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May 21, 2019

I feel guilty

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Sorry everyone.  Ron had asked me to make a spaghetti sauce for him and so today mid morning I did so.  I made a spaghetti lunch for him with two kinds of Texas toast ( do not put it in the toaster, it is not really toast.  Yes I did that many years ago. ) He volunteered to clean it all up for me while I spent time on line.  

Well feeling fat and fine I followed him to the bedroom where he felt the need for a nap.  I was reading my Ipad when the next thing I knew it was almost 6 PM.  So I am not going to post too much more today if anything.  I will start going to other grand blogs to see what others have posted.   Thanks.  Hugs

May 19, 2019

I want a double one of these🙀😺😸😻😻

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May 18, 2019

I caught the stomach bug going around.

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On Wednesday I did not feel well but put it down to being up past 1 the night before.   On Thursday I went and got my three allergy shots.   I did not feel really energetic but not bad.  Friday Morning I got up sick.  My stomach rolled, I was suffering waves of nausea, diarrhea, I felt horrible with waves of feeling really hot and sweating.  If I did not know better I swear I had been on four day pass binge from my misspent youthful days in the military.   Add to that my back is killing me, the shots have not worked yet.  I must have tensed and twisted badly during the shots or something.  The first night, Tuesday, I was OK and stayed up past 1 AM so maybe I over stressed it sitting?   Anyway I spent yesterday afternoon on the couch and when Ron got up for work at 5 PM, I went right to bed.  This morning I got up at 4 and still felt horrible.  I went back to bed at 7.  Then got up for a few minutes and went back to bed for a couple more hours.   I am seriously thinking of going back to bed again.  Ron has gotten up several times to check on me.   I can not keep anything down.  He says it is a serious problem right now with the hospital full of cases and even the staff have it.  He says most of the ER PT’s are there because of it.   So posting may be light and from my Ipad or phone.   Sorry.  Ron was going to take me out to eat tonight, but that is on hold.  The good news is he says this should not last more than four or five days.   I should start to feel well about the day he has to go back to work.    I get ever dang bug there is.    Hugs

May 15, 2019

Out of sight, out of mind

Has anyone else noticed that all talk about how horrible the elected President of Venezuela is has come to a complete halt?   It was pushed several times a day by the administration.  They were talking plans to both send aid and assistance to the young US picked upstart.  Then our Vice President announced the day of a US backed attempted coup that the US would give money to the military if they joined in the coup and over throw the existing government.  Wow, that was tough talk.  What happened, did the coup succeed?   Or was it the phone call tRump got from Putin saying stay out of Venezuela as we are good friends with that country?   Oops, tRump let it be known he was angry at Bolton for being too aggressive and getting him yelled at by his Russian boss. 

Now instead of a coup in Venezuela we are trying to start a war with Iran with the idea of taking out their leadership and replacing it with a US approved one.   Maybe even a democracy but doubtful, more likely a dictator who will be told to change the country from Islam to Christian as soon as possible.   We have sent troops, planes, ships, and more to an area already on a hair trigger.   We have hurt the economy of Iran deeply with strict sanctions the rest of the world doesn’t like.  We have possibly used our friends the journalist killing Saudi’s to fabricate stories of attack on ships and bases blaming Iran.   Trump has talked about taking other countries oil reserves.   We designated their elite military force as a terrorist organization.  Our government keeps accusing Iran of meddling in other countries with no sense of the irony of it.  Think of how angry we in the US got when we heard of the Russians meddling in our elections, yet here are two countries the US is actively trying to over throw their elected governments.  We tell other countries they need to stay out of the US sphere of influence in this hemisphere yet we have been in every conflict in the Middle East in some way or form.   We still have old jerks in both the White House and Congress who still think this is 1950 and the US is the only super power with the A bomb.   The idea that the US gets to dictate to the world how things will be done, who their leaders are, and what they can do is long over and our government needs to learn this quickly.  If you think Iraq was a mess and Afghanistan will never really be fixable as we are trying to do with little success, Iran will be a horribly embarrassing shit show that will devolve into guerrilla wars all over the world with civilians being targets.   The terror attacks will ramp up to a level not seen.  Iran is mountainous not a flat desert.  It is a technologically advanced country with a well trained military.   In the Iraq wars we had other countries backing us, and if we go to war with Iran we will have only the Saudi’s and the Israelis.  Make no mistake, this is basically a religious war fuel in part by tRump’s hatred of Muslims and President Obama.  This is a desire by the fanatic religious people to knock down the competing religion as they push for Christianity dominion around the world.  This is also pushed by large oil companies who hope to get their hands on what oil the planet has left.  We need to be proactive on this.  Hugs

