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December 8, 2019

What is Trump?

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What is Trump?

Trump is a snowflake’s idea of strength and masculinity, an incel’s * idea of a playboy, a racist’s idea of white supremacy, a Christian extremist’s idea of being godly, a nationalist’s idea of patriotism, and an idiot’s idea of being a self-made millionaire. But perhaps worst of all, he’s a bully’s idea of how might-makes-right is “nature’s way” of how the world works. In the end, these bullies are more than willing to shut off whatever empathy they may have, and will use the power of the law to make the lives of everyone that isn’t white, rich, straight, and Christian complete and utter hell, and worse if possible. Why? Because they can.

November 25, 2019

One must be taught to be a bigot

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November 10, 2019

This Is No Ordinary Impeachment

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He seems to think in the Ukraine context that l’état c’est moi is the core American truth, rather than a French monarch’s claims to absolute power. He believes in the kind of executive power the Founders designed the U.S. Constitution to prevent. It therefore did not occur to Trump that blackmailing a foreign country to investigate his political opponents is a classic abuse of power, because he is incapable of viewing his own interests and the interests of the United States as in any way distinct. But it is a core premise of our liberal democracy that the powers of the presidency are merely on loan, and that using them to advance a personal interest is a definition of an abuse of power.

And the GOP as a whole has consistently backed Trump rather than the Constitution. Sixty-two percent of Republican supporters have said that there is nothing Trump could do, no crime or war crime, no high crime or misdemeanor, that would lead them to vote against him in 2020. There is only one way to describe this, and that is a cult, completely resistant to reason or debate. The tribalism is so deep that Trump seems incapable of dropping below 40 percent in the national polls, and is competitive in many swing states. The cult is so strong that Trump feels invulnerable. If Trump survives impeachment, and loses the 2020 election, he may declare it another coup, rigged, and illegitimate. He may refuse to concede. And it is possible the GOP will follow his lead. That this is even thinkable reveals the full extent of our constitutional rot.

November 2, 2019

Let’s talk about another question I wish wasn’t being asked….

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September 11, 2019

An incredibly powerful post. It is well worth the read

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September 3, 2019

Your rights

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December 10, 2018

Lewis Black | 12/7/18 Wichita KS: Canadian Health Care

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Islamic Feminism – Debunked (Yassmin Abdel-Magied Hitchslapped)

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There has been a lot of debate here on my Toy Box about Islam and what it really is about, means, or practices.   I have my own opinions and views as someone not in a Islamic run country, and not a member of the faith.   I have seen the comments here that range from supportive to arguing that Islam is a danger to the whole world.  I admit I am confused by this subject, but I live in a country where there use to be a separation between government and religion, something the Christians are trying their best to destroy.  They may not like the result of their actions on this subject.   So I offer this video for discussion.  I look forward to hearing from everyone.  Hugs

December 7, 2018

A question for my readers

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Recently some things have caused me to ponder on Islam and the way even Muslims see it.  I read different opinions people have about Islam and I sometimes wonder if we are talking about the same subject.   As I often say I have never been personally targeted by a Muslim for assault or harm, but I have been assaulted , lost jobs due to, and been denied service by Christians.

This post is not to defend Islam , nor to speak against Christianity.   I was wondering at the change in main stream Christianity over the centuries, and the way it has seemed to mellow over time.  I was wondering why that happened.  I also wondered if it could also happen with main stream Islam.  I recently had the grand opportunity to have a few comments and email words with a Pakistani girl named Manahil.   At first I thought I was being played.  But it soon became clear she was a teen who loved her country, her family, her friends, her religion.   She had a view of Islam that was strikingly mild compared to even the majority of people in her country.  She admitted that the views of her family on Islam were not widely held.    She also had a young persons respect and awe for her teachers, all of whom are of course religious teachers also.  

So I am asking all my wonderful readers.  What mellowed out Christianity?   Will the same thing happen to Islam.    What would it take.   

I know there are extreme branches of Christianity as there are also extreme branches of Islam.    But as both groups have a large following and will not be going away any time soon, we must find a way to deflate the extreme parts.  Thanks to anyone who has any information , I love to learn.   Hugs


November 29, 2018

Islam And The Future Of Tolerance (2018) | Official Trailer (HD)

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November 23, 2018

The arrogant stupidity is mind blowing. Give it a read and see if you have steam coming out of your ears like I did. Hugs

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October 25, 2018

Troops on the border.

