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April 3, 2020

Our Health Care System Is Broken

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March 28, 2020

San Diego Police Grocery Shop for 95-Year-Old Widower

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I have often, very often posted when police officers and the departments they belong to do something wrong such as take a life when it is clear they shouldn’t have.   It is only fitting I post when they do something really correct and right.   In this case they really went above and beyond.   I grew up with the idea of police officers who serve and protect the community they were in.   Granted I grew up in a small rural cow town, but the police were not there just to punish or issue tickets.   If a student at the local 1-6th grade school needed to go to a doctor appointment or other place and the parents couldn’t take them, the local police department would.  The police department did things like in this video, they checked on people, knew almost everyone in town by name.   They were respectful and it was never adversarial to deal with them.   I wonder what changed?  Oh I know, when we militarized the police forces.   They went from peace officers, to armed forces to deal with all outside threats.  That is the job of the military, not our local police who we need for helping the people in need.   Hugs

March 25, 2020

OK how is this for serious

I normally get Ron up at 5PM so he can get ready for work and have a bite to eat.   I had his phone with me for updating and such.  At 4:45 PM his phone rang and it was his unit director.  So I answered it.  I have always liked her and she has seemed to like me.  We had a few minutes of pleasantries and then she asked if Ron was up.  I explained to her I did not wake him until 5 but if she wanted I could go get him up now.   She apologized but said it was important.  

Long story short it was important.   This virus is getting more serious by the minute.   She was calling to say that Ron and some others in his age group could chose not come to work with no penalties because they were now moved to extreme high risk.  Ron simply did not have to come to work because it was too dangerous.   

There was a catch though.  Ron could stay out of work but he would have to use his own earned personal time to keep getting paid and the company in figuring the pay  deducted his night time differential pay, and then only paid out 80% of what would have been his then daytime pay rate.   Basically Ron would be paid half his normal hourly pay rate, which is what happens every time he takes any leave.  It should be criminal.  That is why he works nights in the first place.     He earns it at one rate, but to use it they cut it in half and he still has to pay the same taxes and other stuff on it.   We get screwed all the time if he uses his earned time which is why he has so much.   Which right now having a lot maybe a good thing, even if we can not live on it.    

So the point is they are offering people Ron’s age the choice of simply not coming to work.   Not reassignment, not other accommodations, simply not to come to work or come to work.  Come to work and get paid normal rate but be exposed to the virus, don’t come to work and get paid a third rate until your earned time runs out.   The very earned time he will need if he gets sick.  So Ron said thank you but he is going to keep working.  What else can he do.   We are on the lower economic rung, we have very few choices.   Hugs

Covid-19 is serious

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Hello everyone, you wonderful grand people.    I care about all of you ( yes a human caring for other humans, what is wrong with me as it doesn’t seem normal these days ) and I want you to be safe.   

I have the advantage and the serious risk of having a spouse in healthcare, in an  ICU.  I use to work in a surgical ICU myself.   The N95 disposable masks which I am sure everyone knows there is a shortage of but I don’t think everyone understands what that means.   Let me explain.  These masks used to be a normal unit stock item, kept in large amounts on the floor like other PPE such as paper gowns and gloves.   Because of the shortage now every floor person who needs to go into a room where these are required must go individually to the CSR ( the central supply room ) and sign out one mask to be used all day.   They must do this personally, no one can do it for them.   They must have a need for the mask.  

Seems like a way to make sure there is no waste of a much needed item in very low supply, right?   Wrong.   Everyone has seen TV medical shows where a “code blue” is called.    TV surprisingly gets some things correct and some are just for drama.   Here is what happens when a PT needs emergency lifesaving care like if they stop breathing, their heart stops, something like that and it is dramatic, scary , and serious.    I know I have been in many of them.   Someone on the floor will see what is happening due to the many monitors and in person observation of the PT and yell “call the code” or “call a code” or “call code blue”.   Whoever was closest to the desk would initiate the call which is done by picking up the phone and hitting the code that gives a priority call to the main system operators, when they pick up which is normally instantly you state the code ( blue ) room ####.   Then you repeated it.   The operator knows what hospital you called from and this is important as all the hospitals in the system are connected to the same system but have different ways of numbering their rooms.  The operators call the code over that hospitals PA system which activates a host of actions.  

