Creationist: God Gave Us All A Nasal Bone Because He Knew, Because Of Sin, We Would Need To Wear Glasses

“We also can look at the nasal bone right here. God designed humans very specifically, with this nasal bone, because He knew, because of sin, we’d be wearing glasses and contacts, right? So this helps hold our glasses. Primates have no need to wear glasses, so they were not created with that bone there.” – Creationist “Dr.” Jennifer Rivera, speaking on the podcast for Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis.

Hemant Mehta reacts at The Friendly Atheist:

Got that everyone? God knew you were a dirty rotten sinner, which meant your eyes wouldn’t be perfect, which meant you would need glasses, which is why he created a nasal bone, which apparently had no use for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s not clear why God gave you a nasal bone if you wear contacts.

Read the full article.

WH Doc: “All Lockdowns Do Are Really Kill People

WH Doc: “All Lockdowns Do Are Really Kill People”

“I think at some point, the policymakers have to realize the massive — really — failure of our public health officials. Lockdowns do not eliminate the virus.

“All lockdowns do are destroy families, really kill people, miss medical care that’s very serious, destroy the children, and then, after you open up the lockdown, the virus is still there — and we see it in Europe.

“And it’s amazing to me that places, unfortunately, like the U.K. and France have not learned their lesson. Hopefully, the American people understand how to use their vote to stop that kind of thing from happening here.

“Lockdowns really destroy people, particularly the working-class families.” – White House advisor Dr. Scott Atlas, speaking last night on Laura Ingraham’s show.

Please understand what is really being said here.   They want to discredit the notion that the virus can be contained or controlled.   Despite the rest of the world doing so.   They want to promote the go back to precovid at any cost so our money will flow.  Notice these are wealthy people looking out for their own self interests, not yours.   Hugs

Atomic Scientists: Trump’s COVID Medications Make Him Untrustworthy With Nukes, He Is Not “Fully Lucid”

Atomic Scientists: Trump’s COVID Medications Make Him Untrustworthy With Nukes, He Is Not “Fully Lucid”

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reports:

President Trump is followed 24/7 by a military aide that carries the “football,” the briefcase that holds all he would need to order the immediate launch of up to 1,000 nuclear weapons, more than enough megatonnage to blow the world back into the stone age. He does not need the approval of Congress or the secretary of defense. Shockingly, there are no checks and balances on this ultimate executive power.

President Trump took the nuclear football with him to Walter Reed Medical Center, where he received treatment for COVID-19. According to Trump’s doctor, the president’s blood oxygen levels had dipped. And this, according to independent health experts, can impair decision-making ability. He is taking dexamethasone, which can cause mood swings and “frank psychotic manifestations.” Yet as far as we know, at no point did the president transfer his powers to the vice president, as allowed under the 25th Amendment.

To state the obvious, we should not entrust nuclear launch authority to someone who is not fully lucid. (Reagan transferred authority temporarily before planned surgery, as did President George W. Bush before a medical procedure that required his sedation.) A nuclear crisis can happen at any time, including at the worst possible time. If such a crisis takes place when a president’s thinking is compromised for any reason, the results could be catastrophic.

Read the full article. The opening paragraph at the link is something. The Atomic Scientists are best known for their Doomsday Clock, which forecasts how close the world is to a nuclear apocalypse.

Trump Retweets Claims That Biden Is A Pedophile

I just can not decided what to clip / quote or what to not.  It is all just something that needs to be seen to understand.   Please go to the link, read the short post, read  / watch the tweets.  Let me know what you think.  The disconnect, the alternate reality, it stuns me.  I have a close friend I love whose parents watch and get their news from SPTV ( State Propaganda TV known as fox ) and it is hard for my friend to even talk to them about this stuff.   They are so misinformed yet so convinced they are correct.  I love these people, otherwise nice good people, in their life they wouldn’t tolerate the actions of tRump, nor would they have let their kids do what he does.   But they are convinced by SPTV that he has saved the nation, he has fixed the problems, that all the BLM protestors are rioters / looters that are harming god fearing cops because they are refusing to work thugs.   It is stunning to me and I do not know what to tell my friend.   I can see the problem, but I have no solution.  The view they have on the border issues is just unfathomable if you know the facts, but they stick to the myths fed to them by SPTV.   Hugs

Trump Retweets Claim That Joe Biden Is A Pedophile

The Arizona GOP and chair Kelli Ward are boosting a self-described QAnon follower’s congressional campaign

I think it is time to admit the Republican party is no more what most people thought it was.   It may never have been really, but it sure is not the grown up in the room now.    I feel this should stick to them as it will stick badly to the rest of us with the laws these people vote on.   I think people need to be honest about that the party is, and get a new party.   Do you seriously want Qanon followers in congress supported by a major abet minor party?   It needs to be remembered what party put them there.    This is what primaries become with gerrymandered voter suppressed areas.   Hugs

The Arizona Republican Party recently ran a Facebook video spotlighting congressional candidate and self-described QAnon follower Daniel Wood. During that video, AZGOP state chair Kelli Ward told him that “you are a man after my own heart” and encouraged people to volunteer and contribute to his campaign.

