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March 28, 2020

San Diego Police Grocery Shop for 95-Year-Old Widower

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I have often, very often posted when police officers and the departments they belong to do something wrong such as take a life when it is clear they shouldn’t have.   It is only fitting I post when they do something really correct and right.   In this case they really went above and beyond.   I grew up with the idea of police officers who serve and protect the community they were in.   Granted I grew up in a small rural cow town, but the police were not there just to punish or issue tickets.   If a student at the local 1-6th grade school needed to go to a doctor appointment or other place and the parents couldn’t take them, the local police department would.  The police department did things like in this video, they checked on people, knew almost everyone in town by name.   They were respectful and it was never adversarial to deal with them.   I wonder what changed?  Oh I know, when we militarized the police forces.   They went from peace officers, to armed forces to deal with all outside threats.  That is the job of the military, not our local police who we need for helping the people in need.   Hugs

Home and hard to see but interesting eye news

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Hello everyone, you happy and wonderful grand people.  I am home from my eye checkup, with eyes still dilated and seeing sort of blurry.   So I have good news and some not so good news. 

My doctor has a great deal.   If you get an eye exam and buy your new glasses from him you do not pay for the exam, and you also get to choose two frames.   They charge you for the most expensive pair and the other is free.   You select the options you want for your primary lenses.   Such as progressive no lines, tints or transitions, the type of lenses such as Crizal or lens coatings.   The secondary pair gets regular lenses with your prescription.    So you get two glasses with your prescription, a primary pair with all the bells and whistles, and a secondary backup pair if your primary pair breaks.  I have had that happen as have others I have known.  Ron and I keep the second pair in the car.   If we are out and our glasses break we can still have a pair to use to drive home with.   

I got new glasses last year.  Then the doctor was able to correct my vision to 20-40.   I got the deal I mentioned above.   I really like the primary I picked out which was a much larger lens than my old ones.  I also liked but never wore my secondary frames which had a slightly smaller lens size and different lens shape.   My plan was if my prescription had not changed I would get new lenses for my secondary pair so I would have two glasses with all the good stuff on them to use interchangeably.  

Ah the best laid plans of mice and men.   

However my sight had changed a lot.   I did not notice it because last year when I went for my check I had been putting it off due to price for several years.   My vision had gotten really bad, turned out I needed a prism.   So this time I did not see the change because the prism need had not changed.  Last year he could only get my vision to 20-40.    This year he got my vision with correction to 20-20.  Other good news is I have no signs of diabetic retinopathy.  Other good news is my cataract in the right eye has not gotten larger.  The bad news is the cataract in the left eye is growing but still out to the side of my vision.  

So I went back and forth with getting new frames or keeping the frames I have.  It would have saved us $100 but I wouldn’t have a second pair with my prescription should I need them.  Ron decided that I needed the availability of the second pair and if I wanted to go back to my current frames next year I could.  So the next thing was to pick out a couple new frames.   I found a really large lenses gold frame I liked.   Both Ron and the woman fitting them, Erica, felt they were so large they overwhelmed my face.   I thought they looked great.  Ron found a silver gun metal pair with lenses just slightly larger than the pair I love to wear now.   I fretted that they were not gold.   I have worn glasses since I was 17 years old, and I always had gold frames.  As Ron explained to Erica my hair then had been a nice auburn darker red.  Now as Ron pointed out to me my hair has gone a more grey and lost the redness.   They both liked the silver on me.   I asked if they had the same frame in gold, and Erica said no.   Then she left me and Ron to lash it out.  When she got back she told me that she had ordered the gold last week from the sales person when they had come through last week.    So I only needed to pick which one I wanted as my primary and which as my secondary pair and which as my secondary pair.   I decided to get my primary the silver gun metal pair, and the other as my secondary pair.   If I want I can get the lenses put in the other pair later.   Hugs

