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July 8, 2020

This happens in my office, normally on my desk

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Off the Mark Comic Strip for July 08, 2020

June 20, 2020

Trump Blames Buffalo Protester For Assault By Police

OT.   Hurting so bad right now I can hardly breathe.   Every movement is pain.   Helped Ron relocate and install our ring door bell camera that never worked well on my office door to beside the kitchen door, angled to catch all the sheds the Ring floodlight camera in the carport is not really positioned well to see.  I made a large dough mixture for three loaves of bread, lots of milk, 4 eggs and 6 table spoons of butter, should come out really fluffy, it is rising for the last rise.  Ron took pity on me and cleaned everything up.   

I know I am behind on comments and as soon as I get done with the bread that will be my entire afternoon project answering them.   I love them so please keep them coming.   I have had a lot going on which has limited my time at the computer but I have tried to post news when I get a chance.    Heck I have not even had much time to read news.   But i have 30 minutes until the hot bread comes out to read and post.   I hope all is well with everyone, I value each of you.   Oh I guess to morrow Ron would like me ( us? ) to make a oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies.  Hugs

Trump Blames Buffalo Protester For Assault By Police

The Daily Beast reports:

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, President Trump essentially said the fact that Martin Gugino has a brain injury and can’t walk is his own fault. “These police, they meant business,” he said of the night in question.

More at the link above.    Hugs

June 16, 2020

Cats have staff, cats rule

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June 15, 2020

Trevor Moore: High in Church – “Gays Got Married”

Yes, and they use my office as a snack room and lounge.

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Off the Mark Comic Strip for June 15, 2020

June 14, 2020

The problem with my desk

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Off the Mark Comic Strip for June 14, 2020

June 10, 2020

The last few days of cooking

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The last few days have been busy for me.   On Monday I tried to make fluffy dinner rolls and they came out chalky, but I did make a great pizza, Ron helped.   I think I over mixed the dough with the hook.  The instructions said kneed it for 4 minutes, but the dough came together and looked good in one minute.    But I kept going.   I will trust my self more next time.  

Here is the pizza we made for lunch.


I browned ground beef, garlic, peppers, onions in one pan, then in the other pan I did the same with ground sausage and drained both.  Then I rolled out and baked the crust for about 8 minutes.  Then Ron and I added items such as sauce, the beef, sausage, cheese, then mushrooms, and last the pepperoni.   I like the pepperoni last because I don’t care for it and it is easy to pick off that way.   I give them to Ron, he loves them.    I was wiped out for the rest of the day.

Tuesday I got up about 3:40 AM.   Why do that I hear you ask.    Well I have my alarm set for 4 AM.   I used to not be able to sleep through the night but with my pain medications increased I can now sleep longer.   However I do prefer to get up and start my cartoon blogging and start any computer work around 4 AM.  I have two alarms, the one on my phone set for 4 AM which always goes off at 4 AM.   The other one is mobile, orange, furry, has four legs, a fluffy tail, and a wonderful cute face.  He also has a rather sharp get up now yowl.  He is not so careful with time as my phone.  Any time between 3:30 and 4 AM he will start to trying to get me up.  He sleeps on my pillow, so when he is ready to get me up he will walk down the length of me.   I push him off and try to ignore him.   He then sits on my bedside table and softly meows in my face.   If that doesn’t work he goes for the big guns.   He gets down on the floor and ramps up the volume and sharpness of the now demands to get up.  So to keep him quiet I get up.   

So that morning Ron was home and he was sort of fussing, so I made breakfast.   I fried up some potatoes mixed with shredded potato we bought, I baked some bacon in the oven, took some eggs and mixed them up with a dash of water and whipped them and made scrambled eggs, and  finished with home made toast with whipped butter.   I don’t have pictures of that.  

Ron was struggling with filing for Medicare which he has to do now that he is about to turn 65.   I have helped him with a lot of it, so I decided to make a tomato spaghetti sauce and some thin spaghetti.  I used the left over meat I browned for the pizza, that was the plan.   I added some more minced  garlic ( I love garlic ) peppers, onions, celery, oregano, basil, celery salt, regular salt, black pepper, and a couple dashes of crushed red peppers.   After it is well hot and simmering I added two bottles of small whole “button” mushrooms.    Some times I take some small meat balls, bake them 3/4 of the way cooked and then add them to the cooking sauce as this flavors them well.   But I was just too tired and worn out yesterday.


