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February 3, 2017

Got sick twice

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This is not the post I had planned to write.   Infact I was planning to write a cute cat post complete with the pictures.   However life decided I should tell you about the other important activities I had today.   To tell the story correctly I need to go back to Wednesday morning, then back almost two years ago.   

Wednesday morning:  Ron came home from working two 12 hour night shifts in a row.  He had gotten a bonus a month ago and it was saved in the account.  It was substantial. He was saving it for new appliances for our new kitchen.  I felt he should get something for himself though.   He never buys anything really for himself, except needed clothing.   Yet he is so generous with me and even others who need things.   

We got married on 1-12-2015.  An incredible grand thing.  As ill as I had become I was floating in heaven.     So Ron announced in mid February he wanted to get me a new phone.   I felt it was a good time to mention to him I would like a new IPad also.  We went to our phone provider where a really nice cute gay young man informed us quietly that if we waited until the end of March we could get both of these things at a much reduced sale price.  With the sale we could get an Ipad and the phone for what the phone would cost.   So we went home and Ron thought.   My birthday was in mid march.  He knew I used my pad a lot, I did not go anywhere without it.   My IPad was a wi-fi only 16 gb.  Ron felt I needed more as I used it all the time, and when no wi-fi was available I would go through my phone as a hot spot.  We really did not research the pads or the phone, we just felt what we wanted.  So at the end of March we went and got me an IPhone 6 Plus and an IPad Air 2 64 GB air and wi-fi capable.   Both cost extra as they were top of their respective lines.  We really did not think it through as we have everything in the clouds and so I did not need the higher storage amount.  Plus as my new phone had a hot spot I did not have to pay extra for like my old phone so I did not need the air part.  It would have cost us half the amount.  But Ron had saved and he wanted me to have something really nice.  In the almost 2 years I have had them I have loved both immensely.   Like I said I took both with me anywhere I went.  I gave Ron my old IPad.  I had been trying for years to get him to get an Ipad, but he refused saying he had no need for one and wouldn’t use it.   Then when he had my old one he started to use it and fell in love with the IPad.  He really used it a lot for someone who did not want one.  I tried hard to talk him into getting a new one but he always refused.  I thought the big price tag of mine was bothering him and I was correct.  I told him we could get him one that was only what we needed for $400.   He still wouldn’t budge, he was going to use the money for things we needed.  Well over the weekend I reminded him he couldn’t get the updates on the old pad and that he used it for his banking and bill paying.   That plus all the other reasons I gave him worked.  He agreed to go to the local apple store and get an IPad.   

Fast forward to last Wednesday.   He came home after stopping to get me soda, and asked me to wake him at 1 and we would go get his new IPad.  We went to the store and bought him a new IPad Air 2.  We also got him a really great case with a built in keyboard.  It snaps in and has a magnetic strip to lock the pad into position and charges from the IPad through the magnetic lock.  While we were there I asked him if I could have one also.  Ron said he would like to take his home and check it out first.  I said OK as I felt he was stressed out over spending over $500 on himself.  Well that night we both decided the keyboard was grand and we would go out the next day and get me one.  The one Ron got was a Logitech Canvas for $99.  So I looked online and found a local store that had a logitech Keyboard case for that price.  We thought it was the same so we went right out and bought it.  It was not the same at all.  It did not snap in, it slipped out of the case if not kept closed or locked, it did not charge from the Ipad but had to be plugged in.  I was almost in tears.  Ron said not to worry we would get up early Thursday morning and go to the Apple store and get the correct one.  Ron said that if I could handle it we also would go to several other stores to get things I wanted that we had not had time to go to yet.  So we got up and rushed down to the Apple store.  We went in and we couldn’t find the keyboard case at all.  They had them for all other makes except the Air 2.  We asked a worker and he said that they did not sell them at the store anymore but he checked for us and they were sold online at the online Apple Store.  I said OK.  We left planning to go home and look them up and buy one.