Time has moved on this morning since I finished the above.    Just as I finished it about noon, Ron had finished making our lunch.   He had gotten a london broil the other day when out.  I suggest he slice it on an angle which is how it is tendeerest, then cut the pieces short.   Then cook them in the Instant Pot I got him for christmas with peppers, celery, mushrooms, beef broth and all the seasonings for fajitas.  Once they were cooked really tender he took them out, spread them on a large tray, seasoned them well again with more fajita seasonings and fried them for a few minutes.   Oh great cat ruling the universe they were good.  Then we both needed a nap.  So now at 3:45 PM in the afternoon I am up and ready to try to get to the comments I have missed all day.   I think when I get the new glasses I will be faster on the computer as reading will be even easier for me than they are now.   Hugs


Please help where you can

My Husband is a ICU healthcare provider.   He is a CNAA.  The demand is real.  The number of PTs are growing exponentially.   The supply shortage is damningly drastically critical.   These workers are putting themselves and their families on the line to take care of people who are dying from this very real virus.  The stimulus bill gave 500 billion leveraged times 10 which is in the trillions, yet for hospitals less than 1.5 billion from reporting I have read.  The government cares more for the feelings of wall street wealthy than the life of workers and the poor in hospitals who are sick and dying.  

The states are bidding against each other to get whatever supplies they can.  This is jacking up the prices massively.  The manufactures are loving this.  The sudden increase in profits on top of the already huge profit margins of these products are mind boggling.  The solution is simple but our government won’t do it because businesses making huge profits off the lower incomes is their dream come true.   The federal government needs to take the needs of all the states, go to the manufactures as one bidder, order the supplies, and give them out to the states fairly without politics of the dear leader in the way.  Thank you for contacting your elected officials and leaning on them as much as you can.  

Personally I fear every time my husband leaves for work.  He puts on a brave face, but I know he is worried.  We have taken steps to deal with his uniforms / clothing worn at work to keep them from spreading any hazards to the rest of the house and family.   When he arrives home I open the doors where needed.   He doesn’t touch things or us at all until he showers and sprays disinfections where needed.   This is some of what we are dealing with each night he works.  Think of the anxiety many people have going shopping for essentials right now, multiply that many more times because he is dealing with known PTs that do have this virus.    Add to this is the fact that both Ron and myself are considered high risk.  With our medical conditions if we get this we are most likely to die instead of recovering.   Hugs

Editorial Cartoon U.S. New Orleans Coronavirus Hurricane Katrina aid hospitals flooding

Today’s real superheroes

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(cartoon by Gary Varvel)

March 21, 2020

Uh, can I pick the people I have to shelter with?

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March 19, 2020

Home now

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Hello all you grand internet loving friends.  I got home 30 minutes ago.   Spent some time giving comfort and love to the cats who were sure I was lost forever.   I heated up some spaghetti and sauce I had made for our supper last night.  I will tell everyone the story later, but for now I am going to bed to lay down.   I do not mind the closeness of the MRI machines, I really do doze on and off in them.  However laying so still and in that position hurts me.    Right now my entire left leg is numb, on fire, and in a lot of pain.   I am hoping laying down in a much better position where I can move will help.  Until I get back, love and hugs for everyone.   Hugs

March 16, 2020

Not ignoring anyone, here is what is going on

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Hello everyone.   As I have now come out to Nan and admitted that I am hardly able to be doing my normal online stuff I should tell everyone.   

I have been having a set of bad times lately.   First I fell about two months ago hurting my self.   Then more recently I got sick and simply couldn’t stay out of bed.  If I was up for two to four hours it was a good day.   

Recently my right shoulder swelled and is getting harder to use and it causes intense pain down my arm.   Trying to use the mouse or even type is normally so painful I simply have to stop doing it.  I just took all my meds including an extra morphine at 6PM  and I am struggling past the pain to write this.  I can not lay on it at all.  I can not hardly hold my phone and text, it causes such pain to hold my arm in that position, I have to keep moving my keyboard and then putting my arm out and let it dangle to get any relief.   Sometimes I put it in the crock of my chair and its arm and stretch forward to help relieve the pain.  Basically any more than a couple hours at the desk and I am going out of my mind with pain.  You may have noticed the posting has gotten less and less, not to mention going to others blogs.  Basically all I could do was maybe post a few easy things before my arm / shoulder hurt so bad I couldn’t think.   Even reading others blogs was a problem because I either couldn’t concentrate ( and let’s admit it, you guys write great blogs that require thought, which is unfair for the thoughtless such as I. ) nor could I respond.  

