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February 25, 2017

Abandoned at 17 – new beginning for an elderly cat – YouTube

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A story we all should hear.   We had a similar situation with our wonderful Purr only he was only about 14.  He also took time to come around and when he did he was so loving, always wanting to be on your lap or lay with you.  He purred like a diesel truck.  Hugs

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines day

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My wonderful loving husband worked last night.   This morning he stopped to get a few things for me.  I have to say he is so grand.  He treats me so well.   I am so happy.  I find I am happy and content in ways that grow deeper every day.  Ron and I are closer every day.  It stuns me that after 26 + years we are still so deeply in love.     Best wishes to all. Hugs


January 12, 2017

Dragon box and ornaments

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We have a grand friend who is supremely talented and creative.   He has a wonderful way of making things.   He made me a cane and toy box for me, and he carved a plaque for Ron and I on our Marriage.   Today is the anniversary of our legal marriage and he sent us these awesome handmade gifts.   I don’t know how he does these intricate pieces.   He must have the world’s steadiest hands and the deepest level of patients.    Please note the dragon box that we can put an LED light in.  Those dragons are carved out of the piece of wood that surrounds them.  They are not cut out and glued in, he did them from one piece.   The same for the ornaments.   I am stunned at such a great gift.  I would have ruined so much wood trying to even get part of them correct.   Our friend has skill.   Hugs

December 25, 2016

I am so happy this Christmas.

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I am rather proud of myself today.  Ron is sleeping he has to do a four in a row 12 hour shifts at the hospital.   He is on his third day today.  Ron will then do nine days in a row, something I am upset over but have no control over either.   James is also sleeping he is doing 8 hour shifts at the bridge toll booths.  

So I tried to stay in bed with Ron this morning as we like to do that.  However my legs kept cramping so bad It was too painful for me.  I would get up and walk to get the cramps out, and then get back into bed.  I realized that was not fair to Ron , even though he did not complain.  So I got up.

After playing on the computer and really trying to get my massive emails under control, listening to music and having fun I realized that neither Ron nor James had done the dishes.   Now to be honest Ron had stayed up a few days ago and done the really big heavy stuff and most that were left were thing that would go into the dishwasher.   But I put some music on the IPad and went out to the kitchen and filled the dishwasher and then manually ( that is a really sad word in today’s time isn’t it? ) washed all the remaining few items.   Ron had said he would get up to do christmas later as I had had such a bad night.  I couldn’t sleep, got up at 12 to eat, and then went back to bed, slept until about 4:15 AM.  I was awake the rest of the night.  SO he wanted me to stay in bed, but as I said the muscles were not going to allow that.  

Ron did something this christmas I asked him not to.  He got gifts for us.  He got some for James, he got a gift for James girlfriend, and he got gifts for me.  We have an agreement we only exchange cards on christmas and I got him two , one from me and one from the cats ( they ask me to do that, but I often mess up their message and then they feel obligated to either bite me or damage something.  ) However this year it seems to be important to him, he is really thinking his time on earth is short and he has been getting extra life insurance and other things.  I feel this is silly but it is his way of showing love.  So I am going to accept the gifts with good grace and show him as much love as possible.  

Everyone be well, have a grand time doing what ever you do this day.  My best safe wishes for you all.   Hugs

December 24, 2016

A comment I posted on Arks Blog

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Ron and I bought a home in 1998.  The owner was selling all the furniture in the yard.   There was a kitchen table there that Ron really wanted.  We did not have much money, but I went out to talk to the former owner.    I got him down to 100 dollars, without any chairs.    Ron was so thrilled when we brought the table back inside and found out it opened up to almost triple its length.   Then my adoptive parents came to our home, they had bought a place on the other side of the state.   He was a master carpenter and owned his own woodworking shop, complete with everything and ability to do any job, cabinets and home remodeling.    He offered to give Ron and I a new table , one they had just bought made of glass.   Well it turned out he recognised the table we had, it was a special table worth over $800 dollars way back then.  He got it.  No problem it was not the first time he had gotten something of mine he wanted and desired, just this time he did not take it by force.   But time and life has a way of making things even.  My adoptive parents insisted that the home they bought here in the park we moved to in an effort to take care of them when they were failing,  be put in our name.  We did not want that.   However they disregarded what we wanted and did it anyway.  So we found out we owned a park model mobile home we never wanted.  However after they both died as we owned the home, the table worth over $800 over 2 decades ago, That Ron so loved, was ours as we owned the home.   We took it back to our home.  It will be with us as long as I have the power to make it so.   It is funny how life works.  They got it over us at the beginning, yet in the end we got the table back and they moved on into the past.   I never knew the woodworking dollar worth of the table, I did know the love worth of the table.  See I will remember as long as my mind stays clear the memory of Ron looking out the window at the table and saying softly… ” I wish I could afford to have that”.. So for me that little narrow table has the most worth.  Ron wanted it.  I managed to get it for him.   It is something I treasure.  here is the pictures of the table.    Hugs

Here is the table.

The table

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December 19, 2016

Stoning non-virgins … oh right your god was born from a non-virgin

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December 18, 2016

Best #cat commercial EVER!

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I love it. We keep packages of those brand treats at my desk and in the bedroom over the washer and dryer ( Ron moved our washer and dryer into the bedroom so it would be easier for me, as we have a huge bedroom it is OK ) On my desk there is two towels, one on each side, and they know to stay on the towels. They get their treats while on the desk on the towels. On the washer / dryer, I put down two pieces of paper towel, one on the washer and one on the dryer. They get what we call the “serengeti” there every morning. Ron named it that as he said when the cats when after the treats on the morning after a night of us humans sleeping it reminded him of all the nature moves he watched of lions in the african plains chowing down on antelopes. Thanks for a great laugh. Hugs

Meeka's Mind

Had to post this so I could watch it again and again. I feel so much better now. 😀

I wonder how long it actually took those cats to completely wreck everything? mwahahahaha….

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December 14, 2016

Is it weird that the only ones getting lots of gifts and presents at our home this Christmas is the two cats? Here are just a few Ron has hidden around the house. Well Christmas is for the kids right? Hugs

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Sometimes it is nice to sleep with someone in your arms. :) Hugs

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