Really ill and nauseous since Wednesday

Hello Everyone.   Sitting up at my desk and hope to get a note dashed out to everyone.    I have been ill since Wednesday.  Wednesday and Thursday very nauseous and dizzy.    Very tired.  Pain in my back so bad it hurt to breathe.     Last week I had a visit with my primary and before that I had blood draws.   Maybe I picked up something.   Friday I did not feel so bad, was able to do some stuff on the computer, but very tired.    Today most of the day in bed, very sick.    Ron is making me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich then if it stays down back to bed.   I have not even managed to do the daily roundup.     Best wishes to all.   Hugs

Display of the new theme

Hello everyone.   I want to ask if my blog is displaying correctly when you go to it.   Are all the pictures and widgets showing up.   In particular up in the upper right side of the blog is my profile.    It is just below the header.   It has my picture, which needs updating, and a small blurb about me.   For some it is not there.    It looks like below.      Hugs



I am a 57 year old gay man who has been very lucky in life. Life is an adventure and I live it that way. I am in a long term married relationship with a wonderful man I adore. We are in our 31st year together. My preferred pronouns: He / Him / His

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I am so angry at Religious assholes


Sorry I have been gone for so long.   I really hope to be back tomorrow or Sunday.   I have just been so tired and sleeping so much I have not been at the computers that much.  Any time I have been up I have been trying to help Ron bake / create the cookies and Ice cream for the kids.   I am the real one in the house that does that, but I have been getting out of bed and setting things up, then going back to bed between batches, leaving Ron to do all the real work.  ( ever have a muscle spasm in your butt that makes it so you can not even sit on the toilet )  It will work out, Ron loved the three different batches of cookies, especially the snickerdoodles I made up and he helped me bake.  

As I was finishing this up to go to bed, a truck pulling a wagon badly made up like a sleigh came up the road with a sound system blaring music and the people in the wagon singing Christian Christmas carols.   They had been by us twice today during the day.  But this time they pissed me off.  Now it was after dark, after 7 PM, and their loud system volume was enough to drowned out our TV and my computer speaker in front of me.  It pissed me off!  If I could have gotten out side I would have confronted them.   I did get to the window and with the lights behind me so they could clearly see me I gave them the finger.  Yes I proudly gave the the single finger salute, the middle finger bird.   The assholes took that as a thank you, as a praise as they sang out “Praise Jesus merry Christmas” as they passed my house looking right at me.  

Ron had to talk me down and hold me back I was so angry.   I had my cane in my hand and was headed out the door.   I was so angry.  How arrogant of them, how un-caring of any of the other people living in this park.  They moved in this last summer when all the prices were and still are so badly depressed.  They got a really nice house  on a great lot and now it seems they think they can use that to push their religion on the rest of us.  

Ron is trying to calm me down so I don’t go out and start some thing.  But I really am upset and pissed off.   What would these assholes have done had I gone around the neighborhood blasting Hindu music or Islamic music at a volume that drowned out their TV’s?   As they passed in front of my house blasting their bad singing of a Christmas carol seeing my well lighted finger to their asshole behavior one of the women took to the microphone to wish  me a merry Christmas in the name of their lord and savior.   Oh how they must have felt that made everything OK now that they praised Jesus in front of my home where I was clearly upset with their actions.  

I can see this is going to be a great new year with a bunch of Christian tRump loving  assholes trying to push their way on everyone.  I guess I need to have Ron put a bench put in front of the house so I can sit there and yell at the assholes who drive by.   Hugs

Not sure how long I will be on

Hello everyone, all you happy wonderful viewers.   Today has been a really bad day health wise for me.   I woke up at 2 AM and decided to get up.  It happens, no problem.   But I felt a bit nauseous.   That got worse and worse and as I was trying to do the morning roundup I had the symptoms heralding vomiting for me.    Sharp pain in the abdomen, drool or saliva in the mouth as I try to keep everything down, and waves of vertigo.   I got up and tried to walk through the kitchen to the bedroom.  Every step was a trial, a struggle to not vomit.   I opened the door to the bed room and Ron woke up realizing I was in trouble.   He helped me to bed.  This was about 7 AM.  I got up at 8 AM to finish the morning roundup.   I  got very tired, the fatigue I have been fighting plus nauseous again.   I went back to bed.   

