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November 19, 2017

Some animal stories I love.

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August 11, 2017

I love this. I am going to buy it for Ron when I next get paid. Hugs

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April 11, 2017

Noah’s Ark-God, Giraffes & Genocide – YouTube

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February 25, 2017

Abandoned at 17 – new beginning for an elderly cat – YouTube

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A story we all should hear.   We had a similar situation with our wonderful Purr only he was only about 14.  He also took time to come around and when he did he was so loving, always wanting to be on your lap or lay with you.  He purred like a diesel truck.  Hugs

December 19, 2016

Some of the outside displays in our area. Hugs

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December 18, 2016

Ray Stevens – The Mississippi Squirrel Revival – YouTube

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December 14, 2016

Is it weird that the only ones getting lots of gifts and presents at our home this Christmas is the two cats? Here are just a few Ron has hidden around the house. Well Christmas is for the kids right? Hugs

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December 7, 2016

Our outside lights

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As I said before the whole delight of Christmas for me is the lights and decorations. This year Ron was forced to scale our outside  display back some.  But here is a few pictures he just brought me.  One thing everyone needs to understand , I can not hardly stand and can not set up these things.   The entire inside and outside decorations are done by Ron for me.  Hugs


December 6, 2016

For Jeff. Thank you for caring. Hugs

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Ron’s tree, Our Christmas

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I love the displays at christmas. ¬†I love the lights. ¬†I love the decorations. ¬† I really don’t care about presents as I never really got much, and if it was anything good it was taken away. ¬† I do love the lights and displays as the people I grew up with went all out. ¬†They won yearly awards for the displays they put up. ¬†Seems that they wanted the world to see how great they were, and so maybe they could hide the ugliness underneath. ¬† Ron grew up in a large family of love and so christmas is special to him. ¬†

When ron came to realize what the season meant to me and what I took the joy in, he switched from trying to give me presents to making the displays as wonderful as possible.   Even when money was short he made it grand.   No matter if we had a large home or when we lived in the RV he made sure it was decorated up.   Today that is what is most important to me.  I need no presents , even though I know he buys a few small things for me, because throughout the year if I want something , he gets it for me if he can.  The same as I do him.  I would rather have what we want or need when we need or want it than wait a whole year to get it after we no longer care or the need has passed.   But the displays are always appreciated and wonderful.  

Ron and I like nontraditional ornaments. ¬† We often took trips to places where we could go to christmas shops to get the unusual or offbeat ornaments. ¬† One of the greatest joys of our repeated trips to Busch Gardens theme park was to stop on the way out at the christmas shop and get a few ornaments for the next display. ¬† Ron started setting all his stuff up right after thanksgiving but I wanted to get all the ornaments and things before posting his tree. ¬†This really is Ron’s post. ¬†His tree. ¬† James came to me and said ” Ron really is proud of his tree” and I replied ” he deserves to be!” ¬†I had ron take the photos as it is his tree and he deserves the credit. ¬†He thought I should do it as he thinks I take them better. ¬† I wanted this to be his, his moment to shine, his total triumph. ¬† So we went over the pictures together and some we got rid of. ¬†Some we kept. ¬†Some are a bit blurry because Ron shakes a bit, but he did a great job trying hard to keep still. ¬†Some we couldn’t get because they have globes around them that reflected every try to make them come out right. ¬†This is just the tree, I will post the small display he did this year on the outside another time. ¬†One year he did the whole yard for me, but this year he scaled it back as I can’t really go out much to see it. ¬† So here is the wonderful tree my loving grand husband put up for me. ¬†Two things I should mention. ¬†We always try to get an ornament¬†to represent¬†the four legged tailed friends who have come into our lives, so that is¬†the cat pictures and a few that represent¬†what the meant to us not what they looked like. ¬†We couldn’t find our greyhound ornament to show the greyhound we rescued. ¬† Second all ornaments on the bottom and most on the first layer are made of materials that the¬†cats can play with and not get hurt. ¬†And they do. ¬†We started this because if you see the black and white cat with wings ornament, that is George, a cat we rescued and he would every night take all the ornaments off the lower levels pile them up under the tree in a nice pile, in the¬†morning Ron would go and put then all back. ¬†Then the next night it would happen all over again. ¬† Wonderful memories. ¬†To see the pictures full size click on them. ¬† Loves and ¬†Hugs

November 8, 2016

Tears, lots of them, but good ones.