Hey everyone, in an attempt to keep tRump’s promise to send the military to defend the border, the Sec. of homeland security has requested troops for the border, and the Sec of Defence is said to be signing off on 800 military members to be sent.   

Here’s my question.  By law the military is prohibited from enforcing civilian laws or to be sued as laws enforcement in the USA.    The last time they were sent to the border all they could do was to provide eyes and support for the border patrol.  The military in all their gear in the hot sun would monitor the fence and border and call the patrol if they seen anyone crossing.  They were not permitted by rules to even try to engage someone coming over the border.  

Unless there is a declaration of war, the troops can do nothing but cost money and make the presidents base feel macho.  The fact is less people are coming over the border than a decade ago and has been on a steady decline for several decades.  Most of the people from these caravans are not going to reach our boarder and the ones that do are asking for asylum, not a invading force of marauding bandits.  These are mostly women and children fleeing death and rape.  

 So what the hell is the use of sending troops to the border to stand around and do nothing?  Has not enough money been wasted by this administration?  Why not use that money to hear out the asylum claims?  I am so tired of the attempts by this administration to mislead and to drum up drama.   Hugs

September 29, 2018

Would you hire this person ???

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What if it was your son ?

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Once more into the breech…

I was listening to the news and heard that some people were using the line “What if it was your son”.  Clearly these people were saying what if it was your son’s career on the line because a woman claimed he sexually assaulted her.    This was a big topic on fox news.   The idea they wanted to push was what if a woman lied about your son, or even if true would you want your son’s future high ranking job threatened by things they did in high school and college.  

However if you think on it what they should be thinking, what it really should be asking, is “What if it was your son that was sexually harassed or assaulted”?  It happens, it has happened, and if we don’t educate ourselves and protect our children of all genders it will happen again.   Not to drag up old memories but as you all know I am living proof it can happen to your sons, to any male.   It has happened to a a lot of males.   So yes what if it was your son, wouldn’t you want the truth to come out and his attacker to not get promoted to a life time appointment on the highest court in our land?   What if it was your son, wouldn’t you want him believed?  What if it was your son, wouldn’t you demand accountability from his attacker?   What if was your son?   Hugs

September 27, 2018

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OK every wonderful person of any gender or orientation who comes here, I thank you and give you the following information.  I am struggling all evening with the Kavanaugh hearings I subjected my self too.  It should be a matter of law that all beings watching that gets mood and anxiety stabilizers prior and after the event.  Because watching some one be abused is shit, and being the one abused is double shit.  Do you now get the damn point???

Great , and thank you.  I am going to bed now.  Hugs

July 9, 2018

Yet my side is told to be civil? Really in the face of this crap?

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I was civil

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July 2, 2018

My attempt to comment on amanda’s blog and her irrational response. She went nuts!

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  1. Hello Amanda. I will comment on your post and hope you will not delete it like you did my other comments. These are refugees fleeing for the lives of their children and themselves. They have no choice if they want their children to live but try to get them somewhere else, anywhere. Most of them do not make it to our border. Many have tried to come via legal means but our government has shut down almost all avenues for that. They have people who wait weeks on hot sidewalks to only keep being told we simply won’t process their paperwork or even interview for asylum. It is not against the law to cross a border to seek asylum, in fact you must do so. You can not ask for asylum without being in the country. By international law / treaty which the U.S. signed it is not illegal. Something we need to understand. The violence happening with gangs in the Central Americas is caused in a large part by us. Yes we started the problem of the major gangs there. MS-13 was started here in the U.S. in Los Angeles. We then deported the trouble to countries not able to deal with them. The drug cartels major buyers are people in the U.S. We drove them from columbia and they went to countries not able to stand up to them. SO we do have a responsibility to these people for the mess we helped cause. But even more importantly Amanda, the program derided as “catch and release” was working well. Over 90% of the people involved showed up at their hearings. That is a fact. So why the sudden need for this draconian policy of ripping kids from their parents. Jeff Sessions stated it was a deterrent. Do not come here with your kids or we will take them from you! Well they interviewed the people seeking asylum. They say they have no choice but come if they want to save their child’s life, so they would come anyway. it is lose the child by death or lose the child by being seperated from them in the U.S.

    Amanda if you were fighting for the life of your child, if you watched your other child be raped and murdered, if your son, a 7 year old , was told to join & and support the drug gang or his entire family would be killed, if you seen your children hacked to death in front of you, what the heck would you dare do to get them out of that? This is what these people face, and our government wants to make them monsters. Well the monsters are us.

