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November 11, 2019


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Internet at my Toy Box has been restored.   Let the blogging commence.   This morning the internet went down just as I sat down to do other blogs and commenting.   So it gave me time to do something I have not done in months, I played Halo Guardian on my X-Box.  Had lots of fun, missed playing.   I have not played in so long my writs started to hurt from hold the controller.   Then when the internet came back I had to shut it down and rest the modem and router as our speeds were really bad.   But it is all back and working again … for now.   Hugs

November 10, 2019

Wow a grand movie

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So this afternoon after Ron made a grand meal of pork loin, potatoes, gravy of course, Several vegetables along with a wonderful salad for me.   And it was great.  I did help, but he did most of the work, and all of the clean up.   The thing I want to share is that I only had three hours sleep last night, and a 1 hour nap today, so I decided after our meal to just start and finish the Captain Marvel  movie.    I had watched a few minutes here and there , but never more than 20 minutes at a time.  I always stop the movies to check the news.  But this time I started it from the beginning and watched it all the way through.  It was great to do so.  After my telling him about the movie Ron wants to watch it also.  Now on to other peoples blogs until I get so tired I fall asleep at my desk and must go to bed.   I really like what I do here on my blog, it helps me feel productive even as my body fails.    Hugs

November 8, 2019

You grand wonderful people.

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Hell everyone, draw up a chunk of that internet while we still have it.  Tonight for the first time in forever we ordered a pizza to be delivered.  I am stuffed.  I have also been up since 2 AM and I am tired now.  So I will be closing both computers down, taking my evening pills, and turning on the TV to finish watching the movie I never finished.   Best wishes to all, let me know the wonderful / horrible news in the morning.  Hugs and loves to all.  Scottie

Milo in the sunlight on the end of my desk

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November 5, 2019

Time off

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Hello all you grand Toy Box viewers.   Opps hold on I have to go pee.   OK I am back, sorry about the interruption but hey life is what it is.  Look I have 9 open tabs in browser of new news to get to, but I also got notified yesterday that the movie Captain Marvel is my library.    Look I love what I do but I am sure that no one gets hanged up on my posts or comments on recent stuff that much.   Heck Milo is trying hard to keep me from typing by putting his head on my hand.   So I wish every one well, and I will be back in the morning, but I really want to see this movie.   Hugs and loves.  Night.  

November 1, 2019

I woke Odie from his nap by taking his picture

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October 27, 2019

Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence

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I am tired.  Very tired tonight.  I woke up at 1:30 AM with cramps in my feet and calves, muscle contractions driven by my spine damage affecting the nerves to my lower legs and feet.  I want to be angry at what the chief law officer of my country has done that makes a mocker of everything I served in the military to protect.  I want to be angry.  But instead right now I am crying.   For my self?  For my country?   I just read of the most horrible abuse being done to a minority population in China, and I think my country’s leader has praised the ones responsible for that.  What have we become?  How will history view us, what did we do to prevent the atrocities?  How did we accept them and allow it to progress?  When did mass separation of children from their parents to cause them distress as a tool become OK with the “greatest nation on earth”?  I am tired, good night.  Maybe there will be something, a small place in my dreams I can find peace, find comfort.   Be well, take care of each other, it is all we really have.   Sometimes I think it is closer to our Seasons In The Sun than ever before.   Hugs

Have we not looked away long enough.

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Elvis Presley – In the Ghetto


For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield with lyrics


Terry Jacks – Seasons In The Sun

October 23, 2019

Should I just watch the movie.

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Hello all Scottiestoybox viewers.   You are the important ones, you are why I do this blog, sharing with you all the things I find on the internet that I think important.  Today I am questioning.  Oh not the blog, I love that too much to give it up.  It is given me purpose and drive.  It is why when I am laying in bed desperate for a little more sleep, I instead get up and go to the office and start the daily morning cartoon / meme round up.  However I wanted to ask or let you in on something.  The last two rounds of shots have not worked as much as the doctors wanted them too.  The shots in my spine have stopped the sudden falling so that was a great plus.  With my thin bones a sudden fall can be a very bad situation for me.  However they did not stop other muscle problems so they decided to go to trigger point muscle injections this month.  The great news, and it is great news, I am not waking up screaming in agony from my toes trying to spike out and then touch my heel, but I am waking up with them doing that in a less painful way that won’t quit.  I can adjust my position, roll over, take a muscle relaxer, and most of the time get relief.  For another 30 minutes or half hour.   At most I am sleeping for 4 hours, then another 2 hours on and off.  I am tired and cranky most of the time.  But that is not what this post is about!!!!

