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March 8, 2019

He loves me

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So this morning I was reading news and getting my posts in order.  Then I read an article about boys who had been abused and as much as I tried not to, I lost it, I  curled up in the corner of the couch where Ron found me.  He had been working all night and he needed to go to bed, but he spent the time to try to reach me in my “place”.  

He got me into my blog again and then he went off to bed.  

But it hit again.  He got up about 1 PM , after only three hours  of sleep to again find me curled in a ball crying my eyes out.  He changed his plans.

He told me we were going to go get the stones for the front planter that I had wanted.   We had planed for that so I was OK with it all.  Then he said I would drive.  I normally drive when ever we go out.  But I was so upset I was not sure I should drive.  Now I need to say the stone place is like 20 car lengthens from the end of the street that our park is on.  I did not want to but I agreed to do so.  After we got the first load of stone which I put the van right where he needed it ( I have driven everything from double hay wagons to tractor trailers  so backing up a van is easy for me ) We needed a second.  By this time I was feeling much better.  

Then this afternoon I started to again fall into a dangerous places.    So Ron asked me to make him supper.  Boy I went to town.  I cooked and fried stuff.  It was only later I realized I had cooked three bags of chicken tenders, two bags of french fries and an entire bag of frozen chicken wings.  Ron never interrupted nor stopped me.  With my digestion system being so upset I couldn’t even eat.  So he ate until he was full and I put all the left overs away into the fridge.  The reason I mention this is to explain how much Ron takes care of me and to also explain why I have not been online much today.     Hugs 

March 5, 2019

Spouse cut my hair … short !

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March 1, 2019

Why Ron makes offices for me

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In posting about my new office questions have come up why Ron would go to this trouble especially when I have a existing office.  To answer we need go back in time.  

I am the victim of childhood abuse growing up in a hateful dysfunctional family.  I have struggled with those memories all my life.  The stress of working in the ICU and my worsing health made it almost impossible for me to maintain a healthy mental state.  I was really falling apart.  When I couldn’t work any more I went into a deep depression.  I basically did not leave the bedroom.  As Ron was working nights he had to have the bedroom dark to sleep and that made it worse for me.  

Working with my doctors Ron was able to get me to doing things and interested in life again. He set up a candle making place in the bedroom and I made candles like a fiend.  He pushed me to make them to have something to do.   He set up a desk / computer area so I would be online and out of my own head.  

The problem I have is if I do not have constant input into hy brain, my mind goes places that are bad for me and I don’t want.  So to keep my mind busy I have a second computer playing news / videos / YouTube / Netflix / Amazon … You get the point.   So I also have a TV as I love news.   Now I was trying to use headphones but they hurt my ears and I wouldn’t be able to use them long.    Ron build my  first office ( yes he had to add a room to the middle of our home ) so I would be able to listen / watch stuff without bothering the rest of the home.   I could go into my office, close the door and put stuff on and bother no one.   It was working well except it was a dark room.  It has one window and it was on the south side.  So when James moved out Ron decided to move me to the front room with lots of windows and natural light.  

So I have an office to be able to do what I need to in order to keep my mental state well.    I still have bad days, days I get upset, days I just start crying.   However I am much better and doing what I need to do to keep both my physical, mental, and emotional health in a good state.  

Thank you.  Hugs and loves.   

February 28, 2019

My new desk

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February 26, 2019

Healthcare in the USA

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Ron is getting things together to do our taxes.   By his best figures we spent out of pocket a bit over $10,000 plus the $2,500 medical card deducted from his pay, plus the 2 grand in dental insurance we both get, plus the healthcare insurance we get from his work, and lastly also my medicare because I am disabled.  Anyone think the healthcare system in our country is broken and needs to be fixed.   We spent over $12,500 out of pocket and still had insurance which Ron has deducted from his pay and did not figure into these costs.  Just to have me on his insurance is an extra $150 a month so that is another $1,800.   So now we are up to $14,300.   That doesn’t include the month premium for the insurance choices we selected.  That doesn’t include my medicare premium and I am grateful to have medicare.  Back in 2014 I lost the top of my left leg to my bone disease.  I had to wait until 2017, three years later, until I got my medicare to be able to afford the operation to replace my left hip.   Anyone still think we have the best healthcare system in the world?   Had I been in Canada I would have waited about 3 months and gotten my new hip.  Think of the pain I suffered due to a three year wait.  Without medicare I would be in a wheelchair and a lot of debilitating pain.   The wealthy do not have to worry about these things.  Congress people do not have to worry about these things.  Congressional staff do not have to worry about these health worries.  it is time to fix a broken health care system in the US.   It needs to be about the health of the people, not the profit that can be made off the people.   Hugs