We went to the next store I wanted to go to.  I did suggest we go eat as neither of us had eaten breakfast.  However Ron was bent on getting me to these stores and pushed on.  I was feeling more poorly as we walked the store.  I was starting to get nauseous, confused, and  dizzy.  Then as we started to go to the registers I got really ill.  By the time we were being cashed out I was stumbling, sweating profusely, and thought I would pass out.  The cashier looked at me and got worried and asked if I was OK, I said no.  Ron looked up and got worried, I was pale white.  Ron knew instantly what had happened.  He took charge.  He told her I was diabetic and my sugar had crashed.  I had never had it happen this fast.  I was going to vomit any second, and started to sit down on the floor.  Ron reached over and grabbed a bag of sugar candies and ripped it open and had me eat a couple and then suck on a third one.   By the time we had finished checking out I was feel well enough I did not feel like I would fall or was going to vomit.  By the time we got to the car I was feel well again.  I have had low and high blood sugar before, but never has it happened in what seemed so fast a time frame.  I had been slowly feeling worse.  But the last few minutes I went from uncomfortable to really sick fast.  Too fast for me to do anything to help my self.   So Ron decided to take us for food right away as my sugar was going to rebound, and roller coaster from low to high back to low and repeat. 

So we stopped at a local chain restaurant ( Bob Evans ) and then came home.  I had to go to bed as now my sugar was going too high, making me very drowsy.  Ron went to bed with me as he had not slept much the night before and he is use to being up all night and sleeping during the day.  I had been up all night as I have been having trouble sleeping lately. However after laying there for hours I got up as my pain wouldn’t let me sleep.  Ron kept sleeping.  After a short time up at the computer I got feeling ill again.  Suddenly with only seconds warning I was projectile vomiting.  I was trying to turn to the left away from the desk, so I got the monitor in front of me then the desk and everything on it to the left, and then the floor, door to the office and myself.  I quickly cleaned off the monitor and then went to the bedroom to change.  I was pretty shaken and weak.  I was breathing bad among other signs something was wrong.   Ron woke up as I tried to change and asked what was wrong.  I told him and he got up and as I changed he cleaned up the entire office and my desk.  I came back and offered to help but he did the entire thing.  Yes he is grand and wonderful.  

So that was my day.  I got nothing done.  I did not get my keyboard, I did not get it ordered online as we had planned leaving the Apple Store.  I did not get my emails read.  I did not read the blogs of the many people I love online, I also did not get to read any comments on blogs I had read and commented on.   I did get to a few tweets and it was easier to retweet than to do the blogs that I felt I couldn’t give my best to.  So now before I get to the email and blogs I have to investigate online for IPad air 2 keyboards and order the one I want.  I should just go to bed.  Ron made supper after he got up, we ate about 9 PM.  He felt I needed to eat and he made a wonderful pork steak with ranch dressing and seasonings.  He also made halved whole potatoes with dark mushroom gravy.  He added extra mushrooms as he knows I love them.  He has gone back to bed.     I have to do laundry in the morning so Ron can go back to bed, he works a three night shifts in a row.  Everyone know I love you and want to get to your blogs as soon as I can tomorrow afternoon.   Be well, be happy, be safe.   Hugs


January 22, 2017

Kellyanne Conway finally admits the audit was just an excuse – Vox

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So now we know he is an outright liar.   He is not only a liar, but he also has no concern for the moral convictions of his religious supporters who claim he is the best one to be president.   He doesn’t care about norms.  He is basically telling kids it is better to lie and get what you want than to tell the truth and maybe lose.  If it is not OK for your children to lie to you, why is it ok for tRump to lie to the country.  What a unfit person to hold the office.   Hugs.

Source: Kellyanne Conway finally admits the audit was just an excuse – Vox

January 20, 2017

Record the fall

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The dark ages have begun.  The fall of mankind and of our once great country begins.  Record it.  Record the struggle we all face to hold on to decency, to civil rights, to honest discourse.  Hold tight to those dreams you once held, and fight to keep the dreams we all had.   Saddened hugs.  

January 12, 2017

Melted Candle

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I am burning one of the candles I made and it melted down into a weird and wonderful shape.   I thought I would practice my photography using it.   I took some with the flash on, and some with the flash off.   Hope you enjoy them.  Hugs

Dragon box and ornaments

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We have a grand friend who is supremely talented and creative.   He has a wonderful way of making things.   He made me a cane and toy box for me, and he carved a plaque for Ron and I on our Marriage.   Today is the anniversary of our legal marriage and he sent us these awesome handmade gifts.   I don’t know how he does these intricate pieces.   He must have the world’s steadiest hands and the deepest level of patients.    Please note the dragon box that we can put an LED light in.  Those dragons are carved out of the piece of wood that surrounds them.  They are not cut out and glued in, he did them from one piece.   The same for the ornaments.   I am stunned at such a great gift.  I would have ruined so much wood trying to even get part of them correct.   Our friend has skill.   Hugs