The post is about a question I wanted to ask my viewers.  Recently Ron and I bought a really nice 50 inch 4k TV for my office.   It was my birthday present as I spend all my time in my office other than the time I must lay down to relieve my back.   Plus my old TV died a dramatic death.  Ron and I have Amazon prime and buy all the blockbuster movies as neither of us can do movie theaters.  Ron finds time to watch them in the living room on his large screen TV ( if things hold out I will be buying him next year for his birthday an 80 inch or bigger TV ) but I have not seen any of the movies in the last year.   I watched bits and pieces of all the blockbusters yet have never even finished endgame and have yet to start the Star Wars ones.   We have the Spiderman moves and so many more I simply don’t get to because I am trying to find news sites on YouTube to share.   Ron says I am driving my self too hard and need to back off and take time to watch the movies. 

My question is this: If I did not post so much stuff for a week or two and tried to catch up on the movies would all you wonderful people who come here stop doing so?  Would you stop coming to my blog and stop commenting if I took some time off to just sit here and watch movies and pet my cats.  It has always been the rule that if you want to grow your blog you must put out stuff people want to see, read, hear and keep doing so.   I admit I am a news junkie, always have been and I love reading and hearing news.   Yet I would love to watch the end of Avengers end game and the other movies we buy I have not watched.

As always writing my blog has helped me deal with my problems no matter if it was my childhood abuse or my other issues.   Writing this I made my own mind up.  I should delete it now that I did figure it out and have a plan to move forward.   But that would deprive you, the wonderful people who come here the view of how I am thinking on stuff.   I am going to order a pizza from a local place then I am going to watch the movies, I am also going to keep up on the written news on the other screens and afterwards I will post on what I think is important to share. 

As always thank you for coming here to my Toy Box, thank you for caring about the things I post, thank you for your comments, and thank you for being part of the online community.

I am off to watch Avengers endgame.   I have started it a dozen times.  I understand it is three hours long.   I want to finish it this time.   No stopping it for breaking news.   Loves and hugs to all.   Scottie


October 17, 2019

I am in fricken pain… it is my life

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Today is the third day this week I had a doctors appointment, I have another tomorrow.  That one I am looking forward to as it is trigger point injections which are very painful but may may give me some relief from my pain in my back.  My back muscles spasm so bad they make my spine shift  which with the damage to my spine causes the nerves that run in my spine to sent signals  to contract the muscle or send a signal of sudden sharp pain.  No cause or reason for the pain.  It is just the nerves in my spine.  

Let me tell you my day.  I got up late for me, I got up at 4:45AM. I normally get out of bed between 3:30 to 5 AM due to pain.    I felt that it was good for me to sleep that late.  I did not suffer much during the night from muscle contractions caused by my spine on my nerves. 

So skipping the early morning routine of petting cats, feeding cats, doing morning blogging, and going right into my getting to my 10 AM allergy injections, then waiting the needed 20 + minutes to be let go.  

Off I go to the grocery store.  See Ron is on his third day in a row of 12 hour shifts at the open heart ICU.  He got home this morning barely able to walk.   He had to do another 12 hour shift tonight.   Feeling bad for him I offered to make him a home made spaghetti dinner with the fixings.    He loved the idea.  Shit, OK I can do this.  

After my shots, I went to the Publix just down from my home.  I love the store.  It does not have much on sale but it does have wide isles, bright lighting, very helpful staff , again wonderfully helpful staff who take care of an old cripple like me, and I know where most of the stuff I want is and if not the staff will take you to it.  They do not just say oh that is on isle ##, they take you to it.  If you are at the register and need something, they send someone to get it.  A great store.   Today as I was checking out the manager was bagging my groceries and even offered to take them to my car for me.  On days when I was really bad they even loaded them into the car for me.

