If you noticed

Hello all you wonderful viewers and Toy Box people.   Yesterday was a bad day for me.   As you may have noticed I posted a lot from my phone.   I spent a lot of time either in bed or miserable and not following much news.  When I post a lot from my phone or pad that shows I am not at the computers.  I could be in bed or at a doctors office, and yes I am still reading news even then.  

I was having nausea all day.   I barely ate, in the morning I had two hard boiled eggs and toast, at 2 PM I had a Scottie salad.  A Scottie salad is lettuce and white thick sliced thrice washed mushrooms, all topped off with dressing.   Then I went to bed until 3 AM this morning.  

We do not know why I am having this sickness to my stomach and feeling like I am going to vomit, with pain  lower / below the breast bone.   I was able to force the doctor to deal with the other long time issues and as this is a new one that surfaced mostly this summer I will force him to deal with it in February if it continues.  There is a lot of speculation on Ron’s part, especially as it goes away when I lay down.    Everything from an ulcer to a hernia to it being something caused by my allergies / medications.   I did manage to stay up late on the night Ron was officiating at the wedding, but other than being over tired I don’t think it hurt me much.   

I hope to be able to put a lot more time in on the computer today.   It is Sunday morning news show day.   So after that I hope to not only spend time with the comments but to look over other peoples blogs.   It is 66 degrees out side at my place, and my office is 75.6 with all the windows open.  Ron is up so all the house windows are open not just my office, including the kitchen door.   One of the greatest things we did on the remodel was add a screen door to the kitchen door which really added to the air flow.   I am not sure why so many homes do not have them here.    Talk with everyone later.   Hugs

Black Widow: The Ultimate Goth Girlfriend

Ark has long been trying to inspire compassion and friendship to spiders.   I have long had a terrorized response to any spider.   Over the last few years of reading Ark’s blog and seeing the many disturbing photos of the many beasts from hell he posts I got a bit braver and more desensitized.    Yesterday a tiny spider, really tiny ran across my monitor.   Rather than giving it a sudden end of existence, I got a sheet of paper towel, the only thing I had handy, and relocated it to a near by window sill.   I had hoped it would take the hint and move on.   

This morning as I sat down at my desk I noticed a larger version of the same spider busy running a web between my two large monitors I placed in a V shape.  While I admired it work ethics and quick performance I couldn’t tolerate this, it took live and let live to a level I am not willing to abide by.   So thinking the same trick with the paper towel would work I took a sheet and held it up to the busy creature.   That is when it showed it’s true colors.   I was trying to help and be tolerant, it was bound to terrorize me.   It got on the sheet of paper towel and raced across it to my hand, I started trying to turn it quick enough to stay away from the demon.   I ended up trying to twirl the sheet while doing a jig across the floor and the determined bitch kept getting closer to my hand.   I ended up doing the manly thing and half way to the window throwing the paper towel sheet as far from me as I could, running from the room and changing all my clothes.   Not kidding, I even inspected and slapped down my sneakers.   Hugs

I Voted

I am wrecked.   Ron and I went back to the voter station.   The line was only about ten feet out side the doors.    I told Ron I would do it with just my cane.   I felt I could as I reminded him how fast the line has moved in the past.   That was a mistake.   The line moved so slow.   As Ron reminded me I have not done any walking since Covid as I don’t go to stores even.   It took about 35 to 40  minutes from when we got in line to where I slid my ballot into the reader.   

They had a greeter after you enter the room in the back sort of in the center.   The man never stopped talking.   I was starting to struggle to stand while I was waiting, he noticed and asked if I needed any assistance.   I told him if possible I would like to sit to vote.  I have done that most of the times and they have tables set up.   I was called, went up to one of the stations to sign in.   Got my ballot and shuffled my way to the table they told me.   I was really starting to struggle.    I got sat down and went over the ballot.  I was sitting next to the poll watchers and wondered what they thought when I pulled out my printed up cheat sheet I did for Ron and I.    Then I had a problem.   In the past when I was bad Ron has came back to me after he voted and helped me stand.   I was stuck.   I shifted, and pushed.   I was about to ask one of the people for assistance, but I know they are not allowed to talk to the voters.  I made it to my feet and shuffled to the front, to the line to feed the paper ballot into the readers.   I got up there and did it.   Ron was at the exit and he held my cane and sticker while I used the hand sanitizer.   I nearly fell over as my back gave out and I was bending over not able to straighten up.   Ron noticed and gave me my cane and helped me.   I admitted I was wrong not to use my walker.   But I really thought I could do it.   