On the ICU floors we sadly have lots of practice with this.  It is almost like a choreographed dance.   In our ICU’s we keep crash carts, fully loaded with emergency drugs and life support equipment including the necessary respiratory tools and a defibrillator for shocking the heart.   Forget the drama showing paddles with someone yelling charge and then clear while slamming the paddles down on the body.   The ones used in real life have two pads, one goes under the PT the other on their chest, the unit is all electronic and starts recording the heart rate and will tell you what to do and when to use it.  but back to what happens in a code blue.   

The closest crash cart is raced to the room.  While that is happening floor staff are already starting life saving measures such as CPR and needed other preparations.   Any of the nurses on the floor that can rush to the room.  Respiratory people nearby in the hospital run to the room as do the doctors / ARNPs / PSCs assigned to the floor.   There is normally a lot of people in the room not just the assigned nurse and CNAs.  ICUs have different sizes and different rules, ours were 11 room units separated by specialty.   Each nurse had two patients only, the charge nurse normally only had one PT but in an emergency could take two.  There is normally a CNAA on the floor also who assists the nursing staff, but mostly ran the unit non-PT care such as monitoring / allowing access to the units, handling the phone, coordinating supplies, logging PTs into the computer systems among other tasks.     Normally that person would be the one to call the code and stays at the desk to coordinate things outside the room, but sometimes after calling the code the CNAA will be needed to help the nurses do CPR or other tasks to save the PT.  

Do you see the problem with each person needing to enter the room in an emergency to have to report to the CSR personally to get one mask to be kept all day?   Many of the staff now needed in the room wouldn’t have needed to be in the room otherwise, most were not directly assigned the PT.  Those people can not enter the room without a mask, it would expose themselves to the very disease killing the PT.   Remember how easily covid-19 is transmitted.  

The hospital my spouse works at has already had 3 PTs die from Covid-19.  They have moved PTs from an entire floor and  are setting it up for just Covid-19 PTs.  Here are the stats from the county in Florida I live in. <blockquote>

Monday’s Coronavirus Updates: 11 new cases in Southwest Florida

As of 5:45 p.m. Monday, there are 1,227 positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Florida. The case count includes 1,147 Florida residents and 80 non-Florida residents. There are 18 deaths reported in Florida, with the latest reported Sunday in Palm Beach County.


  • Total number of cases: 1,227 (up from 1,171)
  • Number of Florida residents: 1,147 (up from 1,096)
  • Number of non-Florida residents: 80 (up from 75)


Total number of cases: 73*

  • Lee County: 30 (up from 28)
  • Collier County: 39 (up from 34)
  • Charlotte County: 3 (up from 2)
  • DeSoto County: 1
  • Glades County: 0
  • Hendry County: 0

There have been 13,965 total tests administered in the state of Florida, with 1,227 positive tests. 11,637 tests have come back negative, and the remainder are pending, according to the FDOH website. </blockquote>

Also the hospital has stopped visiting hours for any PT not in danger of imminent death.   Any thing a family member wants to be given to the PT has strict procedures.  A member of the staff in connection with the care of the PT in question must meet the family member at the entrance to the hospital.  That staff member will accept the items and clean them before bringing them into the hospital.  

The more people tested the more cases there will be.   Country wide there is not enough supplies nor beds to even begin to help the many people with this virus.  This is not a joke or political game, this is a serious virus that is killing people.   Here is how easy it can be to infect a large number of PT.   Say a PT with an unknown case of Covid-19 is in the hospital.   Say a family member visits the PT or a staff member without protective gear on because the PT was admitted for other reasons than Covid-19 symptoms enters the room, then having been exposed but is unaware goes about their day, everyone they interact with, every surface they touch is possibly infected.   Remember the distance this can travel between people is at a minimum 6 feet just for talking or normal breathing, and it has been found living on surfaces weeks after deposited there.  