I went in to get just the stuff I needed to make a spaghetti dinner for Ron.   I did not have time to make home made rolls so I would need to buy some, I choose the bake at home kind.  I need the other stuff like a pound of ground Italian sausage, a pound of lean ground beef, my favorite tomato sauce Dei Fratelli.   I also got some chopped tri-peppers and white onions.  I use to add chopped celery and sliced white mushrooms both which I like, but Ron has taken a dislike to, so I skip them.  

Any way got the groceries, and I get home.  I left home at 9:15 AM, it is now 1:30 PM and I can barely lift anything the pain in my back is so bad.  Lucky for me Ron who was sleeping heard the alarm system go from “Alarmed home” to “disarmed” which I do from the car on my phone.  He got up and carried all the groceries in, thankfully as I was about done in.  

Ron went back to bed, and at about 3 PM I got to work making the sauce.  I got the rest set up and then I rested at my desk for a while.  Then at 4:30 I kicked it in to high gear, getting the angel hair pasta Ron likes boiled, the sauce heated back up and doing the last seasonings, baking the rolls, making him his coffee, just basically getting the best meal together for him I could.  I was already dying in pain.  I had taken all my pain  / muscle medications and I was really in pain.  Ron loved the supper, and even helped me pick stuff up before he went for his shower before going to work. 

I was trying to hide it from him but I could barely stand.  The pain was so bad I couldn’t hardly stand or move.   After Ron went for his shower I put stuff away as best I could, but I was really struggling to do so.  Before he went left for work Ron realized how bad I was and said he would take care of the rest in the morning and then knowing I wouldn’t stop until it was cleaned up, he finished loading the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen. 

So now at 7PM with almost no time today to read blogs and comment, I am again at my desk.  Milo is sleeping next to me, I have taken a bunch of pain pills along with my other medications.   I will have to go to bed in a hour or so , that is the limited time I have to read news, get to the wonderful blogs I love, and leave comments or answer them.  

Be well everyone.  I just though you might like to know what one of my days are like.  I would love to be able to spend each day reading news, reading blogs, and leaving comments on them.  Sadly most of my days are not like that.  Most days my back hurts so bad I can not even sit in the fancy office chair Ron got me.  So often I have to post news from my pad as I am not able to be at my computers.  Or I am at a doctor’s office so again I can not be at my computers.  But hey I have it better than most in the US, I have good healthcare at a price that is hefty but we can afford for now.  I have a good home to live in, I have food to eat, and a wonderful hubby that thinks I am the best thing in the world ( boy is he fooled )

But I can hardly sit in the chair to write this, I am all over the place leaning one way then the other trying to get the pain out of my back.  Moving back and forth rocking like a kid needing to go to the bathroom, I am even on my second vodka drink and it still hurts to even breath.  I will have to go lay down soon.   It is my life and I understand that.  But it really interferes with my blogging.  😃😀😎  Hugs

October 10, 2019

I am back. A comedy of errors, some forced and some not.

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Hello Everyone.  I am back.  To be clear I am going to condense the last 16 hours or so because no one wants a minute by minute descriptions of my last 24 hours.  I will say some of the things that went wrong were my fault and some were not my fault.  Also before any tells me I need a better firewall / antivirus let me say I have tried the top ones including Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, and webroot.   I use Norton and it has found and cleared my system of things that the others never picked up.   I get attacked a lot.  That may be why I am paranoid about it.  I do not know if it is my content on my blog or I am just an asshole, but in the last two years I get attacked a lot.  I currently have a S-1-5-21 malware bitcoin miner on my systems I can contain but not get rid of.  The only one that found it was Norton, and even that with the new windows upgrade can not remove.   So I rarely shut off my computers instead I disable the online adapters when I am not at them.  When I restart them I have a large list of checks I must do in order to make sure the malware is contained and unable to work.   From the tech journals I have read it appears to be the avast malware.   Interestingly it resides on my video computer but never actives as that computer only goes to about 8 news / video sites and the malware is looking at the places your browser goes to check if it has bitcoin and then it reports to a central computer to attempt to steal it.  So while it is on the many computers in my home the only one it tries to actively bother is the one I call my main computer that I use for blogging.  I have checked the computers I work on here in the development and most of them have it and the people never know.  Normally I don’t tell them because the procedures to quarantine it are not something they can do.  It involves going into the powershell often, checking the permissions and if need be resetting them, making sure your IVP6 is disabled, going into the control panel to the internet options ( many people think internet explorer is dead or doesn’t apply to them but all internet connections on your computer do go through the programing of that old disused program )  I know I have had to teach myself the entire system of that legacy.  Anyway on to the real meat of the story.

