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April 20, 2019

I want one!

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April 12, 2019

The new fan

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So one of the last things we needed for my new office was a dimmable light ceiling fan.  The one that was here was an ugly palm leaf thing that wobbled and womped.  So we found online a 54 inch modern looking fan with a dimmable light.   It was very affordable at about $120 dollars.   So this morning while I was at my doctors, Ron took down the Palm leaf fan and put up the new one.  However the dimmable part did not work.  On reading the instructions, something he failed to do, I discovered the bulbs they sent with the fan are not dimmable and you need to buy different bulbs.  He rushed out to his favorite store, Home Depot or any hardware home improvement do it yourself  store ,  and got new bulbs.  I love it.  The fan is super quiet so I can do videos, the lighting is variable as I wish, and the fan has three speeds each way.  So here are the pictures.  Hugs


August 2, 2018

1500′ TV Tower Watch it in full screen mode.

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November 25, 2017

Can you imagine living here? Owning this place? Hugs

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June 21, 2016

Please think on this… we are in the sticks galactically thinking

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March 20, 2016


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Incredible photos and pictures. Enjoy. Hugs

September 19, 2015

Bikers’ paradise

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Source: Bikers’ paradise

Beautiful and wonderful. Hugs

August 22, 2015

did you know? – This place is like the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate…

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did you know? – This place is like the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate….

looks cool and really fun.   Hugs


August 11, 2015

cool view

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A rare view from atop the Great Pyramids of Giza.  Source

July 25, 2015

Twinky Winky III

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Twinky Winky III.

I have mentioned before the wonderful, incredible pictures on this site.  Here is an example or two.  Hugs


Vermilion Lake

(Victor Porof) | ikwt


April 5, 2015

Inside America’s Toughest Federal Prison –

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I am not so stupid to know that some form of jail or prison is necessary for some crimes.  In my mind it would be a place that would hold the prisoners in societal settings of dignity and respect.  The reason for hold a person here would be to insure treatment, schooling, teaching of things the person needs to be able to rejoin society, to get abuse treatment, and any thing necessary to make the person able to be a viable member of society.   Would my way cost more, yes in the short term, but tell me which prisoner you want to move next to you, the one with all the help and services or the one use to a brutal life where might equals right and that strength entitles them to anything they wish who have no skills to use in society? I don’t need another thug, but I welcome a healed human to join my community.  I know my knowledge is limited, so if there are people out there with some ideas, I am open to them.   Hugs

Inside America’s Toughest Federal Prison –

Since opening in 1994, the ADX has remained not just the only federal supermax but also the apogee of a particular strain of the American penal system, wherein abstract dreams of rehabilitation have been entirely superseded by the architecture of control.

also read :

One day in 2009, Jones was in the rec yard and spotted Michael Bacote, a friend from back home. The familiar face was welcome but also troubling. Bacote was illiterate, with an I.Q. of only 61, and suffered from acute paranoia. He had been sent to the ADX for his role as a lookout in a murder at a Texas prison, and he was not coping well. His multiple requests for transfers or psychological treatment had been denied. He was convinced that the Bureau of Prisons was trying to poison him, so he was refusing meals and medication. “You would have to be blind and crazy yourself not to see that this guy had issues,” Jones said, shaking his head. “He can barely function in a normal setting. His comprehension level was pretty much at zero.”

December 29, 2014

This blog has some wonderful pictures, places that are a grand sight. I recommend you pay the blog a visit and see the rest yourself. Hugs

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Twinky Winky III.


Hallstat Village, Austria 

Rockefeller Center with snow falling by (MairimG)


Lunch Break by Sören Seidel


More pictures here


Scouting Heaven by Tula Top


December 13, 2014

Over the water it rises

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December 5, 2014

This planet holds more wonder than I can imagine, and I hope to see it all. Hugs

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Twinky Winky III.


More pictures here


Lunch Break by Sören Seidel


Beauty in splendor forms

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The wonder of Earth. So many places I want to see

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December 3, 2014

Some thoughts on my four years in Germany.

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One thing that interested me over there. They were very open about the body and sexuality. Nudity of both boys and girls was OK at that time. You would often see nudity on TV and on billboards, and their porn mags were to die for. Yes they had hardly no sexual assault. Just the opposite of what our leaders were preaching, if we saw it we would do it, however the age of consent there was 16 and they were free to do or not do as they pleased. Also booze was everywhere, The saying was if you could put the money on the counter you could drink.  However there was little drunk driving. It took on average four to five years to get your full driving licence and it could be gone instantly forever with a drunk driving conviction. So everyone drank but everyone used mass transit , which worked really well. Bikes had their own lane on the side walk. One other thing. It took 8 years to be come a police officer there. Some of the very best. But don’t argue or talk back to them. I got to be friends with a couple, and they were very well trained, however I saw a man hit some one with his car. The police told him to get out of the car, he refused. They told him twice more. He refused and insulted them and began trying to drive off. A huge mistake. The officer broke out the window, reached in and dragged the man out of the car. Never abused him, never roughed him up, just simply removed him from the car…..through the window. They had a night stick I loved, it was spring loaded, if they hit you on one side of the head it would curve around and also hit you on the other. Yet I never saw the kinds of police corruption and brutality we have here. If I was younger and in better shape I would move to Germany. I loved my time there. The people were the best. Open and fun. Took a while to really become friends but when you did it was friends for life.  I am deeply grateful to the many Germany people and family’s who reached out to a confused American kid who had little clue in life and made him feel welcome and at home.    Great place and grand people.

December 2, 2014

The most awesome bike ever, my idea of a great bicycle.

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contrast and view. Great photos.

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I love the pictures and art on this blog.  It has some really great photos.    If you like them as much as I do please stop over and tell the author how great he is doing.   Thank you  Hugs

Twinky Winky III.


Scouting Heaven by Tula Top

December 1, 2014

Very lucky children

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Here are some very lucky children, they have parents that love them and have the money to do these things.  Hugs

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