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November 15, 2019

My night

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Hello my wonderful friends and Toy Box viewers.  I had another bad night with muscle spasms.   I went to bed at 7 PM just beat.   I have not been sleeping much so I have been going to bed early.   By 8 PM I was awake with painful spasms in my right leg.   I tried for about 20 minutes to shift enough to relieve the pain and stop the spasms, but it did not work.   So I got up and walked around the bedroom for a while.   So got back to bed about 8:40 PM.   I slept on and off fighting the building spasms and shifting to get them to subside.   At 11:30 PM I jolted awake with horrible pain my my right leg.   The foot, calf , and the back of the upper leg was on fire and spasm so bad my leg bones were hurting.   I struggled out of the bed and tried to stretch the muscles and stumbled around putting pressure on it to help stop the spasm.  I ended up in my office in my chair which is really helpful with these things.   At 12:30 I tried to lay down again.  I drifted off and in less than an hour was back up with both legs in spasms.   I gave up knowing I wouldn’t get any more sleep.   This is how my nights have been going lately.  So the reason I share my attempt to sleep story is both cats were with me in bed, followed me walking around the house, and came to the office with me.   When I got up for good both cats walked in front of me to the coffee maker and then to my office.   I gave them their breakfast treats and set down to set up the computers and do my blogging.   I had help.   Hugs

Milo and Odie on my desk 11-15-2019

November 8, 2019

You grand wonderful people.

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Hell everyone, draw up a chunk of that internet while we still have it.  Tonight for the first time in forever we ordered a pizza to be delivered.  I am stuffed.  I have also been up since 2 AM and I am tired now.  So I will be closing both computers down, taking my evening pills, and turning on the TV to finish watching the movie I never finished.   Best wishes to all, let me know the wonderful / horrible news in the morning.  Hugs and loves to all.  Scottie

Milo in the sunlight on the end of my desk

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For Jill and Ollie

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November 2, 2019

Towels are magical and this one captured Milo

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November 1, 2019

Milo just going to sleep in front of my keyboard.

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I woke Odie from his nap by taking his picture

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October 22, 2019

Pure joy on the face of a child

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October 20, 2019

Cats In Therapy

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October 19, 2019

Look at it through their eyes

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October 17, 2019

I am in fricken pain… it is my life

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Today is the third day this week I had a doctors appointment, I have another tomorrow.  That one I am looking forward to as it is trigger point injections which are very painful but may may give me some relief from my pain in my back.  My back muscles spasm so bad they make my spine shift  which with the damage to my spine causes the nerves that run in my spine to sent signals  to contract the muscle or send a signal of sudden sharp pain.  No cause or reason for the pain.  It is just the nerves in my spine.  

Let me tell you my day.  I got up late for me, I got up at 4:45AM. I normally get out of bed between 3:30 to 5 AM due to pain.    I felt that it was good for me to sleep that late.  I did not suffer much during the night from muscle contractions caused by my spine on my nerves. 

So skipping the early morning routine of petting cats, feeding cats, doing morning blogging, and going right into my getting to my 10 AM allergy injections, then waiting the needed 20 + minutes to be let go.  

Off I go to the grocery store.  See Ron is on his third day in a row of 12 hour shifts at the open heart ICU.  He got home this morning barely able to walk.   He had to do another 12 hour shift tonight.   Feeling bad for him I offered to make him a home made spaghetti dinner with the fixings.    He loved the idea.  Shit, OK I can do this.  

After my shots, I went to the Publix just down from my home.  I love the store.  It does not have much on sale but it does have wide isles, bright lighting, very helpful staff , again wonderfully helpful staff who take care of an old cripple like me, and I know where most of the stuff I want is and if not the staff will take you to it.  They do not just say oh that is on isle ##, they take you to it.  If you are at the register and need something, they send someone to get it.  A great store.   Today as I was checking out the manager was bagging my groceries and even offered to take them to my car for me.  On days when I was really bad they even loaded them into the car for me.

I went in to get just the stuff I needed to make a spaghetti dinner for Ron.   I did not have time to make home made rolls so I would need to buy some, I choose the bake at home kind.  I need the other stuff like a pound of ground Italian sausage, a pound of lean ground beef, my favorite tomato sauce Dei Fratelli.   I also got some chopped tri-peppers and white onions.  I use to add chopped celery and sliced white mushrooms both which I like, but Ron has taken a dislike to, so I skip them.  

Any way got the groceries, and I get home.  I left home at 9:15 AM, it is now 1:30 PM and I can barely lift anything the pain in my back is so bad.  Lucky for me Ron who was sleeping heard the alarm system go from “Alarmed home” to “disarmed” which I do from the car on my phone.  He got up and carried all the groceries in, thankfully as I was about done in.  