First I am going to make clear I don’t have my good soft touch keyboard and am using an older mechanical keyboard which is hard on my arthritic fingers and it is one of the wave design which seemed like a great idea at the time and was not.  One reason I went to reposting others memes and stuff was my fingers hurt to type, plus the correcting the typos gets boring fast.   Also frustrating.   That is why I went to the keyboard I did, that got hacked.   I did want to go to doing videos but some of my favorite readers are hearing impaired so while YouTube will do CC for me it is not so good for them.   

Oh before I begin I need to explain my set up.  I have on my flat top desk ( picture a table about 27 inch wide and 72 inches long, yes they had one longer but we did not think we would need it, boy do I )  On it is my main monitor a 27 inch year old display, nice, crystal clear.   The second monitor is an old 24 inch we had and it is past its prime.  We plan to upgrade it to a new 30 inch but dang if other bills don’t get in the way of doing that.  So while I sent a quick message last night from it  I don’t like to blog from it.  If I am going to do that I have to switch the computers to the other sides of the desk and I really figured this crap was only going to take an hour or so , why bother.  I was wrong.   

So here we go back in time, cue the tacky time music and the video distortions.   

Last night sometime after between late 5 and early 6 o’clock PM, I was responding to Dylan, a suspicious  hard right fully Republican troll like person.  ( from the about page I suspect either a troll or a Russian from their group trying to format hate and discontent in our country.   The page was really out of the “state propaganda TV station” called fox news.    I had responded to his first comment, then went to his blog which was full of right wing conspiracies and over the top fear notions.  I was in the end of answering his second comment when my keyboard when nuts.  Everything I typed came out gibberish.  I played around with it and it was not a stuck key thing, it would type nonsense characters after each attempt I made to type.   None of the other features of the keyboard were working properly which meant it was not a problem of something getting into the membrane of the keyboard.  I checked all that out.  So as I thought this out I did a couple things.  I saved the reply I was working on to Dylan as it has a lot of research in it to a drive that is protected if I had to dump the computer.   I then forgot the steps of troubleshooting I was taught in the Army.    I took the easy way out.  In my defence I had been up 19 hours and in a lot of pain.   I decided to do a quick reset of the windows operating system which should flush out a keyboard virus.   

It failed.   I started it and it simply faulted out.  Now that has happened before but it raises my hackles as there is not many reasons a rest of windows should fail.  So As I had already disconnected it from my network, one of the first things I do with any problem, I decided to set the computer to do a factory instal and go to bed.  I need to, my mind was clouded, my body hurt, and my cats were unhappy.  So I set the computer to do the factory reset, turned off the monitor, and  went to bed.  

Skip all the needless hours of tedious stuff here.   Insert your own sleeping troubled nights.   

I woke up at 2:12 with the muscles of my feet trying to curve up into a ball.  It is from my back spine damage, the only relief is to change position to get the nerves less impacted.  This sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.  Last night was a doesn’t.  So I got up at 2:30 AM to come out and check the computer.  It was ready and at the factory welcome to your new computer stuff.   So after starting the coffee and feeding the cats ( that came first before checking the computer ) I sat down and quickly knocked out the reinstall.  Over twenty years of computer repair I have this down and can do the set up after the dump in about twenty minutes.  I am very careful as to the windows settings as everything on a windows computer is designed to send your everything to Microsoft.  I am serious, you want to freak out, go through you settings menus.  Especially the privacy ones.  But they get past that as they ask the same permissions in about four different places so if you only turn off one they get the info on the others.  During this I make sure the malware S-1-5-21 is contained.  Remember no program gets rid of it but it can be hampered.  

