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October 19, 2017

White terrorist. No mention by tRumpsky, why? Think it is because he is white and not Muslim?

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October 18, 2017

REPORT: GOP Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran Appears Frail And Disoriented, Loses Way In Senate Building – Joe.My.God.

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Please read the short article.   This guy is planning to run for office again according to him.   At one point this happened.

Cochran then voted “yes” on an amendment after an aide repeatedly reminded him that he was a “no” vote. Cochran then changed his vote. 

So we really have that aide as a congress person, not the congress man.  He was told how he was to vote and they had to change his vote.  Think of what that means.   Hugs

Source: REPORT: GOP Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran Appears Frail And Disoriented, Loses Way In Senate Building – Joe.My.God.

October 17, 2017

T-Shirt: “I Stand For The National Anthem” – Joe.My.God.

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The protest is about lives, not the damn flag.   The protest is because black people are being shot and killed for no reason.  Again another one where the police say they were scared so they had to shoot… but the suspect was a 50 year old man running away.   The video shows he was clearly no threat, but rather than chase him, the police just shot him.  The reason they stopped him, a broken light on his bike.   One thing I ask you all to think on, the very same people who are screaming that kneeling during the anthem is disrespecting the flag, those are the same people proudly flaying / waving / proclaiming love for the confederate battle flag.   That is a flag that went to war against the US flag.   So don’t by into that misleading hype.   Hugs

Source: T-Shirt: “I Stand For The National Anthem” – Joe.My.God.

October 15, 2017

Florida Hurricane Preparedness

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October 14, 2017

Trump Goes Golfing For 72nd Day Since Inauguration – Joe.My.God.

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Source: Trump Goes Golfing For 72nd Day Since Inauguration – Joe.My.God.

Milo in my lap. He is always close to me. Hugs

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It’s Time For The Adults To Take America Back From The Children

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Well said Jeff. You express how I feel also. I have argued my self blue in the face and red also with those who threw away their vote out of spite. I continue to post as much as possible about the abuses the tRump administration takes with every act they do. There was no reason to stop the subsidies, except to try harder to tarnish the name Obama. OK tRump hates that name, change the name to tRump care then and keep it helping people. You are so correct about the cowards in congress. some are terrified that they will be primaries so they wont stand up to the bratty children, the rest are so greedy they can think only of the great tax cut coming to them if they can hold on long enough. Thank you, please keep venting, long and loud. sorry about your healthcare. It wont be long before the rest of us are affected and lose our benefits also. Hugs

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The Proper Place For Trump And His Supporters

Enough.  I’ve had enough of Trump and the fools who put him in office.   Let me define “fool” in this instance for you.  Fool:  Anyone who did not vote, voted for Trump, or voted for an “alternate” candidate in the 2016 Presidential election.  It is YOUR fault this happened.  Period.   And understand this: I’m NOT a huge Hillary supporter, but if she had won, I would not have just lost my health insurance.  We’d not be tempting Kim Jong-un to nuke us, and we wouldn’t have just antagonized Iran to the point that they’ll soon be able to nuke us.  As well, if you are a poor, struggling, workin’ class white dude, like I am, and voted for Trump because, “By golly, we really gotta shake things up in Washington, and Trump’s just the straight shooter to do it!”   If you think…

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October 13, 2017

Trump sits, talks through song lowering the flag at military base amid NFL anthem controversy

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Source: Trump sits, talks through song lowering the flag at military base amid NFL anthem controversy

October 12, 2017

Pass It On

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Thank you. As they only started to stand for the anthem in 2009 or so it is not a great long tradition. The people who are giving such an out cry are the ones dishonoring our constitution and they don’t care about the people behind the reason that the footballers are kneeling for. Hugs

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I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — sign language edition

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Again I am amazed at the human animal. I did the sale one in my head three times, then did it on a calculator to see if I was losing my marbles. How could anyone not laugh at these, and at ourselves. Thanks and hugs

bluebird of bitterness

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