Numerous Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have helped build up QAnon since it began emerging from message boards in 2017.

There have also been at least 74 Republican congressional candidates this cycle who have expressed support for QAnon, and at least 21 have made it to the November ballot. Two of those are running in Arizona: Daniel Wood and Josh Barnett. Both are heavy underdogs in their respective congressional districts but that hasn’t stopped the state party from backing them.

Daniel Wood is running against Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District. Wood has tweeted the QAnon slogan “WWG1WGA” (“where we go one, we go all”) dozens of times on his campaign Twitter account. He has also shared the QAnon video “Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED.”

There is more at the link above.    What a load of shit.  Hugs

Trump Wants U.S. to Get Cut of Any TikTok Deal. No One Knows How That’d Work.

This is the shit that happens in dictatorships and banana republics.    What happened to the US law and order with due process?   Hugs

If he were still running casinos in rough-and-tumble Atlantic City, N.J., President Trump’s demand about Microsoft’s possible purchase of TikTok might be translated this way: I want a piece of the action.

In exchange for blessing Microsoft’s acquisition of the Chinese-owned social media platform, Mr. Trump has said the United States Treasury should receive a “very big proportion” of the sale price. If he follows through, it would signal an effort to carve out an entirely new role for the federal government in exerting its powers to approve or thwart business deals with national security considerations.

In essence, the president is promising to orchestrate the kind of pay-to-play bounty that the United States prohibits companies from making to governments of other countries under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

And he is playing a role that is common among the autocratic leaders on whom he has often heaped praise: using the sheer power of his office to influence the private marketplace without clear legal or regulatory authority.

“It’s protection money. It’s not what the government of the United States should do,” said Avery Gardiner, the general counsel for the Center for Democracy & Technology, a nonprofit advocacy organization focused on digital rights, privacy and an open internet.

“It’s scary to think that it might apply in some parts of business and not in others,” she added. “It becomes a special tax if your business is involved in social media. but you can only do the deal if you pay the protection money. That’s even worse.”

“Very simple,” he explained to reporters this week about his approach to a TikTok deal. “I mean we have all the cards because, without us, you can’t come into the United States. It’s like if you’re a landlord, and you have a tenant. The tenant’s business needs a rent; it needs a lease. And so what I said to them is, ‘Whatever the price is, a very big proportion of that price would have to go to the Treasury of the United States.’”

Mr. Trump added: “And they understood that. And actually, they agreed with me. I mean, I think they agreed with me very much.”

Legal experts said there is also no law that explicitly prohibits companies from voluntarily offering a gift to the government, as long as it is not made under duress and the gift does not benefit any particular individual government officials.

But they also warn that extracting a large cash payment as a condition of a TikTok sale would undermine the integrity of a legal process that operates with specific, objective standards. That could set a precedent that deters similar deals in the future by injecting uncertainty into the prospect of any big business deal.

That appears to be exactly what Mr. Trump wants.

There is more at the link above.   It is clear that tRump has reverted to his mob boss roots.  He has been involved with the different organized crime mobs from the beginning.  Now he wants to use the US government as he has known ever action all his mobbed up life.  I do not know what it will take to wake up the 36% of the US are in the cult of tRump, but I do know that if we do not vote overwhelmingly blue this election the experience of democracy is over.    Putin is overjoyed that he and his mob may be able to move fully into the US than just the fringes that they are now.   Hugs



Testing Czar Says Surge Is Becoming Overwhelming

Testing Czar Says Surge Is Becoming Overwhelming

We are so fucked.   Hugs

Politico reports:

Brett Giroir, the coronavirus testing czar, said Wednesday that the United States’ coronavirus testing capacity is at risk of being overwhelmed in some states by a surge in new infections and increased surveillance efforts in nursing homes and jails.

“It is absolutely correct that some labs across the country are reaching or near capacity,” Giroir said. “Recent data from several states indicate rising infections and now an uptick in hospitalizations and death, even as other states and the great majority of counties are maintaining a low infection burden.”

The Disgrace of Donald Trump

The political calculation behind Trump’s latest reality-TV display had historical overtones, dating back to the white-backlash “law and order” demagogy that helped elect Richard Nixon in 1968. In the Rose Garden, Trump proclaimed, “I am your president of law and order,” at the very minute that police cleared the way for his arrival in Lafayette Square by attacking law-abiding demonstrators with tear gas and sting-ball grenades. Having appropriated Nixon’s tag line, Trump then tried to one-up him with his Bible-toting God-and-country theatrics. Politics receded back into pathology.