New office Ron is building for me

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Sorry about the direction mistakes.    Hugs

February 17, 2019


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I like laughing and people who can laugh.   Today I encountered the perfect example.   Ron is working a lot of 12 hour night shifts in a row.   We were running short on stuff so I decided after the Sunday morning news shows I would drive down to the local Publix grocery store about 2 miles away.  I knew because I was going there around noon time and the local churches ( yes three between here and there ) would also be getting out it would be very slow on the road and the store would be busy.   I also was struggling with my back.  Long story short I went to help some older people with a new laptop a few days ago and it took hours and I hurt my back sitting in their kitchen chairs.   Not their fault , they are grand people,  it is the damage in my back requires certain supports and stuff.   So the muscles in my back along my spine in the lower and middle levels are swollen ( spasmed ) and very sore.  Makes walking or lifting anything really painful.   So I got myself in the correct frame of mind before I even left the house.   And it begins!

Sure enough as I left my driveway and headed to the side road to go to the main road the church behind my home which is right there on the side road was having an exodus of very white  ( or blue ) haired ladies and bald men shuffling slowly from the church steps and across the side road to the parking lot.  I realized why they bunch up that way and go in herds, there is safety in numbers and the slower ones in front hold back the faster shuffling ones behind them.  I just let the car shut it self off and even though every now and again one of the docile creatures would look up and motion me to run over them I waved the entire migration through.   This however caused several of the first ones to get their cars started into the side road where it seemed to confuse them there was two directions to travel.  The side road is only wide enough for two small cars with a single piece of paper between them so there was a lot of hestations and false starts to enter traffic.   I waited my turn as I no longer had my huge 6.6 turbo diesel dually pick up and the new little car did not have the ground clearance to use those ahead of me as speed bumps.   We traveled down the side road at a stately 25 miles an hour slowing to the cautious speed of 12 MPH when meeting oncoming traffic.   Lucky for my sanity this stretch is only for the first mile of the the trip.  

At the end of the side road we meet the main road, a two lane in each direction divided by a median.   To inter this road one gets a break in the North bound traffic and then moves to a large center paved opening where the median would be.  Then when one gets another break one merges into the southbound traffic.   This takes only a minute or so in rush hour traffic during the week and is almost instant at any other time.  But not at church release time for the gentle herd.   Having just been filled to the brim with the information of what waited for them should they lose at this blood sport of moving traffic they were not taking any chances.  This judging the approaching cars speed was a serious business needing a committee of elders with at least two deacons.   I was looking for the sign that said “give up all who wish to leave this side road” but I couldn’t see it.   After 5 minutes I was tempted to pull over into the grass and go to the front of the line to wave those filled with the foot stopping power of the holy spirit forward.  I also felt maybe I should check for those who had over done with the excitement of this endeavor and had fallen asleep.  I should mention the main road was not overly busy.  After ten minutes I was at the head of the line.  The was a new problem.   Apparently there was a bible convention in the center waiting area as no less than five cars were waiting to move into the two south bound lanes.   Being very kind people they were each waiting for their fellows to go first.   I counted three on coming cars, yes just three, well spaced out .  Remember there are two lanes here.   I was starting to lose my ZEN, and my wanting to use the twin turbos on the new car was kicking in.  I got the chance!  

Leaving the herd behind I was able to do a decent 57 MPH the rest of the entire nearly a mile to the store entrance where I zip into the parking lot.  Which was jammed.   I had figured it would be busy so didn’t mind the parking nearly half way down the parking lot on the exit doors side, which was so far way it needed a different zip code.   My pain pills were still working some so I made my way inside, selected my cart of choice, which was a much smaller selection than normal, and waited while four members of a new herd belonging to the Church of Cannot Understand the Traffic Flow of In and Out Doors to slowly one at a time make the daring plod from the store into the cart storage area and out of second set of entrance doors.  They were timid creatures needing time to work the courage up to cross the threshold so I leaned a while on the shopping cart.  I felt my pants pocket where my pill case was in a very reassuring way. 