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Please be reassured, this post has no hardships in it, only joys.  I love stories.  I love to immerse myself in them.  The worlds in them become real to me.  

Last night I went to bed after about 20 minutes of hard crying, eyes red and hankies full.   But this was not from memories of the past, nor of injustices.  No this was from days of listening to an audio version of a book series I really like.  

I listen to them on Youtube. ¬† I wish I could afford to buy the audio versions. ¬†I can not. ¬†Ron and I just talked and I am going to buy Aron Ra’s new book in Ibook format rather than audio book because the Ibook is 10 dollars and the audio one is 21 dollars. ¬† I watch every video of Aron I can, but I have to live within my means. ¬†

So why the tears you ask.  The book was Moreta: DragonLady of Pern.   I have loved the pern books since I was a child using them as an escape from my horrible world and wishing for a dragon to come take me away.  

I loved the stories, I became a character in each book.  I have developed my own versions of them extended to my wishes in stories to occupy my mind as I try to sleep.  I create situations and characters and build on the world the author created as a way to take me to sleep in a good way.   If you have never read or heard the world of Pern I suggest you start with the first four novels.  Dragonflight, dragonquest, the white dragon, the weyrs of Pern. There were two others I loved written in between these called dragon singer and dragon drums.     I think maybe my love of dragons came from this time of my life.   

The books were a great escape and for a while I was not allowed to have books in the house, not even school books.   But local librarians would let me stay in the town library until closing and even let me take a book home without any record.   So many grand book, so many great worlds to explore.  

Last night I finished the audiobook just before bed. ¬† The ending is both heroic and very sad. ¬†In case you wish to read them I won’t say it here. ¬†But I sat here at my desk blubbering like a deranged person while the cats meowed at me wondering what was wrong. ¬†I was happy but so into the story the pain of it was a pain I felt. ¬† I know, silly old man with too much imagination and too little sense some will say. ¬† However if you ever had to sneak a book home and read it late at night under covers with a flashlight maybe you can understand the wonders of worlds others can create and you can journey to. ¬†It admire the talent, I enjoy the stories, I love the worlds. ¬†

I use to have thousands of books. ¬† When I got old enough to have my own place and my own life I made a room in my house into a library. ¬†It was lined with shelves and had two comfortable chairs. ¬†I had accounts at several book stores. ¬† I read anything that seemed interesting, trash and good alike. ¬† ¬†Ron was stunned when he moved in, he had never seen such a thing. ¬†I knew every book and could tell you the story each one held. ¬† We lost them after moving from our first home together. ¬† We never got books back until we got Ipads and Iphones and started rebuilding our library. ¬† We have quite a diverse collection now. ¬†Not the amount I had then, but still enough to keep me happy. ¬† I am reading a book Ark suggested to me. ¬†The wilt alternative by Tom Sharpe. ¬†I give myself 40 minutes to an hour to read every morning before I get out of bed. ¬† I figure that is something I owe myself and Ron doesn’t mind. ¬†The election news has cut into my reading time, but it will soon be back to the books full time. ¬†

Well if you got this far thank you for reading.   I hope stories mean as much to you as they do me.  I hope you can get as much out of them.  They still take me to places of great wonder and while I read I am in there with them.   Be well, be happy, be safe.  Hugs

November 1, 2016

Shedding a little light on the subject.

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I have a spot in the upper right hand corner of my desk.  My desk is L shaped with a big hutch going down the right side, and an open wide table part in front of me.   In the upper right corner is a wide spot and I have two dragon statues and where I burn candles.   here are the pictures I took today.

October 25, 2016

Candles, shelves, love, and happiness.

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Hello everyone.  A grand lady and wonderful friend gave me some great advice yesterday.   I was getting upset and Here There be spiders said I should write an uplifting post.   It was the perfect advice.

So when I lost the ability to work I was in a very depressed state and headed for a break down. ¬† My body was failing badly, and I was in a lot of pain. ¬† I couldn’t handle the memories of my childhood. ¬† I was battered by feelings of the past I simply couldn’t handle. ¬†I was to the point where I did not even want to get out of bed, I was not eating, I was not functioning. ¬†Again the doctors were telling Ron that if things did not improve physically I would have to go into the hospital.