Yesterday Ron, thinking the desk and blogging was hurting my shoulder dragged me away to do an afternoon of shopping.   He had tried that same thing a few days ago taking me out for lunch but by the time we were done I was in tears from the pain and we came home.   But Yesterday I was a brave soul, after I couldn’t hardly stand at the first store, a big  warehouse of kitchy items, I went with him to Home Depot and Lowes to find a set of lights he could not find.  I was in so much pain and so angry when we got home,  I went online and found exactly what he wanted in under 2 minutes and then yelled at him for putting me through that painful shit just because he doesn’t use computers.   I then went tearfully to bed.  

The good news is I have an appointment with my pain doctor tomorrow morning and she is great.  She has already last month increased my pain meds and I suspect will do the same again.   However the saga continues.  As Nan might say, it is always something with me.  Sorry Nan, remember I am the lucky one as I have Ron, a roof over my head, food in my belly, two cats to snuggle with I am allergic too, Ron’s employee health insurance, and medicare. ( would rather have Medicare for All and it would save me deductibles, co-pays, and the premum I pay out of my less than living disability wage ) So I am not in any way wanting sympathy, especially as it would require most adult thinker to ask as Ron occasionally does ” What the hell were you thinking”?  OK a lot of time people ask that.     ********

***** Just got a text from Ron at the hospital,  they have coronavirus PT’s in each of the ICU anti rooms ( those are negative pressure rooms with an airlock system ) Ron’s ICU is not supposed to have any one with illness or disease in it as they are open heart.  Everything from cracked open ribs and a chest open held together by mesh to slightly less.  He and those on that ICU know their stuff more than any other ICU people.  I have not heard but I guess the hospital will have to shut down any elective heart surgeries and move emergent ones to a different hospital.    Now back to my scheduled rant ****

***** continuing from above.     I actually love that people care about me, something that has not happened a lot in my life and that has left me emotionally stunted.   Not going over it here.  It is one reason I take the opinions of those who come here often, seriously when they advise me of something they think is the proper course of actions or ask me ” What the hell were you thinking”?     I respect their knowledge, educations, their own life experiences, and their being willing to reach out and share.   

So I thought today everything would be good today, boy was I wrong.  This morning I got a text on my phone from Randy.    He had sent me a gift and it had arrived while I was in the shower.  It was outside my office door.  I was excited and as I looked at my phone typing back I walked towards the door.  ( don’t the mythical gods love that time to strike?  )  I started to step down, there was a yowl and a hiss from the floor, a sound I had heard before and knew as a cat who was being stepped on.   Not wanting either A) hurt one of my beloved cats nor B) a large vet bill, I jerked my leg upward ( which caused damage to it ) and then realized I was pitching face first towards the floor.  Not a good realization really.   I really would have canceled that movement had it been up to me.     I had started to twist so my right hip hit first, not a good thing, and my outstretched right arm hit next jaring my already injured right shoulder, the phone in my left hand went for a flight test, first hitting the wall and then the floor bouncing off both to slide under the TV stand and pass under it to the outer wall.  My head hit last just missing the metal edge of the rolling metal TV stand we have for my office TV.   Hey good news, my glasses never came off.  There I lay, the breath knocked out of me and waves of pain surging through me.  Ron’s was in the shower so my cries and shouts did not get his attention, something I understand but he is upset about.  The cat of course ran and later claimed I tried to smother it by falling all over him as he was innocently laying sleeping in the three foot walk path to the door.    

After a few minutes I managed to roll around and get my arms under me, and with a lot of effort get to my knees.   Then reaching up to my desk I was able to stand up.   I then knew something was wrong.  My right leg was in a lot of pain, to move it was worse , and it was giving me little support.   I was worried I had fractured the hip or had damaged the artificial hip joint.  I have soft thin bones.  Not to mention a soft thin mind.

