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September 16, 2018

New pictures.

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September 15, 2018

I am

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I am 55 years old.  I am in charge of my self.  I can control my self.  I am in no danger.  I am OK. I can defend my self.  I am protected.  I am not alone.  I have people who love me.  I am not alone.  I am OK.  I am OK. I can breathe.  I have responsibilities.  I have things I must do.  I am OK.  I am a person.  I am OK.  I can breathe.  

I am tired.  so very tired.



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Taking the rest of the might off to watch a movie.  I do not know what movie, but I will watch it.  Hugs

September 1, 2018

Chicken Parmesan

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  For a while I wanted to try my hand at making Chicken Parmesan.   Now I can make a pretty good spaghetti tomato red sauce.     I had talked to Ron and he wanted me to do it also, and he would help me.  So I made the sauce like this.  Also I rarely measure anything I go by instinct, taste, and what amounts in the palm of my hand have worked well in the past.

  • In a large pot I put two cans of good rich tomato sauce.
  • Two thin sliced mild Italian sausage.
  • 1.50 pounds of ground beef. ( you can use less ) 
  • Three pepper mix of green, yellow, and red peppers, unmeasured (chopped) 
  •  Yellow onion, unmeasured ( chopped )
  • Celery unmeasured ( chopped )
  • 8 ounces sliced mushrooms
  • Two teaspoons of minced garlic.
  • Oregano poured in palm of hand.
  • Basil poured in the palm of hand.
  • Small amount of rubbed sage measured by palm of hand.
  • Small amount of thyme measured by palm of hand.
  • Salt sprinkled over top and stirred in. 

I add everything into the pot and then start cooking,  including meatballs if we are having them.   I like the taste of the combined seasonings / items when they are cooked together.  I simmer this for about an hour or so, until the meat is fully cooked.  The fat in the ground beef will add flavor and thin the sauce as it starts out rather thick.   Next I set aside a few spoon fulls to cool and taste.  I then added more of the items above as needed.  Today case I add more oregano, basil, garlic, and salt.  Below is the sauce after I used half of the pot for the chicken Parmesan. 


Next I took a baking dish such as something like 13 X 9.  I put a layer of the sauce on the bottom of the dish.  I next took 6 breaded chicken patties and placed them in the dish.  Next I put one thick slice of mozzarella cheese on top of each patty.  I covered the entire thing in another layer of sauce.  Then on the top I put shredded Parmesan cheese.   ( I would recommend not doing this step until you cooked the dish for like half the cooking time so the Parmesan doesn’t burn .  I pulled mine out just as the Parmesan was starting to turn to a brown color. )  You want to bake this at 400 for about 20 minutes.   I was using our large convection toaster oven instead of the big stove oven and it tends to cook faster so I cooked it for about 17 minutes, checking the Parmesan to make sure it was not burning.    As the chicken was precooked all I really needed to do was heat it all up enough to melt the cheeses and get the chicken hot.  So your times will vary.

I cooked up some angel hair pasta and put out some warmed up rolls.   I tend to cook a pound of pasta at a time as we tend to eat most of it with little left over.    We had three chicken patties and a small amount of both spaghetti and sauce left over. 

That was my morning project while Ron worked on getting the inside plywood put up on the new walls he made enclosing the front room.  Ron gave me many complements and some kisses saying the meal was very good.  I admit I glowed, and enjoyed that he was so happy with the meal. 

Ron is making me a new large kitchen which he has maybe a third done as he loves it when I cook.  I also enjoy cooking and making meals he enjoys.  Best wishes to everyone.  Hugs 



Email deletes

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Hello all you wonderful happy people.  My inbox for my emails went to almost 18,000 today.   So I did a mass delete to a tidy 175.   If you sent me an email and did not get a reply please send me another one.  I get more email than I can get to in a day.   IF you had a really good post you think I should see and I have missed it, again drop me an email and let me know.   Thanks everyone, you are grand.   Hugs

August 30, 2018

So much to do , so little time

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Sorry everyone I did not have time today to get to your blogs.  By the time I got done with doctors appointments and then made supper for Ron, it was basically only time to read a bit of news and now I am off to bed.  I got up at four AM this morning and I am simply worn out.  I will try to catch up tomorrow.  Love all your blogs.   Hugs

August 24, 2018

I have missed it

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When in Germany I got introduced to peppermint schnapps.  I was introduced to a lot of liquor and drinks I did  like.  I did enjoy the beer, who didn’t.   I even bought a mini keg cooler machine last year but then couldn’t get the mini kegs.  We recently found out where to get the locally , so I will be getting it out and set up.  Today I bought a small bottle of peppermint schnapps which I have not had in many years.  I have only had a couple sips but I can feel it and I have to say I enjoy it.   Maybe it is the memories of the grand times I had back then in my late teens and early 20’s.   I hope I wont regret this in the morning.  Hugs

For Victoria over at Victoria Neuronotes

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via For Victoria over at Victoria Neuronotes

Reminder of this fund!

