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April 6, 2020

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April 1, 2020

Franklin Graham Is Behind NYC’s Central Park COVID-19 Field Hospital – Volunteers Asked to ‘Support’ Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs

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Franklin Graham Is Behind NYC’s Central Park COVID-19 Field Hospital – Volunteers Asked to ‘Support’ Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs

Gothamist notes that Graham has “a track record of using humanitarian missions to proselytize an evangelical agenda.”

The New York Times once described Samaritan’s Purse as an “American evangelical relief group that is using private donations and United States government money to help victims of two earthquakes,” and reported it “has blurred the line between church and state as its volunteers preach, pray and seek converts among people desperate for help.”

Graham wants only Christian medical staff, including doctors, to work in his field hospital.

According to Samaritan’s Purse, volunteers are asked to support Graham’s extreme anti-LGBTQ beliefs.

“The primary mission of Samaritan’s Purse is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we seek volunteers who have the same mindset. We ask that volunteers review our Statement of Faith and agree to support the ministry guidelines of Samaritan’s Purse.”

His Statement of Faith includes this belief:

“We believe God’s plan for human sexuality is to be expressed only within the context of marriage, that God created man and woman as unique biological persons made to complete each other. God instituted monogamous marriage between male and female as the foundation of the family and the basic structure of human society. For this reason, we believe that marriage is exclusively the union of one genetic male and one genetic female.”

March 28, 2020

Beautiful friends ship of taxpayer money

March 25, 2020

Right-Wing Activist Opposes COVID-19 Relief Since It Might Help Trans People

Again religion used to bash others.  In this case it is to prevent assistance to people at risk because of church bigotry.  Is this the message their holy book teaches, harm the most vulnerable, hurt the sick, deny help to those who do not worship as you do?   Hugs

Right-Wing Activist Opposes COVID-19 Relief Since It Might Help Trans People

Ed Martin, who runs the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, a group modeled after the woman who arguably blocked the Equal Rights Amendment decades ago, says we shouldn’t adopt proposed relief efforts during the current pandemic because they may help transgender people.

Spoken like someone who has no conceivable idea of the hardships that trans people face.

And spoken like someone who despises a vulnerable group so much that if they are being helped by a relief program — one that would help everyone rather than singling out some groups over others — then no one should benefit.

By the way, just months ago, Martin spoke out against the proposed Violence Against Women Act because it would include trans women.

The Schlafly cruelty lives on.

More at the link above and quotes from this bigot himself.  Hugs


March 20, 2020

GOP Lawmaker Opposed Pandemic Relief Bill Because It Was Too Gay-Friendly

Bigotry makes evangelical Christians happy even when it kills.  Especially when it hurts or kills those they hate.   Hugs

GOP Lawmaker Opposed Pandemic Relief Bill Because It Was Too Gay-Friendly

Proving yet again that homophobes too often fail to keep their focus on the important bits, Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) has publicly declared that he refused to support the bill because — however much it might help control the spread of the potentially deadly virus — it includes people he doesn’t like (read: LGBTQ couples) in its definition of “families.”

The version of the bill first introduced on March 11 provided a framework of definitions outlining who was eligible for paid leave. The bill specified that a person was entitled to leave if caring for a “biological, foster, or adopted child, a stepchild, a child of a domestic partner.”

It’s worth noting that these definitions were excised from the final version of the bill.

Still, Biggs is willing to stand proudly behind his decision to vote against employer tax credits, strengthened food safety provisions, access to unemployment insurance, and diagnostic testing for the uninsured. In a radio program hosted by the Family Research Council (a designated hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center), Biggs explained his objection:

The irony here is that, because the language defining these terms was excised — presumably to appease people like Biggs who wanted to exclude families they disapproved from accessing assistance — the definition of “committed relationship” is a lot more amorphous than the law’s creators originally intended.

Either Biggs is unaware of the differences between the original version of the bill and the one he actually voted against, or he’s being disingenuous about the difference because he wants to stir up anti-LGBTQ sentiment in his audience.

