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December 14, 2017

tRump follower

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December 13, 2017

Why are people sleeping on the street? I would add why are there people including children hungry today? Why? Hugs

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Magic morning. Hugs

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Play is important for all beings. Hugs

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December 11, 2017

She spoke the truth about some of them. Hugs

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December 10, 2017

Honest advert: Net Neutrality

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December 9, 2017

The real owner

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let’s hope both the people and the religious leaders of Alabama do not feel this way.

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The best people according to tRumpsky

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(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)

December 8, 2017

GOP rotting way our fundamentals

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Interesting. Moore can say it and they support him. Anyone else and they are in rage. Hugs

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Roy Moore says America was last great during slavery. Do you agree? I do not. Hugs

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ISPs Salivating At Net Neutrality’s Demise

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Does this resemble the religion your proud of ????? Hugs

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December 7, 2017

Chris Matthews: What Robert Kennedy Knew About Gun Control

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Thank you for this well written post. We must do better in this country to protect each other from the gun violence rampant today. IS the second amendment so strong it outweighs people’s safety, common sense, and reasonable legislation. Control is not a ban. It is taking reasonable steps to make sure people are safer. Hugs

Humanity is Action

My reason for posting the following article about RFK by Chris Matthews is:  (CNN) The House of Representatives approved legislation Wednesday (12/6/2017) loosening gun regulations and allowing those with permits to carry concealed weapons to legally travel with those firearms to other states, a top priority of the National Rifle Association.

The bill passed mostly along party lines, 231-198, the first major firearms-related bill Congress has voted on since the massacres in Las Vegas and Texas earlier this year.

Republicans argued that Americans’ Second Amendment rights to bear arms should not end when they cross state lines.

“I DO NOTwant any representative from our current administration speaking for me or any other ‘sane American’. i’mgoing.home




21Matthews-jumboSally Deng

Roseburg, Ore. It’s one of those American places — Aurora, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino — now branded by a…

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Spread the news. Make them justify this if they can. Hugs

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“…and don’t forget nazis too

Some things to think on …again.

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(cartoon by Steve Greenberg)

(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Gary Varvel)

(cartoon by Paul Fell)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)

(cartoon by Andy Marlette)

(cartoon by Jeff Stahler)


Keep waiting, it doesn’t work and never has. Hugs

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(cartoon by Jim Morin)

December 3, 2017

Monday Funnies…

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A nice way to end today and to start tomorrow. Thanks for the laughs. Hugs

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

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December 2, 2017

We are at war. What do we do now?

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I found this to be both well written and very interesting. It says the things I and others have tried to say, only the post does it much better. I also do not have the answer, but as said this has been a long time coming and I can’t help but think some democrats hoping to get their share also helped in this downfall. The many attempts by leaders in congress to deny all science because it might challenge the things they want to do, the programs they want to install, the groups they want to use for controlling the masses. I hope we can pull out of this, but I am afraid if we do manage to fix it , the damage is already done for generations. Be well. Hugs

Lucky Otters Haven


So.  The oligarchs got their wish last night, under cover of darkness.  In secrecy and total lack of transparency, they passed a tax bill that robs the poor and middle class to further enrich the 1% and the corporations.  An almost 500-page document with scribbled handwritten notes was presented to them hours before they had to vote.  This is a terrible way to govern.  It is the way things are done in third world dictatorships.

Not only is this bill, should it become law, going to gut the middle class and cause many of them to fall into poverty, it robs the most vulnerable members of society of healthcare (by repealing the ACA mandate), sneaks in a “fetal personhood” law, and gives huge tax breaks for things like private jets and vacation homes, but takes away the child tax credit for average families and the ability of teachers to deduct…

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