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April 2, 2020


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In doing so, Vanity Fair reported, Kushner was effectively running a shadow coronavirus task force team in the White House that was more powerful than the official one headed by Vice President Mike Pence.

This was partly due to the vacuum left by the departure of the former acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney whose replacement, Mark Meadows, has only just joined. But Kushner was said to be angered by the criticism of Trump, and when he got involved, reportedly told people, “I know how to make this government run now.”

Kushner is also said to have urged Trump to challenge Cuomo’s appeal for 30,000 ventilators for New York, which he believed was alarmist. Vanity Fair reported that he told a White House meeting, “I have all this data about ICU capacity. I’m doing my own projections, and I’ve gotten a lot smarter about this. New York doesn’t need all the ventilators.”

On March 26, Trump told Fox News anchor Sean Hannity that he did not believe New York needed the number of ventilators Cuomo was calling for.

March 31, 2020

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives coronavirus update

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March 25, 2020

I am going out of my mind

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Personally my fall has made my pain situation much worse.  I am very much disrupted by this.  I told Dennis the other day my pain was under control.  I was wrong.   Yes I have had times of more pain due to one thing or another but this is greatly different.  I can barely walk with a lot of pain. I have to keep getting up when sitting due to the pain far more frequently than the past.   I won’t bore anyone with my issues, but yesterday I took the entire day off due to pain.  I had barely started reading things when I had to go lay down again.   Laying down helps until it causes intense pain it self.  A vicious circle.  Today I have not been able to eat due to pain and trust me that will play heck with me as I am a diabetic.   I will wait until Friday and if It doesn’t seem better I will call my pain doctor for an emergency appointment.  The X-Ray showed more of the expected damage but not anything drastically from before.  The normal amount of arthritis and other bone problems I have.   Which led the person who called me with the results to offer I had probably done more damage to my back, my spine in the fall to account for the pain and limitations.  I have promised to post the results when I got them and I will.  Maybe one of you will understand it, I sure don’t.   I am going back to reading the news on my open tabs, be well, be safe, be happy.  Stay alive.   Hugs


Covid-19 is serious

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Hello everyone, you wonderful grand people.    I care about all of you ( yes a human caring for other humans, what is wrong with me as it doesn’t seem normal these days ) and I want you to be safe.   

I have the advantage and the serious risk of having a spouse in healthcare, in an  ICU.  I use to work in a surgical ICU myself.   The N95 disposable masks which I am sure everyone knows there is a shortage of but I don’t think everyone understands what that means.   Let me explain.  These masks used to be a normal unit stock item, kept in large amounts on the floor like other PPE such as paper gowns and gloves.   Because of the shortage now every floor person who needs to go into a room where these are required must go individually to the CSR ( the central supply room ) and sign out one mask to be used all day.   They must do this personally, no one can do it for them.   They must have a need for the mask.  

Seems like a way to make sure there is no waste of a much needed item in very low supply, right?   Wrong.   Everyone has seen TV medical shows where a “code blue” is called.    TV surprisingly gets some things correct and some are just for drama.   Here is what happens when a PT needs emergency lifesaving care like if they stop breathing, their heart stops, something like that and it is dramatic, scary , and serious.    I know I have been in many of them.   Someone on the floor will see what is happening due to the many monitors and in person observation of the PT and yell “call the code” or “call a code” or “call code blue”.   Whoever was closest to the desk would initiate the call which is done by picking up the phone and hitting the code that gives a priority call to the main system operators, when they pick up which is normally instantly you state the code ( blue ) room ####.   Then you repeated it.   The operator knows what hospital you called from and this is important as all the hospitals in the system are connected to the same system but have different ways of numbering their rooms.  The operators call the code over that hospitals PA system which activates a host of actions.  

On the ICU floors we sadly have lots of practice with this.  It is almost like a choreographed dance.   In our ICU’s we keep crash carts, fully loaded with emergency drugs and life support equipment including the necessary respiratory tools and a defibrillator for shocking the heart.   Forget the drama showing paddles with someone yelling charge and then clear while slamming the paddles down on the body.   The ones used in real life have two pads, one goes under the PT the other on their chest, the unit is all electronic and starts recording the heart rate and will tell you what to do and when to use it.  but back to what happens in a code blue.   

The closest crash cart is raced to the room.  While that is happening floor staff are already starting life saving measures such as CPR and needed other preparations.   Any of the nurses on the floor that can rush to the room.  Respiratory people nearby in the hospital run to the room as do the doctors / ARNPs / PSCs assigned to the floor.   There is normally a lot of people in the room not just the assigned nurse and CNAs.  ICUs have different sizes and different rules, ours were 11 room units separated by specialty.   Each nurse had two patients only, the charge nurse normally only had one PT but in an emergency could take two.  There is normally a CNAA on the floor also who assists the nursing staff, but mostly ran the unit non-PT care such as monitoring / allowing access to the units, handling the phone, coordinating supplies, logging PTs into the computer systems among other tasks.     Normally that person would be the one to call the code and stays at the desk to coordinate things outside the room, but sometimes after calling the code the CNAA will be needed to help the nurses do CPR or other tasks to save the PT.  

