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November 13, 2019

Let’s talk about impeachment, being uncomfortable, and saving lives….

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Christian Nationalists Are Apparently Trying to Avoid Registering Young Voters

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November 5, 2019

You are just not being allowed to oppress those you do not like. Actions, not thoughts. Behavior not belief

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November 4, 2019

When Florida had a committee to terrorize gay people

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There is no right for Christians to oppress others

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November 2, 2019

Let’s talk about another question I wish wasn’t being asked….

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October 28, 2019

I would add it is about bigotry also

October 25, 2019

A description of what it is like to be born into the wrong gendered body.

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Hello everyone.  Today on my Toy Box we are talking about transgender and what it means.   I am not transgender and so I am a bad spokesperson for that, but I have felt the adverse abuse from being different than the majority of the population. 

Here I found a great way to explain it and I hope everyone will give it a read.   I lifted it from a blog where the author is asking for money to help with surgery and so I will link to the post but not include it all.

I found the author’s way of describing what it is like to be born of one gender yet have the mind of a different gender.  Let me know what you think.   Hugs

I’ve posted this on Twitter, but in case you’ve never seen it, here’s my way of describing how gender dysphoria feels to me…

October 24, 2019

MENstruation | Thinx

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I fucken love this.   If you have a problem with it let me know, because it may be you have a stereotype in your head that needs help removing.   This is the kind of in your face advertising needs to be done on transgenderism.   Hugs

October 22, 2019

Real good way to showcase the goodness of your god

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31% of White Evangelicals Say They’ll Support Trump No Matter What He Does

31% of White Evangelicals Say They’ll Support Trump No Matter What He Does

It’s not surprising that white evangelicals overwhelmingly support him. They don’t care about — or are willing to overlook — his affairs, scandals, inhumanity, ignorance, racism, and blatant pandering. It’s also not a shock that non-religious people and Black Protestants mostly disapprove of him.

But look at the far ends of the bars. They represent whether those groups are open to changing their minds.


While 75% of white evangelicals approve of Trump’s performance in office, 31% of them say there’s literally nothing he could do to lose their support. He really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue without it making a difference to his base.

All of that plays out in another question, too: “Is Trump encouraging white supremacists?” The correct answer is yes. The white evangelical answer is “What? I can’t hear you. Who cares. Judges. Judges. Gimme more judges.” Check out, though, just how aligned Black Protestants are with the non-religious:

There was a time when I thought white evangelicals supported Trump because Mike Pence was his running mate, and he’s one of them. I was wrong about that. It’s obvious now that Pence’s Christianity was never as powerful a draw as Trump’s open bigotry. If Pence was booted from the ticket, I suspect very little would change for Trump in terms of his support from those same Christians.

Hate much Christian politicians?

NJ Mayor Refuses to Resign After Delivering Anti-LGBTQ Sermon in Church

NJ Mayor Refuses to Resign After Delivering Anti-LGBTQ Sermon in Church

He complained about what would happen if homosexuality entered schools:

… I got a phone call this week that the Supreme Court of the state of New Jersey just heard a case where it’s now legal, they say it’s legal, for a brother and a sister to marry each other in the state of New Jersey. A brother and a sister! Incest! They have lived together for years, and they heard this case, and the Supreme Court ruled in their favor. They say the next thing coming up is a father and a daughter.

When you let homosexuality in, it opens the door to complete perversion and the church has to — we have to do our job and stand up. Stand up to it.

That’s… a lie. He’s referring to an article that first appeared on a satirical website. (It’s not surprising that a guy who accepts the Bible as true can’t tell fact from fiction.)

Then, referring to how the new law was meant to help kids get comfortable in their own skin, McKelvey remarked, “Well, when you start teaching them the confused stuff, they don’t know what skin they have!” So LGBTQ people are all apparently confused.



