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August 28, 2016

I think there is a generation out there that just orgasimed in their pants.

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MIT researchers created a wearable interface out of temporary gold leaf tattoos. They found that gold leaf can conduct electricity and respond to touch, and that combining it with their DuoSkin technology creates custom, wearable circuits that can be...

August 26, 2016

Can someone explain it to me.

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I am reading the comments under the video I posted.   It is taking me forever, but it was pretty informative until the thread started into the Crusades and different groups started talking about what was the cause of them.  What reason did they need to go and fight for, and why did they conquer the areas they did.  Some are saying it was Islamic aggression which caused a need to fight back.  Others are saying it was trade routes to be opened.  One says it is to honor the Christian god so they went and took Jerusalem.   I am pretty lost here.   I had no education on the crusades in high school.   However I did see a TV show on them that said they were on a mission from the pope, that they were knights or mercenaries I was not sure, and that the pope sent them to get all this art and treasures.  On this thread I am reading there are two crusades but again everyone says different reasons.    It seems to come down to a religious basis as far as I can tell.  I was hoping maybe Ark, or Robert, or Victoria, or Nan, or ..( did not mean to leave anyone out but if I listed everyone here it would take all day as everyone in that group of blogs is really smart so I just listed a few off the top of my head ) …anyone…basically all and any of the group that goes to Ark’s blog, and the others in that group, as you all are well educated and pretty dang smart.  I already spent from 4:46 PM till now at 9:38 PM trying to read and understand this stuff.  First I had to look up some of the words used in the video, now I am stuck on history.   Getting tired at this point.   SO if some of you have a few minutes and can explain it simply to me I would really thank you.  Scottie   Hugs

PWNing Pence – YouTube

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In this video Aron Ra shows clearly how totally ignorant of science Gov. Mike Pence is. Gov. Pence has no clue what a scientific theory is. Gov. Pence also shows how deep into religion he is. He is shilling for a discredited religious idea. He wants a biblical item of faith taught as science in public schools. Why would a person want this. Because studies show that once kids learn that there is an explanation that doesn’t include magic or a mythical imaginary being, they drop religion. People like Gov. Pence want to make sure no child learns enough to leave their church. They want to keep raking in the money to the church. In the video Gov. Pence shows how ignorant he is with his slurs on the words fact, and his repeating that evolution is just a theory. This man is running to be the vice president of the USA. Just think how a person so lacking in education, lacking in scientific background, so dependent on his religion will affect the public policies of this country. Think of the impact on education it will have. We must stop this travesty. Hugs

August 24, 2016

Lesson on rights

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What it really is about

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Republican way

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EpiPen Maker Also Hiked Prices on a Slew of Other Medications – NBC News

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This year alone, Mylan has sharply raised prices by more than 20 percent on 24 products, and by more than 100 percent on seven products.

Source: EpiPen Maker Also Hiked Prices on a Slew of Other Medications – NBC News

People keep talking about the high cost of health care.   Well this is one of the reasons health care costs are soaring out of reach for many people, raising the price of insurance , and causing states to cut back on care for the poor.   There is no need for this much greed.  When the cost to produce a drug doesn’t increase or does so at a minor amount then raising the price of the drug to these amounts is simply greed.   There is too much profit in healthcare.   Health care should not be a for profit industry.   The fact is Epipens are life saving medication for many people.  I have to have them.  I am deadly allergic to some foods, and I can not always make sure I don’t get them when we go out to eat.   Once I was looking at some spanish rice and I was told it had no seafood in it.   I took some.  However it did.  It had shrimp in it.   I when into anaphylactic shock, my air way closed off, my mouth blistered and my lips swelled up.  I did not have my Epipen with me.  Lucky for me the hospital was just down the street and Ron rushed me to the E.R.     So I think the idea of making a much needed drug cost so much that people can’t afford it will cost lives, and lives shouldn’t be traded for profit.   Hugs

Stop right there.

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August 23, 2016

Milo resting

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Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It

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Source: Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It

This man is disgusting.  Once the donors were on the hook for the bills, he tries to get as many of the bills owed to himself as possible and then jacks up the costs.   This post makes clear the many things we know he raised the cost of, there must be many things we don’t know about that he pays himself for.   He is going to make his money back one way or another I guess.   Also what bothers me the most I think is that if he is so eager to take advantage of people who donate to him now, what will he do if he was president.  How badly would he scam the people then.   If he could he would suck all the money out of every government program and endeavor to pay himself for it.  I am surprised he is not already claiming he needs a higher Presidential salary.  He is not saving the people money now that they are paying his tab, what makes anyone think he will save the average wage earner anything.   Hugs 

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