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May 25, 2020

Yes, one interferes with the wealthy getting more money to save life, the other supports it even if it kills the lower incomes

May 21, 2020

A Tale of Two Pandemics with Robert Reich

April 14, 2020

They’re pretty good.

April 3, 2020

A clear case of revenge and bigotry

I posted about this yesterday but some may have not understood the extent of the damage this does.  It is a clear hateful harmful action by tRump to hurt others to keep more money in his pockets and the  pockets of his friends.  Doing this deprives the tribe of far more than the casino they need.   Hugs

The tribe’s proposed casino would have been competition for two casinos in Rhode Island owned by Twin River Worldwide Holdings, whose president, George Papanier, was once a finance executive at the Trump Plaza casino hotel in Atlantic City, The Washington Post reported.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Committee, is a lobbyist for Twin River casinos, Keating noted. His wife, Mercedes Schlapp, is the White House strategic communications director.

Trump attacked Native American casinos in the past as unfair competition when his operations in Atlantic City were still functioning, at one point calling them the “biggest scandal ever.”

April 2, 2020

The White House Wanted To Give $0 To Tribes In The $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill

The bigotry some people have is stunning.    Hugs

In the end, tribes got about $10 billion in the emergency $2 trillion stimulus bill that President Donald Trump signed into law last Friday.

But if the White House had its way, tribes wouldn’t have gotten a penny in direct relief, according to three Senate Democratic aides familiar with negotiations on the bill. And if Senate Republicans had their way, tribes would have gotten way less than they got.

The National Congress of American Indians, the largest organization representing the interests of tribal governments and communities, told Congress in mid-March that the nation’s 574 tribes would need at least $20 billion in direct federal relief to stem job losses and economic instability caused by the coronavirus pandemic. When the Senate and White House began talks on the stimulus, Democrats pushed for creating a $200 billion stabilization fund to provide direct aid to local and state governments. Of that $200 billion, $20 billion should go to tribal governments, they proposed.


The White House said no to both ― the fund itself, and tribes getting any direct relief.


When Democrats held their ground, the White House relented and agreed to create the stabilization fund, but only if it was capped at $150 billion and didn’t give money to tribes. Senate Republicans countered with capping the fund at $150 billion and giving tribes $2 billion, but only if that money came from a separate, supplemental appropriations bill being rolled into the stimulus. Democrats pushed back again, saying that tribes needed direct financial relief as well as increased annual appropriations to deal with the coronavirus. The direct relief would go toward things that needed immediate action, like tribal health care systems already struggling financially.


This standoff on tribal aid between the White House, Democrats and Republicans was one of the last sticking points in the entire $2 trillion bill, say these Democratic aides, who agreed to speak on background in order to speak freely.

In the final hours, the White House proposed $3 billion for tribes from the stabilization fund. Democrats said no and that tribes would need at least $10 billion. Republicans proposed $5 billion. Democrats said no. The White House and Republicans eventually caved as tribal advocacy groups became more vocal and key Democrats, including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Tom Udall (D-N.M.), vice chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs, made calls to Republicans urging their support.

The stimulus provides a total of $10 billion for tribal governments, of which $8 billion is from a newly created tribal government stabilization fund and about $2 billion is in supplemental appropriations. Here’s a breakdown of specific tribal resources, produced by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

More at the link above.   Hugs

November 14, 2019

Columbus Day Should Be Indigenous Peoples Day ft. Congresswoman Deb Haaland

November 4, 2019

This from Randy with a note: For Nan

Yes yes no

September 3, 2019


January 23, 2019

Some information from one who lived through the bigotry there

December 28, 2018

I am back

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Hello everyone.  I may have jumped the gun on my suspecting a problem with my main blogging computer.   I have reset this one five times, tweaked it to the max, and still after running all my cleaners still get the security alert in the registry of the powershell setting.  So as I said yesterday I ran the same security over my secondary computer and it did not report the error.  So I immediately thought maybe I had been hacked as the powershell can run scripts and bots.  But this morning as I was setting up this one it dawned on me that I have not done all the in depth utility scans on the second computer because I only use it for watching stuff as I work.     ( both computers are rather new and both are powerful ) So as the specifications are nearly the same the results of tests on one should be the same as the other.  So while I set up the blogging / web surfing one, I ran every deep utility scan I normally run on only the blogging computer.  I go to far more places and less trustworthy places on this one than the other one.  Then after I ran all the utility scans, tests, and functions I ran the security program.  Sure enough, it reported back the same error of the powershell registry.   Shoot.  It seems Norton’s utility program and Norton’s security program are in disagreement on how the powershell registry key should be set.  The utility program resets it one way and the security program reports that as a bad thing and wants it reset again.  I am not sure why, but I have tested it on both computers and it is what is happening.  Now it doesn’t happen in a normal full scan.   It only gets reported as a problem when I run the Norton’s Power Eraser, which is a powerful scanner and can give false reports of problems.   So it seems that is what is happening.   I have so much more to load on this computer, all my video editing software, my music software, my cameras and microphones and so much more.  It is going to take me most of the morning.    Hugs