I won’t bore anyone with most of the shopping detail of deadlocked isles and confused shoppers wonder why the things they wanted to buy seemed in the wrong isles / departments and who had moved them.   However I did simply break down in loud laughter at row of milk coolers.   It was here the total absurdity of the situation got to me.  There was a conflab going on in the general area of the coolers.  There were people with carts trying to go in every direction , mostly into each other.  There was people who had abandoned their carts to try to do solo missions through the dangerous beachhead to the valued containers of milk.  There seemed to be a complete subsection of the herd trying to figure out if the percentage was what they normally got while their counterparts were more convinced the they needed to heft each jug for weight comparisons before selection.   I even took a minute to feel sorry for the short elderly lady in front of me who muttered ” I only need a milk and I am out of here”, a feeling I agreed with.   Just to be clear there is no milk shortage in florida, but it seems everyone in the county wants to buy it at the same time from the same store.  

Then it happened.  The thing that set me off.  I admit I was not not graceful nor restrained in any way.  That I didn’t pee my pants is a miracle worthy of a Sunday morning sermon.  Into this complete cluster of confusion walked a tall very portly man with a mission.  He immediately assessed the situation and in a pleasantly deep loud ringing voice proceed to announce the need for a traffic light at the milk department.  He kept up a steady list of pronouncements as to the situation offering to contact medical aid for those who had passed out while waiting.  He was funny and brash, and while doing this he attracted enough attention that he managed to slip his huge bulk to the doors of the coolers, subtracted a gallon of the precious white stuff and back out again without being the subject of an evening news police report.   I roared.  I thought it was a superb performance.  I laughed so hard I got to coughing.  Several people decided I was mentally unhinged and I found the entire area in front of the milk coolers was suddenly emptying of people.  It was down to the short older lady, me , two guys who were trying hard not to notice me.   The lady started to laugh with me.  She looked at me and said ” was that on our shopping list”, which caused me to laugh uncontrollably even more.   

I was now in such good humor I didn’t mind the limping walk to the car because my pain medications had worn off in the years this excursion had taken me.    Nor did I get upset at the nice couple getting out of the church nearest the grocery store proceeding to do a stately 37 MPH all the way down the main road , and when they turned on the the side road I realized I would follow them all the way to our park.  At the grand speed of 19 MPH.   To be fair there was two other cars coming the other way on this same road and we had to be sure no sudden moves were made that may actually start the blood flow in their bodies. One must take precautions you know.  

Well thank you everyone for sharing my monumental attempt to get a few items so the cats would have treats.  I will now go read political / religious news so I can calm my nerves and lower my blood pressure.  😜😜😂🤣😁😃😊😎😻😻  Hugs


January 13, 2019

Milo wanted his picture taken also. Hugs

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Odis in his favorite place on the couch. He gets more comfortable on it than I ever could. Hugs

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January 10, 2019

Thank you

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I want to thank everyone who came to my Toy Box and left comments, even having conversations while I was not able to be with you.  I spent 3 and 1/2 hours in the dental chair and I am $1798.00 poorer.  So when I finally got home late this afternoon I had to rest.  I am not up and ready at 6:30 PM ( 1830 for those on a 24 hour clock ) I am going to start at the oldest comments and work forward.  If I miss something you want me to address please comment again letting me know.   Thanks.   Hugs

January 9, 2019

This is me, I have had two and headed towards my third

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this is me, i have had two and headed to my third.

Oh Great Gravy , this is me! I am a news junkie

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December 31, 2018

My rant on people attacking and doing dangerous things with self driving cars.

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December 30, 2018

Just a tip

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a piece of advice for anyone who like me has a nice big bushy beard and mustache.   Do not accept an invitation for an afternoon nap while your beard and mustache is still wet from the shower.  I did so and when I got up all my facial hair was swooshed and pointed towards the other side of my face.  It doesn’t comb out.   🤣😂😁😉😎 Hugs 


December 27, 2018

Off line for a while, sorry

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So for about two weeks I noticed  my anti-virus and disk sweep programs have been returning me a problem with my Microsoft.Powershell\”ExecutionPolicy”was causing faults and warnings.  It should normally be set to restrictive unless you give permission in the powershell for other modes.   I had not.  I do not want scrips or unknown bots running on my computers..   So I changed it.  I looked it all up and used what I knew to change the registry on it.