May 12, 2019

Happy Ron’s morning

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We do not celebrate mother’s day here.   However I woke up feeling OK this morning and Ron was not too tired from working all night.  So we agreed to a morning plan.  He would stop at the store on the way home and get some eggs, bread, a ham steak, and some hash browns.  I started bacon and sausage.   When Ron got home I cooked us breakfast.   We have not had a breakfast together in months and have not had bacon in about five months.  I have not been interested in eggs so Ron would just make himself a small breakfast.   He was so happy.  He called it his mothers day gift.   I told him I would clean up later as the Sunday news shows were coming on, and I love the news.  But he went ahead and picked it all up and did the dishes and ran the dishwasher.   I love the glass top stove but it is a bitch to keep clean and streak free.  At some point one of us used the scrub pad on it ( unthinking ) and left little scratches in the glass.  All in all a grand breakfast of all the major food groups with a dessert of news.  Ron has gone off to bed as he works tonight.   I am in my office watching the news with both cats snoozing after they had a hand full of treaties each.   All is well in our home.   Hugs

May 8, 2019

Great News about CC

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Hello Everyone.  Recently several grand people who are hearing impaired asked me about close captioning my videos.  Lat I knew I would have to pay for that service.  Well I looked into it again, and guess what.  YouTube automatically does it for about five languages, and English being one of those.  So all I have to do is select English when I do the videos, which I did with out knowing why, and it is close captioned for me.   So if you want to watch my videos but can not understand what I am saying ( because of a hearing impairment not because I am an idiot ) just use the CC button.   Thanks and be well.  I will start making more videos soon now that I know this.   Hugs

May 6, 2019

Late start

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I apologize to everyone that have left comments and who wanted to have a conversation.  I had a bad night and have not been well all day.  I will try soon to get to comments.  If I can not do so I will get to them when I can.  Sorry everyone.  Hugs

May 5, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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While this man is not my first choice for President, I can totally support him.  I know as a preteen realizing the attractions I had for boys made me a target and “bad” ( at age five my 10 year old sister informed that because guys used me for sex I was queer, something I had no choice about but she told me how bad it was, and so I was bad ) seeing him on TV doing what he is doing would have changed my own opinion of myself.  Back then I had no good role models and was constantly told of all the evils and horrors queers were.   In fact years later as an adult after two tours in the US military I told my adoptive father I was gay.  He recoiled and said I will have to take care of you for the rest of your life because no one will hire you.  This was 1987.  He then went out and bought a grave plot in a local cemetery for me.  He wouldn’t talk to or look at any male friend I might have in his presence.  Of course he still called black people niggers all his life.  Sad hugs

May 3, 2019

Tony Perkins Hails Trump’s “Conscience Protections” Allowing Healthcare Providers To Refuse LGBT Patients

Well it was nice to be a full citizen of the United States while it lasted.  I have to pay taxes, and churches do not.  They claim equal rights is special rights when it is about the LGBT+, however religions can demand special rights which they see as their due.  Soon my marriage will be regulated to “not a real marriage status” as Christians who violate all other biblical laws will demand to negate my rights so their gods / their feelings won’t be hurt.   Will my spouse and I be refused at a restaurant because the server has a religious dislike of our kind eating?  Are we really that icky and yucky?   Will I be able to get my car fixed if the only dealership in town is a “god fearing religious establishment”?   Can I depend on first responder assistance in an accident if they see my rainbow sticker on my car.   I am so tired of fighting for all my life just to be treated equally.   Hugs

Tony Perkins Hails Trump’s “Conscience Protections” Allowing Healthcare Providers To Refuse LGBT Patients

May 2, 2019

A short video try

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Thursday shot day

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Today is Thursday, the day every week I go for my allergy shots.  I show up, wait my turn, get the three shots, then wait 20 minutes or so to be checked before leaving.  I am a people person and often strike up conversations if anyone is there that wishes to chat.  Most of the time there is not many people or they are all mothers with children in the child play area, a place I am not comfortable in, so I take my Ipad.   I read books or the news.  If I find anything that I think is important I will post it from the pad for all of you.   Wish everyone the best.   Hugs

April 30, 2019

News story data dump

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This morning I realized that 10 stories I had thought were sent from my Ipad were not sent.   It was a password issue.  I change my passwords often and forget to do all devices.   Some of these are older, but all were important to know about.   Hugs

April 27, 2019

The question 2

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In my last post I asked my readers if I should watch an old TV show.   The show is “The pretender”.  Sorry for the delay in getting this too you.   Hugs


Do you remember

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I have a question for everyone.  Today after I woke Ron I turned on the TV in my office hoping for some news that he could watch before he went to work.  Today is Saturday, so yes I was both wrong and disappointed.  But Ron wouldn’t have wanted news anyway.  I did find a show I vaguely remember and so left it on that. By the time Ron came out I was into the show.  It seemed familiar.    I seemed to recognize some of the characters.    I got excited about it and asked Ron if I should look into getting the series for us.  

Ron slowly told me we use to watch the show back when we had cable.  It was an old show, but very well done.  That is why it seemed so familiar to me.  Ron said we had to stop watching it together as I got too upset over the child parts.  I started to remember a bit of what he was describing.  I looked the series up and reading it I do remember little bits of it.  Ron said he wouldn’t mind watching it again if I thought I was up to it.  That got me curious.

So I looked it up.  Yes we can get it for free on Amazon, at least the first two seasons.  As I read the titles and what each episode was about and some of it seemed like something I could just about remember, but then it slipped away.  Some of the characters mentioned I recognized , some I was clueless about.

