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July 21, 2019

New world in the morning

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I am having a bad day.  I am battling my past ( those that read my blog understand ) I am also in a lot of pain ( again those that read my blog know my spine is a huge problem ) and to top it off my hubby gave me a bunch of files to shred for him.  To say I am having a problem is an understatement.   Who would have thought saying American is not the US would have such a virulent response.   It seems the US population doesn’t know about the continent of America.   Any way in an attempt ( a bit poorly ) to hold my sanity together, here is a song.  Hugs

July 20, 2019

Some days just don’t work out right

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Ron has done my hair for 30 years, but recently his hands hurt too much and he shakes a bit too much to do a good job.   He has started to dislike doing it and it has gotten shaggy and out of shape.  We agreed I would find a barbershop and have my hair cut there.   So I found one nearby and went to get a haircut.  

The place was neat and clean with a old time barbershop look.  I was the only customer and I told the barber I prefered my hair parted on the side, off my ears, and out of my eyes.   Please shape the beard also.   He wanted to know if I would like some of the thick mass off the back and I agreed.  Well he took to shearing and I was fleeced.   I did not mind the hair being so short but I like a beard with some length to it.  Not long and shaggy but enough on the chin to grab ahold of.  

I got home and ron was upset.  Told me to never go back there again.   Said it was way too short.  Said I looked like a 70 year old man.   I guess I can not win.   What do you guys think.   Hugs

July 13, 2019

Another day away from computer?

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Hello Everyone.  Just an update.  If no one noticed I have had little computer time for three days.   I Have tried to do as much as I could with the time I could be at the computers.   I have one computer torn apart as I am installing new hardware, the other I reset because a couple tweaks I wanted to try out made a mess of my operating system.   Also I have had four appointments this week with an MRI scheduled for this morning at 7:30.   Yesterday afternoon I went to a local ladies home and fixed her computer.  It took 3 hours.  She had gotten a lot of malware and the pop up adverts were non-stop.   I reset her operating system and then went to load all her stuff.  She had no idea of her user names and passwords, even though she had a large thick book with passwords over decades with no way to tell which one was current.  After trying to recover three of them I simply started making her new accounts.   Yes I had her write them down with the date created.   OK going to answer as many comments as I can before we run out for my MRI.   Hugs

July 4, 2019

The 12:30 AM phone call

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My husband went to work last night as normal.  He left at 6 PM and texted me when he got to the hospital.   I went to bed early as I normally do.   Then I was awakened at 12:30 AM by my phone ringing with the ring tone I have set for my husband.  As it is not normal for him to call me in the middle of the night I answered very concerned.   “Scottie, this is Jeanette ( the night time supervisor for the ICU’s ) Ron has fallen, he passed out and fell hard”.  “We think it is his blood sugar and he is awake now but very confused and he is saying his hip and back is hurting really bad”.  “We are taking him to the ER now to have him checked out”.   

What do you say?  I was confused, startled, trying to process that Ron had fallen due to his blood sugar going to low and was hurt.   All I could think of was to thank her and ask her to have him call me when “…he was better”.   Ron said he was still on the floor listening to her talk to me on his phone and when she chuckled and told him my response was to have him call when he was better Ron said he just rolled his eyes.   

The gave him an X-Ray and a C.A.T. scan, did blood work.  In the ICU they gave him some glucose type syrup to bring his sugar up.   So he was in terrible pain so they sent him home.   He had been texting me on and off during all the testing from the ER as there was no way I could go back to sleep.   I offered to come get him in the van but he felt he could drive.   They offered him a very mild pain reliever or Morphine.  He can not take morphine so he just took some Tylenol.   

When he got home I brought in his stuff from the car and helped him into the house.   I got him something to eat and helped him into bed.  His left hip is really sore and he is limping, but the scans showed no break.  His back is twisted and hurts bad and I can understand that.  He is in bed now and I am sitting here with a few hours of sleep thankful it was not worse.  When he wakes up he is going to really hurt.   It is a holiday so he can not call his doctor.  I maybe able to take him to a convenient care if he needs it.  