October 17, 2019

Equal rights / treatment for all

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October 13, 2019

Uganda: ‘Kill the Gays’ Law Imposing Death Penalty on Homosexuals *Added information*

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The love of their god is their love to hate.  Think of the money and effort to change a countries view on homosexuality to such a fervent dislike and anger against.   Why.  What does it matter to Scott Lively that people a world away on a totally different country on a different continent may have sex with their own genders?  It is sick.  Talk about recruitment, it is not the gays doing it.   Hugs

Uganda: ‘Kill the Gays’ Law Imposing Death Penalty on Homosexuals

Homosexuality was illegal in Uganda under existing colonial laws, he explained, “But nobody was ever arrested or prosecuted based on those old laws. People turned a blind eye to it. Homosexuality was not a political issue.”

That changed in 2009, Rev Kaoma said, when a group of American evangelicals led by Pastor Scott Lively, a self-proclaimed expert on the “gay movement”, held a series of talks in Uganda. Mr Lively warned audiences that the “evil institution” of homosexuality sought to “prey upon” and recruit Ugandan children in a bid to “defeat the marriage-based society”.

Dr Frank Mugisha, director of the LGBT rights organisation, Sexual Minorities Uganda (Smug), recently told The Independent on Sunday, “[The idea] of a gay agenda, of recruiting people to homosexuality – that language wasn’t used in Uganda pre-2009. [Lively] made my work very difficult and was conspiring with my legislators, but [to Ugandans] he was like God himself. People were worshipping him as if he was from heaven.”

American conservatives first arrived in Uganda in significant numbers following the fall, in 1979, of Idi Amin, the Muslim dictator who had banned evangelical Christianity. Among them was Mike Bickle, founder of the Kansas City-based International House of Prayer (IHOP). According to Mr Williams, “Bickle was there on the ground on the day Amin fell… with a group of American Christian leaders, to take the country as a Christian nation.”

US Christian groups have since spent millions on schools, hospitals and orphanages in Uganda. They have also found fertile ground for their religious values. Rev Kaoma said American conservatives may have lost the culture wars on the home-front, but they believe they can win in the developing world. “The battle has been fought on American soil, and then exported to the African continent,” he said.

October 12, 2019

Uganda Plans to Bring Back Its Infamous “Kill the Gays” Bill

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Uganda Plans to Bring Back Its Infamous “Kill the Gays” Bill

It’s almost dumbfounding that government officials would espouse and support such cruelty, but sure enough, Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo characterizes LGBTQ people as aberrant, as if they are constantly out trying to “recruit” victims.

“Homosexuality is not natural to Ugandans, but there has been massive recruitment by gay people in the schools, and especially among the youth, where they are promoting the falsehood that people are born like that.

It’s worth noting that Lokodo has degrees in theology, not biology. He’s hardly an expert in genetics. Plus, we’re used to the propaganda he’s spreading. It’s faith-based hate, pure and simple.

He’s willing to kill innocent people for his beliefs.

Our current penal law is limited. It only criminalises the act. We want it made clear that anyone who is even involved in promotion and recruitment has to be criminalised. Those that do grave acts will be given the death sentence.”

October 11, 2019

Perkins Brags: Christianists Run This Administration

Perkins Brags: Christianists Run This Administration

“Personnel is policy. And that’s what makes the difference in this administration. We’re not on the outside looking in. We’re on the inside working out. And we are so grateful for the men and women who are serving in this administration.

Much more at the link above.  Hugs


October 5, 2019

Virginia Teacher Sues School After Being Fired For Bullying Transgender Student

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Virginia Teacher Sues School After Being Fired For Bullying Transgender Student

Are we expected to believe that the cruel religious bigot who believes in lies like the virgin birth, the resurrection, heaven and hell, is really worried about “telling a lie.” What irony.

According to reports, while teaching at the school, Vlaming repeatedly misgendered a female-to-male transgender student by refusing to use his preferred pronouns. Instead, the cruel bully insisted on referring to the male student with female pronouns.

After repeated warnings, Vlaming was disciplined. and eventually fired. Late last year the West Point School Board voted unanimously to terminate Vlaming. At the time Superintendent Laura Abel said she agreed with the decision. In a statement Abel said:

I won’t use male pronouns with a female student that now identifies as a male though I did agree to use the new masculine name but avoid female pronouns. Administration is requiring that I use masculine pronouns in any and every context at school. I was informed that any further instances of using female pronouns would be grounds for termination.