While I am eager to re-watch the series as it seems really exciting and interesting, I am mindful I have not been in a good place lately.  I have had several periods of depression and regression.  What bothers me most is I appear to have blocked this show out of my memory.   That is something I have done in the past for things that upset me.  I just forget them.  I have gaps in my memory.  Sort of holes in my mind.  I forget where I heard that from but it really is accurate.  

So I ask you wonderful Toy Box readers, have you seen this show?  Is it as good as I think it is?  Have you ever blocked stuff out or forgotten stuff that upset you?  Should I, or we, go ahead and watch the show which at least the first two season I can do for free on our Amazon account?  

I admit I am torn.  I am drawn to the show, but I have lots of YouTube videos to get to and regular news shows I am behind on.  Yet there is something about the show that I am really drawn towards.  Oh well.  I need to get back to the other things I was doing.  Yet…  Should I watch them?     Hugs

April 26, 2019

Cleaning the closet

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Ron decided today would be a great day to clean his closet.  It was jam packed with stuff.  It was a large closet but you couldn’t walk more than just inside the door because of how much stuff was in it.   Clothing from the 1990’s when he worked for tRump, pictures we took down to redo all the walls and have yet to get hung back up, boxes of my electronic stuff, my big Stetson hat, boxes of files, bed linens, towels and washcloths, and bunches of other things.   I tried to help him move stuff even though he was not sure I should.  Yes my pain levels are high now, but I took extra pain medications and I have retired to my office chair to rest.  To show you how much stuff he had in the closet I took pictures of it.  The closet is about 5 foot wide and 9 foot long.   Hugs


April 25, 2019


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I got home a bit after 12 noon and got something to eat.  I had left without eating breakfast and was hungry.   At about 1PM I got on the computer and finished up my morning readings.   I am now going to read other peoples blogs and enjoy the rest of the day.

I have no more doctors appointments for two weeks, then they start again.  So I am enjoying some Vodka and Pure Zero cola.    I may get toasty today.   Hugs


April 23, 2019

Extended warranty

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I had ordered two new mouse pads from Amazon as they were only a little more than $4 dollars each.   Yesterday they arrived.   I opened them up and noticed they were made in China.   There also was a card inside that asked you to scan the card card with your cell phone and fill in all the information on the web site that would open up.  The great prize for your private information and phone number…Yes an extended warranty for your new mouse pad.    WTF ???? Hugs

Pushing religion on patients

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This post goes with with my posting about religions taking over politics and hospitals.   When I had my last surgery one of the PA’s at the doctor’s office was getting the paperwork ready.  She started asking about church attendance and religion.   I told her I was atheist and did not believe in a mythical sky daddy anymore than I believed in Zeus.  She pushed harder asking if I wouldn’t like a visit from a chaplain or a religious layperson to stop by and see me.   Ron burst out ” Bad idea, really bad idea”!  ” Scottie would bust his stitches chasing them from the room”.   She was the PA that was to put my pain medication requirements in the information and somehow forgot.  Then was unable to be contacted for 24 hours, even though she was on call.    

When I woke up in the Hospital room the CNA again asked me which church I belonged to and did they know to come visit me.  I was hurting too much to beat sense into her so Ron told her how it was and she left.  When the nurse came in she also asked which church I was I was a member and when told I was not a church member but atheist she asked if she could have some church members from her church or different churches in the area stop by to visit me and give me comfort.   I exploded at this point.   I did make the threat to sue if any one came to my room not a healthcare provider or Ron.  Said I would make sure it was in every media I could get to that my civil rights were violated.   I had surgery in the morning and never had pain medications until midnight and that was because Ron forced the issue.   As far as we know the PA doesn’t work for the surgeon anymore.   Hugs

April 12, 2019

The new fan

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So one of the last things we needed for my new office was a dimmable light ceiling fan.  The one that was here was an ugly palm leaf thing that wobbled and womped.  So we found online a 54 inch modern looking fan with a dimmable light.   It was very affordable at about $120 dollars.   So this morning while I was at my doctors, Ron took down the Palm leaf fan and put up the new one.  However the dimmable part did not work.  On reading the instructions, something he failed to do, I discovered the bulbs they sent with the fan are not dimmable and you need to buy different bulbs.  He rushed out to his favorite store, Home Depot or any hardware home improvement do it yourself  store ,  and got new bulbs.  I love it.  The fan is super quiet so I can do videos, the lighting is variable as I wish, and the fan has three speeds each way.  So here are the pictures.  Hugs


April 10, 2019

Spam folder

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Hello everyone.  I wanted to let people know that my blog automatically checks comments for spam.  Also if there is three or more links it goes to the spam folder.  As I get so much spam I rarely check that folder and it auto deletes every so many days.   However this morning I checked it and found a comment from Nation.   So please if you leave a comment and do not see it show up, or I do not respond in a reasonable amount of time, let me know.  Write a comment to tell me so I can go look for your comment.   Your comments are important to me.   Thanks.  Hugs 

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