Be well everyone.  Have a grand holiday.  Be safe.   Hugs

June 3, 2019

Microsoft account demand and frustration.

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I use Microsoft Office Outlook for my email.  I have all my email forwarded to my Gmail account and then I use Outlook to bring it to me and I like the way the program works.  I guess I am use to it and I like look of the program.  However starting Thursday I had a situation develop.   I did not even realize it until Saturday.  My Email stopped updating.   On Saturday I tried to fix it and it kept telling me I was not connected to the internet but it would also do the updates.  I reset the computer and started the windows environment fresh.  It worked for a day and on Sunday I noticed it had again stopped getting my mail claiming I was not connected to the internet.  Well as you know Sunday was taken up with another issue.  

I do not use my Microsoft account to sign on the computer.  I also restrict usage of that account on my computers as I feel they are too lose with the privacy and let far too many applications monitor / store / transmit to Microsoft for a data file on you.  Remember we are all commodities to these big companies, the data on our selves / likes / web sites we visit / and basically all they can glean from our lives.  

Well I had to go out early this morning and only got home about noon.  So I looked at the email problem closely.  I went to my Microsoft account, looking at the devices attached to it.   When I dump the computers to reset them, I tend to give them new names.  It helps me to keep track of when , what , and where.   I noticed that the names were wrong for both of my main computers.  I deleted them.  Then I opened opened the Outlook which again said I was not connected to the internet.  I then opened word and when it asked to sign in with my account I did so, and this time when it asked to use my account on everything on the computer I clicked OK.  Prior to this I either clicked no or Microsoft apps only.   I was able to sign in / active word / and when I checked my account on Microsoft web pages the new name of the computer I gave it Saturday was there.   I then started Outlook and surprise it worked!  I went into settings and had a bit of a fight to first shut off the Microsoft account and then to remove it but I won.   Once I had the account controlled again I checked Outlook and it is working fine and I am getting my email again.  Yea!  My unread email count is now up to 35,423.  I soon have to zero this out.  

On a separate note.  When Ron was rushing to get the last part of the old kitchen torn out so he could get the new appliances set in place and try to have a functioning kitchen he rushed the last 3 foot on the eastern wall and it was sloped rather badly to the wall.   I need to set up the rolling cart I had in my old office for making candles to now hold the two coffeemakers and my bread maker.  Right now the bread maker is in the cupboard and the two coffee makers are on the other counter.  On the cart is the deep fryer, and it is blocked to be flat.   So Ron is tearing out the floor in that area to level it all again.  He has had about 4 hours sleep.  I hope his eyes are not to crossed to read a level.  😂🤣😍 Hugs


June 2, 2019

Click ,power, then shutdown

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Good evening everyone.  I have not been on much the last few days, and hardly at all today.  This morning I went to turn on the old TV in my office to ready it for watching the Sunday morning news shows.   Sitting here at my desk with both computers running for once, I was feeling rather smug.  Fate did not like that.  I turned on the TV, it displayed the lights and welcome screen and promptly shut down.  I tired again.  Same result.  Apparently not quick on the learning curve I tried again.  Then I got my self a good disappointed funk going.  When Ron got up I told him of the problem.   He came out to check the TV even though he is mechanically gifted, not in any way electronically savvy.   His learning curve is even worse than mine as he did the turn on and try again trick five times.  Then he told me that during the week he had been in the office and heard a loud pop from the TV.  Strange he waited to tell me until I needed to use the beast.  

So while I went to shower, shave , and scrape the funk off my teeth to be in a fit state to be seen by the public Ron moved our standby bedroom TV that we rarely use, a little 32 inch flat screen smart TV into my office and put it on a shelf.   I was rather depressed.   This was going to be the first month we did not start out with a large bill and would have extra money to “spurge”.  I know I should feel fortunate that we have enough money to pay our bills and have food security, but I really would like to be financially secure enough to be able to once and while “frivolously” spend instead of price checking things and worrying if we are not saving back enough for a later bill or need.  I have been saving for three months for an expensive gift for Ron’s birthday, and I refuse to tap into that money even if needed for other stuff.   Ron works hard and long hours at a job that causes him pain.  He has wanted this item for years and seen others with it, but never would buy one as it is expensive and we always had other needs.  He is 64 years old and struggled all his life.  He simply deserves one really nice gift.   