Do you see the problem with each person needing to enter the room in an emergency to have to report to the CSR personally to get one mask to be kept all day?   Many of the staff now needed in the room wouldn’t have needed to be in the room otherwise, most were not directly assigned the PT.  Those people can not enter the room without a mask, it would expose themselves to the very disease killing the PT.   Remember how easily covid-19 is transmitted.  

The hospital my spouse works at has already had 3 PTs die from Covid-19.  They have moved PTs from an entire floor and  are setting it up for just Covid-19 PTs.  Here are the stats from the county in Florida I live in. <blockquote>

Monday’s Coronavirus Updates: 11 new cases in Southwest Florida

As of 5:45 p.m. Monday, there are 1,227 positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Florida. The case count includes 1,147 Florida residents and 80 non-Florida residents. There are 18 deaths reported in Florida, with the latest reported Sunday in Palm Beach County.


  • Total number of cases: 1,227 (up from 1,171)
  • Number of Florida residents: 1,147 (up from 1,096)
  • Number of non-Florida residents: 80 (up from 75)


Total number of cases: 73*

  • Lee County: 30 (up from 28)
  • Collier County: 39 (up from 34)
  • Charlotte County: 3 (up from 2)
  • DeSoto County: 1
  • Glades County: 0
  • Hendry County: 0

There have been 13,965 total tests administered in the state of Florida, with 1,227 positive tests. 11,637 tests have come back negative, and the remainder are pending, according to the FDOH website. </blockquote>

Also the hospital has stopped visiting hours for any PT not in danger of imminent death.   Any thing a family member wants to be given to the PT has strict procedures.  A member of the staff in connection with the care of the PT in question must meet the family member at the entrance to the hospital.  That staff member will accept the items and clean them before bringing them into the hospital.  

The more people tested the more cases there will be.   Country wide there is not enough supplies nor beds to even begin to help the many people with this virus.  This is not a joke or political game, this is a serious virus that is killing people.   Here is how easy it can be to infect a large number of PT.   Say a PT with an unknown case of Covid-19 is in the hospital.   Say a family member visits the PT or a staff member without protective gear on because the PT was admitted for other reasons than Covid-19 symptoms enters the room, then having been exposed but is unaware goes about their day, everyone they interact with, every surface they touch is possibly infected.   Remember the distance this can travel between people is at a minimum 6 feet just for talking or normal breathing, and it has been found living on surfaces weeks after deposited there.  

On last thing I want to mention.  I care about people, and I care even more for my viewers.  If possible get some gloves, no matter what kind.  Of course latex medical / surgical care gloves are the best, but I have even seen heavy gardening gloves used and keep them in the car.  Also disinfecting wipes and spray in the car.  Use them when getting gas for your car.  Think how many other people have used the pump handles.  I put on my latex gloves, spray the pump handle with disinfectant spray, fill the car then put the pump handle back.   Take the gloves off properly, there is a trick to do that where you are protected and it can be found online and on YouTube, then use the wipes to clean your hands before touching buttons or your steering wheel.  Seems like a lot of steps and maybe a bit over the top doesn’t it.  It is not.  This thing kills the young, the healthy, and those who have health issues as the military is reporting both cases and deaths from it.    If you have any breathing problem even occasional shortness of breath then this thing is even more deadly for you.  

Be well and safe, follow the medical professions guidance.  Ignore tRump as his interest is the stock market and his reelection, despite what he claims he is not a doctor nor does he have an advanced degrees in medicine.  He is talking hope and dreams, not well known science and facts.  Ignore opinion shows that pretend to be news who are either catering to the president or to religious people who hope their god is able to protect them, it has not so far.  I have posted just today about religious leaders calling for people to gather in groups for services, activites, in spite of recommendations just to prove how powerful their faith is.  Now many of those people have fallen ill and those they met are also exposed.  How selfish.    Also do not hoard supplies.   It is not needed and causing problem.   There are plenty of goods and supplies in the US and coming to stores.   Trucks are arriving many times a day.   But if you take more of an item than you can use in a few days you are creating a supply problem our current grocery system is not prepared to handle.  Stores order just what they need at that time depending instead on frequent deliveries.   Besides what are you going to do with a pickup truck bed full of toilet paper?  It is illegal to price gouge in an emergency which this now is.  If you have piled up supplies for six months in your home you will be tripping over them for the next six months while the stores are still stocking them. 