Ron wanted to give me something I could do as I wanted. ¬† Something fun yet easy enough not to tax me in both body and mind. ¬† He was looking for something to pull me out of the sink hole I was in. ¬† He came up with the idea of me making candles. ¬† We like candles, we enjoy them, and both Ron and I think they help focus the mind. ¬† We feel they can set a mood, help you meditate or other tasks. ¬† Our Wicca friends were telling us that “Candle Magic” was very powerful and positive.

So Ron set up a candle making station in our bedroom.   Everything I was doing at that time was in our bedroom.  I simply did not want to leave it.  My desk and computers were there.    I was even eating in the bedroom when I would eat.   Ron got the cabinet with the drawer and storage in it set up.   He got me a hot plate.  He ran electrical lines and bought me some molds and wax.  He even cut the ten pound block of wax into smaller pieces for me.  I started making candles.

I have a great friend in the Carolina’s who sent me molds and gave me ideas. ¬† That was so grand, as I needed molds and I had never made candles before. ¬† So I made candles. ¬†I made lots of candles. ¬†I made Jar candles, I made big ¬†14 – 16 inch candles and I made little one inch ones. ¬†I rigged up my own molds out of ones designed to make soap. ¬† I just kept making candles. ¬† ¬†It was one of the things helping me, lifting me out of the state I was in. ¬† So Ron kept me making candles. ¬† We used some, gave a bunch away to everyone. ¬†Took 60 different kinds in to my pain doctors office and gave them to the staff. ¬† We filled boxes and every spare shelf space we had with them. ¬† I never realized how many candles I had made. ¬† I am on my third hot plate.

When Ron and James build my office Ron designed it to have room for all my candle making stuff.  This weekend Ron put shelves up for my candles and stuff.   I spent the last three days putting stuff up on the shelves.  I emptied boxes of candles.  I still have more candles in storage to put up on the shelves, including some of the nicest jar candles I made.   So for my uplifting post I want to share with you all the pictures I took this morning of my stuff so far.   Now the pots wont stay on the shelves but I just shoved a bunch of stuff in the cabinet when we moved everything, and have yet to clean it out.  So with great pleasure I present to you the pictures.   I thank everyone for sharing their lives with me, and I am grateful to be able to share some of my life with you.  Many happy hugs.

Click on the pictures to make them full size.   Hugs

October 15, 2016

Milo sleeping with me redone.

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In my last post I guess some thing went wrong and the picture took over and I did not get the words out.   So here are the pictures again, it is Milo loving to snuggle as I read my Ipad.   Hugs



May 28, 2016

2 min with Sean Stephenson | Doesn’t says any word | Check it out – YouTube

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From my wonderful brother Randy. He understands. Hugs

How you look

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March 27, 2016

Elf Child Photo by arch who said I could post this wonderful picture. ¬† ¬†Thank you. ¬†Note the shadow please. Hugs

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Explore Archae Opteryx’s photos on Photobucket.

Source: Elf Child Photo by archaeopteryx1 | Photobucket


January 26, 2016

Christian Preacher: I Moved Clouds and Stopped a Typhoon Because ‚ÄúI Have Authority Over the Weather‚ÄĚ

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Source: Christian Preacher: I Moved Clouds and Stopped a Typhoon Because ‚ÄúI Have Authority Over the Weather‚ÄĚ

I find this very funny. The reason is because as a pagan, as a semi druid, as a semi Wicca I know people who claim to be able to channel energy and to change the environment around them. I have often done changes on a much smaller scale than she talks about in my own environment. However I don’t claim any help from her God. No in fact my view is the direct opposite of hers. So while she uses her gifts to support a God that hates some people, I use mine to add to harmony and love among all living things and to give the energy of the earth its credit. Can I stop a hurricane, no , can I stop an earthquake or other disaster, Heck no. The natural world must be free to happen. But there is a natural power available to humans if we try, and with in our limited ablility we can do some things. Like we went through a hurricane with our RV and I did not take my Awning in, as I simply did not think we would get the storm. We did. Many of our neighbors lost their awnings, roofs and other stuff, and it was bad. However we suffered no damage, because I. I think this is why, I spent the night reaching out to the energy of the world around me and strengthening the bonds of the awning to the RV, and skin of the RV and the RV to the ground. Now did I do this? Did I protect us? I can’t prove it. But we lived through it with no damage and others around us did. No I couldn’t help them. It took all I could do to protect Ron and I and our cats. I was so drained and weak after that I needed lots of rest and care. Each person is welcome to believe what they wish. However my point is my faith and energy hates no one, is not directed against anyone, it is simply to benefit and help my self, family loved ones and those I can. Hugs