For supper that night Ron took over and made chicken supreme.   It is his mothers recipe and I love it.   Take a baking pan, line the bottom with dried beef, add the chicken breasts and as we tend to love the dish Ron cuts and packs in any extra chicken breasts he has left over.   Then in a large bowl mix a couple cans of cream of chicken soup, Ron prefers to work with Campbell’s brand, different cheeses, sour cream and pour the entire thing over the chicken.  Bake at 325 uncovered for 2 hours.    Ron cooked up elbow macaroni to go with it.  The gravy is wonderful over everything.   He also made broccoli and again the gravy is great on that also.   


This morning, Wednesday for those keeping track, I was awakened by Milo at 3:50 with him softly meowing into my face.   I decided to get up before he woke Ron.   I am in a lot of pain and struggling to walk.  So no cooking or other chores for me.   Besides we have a bunch of left overs.  Ron has gone for a nap and will need my help doing more of his filing for Social Security retirement.   But for me it will be a news day and hopefully a small record.   I was listening to Tucker Carlson complain about how the left is bullying the conservatives / country and wont let the right use their voices and taking away all their rights by claiming unfairly that there is racism in the US.  He attacked Sesame Street for corrupting our children by telling them that the people were protesting how some people were treated unfairly do to their skin color.   Wow what an alternate reality he lives in.    Hugs

June 6, 2020

I am wiped out, my afternoon project.

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Good news is Ron says they are wonderful.   I made Ron oatmeal raisin cookies today.   I wont eat them because I dislike raisins so I made a small batch.  He was like a kid when they cooled enough to eat but were still warm.   Here are the pictures.   I need a nap.   Hugs

June 5, 2020

The Next President Of The United States

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Please contrast the difference between Biden and tRump.   Hugs

June 4, 2020

The DOJ filed a brief with the SCOTUS to allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ in adoption

DOJ Files SCOTUS Brief Against Adoptions By LGBTs


June 1, 2020

“We are a nation in pain right now … “. A new path forward, a new hope!

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May 28, 2020

I made Chocolate cookies with Splenda

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Yes they are not good for diabetics, but Ron asked and I agreed to do it.   However the next cookies I will make for him are going to be oatmeal which wont be so sweet for him, but will be cookies he loves to eat.   Hugs

April 21, 2020

My other love, …

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Hello all my wonderful internet viewers.   Now that I am starting to be able to walk reasonably well, with out the risk of falling, with out needing constant support, I am indulging in an old passion I find rising in me again.  Yes it is an achievement created by the spine shot and all the drugs I take including morphine, which makes my mind slow down and makes me really tired and want to sleep.  I use to not be able to stay in bed due to pain, now I fight to get up, I end up debating with my self if being awake is worth it.  

Yes the computers, and the people I interact with are grand and hold a special spot in my life, but I also love to cook.   Most of our time together over 30 years I did the major amount of cooking.  Granted in the early years Ron showed me many cooking things, seasonings I was clueless of, and when I can not walk he does most of the cooking.   One of the things I really like is baking.  I just free wheeled a loaf of bread that will soon go into cook.   That means I had a recipe but no instructions.   I think I made it work, so far.  

I have over the years tried a few things, one thing I did that came out well I had no clue about was a quiche that really surprised me how well it tasted, and a breakfast bake of different potatoes and cheeses then a bunch of eggs.  I can not find the recipe I used. 

So I am  asking my wonderful Toy Box friends for recipes, remembering I am not skilled at this nor knowledgeable in terms ( when I do try to cook I do so generally by feel and I am bit loose on spices which does come out mostly OK )  for their favorite cooked / baked items.  I am looking for a bread recipe book that has good white breads along with other things.  I have made a lot of desserts but I have never made a pie.  I want to start doing that.  If anyone knows a good recipe book for diabetics please let me know.   

I am waiting to put the bread in the oven.   I hope it bakes OK, because if not I will have to repeat all this in the morning trying to find a new recipe online.   So far the ones I have found have not been great.  Thanks.   Now on to your comments.  My love to all.   Hugs

April 19, 2020

Ron’s wanting us to do things together

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Ron got done a 3 day 12 hour work week on Thursday morning.   That is normal.  However with the things going on, with him trying to honor the stay at home idea, he decided to not go to the hardware stores, Lowes, Home Depot.   Instead he decided to do stuff at home.   

