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January 10, 2017

Bible Hunters – Do you believe the the Bible is the inerrant unchanging word of God? – YouTube

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This was in a comment left by Professor Taboo on a post by Nan here .  I think this is important to hear, see, and understand.  I have been reading the posts and comments on several blogs where at least one person and normally more will argue for the never changing word of God, the idea that god inspired and wrote the bible, or that we can take the magic parts out and the bible now is true and the characters and places are correct.  I disagree with these assumptions.  However if you want to know where I have been spending my time and you have hours and hours to try to follow the comments here are the links.  I find there are different people in these comments.  Those willing to listen and then apply their own reasoning.  Those who run in circles never giving an inch from their position and not content to let others disagree.  Those who answer in nonsense thinking they are somehow connected to god itself.  Also there are people who use overly broad statements they want others to take as fact, which I can’t do.  It is like someone saying to me “all highways are five lanes wide, it is a well know fact and everyone agrees”.   No not every one agrees, and yes some are five lanes wide and some most certainly are not.  So I am enjoying reading the comments.  I also get frustrated reading the comments.  I know which ideas make more sense to me and I like the ones I agree with .   I do recommend if you are interested in these things like I am ( I love a well reasoned position)  I suggest you not only go to this post by Nan , but to the current long debate on Nate’s blog here .  Above I mentioned a few broad categories of the people you will find, but really it is a much more diverse group than what I described.  I have to say I personally like it when a person will give their view based on such and then will show the link to the item or what the item says.  I do not like the statement “well most people see it this way”, as that gives me no reason why they see it that way.   I won’t tell you who makes more sense to me in either discussion and who I dislike because you should have the fun of finding out for yourself who you like and disagree with.  I left my couple of comments and then backed out to simply read all the others.  I find some are close to what I said and some are not.   Enjoy in the spirit of learning and thinking.   Hugs


December 16, 2016

Late night / early AM bad decisions.

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Last night I stayed up really late talking with a friend.   Then after they went home I stayed up even later.   About 2 AM after falling asleep in my office, I stumbled off to bedroom.  When I got there I decided for some reason it would be a great idea to get the trimmers up and shave and trim my beard.   Nothing good comes when you decided to do something at 2 AM after a long day.   So then after thinking wrongly that I had done a grand wonderful thing, I went to go to bed and Milo stole my pillow.   Oh well I lost all way round.  🙂   Hugs

December 13, 2016

Man Says Trump Gave Him Permission to Scream Homophobic Tirade in LGBT-Friendly Church: WATCH – Towleroad

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I have been worried about this for a long time.  I know that not all people feel this way, but the threat is real.  There are people I know who now feel empowered to act on their bigotry and hate.   I am reading reports of kids doing it in schools, even elementary schools.  I have read about people doing it on the blogs, and even right out in public streets.   We have all seen the videos of angry drivers yelling racial and ethnic slurs out the windows of their vehicle.  I even got sent a meme right after the election that threatened me as a gay man.  So it is real, and it is dangerous.  We need everyone who supports all of us targeted groups to speak up and we are very grateful for the help.  Be watchful, please be safe.   Hugs

A Tempe, Arizona man stormed into an LGBT-friendly church screaming homophobic abuse last week, saying he had permission from President-elect Donald Trump.

Source: Man Says Trump Gave Him Permission to Scream Homophobic Tirade in LGBT-Friendly Church: WATCH – Towleroad

Excerpts below:

 A man stopped by the Tempe Community Christian Church office this morning on a rant about the rainbow flag we have in the cross tower. Keeley Bruner, our office administrator, had to field his attack because I was on a conference call. The man was using inflammatory, graphic language about gay people and his “righteous” hatred for them. He threatened to pay people to protest in front of our church.

He said that he was not above spreading lies about pedophilia in our church. He told Keeley that if Hillary had won he would have driven right on by, but since Trump won he felt empowered to speak and act out because the country agrees with him

I also ask you to pray for our nation. We are in a new and very uncertain political world, post-truth and post-civility. Some feel that they have been given permission to speak and act in hateful and cruel ways. Pray that there will be leaders in our community and our nation who will not tolerate hate, threats and violence.

December 3, 2016

The thing I keep saying … it is true.

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The  thing I keep saying is that even if you did not vote for trump, if you let fake news and talked about pretend crimes done by Hilary keep you from voting for her, you in effect voted for trump. IF you voted third party knowing that the only two that could possibly win were Hillary or Trump, you voted for trump. If you voted against your interest as a way to not vote for the repeatedly voice and totally wrong corruptions of the Clintons and so therefore did not vote for Hillary, you voted for trump. You were willing to screw yourself and everyone else because you felt morally Hillary was worse than Trump, you first did not bother to research Hillary compared to Trump instead listened to far right wing news sources, you did hurt yourself and everyone else. If what you wanted was what you got, enjoy. The rest of us are scared. The rest of us now have to fight to keep the civilised society we had. Be well. Hugs

November 24, 2016

An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America | Alternet

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I want to thank NeuroNotes posting this, and Carmen for showing it to her.   I love it, I have been saying this same thing over and over and it seems no one is willing to hear me.  I saw this mentality in a very small town in Vermont where I grew up.   The author has it clear.  It is a long read but a good one.   Hugs

In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king.

Source: An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America | Alternet

Dan Rather Just Demanded Americans Choose Sides Against Trump’s Nazis In Viral Post

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I want to thank for posting the link to this needed and inspiring post.  Hugs

What side will you choose?

Source: Dan Rather Just Demanded Americans Choose Sides Against Trump’s Nazis In Viral Post

November 17, 2016

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class

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I do not beleive there is anything I could add that is not already covered in this article.  It is a bit long, but well written and very astute to many things in my opionion.   I have a few areas where I am not sure the author is correct in the assumptions made, but for the most part it seems spot on to me.   Please read and let me know your feelings on it.  Hugs


The reasons for Trump’s win are obvious, if you know where to look.

Source: What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class

September 13, 2016

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans – The New Yorker –

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I love this.  Mak posted it on Ark’s blog.  It is incredible.   While yes it is not really a science report, it describes the situation as if it was.   Look at it this way, Jurassic World did not show real dinosaurs but it felt real correct?  Well to me it did and I enjoyed the movie greatly.   I also enjoyed this article.   Hugs


“It’s possible that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or oxygen,” a researcher said.

Source: Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans – The New Yorker –

July 30, 2016

Trump is a BUFFOON

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July 28, 2016

Block Trump From Receiving Security Briefings

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Trump called for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails yesterday.  This, combined with his bro-mance with Vladimir Putin, make him a treasonous, anti-American scoundrel and a threat to…

Source: Block Trump From Receiving Security Briefings

This is such a great post, I think it should be reblogged everywhere.   Remember this is the same guy, thin skinned Trump, who called for a ban on Hillery getting security briefings for the email problem.  This action is far more serious, especially when you take into account all his other dealings with the oligarchs in Russia.   What is this thin skinned spolid brat man child going to do when he gets upset and angry in the white house.   The things he could do, both foreign and domestic, to harm our country is frightening.    Please think on this and write posts on how he can not be allowed to get the presidency.  Hugs

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