Trump badly misjudged the moment. Nixon proclaimed “law and order” in 1968 to challenge the beleaguered incumbent administration of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey, and he was able to sustain himself in office as the law-and-order president until his own lawlessness in the Watergate scandal brought him down. Nixon also encased his rougher rhetoric in appeals to national unity, promising to end the divisions under his responsible leadership, distinguishing himself from the arch-segregationist third-party candidate, former Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace. Trump, however, is himself the beleaguered incumbent president, trying, with spectacular viciousness, to distract the public from the colossal catastrophes of his own making. And Trump dispenses with themes of unity, content to intensify social hatreds for his own political benefit, and winds up sounding less like Nixon and more like Wallace.

The situation gradually deteriorated. On July 28th, Hoover ordered the encampments removed. Violent skirmishes broke out when police attempted to evict protesters from federal buildings slated for demolition. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the Army chief of staff, convinced that the protests had become a Communist uprising, assembled a massive show of force. Supported by cavalry, tanks, and tear gas, MacArthur’s troops overwhelmed the protesters and torched the shantytown, “amidst scenes reminiscent of the mopping up of a town in the World War,” The New York Times reported. In the day’s melee, two Army veterans were shot and killed, and the infant child of another vet reportedly died from the effects of the tear gas.

Hoover, although dismayed, raised no objection, and in time came to echo the storyline about Communist subversion. Meanwhile, in upstate New York, Roosevelt greeted reports of the bedlam by remarking to his adviser and future Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, “Well, Felix, this elects me.”

Donald Trump bears little resemblance to the learned, self-made President Herbert Hoover. Honored as the Great Engineer, Hoover was best known prior to his presidency for his humanitarian work, first in support of starving Europeans and Russians during and after World War I, and later, as secretary of commerce under presidents Harding and Coolidge. A reformer of sorts, Hoover’s downfall was his unwavering devotion to policies rooted in the old Republican dogmas of rugged individualism and limited government that sputtered in the face of the Great Depression.

Still, there are remarkable similarities between 1932 and 2020. Like the Hoover White House, the Trump administration showed scant sympathy for the protesters’ grievances. Like the Hoover White House, the Trump administration raised the specter of dangerous radicals — the president named “professional anarchists” and Antifa as instigators of the violence. Above all, in a tense election year, unfolding amid unprecedented social and economic dislocation, Trump, like Hoover, chose to deal with his adversaries with resistance and then repression, dramatized by a display of disproportionate force.

From that point forward, a radicalizing dynamic overtook Republican national politics. Constituencies that the traditional GOP had tried to absorb to build its post-1960s majority — conservative white Southerners, including, more broadly, white evangelical Christians — became the party’s heart and soul. Establishment Republican leaders vying for the presidency — Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney — had to appease an ever-hardening right-wing base, centered in what has become the solidly Republican white South. When those leaders lost — as they did twice to Bill Clinton and twice to Barack Obama — the base despaired of anything resembling conventional conservative politics. The one GOP victor, George W. Bush, did win over the party base, thanks in part to his Svengali, Karl Rove, and in part to the patriotic surge that followed the attacks of 9/11. But Bush disastrously invaded Iraq, and he ended his presidency with the start of the Great Recession and the birth of the radical Tea Party, which went on to hound President Obama at every turn.

By 2016, after eight years of Obama, the Republican Party amounted to an assembly of distinct political interests, each claiming a sliver of the Reaganite legacy. And down the escalator of Trump Tower rode Donald Trump, who for all of his obvious vices was cunning enough to comprehend how the most active Republican voters had come to despise normal politicians who called themselves conservatives. Better than anyone, the many-times-bankrupt New York real-estate tycoon and outsider showman knew how to exploit that alienation, not by tempering the party’s base but inflaming it, with appeals that not only sounded racist and violent, but actually were racist and violent — not to mention misogynist, nativist, and anti-Semitic. After more than 50 years of Republicans soothing the ego of their right-wing white base with code words and dog whistles, Trump unleashed its id — an easy enough task, as it was his id as well.

After three years of unrelieved chaos, in which disregard for the rule of law finally led to his impeachment after an attempt to coerce a foreign power into a political dirt-for-cash deal, Trump’s incompetence as well as his meanness has brought the nation to the worst crisis in its history since the Civil War — a disastrous trifecta of killer contagion, economic collapse, and threats of unleashing martial law or worse on the citizenry, with intimations of race war. Trump’s popularity was sagging at least as badly as Herbert Hoover’s in the summer of 1932 — and that was before Trump’s disastrous moment in Lafayette Square.

There is more information at the link above.  This is a great read for anyone who loves history and wants to understand why things have played out as they have and what it may mean for the future.  I used a lot of clips, but if you want the context of those clips, I really suggest taking a few minutes to read the article.    Hugs