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December 18, 2018

Citing the Bible, TN School Board Member Rejects Gay-Straight Alliance Club

Again a person using their religious beliefs to force others to obey their version of god.  This person says his god comes before all state laws, federal laws, the bill of rights, and even the constitution.   He wants a theocracy built on his his god and his version , forcing everyone to do as he sees fit.   He is a religious asshole.  There is more at the link below.     Hugs

Tecky Hicks, who works as a Baptist pastor, said that if the GSA group was formed, he would urge parents to pull their kids out of school.

Hicks told board members he took the same oath as [Vice Chairman Debbie] Shedden, but he believes the Bible supersedes the Constitution of the U.S., the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, school board policy, the state constitution “and everything else.”

“Therefore, based on that, there’s no way under God’s heaven I can approve any such club in our schools,” Hicks told the board. “I’ve got a daughter who has a child in second grade this year, and she has already made the decision that if something like this is approved by our board, she’s pulling her kid out of school. I would suggest, and I’ll make it a public statement, that every person in the county who has that privilege — do it.

“I’ll take my stand on what I believe above and beyond anything man has ever made because the Bible plainly teaches that we are to subject ourselves to the authority that’s over us as long as the authority doesn’t overstep the bounds of what God has said it ought to be. God settled that over 2,000 years ago, folks, and I’m going to stand on it until hell freezes over.

He took an oath… and then promptly refused to follow it because being a religious bigot matters more than doing what’s best for students. That’s his philosophy. While the district might be better off without families that think like him, it’s a sad statement that the existence of a club for students he thinks are Hell-bound is enough to make a push for homeschooling. (Would he say the same thing about a club for atheists? Jews? Hindus?)

December 17, 2018

How they see it

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December 15, 2018

Catholic Archbishop: If Your Religion Contradicts the Law, Ignore the Law


The Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin is telling Catholics that they are not obligated to follow lawsthat contradict their faith.

Far from separation of church and state, Martin wants Church to simply ignore the State.

Concerning the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill, which goes before the Seanad this week, Archbishop Martin said, “There’s a clear Catholic teaching that if legislation is against the basic principles of faith of people that they can’t be forced to carry it out.

Asked whether this right of Catholics not to obey laws in certain circumstances also included legislation on divorce, same-sex marriage and family planning, Archbishop said: “There’s a hierarchy of truths in Catholic teaching and the centrality of some aspects. If people have conscientious objection it’s a very important thing to remember it. For me, very often social change comes from people who stand up for their commitments.”

Martin’s assessment might make former Kentucky clerk Kim Davis proud, but if everyone chose to follow only the laws they wanted to, while claiming a religious defense for ignoring the rest, society wouldn’t function. Martin’s fine with faith trumping civil laws… but I have a hunch he would be saying something very different if we were talking about Muslims and other non-Christians instead of fellow Catholics.

No a sin

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December 13, 2018

They think it is OK for them to do it, but not those icky gays that their god hates.

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December 10, 2018

The stupidity burns…

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December 1, 2018

Way to be inclusive. Best wishes. Hugs

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November 22, 2018

Trump Admin Pressured National 4-H Youth Group to Stop Welcoming LGBTQ+ Members

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November 20, 2018

Again this is why I fight against religions and why I am an anti-theist. Hugs

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Trump Administration Forces National 4-H Group To Drop Welcome To LGBT Youth, Iowa 4-H Head Fired

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The international youth organization, with more than 6 million members, introduced the new guidance to ensure LGBT members felt protected by their local 4-H program. The document and their attempts to broaden membership in the LGBT community was a smaller part of a larger, multi-year effort to modernize the federally authorized group. Several states posted the national guidance on their websites, including Iowa, where it prompted fierce opposition from conservatives and some evangelical groups.

November 14, 2018

Anti-Gay Canadian Lawyer Compares Rainbow Pride Flag to Nazi Symbol

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November 13, 2018

Hate crime in chief, tell me something I don’t know. tRump encourages his hateful base with his own hate and bigotry

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Another way religion poisons things, and why I fight against religions. Hugs

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November 10, 2018

Using the DOJ to attack gays by christian right wing fanatics.

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November 6, 2018

Consistency much? More example of bigotry and hate


October 31, 2018

Finally a christian who makes sense.

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Baptist Minister Says the Book of Genesis Gets Human Sexuality All Wrong

Stayton, professor emeritus in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University, said the same embryonic material develops in the womb into both male and female. Which depends on factors including whether the default progression toward an XX chromosome pair is switched off by the introduction of the Y chromosome from the male.

“It’s impossible in biology — and when you look at paleobiology — it’s impossible that males came first,” Stayton said. “God does not go against God’s own setup, if you will. Nature’s intention is always to produce a female, and you have to add something to weaken the system and make it a man.”

“That’s a really profound thing that we haven’t dealt with very well, especially with Genesis,” he said. “Actually, the pre-Hebrew religions were all female worldwide, and Genesis turns out to be the final putdown of women. That’s a very important teaching for us in working in this field.”

“There is no binary male and female,” Stayton said. “We are all on a spectrum.”

“Even in this room, we’re all on a spectrum, and it’s important that we begin to see the matrix, the dimensions, the possibilities along that spectrum that we all are on, that it’s all normal.”

Regarding sexual orientation, Stayton introduced the Kinsey Scale, used in college textbooks ranging from zero for exclusively heterosexual to six for exclusively homosexual. Stayton said research indicates that 80 percent of people are somewhere in between.

‘Nature’s intention really is to produce a three,” he said. “The more repressive a society becomes, the more it reaches out to the bipolar opposites. The less repressive societies move into the two, three, four categories.”

Stayton then proposed a “solid biblical case” for proving that Jesus was “a solid three.”

October 24, 2018

So they come for us… we have no rights according to the DOJ

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October 20, 2018

Baptist Preacher Goes on Unhinged Vile Rant Against LGBTQ People

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This is Independent Fundamental Baptist Pastor Jonathan Shelley of Pure Words Baptist Church in Houston, Texas giving a lengthy rant against the mere existence of gay people… who he claims are shoving their agenda “down your throat.”

Even beyond that, he claims that since LGBTQ people “hate God” when it comes to sexuality, they’re also capable of all kinds of evil.


Ex-Gay Crowdfunding Site Raises $100K To Help “Death To Gays” Chicago Priest Who Burned Rainbow Flag

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As you may recall, in a September interview with NBC News, Kalchik proudly cited the Leviticus bible verse calling for homosexuals to be executed.

October 11, 2018

Karen Pence Campaigns For GOP House Candidate Who Longs For Return To Criminalization Of Homosexuality

“In one generation you and I have witnessed this country sliding from a nation who once shared a moral vision based on Judeo-Christian ethic to a nation floundering in moral decay. In one generation we have watched our nation who once believed in lifelong marriages to the same spouse to a divorce rate now well over 50 percent. We have watched in one generation where homosexuality was once criminalized to now we see the criminalization of Christianity.”


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