For Victoria over at Victoria Neuronotes

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The write up on the go fund me page is beautiful Swarn. It is a nice snap shot of Victoria’s life and struggles, and affirms what a grand person she is. To the followers of my Toy Box, as you know life can throw us all for some very hard turns. Not everyone has a good support system. If you are in a position to help others a little, please think of helping Victoria. In the time I have known her through comments and replies on blogs she was always full of grace , smart, funny, and caring. Thank you. Hugs

Cloak Unfurled

Hello all.  It’s been some time since I posted I know.  I have them building up in my head and my blog is not dead, nor am I!  There has been a lot of family here, the world cup, and well an extra baby to take care of so I’m just trying to develop a bit of a new pattern in life, and right now that doesn’t give me much time for blogging.

For right now…well many of my readers know Victoria over at Victoria Neuronotes.  In fact it’s safe to say that many of my first followers found me from commenting on her blog.  Victoria has become an amazing friend and I want to try and help her break out of the rut she is in and have a some independence in her life.  You can read the narrative I wrote on the link I post below.  If any…

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August 21, 2018

The new wall in the front Room

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The out side wall of our home faces east.  It was all windows as the person who made it wanted a very bright sun room.    It was hard to keep cool in the summer.  It required a separate A/C unit to even try to keep it nice.   Here is a picture of it.  

We had talked about taking the windows out , building a better exterior wall with much better insulation.  Well Ron decided that this summer he was going to do it.  So he did.  It came out great, and has made a big difference in the room and what it can be used for.   We have decided to make it the living room with the big TV out here.   Here is what it looks like now.


Sunflowers 2nd try

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August 20, 2018

We voted

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Ron and I went to vote today for the primary election candidates.    We try to always do early voting because it is far easier for us.  Fewer people and no waiting.    I can’t stand in lines so this is the best for me.    I have spent a few days on and off looking up candidates and finding out about them, their views, their priorities, what they want to do and what they have done in the past.   Then I typed up a a paper with the race and the candidate we wanted.   I did it in the order of the sample ballot so it would be easy to follow when voting.    Trying to do our part to fix the mess we are in now.  Hugs

August 18, 2018

Where I have been the last two days or so.

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Sorry everyone.  I found a couple errors in my two main computers.  The primary I blog and surf with and the secondary I use as my video / TV player / entertainment computer.  I had dumped the main, and then decided I did not like how some registry items were acting.  I had started the secondary one also.  I decided I want tot do both and do it while I was fresh and watching.  So this morning I dumped both of them, had the windows recovery scrub both all discs, and then loaded each of them step by careful step.  Feels nice to have them working at prime again.  Knowing me I will adjust things a dozen more times, but they are running at peak right now.  I will try to get to everyone I missed the last few days.   Thanks and hugs

August 14, 2018

Sorry I missed your blogs today.

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Due to my constantly trying to finesse my computers and make it a slight bit better, I screwed up and lost most of the day trying to get my main blogging computer back.  I was not able to get to a lot of comments and it kept me from getting to all your wonderful blogs.  It was totally my fault as I changed a setting that went over my entire network.  Oh well Ron thinks it is funny that I made such a goof, I dumped my main blogging computer and was reloading it when I realized the true problem, one online setting that was messing everything up.   I now have days of work a head of me to get my computer back to where I am comfortable with it.  But as Ron said, it is what I love to do.  Hugs

August 12, 2018

My rant on the unite the right march, confederate battle flag, and Nazis.

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August 9, 2018

What have we become. No one can sanction or forgive this. Z

August 7, 2018

I have wanted sunflowers for a long time, so Ron made it happen for me. Hugs

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August 2, 2018

A short update on shoes ( a bigger update on relationships )

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I was going to make this a three minute video, but then I remembered that some people do not like videos, Also I would have to stop the other monitor.  So here is what happened in written words.

I was feeling strong the last two days. So today Ron got up at 1:30 and after eating offered to get me soda at the local store.  I wanted to go with him.

We got to the store and Ron got a small cart while I walked with him. We were just there for the soda sale, but we are having chicken breast tonight so Ron need a few extra things.  After 70% of the time we were there Ron asked me to go to the car.  I wanted to argue but Ron countered with it was clear I was losing the ability to walk, I was struggling.  So I went back to the car.

