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October 28, 2017

Satanist Billboard in Texas: “Our Religion Doesn’t Believe in Hitting Children” – Friendly Atheist

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As a child I was hit.  More correctly said I was beaten.  After my hips were dislocated at five, my spine needing to be readjusted for almost a year due to being thrown down the stairs repeatedly, after my grade school sent me to the hospital and called what would become child services due to a body covered in bruises and fear response to people …In first grade… my beatings got less and easier to avoid, other tortures were employed on me.   But the hell spawn I grew up with some of them I watched get badly beaten regularly.  In the home the biggest and the most violent got their way.  That was because the people who adopted me were raised in the same fashion.   They were hit, they were raised in an authoritarian fear of the adults anger at home.   They had no need to hurt me or any of us, but they did because it was all they knew.   The world had moved past what the white trash like them could handle.   So please take this seriously.  Take the idea that children are being hit seriously.  DO everything you can to prevent it.  How many times as the hand came up and the threat clearly issued did I flinch and crouch looking around to see if anyone would help.   You can help.   Sad hopeful hugs 

If your church can’t say the same thing, why haven’t you left?

Source: Satanist Billboard in Texas: “Our Religion Doesn’t Believe in Hitting Children” – Friendly Atheist

October 25, 2017

Two computers, added devices gives leeway. Hugs

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I had to dump my one year old XPS computer due to something making it run slower than it should.  It was a higher end machine.  So I dumped it, even cleared its Trusted module to make sure it was a fresh install.  The computer I dumped is my blogging and main reading computer.  The great news is I am not losing much blogging time because I am using my newest computer , the one I normally use for video watching to blog.  I have podcasts going on the Ipad so I am still got a secondary input.    Well back to work.  Hugs to all

October 18, 2017

Ron has been ill

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I have not posted much because Ron has not been feeling well and I have both taken care of him and take on duties of the house, when I can stay awake.    Ron has bad lungs, and he gets bronchitis very easily.  It starts as this one did with a cough.  It gets worse and like always Ron feels he can take care of it and he will fix himself.  He takes his meds and does breathing treatments and it gets worse until he really can’t breath and we run him to a doctor.  Yesterday was convenient care which really was convenient.   The place was nice, under used, over staffed, and got Ron right in.   Guess what, he has an infection in his bronchial tubes, yes bronchitis.   IF he would just go to the medical provider when it happens, no problems.  In fact three days before an emergency run to convenient care, he  was at his primary, did he mention the cough , nope, it will get better he says.  

So he got a huge antibiotic shot in the hip, which he complains about all the time, and he has better inhalers and treatments, and some pills.   His blood sugar has been off the charts since the infection, and he is very cranky, unhappy.   SO I have been cooking him meals, doing clean up , and trying to take care of the house.  I am not up to it, but no one has died yet.  Hey he is 62 and deserves to be taken care of some times.   Just want you all to know why the mostly silence the last few days.   Ok I have to go clean the cat box, which after I do it he will say ” I was going to do that”.     Loves to all, I just want to sleep.   I hope the doctor tomorrow morning can help.   Hugs

October 15, 2017

My truck and RV. 60 foot long when hooked up. Big 6.6 turbo diesel. Sure was fun.

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October 11, 2017

So people understand what I am dealing with

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I tell people I am tired all the time.  Last night I went to bed at 9 PM because I was so tired I couldn’t read the computer screen.   I set my alarm for 7 AM.  This morning when the alarm went off , I shut it down.  It went off at 8 AM and I again shut it off.   I woke up at 10:50.  Yes I was in bed nearly 14 hours.  I wanted to snuggle back into the bed, but forced my self to get up .    I see the doctor on the 19th.   I hope he has a solution for me.   This is what I am dealing with.    It is also why I miss blogs and posts.   Hugs

October 6, 2017

BREAKING: Sessions Issues Long-Feared And Sweeping “License To Discriminate” Against LGBT Americans – Joe.My.God.

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I am NOT a second class citizen.  I served in two different branches of the military and did two tours of duty.  I demand my rights and will not ask you to give what should already be mine.  Any right a religious person has doesn’t override my rights.  My existence, and rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is not dependent on the good will of any religious person.  I will not take a long step back to the 1950’s.  This is a secular country not founded as a theocracy.   Hugs

“Today’s guidance by Jeff Sessions proves this Administration will do anything possible to categorize LGBTQ Americans as second-class citizens who are not equal under the law,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. “Freedom of religion is paramount to our nation’s success, but does not give people the right to impose their beliefs on others, to harm others, or to discriminate.

Source: BREAKING: Sessions Issues Long-Feared And Sweeping “License To Discriminate” Against LGBT Americans – Joe.My.God.

Like a teenager asking to borrow the family car.