    The solution is not children in cages, nor prisons for families. It is doing what worked before. Pour money and cooperation into the countries to help them take back their countries from drug cartels and gangs. Use our vast resources and military to wipe them out and drive them away. Immigration at the southern border was in a steep decline before tRump and his policies. The reason was because people could get what they needed to live in their own countries. No one leaves their country without reason. Hugs


    • Well let’s hope your comment is relevant and cohesive then and I won’t need to delete it;

      As far as people who choose to have children in a fucked up country and then force the children on the tax paying citizens and government of another country – If they are going to flee to somewhere, then I suggest either they get in line behind everyone else who we’re trying to document and process to immigrate in, or they flee to somewhere else;

      Because we as a whole don’t welcome undocumented, illegal migrants in America.

      As far as asylum and sanctuary cities go, they are an obstruction of justice, safety, security, and fairness to tax paying citizens.

      Frankly I don’t care if the kid is behind a wire fence or not, the parents shouldn’t have popped out the kid in a shit hole country then smuggled them into another country crying “someone has to look after them!”

      I say deport them all as soon as possible and make them get in the back of the line;
      However border patrol and immigration agencies are incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of illegal undocumented immigration, so there is no such thing as processing this mess in a timely manner.

      The mess that other governments and societies get their countries in is NOT the responsibility or problem of the United States, period.

      They need to stop breeding and start figuring out how to function more like America, instead of trying to work the system and take advantage of America and it’s citizens’ resources.


      • Amanda your first statement is a dodge. Every comment I made was on topic and backed up by data, but you were in a snit over our conversation on my blog. Facts dear Amanda are pesky things, they simply are.

        Get in line? I guess you fail to understand. There is simply no entry by line. The current government has closed the doors to any non-white entry. You have to be either from a majority white country or wealthy enough to buy a visa like Jared Kushner’s clients did. Well reported and factually documented. Like I said most of them never even try for here, they stay in the southern countries. Did you hear about that huge caravan of invaders that fox news kept telling broadcasting about? Well turns out it was a regular event, most never even bother to get his far, happens every few years, the people get together for safety and make the journey. Once at the border they turn themselves in. Yup, walk right up and say take me into custody. Dang bad way to do an invasion don’t you think.

        You do know that the current administration is trying to strangle any immigration from any country not majority white. Do you agree with that? Remember tRump’s comment about wanting more people from Norway ? Don’t pretend these are not bigoted racists. Facts are pesky things. By the way before you start getting huffy, I knew tRump long before he ran for office. Dear he really is a racist and a big time bigot.

        Actually we do welcome undocumented workers in this country. Agriculture in this country depends on them. Goggle how many undocumented workers in agriculture jobs.

        Illegal immigrants help fuel U.S. farms. Does affordable produce depend on them?
        Again it is simply a fact, something I tried to explain to you on my blog before you went all angry denial.

        Sanctuary cities. So much falsehood in your statement I am not sure where to begin. Let’s start with the definition of a sanctuary city.

        “Sanctuary cities” is actually a misnomer. While many Americans believe that it refers to a city that doesn’t prosecute immigrants, so-called “sanctuary cities” actually refer to something far more specific.

        There’s no single definition of what is a sanctuary city, but generally speaking, it’s a city (or a county, or a state) that limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents in order to protect low-priority immigrants from deportation, while still turning over those who have committed serious crimes. This is why we prefer the term “safe cities”.

        Those places that are called sanctuary cities became that way for two reasons. First they were asked by the federal government to take on immigration enforcement and detention with no allotment of federal resources. Only the federal government can enact or enforce immigration law according the the law. Other government agencies, such as sheriff offices and local law enforcement can act as deputies of those laws but are paid for by the local populations only. So the places being asked to do this asked for money to cover their expenses. The federal government refused, so they stopped doing the job of the federal government. This is simply documented history.
        Then comes the second part. Crime went down in those places where the local government refused to do the job of the border patrol or ICE.
        When people are afraid to report crimes then crime flourishes. You can understand that. Well in sanctuary cities people felt safe to report crimes so crime rates went down, more arrests were made, and more criminals taken off the streets. Again a desirable effect that has been proven in studies. Make people afraid to report a crime and crime soars. Illegal immigrants don’t cause most crimes, they are the victim of it. Again this is verified by data.

        You don’t care. Really? That says a hell of a lot more about you than it does them. “Shit hole country” You feel no responciblity for? You really strike me as selfish in that statement. Sorry calling it like I read it. No humanity for others, no concern for children? Really human of you.

