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November 18, 2018

Tired, going to bed

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Well I did not get to all my email again, and only a few of the many blogs I wanted to visit.   I have the main blogging computer up and running great.   That means both computers have been dumped and reloaded, fresh from the factory resets.   I will get up tomorrow between 4 and 5:30 and start again trying to get through email and read blogs.  Ron has gone to work and I am now very tired.   Best wishes.  Hugs

November 16, 2018

Scottie said what ????

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November 14, 2018

Sorry, internet is crashing

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Just got off chat with a nice person who at first thought was an idiot.  I explained that after their outage yesterday I had no real internet until about 9 AM this morning.  I explained that it worked great at the speed sI am paying for until about 5 PM.  Then the system crashed.  I kept getting lower and lower speeds, until while I was on with this nice guy from comcast I was down to 1.1mbps.  He scheduled a person to come check it out tomorrow.  He kept saying they need to check in my home.  I said OK, tell me this, can you restart my modem.   He tried several times and said no.  I said that proves the problem is not in my home, but in your system outside.  He was not able to deal with this.  I laughed with him and said I understand, you are a call center, but I am a computer tech, so no worries I will be here, but the problem is not in house. Then he was worried I would complain about him to his supervisor and I told him to tell his supervisor I thought he was professional and efficient.    After all it was not his fault.  The problem is whatever they recently did hooking up new people.  It happens twice a year, when a bunch of new snowbirds arrive and when they leave.  After ll , the problem only surfaced after an outage in this area. 

So until they get this fixed, I can not do much posting .  Ron is already beside himself as he wants to watch his programs which are online and they  keep stalling.  I went into my network and gave priority to his TV, but he is upset. When he is upset, I am upset.  OK, I will try to get with you all tomorrow.  Hugs

November 13, 2018


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I have almost no internet.  I am down to less than dial up speed.  Which is frustrating because I pay for full top speed.    Everything was working great , then we had an outage.  And when the internet came back each of my devices had almost no speed.  I have a top of the line modem and a really grand router.  I even tried running around other systems, but the incoming speed is a dribble.  I contacted comcast online and of course they said what they always do until you prove them wrong, the problem is not on our end.  Yet in my case it has to be.  So I am angry and frustrated and may not post much today.  I can not even watch news or YouTube.  I am running my most needed stuff through my hotspot on my phone.  

Twice a year we run into major service problems.  About this time when a majority of snowbirds and RV’s come back needed to be hooked back up to Comcast, and when they leave in April or so.  For some reason even though we know they will screw things up, the company never fails to complete screw up our service.   Hugs

November 11, 2018

My day getting tired

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People wonder why I do not get to everything right away.   The situation is I am not really well as most people are.  I have health issues.  Now that is not really a complaint from me.  Even disabled I have a great life.  However I am restricted to what I can do, and how much time I can spend up at my desk.  The reason I say this is I am very tired right now and I want to go to bed.  But I still have comments to answer and hundreds of emails.  

Ron has told me he will take care of the kitchen and all the clean up.   Still I can hardly keep my eyes open.  Normally I go to bed between 7 and 8 PM.  I sleep on and off throughout the night.  One of my problems is one all us older people have, I need to pee.  

But most nights I sleep well for a few hours and then I am up and down, up and down, staring at the pillows, or paying attention to the cat Milo who shares my pillow and once in a while lets me have part of it.  

So you know when I got to sleep but when do I wake up.  Well most nights I am a wake a lot, but by 4 AM my body has had enough.  I hurt too bad to stay in bed.  How you may ask, well I am glad you did.  See the problem is I have damage to my spine and two artificial hips.  So that means I cannot lay directly on either side as the metal that replaced my bones causes great pain.   

So as I sleep especially towards 4 or 5 AM I start to get horrible muscle cramps in my lower legs or in my feet.  I take muscle relaxers  but they really do little to help.  Think of getting your worst “Charlie Horse” in your calf or foot.  My feet will try to curl up in a ball.  It is very painful.  However the source is not my legs it is entirely in my back, the destroyed vertebrae and the OK ones with a disk problem.  

My back is so badly degraded it is sending signals to my legs to do weird and horrible stuff.  One thing is when I get up at night to go to the bathroom most nights I have to use the hand holds bars Ron installed for me when I had my hip replaced.  See I don’t always have the strength to get out of bed with out them.  Then as I am walking to the bathroom often one of my legs give out.  That is why I keep a cane by the bed.  