Ron went back to bed, and at about 3 PM I got to work making the sauce.  I got the rest set up and then I rested at my desk for a while.  Then at 4:30 I kicked it in to high gear, getting the angel hair pasta Ron likes boiled, the sauce heated back up and doing the last seasonings, baking the rolls, making him his coffee, just basically getting the best meal together for him I could.  I was already dying in pain.  I had taken all my pain  / muscle medications and I was really in pain.  Ron loved the supper, and even helped me pick stuff up before he went for his shower before going to work. 

I was trying to hide it from him but I could barely stand.  The pain was so bad I couldn’t hardly stand or move.   After Ron went for his shower I put stuff away as best I could, but I was really struggling to do so.  Before he went left for work Ron realized how bad I was and said he would take care of the rest in the morning and then knowing I wouldn’t stop until it was cleaned up, he finished loading the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen. 

So now at 7PM with almost no time today to read blogs and comment, I am again at my desk.  Milo is sleeping next to me, I have taken a bunch of pain pills along with my other medications.   I will have to go to bed in a hour or so , that is the limited time I have to read news, get to the wonderful blogs I love, and leave comments or answer them.  

Be well everyone.  I just though you might like to know what one of my days are like.  I would love to be able to spend each day reading news, reading blogs, and leaving comments on them.  Sadly most of my days are not like that.  Most days my back hurts so bad I can not even sit in the fancy office chair Ron got me.  So often I have to post news from my pad as I am not able to be at my computers.  Or I am at a doctor’s office so again I can not be at my computers.  But hey I have it better than most in the US, I have good healthcare at a price that is hefty but we can afford for now.  I have a good home to live in, I have food to eat, and a wonderful hubby that thinks I am the best thing in the world ( boy is he fooled )

But I can hardly sit in the chair to write this, I am all over the place leaning one way then the other trying to get the pain out of my back.  Moving back and forth rocking like a kid needing to go to the bathroom, I am even on my second vodka drink and it still hurts to even breath.  I will have to go lay down soon.   It is my life and I understand that.  But it really interferes with my blogging.  😃😀😎  Hugs

October 16, 2019

Support animals

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September 16, 2019

Milo’s favorite desk spot

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July 6, 2019

Four Years After Obergefell: Has the Sky Fallen?

July 4, 2019

The 12:30 AM phone call

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My husband went to work last night as normal.  He left at 6 PM and texted me when he got to the hospital.   I went to bed early as I normally do.   Then I was awakened at 12:30 AM by my phone ringing with the ring tone I have set for my husband.  As it is not normal for him to call me in the middle of the night I answered very concerned.   “Scottie, this is Jeanette ( the night time supervisor for the ICU’s ) Ron has fallen, he passed out and fell hard”.  “We think it is his blood sugar and he is awake now but very confused and he is saying his hip and back is hurting really bad”.  “We are taking him to the ER now to have him checked out”.   

What do you say?  I was confused, startled, trying to process that Ron had fallen due to his blood sugar going to low and was hurt.   All I could think of was to thank her and ask her to have him call me when “…he was better”.   Ron said he was still on the floor listening to her talk to me on his phone and when she chuckled and told him my response was to have him call when he was better Ron said he just rolled his eyes.   

The gave him an X-Ray and a C.A.T. scan, did blood work.  In the ICU they gave him some glucose type syrup to bring his sugar up.   So he was in terrible pain so they sent him home.   He had been texting me on and off during all the testing from the ER as there was no way I could go back to sleep.   I offered to come get him in the van but he felt he could drive.   They offered him a very mild pain reliever or Morphine.  He can not take morphine so he just took some Tylenol.   

When he got home I brought in his stuff from the car and helped him into the house.   I got him something to eat and helped him into bed.  His left hip is really sore and he is limping, but the scans showed no break.  His back is twisted and hurts bad and I can understand that.  He is in bed now and I am sitting here with a few hours of sleep thankful it was not worse.  When he wakes up he is going to really hurt.   It is a holiday so he can not call his doctor.  I maybe able to take him to a convenient care if he needs it.  

Be well everyone.  Have a grand holiday.  Be safe.   Hugs

July 3, 2019

These men treated this deer better than the US treats migrants at the southern border

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June 23, 2019

They took over redo

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img 1715

img 1715

img 1711

img 1711

June 22, 2019

Milo on my sweatshirt

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I have extremely sensitive skin so even air blowing on my skin causes me pain.  I wear long sleeve shirts and long pants no matter the temperature.  I keep a sweatshirt in my office in case the A/c or over head fan starts to cause me pain even through a long shirt.  I had was wearing this one and when I took it off I threw it on to a box next to my desk.   Milo jumped off my desk and on to the box and got comfortable.  Hugs

