their concerns,” he said.

“They just chose not to. And at some point they just went straight for guns blazing.”

Jen Varani was also helping at the first aid station. She said that it was clear that they weren’t protestors.

“But we weren’t chanting. We weren’t yelling. We weren’t gesturing to them. There was nothing that we were doing to instigate a response like that.”

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office, though, said that the shooting was justified because it worked and forced the first aid station to disband.

More at the link above.   What has our country become, the very kind of place we use to stand up against.    Hugs

May 29, 2020

MADDOWBLOG Lindsey Graham abandons the pretense of an independent judiciary

But I was also struck by the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee being so brazen about the politicization of the nation’s federal courts. To hear Graham tell it, judges should effectively see themselves as political operatives who should prioritize a broader ideological agenda.

Or put another way, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee seems to scoff at the idea of an independent judiciary.

That said, the senator isn’t wrong about the likely consequences of his partisan efforts: Trump’s re-election would very likely “change the judiciary for several generations.” It would be a development that would shape American public life for much of the 21st century — on everything from the environment to health care, civil rights to the economy — and if progressive-minded voters don’t share Lindsey Graham’s interest in this, they will regret it.

May 25, 2020

We Need to Speak Honestly About the GOP’s Evolution Into a Conspiracy Cult |

May 21, 2020

The sign


April 29, 2020

Turkish President Agrees: Homosexuality Brings Disease

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NBC News reports:

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday threw his weight behind Turkey’s top Muslim cleric, who caused a storm by claiming homosexuality “brings disease and causes this generation to decay.”

Erdogan’s government may now charge human rights groups who objected to the cleric’s words on the grounds of having “insulting religious values.”

Istanbul used to see boisterous pride celebrations but in recent years such celebrations have been met with riot police, water cannons, and rubber bullets.

More at the link above.   Another case of conservative religion trying to kill off anything they disagree with.   This is what the evangelicals want to do here in the US.  Hugs

April 23, 2020

Trump Administration Diverting WHO Funds To Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse

Again the pushing of taxpayer money to religious groups.   Hugs

Trump Administration Diverting WHO Funds To Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse

Despicable: Trying to distract from his failure in leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, Trump is scapegoating the World Health Organization (WHO) and diverting their funding to Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse, an anti-gay conservative Christian hate group.

The New York Post reports:

The White House budget office has told federal agencies to redirect World Health Organization funds to groups that do similar work, indicating a 60-day suspension of WHO funding ordered by President Trump will be permanent.

The funds will flow instead to outfits such as the Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse…

Samaritan’s Purse is a notoriously anti-gay Christian hate group run by the equally notorious Franklin Graham. And now that Christian hate group is being funded by the U.S. government with funds that are supposed to go to the World Health Organization.

Adding insult to injury, the anti-gay conservative Christian organization demands that all employees and volunteers adhere to their “statement of faith” which entails an explicitly anti-gay agenda.

The Gothamist reports:

According to the group’s website, all volunteers, including health care workers, should read and adhere to a statement of faith, in which marriage is defined as “exclusively the union of one genetic male and one genetic female” and the unrighteous are sentenced to “everlasting punishment in hell.”

That’s right, everyone who volunteers or works for Samaritan Purse must pinky swear that they believe that sinners go to Hell and gays can’t get married because it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Much more at the link above.   Hugs


April 22, 2020

One question: Why …


April 19, 2020

These Christian Moms Are Complaining About Gay Duck Dads in DuckTales

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And here on full display is Christian bigotry.  Something that makes no difference, is no big deal, most kids won’t even notice, is not central to the story, and something that most of us wouldn’t even know about until they make it a big deal with the fake pious outrage.   Where is that same outrage about kids in cages at the southern border?  Where is that outrage at all the other social ills?  No it is their personal hate for LGBTQ that is so very important.  Hugs

These Christian Moms Are Complaining About Gay Duck Dads in DuckTales

The three (?) moms at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,785) are outraged over the existence of gay dads in a recent episode of children’s cartoon “DuckTales.”


Leave it to Christians to get outraged over fictional gay ducks.

The show’s co-Executive Producer Frank Angones said online earlier this month that the characters “do not play a huge role in the story thus far,” even if he would like to do more with LGBTQ representation. Which means the Christian Moms are angry about ancillary characters who barely factor into the episode.

Unless we ever see a DuckTales Cinematic Universe, the existence of these dads is really the most anyone will ever see.


Conservative Christians love to pretend they oppose gay actions, not gay people. That’s a lie. That’s always been a lie. These Moms are blowing a collective gasket over a cartoon that merely shows the existence of gay parents without further commentary.

As we wrote when the same Moms got mad about lesbian characters on a different cartoon, simply acknowledging a same-sex couple isn’t “pushing an agenda” any more than featuring a straight one. If you’re looking for something that violates God’s intended design, maybe get mad that the show is all about a bunch of talking ducks.

More at the link above.   Hugs

April 17, 2020

In Call with Pastors, Secretary of State Promotes Christian Nation Myth

In Call with Pastors, Secretary of State Promotes Christian Nation Myth

How intertwined is this administration with the Christian Right?

Pompeo took it up a notch last week during a phone call with right-wing pastors and hosted by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins. He told the group that he would be using his position to promote, among other things, the Commission on Unalienable Rights.

The CUR has been criticized for rejecting the rights of LGBTQ people.

Said Pompeo:

… I set about creating a group that would study this, review this, and with the mission set to say, what are those unalienable rights? What are the set of God-given rights that every human being possesses by nature of their humanness? So, by middle of May or first of June, we will have that report come back. And I think it will return America’s understanding of human rights — at least at the State Department, I hope more broadly — back to the fundamental moorings of the Judeo-Christian tradition on which this country was founded, to take this idea of rights and human rights back to the foundational ideas that have made this civilization, this country here, so unique and so special. I’m really looking forward to having that report complete and then sharing that with my team and with the world.

According to Right Wing Watch, he went on to say that he has frequently promoted his religion while working for the government, a clear violation of every Establishment Clause interpretation:

More of Pompeo’s own words of how he pushes his Christianity on other governments world wide.   More at the link above.   Hugs


April 9, 2020

Power grab

April 6, 2020

it’s never just about a cake

April 1, 2020

Franklin Graham Is Behind NYC’s Central Park COVID-19 Field Hospital – Volunteers Asked to ‘Support’ Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs

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Franklin Graham Is Behind NYC’s Central Park COVID-19 Field Hospital – Volunteers Asked to ‘Support’ Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs

Gothamist notes that Graham has “a track record of using humanitarian missions to proselytize an evangelical agenda.”

The New York Times once described Samaritan’s Purse as an “American evangelical relief group that is using private donations and United States government money to help victims of two earthquakes,” and reported it “has blurred the line between church and state as its volunteers preach, pray and seek converts among people desperate for help.”

Graham wants only Christian medical staff, including doctors, to work in his field hospital.

According to Samaritan’s Purse, volunteers are asked to support Graham’s extreme anti-LGBTQ beliefs.

“The primary mission of Samaritan’s Purse is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we seek volunteers who have the same mindset. We ask that volunteers review our Statement of Faith and agree to support the ministry guidelines of Samaritan’s Purse.”

His Statement of Faith includes this belief:

“We believe God’s plan for human sexuality is to be expressed only within the context of marriage, that God created man and woman as unique biological persons made to complete each other. God instituted monogamous marriage between male and female as the foundation of the family and the basic structure of human society. For this reason, we believe that marriage is exclusively the union of one genetic male and one genetic female.”

March 28, 2020

Beautiful friends ship of taxpayer money

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