Best wishes, hugs, and love to all.  Scottie



March 20, 2020

Also heros 2

Also heros

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Remember you can still use the phone while isolated.     Hugs

March 1, 2020

A lot to get to

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Hello everyone.  I have tried really hard to function today, but I am still under the weather.  I am still really tired and not feeling well.  I have another doctors appointment in the morning.  So before I go to bed for the night I want to watch one more episode of the Expanse.   It really is an awesome show.   Hugs

February 23, 2020

Chris Matthews Likens Sanders’ Nevada Win To Nazi Germany

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I have posted before about Matthews’ bitter hate and anger at Bernie.   He can not seem to report in a natural or non-bias way.   I watching the Sunday morning news shows and the Democratic party leaders are doing everything they can to trash Bernie and run him down.   They are distorting his statements and lying about his record.   They are openly talking about ways to take the nomination away from Bernie if he goes into the convention with the plurality of delegates.   If they try that they will hand the election to tRump.   They have to go with who gets the most votes / delegates.    Bernie has to fight both the Republicans and the Republican lite corporate Democrats.    Hugs

Even more offensive than his usual political analysis, Chris Matthews thinks that Sanders’ path to the Democratic nomination is unstoppable, like the Nazis. Remind me again, how does he STILL have a job?

But Bernie Sanders is a special kind of blindspot for Chris Matthews. Like many Boomers, Matthews’ idea of “socialism” (as opposed to the Scandinavian-style Social Democracy that Sanders actually advocates) is steeped in decades of fear-mongering of Russian breadlines, firing squads and other Cold War relics. There’s a decent argument to be made that Sanders will face similar attitudes (no doubt augmented and exaggerated by Republican groups) to scare off a large chunk of older Democratic voters. And clearly, the Sanders campaign should expect no help in contextualizing the difference from ol’ Tweety. In fact, earlier in the day, he openly wondered if it wouldn’t be better for the Democratic Party if we got four more years of Trump.


Matthews had been clearly animated by Democratic consultant James Carville’s insistence earlier in the program that a Sanders nomination would not be a good thing for either the Democratic Party or down ticket races. Matthews stated at several points that he agreed with Carville’s assessment. It isn’t particularly surprising that older white men of a different era in Democratic politics might feel that way about a party that is moving on past them.

It was a very interesting short read.   Hugs

January 3, 2020

Just Sayin’ (War on Iran)

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Just Sayin’ (War on Iran)

“We affirm that what happened is a flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a clear breach by the American forces of their mandate which is exclusively to fight Islamic State and provide advice and assistance to Iraqi security forces.”…

Experts have warned that the strike on Iran’s top general puts the US and allies, including the UK, at risk.


Dr Jack Watling, research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, told the news agency PA Media that the attack was “very significant” because it was a “declared assassination” outside a declared armed conflict.

But he said that Iran was not likely to want to provoke a war with the US. “The significance of this strike is that it is a declared assassination of a senior officer in another state with whom the US is not in a declared armed conflict and conducted on the territory of a third party,” he said.

Let’s talk about it from their point of view….

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December 22, 2019

Trump must remain in power to stay out of prison: Watch what he does after Senate acquits him

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He’s going to put the full weight of his Department of Justice behind efforts to suppress the votes of poor people, young people, blacks, Latinos, women, the LGBTQ community — in fact anyone likely to vote Democratic. He’ll call for “investigations” of every Democratic presidential candidate who’s going up in the polls and announce he’s got “dirt” on every one of them. He’s going to unleash an army of surrogate liars to spread falsehoods about his opponent. He’s going to go from one rally a week to two to three; maybe he’ll hold a rally every other night. He’s going to turn Air Force One into an airborne criminal command post.

He’s going to wave unindicted co-conspirator Rudy Giuliani like a red flag and tweet out every red-meat lie he blabs on Fox. Then he’s going to pardon his indicted co-conspirators like Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos and Roger Stone and line them up at rallies alongside the murdering war criminals he’s already set free.

Donald Trump is the O.J. of American politics. He murdered American democracy, and his search for the “real killer” produced a villain: Joe Biden.


Republicans have taken an openly sick delight in electing Trump. They are proud of him. He’s the perfect avatar of their party. All he cares about — and all his entire party cares about — is power. Impeaching Trump won’t remove him from office, and we’d better get serious about removing him at the ballot box. Republicans — Mitch McConnell, especially — have already shown us what they’ll do with the power they will seize with four more years of Trump. They’ll cram that nightmare down our throats.