Milo on my sweatshirt

We need to change the laws to give people dignity in their end of life. Hugs

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June 2, 2019

Click ,power, then shutdown

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Good evening everyone.  I have not been on much the last few days, and hardly at all today.  This morning I went to turn on the old TV in my office to ready it for watching the Sunday morning news shows.   Sitting here at my desk with both computers running for once, I was feeling rather smug.  Fate did not like that.  I turned on the TV, it displayed the lights and welcome screen and promptly shut down.  I tired again.  Same result.  Apparently not quick on the learning curve I tried again.  Then I got my self a good disappointed funk going.  When Ron got up I told him of the problem.   He came out to check the TV even though he is mechanically gifted, not in any way electronically savvy.   His learning curve is even worse than mine as he did the turn on and try again trick five times.  Then he told me that during the week he had been in the office and heard a loud pop from the TV.  Strange he waited to tell me until I needed to use the beast.  

So while I went to shower, shave , and scrape the funk off my teeth to be in a fit state to be seen by the public Ron moved our standby bedroom TV that we rarely use, a little 32 inch flat screen smart TV into my office and put it on a shelf.   I was rather depressed.   This was going to be the first month we did not start out with a large bill and would have extra money to “spurge”.  I know I should feel fortunate that we have enough money to pay our bills and have food security, but I really would like to be financially secure enough to be able to once and while “frivolously” spend instead of price checking things and worrying if we are not saving back enough for a later bill or need.  I have been saving for three months for an expensive gift for Ron’s birthday, and I refuse to tap into that money even if needed for other stuff.   Ron works hard and long hours at a job that causes him pain.  He has wanted this item for years and seen others with it, but never would buy one as it is expensive and we always had other needs.  He is 64 years old and struggled all his life.  He simply deserves one really nice gift.   

So when I returned to the office looking some what better and my hair combed for once, Ron asked me what I thought we needed for an office TV and to look at Amazon and the local stores online to price them.  I told him it was OK I could do with out.  He was not going to hear it, mentioning I have my game machines hooked to the TV and that he felt I need a bit of time in play.  He had worked a couple days OT and felt we could use that money to get a new TV.  So what do I need for a TV.  My old one was our first large flat TV we got way back about 2008 / 2009.  It was 46 inch and was expensive for us back then.  I need a large screen to be able to see it well.  So I was thinking the same size but the only similar ones were 50 inch.  OK I could deal with that.  I was looking at bottom tier sale TVs and Ron said no way.  He wanted a TV that would last and be worth the money and it needed the current features and be able to be clear for me to see.   So I redid my searching. 

I found a really good buy on Amazon for a 50 inch 4K smart TV with Bluetooth for what we could afford with out hurting us too much.   It would take all the disposable money for the month and Ron said he could get a few OT days.  The Bluetooth was the hard part.  We need that because Ron is going to move his desk into my office.  He doesn’t use it much but my news shows would drive him nuts so I will need to wear head phones.   Also he wouldn’t be able to think when I was playing my games.  

I did a search on the TV and it had great reviews and specs.  It also was available locally at Best Buy for only 4 dollars more.  Now I had not been in our local best buy in years, at least a decade, because every time we went they had the store music so loud I couldn’t think and couldn’t stand it.  Plus the sales people were hugely pushy on selling you things you did not want.   However Ron wanted to go look at it, so we went to see.  I was very pleasantly surprised as I expected the worst, the place had been redesigned and was much more usable, it was quiet, and the sales people not aggressive.   We really enjoyed shopping there.  One sales person asked us if they could helps u, we gave him the information on the TV we were there to look at, he called another guy and that guy was the TV expert who walked us through the TV we selected.  I asked if there was something he would recommend other than that one for what we wanted and he said no.  We decided to take it, the guy got it and rang us up, never pushing anything on us we did not want.  He took it out to the car and loaded it for us.  I was well happy.

But no project can ever be completed in our home with out one or more trips to the hardware store.  When we went to attach the bracket needed to hang the TV on the swivel rolling cart we have, the screws we had did not fit. The TV did not come with screws.  So Ron figured out the needed size and length and went off to Home Depot to get the right ones.  He figured correctly and they did work.  So the TV was on the stand, working, and yet another problem reared its ugly head.  The small locking thumb size brackets that go in the groves so the TV can not come forward and off the bracket, one of the screws was stripped while the other was OK.  So Tomorrow Ron will head out to the specialty hardware store to get the correct screw.   

So everything has gone well except on thing.  Well several.  In moving the two TVs and setting everything up, I hurt my back.  Again!  So I took a bunch of meds and stuck in my desk chair.   Plus here it is almost 7 PM and we did not make plans for supper.  Ron is making a quickly supper while I rest my back.  We will figure out what to do with that really heavy old TV tomorrow.   So how did you spend your Sunday?   Hugs

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