On last thing I want to mention.  I care about people, and I care even more for my viewers.  If possible get some gloves, no matter what kind.  Of course latex medical / surgical care gloves are the best, but I have even seen heavy gardening gloves used and keep them in the car.  Also disinfecting wipes and spray in the car.  Use them when getting gas for your car.  Think how many other people have used the pump handles.  I put on my latex gloves, spray the pump handle with disinfectant spray, fill the car then put the pump handle back.   Take the gloves off properly, there is a trick to do that where you are protected and it can be found online and on YouTube, then use the wipes to clean your hands before touching buttons or your steering wheel.  Seems like a lot of steps and maybe a bit over the top doesn’t it.  It is not.  This thing kills the young, the healthy, and those who have health issues as the military is reporting both cases and deaths from it.    If you have any breathing problem even occasional shortness of breath then this thing is even more deadly for you.  

Be well and safe, follow the medical professions guidance.  Ignore tRump as his interest is the stock market and his reelection, despite what he claims he is not a doctor nor does he have an advanced degrees in medicine.  He is talking hope and dreams, not well known science and facts.  Ignore opinion shows that pretend to be news who are either catering to the president or to religious people who hope their god is able to protect them, it has not so far.  I have posted just today about religious leaders calling for people to gather in groups for services, activites, in spite of recommendations just to prove how powerful their faith is.  Now many of those people have fallen ill and those they met are also exposed.  How selfish.    Also do not hoard supplies.   It is not needed and causing problem.   There are plenty of goods and supplies in the US and coming to stores.   Trucks are arriving many times a day.   But if you take more of an item than you can use in a few days you are creating a supply problem our current grocery system is not prepared to handle.  Stores order just what they need at that time depending instead on frequent deliveries.   Besides what are you going to do with a pickup truck bed full of toilet paper?  It is illegal to price gouge in an emergency which this now is.  If you have piled up supplies for six months in your home you will be tripping over them for the next six months while the stores are still stocking them. 

Best wishes, hugs, and love to all.  Scottie



March 23, 2020

My chair and my Saturday adventure.

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I have been needing to get a new desk chair for a while.   I use my desk chair all the time, it is really the only chair I use in the house when I am up.   I not only blog at my desk, I watch TV, and I watch movies or listen to music all while sitting in my desk chair.   My old chair was all torn up from my use, the front of the seat all marked from where the cats jumped up on it to get to my dest, and two weeks ago the back started to break in that it wouldn’t come back up to a full up position any more.    Ron decided it was time to replace it, I was willing to wait , but Ron worried I would lean back and it would let go on me.   


To Staples we went.   As Ron and I were looking over all the high back desk chairs the first of three young guys came over to offer to help us.   These workers were all young, late teens early 20’s.  Why is it young people all look cute and good looking?   All of these young people just seemed to have so much energy and vitality, it tired me out just watching them.  So we told the first young person we were going to look them over and did not need help.   I am particular with my chair, first is height as it is hard on my hips to be bent and I struggle to stand up.   I also need lots of back support when sitting upright, so the chair has to have strong lumbar support.  I like a good head rest for when I hurt so badly I need to lay back for a while.   The arms and arm height is also very important as I lay my arms on the rests as I type.     I was checking how far back one chair would go and pulled the wrong lever, causing the chair to sink and bend my hips.  The hip I fell on last monday screamed in my mind with pain and I nearly passed out.   As I was struggling to get up out of the chair the second young man came over to offer to help.   Again we told him we just wanted to look, thanks anyway.      After a while as I had narrowed my choice down to three different ones a third young man came over to help.  He was so tiny at first I thought he was a kid out shopping for electronics,  but he was clearly wearing the store uniform.   He had a 23 or 24 inch waist.   My arms are small as I have not used the muscles in years but his were even smaller than mine.   He asked if he could help us.   I said no thanks, but rather than say ok and leave us this boy kept asking questions and pointing out things on the different chairs.   I let him wind down, no need to be rude, and then thanked him but told him I need to sit on them for a while to decided and it was unfair to take up his time as this would take a while.   He seemed happy with that and said he would be around if we needed anything.   

He was good to his word, I think he was watching us because when I decided he seemed near and I spoke up saying ” Young man, now we are ready to have your help”.  Ron burst out laughing at my using the term young man.   I responded that compared to us he was a young man and looked like a high school kid.   The boy blushed as he stood there, and seemed pleased at the complement.   He got the chair we wanted and did all the things need to buy it.  Then he took it out out to the van for us.   I was worried as the box seemed heavy for him putting it in the van, that we might have trouble getting it in to the house.    Here is where the funniest thing happened. 

