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January 24, 2017

SPLC REPORT: It Was A Pro-Trump Demonstrator Who Shot An Anti-Fascist Protester At Milo’s Event [VIDEO] – Joe.My.God.

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Recently I was asked how I would feel if it was tRump supporters were the ones violently protesting.  The insinuation which I pressed back against was that all the protesters were violent thugs, and that the ones who were violent were Hillary supporters.   Yes there was some violence.  There was some uncalled for actions.  None were supported by the ones organizing the protests.   Well it turns out it was tRumps supporters that were causing trouble.   Hugs

Source: SPLC REPORT: It Was A Pro-Trump Demonstrator Who Shot An Anti-Fascist Protester At Milo’s Event [VIDEO] – Joe.My.God.

January 23, 2017

Trump creates his own laugh tracks: brings stooges to CIA speech to applaud and chuckle

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Great post. This clearly shows how insecure the new President is. This also shows he has every intention to lie to the American people. HE is willing to mislead, divide, and use the government agencies for his own advantage. Oh I have no doubt he will have an “Enemy’s List”. HE seems to have no trouble using the agencies of the government to go after his enemies. We need to support the press to keep up on his activities and to investigate him. Hugs

Why Evolution Is True

Of course Presidents try to manipulate their images, but really, do they have to generate “laugh tracks” like the canned chuckles that accompanied the t.v. shows of my youth? What Tr*mp did at his CIA speech the other day is equivalent to what the producers did to the talking horse “Mister Ed.” He brought his own laugh track: a bunch of flaks and stooges charged with making him look good.

Here’s Donald Tr*mp’s speech at the CIA, delivered while standing in front of a wall naming all the CIA agents killed in the line of duty. As I’ve pointed out before, there was applause and laughter where it shouldn’t have been—unless all the CIA employees are toadies or Trumpies. Now, as the evidence has come out bit by bit, we know that that laughter and applause was engineered by Tr*mp and his team. First, the speech, though…

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January 22, 2017

Kellyanne Conway finally admits the audit was just an excuse – Vox

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So now we know he is an outright liar.   He is not only a liar, but he also has no concern for the moral convictions of his religious supporters who claim he is the best one to be president.   He doesn’t care about norms.  He is basically telling kids it is better to lie and get what you want than to tell the truth and maybe lose.  If it is not OK for your children to lie to you, why is it ok for tRump to lie to the country.  What a unfit person to hold the office.   Hugs.

Source: Kellyanne Conway finally admits the audit was just an excuse – Vox

Nope won’t just roll over and show my belly for them. They will reap what they sowed. If it was good enough for a democratic president , it is good enough for the republican president.

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January 20, 2017

TEXAS: State Supreme Court To Hear Hate Group’s Challenge To Spousal Benefits For Same-Sex Couples – Joe.My.God.

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So it starts.  They are trying everything they can to make our marriages mean nothing.  How can it be equal if straight couples have rights denied to gay married couples.  Marriage means something , that is why we fought for it so.   There are over 1,100 federal and state benefits for married couples.  This is one of the bad things about these so called religious laws.  It creates a separate and unequal class of marriages.   The thing that really stuns me is they won the case for denying spousal benefits in the lower court?  I can not understand the ferocity with which some people try to deny others benefits they have.  What is the reason for this great hate of gay people and marriage equality.  My marriage harms no one.  I have heard the religious people argue that it teaches kids it is normal.  Well it is.  Also if you think it is not you can still teach your kids that, you simply shouldn’t be able to act towards others on it.   No religion should be able to take away anyone’s civil rights.  This is not a theocracy.  It is not a church.  It is not run by any one religion or God.   Keep your worship in your homes and families and churches, and out of my family, my life, my government, and my rights.   If anyone can explain to me why they fight so hard to be able to discriminate against gay people I would appreciate it.  Hugs

Source: TEXAS: State Supreme Court To Hear Hate Group’s Challenge To Spousal Benefits For Same-Sex Couples – Joe.My.God.

I’m Depressed Tonight.

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Well said and I salute the author. I can tell you when she says she cares she really does care. She has called me a few times and the calls have always been wonderful. I agree with her. I also fear the rise in violence from the trump supporters. I fear the damage that can be done quickly to all the groups she mentions while the respite and help for them will take a long time coming. The shift in the country to taking away the civil rights of some groups is both stunning and chilling. To enshrine in law the ability to harm others, to make others a second class citizen is never something to celebrate. If it is used against one person, it can be used against you. As I said in other blogs just the fact that the nominees for offices and departments are all people who want the elimination , destruction of, or the ending of the services those offices provide, shows actually what these people plan to do to the US, and to us as a people. I hope people are recording this, we all need to remember how it started, where it went, and never let it happen again. I also cry. We all should. Hugs


I have so much to share here, and instead I’m just…low. And I need to vent.

I walked into the canteen at work twice today, and the lovely big TV they got for us was on, turned to the news. Guess what dominated the news? Yep, the Cheeto President’s Inauguration coverage. I didn’t actually catch any of his speech.

I haven’t had yet enough drink yet to watch it online, either.

Both times, I found myself starting to tear up. To actually cry at the evidence that this is really happening – has happened. Just because I am 3,000 miles away does not mean it doesn’t matter to me.

All reference to LBGT and climate change has already been removed from the Whitehouse website. ACA is under attack with nothing to replace it. There are no foreign-to-US diplomats anywhere in the world tonight. He’s nominated so many wrong (and rich)…

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Record the fall

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The dark ages have begun.  The fall of mankind and of our once great country begins.  Record it.  Record the struggle we all face to hold on to decency, to civil rights, to honest discourse.  Hold tight to those dreams you once held, and fight to keep the dreams we all had.   Saddened hugs.  

January 19, 2017

Bumps on the ass, never a good thing! LOL!

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Well said! I admire how you can find these things. I thank you for posting this. I think many people see it this way and tRump has no idea how wrong he was. I think the only way you could agree with tRump is to be a serious racist and deny the history as it happened , instead decrying the truth as fake news. Be well. Hugs


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Face off

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It is wonderful how the human mind tries to find patterns in everything we see. I think it is a sign of creativity. Thanks for a grand post. Hugs

bluebird of bitterness


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They vilified Pres. Obama

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