See for me I never know when one leg or the other will go out, simply disappear on me. I never know when pain so sharp I think I have broken bones will affect one of the other leg or both, one or the other side of my body.  So when that happens if I don’t have a cane or other support I am in trouble.  Recently I had a side muscle spasm while in the shower.   I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t stand up.  LUcky for me Ron was home and as I lay on the floor of the shower beating on the glass shower door with the back brush , Ron heard and came running it to pick me up.  I cannot walk well, can not do much and can not complain because Ron takes great care of me.  The reason I mention this is because I get between 300 and 400 emails a day.  I have over 150 blogs I follow last count.  I get up early and try, but there is simply no way I can get to everyone and some will be missed.  Remember during the day I have to go lay down or rest.

So here is the way you can grab my attention while I am up and on the computer.  You can engage in a comment. If I don’t notice or get right back to you, let me know.  I catch most comments.  However not so on email, It is hit or miss.  So if you send me an email, drop me a note in the comments of one of my blogs so I can do search for it and dig it out.  

Ok hope this helps I am very tired, have a dentist appointment in the morning and I need to get to bed.  Hugs




November 6, 2018

I am going to bed

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Sorry but I have been up since 04:00 and I am dang tired .   I an also emotionally upset as I figured far more of my country men would vote for democrats than did.  However I also know the jerryrigging of districts led to this.  A Sadly the republicans will now think that since they did not lose as much as feared they will get worse and more aggressive in denying rights. 

Progressive values lost and racism and hatred won.  This puts our country in a very bad place.  Let’s hope the house in democrats control will be able to make a difference.

So what do I plan to do now, Heck I am going to bed.  Good night and best wishes for all .  Hugs


November 3, 2018

meatless sausage ??? Help

Yesterday Ron and I went to the grocery store that is about a mile or two down the road, it is our favorite.  However it has a crappy small vegetarian section.  We picked up a few things to try.  




Well this morning we tried the veggie breakfast sausages.   Taste wise they were OK, smelt good, but the texture was awful.   Maybe I  did not cook them enough but I followed the instructions.  I baked them for 14 minutes.  Next time I will fry the crap out of them.  They were soft and sort of mushy.  I threw most of mine in the trash.  Ron agreed with me they tasted OK but had to fix the soft mushiness of them.  

Ron used some of the beefless ground in the spanish rice he made last night.  We are adding rice to our diet several times a week.  It was OK, I am not a fan of spanish rice but I did not find anything awful about it.  I did not even know he had put some in there until he told me. 

Ron tried the chicken patties the other day.  He said they were OK.  They did smell good.  Ron wants to make taco mix out of tofu and the meatless ground burger stuff.   I am hoping the seasoning mix will  make it OK, I hate to buy stuff to eat and then have to throw it out.  

I admit it is hard to walk past the long meat counter and displays full of easy to find and get products that I know taste good to me.  But Ron And I talked about it.   We both feel meat is not the same as it was when we were growing up.   We don’t feel it is a safe nor as good for us as it use to be.   We feel that in fact it may be bad for us to continue to eat such amounts of meat.   That said we did buy a large ham that was on sale, as ham is one of my favorites.  

So if anyone has some ideas, let me know.  Brands or items to try.  I am going to make a chili tomorrow for the first time without meat.  Should be OK, I will use beans to give it texture and substance.   Hugs

October 31, 2018

Some new pictures of me and my assistant writer Milo. Hugs

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October 26, 2018

Good grief it is a late beginning

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So for today I got up late.  No apologies, ron was home last night and I laid snuggled up to him long after I normally get up.  Then before I could do my normal posting, Ron and I worked together making a scrambles breakfast.    Then after I got my shower we went out to get six more sheets of paneling  and some 2X4’s.   

I have exciting news.  I was talking to Ron about what to do with my Hot Tub , if you didn’t know one set of doctors said I need to have a hot tub, and then after enjoying this in house one which ron expanded our master bathroom to include, I got really ill and another set of doctors said I need to stop using the hot tub until I got better. 

So Ron took the hot tub out of our bedroom bathroom, and put it on our front room.  The original idea for building the front room as I have told everyone was to have Ron’s living room out there.  

The other day I jokingly told Ron it made more sense to put my office out there and use the hot tub there instead of storing it.  We can not put it outside as mice / rats would get into it and destroy it.  So it has to stay in side and we were having trouble find a place in his dream living room to put it. Then when I really not expecting him to agree said we could keep it there in the new room as it had a concrete floor, and move my office out there.  He asked me my thoughts on where then to put the livingroom and dinning room.  I showed him how if he took out the wall of my office that was septering it from the living room he could make it one large room.  I suggested he could arrange the living room  / dining room anyway you want.  

He spent several hours thinking and then he came measuring.  I did not pay attention because I did not think he would agree to my idea.  Turns out he loves the idea.  It is the front of our home, has lots of light and also is the best place to put the hot tub.  We talked about where to put all my stuff and Ron drew it out.  It all works. He will put more shelves than I have now up the walls, Get a wall mount arm for my 46 inch TV, and all the other things I need in my office.  So as he is building the shelves all I have to have is a table for my monitors and speakers.  Also the cats as they often are here on my desk.  