So when I returned to the office looking some what better and my hair combed for once, Ron asked me what I thought we needed for an office TV and to look at Amazon and the local stores online to price them.  I told him it was OK I could do with out.  He was not going to hear it, mentioning I have my game machines hooked to the TV and that he felt I need a bit of time in play.  He had worked a couple days OT and felt we could use that money to get a new TV.  So what do I need for a TV.  My old one was our first large flat TV we got way back about 2008 / 2009.  It was 46 inch and was expensive for us back then.  I need a large screen to be able to see it well.  So I was thinking the same size but the only similar ones were 50 inch.  OK I could deal with that.  I was looking at bottom tier sale TVs and Ron said no way.  He wanted a TV that would last and be worth the money and it needed the current features and be able to be clear for me to see.   So I redid my searching. 

I found a really good buy on Amazon for a 50 inch 4K smart TV with Bluetooth for what we could afford with out hurting us too much.   It would take all the disposable money for the month and Ron said he could get a few OT days.  The Bluetooth was the hard part.  We need that because Ron is going to move his desk into my office.  He doesn’t use it much but my news shows would drive him nuts so I will need to wear head phones.   Also he wouldn’t be able to think when I was playing my games.  

I did a search on the TV and it had great reviews and specs.  It also was available locally at Best Buy for only 4 dollars more.  Now I had not been in our local best buy in years, at least a decade, because every time we went they had the store music so loud I couldn’t think and couldn’t stand it.  Plus the sales people were hugely pushy on selling you things you did not want.   However Ron wanted to go look at it, so we went to see.  I was very pleasantly surprised as I expected the worst, the place had been redesigned and was much more usable, it was quiet, and the sales people not aggressive.   We really enjoyed shopping there.  One sales person asked us if they could helps u, we gave him the information on the TV we were there to look at, he called another guy and that guy was the TV expert who walked us through the TV we selected.  I asked if there was something he would recommend other than that one for what we wanted and he said no.  We decided to take it, the guy got it and rang us up, never pushing anything on us we did not want.  He took it out to the car and loaded it for us.  I was well happy.

But no project can ever be completed in our home with out one or more trips to the hardware store.  When we went to attach the bracket needed to hang the TV on the swivel rolling cart we have, the screws we had did not fit. The TV did not come with screws.  So Ron figured out the needed size and length and went off to Home Depot to get the right ones.  He figured correctly and they did work.  So the TV was on the stand, working, and yet another problem reared its ugly head.  The small locking thumb size brackets that go in the groves so the TV can not come forward and off the bracket, one of the screws was stripped while the other was OK.  So Tomorrow Ron will head out to the specialty hardware store to get the correct screw.   

So everything has gone well except on thing.  Well several.  In moving the two TVs and setting everything up, I hurt my back.  Again!  So I took a bunch of meds and stuck in my desk chair.   Plus here it is almost 7 PM and we did not make plans for supper.  Ron is making a quickly supper while I rest my back.  We will figure out what to do with that really heavy old TV tomorrow.   So how did you spend your Sunday?   Hugs

June 1, 2019

The true power in my house

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May 31, 2019

Holy dog snot

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I am finally home and get to sit in my chair and rest my back.  I am broken.  I such  swollen muscles in my back I was nearly bent double and even to breathe hurts.   My own fault really, I was trying to be a considerate spouse.  

Ron has worked a lot of shifts in a row.  He worked 3 days, had a day off, worked another two days, had a day off, worked three days.   So he really need to rest yesterday.  This morning when he got up he said he had to go grocery shopping.   He said he would like me to go if I felt up to it.  So I went.  The first store we went to was the new Aldi.  Great prices but small, narrow, packed stores.   At the end as he was waiting to check out Ron suggested I go out to the car.   I gratefully did.