Long story short an upset Ron got me on the bed, looked the hip over, did range of motion tests including what I could do without help.   He doesn’t think the bones are broken as that would be a lot worse.   He does think I have torn the muscles and “wrenched” the joint.  He is worried about the ligaments. He thinks by morning it will be swollen and quite discolored.     We wont know if the artificial hip joint “folded” until tomorrow but Ron doesn’t think it likely.   The hip has been swelling but he expected that.  And he left instructions including early to bed and no sitting up at the computer as that could aggravate the hip.  ( oops sorry goofed again ) As I can not get support out of the hip and it is so painful I am using my heaviest cane here in the house to move around. )  I will soon be going to bed. ( Yes Ron I heard you ! )  Any movement of the leg causes sudden sharp pains but have you tried not to move your leg any?  It happens without thought.  

That has been what is happening in my life, hope yours has been better.   I am going to finish a few more videos, ( they are news clips as I have missed almost everything going on, and try to read a few more blogs until I start to go completely out of my mind and then it will be off to bed.   Best wishes for all, Hugs


March 13, 2020

My cats exercise program

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Off the Mark Comic Strip for March 12, 2020

March 12, 2020

Ron brought me flowers, isn’t he wonderful

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February 14, 2020

Almost like crusty old books that dictated abhorrent rules are not a good source for morality.

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Almost like crusty old books that dictated abhorrent rules are not a good source for morality.


Almost like crusty old books that dictated abhorrent rules are not a good source for morality.


February 13, 2020

Ron found one of our rose vases

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The gifts for my wonderful husband

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I mentioned earlier I got Ron a couple things for valentines day.   Here they are.  With the kitchen under remodeling I forgot we did not have a vase big enough to support them.   I should have bought one at the store when I got the flowers.   Oh well, tomorrow Ron is going shopping and he can get one.   Hugs



Confusion over valentines day card

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I had an interesting exchange this morning.    I had let the soda in the house get low with the idea of mentioning to Ron when he got home I needed to run out to the store to get more.    I really planned to get him some flowers, a big balloon of a heart with wings, and a valentines card.   

I got my stuff, picked out a card with the words to my HUSBAND across the front.   Husband was in large font.    I went to the front of the store to check out.   I go to this store often, it is a Publix only a couple miles down the street.  It is a great store, the company is very socially minded, they hire a lot of the disabled, both physical and mentally handicapped.   I am known there , and most of the cashiers know Ron and I and understand we are married.    

When I got to the cashiers there were two lanes open and no waiting.   One was an older guy who always is trying to put the moves on women.  He is a horrible flirt and I think he is a bit too forward for my taste.   He thinks he is funny but I find him pushy.    The other lane had an immigrant from a Middle East country but I can not think of which one who may have been in his 30’s  He is smart, friendly, talkative, and interesting.   He does have an accent that that makes it harder to understand him but he doesn’t mind repeating what he said.   I decided to go to his regester.   

So I handed him the flowers, the balloon, then the card.  He says to me “You give your wife special loving on this day”?   “Husband” I replied, “Yes he deserves it”.   Then it started.   He repeated “wife” and I corrected him saying “husband”.    He looked at the card and showed it to me it said husband on it.   I told him yes it was for my husband and we had been together 30 years.    He again said wife.   I was getting a bit frustrated, he really couldn’t seem to understand I had a husband not a wife.  He was clearly thinking I had picked up the wrong card.    He showed it to me again.   I explained again I had a husband and we had been together for 30 years.   He slowly repeated “no wife, husband”?   I told him that was correct.   He said “Husband”?.   Yes I told him.   He just looked at me.   I had already paid via the card machines and there was no one in the line but he got really quiet.   He normally talks non-stop, but he wouldn’t even tell me the amount of my purchase.  I think the other workers could see there was a problem developing as they came over and said hello.  

I do not know if he was just really confused as the country he comes from may not allow LGBTQ+ or have same sex marriage.   He has never struck me as a bigot or a hater.   But he reacted as a bigot would in some respects.   I know he is not stupid so I think after correcting him a couple times he should have caught on.  The fact he stopped talking was not normal for him.    So he may be homophobic.   Time will tell.  Hugs

February 3, 2020

The boys on my desk at 3:00 AM

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January 16, 2020

A pleasant and wonderful surprise.