Ron and I are both very happy to have voted.   I talked with the staff as I was signing in and waiting.   The say it has been swamped every day.   It has not stopped from opening to closing.   I did not see any maga stuff, not one thug pretending to poll watch.  I did not see any police.  As we were just getting in line a school bus pulled up and a load of kids of different ages poured out and rushed into the center.   Most were masked.   The place doubles as a community center for all ages, and it is really large and nice.   They offer a lot of programs.   The only security I seen was an old man in a semi uniform with no tools who directed people around and greeted all the kids.   

I learned my lesson as I slowly shuffled back to the car.   Ron was nice but firm that from now on I would use the walker until my back strengthened again if there was any doubt.  I did notice a few other people there with them and a lot of people with canes.    

Great news, Ron and I voted!   Cheers for Biden and Harris.   Hugs



KC hospitals ‘bursting at the seams’ with record numbers of COVID-19 patients


Some Kansas City area hospitals, facing their biggest influx of coronavirus patients since the pandemic began, are refusing ambulances because their beds are already filled, according to a leading doctor at St. Luke’s Health System.

On Wednesday night, eight metro hospitals and emergency departments reported such high volumes of patients that they temporarily stopped accepting ambulances, Marc Larsen, Operations Director of Saint Luke’s COVID Response Team, said in a phone interview Thursday.

Two of the eight were part of the St. Luke’s system, according hospital spokesperson, who did not identify the other medical centers.

As of 1 p.m. Thursday, five were still diverting ambulances for all who weren’t in most critical need, such as stroke, heart attack and trauma patients, Larsen said. When this happens, alternative care areas accept the patients instead.

“We’re bursting at the seams in the metropolitan area, and really across the state and the region,” said Larsen, who is also an emergency physician.

Everything I have read says this is the start of a really bad expansion of of the Covid virus sickness and death.   We know that the republican governors have hidden and skewed the numbers, especially here in Florida where the Speaker of the state House chamber is now saying the numbers are fake, and lower than reported.    As he is about to lose his seat.   We have a government that doesn’t care if the people get sick, they don’t care if getting sick causes the people to rack up bills they can never pay and will ruin their credit, and really thinks sick people dying is an inconvenience to the government.   All lives matter?   Really?   Hugs

OT.  I am going back to bed soon.   Ron wants me to stay up until six pm.   I have been sick and also in a lot of pain.  I can only seem to sit in my desk chair for about an hour before I have to go lay down.   Last night  four hours after going to bed I found my self vomiting.  I woke up in horrible stomach pain and my body drenched in sweat.     Ron thinks I have a stomach  ulcer.    It has been happening more and more often, and at first we thought it was a stomach bug, but the last few weeks I have been breaking out in horrible sweats with a lot of pain in my belly leading to sometimes vomiting.   Remember I take a lot of pain medications, one reason I sleep so much, so for the pain my  belly area to not only wake me but be really bad it has to be extreme.    When it happens it feels like my gut is expanding too fast and can not hold everything in it.   When I had this years ago they did a upper and lower GI, they found my stomach is really sensitive to pressure.   I would eat and an hour or a few hours later throw up.   They thought my stomach was not automatically sending the food on to the intestines.   But the problem cleared up, so we did not follow up on it.  Then it was happening in the day mostly in the afternoon.   Now it is happening at night, about four hours after I go to bed.   That is why Ron thinks I am eating too late, too much, and going right to bed, which I do because I get very tired after eating.   ( I wake a lot and get up very early.   This morning I woke at 2 and got up at 3.  )  Any way that is why I have not been on line much or done much stuff.   But have no fear, I will soon be back to terrorizing your blogs with my ranting comments soon.     If Ron has his way I will be on a diet of bland puddings and tasteless food, while he hides my hot sauce.   Anyway.  Best wishes to all.  Keep safe, follow the Covid guidelines as this is going to get really bad fast.   Hugs

30 wonderful adventurous years

Today marks the full 30th year Ron and I have been committed to each other as a couple.   After meeting in  August and spending a lot of time together, ( I had 45 days of vacation I was required to use )  Ron asked me to be with him, to join our lives.   I was very much in agreement.   On October 12th 1990 Ron and I pledged our love and our commitment to each other.   This was long before same sex marriage was allowed, and in my job there was open discrimination against gay people.  Ron was unable to get any real employment in our area other than part time temp work doing accounting despite a degree in finance  because he fought the town council in the largest town in our area to open and keep running a bar / dance club for LGBTQ+ people.   After we met I took Ron out of the bar because he had bad lungs and a breathing problem and during this time smoking was still allowed in bars.   I was making more than enough money for both of us and I did not care if he worked at all.  He took great care of me and I was eating better than I had in a lifetime.   The people at my job were incensed telling me I was being taken advantage of and how he should be out working, but they got offended when I pointed out that those saying these things their wives were not working.  