We finished up at Publix.  I love that store even though it costs more. Well lighted, clean wide isles, helpful people who will do anything just about to be helpful.  They even offer to take your groceries out to the car for you.  The only problem is shopping with Ron.  Ron worries about every cent. He comparison shops and goes back and forth over items.   He will walk three isle back to check to see if he got the right item at the right price.  He worries if we already have an item in the pantry so he won’t buy it until it is gone.    I go in, get the item I want / need and and pay and go home.  So when I go with Ron I take extra medications and get my mind around a long hard time.  Today I don’t know if I was already hurting or it just took two or three centuries to complete but I was in serious trouble by the end.   When we got home I couldn’t even carry anything in.  So I made us drinks and sank into my office chair and will now start replying to comments and reading other blogs.  I doubt I will post much other than this today.  Maybe later the cartoons.  Hugs

May 28, 2019

Let’s not have anymore war dead

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Hello everyone.  How was your Memorial day holiday?   Here is what we did yesterday.  I got up at my normal 5 AM, started the coffee, fed the cats their treaties, turned on the kitchen sink tap for Milo ( Milo likes to drink from taps and will howl until he gets the one he is at running ) opened the windows for them, and started my computers.  Ron had worked the night and so got home at about 8:30 AM because he stopped and got hamburger, brots, 2 kinds of potato salad, baked beans.   I prefer to make my own beans and salad but ron wanted a stress free day with no cleans mess.  He went to bed with plans to get up about noon.  I got a call about 11 AM from a lady down the street who was having trouble with a medical site and she had already paid them money.  I told her I would be over about 1 PM.  Ron got up just before I left.  The neighbor lady is down a different street in the same “phase” of the park I live in so I was able to walk over.  Long story short, she got on to a site that preys on, confuses, and scams the elderly.  She is 75 and her husband 80 and neither is good at using the computer.   They did not ever use them until recently and it confuses them.  She needed a medical alert bracelet as she had a seizure and it looked like she could have more, maybe.   She had found an advert for this company in a magazine and she called them.  They talked her into buying a “plan” that would make her safer.  Plus they sold her a bracelet.   The lady doesn’t have much money they are very low income.  The company told her she has to go to their web site and become a member.  Remember she was on the phone with them and had already paid them money for a plan that would make her safe from the company as well as the bracelet.  Well she got into a mess on the site.  I checked it out and it was designed to confuse.  The sign up was split into little information groups so you had to keep changing pages, and every time you did another page or two would come up that looked like the company that you were dealing with but was another company.  Similar names and same look to the web page.  It asks for the information you just entered and people not reading carefully would fill it in again.   So you end up giving your information to a bunch more companies and signing up for them.   So I made sure we stayed on the correct companies web site.  There was no way to sign up without buying something and also buying a plan.  They lied and misled her.    I advised her to call them again, cancel the stuff she bought and demand a refund.  Then as she was to see her primary care Wednesday she should ask them what she should do about the medical alert bracelet.  This is Florida and doctors here are very good dealing with the elderly as we have most of them in this state!  😃😺.  Back home I went, she wanted to take me home but again I wanted to walk.  Ron was hungry so we had our holiday meal of the above mentioned food at about 3 PM.   At about four my back was really hurting an mutinied , I couldn’t even tolerate sitting in my nice office chair.  I told Ron I was going to go lay on the bed and he decided taking a nap was a good idea.  We slept until 7 PM.  My back felt ok on the bed, but when I went to stand up my spine again reminded me of all the damage to it in a very insistent and painful way.  So we both got up but I went back to bed after a half hour and Ron followed shortly after.  So the exciting part of our three day holiday was eating burgers and brots cooked on the grill, store made potato salad and baked beans and sleeping the rest of the day.  Seems a pretty grand day to me.  I hope your day was grand also.   Hugs

May 25, 2019


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I just read a news report and then read it again.  I am conflicted about it.  Those who know my history can understand how I feel about child abuse and that I really get upset about sexual abuse of anyone.  I am not really sure how I feel about the news story I just read.  