They’ve already cut taxes for the wealthy and driven the budget into a hole. They’ve packed the federal courts with the simpering incompetent children of the Republican conservative “revolution” and jammed two yes-men punks onto the Supreme Court in a pure exercise of rank political power. If Trump is re-elected, they’ll strip-mine Social Security, murder Medicare and shred the social safety net, and they won’t stop there. Even as the dead bodies from one mass killing after another pile up in the schools, churches, streets and shopping malls, they’ll remove the few controls states have been able to put on gun ownership. They will turn voting into more of an exercise in futility than it already is. They’ll commit every crime they can to nullify the demographic changes that are on the horizon before new voters will have a chance to save us.

December 8, 2019

What is Trump?

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What is Trump?

Trump is a snowflake’s idea of strength and masculinity, an incel’s * idea of a playboy, a racist’s idea of white supremacy, a Christian extremist’s idea of being godly, a nationalist’s idea of patriotism, and an idiot’s idea of being a self-made millionaire. But perhaps worst of all, he’s a bully’s idea of how might-makes-right is “nature’s way” of how the world works. In the end, these bullies are more than willing to shut off whatever empathy they may have, and will use the power of the law to make the lives of everyone that isn’t white, rich, straight, and Christian complete and utter hell, and worse if possible. Why? Because they can.

November 25, 2019

One must be taught to be a bigot

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November 10, 2019

This Is No Ordinary Impeachment

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He seems to think in the Ukraine context that l’état c’est moi is the core American truth, rather than a French monarch’s claims to absolute power. He believes in the kind of executive power the Founders designed the U.S. Constitution to prevent. It therefore did not occur to Trump that blackmailing a foreign country to investigate his political opponents is a classic abuse of power, because he is incapable of viewing his own interests and the interests of the United States as in any way distinct. But it is a core premise of our liberal democracy that the powers of the presidency are merely on loan, and that using them to advance a personal interest is a definition of an abuse of power.

And the GOP as a whole has consistently backed Trump rather than the Constitution. Sixty-two percent of Republican supporters have said that there is nothing Trump could do, no crime or war crime, no high crime or misdemeanor, that would lead them to vote against him in 2020. There is only one way to describe this, and that is a cult, completely resistant to reason or debate. The tribalism is so deep that Trump seems incapable of dropping below 40 percent in the national polls, and is competitive in many swing states. The cult is so strong that Trump feels invulnerable. If Trump survives impeachment, and loses the 2020 election, he may declare it another coup, rigged, and illegitimate. He may refuse to concede. And it is possible the GOP will follow his lead. That this is even thinkable reveals the full extent of our constitutional rot.

November 2, 2019

Let’s talk about another question I wish wasn’t being asked….

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September 11, 2019

An incredibly powerful post. It is well worth the read

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September 3, 2019

Your rights

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December 10, 2018

Lewis Black | 12/7/18 Wichita KS: Canadian Health Care

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Islamic Feminism – Debunked (Yassmin Abdel-Magied Hitchslapped)

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There has been a lot of debate here on my Toy Box about Islam and what it really is about, means, or practices.   I have my own opinions and views as someone not in a Islamic run country, and not a member of the faith.   I have seen the comments here that range from supportive to arguing that Islam is a danger to the whole world.  I admit I am confused by this subject, but I live in a country where there use to be a separation between government and religion, something the Christians are trying their best to destroy.  They may not like the result of their actions on this subject.   So I offer this video for discussion.  I look forward to hearing from everyone.  Hugs

December 7, 2018

A question for my readers

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Recently some things have caused me to ponder on Islam and the way even Muslims see it.  I read different opinions people have about Islam and I sometimes wonder if we are talking about the same subject.   As I often say I have never been personally targeted by a Muslim for assault or harm, but I have been assaulted , lost jobs due to, and been denied service by Christians.

This post is not to defend Islam , nor to speak against Christianity.   I was wondering at the change in main stream Christianity over the centuries, and the way it has seemed to mellow over time.  I was wondering why that happened.  I also wondered if it could also happen with main stream Islam.  I recently had the grand opportunity to have a few comments and email words with a Pakistani girl named Manahil.   At first I thought I was being played.  But it soon became clear she was a teen who loved her country, her family, her friends, her religion.   She had a view of Islam that was strikingly mild compared to even the majority of people in her country.  She admitted that the views of her family on Islam were not widely held.    She also had a young persons respect and awe for her teachers, all of whom are of course religious teachers also.  

So I am asking all my wonderful readers.  What mellowed out Christianity?   Will the same thing happen to Islam.    What would it take.   

I know there are extreme branches of Christianity as there are also extreme branches of Islam.    But as both groups have a large following and will not be going away any time soon, we must find a way to deflate the extreme parts.  Thanks to anyone who has any information , I love to learn.   Hugs


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