After he loaded it up for us we stood there talking, again seemed like a really nice guy.   Then he stuck out his hand and without thinking I also stretched mine out and we started to shake hands.   Ron yelled out ” Hey you two, stop that.  You’re not supposed to do that anymore”.    The boy stammered and I winked at him and told Ron I was just getting the boy’s phone number.  The boy was again blushing and he was saying how he used the hand stuff all the time.  I was laughing and Ron was grinning.    After we got in the van Ron turned to me and said ” I can not take you anywhere can I”?   

Ron was proud of himself bring the box into the house as he had less trouble with it than the boy did.   Here is pictures of Ron putting the new chair together.  It looks good behind the desk, it has more room than the other chair to move around as the back is straighter.   Milo was pushing Ron to empty the box faster, and then claimed the box as his.    Hugs


March 20, 2020

Also heros 2

Also heros

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Remember you can still use the phone while isolated.     Hugs

March 18, 2020

Liberal Redneck – Super Tuesday Smorgasboard

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I know this is out of date but it was funny.  Hugs


February 17, 2020

Well that was painful

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Hello Everyone.   This morning I had an appointment with the pain clinic.  I was scheduled for trigger point injections in to the muscles of my back.   However when I told Brenda I was falling again due to sudden sharp pains in my lower back / hips that would cause one or the other leg to suddenly collapse, and that I was having a general weakness in my right leg, it was decided I needed the spine injections instead.  I was overdue for them, but I had not mentioned it as they seriously hurt, and hurt longer than the trigger point injections that I also need.    Can not have both as it is too much steroids.    She also increased my pain medications by starting me on morphine again.   I hope this will cut the pain some.   The shots in to the lower part of my spine not only hurt the back but because of the nerves going down my legs are affected for about three hours my legs hurt more than normal.   Try walking on just your heels.  One of the ways she tests the strength of my legs is to see if I can walk on my toes or heels.    I couldn’t do it.    Hugs

February 10, 2020

Great Idea and a shame it is needed in the US

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Carly Doyle, a senior who helps run the Nest, said she initially worried “that students would be embarrassed to use the store.”

Added Amarissa Bednar, a junior: “I think in the beginning there might have been some embarrassment. But it has really been accepted. We didn’t know there was such a big need. The donations are flying out the window.”

The two students said it has been rewarding to see planning for the Nest come to fruition and be so positively received. Wiens agreed.

January 27, 2020

Endorsement: Elizabeth Warren will push an unequal America in the right direction

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Tough and compassionate, pushing unequal America in the right direction

The senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts is not the radical some perceive her to be. She was a registered Republican until 1996. She is a capitalist. “I love what markets can do,” she said. “They are what make us rich, they are what create opportunity.”

But she wants fair markets, with rules and accountability. She wants a government that works for people, not one corrupted by cash.

A former Harvard professor and expert in bankruptcy law, she helped set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The agency was specifically designed to prevent a repeat of the banking crisis and look out for little guys swindled by lenders and credit card companies.

Warren doesn’t measure the health of the economy by looking at the stock market or an unemployment rate that doesn’t count the longtime jobless or chronically underemployed. She measures it by how working families are doing. Many are not doing well, and Warren seeks major reforms to help them.

She believes access to health care is a human right.

She would make climate change a top priority and use her executive power to roll back Trump administration policies that prop up fossil fuels.

She says corporations should have less Washington influence, children should be protected from gun violence, child care should be affordable, immigrants deserve compassion, mass incarceration should end and the wealthy should pay more in taxes.

Those ideas are not radical. They are right. They would improve life in America, and they are generally shared by the other Democratic candidates, who bring their own strengths to this race.

At this moment, when the very fabric of American life is at stake, Elizabeth Warren is the president this nation needs.

January 18, 2020

This is what we are when we choose to care about each other

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January 16, 2020

A pleasant and wonderful surprise.