According to the article the story starts in a pricey private school where a sophomore student in a honors class took a shine to his female teacher.  The article says the student complained to the teacher about being shy around girls.  The article then jumps to when the student was 17 years old so now he is a Jr about to be a senior in this private high school.

The teacher and the student started to have a relationship including sex during the summer after school got out when the student was still 17 but going into his senior year.  The article says they saw each other secretly during the summer including have a mock marriage ceremony.  At no time does it appear that any force was used, and the student was no longer in her classes.   She was in her 40’s and he was younger and there was a power dynamic that makes me worried, but the 17 year old male was not unhappy and seemed to be a willing participant in this arrangement.

The male student’s parents found out and they were not happy and contacted police.  Lets stop and think here for a moment.  In a climate such as ours where we have set the laws of consent at 18 the student couldn’t consent to sex no matter how much he wanted it nor what he did to get it.  Other countries have ages around 16 and one has a lowest age of 12 but only with the permission of the 12 year old and that permission can be withdrawn at any time, any attempt to make the 12 year have sex is considered child abuse.  So think of this in our culture.   The boy is happily have sex with a woman ( he is heterosexual so no problems there ) and his disproving parents find out.  They contact the police.  

I can imagine the pressure put on the boy.  Even if he denies it, in the eyes of his parents and the police investigating this he is the victim of sexual assault.   The teacher molested him.  Remember he is not mentally disabled.   So they get the boy to start recording the woman’s every text and conversation with him.  The boy still doesn’t claim to be a victim, in fact at no time in the news report does it say the boy  felt the relationship was wrong and wanted it to end.   It seems the push for the rest of this came from the “adults” around the boy.  The article at this point seems to forget about the boy at all other than saying he then started to record the woman, but no mention of how the boy felt about all this.  

Long story short, the woman is recorded saying sexual stuff to the boy she is having sex with and fretting about the start of the school year when it will be harder for them to have piracy.   She is arrest and charged with sexual abuse of a minor.  She is awaiting trial.  Again no further mention of how the boy feels about this.  He seems to not count any more.  

I well understand the power dynamic of positions of authority or respect.  However this doesn’t seem to be the case here.  Also there doesn’t seem to be any force.  It does seem there was emotional attachment on the woman’s part but we don’t hear the boys side so he may have been as emotionally attached and wanted this to continue.  

I am conflicted because to me this doesn’t seen to be child sexual abuse.  The boy was old enough to know what he wanted and seemed to be enjoying what was happening.  There seemed to be no force or coercion and the only ones upset were the parents.  

My question:  Is this sexual abuse of a minor?  Who was the wronged party(s)?  If the woman had not know the boy as a person in her class 2 years prior would it still be abuse of a minor?  See I am struggling with at what point a young person becomes responsible for wanting, having, enjoying sex?   I know by the time I went through puberty I was use to and understanding sex.  I know in my teens I wanted sexual relations with several adults and it wouldn’t have been abuse.  In fact I did have sex with non-family member adult males as a teen willingly at my choice.  I do not consider those to be abuse.  Today those men would be charged with abuse of a minor and be sex offenders.   How is that right?  I was the one who wanted it, I sought them out, I was aware of what I wanted and was not forced nor harmed.  I think the US is a bit backward in our thinking of nudity and sex.  

So wonderful readers I am conflicted.  I want real child abusers to never be able to harm a child.  I also think these kind of things cheapen or distract from real child abuse.  It muddies the waters of what is really abuse.  When the younger person is empowered with the ability to say no there is no problem.  I remember when I was 14 or 15 baby sitting for a couple.  The man took me home.  On the ride he suggested, hell he came right out and asked me to have several sex acts with him.  I might have, but it was late, I was tired, I knew I would be integrated when I got home and I simply did not need the hassle.  So I said no even though I would have enjoyed it.  The guy dropped it and did not pressure me.  I don’t feel I was abused or treated unfairly.  He made an offer and I rejected it and it was OK.  However had that been made public his life would have been ruined and all my abuse I had hidden would also been made public.  