        There has been increases in the border control budgets for years, and the amount of immigrants crossing has declined on the southern border. Again a provable fact. The hysteria is there is an invasion of brown people crossing into our country to rape and pillage, not work and get all the government services for free that the taxpayer must pony up the money for. Amanda we went over this on my blog. Those people can not get government assistance. No way. The most they can get is medical help in an emergency room, same as everyone else. The only draw on federal monies is the weird need to lock up the kids and parents separately and detain the them longer. Again a fact. They don’t get food stamps, they don’t get housing allowances, they don’t get welfare. Think on it, they can not even ask for it if they are illegal.

        The responsibility is all of ours as we caused most of it, still do and the fact is society is groups of people caring about the welfare of others. Do not expect others to care about you if you can not care about them.

        They are not trying to work the system Amanda, they are trying to survive in a world that they have little hope in. A world we helped create. They are not taking advantage of America. They give far more than they take. Again the data shows that. Immigrants commit less crime, their offspring go to higher education in greater numbers, heck several people running for congress are the children of recent immigrants, and we have several members of congress who are the children of recent immigrants. Look it up, we gain far more from immigration than it costs us, we always have. Right now we are begging high tech trained immigrants from india and other countries to come here. They don’t want to mostly for the current climate. Our leading tech companies can not get enough qualified workers here so they must look abroad. Look at the waves of immigration in our history, the Irish, the chinese, the Jewish populations, so many more. Each time we grew stronger and more vital. Influx of new blood and cultures has made our country great. Don’t stifle that now with a bad understanding of our history and the current facts.

        I know many of these things from first hand knowledge living with large immigrant populations and from reading studies and reports. I have seen other cultures while living in their lands and enjoyed what they had to offer. I served in the armed forces and went to many other countries. I have traveled the U.S. I am telling you the truth of the situation.

        Be well. I have to proof read this and hope I catch all the typos. Hugs


      • Non white ? You’re a moron, please don’t comment on this blog anymore.

        I’ve already asked you once to PLEASE not comment on my blog anymore because I find your values disgraceful and embarrassing and worthless to any conversation I’m interested in having – Yet here you still are, trying to suck attention from my blog over to your cuck far left socialist feminazi pity party.

        Again, please go away and don’t return, you have nothing of value to offer here.

        Majority white? You’re a fucking idiot.

        Go find some real issues to cry about and while you’re at it please never return to my blog with your nonsense liberal trash ever again, no matter how triggered you are.
        Perhaps block me. Like, now, this very moment, block me and go away.


      • Amanda. Outright lie!!! You never asked me not to comment. You Have proven yourself again… Good thing I took screen captures of my comments and now your reply.
        Why would I block you, you do more good proving how badly informed you are all the time. Sorry dear my blog is far bigger than yours so why would I try to suck off it. do try to make sense please.
        Again you got your feelings hurt because you can not deal with facts. The facts hurt when you lie about them don’t they. You are a joke. I will make this available to everyone. incase you delete it.


      • Great intellectual response. Did the reasoning it out take you much effort? Be well dear, this was the third time I tried to treat you well and you went nuts. You just hate the facts don’t you. Hugs


      • Are you? I was not the one that went off foaming at the mouth . I simply wrote demostartable facts backed up by data. You went on an emotional rant. Hugs


      • Why do you refuse to go away and block me ? You and people like you disgust me. Why are you still here babbling like I or anyone gives a rats flying dick what a crybaby far left extremist has to say? It’s a joke. GO


      • Why should I block you Dear? It is your blog we are on, I couldn’t block you there. Facts again. I never blocked you on my blog, I let you have your say, your comments are still there for all to see. I even made a video where I read your comments to everyone. You make yourself more clear with everything you add. Hugs

        So just before I posted this I got this response from her.

        Ok I’m not sure how to ask you to leave any differently. I’ve repeatedly asked you to leave me and this blog alone. This is a very creepy obsession and after repeated times of telling you to stop I’m reporting it as harassment.
        Leave me alone, now.


        So to those who think this person Amanda is stable and a person worth dealing with please read and see the real person under the mask she wears.   She clearly is a bigot, a racist, and disturbed.   But I do wish her the best.     Hugs

We are a progressive nation being held hostage by a regressive minority.

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tRump land, a land of fear and hate, mixed with distortion and lies.

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(cartoon by Jim Morin)

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