I stayed in bed until afternoon.  Got up and took a shower.  I ate about 1:20 PM or so as I was getting things ready to get back on to the blog.  I am now having the symptoms again.  Very tired and very much feeling like I am going to vomit, with pain my abdomen and the other symptoms I mentioned.   I am going to try to stay here and get to the comments I love but if I disappear you will understand why.   Best wishes and much love.   Hugs

If you noticed

Hello all you wonderful viewers and Toy Box people.   Yesterday was a bad day for me.   As you may have noticed I posted a lot from my phone.   I spent a lot of time either in bed or miserable and not following much news.  When I post a lot from my phone or pad that shows I am not at the computers.  I could be in bed or at a doctors office, and yes I am still reading news even then.  

I was having nausea all day.   I barely ate, in the morning I had two hard boiled eggs and toast, at 2 PM I had a Scottie salad.  A Scottie salad is lettuce and white thick sliced thrice washed mushrooms, all topped off with dressing.   Then I went to bed until 3 AM this morning.  

We do not know why I am having this sickness to my stomach and feeling like I am going to vomit, with pain  lower / below the breast bone.   I was able to force the doctor to deal with the other long time issues and as this is a new one that surfaced mostly this summer I will force him to deal with it in February if it continues.  There is a lot of speculation on Ron’s part, especially as it goes away when I lay down.    Everything from an ulcer to a hernia to it being something caused by my allergies / medications.   I did manage to stay up late on the night Ron was officiating at the wedding, but other than being over tired I don’t think it hurt me much.   

I hope to be able to put a lot more time in on the computer today.   It is Sunday morning news show day.   So after that I hope to not only spend time with the comments but to look over other peoples blogs.   It is 66 degrees out side at my place, and my office is 75.6 with all the windows open.  Ron is up so all the house windows are open not just my office, including the kitchen door.   One of the greatest things we did on the remodel was add a screen door to the kitchen door which really added to the air flow.   I am not sure why so many homes do not have them here.    Talk with everyone later.   Hugs

Black Widow: The Ultimate Goth Girlfriend

Ark has long been trying to inspire compassion and friendship to spiders.   I have long had a terrorized response to any spider.   Over the last few years of reading Ark’s blog and seeing the many disturbing photos of the many beasts from hell he posts I got a bit braver and more desensitized.    Yesterday a tiny spider, really tiny ran across my monitor.   Rather than giving it a sudden end of existence, I got a sheet of paper towel, the only thing I had handy, and relocated it to a near by window sill.   I had hoped it would take the hint and move on.   

This morning as I sat down at my desk I noticed a larger version of the same spider busy running a web between my two large monitors I placed in a V shape.  While I admired it work ethics and quick performance I couldn’t tolerate this, it took live and let live to a level I am not willing to abide by.   So thinking the same trick with the paper towel would work I took a sheet and held it up to the busy creature.   That is when it showed it’s true colors.   I was trying to help and be tolerant, it was bound to terrorize me.   It got on the sheet of paper towel and raced across it to my hand, I started trying to turn it quick enough to stay away from the demon.   I ended up trying to twirl the sheet while doing a jig across the floor and the determined bitch kept getting closer to my hand.   I ended up doing the manly thing and half way to the window throwing the paper towel sheet as far from me as I could, running from the room and changing all my clothes.   Not kidding, I even inspected and slapped down my sneakers.   Hugs

I Voted

I am wrecked.   Ron and I went back to the voter station.   The line was only about ten feet out side the doors.    I told Ron I would do it with just my cane.   I felt I could as I reminded him how fast the line has moved in the past.   That was a mistake.   The line moved so slow.   As Ron reminded me I have not done any walking since Covid as I don’t go to stores even.   It took about 35 to 40  minutes from when we got in line to where I slid my ballot into the reader.   

They had a greeter after you enter the room in the back sort of in the center.   The man never stopped talking.   I was starting to struggle to stand while I was waiting, he noticed and asked if I needed any assistance.   I told him if possible I would like to sit to vote.  I have done that most of the times and they have tables set up.   I was called, went up to one of the stations to sign in.   Got my ballot and shuffled my way to the table they told me.   I was really starting to struggle.    I got sat down and went over the ballot.  I was sitting next to the poll watchers and wondered what they thought when I pulled out my printed up cheat sheet I did for Ron and I.    Then I had a problem.   In the past when I was bad Ron has came back to me after he voted and helped me stand.   I was stuck.   I shifted, and pushed.   I was about to ask one of the people for assistance, but I know they are not allowed to talk to the voters.  I made it to my feet and shuffled to the front, to the line to feed the paper ballot into the readers.   I got up there and did it.   Ron was at the exit and he held my cane and sticker while I used the hand sanitizer.   I nearly fell over as my back gave out and I was bending over not able to straighten up.   Ron noticed and gave me my cane and helped me.   I admitted I was wrong not to use my walker.   But I really thought I could do it.   