Dang if it did not keep coming back.  I checked and rest the permissions on the video computer.  No problem the settings stayed the same even through all the restarts, and other tests I could do.  So I knew it was in my main computer.  SO I started a computer reset, but had t go to get my allergy shots.

I got home and tried three times to bring my main computer online.   It will do so , but when I go to load the anti-virus and other security programs it starts acting weird.  So I am again resetting it, but this time I have disabled its access to the internet  I unplugged the Ethernet cable.

What should ave taken a few hours has now taking an entire today and may not be done until tomorrow.   Hugs



December 13, 2018

The cowboy’s hat

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I have had times in my life like this.  Songs like these resonate with me.  I have been the one wearing the hat, and I have been one with my back to the wall.   This song takes me back to a different time in my life when I was a slightly different person.    Yes when it came to it I fought with my back  to the wall, not for a hat, but for people I loved and cared for.     I hope you get as much out of this song as I do.  Loves and hugs.

December 10, 2018

I am going to bed. Yes it is only 6 PM ( 1800 )

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I am going to bed.  I see I have comments to reply to but I just am too dang sore.  Even with my med’s I can not concentrate .  Ron made a wonderful meal tonight of cooked carrots, broccoli in a deep cheese sauce, a roasted bit of beast, and lots of potatoes with a dark brown gravy.   He brought me in some of each to my office and then I went and got more.  Yes it was so good.  I love potatoes and gravy. Veggies I will eat with lots of cheese or salt.    But now after a hard day when I have been up since 4 AM I am really tired.  I will get to everyone’s comments tomorrow and I promise to answer as best I can.  But I have reached the end of my rope.  Best wishes.  Hugs

December 7, 2018

Ron’s Christmas Tree, try 2

On Wednesday Ron took a break from building the front room ( my future office ) and after moving things around ( which looks much better )  and began setting up his Christmas Tree.   I looks grand.  He loves doing it.   He loves odd unusual ornaments.   That night he took a bunch of pictures and asked me to post them.   So here is Ron’s 2018 Christmas Tree.   Hugs 

December 6, 2018


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Hello everyone.  Today Ron tried to make tacos with something called Jack Fruit.   I did not care for it.  I am trying to figure out how to make tacos with out hamburger.  I am thinking maybe beans and mushrooms or that and add a bit of refried beans.  We have done very well reducing our meat intake.   Ron has a veggie stew all ready to cook.  I just need to find something for those dishes that hamburg has always been the base to.   Ron loves the meatless tomato sauce I have been making.  If you have any ideas or recipes please let me know.   Hugs

November 27, 2018

Home from allergist / Health update

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OK I had the testing, then some more testing.  The tests in my right arm really swelled, then the ones in both shoulders all six of them swelled like I had been whipped.  I will need shots again.  This is my third time.  Same old stuff plus some new ones.   I tested high positive to both cats and dogs.  ( I told them Milo and Odis are not moving, Ron we could negotiate.  Turned out I am not allergic to him.  )   Anything green and growing such as a dozen different grasses.   A few other things I reacted really badly too.   

Seems some people can get shots for allergies, get to a maintenance doze and then are fine for ever more.   I am about to start my third time getting shots.  Seems I get to a maintenance state , stop shots , and my immunity decreases until I start  getting the shots.   Once I get to a monthly maintenance dose I will either have to keep getting them, or I will have to do this same thing of stopping the shots, and getting slowly sicker until I go back and start all over.   So starting in two weeks ( they have to order the two serums I will need, ) I will start again on weekly shots.  Add to that I have trigger points in my back muscles ever two months.  Then when needed  I will have shots in my spine to try to keep the effects of the spine / nerve damage down.  I mentioned this because when the nurse came to give me my test shots today in my shoulders she was going over everything as if I had never had the shots.  I reassured her I was OK with shots and told her what I get.  She was impressed.  

OK so that is a health up date.  I told them my body model was made on a Friday after a Thursday payday.  I should be upset, one more health issue to deal with.   Truth is I will soon feel better and I have insurance to help pay for it.   I have the free time to go get shots and a vehicle to get there.  This time I can drive my self, before Ron use to have to take me each week.   Loves to all.  Hugs

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