So with the cats fed and a coffee in hand I set about updating the beast to current software standards.   First thing that went wrong was my VIP refused to instal.  I worked for awhile trying different things and decided to dump the computer again , thinking it was a failed network installation.  This was dump three counting from last night.  I did another factory intal. 

The dump went well, reinstall took about 30 minutes.  So I spent another 30 minutes getting my settings just right, I am particular about them ( dang keyboard is about to drive me nuts, I have to order a new one tomorrow ) So then I went  on to try to install the VPN.  It failed.   So I dug into the program and it failed at the microsoft net framework.   So I tired to dump the network adapters and a few other things with no improvement on the problem.   It has been several hours now and I am getting a wee bit testy.   So ….

In the hope that it was a windows glitch I did another computer windows reset, into the factory snapshot partition.   Everything went well and in about 40 minutes I was ready to go online again.  Now realizing it has twice faulted out with installing the VPN, I decided to forgo it and get windows installed and up to date.  Well I did so, yes I did, only that only worked for the first up date.   Now I am getting both pissed and concerned.  See each time I dump it I have to reload all my security and utility programs.  So the computer updated the first big batch of files from windows , but on restart failed to be able to up connect with the update server again.  So I did it all again.

This time while it was updating I went and got my shower and stuff .  Then I spent time with Ron who got home from work, then I went grocery shopping.  Is it just me or are groceries getting really pricey?  The little I bought came to $170 dollars and that did not include filling the car with gas.  

So when I got home I decided to get to the bottom of this computer problem.   I set it up and set it to update.  This time it stopped updating after the second update set.  When I went through the logs one thing keep coming up as the failure point, windows net framework.  So I spent another hour trying to patch the frame work file by file.  That was not working and just pissing me off.   

I dumped the computer again and set it up.  Now I did the updates until they failed.  Then before I tried any of the tricks the tech sites claim will work and they don’t,  (and all the stuff I learned over the years of being a tech), not even microsoft’s “do this and it will fix all the problems in your life” I realized I had spent most of a day trying the same things that failed.  Yes I got a few steps forward but then it crapped out.   I need to approach this a different way.   The old Army satellite ground station troubleshooter came out in me, it was about dang time.   

The problem was I could only update the computer a couple times and then it faulted out , leaving me at least a year or two behind on security and feature updates.   I had tried to patch the files manually and that had failed.  I needed a way to jump past the old and directly to the new.   

Then I remembered when I was going all over the park setting up windows ten on computers the greatest tool was the Windows Update Assistant.   That was way back when windows was free and many software builds ago, I wondered if it even existed.   I did a search on Microsoft’s web site and there it was, and it was updated to the newest build!  The problem in tech terms was the huge jump from system B to system J.  Like going from a big wheel to a motorcycle in one step.   I decided what the heck I had wasted most of my day so far trying to fix this, let go for it.  

I set up everything as best I could, set the Windows assistant running and as it said it would take some time and to use the computer , I installed all the programs I use and need, ran my utility programs to clean things up, and got the current keyboard installed.  Then the Windows Assistant announced it was ready for a restart.  I held my breath, disabled the network adapters ( remember I have to contain that bitcoin miner, which by the way is a program from either the Russians or North Korea.  Again it has no way to be removed as yet, only contained ) And restarted the computer.   

It worked like a charm.   Went grand.  I will remember that for the future.  I saved the link to it.  So a few tweaks here and there, I am back with my computer fully updated and the programs and setting the way I like.  Sadly I can not go right over to your wonderful comments as I have to go now set up to make Ron’s supper before he goes to work.   He is on his third 12 hour night shift and I told him I would make him deep fried chicken and french fries.   If after I clean up the kitchen if I can get back to the blog I will start on the many wonderful comments I see have been left.  I love the comments, even when they are not for me.   Got to give this a quick spell / grammar check and then rush off.  did I mention I hate this keyboard.   I tried out five old keyboards and this was the best.   I will be ordering a new one tomorrow.   Hugs


October 9, 2019

While the fix is in

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I will be offline for awhile.   But not due to the hack.   Instead I have decided to make dinner for my spouse will my main systems reset.  I will be making a marinara sauce with a few extras, some rolls, and lots of grand pasta.   Be back soon.   Hugs