Remember this was a short trip for a couple items.  I am worried what the future will bring.  That medicare has tighten restrictions on scooters to make it almost impossible to get.  The ones I have looked at that I would want are over $2000 . and that is just for the average. Those under $1000 are very light and not for overall mobility.  They are good for in home or light stuff, but he wont due for what I need.

I have an old legend pride that the V.A.provided me with way back in 1997 when I couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair.  It will need new tires, batteries and a few other things.   We don’t know the cost of fixing it up but that seems to be our best bet at this time.

Our real expense will be the car hitch and the carrier.  I can not seem to get a company to tell me the price of a lift.  I wanted a hitch on this car but the one that was ordered and we got such a good deal on , well it did not have it and I felt I had already gotten as much of a concession as I was going to get so I did not push it.

Some manufactures have a rebate program if you order it when purchased,  I am not sure if that is too late for us.  So the upshot of all this is a few things.

I can walk but as I do the pain increases until I can not walk.  The distance is rather short right now.  Today I walked from the parked car in a handicapped spot in front of the store, to a few minutes inside before Ron asked me to go back to the car.  When we got home I asked him why he insisted on me going to the car.   He said because I had slowed down, was limping, and my face had changed color and it was clear I was struggling and in a lot of pain.    He was right, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  🙂

So this is my life now.  It hit suddenly, even though I have been losing ability to walk gradually before,  this was new very painful and loss of my leg holding me up or simply refusing to do what I wish it to is new and came on suddenly.

I am back to taking all my pain and muscle relaxing meds.   It seems I will have to go back on narcotics, which I wanted to avoid.  Lucky for me I have good health insurance  ( until tRump screws that up as well ) and can get what procedures and meds I need.

*Editorial note :  The hospital Ron works for has been over the years enticing doctors to join under their umbrella.  However as the system is not for profit and the tRump admit has done and the state of Florida has done to ruin not for profit hospitals , the are in desperate shape.  They called all the doctors to meeting and told them they were reducing the amount of payments to the doctors by a third, if the doctors did not sign the new agreement they could walk out and that would be their termination from the hospital system in our area.  A good almost half of the doctored simply walked out refusing to sign their rights away.  This is causing a huge problem for my husband in the ICU’s.   They cut the physicians assistants pay by a third and then made a new policy to not pay them for on call duty.  I do not think  that is legal and if they are willing to do that to P.A.’s think they wont do that to nurses and CNA’s?  So I have been told that the hospital is having trouble getting doctors to cover all the PTs.  Plus a ll the doctors are pissed off because they had to take a huge pay cut, and then they had to give 10 grand each back to the hospital system due to a medicare mistake.  Things are not good in the healthcare system of the US.  remember that when voting time comes around.  

So I need a receiver hitch for the new Ford Escape, and a lift / carrier for the scooter.  Then Ron says next year we will get me a new four wheel scooter that has everything I want.  He is aiming for my birthday in March.

One last thing I want to mention.  Shoes.

Years ago I couldn’t get shoes to fit my feet and give me the support I needed. I was buying new sneakers every six months and Ron hated taking me for new sneakers.  I had to try on almost every shoe in the stores.   Well  that is changed, I can find shoes / sneakers to fit and I like far faster than Ron can.

So a few days ago we went to our local Famous Foot Wear store were we always get our feet coverings from.  There is a young man there who is really cute and very nice.   We love dealing with him because he goes out of his way to help and do things for you.  He provides the service with a grand smile and no idea he is not happy at what he is doing.  Even his co-workers call him for assistance.  He knows us and is very good to us, giving us discounts we were not a ware of.  He is simply a good looking 20 something year old kid happy with himself  and takes time to do his best to help the people in his store, and especially two old gay guys.

So we went to get Ron new sneakers for work.   He needs than as he goes through shoes fast in the ICU’s.  But while we were there I noticed a few things I like.  I needed new sneakers not because they were worn but because they were old and faded out.  The young man after helping Ron turned to me and said he could suggest a few thing that may feel good to me ( shoe wise, get your heads out of the sex mill that my mind went too.)

So I tried on the pair he gave me, and then the next three pairs.  I found a pair that fit well and I did need them ( says me ) but I had wanted a pair of sneaker like hiking “boots”.  The young man then said he would give us  the sales price of my shoes with Ron’s, but also give us a discount for being frequent costumers.  I told him I would be back next week to get a pair of those sneaker like boots, and he told me he would give us a sales no tax price on them.