There is more at the link above including the definition he was objecting to that included legally married same sex couples as familys.   The thing is by demanding changes he made the families covered by the bill much broader than intended, hurting his own cause.  Hugs


March 16, 2020

Not ignoring anyone, here is what is going on

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Hello everyone.   As I have now come out to Nan and admitted that I am hardly able to be doing my normal online stuff I should tell everyone.   

I have been having a set of bad times lately.   First I fell about two months ago hurting my self.   Then more recently I got sick and simply couldn’t stay out of bed.  If I was up for two to four hours it was a good day.   

Recently my right shoulder swelled and is getting harder to use and it causes intense pain down my arm.   Trying to use the mouse or even type is normally so painful I simply have to stop doing it.  I just took all my meds including an extra morphine at 6PM  and I am struggling past the pain to write this.  I can not lay on it at all.  I can not hardly hold my phone and text, it causes such pain to hold my arm in that position, I have to keep moving my keyboard and then putting my arm out and let it dangle to get any relief.   Sometimes I put it in the crock of my chair and its arm and stretch forward to help relieve the pain.  Basically any more than a couple hours at the desk and I am going out of my mind with pain.  You may have noticed the posting has gotten less and less, not to mention going to others blogs.  Basically all I could do was maybe post a few easy things before my arm / shoulder hurt so bad I couldn’t think.   Even reading others blogs was a problem because I either couldn’t concentrate ( and let’s admit it, you guys write great blogs that require thought, which is unfair for the thoughtless such as I. ) nor could I respond.  

Yesterday Ron, thinking the desk and blogging was hurting my shoulder dragged me away to do an afternoon of shopping.   He had tried that same thing a few days ago taking me out for lunch but by the time we were done I was in tears from the pain and we came home.   But Yesterday I was a brave soul, after I couldn’t hardly stand at the first store, a big  warehouse of kitchy items, I went with him to Home Depot and Lowes to find a set of lights he could not find.  I was in so much pain and so angry when we got home,  I went online and found exactly what he wanted in under 2 minutes and then yelled at him for putting me through that painful shit just because he doesn’t use computers.   I then went tearfully to bed.  

The good news is I have an appointment with my pain doctor tomorrow morning and she is great.  She has already last month increased my pain meds and I suspect will do the same again.   However the saga continues.  As Nan might say, it is always something with me.  Sorry Nan, remember I am the lucky one as I have Ron, a roof over my head, food in my belly, two cats to snuggle with I am allergic too, Ron’s employee health insurance, and medicare. ( would rather have Medicare for All and it would save me deductibles, co-pays, and the premum I pay out of my less than living disability wage ) So I am not in any way wanting sympathy, especially as it would require most adult thinker to ask as Ron occasionally does ” What the hell were you thinking”?  OK a lot of time people ask that.     ********

***** Just got a text from Ron at the hospital,  they have coronavirus PT’s in each of the ICU anti rooms ( those are negative pressure rooms with an airlock system ) Ron’s ICU is not supposed to have any one with illness or disease in it as they are open heart.  Everything from cracked open ribs and a chest open held together by mesh to slightly less.  He and those on that ICU know their stuff more than any other ICU people.  I have not heard but I guess the hospital will have to shut down any elective heart surgeries and move emergent ones to a different hospital.    Now back to my scheduled rant ****

***** continuing from above.     I actually love that people care about me, something that has not happened a lot in my life and that has left me emotionally stunted.   Not going over it here.  It is one reason I take the opinions of those who come here often, seriously when they advise me of something they think is the proper course of actions or ask me ” What the hell were you thinking”?     I respect their knowledge, educations, their own life experiences, and their being willing to reach out and share.   