Our lives were full and we had ups and downs, great times and struggles.   In January of 2015 the State of Florida gave up fighting and accepted legalised same sex marriage.   Ron and I wanted the legal version of our long time commitment for the legal protections and many state and government protections / tax breaks.  But we also wanted to try to keep it in some way a memory of our original commitment which means so much to us both.  So on January 12th  2015 Ron and I were married in the Lee County Clerks offices.   We did not have time to prepare much but the people there in that office were terrific.   I have posted and written about how wonderful they were.   

We arrived with James, our son, and I was prepared to face bigotry and anger.   We had come in a couple days earlier and filled out the paperwork.  The county offered a secular marriage for opposite gender couples for a small fee and we had selected that option on our papers.   Remember this was the time when Kim Davis was still a hero for denying a same sex couple the paperwork for their marriage that they were clearly due.  We are in the South Western part of Florida which is not like the liberaal blue Eastern Southern Florida we came from.   

We got there right at the opening of the office, wanting this official marriage for what we have spent our life doing anyway, but needing the legal protections as I had lost my job and Ron’s employer was refusing to add me to his insurance even though they did unmarried opposite couples.  Our being married would force them to allow me on his insurance which we really needed.  We had also both watched religious Christian doctors ignore same sex couples wishes and exclude the same sex partners of patients from  information, denying them any rights of family and claiming they were only friends legally.  

These are all things the Obama administration addressed and made illegal that tRump has rolled back and made legal again.   

As we finished everything we needed to do I noticed there were three people standing behind the clerk, who was clearly nervous and strangely bubbly.   She said could we give her a minute and she turned to huddle with the three people behind her.   I was get prepared to have what should have been a joyous moment turned into a bitter fight.   The lady came back with one of the women she had been talking to.  She explained that this was her boss the elected official in charge.  My heart was sinking, I could tell Ron was also preparing for a problem.   Then the lady asked if she could conduct our marriage, we were to be the first in the county, and how everyone had asked to do but she was the boss, and even though it was not normal but was it OK if everyone in the office who was able could come into the room with us.   They simply wanted to be part of this moment.  

Ron and I got giddy, and of course it was OK.

I forget the deal that was the package to get married there , I think it was like 10 minutes ceremony and 15 pictures.   45 Minutes later we were still having office people coming in and getting pictures with us.   They took over 40 photos and gave them to us.  Seems we were the first  same sex couple in the county to be married and it seemed a lot of people wanted to be involved.   I was stunned that they were not only so accepting but really wanted to be involved in the first same sex marriages.  The entire office had redecorated the marriage room at their own expense because the county had not given them the money in the budget.  I admit it was an uplifting and enlightening experience.  

Now the joy of that moment is undiminished, but the Republicans in the state have never stopped trying to assault our same gender marriage.  The Republicans nationwide have endorsed the religious leaders who claim we are evil and destroying the nation, causing all the destruction of natural forces across the land ( and boy do I wish I was that powerful ) , that we are preying on their children and destroying their rights as they do everything possible to take away our equality in society.  The Republican  senate is right now forcing through a SCOTUS nominee who is sure gays are an abomination to her god by her religious doctrines and she is on record saying that LGBTQ+ people have no equal rights and our marriages are unconstitutional.  She not only wants to take away LGBTQ+ rights but also the rights of females to control their own bodies and reproductive organs.   She also wants to create laws that force all of us to live by the doctrines of her religion.  She has written the goal of becoming a lawyer is to force the coming of the kingdom of god.   

Simply put in 2015 Ron and I were finally able after 25 years of being in a loving great and grand relationship to enjoy the same rights and benefits that different gender couples have been getting.   These Republican religious people hate that we get the same rights they do.  They do not care about our relationship, our love, that our feelings are the same as theirs.    They simply care that we do not get equal treatment to them, that we are not treated as they are, that we do not get the same respect for our loving marriages that they do theirs.  They seem so insecure in their relationships they want to deny ours.  That is their real objection to same gender marriage, it makes our love equal to theirs.   It says far more about them than it does us.   BTW they said if us gays and lesbians were able to legally get married it would destroy marriage, even cause straight people not to get married.  How has that worked out?  Has straight marriages stopped?   Again says more about them than us.   Oh well, it has been an interesting 30 years.     I am looking forward to the 31st and beyond.    Hugs