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Yes, Yes, Yes……  Oh hello there.  Sorry I am excited.    Really it is a great step in my recovery.   Let me start from the beginning rather than at the end, it will be easier to follow that way.  

it starts on Wednesday morning.  I am still using a cane when I am tired or walking any distance.  I had a new cane that Ron was going to shorten to work for me.  He took it to our shed where his tools live.  He returned very quickly in rotten humor saying turn off the circuit breaker for the water heater  and he rushed back out the door.   Well after doing my task I let curiosity get the better of me and followed him.  Turns out our water heater tank had developed a rather disturbing rupture.  So long story short, Ron who was to work that night, instead took a PTO day and installed a grand new water heater.    That evening tired and sore he went to bed.

Thursday he couldn’t sleep as he has slept the night before.  Ron went through the scripts I got Tuesday.   HE found four scripts with the wrong dates.  I called and they said bring them in on Friday and they would fix them.   He went to work and did a 12 hour shift in the Open Heart ICU and that is very hard work for him.  He came home really tired out.

I was worried how tired he was.  I told him I would drive over to the hospital to get the scripts fixed.   He wanted me to let him get a couple hours sleep and he would take me.  I convinced him the med changes had already made me feel better.   I felt I could do it.  I could drive there and back with out a problem.   He was so tired he relented and like a super happy teenager I drove my self to get the scripts fixed and then to the pharmacy to get them filled.    I was even feeling up to driving to back to pick them up.   Yes, it is great.  I was for a little while an independent person again.   I admit I am tired and sore now but that is to be expected.   Yes I am excited as this is a step for what I am working hard for in the future, being able to do normal things and even go to school and then work.    Thanks for reading, I need to go look at email and blogs.   Hugs to all.   Scottie

October 3, 2017

Just back from the doc for those wondering

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Hello All.  Welcome to my Toy Box.   Pull up a piece of internet and let me tell you the good news.  As many might know I have a series of conditions that make my life a bit of a challenge.   Bone, muscle, circulatory system , and nerves have all been issues.  Also a bit of having my own immune system take a few lashes out of me.  In a couple weeks I have an appointment with a endocrinologist as now they think some of the other problems like my hormones being way off, by body not using the needed vitamins and minerals, and my horrible being tired all the time, are caused by my having Parathyroid.    Oh well add it to the growing list.   However it does keep life reminding me how lucky I am to have good health coverage even if it is costing more every year.  

The good news is I got to see my old provider, who I have not seen since May.   I have had my surgery, and was well on the way to getting stronger when two things set me back.  First I was seen by a healthcare provider I see occasionally and we agreed to cut the meds I was on to see if I could do with less.   Unfortunately we cut to far to fast.   When I tried to reach him as I normally do when the meds go wrong, I was blocked by a low level office staff because I seen my provider of 9 years in a different office.  The office was in the hospital and the staff follow different rules.  This staff member never checked either my providers, jsut took it on herself to claim I was new and only seen once.   So she refused to pass my needs on to the doctors.   I was angry as this was happening during the Hurricane Irma.  So I was set back, no more walking, no doing house hold chores, no more going out.  I was back to limping.   

Today I got it all straightened out and we are back on a plan to move forward.   I showed the email response from the low level office worker and my doctor got angry also.   She kept the print out and gave me her personal private cell should it ever happen again.   I have a feeling there is an office staff member who is going to get a serious talking to.   I need to have another M.R.I as my provider thinks there is more damage to my spine.  I also asked if physical therapy on my back would help?  The answer was maybe but if done correctly with in the bounds of my bone problems it won’t hurt.  So I have a request for that.   My medications got returned to the prior level that worked for me, with the idea I would manage them to try to use only what I needed and to bring the usage down if possible.   Lastly my health provider sees a way for me to get strong enough to return to the work force in the job I hope to get trained for.   SO I am on cloud nine. ( sorry Esme, I will try not to bump your cloud in my happiness ) 

See for me it is not about just making my life comfortable.  My doctors could do that.  But that is not living for me.   I want to be out there in the world.  I want to go on trips with out having to lay down or not do things.  I want to work, yes work, because I really enjoy it and I like earning a wage for my effort.  I want to do at least my share of the house work, if not more, as it is wrong for Ron who is older than me , to have to wait on my hand and foot and do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, shopping, clean the cat litter box, and everything else he does with no complaint.  So yes I am happy.     Tomorrow I see my Hip Surgeon, and hopefully can start on my plan.  Wish me luck, I am going to need it.  My very best wishes for everyone.  I do care.  Be well.  Hugs

September 22, 2017

One of our wedding photos. Hugs

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September 15, 2017

A video and still pictures of my stay during hurricane Irma. Hugs

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