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April 8, 2020

Wearing PPE, Wisconsin Speaker Claims It’s ‘Incredibly Safe To Go Out’ To Vote

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WTF !!!!!  Remember this is the guy fighting to force people to go to vote, limited the number of voting places making them more crowed, and fought hard to stop mail in balloting and and any extension of the ballet time.  Hugs

Wearing PPE, Wisconsin Speaker Claims It’s ‘Incredibly Safe To Go Out’ To Vote

Clad in gloves, a mask and full-length gown, Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos assured voters that it is “incredibly safe to go out” on Election Day despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vos is one of the main reasons the in-person election went ahead Tuesday, as he and his fellow Republicans fought both delaying the election and Democrats’ attempts to provide voters with more mail-in options.

“Actually there is less exposure here than you would get if you went to the grocery store or Walmart,” Vos added in a video captured by the local Journal Times at a polling place in Burlington that he volunteered to help staff. Polling sites across the state have been shuttered amid a drastic scarcity of elections workers.

The city of Milwaukee, for example, offered five polling places, down from its usual 180, leading to long lines and voters forced into close contact with each other.

The state has been embroiled in last-minute legislative and legal chaos as Democrats, headed by Evers who flip-flopped on the issue, sought to delay the in-person primary like every other state did that had a contest in April.

Republicans stymied all of those efforts. A critical state Supreme Court race will also be decided, and low turnout favors the GOP candidate, incumbent Dan Kelly.

More at the link above, including the very partisan Republican votes of the State Supreme Court.  Hugs



March 23, 2020

My chair and my Saturday adventure.

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I have been needing to get a new desk chair for a while.   I use my desk chair all the time, it is really the only chair I use in the house when I am up.   I not only blog at my desk, I watch TV, and I watch movies or listen to music all while sitting in my desk chair.   My old chair was all torn up from my use, the front of the seat all marked from where the cats jumped up on it to get to my dest, and two weeks ago the back started to break in that it wouldn’t come back up to a full up position any more.    Ron decided it was time to replace it, I was willing to wait , but Ron worried I would lean back and it would let go on me.   


To Staples we went.   As Ron and I were looking over all the high back desk chairs the first of three young guys came over to offer to help us.   These workers were all young, late teens early 20’s.  Why is it young people all look cute and good looking?   All of these young people just seemed to have so much energy and vitality, it tired me out just watching them.  So we told the first young person we were going to look them over and did not need help.   I am particular with my chair, first is height as it is hard on my hips to be bent and I struggle to stand up.   I also need lots of back support when sitting upright, so the chair has to have strong lumbar support.  I like a good head rest for when I hurt so badly I need to lay back for a while.   The arms and arm height is also very important as I lay my arms on the rests as I type.     I was checking how far back one chair would go and pulled the wrong lever, causing the chair to sink and bend my hips.  The hip I fell on last monday screamed in my mind with pain and I nearly passed out.   As I was struggling to get up out of the chair the second young man came over to offer to help.   Again we told him we just wanted to look, thanks anyway.      After a while as I had narrowed my choice down to three different ones a third young man came over to help.  He was so tiny at first I thought he was a kid out shopping for electronics,  but he was clearly wearing the store uniform.   He had a 23 or 24 inch waist.   My arms are small as I have not used the muscles in years but his were even smaller than mine.   He asked if he could help us.   I said no thanks, but rather than say ok and leave us this boy kept asking questions and pointing out things on the different chairs.   I let him wind down, no need to be rude, and then thanked him but told him I need to sit on them for a while to decided and it was unfair to take up his time as this would take a while.   He seemed happy with that and said he would be around if we needed anything.   

He was good to his word, I think he was watching us because when I decided he seemed near and I spoke up saying ” Young man, now we are ready to have your help”.  Ron burst out laughing at my using the term young man.   I responded that compared to us he was a young man and looked like a high school kid.   The boy blushed as he stood there, and seemed pleased at the complement.   He got the chair we wanted and did all the things need to buy it.  Then he took it out out to the van for us.   I was worried as the box seemed heavy for him putting it in the van, that we might have trouble getting it in to the house.    Here is where the funniest thing happened. 

After he loaded it up for us we stood there talking, again seemed like a really nice guy.   Then he stuck out his hand and without thinking I also stretched mine out and we started to shake hands.   Ron yelled out ” Hey you two, stop that.  You’re not supposed to do that anymore”.    The boy stammered and I winked at him and told Ron I was just getting the boy’s phone number.  The boy was again blushing and he was saying how he used the hand stuff all the time.  I was laughing and Ron was grinning.    After we got in the van Ron turned to me and said ” I can not take you anywhere can I”?   

Ron was proud of himself bring the box into the house as he had less trouble with it than the boy did.   Here is pictures of Ron putting the new chair together.  It looks good behind the desk, it has more room than the other chair to move around as the back is straighter.   Milo was pushing Ron to empty the box faster, and then claimed the box as his.    Hugs


March 1, 2020

Here’s a Picture of Mike Pence’s Team Attempting to Pray Away Coronavirus

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Here’s a Picture of Mike Pence’s Team Attempting to Pray Away Coronavirus

Elizabeth Johnston (a.k.a. the “Activist Mommy”) has spent the past day or so talking about her meeting — along with other anti-abortion zealots — with Vice President Mike Pence.