Vlaming tried to defend his cruelty and bigotry by claiming religious reasons prevented him from referring to the student as male.

October 4, 2019

Another reason the evangelicals supporting tRump love Russia and don’t mind tRump takes orders from them.

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RUSSIA: Court Bans Popular “Anti-Family” LGBT Sites

RUSSIA: Court Bans Popular “Anti-Family” LGBT Sites

Agence France-Presse reports:

“An inspection showed they contain information available to the public, including children, which negates family values, propagates non-traditional sexual relations and promotes disrespectful attitudes towards parents,” the court statement said.

More at the link above as always.   Hugs

Ames (Iowa) Officials Deny Dodgy Federal Request to Remove Pride Flag Crosswalks

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Ex-vangelical Frank Schaeffer Delivers Epic Rant Against Christian Right Leaders

At the beginning of September, the city of Ames, Iowa unveiled freshly-painted crosswalks in the colors of three key Pride flags: the trans flag, the non-binary flag, and the updated rainbow flag (which includes black and brown stripes to acknowledge LGBTQ people of color).

Naturally, this meant the federal government simply had to object.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which is under control of the Department of Transportation, which is headed up by Secretary Elaine Chao, who is also the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, sent a letter asking Ames to replace their colorful crosswalks with the more traditional white markings to comply with federal safety standards. The argument here is that the white markings help with public safety.

The question of whether Pride flag crosswalks compromise pedestrian safety was taken up in an Edmonton study, the Rainbow Crosswalk Pilot Project, in 2015. The city found that rainbow crosswalks were just as safe and effective as standard ones.

As for why a federal transportation agency tasked with maintaining highway safety would go out of its way to pressure a municipality to remove crosswalks expressing support for the LGBTQ community, it’s anyone’s guess. But under this Republican administration, pressured by conservative Christian voters, it’s not that difficult to connect the dots.

Kentucky Governor, Again, Promotes Meaningless “Bring Your Bible to School” Day

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Kentucky Governor, Again, Promotes Meaningless “Bring Your Bible to School” Day

Republican Governor Matt Bevin, of Kentucky, a man who constantly promotes Christianity using his office as a platform, is once again supporting the meaningless “Bring Your Bible to School” day sponsored by Focus on the Family.

What Bevin doesn’t say is that this day isn’t even necessary. There is no law against kids bringing their Bible to school all the other days. They can always read it. They can always pray. Today’s event is promoted as a way for evangelicals to fight back against Christian persecution, which doesn’t exist here, while simultaneously giving Christians the tools they need to persecute others. No wonder it’s brought to you by the same group known for its opposition to LGBTQ+ rights as well as the rights of other vulnerable groups.

At best, this event is useless. At worst, it’s going to encourage kids to push their religion on others and bully gay people in the name of God. Bevin’s endorsement, with the trappings of the office surrounding him, doesn’t make those problems any better.


Teacher Who Won’t Use Trans Student’s Pronouns Sues VA District for Firing Him

Teacher Who Won’t Use Trans Student’s Pronouns Sues VA District for Firing Him

He says his religion prohibited him from treating the student with respect.

In casual conversation or in the hallway, he would use the wrong one when referring to the student. The student eventually dropped Vlaming’s class. He was then fired for insubordination last October. Now he’s suing.

The lawsuit itself is a tough read in part because attorneys for conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom exhibit the same transphobia throughout the document. They pretend that the student flipped a switch — that this is merely a case of a girl becoming a boy, then demanding everyone else play along.

Among the “facts” listed in the lawsuit are “The student is objectively female” and “The student subjectively identifies as male.” That’s not how any of those things work. It’s also a weak argument to say a teacher’s religion prevents him from creating a welcoming environment for the student. It’s hardly an undue burden to ask a conservative Christian teacher to call a student by the right pronoun. Accidents are one thing; this is a complete refusal to acknowledge the student’s basic humanity.

All the student asked was for Vlaming to stop using feminine pronouns in reference to him since they were inaccurate. He refused to do it because his faith-based ignorance mattered more than the student’s well-being

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