Ron really likes the idea.  He is more happy with it than I am.  So I am getting a new office with a hot tub and all the things I need.  He asked me what i needed for wiring for all our stuff.  I told him the easiest way is to keep the modem in the room it is now and run an ethernet from the modem to my new office.  

So I am excited, I am getting a new office about 24 X 12 foot and has all my stuff, my TV , and all my electronics.   I will even have a huge built in closet shelf that was built in the room, and where we had our TV and electronics which you will remember from the pictures I posted in 2007 until we gave the room to James.  

Speaking of James , who I really like, he came to dinner last night.  Feed him well and had a long talk about everything in his life since he moved out.  He is maturing fast and is well on his way to being a being an impressive adult.   I love that (kid ) adult.  

I will make a video of the new office Ron is making for me.  I am excited because it is a wonderful room with not only everything I want but also a lot of windows and be able to see if anyone comes to the house. 

Now at after 6 PM I am getting to the emails I have.   I am sorry if I miss one of your blogs.  If you think I should  catch something I missed, please email me.  Thanks , Hugs

Me some days when I get really heated about something

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October 25, 2018

how can the Democratic party organize votes from Honduras when they can not organize votes from Pennsylvania? Hugs

We Voted

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Ron and I went this afternoon to the early voting place near us.  I love it.  It is a huge center and they have plenty of parking, lots of staff, and I never have to wait in line.  I normally get a good spot in one of the closer to the door handicap spaces.  Today I needed it as I was really having trouble.    As you get to the door to the inside a nice gentleman opens the door for you.   Then as you go in to the lobby there is another volunteer sitting next to a hallway.  So even though it may only be thirty feet you have guides.   Just as you start to turn down the hallway there is a door on the right, it opens into a big room.  On one side of the room is a line of tables with volunteers to check you in.  No lines.  It is very relaxed.  After you sign and get your ballot, there is four lines of little stands, and two of sit down ones.  I always use the sit down ones because it gets hard for me to support myself with the cane and fill in the little circles in the paper ballots .  This year we had three pages.  After you mark your ballot you take it to end of the room and there are people there to help you put it in the readers and confirm you voted.  Like for me I needed the person there to hold my cane so I could use one hand to hold the stack of papers and they other to shove it in the reader.   I got my “I voted” sticker which Ron peeled off and put on my shirt for me.  Everyone is so nice and seem to be having fun.  So I feel good.  Hugs

October 21, 2018

Some new pictures

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Some new pictures from both my webcams.  Why?  because the news is getting me down and I need a distraction, this is what I felt like doing.  Sometimes you just have to feel good about yourself.  Hugs

October 14, 2018

Major changes

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Sorry if I am not on much or responding in the next few days.  Ron wants me to have a bigger TV as my eyesight has decreased.   I no longer play my xboxes as I can not clearly see the screen on the 32 inch TV in my office.  I had not complained as I have enough other things to do.    This morning Ron decided he wanted to move the bedroom 46 inch ( which has always been my fav TV as it has everything any tech person could want ) into my office.  I asked him to wait until my sunday news programs are over as the move would require emptying four different adjustable shelves, then moving stuff and shelves to a different position, plus all the stuff I had on the floor on the shelves in front of my desk would have to be moved as the top shelf would have to go down there as the 46 inch TV is much larger than the one I have here.  Ron did not understand how big a project it is , but did after I showed him.  

Long story short, Ron is letting me move things at my pace , as slow as it is, while he worked on the new paneling in the front room, and now he is napping.    I am very glad to be getting the TV I love, and in truth we simply do not use it there since I got my office.  But it takes a lot of effort for me to move all this stuff, Ron brought in the step ladder as he wouldn’t let me use the step stool,  but I have to take each thing down, decided to keep it or not, if keeping it clean it and decided where to put it.  It is a much bigger job than I intended this weekend.   But I do want the bigger TV.  

Thanks for understanding.  I am off to try to move more stuff.  ( side note how did I get so much stuff? )  Hugs


October 13, 2018

Hubby Ron with Milo in his lap, Odis looking out the window

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Hot spots

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October 11, 2018

I am a bit behind today

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Sorry if I missed your comments or did not get to your blog.  I had a first of the morning doctors appointment.    The doctor was running behind, by about two or more hours.  I did not object because I do not punch a clock and this doctor gives his patients as much time as they need.  He was not rushing my visit, even though I told him I understood and he could cut it short.  I got a lot out of my visit, I like my new primary.  We are still feeling each other out, but we seem to be on the same page. So while my appointment was for early morning, I did not get home until noon.  

