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November 30, 2019

This is what is wrong about US education system and US priorities

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November 27, 2019

Compare to how a real president behaves towards a foreign dictator.

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Stare down, lean forwards, Putin’s stance looks rather defensive, not triumphant as it is with Trump


November 22, 2019

My new 32 inch 4K monitor

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Hello Everyone.   I needed to get a new monitor for my video computer.   I had a flat screen 24 inch on it.  Ron is getting a computer and he needs a monitor so I will give him that one.   I wanted something bigger for watching the news videos, YouTube stuff, HBO, Netflix, and movies from Amazon.   As the movies Ron and I buy are 4K and even some YouTube channels I follow are 4K  I figured it would be better to get a monitor that handles that.   However I was a bit surprised at the prices of new 4K monitors of that size.  So I looked into the refurbished program Amazon has.  It seemed really decent.   So I found a refurbished 32 inch 4K monitor with all the features and a stand that was height adjustable, tilt adjustable and even landscape / portrait mode adjustable.   Plus I really like the hookup being straight on acceptable rather than built under an opening.   I hate having to bend over with a flashlight to hook and unhook the cables.  The price was quite reduced at $329.99.

LG 32in UHD 4K Dual HDMI DisplayPort 3840×2160 LED LCD Monitor – 32UD59-B (Renewed)

I was worried about the refurbished issue so when it arrived I took pictures of every step of unpacking it and setting it up.   I need not have worried.   There was not a mark on it, I would have thought it was brand new never out of the original box if it did not have a small sticker on the back saying refurbished.  

So am I happy?  How does it work?   I am thrilled.  It is so clear, so much brighter and clearer than the old monitor.   I love the larger size.   The only draw back is I am running out of space on my desk and the cats do not like having one of the places they sprawl out on the desk reduced.  Ron said he is going to build little side wings for the desk.   I Jokingly told Ron I liked it so much I thought I should get one like it for my main blogging computer.   He about popped a cork.  I have a 27 inch monitor that is only three or four years old.   He was not in favor of the idea at all.   Seemed to think I was rather “pushing my luck” to suggest another new monitor.   😀😃😄😎😎

Here are the pictures I took while unpacking and setting up the monitor.   Notice Milo found the box as soon as I set it down.   Hugs



Some pictures I took of Milo the other day

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My blog helpers are napping

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November 20, 2019

New pictures of my glorious vista.🙄😋😃😀😉😎

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Why it is hard to blog some times


November 19, 2019

We have serious problem in the US

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November 15, 2019

My night

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Hello my wonderful friends and Toy Box viewers.  I had another bad night with muscle spasms.   I went to bed at 7 PM just beat.   I have not been sleeping much so I have been going to bed early.   By 8 PM I was awake with painful spasms in my right leg.   I tried for about 20 minutes to shift enough to relieve the pain and stop the spasms, but it did not work.   So I got up and walked around the bedroom for a while.   So got back to bed about 8:40 PM.   I slept on and off fighting the building spasms and shifting to get them to subside.   At 11:30 PM I jolted awake with horrible pain my my right leg.   The foot, calf , and the back of the upper leg was on fire and spasm so bad my leg bones were hurting.   I struggled out of the bed and tried to stretch the muscles and stumbled around putting pressure on it to help stop the spasm.  I ended up in my office in my chair which is really helpful with these things.   At 12:30 I tried to lay down again.  I drifted off and in less than an hour was back up with both legs in spasms.   I gave up knowing I wouldn’t get any more sleep.   This is how my nights have been going lately.  So the reason I share my attempt to sleep story is both cats were with me in bed, followed me walking around the house, and came to the office with me.   When I got up for good both cats walked in front of me to the coffee maker and then to my office.   I gave them their breakfast treats and set down to set up the computers and do my blogging.   I had help.   Hugs

Milo and Odie on my desk 11-15-2019

Pastor Puts $4.4 Million Mansion Up for Auction After Being Forced to Pay Taxes

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Pastor Puts $4.4 Million Mansion Up for Auction After Being Forced to Pay Taxes

A controversial megachurch pastor known for hosting “spring break” lingerie and sleepover parties put his mansion, valued at $4.4 million, up for auction after he lost a legal battle over a tax-exempt status that was revoked after the parties came to light.

Last year, Florida Pastor Markus Bishop lost an appeal over the tax-exempt status of his property, which was removed alongside others after it was revealed that Faith Christian Family Church allowed its property to be taken over during Spring Break by a nightclub called “Amnesia” that hosted foam and “anything but clothes” parties.


Remember, this is a personal home that this megachurch pastor was not paying any taxes on by virtue of being a pastor. He’s only selling the home because he’s no longer receiving an undeserved perk.


All the more reason the “Parsonage Exemption” should be revised or eliminated. A federal lawsuit failed to do the trick, and another effort is underway, but people like Bishop are providing clear evidence for why pastors don’t really need the government perk.

November 14, 2019

Pay it forward awesome and grand

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November 12, 2019

You is …

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Some grand things Randy sent me.

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November 9, 2019

Clear difference

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November 8, 2019

Milo in the sunlight on the end of my desk

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November 6, 2019

You ate out of my food bowl …

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November 2, 2019

Towels are magical and this one captured Milo

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November 1, 2019

Milo just going to sleep in front of my keyboard.

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I woke Odie from his nap by taking his picture

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October 28, 2019

Even the staged picture was goofed

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I’ve seen amateur made theater sets look less stagey than this.

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