January 9, 2017

Doctor visit day, shots

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Hello everyone.  I was asked to keep a few people updated with my latest results when the doctor went over them with me.   This is the easiest way to tell a lot of people at one time.  If you would rather not hear about my current medical situation, please know you can skip this post and I won’t be upset at all.   In fact we were talking in the office and they felt my attitude when I come in was rather wonderful.  I don’t complain, I am reasonable, I am not into pity or sympathy seeking.   I am interested in their lives and what is going on with them.   I feel everyone has bad stuff in their life and they don’t need to be bludgeoned by mine also.  I could live my life making my pain and medical problems be my entire focus of life, or I can live my life making the grand happy things I experience the things I focus on.  I know my condition is only going to get worse, so why not take joy in the good things I have now.  For example I have a wonderful husband who treats me as a princess.  I have no responsibilities other than what I choose to have.  I have plenty of food, I have shelter, I have clothing, I have toys, I have internet, I have friends, I have my fur family of my cats.  Ron takes me anywhere I want to go, he handles all the things in my life that stresses me.   So why should I dwell on the bad when in truth I have it so good.

Now on to the doctors visit.  As I mentioned I finally got the X-Rays the doctor had been wanting me to get.  Turns out she explained I had fractured my left hip, I had avascular necrosis in my left hip with the head being compressed.  I had also damaged my knee and had fluid build up and arthritis.     Not sure what kind of arthritis.   I also had a deformed vertebrae with a damaged nerve and worsening arthritis.   So this is what the doctor wants me to do.  I now have to add another doctor to my list.  I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.   My doctor wants to have me evaluated to have my hip replaced.   I think it far too early.  I know on my right hip which I also lost due to avascular necrosis, I was diagnosed with it in 1996.   I had a core decompression done and spent two and 1/2 years in a wheelchair to try to save the bone.  They found out core decompressions don’t work at all.  However they did not replace the right hip until the bone was entirely decayed.   So it was not until seven years later in 2004 that I got a total hip replacement on my right leg.  I figured I would have some more years left to go but she wants me evaluated now.   I have to have a MRI on the knee to let the new Orthopedic doctor know what to tell me to do.  The spine I don’t know what they are going to do, I am not sure if they will want another x-ray set on that.   She said she would leave it up to the new doctor.   I also got put on a new medication called cymbalta.  Cymbalta is one of Eli Lilly’s top-selling drugs, used for treating depression, anxiety, and bone and muscle pain.  I was thinking of a PRN medication to take as needed but she wanted me on it full time, twice a day.  It also will help with my fibromyalgia.  Now as to the shots I get.  I think I got 18 this time.  I say 18 because I lost count but was still getting them after I counted 16.    I just don’t know how many after that.  My doctor forgot to tell me the number and I forgot to ask.   I felt relief within 15 minutes.   So poor Ron who had worked three 12 hour night shifts in a row, came home and got 2 hours sleep then had to take me to the doctors.  He slept in the van while I was seen.   Then as he usually does he took me out for lunch to sort of make up for the pain of the shots.   So I feel better, full for a while, and Ron is in bed until five when I have to get him.  The shot will cause me to be hungry for a few days.   I have to get all new blood work and urine tests tomorrow morning, and then see my primary care on Thursday the 12th.   Hugs



December 28, 2016

The Congressional Budget Office has some bad news for Obamacare repealers – Vox

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The republican ideas of medical coverage for the less than wealthy will result in either financial ruin or no health care.   Take someone like me.  I have existing conditions.   I have great medical needs.  I just found out I will require a hip replacement some time on my left leg.  I will also need the replacement already done on the right one redone as they wear out and are good for only a limited time.  I am already well beyond what I was promised.   I am not alone.  People here in Florida are mostly older people.  We need hips, knees, and other things replaced.   That doesn’t even start to deal with my spine.  Because hospitals and pharmaceutical companies get to over bill and charge prices no average person could pay out of pocket, we need insurance.  I will have to go on insulin, which can be expensive.  The insurance company already sent us a letter saying they won’t cover the only pill form medication I need to avoid shots.  The medications are over $800 dollars a month.  Our part was to be $300 dollars but we got a one time coupon to try it for three months making our part only $100 a month.  That was a one time deal.   It gave me hope, being poor took that hope away.   Greed on the part of every part of the medical care establishment is going to deny me coverage and treatment one way or the other.   IS this really what the Jesus followers wanted?  Is this really what the many poor Americans who voted for all the republicans  want?  To have a few some live great lives of comfort and luxury while the rest of us die in the streets, our homes if we can keep them, and fall dead at work because we just couldn’t afford to stop.    Hugs

aSource: The Congressional Budget Office has some bad news for Obamacare repealers – Vox

December 26, 2016

If anyone wants a response.