Liberty Counsel: We Will Petition SCOTUS On Obergefell

To these people somehow my marriage keeps them from worshiping their god.   My right to equal status under secular laws for marriage benefits violates their religious freedom while they can still go to their churches, do their rituals, pray their prayers, preach their myths, wear their religious symbols, and force their doctrines on the rest of us on medical decisions.   They are so filled with hate, with Christian privilege that not being able to deny me public services, to not be able to deny me equal rights under the laws, to not have the right to discriminate openly loudly, to not be able to oppress those they do not like is discrimination to them, and denying their rights.    This was a secular country, but those who want it run by their religion have worked very hard over the last few decades to turn it into a theocracy.  Ask yourself if any country that is a theocracy, that has forced religion with no dissent, ruled by the leaders of one sect of one religion is a country where the people have rights?   Look at the islamic countries, just replace Islam with Christianity.      Now replace Obergefell with Loving v. Virginia, is this still OK.  If you replace same sex marriage with different race marriage is it still religious freedom to deny the right to that marriage?  Or is it bigotry?    Clarence Thomas wants to overturn Obergefell based on religious grounds, but his marriage to a white woman was opposed by major religious groups based on their religious freedom.   Is his marriage going to be nullified to grant the bigots the right to deny him and his wife the right to marry.   If you replace denying public services based on religious freedom rights against  LGBTQ+  with the words black or jewish would it still be OK?  What about those who claim it is their religious right not to let black people eat at the lunch counter or ride in the front of the bus?   What is eating at me is how much these people have managed to do to chip away at women’s right, my rights, LGBTQ+ rights.    Nothing matters to them but their right to force all of us to obey their church doctrines.   Not the right to do them themselves their religious doctrines but the right to force the rest of us to live by them.   Their church forbids them from eating ice cream so I can not eat ice cream either?   Kim Davis was not asked to affirm the same sex marriage, not asked to go to the marriage, not asked to deny her god she was asked to do her job that she was paid to do for everyone one equally.      She has several marriages and committed adultery, would it be OK for someone like her to deny her a marriage licence because her lifestyle is against their religious beliefs?   If not, then it is not right to do so to same sex couples.     Hugs

Pin on Memes

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Liberty Counsel: We Will Petition SCOTUS On Obergefell

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Although the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to grant review of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision involving former Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and regarding the legal doctrine known as qualified immunity, Justices Thomas and Alito appear to invite future challenges to the 2015 Obergefell marriage case.

Justice Clarence Thomas (joined by Justice Samuel Alito) wrote that the Supreme Court’s majority decision in Obergefell v. Hodges caused a collision with religious liberty and the Court must fix it. Four justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts, strongly dissented in Obergefell. Justice Alito predicted the opinion would cause significant problems for religious freedom.

Davis has continued to argue that she is not liable for damages because she was entitled to a religious accommodation (which former Governor Bevin and the legislature granted), and that her actions did not violate clearly established rights.

In 2016, Kentucky unanimously passed legislation to provide religious liberty accommodation for Kim Davis and other Kentucky clerks.

There has been no final ruling on whether Davis is liable for damages. Depending on how the case finally concludes at the lower court, Liberty Counsel will then file a petition to present the opportunity for the Supreme Court to address Obergefell.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Even though the High Court declined to take up qualified immunity, Justices Thomas and Alito are inviting future challenges regarding Obergefell and to fix the mess the Court created.”

tRump’s new SCOTUS nomination is a firm believer in a theocracy.   She is a firm believer in ruling based on her religion, not secular laws.   Like Clarence Thomas she doesn’t believe equal treatment under the law applies to everyone, and would gladly deny equality to women and LGBTQ+.  I listened to a breakdown of her beliefs and legal writings yesterday.  Remember she has only been a judge for three years.  Only three years, and now going to be on the highest court in the land making rulings the rest of us must live by.  This is what the goal of the religious fanatics have been for decades.  <blockquote>

The tweet’s mention of “build a ‘Kingdom of God’ in the United States” is an allusion to comments Barrett made in a 2006 commencement address at the University of Notre Dame Law School where Barrett was a faculty member from 2002 until 2017. Barrett told the graduating class:

“I’m just going to identify one way in which I hope that you, as graduates of Notre Dame, will fulfill the promise of being a different kind of lawyer. And that is this: that you will always keep in mind that your legal career is but a means to an end, and as Father Jenkins told you this morning, that end is building the kingdom of God. You know the same law, are charged with maintaining the same ethical standards, and will be entering the same kinds of legal jobs as your peers across the country. But if you can keep in mind that your fundamental purpose in life is not to be a lawyer, but to know, love, and serve God, you truly will be a different kind of lawyer.” </blockquote> https://factcheck.thedispatch.com/p/does-amy-coney-barrett-want-to-end