September 24, 2018

White washing history


July 7, 2016

Watching William Lane Craig

After reading Arks blog this morning, I decided to look up this Criag fellow.   I found a lot on him.  I have watched two of his “debates” and I have a few observations as I watch a third.   My observation first is he rushes his words.   He is spitting out words like a salad shooter on high, yet he never seems to care of what impact what he says has on his audience.    He never even seems to pause at the end of a sentence.  In fact the only tone change is when he thinks he has said something so smug he gloats.   He never engages the people listening to him, he has memorized his statements and he speils them out without seeming to care if the listeners get what he is saying or not.  He treats everything he says as if it is so undisputed he need only throw it out there and everyone must admit its truth.  He treats the debates as if his statements have already been proven and the more words he speaks the more he gets paid.   Quite frankly he annoys me !   Look he talks as if everyone was wasting his time to begin with.   IF I hear his words , I am to be immediately filled with his understanding and meaning.   He then rushes on.  In fact he says at one point deeper thought is unneeded.   He gives me no time to absorb what he is spouting, and he states what he wants you to think the other side of the debate is saying or thinking or meaning, and yet gives no reason for that assertion, and he says what he thinks they claim in such a diversionary way as to make you think he is simply humoring small children with his talk.   I find it very irritating.  

Another point I want to make is he sites his bible constantly , no matter the debate topic , as the definitive word on any and all subjects, even when the authority or the worth of that book is the subject in question.   That smugness is to me a fatal flaw.  Then when his opponent points out the flaws in his argument, he simply ignores what they said.  He is not giving the audience or me time to digest what he is saying and in the few times he says something that is not a direct quote from  his holy book, he simply rushes on before the information can be absorbed or processed.   You lose the one or two possible salient points because you are now trying to keep up with all the new words pouring out of his mouth.   I have found him terrible at tying what he says now into and with what he did say before.     The debate I am listening to is “Does God Exist” and he just cited five passages from the bible, then acting as if that should be enough to prove his god exists, his whole point,  he is glowing with congratulations for himself, feeling smug that he could solve the debate in his first five minutes, showing clearly he has no intention of listening to any rebuttal,  and totally missing the fact that simply quoting his holy book for his religion doesn’t prove it is a holy book or that his god exists.     I am not the world’s greatest debater but I know you do not win your point by simply stating a thing as fact, nor even reciting written documents time and times again IF…IF you can not tie them into the subject and the debate.  Dry lists of “cited passages” never win a debate as they don’t mean anything.  You have to bring the information to a point where it means something to the people hearing it.  You have to relate it to their lives, you have to give it meaning.  You need to weave it into their understanding of their lives and how it would affect them.   I watched Bob Hope read a grocery list, yes a stupid simple grocery list and it was one of the funniest comedy routines I ever watched.  Why , because he made each item respond to the listener’s life, he made the mundane seem more important with a pause, a look, a witty after remark.  It was not the list of groceries that was funny… it was the way he was presenting it.   That is what William Lane Craig fails to understand.  To me he wants us to hear the list of groceries and instantly believe , yet he makes no effort to tie it into our lives.  Maybe I am missing something , but I can’t understand why some people think him so great.   Many hugs

February 14, 2016

Wonderful way to see it.

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December 25, 2015

White Transit Riders Get Warnings, Black People Get Tickets

Source: White Transit Riders Get Warnings, Black People Get Tickets

This is why I am posting this. I am so socked at bigotry anyway, but bigotry against Native Indians totally baffles me and upsets me. Hugs

“Black adults are 38 percent more likely to be arrested than to be warned, compared with whites, according to the analysis, which was requested by the Minnesota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union earlier this year. American Indians are 93 percent more likely to be arrested, the report found.”

December 2, 2015

Before the white brothers… they were very civilized people

November 28, 2015

truth is something we need to accept. Hugs

Advocating Progress (lakotapeopleslawproject: Sign the petition to…)

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November 14, 2015

Native ceremonies

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November 6, 2015

More people should know of this and we should really regret it.

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#REALRATRACE by whiz022

October 7, 2015

The REAL History Of Christopher Columbus – YouTube

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