To all Scotties Toy Box viewers

Do not engage with Dylan or go to his blog.  It may be a trap / troll.   I was writing a detailed response to his comment on my blog when I got a massive  hacking hit on my main blogging computer.   It messed with a lot of systems, but I am in steps to repair them.   Sadly the 30 minute detailed comment I had ready to post may have died also.  Again I do not think this is a coincidence.  Hugs

September 26, 2019

Bo donaldson and the heywoods – billy don’t be a hero (1974) stereo

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I was doing well until about 30 minutes ago, then the vortex started.  I did what I know to do, I reached out to handles that are failure to me, something to keep my mind from being taken by the vortex.   Hugs

September 24, 2019

Bill Withers – Lean On Me

I spent about 2 hours today crying, breath ceasing red faced tears running down my face.  I hurt.  I hurt from the memories I have.  I can not change them, the past is what it is.  I am very lucky I do have an out.  I could have gone to the bedroom and gotten Ron.  I have a wonderful adoptive brother, something I never had during my  childhood when I was being abused,  he works long hard hours but he keeps his phone on for me even when he gets his few hours of sleep.  When I was so depressed and upset back in 2014 /2015 I was back to self harming my self ( something I still want to do some days ) he would call me every 4 to 8 hours to make sure I was OK.  That is family .  Something I never had growing up.  One of the persons I grew up with use to laugh at me being a 5  / 6 year old sitting alone on a embankment asking “why it was always me”.   She never released what she thought was funny was really an indictment of what she and others were doing to me.  I was already being sexually abused and beaten.  “Why was it always me”, asks a five / six year old?  That should have raised questions everywhere.  When in 1st grade the school pressed charges of child abuse ( I have written of this before ) the people I lived with took me out of school, then moved to a different state, then moved a gain in a few months to another town in a first state.  This was in the 1960’s.  There was no follow up, even though I had been taken to the local hospital and examined.   It was if no questions had been raised, and the abuse continued.  So today  the memories make me cry.  Hugs

Bill Withers – Lean On Me

September 22, 2019

2019 09 21 Troops to Saudi Arabia

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September 17, 2019

Who says life is not strange

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Just asked my husband what he wanted for supper.   His response was, “I don’t know , let me go put my shoes on so I can walk”.   Not sure how that helps him decide on his supper needs, but that is life in the old peoples lane.   Hugs

September 16, 2019

Scottiestoybox vid 9 16 2019

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I have to give them better titles.   Hugs

Milo’s favorite desk spot

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September 7, 2019

I may someday get back to the blogs I love

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I have a cold.   On Wednesday I had two shots into my lower spine.   Hurt like hell and weaken me a bit.   Then on Thursday I went to the allergy doctors office in the early morning for my shots.   There I met a young girl, three or four years old.  I met her because she rushed up to me and wanted to talk, wanted to give me every magazine and booklet she could get her tiny hands on.   She also was coughing a lot.  I asked her mother who also had a teen age girl and boy with her if the little girl who wanted my attention had allergies.   “Oh no” replied the mother earnestly, “she has a cold”.   My heart sank.   I do not blame the little girl but I do blame the mother.   I have a depressed immune system normally and I had just gotten a bunch of steroids the day before.  So I knew I would get sick.   I guess the look on my face must have said how much I disapproved because the woman came and picked up her daughter and took her to the child sitting area where there was currently no other people.  I felt sorry for the next little kids to come in and go there to handle the crayons and papers for drawing that the sick girl did.  So sure enough.  I felt OK Thursday, some discomfort Friday.  Friday night was the start, full on start of a cold.  It was a bad night.  Today I am worse and feel like crap, my throat feels like someone is using sandpaper on it while throwing some salt on it at the same time.   I am stuffed up.  My body hurts more than normal.   Breathing is harder.  I have been choked to nearly vomiting a few times by the sinuses draining into my throat.  The worst part is Ron is making a turkey breast with the fixings and I wont be able to taste it or enjoy it.  So I will be back in a few days.  Love to all.   Hugs

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