So I thought today everything would be good today, boy was I wrong.  This morning I got a text on my phone from Randy.    He had sent me a gift and it had arrived while I was in the shower.  It was outside my office door.  I was excited and as I looked at my phone typing back I walked towards the door.  ( don’t the mythical gods love that time to strike?  )  I started to step down, there was a yowl and a hiss from the floor, a sound I had heard before and knew as a cat who was being stepped on.   Not wanting either A) hurt one of my beloved cats nor B) a large vet bill, I jerked my leg upward ( which caused damage to it ) and then realized I was pitching face first towards the floor.  Not a good realization really.   I really would have canceled that movement had it been up to me.     I had started to twist so my right hip hit first, not a good thing, and my outstretched right arm hit next jaring my already injured right shoulder, the phone in my left hand went for a flight test, first hitting the wall and then the floor bouncing off both to slide under the TV stand and pass under it to the outer wall.  My head hit last just missing the metal edge of the rolling metal TV stand we have for my office TV.   Hey good news, my glasses never came off.  There I lay, the breath knocked out of me and waves of pain surging through me.  Ron’s was in the shower so my cries and shouts did not get his attention, something I understand but he is upset about.  The cat of course ran and later claimed I tried to smother it by falling all over him as he was innocently laying sleeping in the three foot walk path to the door.    

After a few minutes I managed to roll around and get my arms under me, and with a lot of effort get to my knees.   Then reaching up to my desk I was able to stand up.   I then knew something was wrong.  My right leg was in a lot of pain, to move it was worse , and it was giving me little support.   I was worried I had fractured the hip or had damaged the artificial hip joint.  I have soft thin bones.  Not to mention a soft thin mind.

Long story short an upset Ron got me on the bed, looked the hip over, did range of motion tests including what I could do without help.   He doesn’t think the bones are broken as that would be a lot worse.   He does think I have torn the muscles and “wrenched” the joint.  He is worried about the ligaments. He thinks by morning it will be swollen and quite discolored.     We wont know if the artificial hip joint “folded” until tomorrow but Ron doesn’t think it likely.   The hip has been swelling but he expected that.  And he left instructions including early to bed and no sitting up at the computer as that could aggravate the hip.  ( oops sorry goofed again ) As I can not get support out of the hip and it is so painful I am using my heaviest cane here in the house to move around. )  I will soon be going to bed. ( Yes Ron I heard you ! )  Any movement of the leg causes sudden sharp pains but have you tried not to move your leg any?  It happens without thought.  

That has been what is happening in my life, hope yours has been better.   I am going to finish a few more videos, ( they are news clips as I have missed almost everything going on, and try to read a few more blogs until I start to go completely out of my mind and then it will be off to bed.   Best wishes for all, Hugs


March 10, 2020

Conservative Christians Are Furious About Washington’s Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill

I am not going to copy any quotes from this as it is short read and everything in it is equally important.   If you want to see a great comprehensive sexual education program this is a good one, and if you want to see how ignorant these Christians are about sexual issues and how they want your kids as ignorant as they are, this is also a great read.    Even the idea of teaching students consent drives them crazy.     Hugs

Conservative Christians Are Furious About Washington’s Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill

March 9, 2020

E.W. Jackson: There’s a “Virulent” Strain of “Homovirus” Affecting America

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Watch out people the religious rights’s favorite boogieman is again on their minds and out their lips.   Ah the power we gays have over the world.   Hugs

E.W. Jackson: There’s a “Virulent” Strain of “Homovirus” Affecting America

Right-wing radio host and former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia E.W. Jackson would like everyone to know there’s something much more dangerous than the coronavirus out there.

It’s spreading fast.

It’s destroying families.

It’s the homovirus.

The last thing in the world the black community needs is more destruction of the family, more attacks on the family, and that’s all this whole homosexual movement amounts to,” Jackson said. “It is a virulent, violent attack. You know what? I’m going to get in trouble for this one, but this is right off the presses: It is the homovirus for the family.”

Who knew two people in love would wreak such havoc on the world…?

Right-Wing Pastor: God Sent Us Coronavirus Because of Homosexuality

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The religious right’s idea of homosexuality is weird.   They claim to hate it, and yet it seems to be their favorite topic to constantly talk about.   They tend to claim it has all sorts of power to cause their god to do destructive acts.   So their god acts only with hate?   Plus their god punishes heterosexuals for equal respectful treatment of homosexuals?   It simply makes no sense.   But here we go again.   Hugs

Right-Wing Pastor: God Sent Us Coronavirus Because of Homosexuality

Look, if you’re gonna be a bigot in the 21st century, at least try and get some new material.