Ron and I are both very happy to have voted.   I talked with the staff as I was signing in and waiting.   The say it has been swamped every day.   It has not stopped from opening to closing.   I did not see any maga stuff, not one thug pretending to poll watch.  I did not see any police.  As we were just getting in line a school bus pulled up and a load of kids of different ages poured out and rushed into the center.   Most were masked.   The place doubles as a community center for all ages, and it is really large and nice.   They offer a lot of programs.   The only security I seen was an old man in a semi uniform with no tools who directed people around and greeted all the kids.   

I learned my lesson as I slowly shuffled back to the car.   Ron was nice but firm that from now on I would use the walker until my back strengthened again if there was any doubt.  I did notice a few other people there with them and a lot of people with canes.    

Great news, Ron and I voted!   Cheers for Biden and Harris.   Hugs


KC hospitals ‘bursting at the seams’ with record numbers of COVID-19 patients

Some Kansas City area hospitals, facing their biggest influx of coronavirus patients since the pandemic began, are refusing ambulances because their beds are already filled, according to a leading doctor at St. Luke’s Health System.

On Wednesday night, eight metro hospitals and emergency departments reported such high volumes of patients that they temporarily stopped accepting ambulances, Marc Larsen, Operations Director of Saint Luke’s COVID Response Team, said in a phone interview Thursday.

Two of the eight were part of the St. Luke’s system, according hospital spokesperson, who did not identify the other medical centers.

As of 1 p.m. Thursday, five were still diverting ambulances for all who weren’t in most critical need, such as stroke, heart attack and trauma patients, Larsen said. When this happens, alternative care areas accept the patients instead.

“We’re bursting at the seams in the metropolitan area, and really across the state and the region,” said Larsen, who is also an emergency physician.

Everything I have read says this is the start of a really bad expansion of of the Covid virus sickness and death.   We know that the republican governors have hidden and skewed the numbers, especially here in Florida where the Speaker of the state House chamber is now saying the numbers are fake, and lower than reported.    As he is about to lose his seat.   We have a government that doesn’t care if the people get sick, they don’t care if getting sick causes the people to rack up bills they can never pay and will ruin their credit, and really thinks sick people dying is an inconvenience to the government.   All lives matter?   Really?   Hugs

OT.  I am going back to bed soon.   Ron wants me to stay up until six pm.   I have been sick and also in a lot of pain.  I can only seem to sit in my desk chair for about an hour before I have to go lay down.   Last night  four hours after going to bed I found my self vomiting.  I woke up in horrible stomach pain and my body drenched in sweat.     Ron thinks I have a stomach  ulcer.    It has been happening more and more often, and at first we thought it was a stomach bug, but the last few weeks I have been breaking out in horrible sweats with a lot of pain in my belly leading to sometimes vomiting.   Remember I take a lot of pain medications, one reason I sleep so much, so for the pain my  belly area to not only wake me but be really bad it has to be extreme.    When it happens it feels like my gut is expanding too fast and can not hold everything in it.   When I had this years ago they did a upper and lower GI, they found my stomach is really sensitive to pressure.   I would eat and an hour or a few hours later throw up.   They thought my stomach was not automatically sending the food on to the intestines.   But the problem cleared up, so we did not follow up on it.  Then it was happening in the day mostly in the afternoon.   Now it is happening at night, about four hours after I go to bed.   That is why Ron thinks I am eating too late, too much, and going right to bed, which I do because I get very tired after eating.   ( I wake a lot and get up very early.   This morning I woke at 2 and got up at 3.  )  Any way that is why I have not been on line much or done much stuff.   But have no fear, I will soon be back to terrorizing your blogs with my ranting comments soon.     If Ron has his way I will be on a diet of bland puddings and tasteless food, while he hides my hot sauce.   Anyway.  Best wishes to all.  Keep safe, follow the Covid guidelines as this is going to get really bad fast.   Hugs