December 28, 2015

A Bridge for Santa | Coca-Cola – YouTube

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December 25, 2015

I have had a great day

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I had a wonderful day. ¬†I spent the morning with Ron. ¬†We talked, laughed, we shared feelings, dreams and ideas. ¬†Ron made a ham ,¬†potato,¬†green bean lunch. ¬† I love ham. ¬†We have small slim slices some times for breakfast with our eggs. ¬† However I love wonderful thick slices of ham from a big ham. ¬† However Ron doesn’t often get one because it is so¬†expensive. ¬†So for holidays we normally have turkey or chicken. ¬†Ron often makes me a¬†London¬†broil. ¬† Not the most tender of steak, but it has a great flavor and if sliced correctly is quite good. ¬† He doesn’t eat red meat so that is my treat. ¬† But this¬†Christmas¬†he wanted to treat me so he bought a big ham. ¬† I loved it. ¬†We ate together in our room. ¬† Again just being together was wonderful. ¬†

The morning Ron wanted to watch me play a game on my Xbox.   He loves watching others play the games with good graphics, he says it is like watching a movie with different out comes every time it is watched.   SO I played a while for him while we had our coffee.   I am still learning the new Xbox and it is a wonderful and grand machine.  I think it is well worth the money.

At noon, after we ate and Ron cleaned up, denying my attempts to do it for him. ¬†He crawled into bed to sleep for he has to go to work tonight. ¬† He works for four days in a row, 12 hour shifts. ¬† Hard work. ¬†I had set the room, which means I lowered the shades, and one of the dark down shades. ¬†We have them for both windows, but Ron knowing what being in the dark does to me has trained him self to sleep with lots of light. ¬† SO we leave one open. ¬†I sat on the bed next to the sleeping Ron, my head phones in , the wires we had run all the way around the edges of the room, from the TV to the bedpost tallest on my side. ¬† I had already set up the headphones. ¬†I played for four hours. ¬†I have not played with Xbox in a long time, my games had stopped working right. ¬†I was having such fun. ¬†I started on the first Halo game, the Halo combat evolved game. ¬†I want to play them right from start to finish. ¬†I will have to buy a new REACH game as mine doesn’t work any more, but figured it could wait till next payday. ¬† Ron has spent enough money on me this pay time as it is. ¬†I loved it, the graphics are so great and the game so fun. ¬†However I have to admit I got sore after a time, very sore. ¬†I did not take my afternoon meds. ¬† My neck was so stiff, and my hands cramped from the use of the buttons. ¬†I¬†decide¬†after four hours to go back to my wheel chair and my computers. ¬† I Am listening to an¬†audio book¬†on¬†YouTube. ¬† I am listening to the Cirque Du Freak series as I am very very interesting in them. ¬† The movie was OK, but the boy in the movie was¬†like¬†15 or 16 and in the book it makes more sense because the boy in the book is only 10 when the story starts. ¬†¬†

As I sat on my the bed playing Xbox, Milo lay between my legs, He has learned to stay below my knees so it won’t¬†interfere¬†with my game play. ¬†Otis ( Odis no one has told me the correct spelling of his name ) I call him Otis, Ron and James call him Odie. ¬†Both love to stay close to me. ¬†It was so grand with Ron laying beside me, his arm on me for comfort, the two cats touching me, and having fun. ¬†¬†

It was a wonderful time.  My only sadness is Ron has to go to work tonight.  I just went out and set up and started his coffee.   As I type this Otis keeps trying to lick my nose and hands.   

I know this year we did not put up lights, decorations, or even do any other expected holiday traditions.  Ron did send out cards.  But for me this Christmas has been magical.  Because it was filled with love and care, being with the ones who mean so much to me.  I texted a bunch of people to give them my Christmas wishes.  I even manged to call one.  I know you are suppose to call and speak with the people, but I have a huge anxiety with talking on the phone.   I can do text great, I can even IM or do video Skype really well.  But I freak over talking on the phone.   Even the person I called and talk to I could only do it for a few minutes and had to stop.  He understood.  He knows and loves me, and was just glad I tried.   

So this Christmas has been pure magic for me.  For others it may seem stark but the true magic, the true gift was the being with the ones I love and being loved.   I can ask for nothing greater or more.  Hugs and best wishes to all. love to each of you.   

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