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A couple days ago when texting with our son he asked if we would be home today and he would stop by.  Ron worked last night so he would catch a few hours sleep so he could also visit with James when he got here.  It was nice when the boy moved out making his own way in the world, but we do miss him.  He works so many shifts and crosses shifts to work any time they need him.   It is hard on him and hard to plan anything so our visits are fewer than we would like.   But it is expensive for young people these days and give the boy all the credit he is doing well for someone his age in today’s expensive world.   I am really proud of him and the way he has turned out, the man he has become.   After a few hours visiting he asked if he could take us out for lunch.   We agreed to go to lunch but told him we would pick up the tab.   We were his age once and know how hard it was for us then.   So we all went out to eat.   James took us to a pizza place we have never been to before and it was grand.  It was really nice with unusual decor and artisan menu.   It was a grand time and an older couple in the booth behind us with their grand child stopped to talk with us.   The woman said I looked very failure to her and wondered where we may have met.   I get this occasionally from my days working in the Surgical ICU at HealthPark Hospital.    I explained to her I had worked there in the 5th floor ICU, and sometimes helped out in other ICU units.  She started to smile broadly and laughed.  She had worked on the 6th floor.   She and I had left the hospital about the same time but she remembered me.   Seems I had gone up and helped them out a few times and she remembered that.   She had to come to the ICU a few times and remembered how ( in her words ) kind and nice I had been.  It is nice to be remembered.    James , Ron, and I all shared a bunch of appetizers and a large pizza.     We talked to him about him and his girlfriend would like to go to Busch Gardens with us as we often went to the theme parks when he lived with us.   We told him we would pick up the tickets as his birthday present.   He was excited and would work out a date with us.   He offered to drive, which I thought was wonderful as at our age a day walking around a theme park in the Florida heat is very tiring.   James was worried about me being able to do it and remarked we should look into a scooter for me.   Smarty pants I scolded him, but I was pleased he realized the difficulties and was thinking ahead.  James did react quickly when the bill came taking it from the server before I could reach it.   Ron tried to tell him we would be more than happy to get the bill, but James was firm, it was his wish and he wanted to do it.   As he had the bill in his hands we gave in.  I was in a lot of pain by the time we left, my back was wrecked and when I went to stand up I couldn’t get my legs to push me upright.   Ron helped me up.   I could see James was worried.   So we are home, Ron has gone to bed, both cats were waiting for us when we got home and Milo is sacked out on my desk.   I found the PBS video of the impeachment trail and have it set up to see what I missed.   Yes I know I just am addicted to knew but this is a historical event.  I will now look at the comments I love that came in while I was gone.   Be well everyone.   Hugs

December 1, 2019

Wisconsin Church Hosts Thanksgiving for LGBTQ People Rejected By Their Families

Wisconsin Church Hosts Thanksgiving for LGBTQ People Rejected By Their Families


It’s a reminder that a family you choose is no less important than the one you’re given, and that churches can indeed play a role in promoting love and inclusivity instead of being a force for divisiveness.


“Having someone not accept you is really hard but when it’s someone as close with your family it’s much harder,” added Yellow Brick Road leader Marilyn Schuh.

We all deserve a place at a Thanksgiving table where we feel loved and accepted. Thanksgiving is about coming together and giving thanks for those people we love in our life. We couldn’t think of anyone else we would rather spend this day with than you!” reads the event’s description on Facebook.

As The Advocate notes, these kinds of events can’t be under-appreciated:

Events like these can help LGBTQ people feel connected and supported in the face of ostracism. In a 2013 Pew survey, about four in ten LGBTQ people reported being rejected by a friend or family member. LGBTQ youth are at a much higher risk of becoming homeless.

Having a community like this goes a long way to minimizing those risks.

November 29, 2019

I agree with this

With the substance now legal or decriminalized or in use medically in over half the country it is time to revisit every conviction and void them get those people out of jail, prison, and their records expunged.   They need their rights returned to them.  This will soon be legal for recreational use country wide.    Hugs

November 18, 2019

Trump is destroying our country.

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Trump is destroying our country. He is an imposter, totally in over his head. Every Trump policy, foreign or domestic, are abject failures.


Centrist policies don’t get anything accomplished or anyone elected.

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The center does not exist politically. Centrist policies don’t get anything accomplished or anyone elected.

The real solution is the progressive Left.

November 14, 2019

Pay it forward awesome and grand

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October 22, 2019

Pure joy on the face of a child

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September 27, 2019

Mayor Pete stepped up bravely, tRump stepped out cowardly

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