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July 30, 2016

Trump is a BUFFOON

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July 28, 2016

Block Trump From Receiving Security Briefings

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Trump called for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails yesterday.  This, combined with his bro-mance with Vladimir Putin, make him a treasonous, anti-American scoundrel and a threat to…

Source: Block Trump From Receiving Security Briefings

This is such a great post, I think it should be reblogged everywhere.   Remember this is the same guy, thin skinned Trump, who called for a ban on Hillery getting security briefings for the email problem.  This action is far more serious, especially when you take into account all his other dealings with the oligarchs in Russia.   What is this thin skinned spolid brat man child going to do when he gets upset and angry in the white house.   The things he could do, both foreign and domestic, to harm our country is frightening.    Please think on this and write posts on how he can not be allowed to get the presidency.  Hugs

June 29, 2016

OK, who let their boyfriend out after feeding time ???


Trey Gowdy Can’t Say Hillary Lied About Benghazi – YouTube

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June 28, 2016

Homophobia social experiment – YouTube

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I am impressed and happy at how many people stood up to the “homophobe” and I wondered if people here would stand up for LGBT people who were being attacked.   Not sure if the young man should have carried it as far as he did as the people really were mad at him, and were going to harm him for attacking the gay couple.   I think he was a bit afraid a few times.    Hugs 

June 25, 2016


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June 17, 2016

denny’s sermon 6 17 2016 – YouTube

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Gun Control and the Second Amendment: A Closer Look – YouTube

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June 16, 2016

Liberal Redneck: Nothing funny about the Orlando massacre

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There’s no joke to be told here for Daily News Hillbilly-in-Chief Trae Crowder following the massacre in Orlando. In an impassioned and powerful appeal to stop the “archaic lunacy” of religious and gun fanaticism, Crowder breaks it down to its most granular level on whether you’re on the side of love or hate.

Source: Liberal Redneck: Nothing funny about the Orlando massacre


June 7, 2016

Texas County with Crosses on Police Cars Will Pay Atheist Group More Than $22,000 in Settlement

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This is a victory for church/state separation no matter what you call it.

Source: Texas County with Crosses on Police Cars Will Pay Atheist Group More Than $22,000 in Settlement

I am so sorry for the surge in religious people in our country that wants to pretend to follow the constitution while ripping it to shreds. I think it really is the Unchristian thing to do. See we have a non religious country, and these groups , done by just one or two people in some type of position over others, they try to force the religion on the rest of us. The start small, “hey lets put some stickers on the cars. If no one cares we will do even more to push our religion”. This is the same as ISIS and other organizations that want to brand the world with their religion.

This requires all of us to watch and be willing to point it out and argue against this creeping religious mess. The fact is Christians don’t care about other religions, they only want theirs to be the only one, the top one, and WE all have to follow that one religion. NO NO !!

Sadly the current generation doesn’t seem to understand how dangerous this is to us as a country. My own son says he just blocks religious people who try to do stuff not in line of the constitution. He said his generation simply blocks these people that bother me, they block them and forget them. Sad, but please help keep our country free of a sharia religious law. Hugs

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