OK, I am going in circles here and not getting anywhere.  Let me know what you think.  Hugs




May 24, 2019

New photo directed by hubby

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Avatar 5-24-2019

May 23, 2019

Some new pictures of me, going to change my hair back to side part & shorter next cut.

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Oh and today is my allergy shots day.   Also I am thinking of changing my avatar again.  Got a preference, let me know.    Hugs

May 21, 2019

I feel guilty

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Sorry everyone.  Ron had asked me to make a spaghetti sauce for him and so today mid morning I did so.  I made a spaghetti lunch for him with two kinds of Texas toast ( do not put it in the toaster, it is not really toast.  Yes I did that many years ago. ) He volunteered to clean it all up for me while I spent time on line.  

Well feeling fat and fine I followed him to the bedroom where he felt the need for a nap.  I was reading my Ipad when the next thing I knew it was almost 6 PM.  So I am not going to post too much more today if anything.  I will start going to other grand blogs to see what others have posted.   Thanks.  Hugs

May 19, 2019

I want a double one of these🙀😺😸😻😻

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May 18, 2019

I caught the stomach bug going around.

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On Wednesday I did not feel well but put it down to being up past 1 the night before.   On Thursday I went and got my three allergy shots.   I did not feel really energetic but not bad.  Friday Morning I got up sick.  My stomach rolled, I was suffering waves of nausea, diarrhea, I felt horrible with waves of feeling really hot and sweating.  If I did not know better I swear I had been on four day pass binge from my misspent youthful days in the military.   Add to that my back is killing me, the shots have not worked yet.  I must have tensed and twisted badly during the shots or something.  The first night, Tuesday, I was OK and stayed up past 1 AM so maybe I over stressed it sitting?   Anyway I spent yesterday afternoon on the couch and when Ron got up for work at 5 PM, I went right to bed.  This morning I got up at 4 and still felt horrible.  I went back to bed at 7.  Then got up for a few minutes and went back to bed for a couple more hours.   I am seriously thinking of going back to bed again.  Ron has gotten up several times to check on me.   I can not keep anything down.  He says it is a serious problem right now with the hospital full of cases and even the staff have it.  He says most of the ER PT’s are there because of it.   So posting may be light and from my Ipad or phone.   Sorry.  Ron was going to take me out to eat tonight, but that is on hold.  The good news is he says this should not last more than four or five days.   I should start to feel well about the day he has to go back to work.    I get ever dang bug there is.    Hugs

May 15, 2019

Out of sight, out of mind

Has anyone else noticed that all talk about how horrible the elected President of Venezuela is has come to a complete halt?   It was pushed several times a day by the administration.  They were talking plans to both send aid and assistance to the young US picked upstart.  Then our Vice President announced the day of a US backed attempted coup that the US would give money to the military if they joined in the coup and over throw the existing government.  Wow, that was tough talk.  What happened, did the coup succeed?   Or was it the phone call tRump got from Putin saying stay out of Venezuela as we are good friends with that country?   Oops, tRump let it be known he was angry at Bolton for being too aggressive and getting him yelled at by his Russian boss. 

