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September 4, 2017

Racism Scottiestoybox 9 4 2017 – YouTube

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My watch on the wrong wrist

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Hello everyone.   I was surprised the other day when Bill mentioned my watch band and said it was on the right wrist.    I look at my arm to be sure and it was the left one.  I looked at the picture and it looks like it is on the right one.  Why?  How?   So I looked into the settings.   The setting was in mirror.    I guess that sets the background up correctly left to write from where I am sitting, and mirrors me in the picture.   I had set it that way because I dislike the background being reversed from my mind.   But that makes it all come out weird on the other end.   So I have set it back to normal so it looks correctly as the Viewer is looking at it.  Thanks for pointing it out to me, I missed it.   The picture below is correct.   It is hard for me to get use to dealing with two spatial concepts in my head.  On my side I know the desk hutch is on my right side.  Yet looking at the screen it seems to me the desk is now on my left side.   I have to train my mind to understand that I have to turn my viewpoint from looking at the screen to looking out from the screen.   Thanks again for helping me set the camera up correctly.  Hugs

Picture 241

September 1, 2017

OK, recount and now it is between these two. Help by re-vote or vote first time. Thanks. Hugs

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So far by my count this one has the more votes by one. What do you say? Still time to go to the post and vote. Hugs

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Good afternoon. I just woke up again. Time for new avatar. Take a pick. Or tell me we need a redo. Hugs

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August 27, 2017

Sunday update.

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Hey all, pull up a chunk of internet and prepare to wag on about things others really have little time to bother with.   😆.  The last three days I spent most of the time in bed.  I just wanted to sleep.    So last night I told Ron I have to figure this out.  I have such fatigue.   So I stopped taking two of my med’s.  All of my med’s have tired, drowsiness,  sleepy , and fatigue as side effects.  So I stopped taking my Cymbalta and Buspar.  Ron is worried about just stopping the med’s.  But I think I can handle it.   I will listen to my body and my self to see what happens.    Ron thinks it is my blood sugar and eating habits.    So here it is nearly 1:30 PM and I am just getting around to things.   Hugs

August 11, 2017

I love this. I am going to buy it for Ron when I next get paid. Hugs

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August 3, 2017

Bone doc says….. No

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I had hoped at least the doc would let me go to using my canes.  Not so.  he did agree to go to 50 percent weight bearing on that hip.   He took X-rays of both hips.  The old one looks OK, but is an inferior implant compared to the new kind they used in my new hip.   The new hip is spot on and seems to be healing well.   He is afraid for me to put too much weight on the leg / hip because he doesn’t want the shaft of the implant to be forced down any into the leg bone.   It is good now, so better to let it heal even if it is slower on me, than to chance a mistake that will mess things up even a little.   OK I give.  I have three weeks to go he said then I can get rid of the walker and go to using the canes.    OK now off to blogs.   Hugs

July 26, 2017

Me and my surgeon

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This is me pre surgery.   I was so happy I had not yet a hint of what was coming.  I thought it would be cream, strawberries, and sunshine.  🙂  The man with me is the surgeon who is a nice guy and the say one of the best in the area.   As for the surgery it was the best I ever slept through.   His part went grand.  It was the people before, and after him that screwed the pooch and hid in a cave for 18 hours.     Oh you know these days they don’t even remove the dressing for you?  The P.A. had said she did but she left without doing it and told Ron to simple take it off at home.   The staples come out a day before I see anyone?   So who takes them out?   They said just let the P.T. person who comes to help you move parts of your body remove them.  Lucky for me Ron is trained to do it so he will do it I think.   OK off to the start blogs , they have built up while I was gone.   Anyone suggest which blog is holding the jumping conversation give me a link to it please and I will make that the next on my list.  Great hugs and let the party roll.  


July 25, 2017

Physical therapy for all. Going back to bed. Hugs

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I had my second home therapy meeting today.  Ron was at the dentist having a tooth checked on.  The therapist was a cute young guy.  We did our exercises in the kitchen.  Then he had to see how I handled both bathrooms.   So we maneuvered to the bedroom bathroom.  I showed him how I do all that. Then in the bedroom as we were nearing the door to the hallway, he asked me if he could check my staples and the scar.  So I pull down my pants on that side and just as the cute therapist is bent down looking at my butt, Ron comes into the hallway to the bedroom.  Neither of us knew Ron was home.  I laught my scar nearly off at the situation.  🙂  well I am very worn out again and must go back to the recliner to rest and sleep.   Hugs

Image result for cute male physical therapist   cute male therapists.

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