Blaming gay people for everything that goes wrong in society — including the spread of the coronavirus, as Pastor Steven Andrew of the USA Christian Church is doing — is getting pretty old.

Andrew found a way to connect LGBTQ people, women who have abortions, and people who don’t worship as he does with the epidemic.

He added that March is “Repent of LGBT Sin Month”… which I doubt is what anyone is giving up for Lent.

In any case, his attempt to link a group he hates with a punishment he enjoys makes no sense. The one time that God destroyed a city for same-sex relations was when rape was involved. The real sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was abuse of hospitality.

a bit more at the link above.  I love the last two paragraphs.   Hugs



Right-Wing Professor Praises Authoritarians Who Promote “Christian Politics”

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The take over is well under way to make the country a sacred theocracy of the Christian religion.   Fight back people, fight to keep our secular democracy.   Hugs

Conservative professor Dr. Allan Carlson gave an interview last year before speaking at a right-wing religious conference — a video of it just went online Thursday — and said Christians shouldn’t fear losing the culture wars because it was possible to still win the “political” side of the issues.

What does that mean? He said there are countries in Europe right now where “Christian politics is, in fact, growing and becoming more successful.”

Okay. So it’s tempting to think that means there are countries governed by conservative Christians in which the people are better off as a result. Right?

Nope. Not even close.

Carlson’s examples of nations with successful “strong Christian governments” include Hungary and Poland, nations where authoritarians have essentially killed democracy to the best of their abilities and ruled with an iron fist.

There is a lot more at the link above.   I strongly recommend reading the post.  It is short but it out lines the different countries this professor promotes and then the author shows how bad things really are and how human rights have failed because of the growing religious take over.   It seems authoritarian and fascist governments are breeding grounds for religious take over or the reverse is happening where religious take over of government leads to fascism.    Hugs



Pastor Puts Anti-Gay Sign on Lawn After Realizing His Neighbors Are Lesbians

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Christian tolerance at its finest.   These are the same people who claim persecution and discrimination when they are prevented from putting their religious symbols in government buildings and in public schools.   These are the same people who insist on trying to force everyone to live by their church rules.    Hugs



It’s hard to see but there are words under that image saying, “God forbids homosexuality, so should we,” along with specific Bible verses that conservative Christians use to clobber gay people with.

It doesn’t mean this saga has ended. Last weekend, supporters of Slimer’s family showed up to stage a counter-protest.

More than two dozen people showed up to gather across the street from the church with signs that read, “Spread love not hate, ” “God is love,” and “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Some carried rainbow flags or wore rainbow-themed clothing.

Cornwell isn’t budging. He has since put up a second sign saying “Smile at the camera,” perhaps meant to dissuade counter-protesters from demonstrating against his hate.

If there’s any positive takeaway from this, it’s that this guy may be full of hate, but he’s very much in the minority. The number of people supporting the same-sex couple is overwhelming and several comment threads about this controversy are no different.

When someone’s Christian faith inspires him to hate his neighbor (even if he calls it “love”), no one is eager to get on board with him or his religion.

More at the link above.   Hugs

March 4, 2020

Biden has so much shitty voting baggage.

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Biden has so much shitty voting baggage.

“The Power Worshippers” Explores the Dangerous World of Christian Nationalism

“The Power Worshippers” Explores the Dangerous World of Christian Nationalism

And now, in her latest book, she’s taking a closer look at Christian Nationalism in the Trump administration. It’s called The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism and it’s all about how the “culture wars” have been superseded by Christians who want to wage a “political war on the norms and institutions of American democracy.”

Scary stuff. In the excerpt below, Stewart talks about the insidious nature of Project Blitz, the Christian Right’s playbook for inundating state legislatures with bills designed to promote their faith.

But the point of phase I is just to clear the path for phase II, which consists of bills that propose to inject Christian nationalist ideas more directly into schools and other government entities. Some phase II bills are intended to promote the teaching and celebration of Christianity in public schools, including support for sectarian “Bible literacy” curricula, particularly those that include hefty servings of Christian nationalist history and the declaration of a “Christian Heritage Week.” They are a means of spreading the message, among children especially, that conservative Christians are the real Americans and everybody else is here by invitation only. According to Barton, these laws “will also be pretty easy to pass,” but the opposition is “going to be a lot more virulent and mean in their attacks.” The point of phase II, of course, is to make room for phase III, which legalizes discrimination against those whose actions (or very being) offends the sensibilities of conservative Christians.

