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January 20, 2018

Just seen in a movie

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We all wish it was us, that is why we believe!

Could that explain religion? Simple ego and desire, fear and want?   Hugs

January 16, 2018

I support Chelsea Manning for Senate

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January 8, 2018

My thoughts / rants on end of life.

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The third in a three part series I recorded.   This one covers end of life issues.  I talk about the dignity of death,  hospice care, dying.     Hugs

My thoughts on Pro-life, Pro-woman’s rights, quality of life.

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If you seen my first video in this series you know I was asked about some of these issues.  I needed to break it down into several videos as they got long.    This video covers my thoughts on abortion, the real meaning of being pro-life, and my support for a woman’s rights to her body, I also cover what is written in the bible about abortion and when life begins.  Hugs

My thoughts and rant on the subject of suicide.

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I was recently asked to do a video on suicide.  The subject was more than could be covered on one video by me.  I broke the issues down into three videos.  This is the first one.  As always I welcome your thoughts, your opinions, your ideas.   Be well and happy.   Hugs

January 6, 2018

Yes I think he is nutz and needs to be replaced asap.

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(cartoon by Clay Bennett)

The current royal president. ( in his mind)

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(cartoon by David Horsey)

January 2, 2018

A short video on my views on stupidity. Facts exist and they are real, deal with it. Hugs

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January 1, 2018

I never did learn my left from my right. Hugs

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road less traveled

December 30, 2017

I do not like you tRump

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December 28, 2017

Culture, religions, Ethnic Grouping.

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The video is my rant on the cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity of the USA and why that is a good thing.   I have a strong view that the US is not one culture and shouldn’t be a one religion country either.   I support immigration, integration, and a mixing of cultures and traditions.   For those who prefer not to watch 16 plus minute videos of me the solution I see is for a strong secular government and an end to any religious exemption laws.  Religions must operate under the laws and should have no legislative powers.  No any of them.  This keeps the country free for all religions and atheist.   Hugs 

December 20, 2017


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December 13, 2017

Imagine a World

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YouTuber Godless Cranium did a collaborative video with the idea of “Imagine a world…” Where other YouTubers added their ideas of what a better world would look like without religions or superstitions.  It is a great video with no swearing or violence or even hatred.    Simply along the lines of the John Lennon Song.  Well of course sad hat god followers who can not stand to discuss their ideas sensibly kept flagging the video and YouTube responded by restricting it, and causing lots of trouble.    You can see that video here where he talks about it. .  He asked everyone to mirror the video but I will be danged if I can figure out how with additionally downloading a bunch of software.   But I have this Blog and can mirror his post here.   So below please watch.  Hugs

Imagine a World  By Godless Cranium

mirrored from

You have to click on the video and then go to youtube to watch it, it won’t let me do it any other way that I can see.  Hugs


December 11, 2017

She spoke the truth about some of them. Hugs

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December 7, 2017

Fighting the Gov. Changing the Gov.

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November 28, 2017

Great point on how silly it seems. Hugs

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November 20, 2017

Think of this, one of the strongest atheist points I think. Hugs

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November 17, 2017

Roy Moore and the religious vote

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Recently I have been hearing all over the internet and news about the fact of how many preachers and religious communities have stay fast in their support of Roy Moore.    These are the first to complain about the morals of others.   More than Fifty Pastors signed letters of support.   I know people of faith do not feel this way.  I hope those of faith will have a few words with the religious ones who think a 33 year old man should be dating 14 year old girls and taking 16 yr old girls in their car to try to force them to give him oral sex.   I am atheist but I know that is immoral and wrong.   Hugs

November 16, 2017

An article dealing with the making of american hate group Nazis. Please read and give me your thoughts. Thanks. Hugs

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Below is a link to an article of great importance to our time , our country , the way some conduct is allowed.   I took about 1 & 1/2 hours to read it and try to digest what it was saying.  it was scary to me in that it seemed the saddest most desperate for something kids had banded together and created a way they could rage and vent, even pretend they were the important people they wanted so desperately to be.  They say that white supremacist and nationalist of any country are basically afraid people like them are not worth much anymore and that they have little value.   They got this lack of esteem not in that they were the targets of some kind of oppression like some groups had suffered.   IN fact they targeted for abuse groups that had been oppressed in an attempt to make their own lives feel worth more.   They got feeling left behind because the world is changing and they don’t fit neatly into the new gears, slots, and places.    They have the ability for the changing world that is clear but not the internal emotional connection to the group as a whole.  Simply put the slogan chanted in Charlottesville “We will not be replaced” shows me this fear in bold letters of every word.  I do not have the training to really evaluate them and the article was a hard read for me.  I hope other that view my blog will read it, all or bits, and give me your thoughts.   Sadly this kind of hate and speech is something that is now part of the body of our country and it must be addressed.   Thank you.   Scottie.   Hugs 

The Making of an American Nazi

How did Andrew Anglin go from being an antiracist vegan to the alt-right’s most vicious troll and propagandist—and how might he be stopped?

November 15, 2017

Why do theist say without god they would rape and kill

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Another installment in my new video series.   this one asks the question of why so many theist say the only thing keeping them for raping and killing is their belief in their god.  You can leave comment either here or on my YouTube channel.   I am not going to change the name or it. I am who I am and these are my thoughts.   So the Channel will stay under my name Scottie Miller.   Hugs

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