Now the funny part is while we were trying on the different shoes, I had mentioned to the young man that we were there only to get work shoes for Ron.  Yet when all was said and done I had a new pair of shoes also.  When the young man took us to the check out I mentioned that this was for Ron to get a new work shoes, the young man looked uncomfortable and suggested I could come in next week and get the tax free sale.  Ron laughed and told the young man he had figured I would be getting new sneakers if he did and that yes we would be back in next week to get me the other shoes I wanted.   Ron knows me too well.  He had planned all along that I would find and want a new pair of sneakers and did not tell any of us involved.  Dang diabolical planes from those that know.

So the thing is Ron got new sneakers for work, I got new sneakers simply because I wanted them, and I am going to get a new set of sneaker boots next week even though I do not need them, due to my husband being so generous and kind.  Of course it does’t hurt he likes the young man who waits on us and treats us so well.

The real trick will be trying to walk in any kind of new shoes.  So far I can do short inside the house once or twice, then the leg is very painful and useless. But the cute boy at the shoes store did not have any ideas for that.    😜😍😂🤣👍😉😎

Be well and happy.   Hugs

July 30, 2018

Milo sleeps on my head

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I often tell people my oldest cat Milo is the one most bonded to me, and he insists on being on my pillow when we sleep together.  It seems to be a special bond we have.  If I put my hand on the pillow Milo will put his paws on my fingers.  If I do not have my hand on the pillow Milo will wrap his paws around my face.  It is rather disconcerting to wake up with a cat paw up ones nose.  Here is the pictures Ron took the other day when I was not feeling well and went to take a nap.  What do you think, is Milo trying to be supportive, or just getting a good pillow?  Hugs


July 29, 2018

An update on my health

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I have waited a while to write this post to see if I could get some improvement, but it seems I have to accept what is.  As most who come here know I have a problem with my bones, and have all my life.   I had to have my right hip replaced in 2004, and my left hip just last year.   I have damage to the spine, both the bone vertebra and the disc material in different spots.  The muscles of the back are thickened and not responding correctly due to years of trying to protect the spine.   The bone problem has also been part of and caused other health issues.

After my left hip operation it was hoped I would be able to walk normally unsupported and I hoped I could do things like bike ride or go back to work in the medical field.   This seemed possible even though I was struggling with pain and lack of strength.    So even though I did not notice the getting worse, others did.   

About a month ago something happened.   I suddenly was having trouble walking again.  My left leg was not responding and there was horrible pain in the muscle in the front of the leg and the knee felt as if it was destroyed.   Same with the right leg , but the left was much worse.  It came on suddenly it seemed, and was intermittent.  I could bend the knee with no problem when there was no weight on it.   I was better sometimes than others.   Some times I simply couldn’t walk even with a cane.

As it happened I was already scheduled to see the pain doctor.  When I told her what was going on she knew what was wrong right away.   I had a MRI last year this time and it showed damage to my  L4-L5 and L5-S1 along with other spots.   Seems the nerves through the L4 and L5 come right around to the muscles in the front of the leg and the knee.    Seems that I have more damage in that area of my back and it is effecting my left leg much more than my right. 

The doctor looked again at the old MRI, figured that the damage got worse.  I have to wait a year for another MRI to be covered under the insurance.  We talked about what to do going forward.  Seems things will not go as I had hoped.   Surgery is not recommended and in fact discouraged as it offers little gain and the results are normally to worsen the problem.   The goal now is to keep me walking with support, and to manage the pain as best we can.   That day they gave me a spinal block, a shot into the spine at those locations.   I will have to have these at least every two months.  I also will be starting the trigger point injections again.   I am using a cane most of the time, except a bit in the house.   

The situation looks like I will be needing a scooter  again soon.  I had to have one when I was in a wheelchair.  My first surgeon told me I would be needing a wheelchair as I aged and it seems he was correct.  I also may have to go back on the stronger medications.  

The good news is this is not life threatening and can be managed.   Yesterday Ron and I went out for breakfast and had planned to go shopping at several stores.  I was able to walk into the restaurant but at the first store I started to have trouble with walking and increased pain.  After the second store which was just a few minutes to get one item , I asked Ron to bring me home.  He did the rest himself.   

I did get really upset over this but that has passed now.  It is part of my life I knew about and have faced before.   I will enjoy everything the best I can.   I have a great support system, great doctors, a home, and a wonderful grand husband.  I just had to wrap my mind around this set back and what it would mean for the future.  

I just wanted to let you all know my plans for the future have changed and why.   Again I want to stress I knew this was possible and even likely.  I do feel I have it a lot better than many in my situation.  I do not feel like a victim in all this.  It is simply living life with health issues, each of us does this every day.   Thanks everyone.  Many hugs

July 21, 2018

Scottie rant on Bigotry and Race.

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