Now instead of a coup in Venezuela we are trying to start a war with Iran with the idea of taking out their leadership and replacing it with a US approved one.   Maybe even a democracy but doubtful, more likely a dictator who will be told to change the country from Islam to Christian as soon as possible.   We have sent troops, planes, ships, and more to an area already on a hair trigger.   We have hurt the economy of Iran deeply with strict sanctions the rest of the world doesn’t like.  We have possibly used our friends the journalist killing Saudi’s to fabricate stories of attack on ships and bases blaming Iran.   Trump has talked about taking other countries oil reserves.   We designated their elite military force as a terrorist organization.  Our government keeps accusing Iran of meddling in other countries with no sense of the irony of it.  Think of how angry we in the US got when we heard of the Russians meddling in our elections, yet here are two countries the US is actively trying to over throw their elected governments.  We tell other countries they need to stay out of the US sphere of influence in this hemisphere yet we have been in every conflict in the Middle East in some way or form.   We still have old jerks in both the White House and Congress who still think this is 1950 and the US is the only super power with the A bomb.   The idea that the US gets to dictate to the world how things will be done, who their leaders are, and what they can do is long over and our government needs to learn this quickly.  If you think Iraq was a mess and Afghanistan will never really be fixable as we are trying to do with little success, Iran will be a horribly embarrassing shit show that will devolve into guerrilla wars all over the world with civilians being targets.   The terror attacks will ramp up to a level not seen.  Iran is mountainous not a flat desert.  It is a technologically advanced country with a well trained military.   In the Iraq wars we had other countries backing us, and if we go to war with Iran we will have only the Saudi’s and the Israelis.  Make no mistake, this is basically a religious war fuel in part by tRump’s hatred of Muslims and President Obama.  This is a desire by the fanatic religious people to knock down the competing religion as they push for Christianity dominion around the world.  This is also pushed by large oil companies who hope to get their hands on what oil the planet has left.  We need to be proactive on this.  Hugs

May 12, 2019

Happy Ron’s morning

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We do not celebrate mother’s day here.   However I woke up feeling OK this morning and Ron was not too tired from working all night.  So we agreed to a morning plan.  He would stop at the store on the way home and get some eggs, bread, a ham steak, and some hash browns.  I started bacon and sausage.   When Ron got home I cooked us breakfast.   We have not had a breakfast together in months and have not had bacon in about five months.  I have not been interested in eggs so Ron would just make himself a small breakfast.   He was so happy.  He called it his mothers day gift.   I told him I would clean up later as the Sunday news shows were coming on, and I love the news.  But he went ahead and picked it all up and did the dishes and ran the dishwasher.   I love the glass top stove but it is a bitch to keep clean and streak free.  At some point one of us used the scrub pad on it ( unthinking ) and left little scratches in the glass.  All in all a grand breakfast of all the major food groups with a dessert of news.  Ron has gone off to bed as he works tonight.   I am in my office watching the news with both cats snoozing after they had a hand full of treaties each.   All is well in our home.   Hugs

May 8, 2019

Great News about CC

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Hello Everyone.  Recently several grand people who are hearing impaired asked me about close captioning my videos.  Lat I knew I would have to pay for that service.  Well I looked into it again, and guess what.  YouTube automatically does it for about five languages, and English being one of those.  So all I have to do is select English when I do the videos, which I did with out knowing why, and it is close captioned for me.   So if you want to watch my videos but can not understand what I am saying ( because of a hearing impairment not because I am an idiot ) just use the CC button.   Thanks and be well.  I will start making more videos soon now that I know this.   Hugs

May 6, 2019

Late start

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I apologize to everyone that have left comments and who wanted to have a conversation.  I had a bad night and have not been well all day.  I will try soon to get to comments.  If I can not do so I will get to them when I can.  Sorry everyone.  Hugs

May 5, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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While this man is not my first choice for President, I can totally support him.  I know as a preteen realizing the attractions I had for boys made me a target and “bad” ( at age five my 10 year old sister informed that because guys used me for sex I was queer, something I had no choice about but she told me how bad it was, and so I was bad ) seeing him on TV doing what he is doing would have changed my own opinion of myself.  Back then I had no good role models and was constantly told of all the evils and horrors queers were.   In fact years later as an adult after two tours in the US military I told my adoptive father I was gay.  He recoiled and said I will have to take care of you for the rest of your life because no one will hire you.  This was 1987.  He then went out and bought a grave plot in a local cemetery for me.  He wouldn’t talk to or look at any male friend I might have in his presence.  Of course he still called black people niggers all his life.  Sad hugs

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