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Sorry I am ill again.  A fever of 101.6.   I am freezing wrapped in jackets and blankets.  I can not even stand the thought of food much less the sight of it.  I did get food for Ron before he went to work and I did manage before it got this bad to take care of other things in the house.  Before he left for work Ron demanded I go to bed.  I told him I would and then slid into my office.  I am determined to get through as many emails as I can before I have to go to bed.  Hugs to all.  Oh in case I did not mention it, you all are grand.  I love you all so much.  Hugs

December 25, 2016

I am so happy this Christmas.

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I am rather proud of myself today.  Ron is sleeping he has to do a four in a row 12 hour shifts at the hospital.   He is on his third day today.  Ron will then do nine days in a row, something I am upset over but have no control over either.   James is also sleeping he is doing 8 hour shifts at the bridge toll booths.  

So I tried to stay in bed with Ron this morning as we like to do that.  However my legs kept cramping so bad It was too painful for me.  I would get up and walk to get the cramps out, and then get back into bed.  I realized that was not fair to Ron , even though he did not complain.  So I got up.

After playing on the computer and really trying to get my massive emails under control, listening to music and having fun I realized that neither Ron nor James had done the dishes.   Now to be honest Ron had stayed up a few days ago and done the really big heavy stuff and most that were left were thing that would go into the dishwasher.   But I put some music on the IPad and went out to the kitchen and filled the dishwasher and then manually ( that is a really sad word in today’s time isn’t it? ) washed all the remaining few items.   Ron had said he would get up to do christmas later as I had had such a bad night.  I couldn’t sleep, got up at 12 to eat, and then went back to bed, slept until about 4:15 AM.  I was awake the rest of the night.  SO he wanted me to stay in bed, but as I said the muscles were not going to allow that.  

Ron did something this christmas I asked him not to.  He got gifts for us.  He got some for James, he got a gift for James girlfriend, and he got gifts for me.  We have an agreement we only exchange cards on christmas and I got him two , one from me and one from the cats ( they ask me to do that, but I often mess up their message and then they feel obligated to either bite me or damage something.  ) However this year it seems to be important to him, he is really thinking his time on earth is short and he has been getting extra life insurance and other things.  I feel this is silly but it is his way of showing love.  So I am going to accept the gifts with good grace and show him as much love as possible.  

Everyone be well, have a grand time doing what ever you do this day.  My best safe wishes for you all.   Hugs

Spondylolysis of the L5-S1.

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In my last post about my new test results I left out this part ” spondylosis at L5-S1. This also appears worse when compared to the study of 5/18/2015″  because I was not sure what it means.    Looked it up.  Here is what it says. 

Spondylolysis is a bony defect (commonly due to a stress fracture but it may be a congenital defect) in the pars interarticularis of the vertebral arch, separating the dorsum of the vertebra from the centrum. It may occur unilaterally or bilaterally.

Well they did say my spine was getting worse.   I wonder what we will have to do now?  I already get monthly shots.  The doctors don’t think an operation will help me, as one orthopedic doctor said “if they start cutting it maybe they will have to go in every few years and cut some more”.  

Lastly I know I have damaged vertebrae and ruptured discs, some discs gone, some vertebrae affecting nerves, and lots of other back stuff.  Mostly they think the trauma of the abuse growing up is causing my bone problems today.    

The important thing and this I have to remind myself and I would share with you.  I have a good life all things considered .     Yes I get down sometimes, But I really do have it better than most people in my position.    I have a wonderful health care for the most part.  I love the lady I see at the pain clinic who also is doubling right now as my bone doctor.  Her team is grand and she is so great.   I have a wonderful spouse who gives me as much as anyone can, keeps me fed, clothed, safe, and loved.   He takes me anywhere I want to go and treats me like a princess of the castle.  I have two cats that stay with me and give me love and comfort.  I also have a grand group of people I have met online, yes all of you are wonderful, and I am so grateful for each of you.   I learn so much, I get to share your life and interests and you even care about mine.   So I have to remember I have it rather good in life.  I need to laugh instead of cry, as it is not helpful to cry all the time.   But it is a good feeling to laugh.   I like to bring joy to both others and to myself.   Hugs

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