In four years tRump and McConnell have managed to fill the courts with people like her at all levels.   The only check was the SCOTUS.  Seems not for long.   Hugs

Something that has not happened in a long while

Ron had gone to the bedroom for a nap. I was up reading the story in the Atlantic that I posted. I got so discouraged, I went to bed my self. Ron said I was not in the bed 30 seconds when I let out a loud “Oh”. He said then I started kicking and thrashing in the bed, something I have not done in a long time. I use to do it reliving my abuse. I still dream of my abusers almost nightly, but don’t react or live out the abuse in my dreams after all these years. Ron hates that they haunt me, and as he believes in magic / the supernatural use to do cleaning spells to keep them away. Wish in one hand and … He said when it started he realized what was happening and tired to talk to me. When I was not responding he got out of bed, the best thing he could do unless I started to yell or scream. This whole tRump / election thing is getting to me. tRump thugs remind me of the people who abused me, his thugs are so like them. Nothing matters to them except their own pleasure, their own wants. They have no care for others, no decency or fair play, for them it is their own gratification that matters above all else. My abusers would be huge tRump supporters. When I got up Ron tried to get me to eat, but I have no hunger at all. Hey I will be OK, I have my kittens here with me, Milo on the desk, and Odie on the hot tub. I have a wonderful office with lots of windows. I have a great computer / TV / game system setup. I have a great and wonderful husband who loves me. What more could a person want. This too shall pass. 😢😨 Hugs

Grrrr, aggravation central

Hello all my wonderful Toy Box viewers and online friends.   Nearly two days of trying to make the blog look good and work, not wanting to have to learn CSS and finally giving in and teaching myself some of it I think I have the blog nearly useable again.   In a few minutes I will get to answering all the comments.   Best wishes, talk soon.   Hugs

Gay marriages rise 5 years after Supreme Court ruling


Five years after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages around the U.S., more than a half million households are made up of married same-sex couples, according to figures the U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday.

Since 2014, the year before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same sex marriages, the number of married same-sex households has increased by almost 70%, rising to 568,110 couples in 2019, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Of the 980,000 same-sex couple households reported in 2019, 58% were married couples and 42% were unmarried partners, the survey showed.

There were slightly more female couple households than male couple households.

“Opponents of marriage equality frequently argued that same-sex couples really weren’t all that interested in marriage. But the large increase in marriages among same-sex couples since marriage equality became legal nationwide offers evidence of the clear desire for marriage among same-sex couples,” said Gary Gates, a demographer specializing in LGBT issues.

The survey revealed noticeable economic differences between male couples and female couples, as well as same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples.

Same-sex married couples had a higher median income than opposite-sex married couples, $107,210 compared to $96,932. In same-sex marriages, though, male couples earned more than female couples, $123,646 versus $87,690.

In the survey, the average age of a respondent in a same-sex marriage was 48, and the average age of the spouse was 47. Of those who responded to the survey as being in a same-sex married household, 82% identified as white, almost 7% identified themselves as Black and almost 4% were Asian. More than 13% were Hispanic.

More than 16% of same-sex married households were interracial couples, double the rate for opposite-sex married couples.

The U.S. had 122 million households in 2019. The number of gays and lesbian households in the U.S. is greater than 980,000 since that figure only reflected same-sex couples living together.

There is more information at the link above.  For years the evangelical profesional haters have cried the gays were were going to destroy marriage.  Has not happened.   For years these same groups have cried the gays are going to destroy the US, sorry but that seems to be tRump and his cults job.  I am 57 years old, and been out almost all of my life.   Really even in the military I was in a progressive unit and even way back then it was semi OK.  The higher ups protected the gay jr enlisted from the senior enlisted if there was a problem.  But I am tired of this ongoing hate  / bigotry inspired by religious people who don’t even understand the book they think the probitions come from.   I am tired of some people wanting the right to hurt others.  Really holy there.   I am just wondering if they will ever see the truth.  Other countries have had same sex marriage for over 20 years, and their people have better lives than the people in the US.  Hugs

Well I changed the theme.   Hated to, the old one I had  about as long as I have been blogging.   I narrowed my choices down to two themes.   Both were similar.  They were Penscratch 2  or 2016.     Both were similar and inflexible to change what I needed.   I tried both, lost all my tags and categories in the switching back and forth.  I went with Penscratch 2 because 2016 had more features but also had a foot header I couldn’t find a way to get rid of.    Let me know how it looks, if I need to change the fonts sizes and such.    Hugs