If this virus truly becomes a pandemic, we’re at the mercy of people delusional enough to think their pleas to God will fix the problem. The same God who presumably created the virus, at least in their minds, will somehow make sure it hurts only a handful of Americans… and a ton of Chinese people.

Pence already botched the response to an outbreak of HIV in Indiana. Now he’s going to hurt the entire country.

February 21, 2020

This is not justice, it is racism. Reform the justice system now

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February 13, 2020

Ron found one of our rose vases

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The gifts for my wonderful husband

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I mentioned earlier I got Ron a couple things for valentines day.   Here they are.  With the kitchen under remodeling I forgot we did not have a vase big enough to support them.   I should have bought one at the store when I got the flowers.   Oh well, tomorrow Ron is going shopping and he can get one.   Hugs



January 28, 2020

Never again applies to everyone

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January 25, 2020

This is what tRump has created, they want us out and we have become an occupying army

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Remember when that cop pepper-sprayed students in 2011? UC Davis paid $175K to scrub it from the internet’s memory

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January 24, 2020

Tyranny doesn’t stop on it’s own

January 22, 2020

Fragile whiteness does not serve country, it only self serves their racist narratives and projected fears.

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Fragile whiteness does not serve country, it only self serves their racist narratives and projected fears.

January 13, 2020

Best Friends

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January 5, 2020

How will we pay for it?

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December 29, 2019

The photo is clear

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Remember, do not forget, and we must never let it happen again. Please

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Down right heart breaking.   I read this, I cried, I took a break, I read it again, and tears are coming again.  I can not imagine the feelings of the children and parents, I can not understand the horrible people who took and killed these children.   But as Jill posted this morning, there are still separated children and parents in US detention centers for the crime of coming to our country for help and asylum.    Need help, first give us your kids.  They are still doing it.  It did not stop even though they said it did.   Now our government is not actively trying to kill the children.  However they are denying the children needed medical attention, proper food, proper hygiene, and basic human rights.   Nazi Germany did not start out with death camps, they got there one step at a time.   Look at the steps taken by the US in the last three years?  Hugs

December 10, 2019

Current conservative US Christians would call a modern-Jesus an infestation and an illegal, and the NRA would market guns to protect yourself from people like Jesus

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Church nativity scene puts the holy family in cages, because that’s how America deals with asylum-seekers like Christ



Jesus and his fam were refugees, so it’s only fitting that the folks at Claremont United Methodist Church decided to put its nativity figures in cages behind razorwire.

As Rev Karen Clark Ristine said, Jesus, Mary and Joseph were “the most well-known refugee family in the world. What if this family sought refuge in our country today? Imagine Joseph and Mary separated at the border and Jesus no older than two taken from his mother and placed behind the fences of a Border Patrol detention center.”

A separate nativity inside the church reunites the family. Nearly 70,000 children were imprisoned by the US government for seeking asylum in 2019.

Current conservative US Christians would call a modern-Jesus an infestation and an illegal, and the NRA would market guns to protect yourself from people like Jesus.

(via sallyyates)

November 30, 2019

This is what is wrong about US education system and US priorities

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November 27, 2019

Compare to how a real president behaves towards a foreign dictator.

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Stare down, lean forwards, Putin’s stance looks rather defensive, not triumphant as it is with Trump


November 22, 2019

My new 32 inch 4K monitor

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Hello Everyone.   I needed to get a new monitor for my video computer.   I had a flat screen 24 inch on it.  Ron is getting a computer and he needs a monitor so I will give him that one.   I wanted something bigger for watching the news videos, YouTube stuff, HBO, Netflix, and movies from Amazon.   As the movies Ron and I buy are 4K and even some YouTube channels I follow are 4K  I figured it would be better to get a monitor that handles that.   However I was a bit surprised at the prices of new 4K monitors of that size.  So I looked into the refurbished program Amazon has.  It seemed really decent.   So I found a refurbished 32 inch 4K monitor with all the features and a stand that was height adjustable, tilt adjustable and even landscape / portrait mode adjustable.   Plus I really like the hookup being straight on acceptable rather than built under an opening.   I hate having to bend over with a flashlight to hook and unhook the cables.  The price was quite reduced at $329.99.

LG 32in UHD 4K Dual HDMI DisplayPort 3840×2160 LED LCD Monitor – 32UD59-B (Renewed)

I was worried about the refurbished issue so when it arrived I took pictures of every step of unpacking it and setting it up.   I need not have worried.   There was not a mark on it, I would have thought it was brand new never out of the original box if it did not have a small sticker on the back saying refurbished.  

So am I happy?  How does it work?   I am thrilled.  It is so clear, so much brighter and clearer than the old monitor.   I love the larger size.   The only draw back is I am running out of space on my desk and the cats do not like having one of the places they sprawl out on the desk reduced.  Ron said he is going to build little side wings for the desk.   I Jokingly told Ron I liked it so much I thought I should get one like it for my main blogging computer.   He about popped a cork.  I have a 27 inch monitor that is only three or four years old.   He was not in favor of the idea at all.   Seemed to think I was rather “pushing my luck” to suggest another new monitor.   😀😃😄😎😎

Here are the pictures I took while unpacking and setting up the monitor.   Notice Milo found the box as soon as I set it down.   Hugs



Some pictures I took of Milo the other day

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