After that Ron and I went shopping.  I was seriously having trouble walking but we got our needed food and supplies for a cost of several body parts.  After helping put everything away , Ron went for a nap and I started to go through my emails.   I have not even gone to most of my news sites and just got caught up on my comments.  

Thanks to everyone, I just wanted to explain why I may have missed people today.   Hugs

October 2, 2018

She shouldn’t have to!

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I am not going to win many partisan points with this post, but it is an important post based on empathy.  Recently on a Sunday news program White House advisory Kellyanne Conway blurted out that she also had been sexually assaulted.    She has now had to forcefully tell news organizations she wont be talking about it any more.  She also claims to have gotten threats over it.

Stop it.  Just stop it people.   We ask people to believe or give the benefit of the doubt to someone when they come forward and tell what happened to them.   It is hard enough to tell we don’t have to make it worse.   I started to read some of the comments on her saying she did not want to talk about it and they were nasty toward her.  Yes it seems she , like other republicans , doesn’t have much empathy for others who have been sexually assaulted but that is no excuse to treat her as we wouldn’t want any other person who suffered a sexual assault treated.  If we ask for understanding of someone who is dealing with their abuse, shouldn’t we extend that to her as well.   We are the first ones to blame the republicans for how they are treating the women coming forward about Kavanaugh, so why would we do it to her?  

As for talking about her assault, some people simply can’t.  Some can but have to have set conditions.   Some can but if they do it really tears the scab off a deep wound and causes a lot of after shocks to their system.  Not to put too fine a point on it, it rips me up to talk about my abuse and I only do so when I think I will explode if I don’t.   I also have mention my abuse in a discussion in a spur of the moment or because it just slipped out, and while I do not regret it coming out I was not prepared to have a discussion on it.    Even writing this out has been hard and caused me to have memories I do not want to remember and I will have to deal with.  

So no she shouldn’t have to talk about it, and after being told she doesn’t want to talk about she shouldn’t be badgered about it.  It is not right she is badgered about something so personal and hurtful regardless of party or her job.  I am disappoint people don’t understand no means no about sexual assault, and it also means no when they don’t want to talk.  No one should be forced to relive those times, those things.  Lets not become what we fight against.   Thank you.  Hugs.  Scottie     

October 1, 2018

Well I am royally screwed !

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I just heard on a science program that the brain is fully developed at about age 25.   Strange I did not get to maturity until well in to my 40’s.  Or 50’s.  Well really it moves depending on how old I am at the time.  So let be real here, my brain got to its maturity and now is declining at the same time I think I am getting more centered and wiser.   At this rate by the time I am 65 I will be a totally immature.    Shit I am so screwed.   Hugs

September 29, 2018

For those worried about me

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For everyone who was worried about me because my memories seem to be over whelming me, you are not alone.  Ron is very concerned also.   This morning he came and sat with me.  He asked me to take a few days off the news.   He asked me to go out with him today just to take a breather from it all.   This morning we planned a trip to the Tampa Zoo.   Ron has taken 6 days off next month and after a few days four more.  This is to give us time to go way.  He wanted to take me to Universal, but I just don’t feel up to it right now.  It is a 3.5 hour drive both ways for us.  Side note, at one time we ( Florida ) were going to build a high speed train line from bigger cities to Orlando and other large attractions, but Gov. Jeb Bush nixed it.  It would have been nice and give a lot more people the chance to enjoy these attractions.  Anyway Ron and I looked up the zoo this morning and decided next month to buy the full package for 12 months.   If you are anywhere in Florida it is a great deal, as is the other favorite of ours, Busch Gardens.  For us we can buy the one day all year tickets.   The ones for the Tampa Zoo have extra perks if you buy the higher package.  We are only two hours from Tampa and we can go often as we do Busch Gardens in Tampa.   Anyway the point is I have a great support network, and the support of all of you helps also.  I will get through this, the nation will get through this, we will be OK, as long as we realize the seriousness of what happened to Dr Ford and what Kavanaugh did.  ( for those who wonder if he did it think on this.  When she testified she mentioned the names of the boys there including the boy called PJ.   But it was not known until Kavanaugh brought up his calendar which clearly stated a party with Judge, PJ, and Sqee.  It fits the time frame perfectly.   Also it seems Judge’s grand mother had a house fitting the floor plan.  No one would have been able to put this together ahead of time because the only evidence was held by Kavanaugh and put out by him at the hearing, his own calendar.  It also mentioned the party was for what seems clear to anyone,  beers.)   Sorry lost my train of thought there, the point of this post is to tell you I am OK, and I will be OK.  I worry about those who are watching this, reliving their own abuse and trauma and do not have a support system or wonderful lovers / husbands / wives / family /friends who can help them.  Be well everyone.  We are all part of this society, the good and the bad, but we are all here together.  Hugs

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