 What I also misunderstood was his stay at home projects for himself also somehow included me.  And my computers.   

Friday Ron decided it was joint baking / cooking day.   No not just him, we would cook together.   Uhm, can I just do my posts and you cook to your heart’s content.  Nope, we need to do this together.   Oh hell OK, in between bread rising times, and cooking times I ran to my computers.   Then there was the what shall we cook for supper.   Oh but it got worse the next day.

I got up and did some stuff and then got Ron up.  That was my first mistake of the day.  As I am getting ready to go do my shower Ron announced he is going to clean the inside of  my XPS computer, would I shut it down.  ???  Seemed the heat sensors I installed alarmed him with the heat inside the computer.  I knew I needed to do it soon, but as I wanted to take the time to research and add new parts to the XPS I was not ready to do it yet.  I was wrong.   While I was in the shower Ron unhooked my XPS, put it on the hot tub and went to town cleaning it.  I have to admit it was a great job he did and he was so proud of it that as I was starting to blog he wanted the other computer also.   I lost five hours or more online time.  I do have spanky clean computers.   The rest of the day went the same way.

I figured he would find to do on his own yesterday and I could have all day to my own tasks of blogging and commenting, reading and watching news.  However my wonderful husband remembered I have been asking for months for the living room furniture to be moved around so I have easier access to the windows.  I have only been asking since last fall.  He decided yesterday was the day to indulge me.  Oh lucky me.   I was happy he was going to do it, less happy to be informed my presence was required for the entire event. 

Just as we were getting done and it was near my bed time we had a discussion as to supper.   Ron was all for ordering out for delivery.  Not take out as he did not feel like going out to pick it up.  I decided to make a quickly meal for us and go to bed. 

These are only some of the together tasks Ron has decided we should do.  Normally the laundry is my area as he has set everything up to be easier for me.   Not this weekend, it was “I will help day”.   That sounds good until you figure he doesn’t do the laundry and so had his ideas far different from my normal routine.  Then we organized the cupboards together.  Several other things. 

It is only last night I realized what this really was about.  Ron is seeing patients die of this virus almost every night at work.   More than his normal death rate from working in an ICU.   The way this virus kills is the respiratory system.  It makes it so you can not breathe.   Ron has already taken it on him self to do any shopping, gassing the cars, anything involving being out in the public on himself.  He has given me masks, gloves, wipes for anytime I need to deal with people.   Yesterday a woman wanted to bring over a computer for me to wipe the hard drive, Ron told her to leave it out side , then he went out and sprayed it and wiped it down.  That is when I figured it out.   He knows my breathing is very shallow.  My last operation they had trouble bring me back out of anesthesia.   I get short of breath easily , even just rapidly talking when excited.  

We have been together 30 years, good times, bad times, but always together.   I think he is afraid I will get this and he will lose me.  I wonder about the many healthcare workers and their families going through this?  And I understand Ron’s anger at churches having large gatherings, at the protests to open up from people who have not experienced the loss and the many deaths this virus causes.  

Ron is now in bed trying to sleep for the start of 4 days of 12 hour shifts.  I told him I would make some of my home made tomato sauce for pasta he likes, he asked for rigatoni pasta tonight.  I will gladly do it, and tomorrow I will gladly make fresh bread  and anything he wants.   For a few hours I will try to alternate between blogging and reading others blogs, but I wanted to share this revelation with everyone.  Stay safe.   Hugs

April 16, 2020

A problem I share

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Off the Mark Comic Strip for April 15, 2020

April 7, 2020

The CC copy. Enjoy

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Yesterday I posted a video of my two cats at my desk.   However I was forgetting my set up doesn’t do the CC.  So I sent it to my YouTube channel and here is the copy with CC.  Hugs

April 6, 2020

it’s never just about a cake

April 3, 2020

I think they live here in my house

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Free Range Comic Strip for April 03, 2020