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A couple days ago when texting with our son he asked if we would be home today and he would stop by.  Ron worked last night so he would catch a few hours sleep so he could also visit with James when he got here.  It was nice when the boy moved out making his own way in the world, but we do miss him.  He works so many shifts and crosses shifts to work any time they need him.   It is hard on him and hard to plan anything so our visits are fewer than we would like.   But it is expensive for young people these days and give the boy all the credit he is doing well for someone his age in today’s expensive world.   I am really proud of him and the way he has turned out, the man he has become.   After a few hours visiting he asked if he could take us out for lunch.   We agreed to go to lunch but told him we would pick up the tab.   We were his age once and know how hard it was for us then.   So we all went out to eat.   James took us to a pizza place we have never been to before and it was grand.  It was really nice with unusual decor and artisan menu.   It was a grand time and an older couple in the booth behind us with their grand child stopped to talk with us.   The woman said I looked very failure to her and wondered where we may have met.   I get this occasionally from my days working in the Surgical ICU at HealthPark Hospital.    I explained to her I had worked there in the 5th floor ICU, and sometimes helped out in other ICU units.  She started to smile broadly and laughed.  She had worked on the 6th floor.   She and I had left the hospital about the same time but she remembered me.   Seems I had gone up and helped them out a few times and she remembered that.   She had to come to the ICU a few times and remembered how ( in her words ) kind and nice I had been.  It is nice to be remembered.    James , Ron, and I all shared a bunch of appetizers and a large pizza.     We talked to him about him and his girlfriend would like to go to Busch Gardens with us as we often went to the theme parks when he lived with us.   We told him we would pick up the tickets as his birthday present.   He was excited and would work out a date with us.   He offered to drive, which I thought was wonderful as at our age a day walking around a theme park in the Florida heat is very tiring.   James was worried about me being able to do it and remarked we should look into a scooter for me.   Smarty pants I scolded him, but I was pleased he realized the difficulties and was thinking ahead.  James did react quickly when the bill came taking it from the server before I could reach it.   Ron tried to tell him we would be more than happy to get the bill, but James was firm, it was his wish and he wanted to do it.   As he had the bill in his hands we gave in.  I was in a lot of pain by the time we left, my back was wrecked and when I went to stand up I couldn’t get my legs to push me upright.   Ron helped me up.   I could see James was worried.   So we are home, Ron has gone to bed, both cats were waiting for us when we got home and Milo is sacked out on my desk.   I found the PBS video of the impeachment trail and have it set up to see what I missed.   Yes I know I just am addicted to knew but this is a historical event.  I will now look at the comments I love that came in while I was gone.   Be well everyone.   Hugs

January 12, 2020

A new video from me about my marriage and Medicare For All.

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December 26, 2019

My Christmas

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I slept through most of Christmas day.   I have not been able to get much sleep / rest for months.   I go to bed so tired I can not function and in less than four hours of fitful sleep I am up again.   Some nights I wake up in pain or in spasms with in a hour of going to bed.    There is not more they can do for it, but give me more spine shots.   So Christmas eve I went to bed at 6 right after Ron left for work.  For some reason Ron texted me repeatedly over the next hour waking me a few times.  Then when I explained to him to please let me sleep,  some asshole with a blaring car stereo drove up and down the streets, stopping occasionally and then starting up again.   Just as I was about to call management and complain they left.   Yea.   I tried to drift off again.   Then joy of joys, drunken people on golf carts wailing something vaguely resembling a Christmas song and ringing bells decided to parade up and down the street.  I though seriously of asking Satan to deliver drone strikes but felt the now started local fireworks would drown them out well enough.   So I lay there listening to the pop pop of people in the park thinking they were showing Christmas spirit by setting off rows of fire crackers and occasional larger fire works.  Pop, pop, phff, boom.   Repeat.    But the real noise makers were the local government fire works of the cites around us, who competed until midnight to see who could make the loudest booms.   At midnight peace reigned on earth, or at least in my park and I hope I could get a few hours of sleep.  It was not to be because my laying in bed had upset my spine and the spasms in my legs and feet started.  After a half hour of fighting them I got up, started the coffee and went online grumpy, tired, and with about 2 and a half hours of broken sleep dished out in about 20 minute segments.   I sent Ron a merry Christmas wish at work.   Yea!    Ron got home at 8, took a nap, and got up at noon to start the turkey and stuff.   I struggled to stay up but I couldn’t and went to bed about 2 PM.  Ron woke me around 4, I stayed up long enough to eat a little of the food he worked so hard to cook, with all the trimmings.  I did not even make it to the pies.   I went back to bed.   I slept until 8 PM, woke up, realized Ron had come to bed and I had not woken up, something really rare that I do not notice when he or even the cats enter the bedroom.   I then fell back to sleep.  Glory of glories.   Woke at midnight, took some pain and muscle medications and fell asleep again.  Maybe there is a god?   I woke up at 2:30 AM with muscle spasms so I got up.  But I feel great, better than I have in a long time.   I can not remember when I got that much sleep.   I feel bad that Ron cooked all that food and I barely tasted it.  But the left over will be grand.  So that was my Christmas.   I hope everyone else had a great day also.    Hugs