There is much more good information at the link above, including the short excerpt which I found very enlightening.   We better understand the drive of these people and what they really want, because they have gained huge power and leverage.   We have all seen what happens when religion takes over a secular country.   We have seen it in the far past and in recent history.   Science and rights disappear and forced following the religion is the name of the game.   Corruption is rampant for those in the leadership, fear and struggle for the rest it is struggling toil and religious policing.  You see the intolerance now for even any mention in places of more than Christian prayer in town meetings.   It must be all Christian at all times.     Hugs

Trump Campaign Will Hold Event at “Gay Is Not Okay” Evangelical Church in Ohio

One step on the short road to religious take oveer and LGBTQ people beeing illegal and in hiding.   This use to be a secular country.    Hugs

Trump Campaign Will Hold Event at “Gay Is Not Okay” Evangelical Church in Ohio

Donald Trump‘s campaign is planning a rally on Friday at Solid Rock Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. His “spiritual adviser” Paula White will be there trying to drum up the white evangelical bigot vote.

Why is that newsworthy? Besides the fact that a church is hosting a campaign rally without the slightest concern over losing its tax-exempt status, it’s the home of Pastor Lawrence Bishop II (below), whose family has repeatedly spread anti-LGBTQ bigotry that goes far beyond saying homosexuality is a sin.

For example, here’s Bishop trashing “limp-wristed” church leaders who dance like “a fairy.” But before you accuse him of homophobia, he says he wants to help anyone who’s gay get “delivered” because “God can set the homosexual free.”

These are the sorts of Christians that the Trump campaign wants on its side. They’re bigots. They delight in cruelty. They find joy in ruining the lives of LGBTQ people. That’s what the GOP stands for, and those are the voters they need to win in 2020.

There is more examples of the anti-gay things they do and take pride in how it hurts others.    There is even a video at the link above.    Hugs

March 3, 2020

Kentucky Reporter Recalls the Christian Hypocrisy of Former Gov. Matt Bevin

Kentucky Reporter Recalls the Christian Hypocrisy of Former Gov. Matt Bevin

… As governor, Bevin glinted a similar religious sheen. But for all the ways he reflected Kentucky’s Christian values, the Bluegrass State boasts one of the highest child abuse rates in the country; rising numbers of children abused and neglected to death; high rate of social worker caseloads and turnover, and record numbers of children in foster care

This was my context when I reached out to Bevin’s office about this event — one of four in churches across Kentucky — each of which was co-hosted by Focus on the Family and state agencies to enlist “quality” foster and adoptive parents.

I asked one of Bevin’s spokespeople whether a goal of these events is “to only recruit heterosexual couples to adopt children.”

The answer, of course, was yes. Instead of saying that, though, Bevin’s spokesperson chastised Acquisto for even asking the question. It didn’t stop there. When she attended the event, Bevin was there in person, and he called out the reporter (without saying her name) in front of the crowd for questioning his intentions.

“There are people who want to undermine this,” he said. “There’s a newspaper in this immediate region, and I won’t name their name, but it rhymes with Schmerald-Schmeader, [and] their only interest in this effort was to try and find problems with Focus on the Family and the kind of people who they imagined were going to come here, and the kind of way in which they would or would not approach what it’s like to open your home. That’s the only interest they had.”

It was an emblematic moment of friction between Bevin and the press, a notoriously hostile relationship while he was in office.

But it also highlighted a disparity that many journalists deal with today, and one that Bevin lobbed regularly: the very act of questioning is an unacceptable affront.

As always there is more at the link above.   Hugs


Christian Group Celebrates End of Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Because He’s Gay

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They will claim their prayers were answered and god stepped in to keep the abomination from ruling the lands given to the Christians by their man made creator.   Hugs

Christian Group Celebrates End of Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Because He’s Gay

The National Association of Christian Lawmakers, a right-wing Christian Nationalist group run by Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert, is celebrating the end of Pete Buttigieg‘s campaign.