March 28, 2020

San Diego Police Grocery Shop for 95-Year-Old Widower

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I have often, very often posted when police officers and the departments they belong to do something wrong such as take a life when it is clear they shouldn’t have.   It is only fitting I post when they do something really correct and right.   In this case they really went above and beyond.   I grew up with the idea of police officers who serve and protect the community they were in.   Granted I grew up in a small rural cow town, but the police were not there just to punish or issue tickets.   If a student at the local 1-6th grade school needed to go to a doctor appointment or other place and the parents couldn’t take them, the local police department would.  The police department did things like in this video, they checked on people, knew almost everyone in town by name.   They were respectful and it was never adversarial to deal with them.   I wonder what changed?  Oh I know, when we militarized the police forces.   They went from peace officers, to armed forces to deal with all outside threats.  That is the job of the military, not our local police who we need for helping the people in need.   Hugs

Home and hard to see but interesting eye news

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Hello everyone, you happy and wonderful grand people.  I am home from my eye checkup, with eyes still dilated and seeing sort of blurry.   So I have good news and some not so good news. 

My doctor has a great deal.   If you get an eye exam and buy your new glasses from him you do not pay for the exam, and you also get to choose two frames.   They charge you for the most expensive pair and the other is free.   You select the options you want for your primary lenses.   Such as progressive no lines, tints or transitions, the type of lenses such as Crizal or lens coatings.   The secondary pair gets regular lenses with your prescription.    So you get two glasses with your prescription, a primary pair with all the bells and whistles, and a secondary backup pair if your primary pair breaks.  I have had that happen as have others I have known.  Ron and I keep the second pair in the car.   If we are out and our glasses break we can still have a pair to use to drive home with.   

I got new glasses last year.  Then the doctor was able to correct my vision to 20-40.   I got the deal I mentioned above.   I really like the primary I picked out which was a much larger lens than my old ones.  I also liked but never wore my secondary frames which had a slightly smaller lens size and different lens shape.   My plan was if my prescription had not changed I would get new lenses for my secondary pair so I would have two glasses with all the good stuff on them to use interchangeably.  

Ah the best laid plans of mice and men.   

However my sight had changed a lot.   I did not notice it because last year when I went for my check I had been putting it off due to price for several years.   My vision had gotten really bad, turned out I needed a prism.   So this time I did not see the change because the prism need had not changed.  Last year he could only get my vision to 20-40.    This year he got my vision with correction to 20-20.  Other good news is I have no signs of diabetic retinopathy.  Other good news is my cataract in the right eye has not gotten larger.  The bad news is the cataract in the left eye is growing but still out to the side of my vision.  

So I went back and forth with getting new frames or keeping the frames I have.  It would have saved us $100 but I wouldn’t have a second pair with my prescription should I need them.  Ron decided that I needed the availability of the second pair and if I wanted to go back to my current frames next year I could.  So the next thing was to pick out a couple new frames.   I found a really large lenses gold frame I liked.   Both Ron and the woman fitting them, Erica, felt they were so large they overwhelmed my face.   I thought they looked great.  Ron found a silver gun metal pair with lenses just slightly larger than the pair I love to wear now.   I fretted that they were not gold.   I have worn glasses since I was 17 years old, and I always had gold frames.  As Ron explained to Erica my hair then had been a nice auburn darker red.  Now as Ron pointed out to me my hair has gone a more grey and lost the redness.   They both liked the silver on me.   I asked if they had the same frame in gold, and Erica said no.   Then she left me and Ron to lash it out.  When she got back she told me that she had ordered the gold last week from the sales person when they had come through last week.    So I only needed to pick which one I wanted as my primary and which as my secondary pair and which as my secondary pair.   I decided to get my primary the silver gun metal pair, and the other as my secondary pair.   If I want I can get the lenses put in the other pair later.   Hugs

Time has moved on this morning since I finished the above.    Just as I finished it about noon, Ron had finished making our lunch.   He had gotten a london broil the other day when out.  I suggest he slice it on an angle which is how it is tendeerest, then cut the pieces short.   Then cook them in the Instant Pot I got him for christmas with peppers, celery, mushrooms, beef broth and all the seasonings for fajitas.  Once they were cooked really tender he took them out, spread them on a large tray, seasoned them well again with more fajita seasonings and fried them for a few minutes.   Oh great cat ruling the universe they were good.  Then we both needed a nap.  So now at 3:45 PM in the afternoon I am up and ready to try to get to the comments I have missed all day.   I think when I get the new glasses I will be faster on the computer as reading will be even easier for me than they are now.   Hugs


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