December 14, 2019


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Milo has been with me since 2010.   I say me because it is clear he thinks I am his special pet.   He is the one that sleeps on my pillow and is next to me most of the time on my desk.   Ron and James used to lament that while Milo will swipe at them claws out and has bitten them he won’t do that to me.   

I think a few minutes ago I sort of got the idea why I do not fear him biting or cutting me.   I sleep with his paws on my face so if he was going to hurt me he could at any time.   Earlier today we got a delivery from Amazon and I put the box on the floor for Milo, he loves boxes, he gets in them and claws the cardboard all to heck.   This time when he went to do that something went wrong.   

I was sitting at my desk reading the comments on Nan’s blog and heard Milo start to cat scream.  I quickly looked over and he was in the box and his claw(s) was caught.   It clearly was painful and he was upset.   I rushed over to him and he was telling the whole world it hurt.   I reached in and went to put my hands around him.   He started to thrash his head back and forth.   Don’t touch me it hurts he was crying.   I knew I had to even if he bit me because it was the only way to help him.  

Trust.   A wonderful thing.  I reached in and wrapped my hands around his chest, his head dashed to the left hitting my left hand hard with his mouth.   His closed mouth.   He never opened his mouth.   I gently pulled him up and forward releasing his claws.   He stopped yelling and I set him on the ground.   He started doing the cat I love you bumps on my hands and legs.   Trust.   I trusted he wouldn’t bite me, he trusted I would help him.   Trust.  It can be a good thing.   Hugs

December 2, 2019

Trying to start my morning blogging

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December 1, 2019

Three Utah Girls Stood Up To a Teacher Who Condemned a Boy For Having Two Dads

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Three Utah Girls Stood Up To a Teacher Who Condemned a Boy For Having Two Dads

A group of girls knew exactly what to do when they heard their fifth-grade substitute teacher at Deerfield Elementary School in Utah castigate a classmate who said that, for Thanksgiving, he was most thankful that he was “finally going to be adopted by my two dads.” The teacher launched into a 10-minute lecture on why “two men living together is a sin,” so the girls protested. Several times.

When their efforts failed to deter the teacher, the three girls left the room to get the principal and the teacher was escorted unceremoniously out of the classroom.

Courtney Tanner of the Salt Lake Tribune tells the story:

Students later said that the substitute snapped, “Why on earth would you be happy about that?”

For the next 10 minutes she lectured the 30 kids in the class about her own views, how “homosexuality is wrong” and “two men living together is a sin.” She looked at the boy, too, and told him: “That’s nothing to be thankful for.”

“She also tried to blame our son,” said one of the boy’s dads, Louis van Amstel, “and told him that it was his fault that she went off.

The saddest thing about this story may be that the boy at the center of it all was reluctant to challenge his teacher out of fear that it might hurt his chances of having the adoption finalized, after two previous unsuccessful attempts. That process is scheduled to be completed the week before Christmas.

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