If they were actually concerned about a president whose life runs contrary to so-called biblical values, you’d think they’d have a problem with the guy who paid hush money to cover up the affair he had shortly after his third wife gave birth to his fifth child… but instead, the group is going after the monogamous gay guy in a happy marriage who quotes Scripture in practically every stump speech and debate appearance.

Because that’s the real threat to “family values.”

Remember this whenever white evangelicals lie about wanting to “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Buttigieg didn’t flaunt his homosexuality. He just didn’t try to hide it. He wanted to be president, not a gay president, whatever that means. And yet these nasty Christians couldn’t handle that, either, because the existence of happy gay people goes against the self-loathing they want LGBTQ people to feel all the time.

There are tweets and other information at the link above.   Hugs

March 1, 2020

AOC: The GOP Only Ever Invokes “Religious Freedom” When It Wants to Justify Hate

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AOC: The GOP Only Ever Invokes “Religious Freedom” When It Wants to Justify Hate

During a hearing yesterday in the U.S. House about the “Administration’s Religious Liberty Assault on LGBTQ Rights‘,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made it clear that Donald Trump and other Republicans have used religion — her faith included — to justify all kinds of atrocities against the very people who need protection from the government.

There is nothing holy about rejecting medical care of people, no matter who they are, on the grounds of what their identity is. There is nothing holy about turning someone away from a hospital. There’s nothing holy about rejecting a child from a family. There’s nothing holy about writing discrimination into the law, and I am tired of communities of faith being weaponized and being mischaracterized, because the only time religious freedom is invoked, it’s in the name of bigotry and discrimination. I’m tired of it.

… I just have to get that out ahead of time, because it is deeply disturbing, not just what is
happening here, but what this administration is advancing is the idea that religion and faith is about exclusion. It is not up to us. It is not up to us to deny medical care. It is up to us to feed the hungry, to clothe the poor, to protect children, and to love all people as ourselves.

Remember that the vast majority of white evangelicals believe everything she said is downright heretical. They are practically giddy using religion to hurt refugees, punish women, and drive transgender people to suicide.

Ocasio-Cortez also correctly pointed out that religion has been used to justify slavery, white supremacy, and other forms of bigotry. This is only the latest instance of Christianity being used to hurt others.

February 24, 2020

Florida Bill Prevents Kids from Studying Subjects Their Parents Don’t Agree With

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An uneducated religious population easy to control by the church is the goal it seems.   Hugs

Florida Bill Prevents Kids from Studying Subjects Their Parents Don’t Agree With

A Florida Senate panel has narrowly backed a bill that would leave children without the right to learn about subjects their parents don’t agree with — including the theory of evolution, anthropogenic climate change, and a whole raft of topics under the umbrella of sex education.

In addition to science-based topics, progressive activists point out that the bill could lead to children of white supremacists being pulled from lessons about African American history or the achievements of other cultures, or Holocaust deniers who refuse to let their children learn history lessons that counter their own propaganda.

The woman who filed SB 1634State Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland), says the bill does not change any of the rights already afforded to parents under Florida law; it just highlights them and requires schools to incorporate explicitly into their policies.

On top of allowing parents to restrict their children’s learning based on little more than their own ignorance, the bill also requires educators to give parents information about children’s health and well-being without clearly defining what those terms mean. While provisions exist for situations where keeping confidentiality might be “reasonable and necessary” to protect a child, they lean in the direction of very narrow protections for children.

LGBTQ rights activist Delilah Pierre points out that LGBTQ children will be doubly impacted by the bill: kept from learning about LGBTQ history and identity even as they face the risk that their educators will feel compelled to out them to unsupportive families:

This bill takes away the right of queer and trans kids to even have their own personal identification of themselves, their right to have to tell their parents of their queerness and their transness, in their way, on their own terms. This bill makes it possible for people to erase even more LGBTQ history.

The sad reality is that the children whose parents most want to control what their children learn are the ones who most need access to the alternate perspectives they can get from a comprehensive education. And it is exactly those children whose parents are most likely to take advantage of the rights this bill outlines.

February 22, 2020

Iowa GOP Lawmaker Wants to Know Everyone’s Sexual Orientation Before Marriage

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People wonder why I am anti-theist.    Well it is because they want to rule and force their ways on everyone else.   They are not happy with just living their life by their doctrines, they must force others to live by the rules of their church.  What they do voluntarily they demand the right to force others to do.   The only right they want is for themselves, and no others.   They don’t want to worship their god so much as have the power of their god to rule.   Hugs

Iowa GOP Lawmaker Wants to Know Everyone’s Sexual Orientation Before Marriage

An Iowa bill (Senate File 2130) proposes just that: Applicants for a marriage license would have to specify whether they are bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, questioning, or “unsure.” (There’s also a blank to fill in for anyone who identifies outside of the listed options.)

No answer? No marriage license.

But prospective spouses who give the “wrong” answer for any reason — maybe they thought they had successfully prayed the gay away, or they were unaware of that aspect of their sexuality, or were afraid to admit the truth in front of family members — could have their mistake used against them in future divorce proceedings. They would be held automatically liable for the dissolution of the marriage, and it could be used to prove them unfit to care for their children.

But none of this has ever been about creating better lives for anybody; it’s always been about punishing people for living outside Christianity’s rules by first creating a society that pushed gay people into straight marriages, then later painting them as the villains when that solution wasn’t sustainable.

Anybody who’s been following Guth’s career would hardly be surprised by the depth of his vitriol against the LGBTQ community: it’s been woven through his work in the legislature for years. Two years ago, he was pushing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would give Iowans the right to refuse services to anyone their religion told them to hate. He has complained publicly about the health risks of homosexuality. He also worked on a Senate bill to repeal marriage equality in Iowa, and he has continued to pledge to “restore traditional marriage” in subsequent campaigns.

This is just one more attempt to push LGBTQ folks into abiding by Christianity’s outdated relationship rules — no matter what it costs them.

February 13, 2020

RIGHT WING EXTREMISMIowa Anti-LGBTQ Bill Is So Extreme It Would Require Teachers to Notify Parents if They Are Going to Talk About Pete Buttigieg

LGBTQ+ people exist.   We are in all walks of life and in almost every family.    Just because you don’t like LGBTQ+ people doesn’t mean schools cannot teach that they exist and what impact they have had on society.   The pastor claims no hate in his heart, so let me show how hateful this law is.   Replace gender identity and sexual orientation with the words black and Jewish.   Now should parents get notified and get to pull their kids from a public school class if a black person is to be taught about, or is something about a jewish person is in the lesson plan?  See how racist and bigoted this is?   This completely about bigotry and hatefulness.   These people have to understand not teaching their kids about LGBTQ+ doesn’t make them go away, the kids know people who maybe LGBTQ+.   They see it on TV, video games, and movies.   All these laws do is promote hate and bullying.   The kids of these adults naturally pick up the hate of their parents and take it out on anyone they think might be “one of those”.    I am sick of all this shit, just because some people think their religion should give them the right to oppress others.    Hugs

Iowa Anti-LGBTQ Bill Is So Extreme It Would Require Teachers to Notify Parents if They Are Going to Talk About Pete Buttigieg

The bill’s anti-LGBTQ intention is clear.

“Not all parents want others to teach their children about sexual orientation and gender identity because it, too, involves family religious beliefs about sexuality and sexual ethics,” Rep. Sandy Salmon, a Republican, said Monday, as reports. “Not all families agree with the viewpoint held by many schools regarding sexual identity issues and they should be allowed to opt out of instruction that contains that.”

“The LGBTQ lifestyle is controversial,” pastor Brad Cranston said. “Not everyone in the state believes there is nothing wrong with these lifestyles. My biblical worldview tells me there is something very definitely wrong. There are many in this state, with no hatred in their heart, who have those sincere beliefs.”

Cranston said parents have the right “to know exactly what the public school, which they are paying with their tax dollars, is teaching their kids.”

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