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March 17, 2019


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(cartoon by Joe Heller)

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)



March 16, 2019

New Zealand Leaders Vow To Stiffen Gun Control Laws

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This is what we need so badly !!!  Rather than me posting segments of the post, please go to the link.   Thanks.  Hugs


NEW YORK: Prosecutors Say Evidence Proves Trump Used Charity Money During 2016 Presidential Run

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So even more evidence the man in the white house broke laws and feels laws do not apply to him.  Hugs

Courthouse News reports:

Ramping up their criminal case against the Trump Foundation, New York prosecutors said new evidence shows President Donald Trump used foundation money during his 2016 presidential run — a violation of the bar against charities getting involved in political campaigns.

Words that need to be said and heard

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Appeals Court: Tax-Free Housing for Faith Leaders (But Not Atheists) is Legal

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation has lost a major legal battle in its effort to stop the government from giving religious leaders a huge unconstitutional tax break.

FFRF is, not surprisingly, upset with the decision.

Reacts FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor, one of the plaintiffs: “The housing allowance is so clearly a handout to churches and clergy, and it so clearly shows preferential treatment and discriminating in favor of ministers.”

… “It’s an injustice not just to us, but to taxpayers who have to pay more than their share, because clergy pay less,” Gaylor says.

FFRF could always ask the full Seventh Circuit to look at this case again, but the Seventh Circuit is an overwhelmingly conservative court, with only two of the 14 judges appointed by Democratic presidents. Appealing to the Supreme Court is both a long shot (in terms of them even looking at the case) and a tough case to win, given the Court’s makeup. Furthermore, this isn’t a case where two appeals courts have said two different things, so the Supreme Court would likely say there’s no reason for them to get involved.

This case was always an uphill climb, legally speaking, but FFRF always had a good point: This law benefits religious leaders (including wealthy ones) with a perk that leaders of atheist organizations aren’t allowed to get. The government is actively discriminating against atheist groups with this law even if lawmakers never intended for that to be the case.

Unfortunately, the pro-religion rule will remain in place until the law ever changes.

Can you see now !

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The only time

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Still killing people

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Still dealing death

alternative realities

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(story here) ..(cartoon by John Cole)

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)

(cartoon by Nick Anderson)

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)

March 15, 2019

if the shooter is…

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Broken system

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Hate and Harm

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(cartoon by Matt Wuerker)

(cartoon by Steve Sack)

(cartoon by Rob Rogers)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)

(cartoon by Stuart Carlson)

(cartoon by Ed Hall)

(cartoon by Nick Anderson)


NEW ZEALAND: White Supremacist Slaughters 49 At Mosques, Dozens Injured, Gunman In Custody

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So should we ban all white men?   Or ban travel from New Zealand and Australia?   Hey that is the excuse they used for Muslims.   There is more at the link.   Hugs

The Guardian reports:

Forty-nine people have been shot dead and 48 injured in attacks at two mosques during Friday prayers in Christchurch, the worst mass shooting in New Zealand’s history. The prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said this was “one of New Zealand’s darkest days” as police uncovered explosive devices attached to cars and commissioner Mike Bush urged all mosques across the country to close their doors for the time being.

The New York Times reports:

He approaches the mosque on foot, his weapon visible, and begins shooting at people at the entrance.

What follows is a harrowing nearly two minutes of his firing on worshipers. At one point the gunman exits the mosque and fires in both directions down the sidewalk before returning to his car for another gun — which, like the others, was inscribed with numbers, symbols or messages. When he re-enters the mosque, he shoots several bodies at close range. “There wasn’t even time to aim, there was so many targets,” he says at one point, as the sirens of an emergency response vehicle blare in the background.

The Associated Press reports:

Shortly before the shooting, someone appearing to be the gunman publicly posted links to a manifesto on Twitter and 8chan, an online forum. The 8chan post included a link to what appeared to be the gunman’s Facebook page, where he said he would soon broadcast live video of the attack.

In his manifesto, he identified himself as a 28-year-old man born in Australia. He listed his white nationalist heroes, described what he said motivated him to attack, and said he purposely used guns to stir discord in the United States around the Second Amendment.

The Express reports:

Tarrant’s rampage began when he got into his car wearing military-style body armour and a helmet with a series of rifles on the passenger seat. The weapons, including a semi-automatic shotgun he used, are scrawled with the names of past mass killers and cities where the shootings occurred.



OHIO: Republican Bill Would Force Public Schools To Tell Parents How To Opt Out Of Vaccination Requirements

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Why?   I do not get the gain of this for anyone.  We are seeing the resurgence of horrible diseases due to people not vaccinating.  Kids are dying!  Medical costs soaring!  Study after study shows that vaccines are safe and that they work.   What is wrong with our politicians.  Do they want people to die?  I get allergy shots each week because they work.  I will have to get shots all my life, because my system doesn’t hold the immunity.  If I do not get them I get sick, I get feeling ill , like having a full time cold every day.  I wonder if these anti vaccine people get shots for other things?   Hugs

The Dayton Daily News reports:

As other states are facing outbreaks of childhood diseases such as measles and mumps, Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation that would require school districts to tell parents how easy it is to opt out of immunizations.

When schools notify parents of immunization requirements, they would be required to spell out available exemptions, according to a bill introduced in the Ohio House today. The legislation could lead to more parents deciding to skip vaccinations for their children, which would put the community at large at risk, experts say.

Can’t get over …

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Telling me …

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Trump Warns Critics: It Would Be Bad For You If The Military And Police Were Provoked Into Getting “Tough”

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Sounds like a threat to me!   Sounds like some wants to be a dictator or king.  We are watching the destruction of the democracy known as the US.  Between the republican congress protecting him, and his flouting the laws , not to mention normal presidential behavior, they are doing their best to make us Russia or North Korea.  Hugs

Daniel Dale reports at the Toronto Star:

U.S. President Donald Trump has issued what seems to be a warning of armed pushback against his political opponents, telling a right-wing website on Monday that “it would be very bad, very bad” if his supporters in the military, police and a motorcycle group were provoked into getting “tough.”

Trump uttered the remark in an interview with Breitbart News, a right-wing website that supports him. It came, according to Breitbart, as Trump was arguing that “the left” plays politics in a “tougher” and more “vicious” manner than the pro-Trump right even though “the tough people” are on Trump’s side.

Could this be true?

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Russia hacked emails of top Republicans critical of Trump, and one by one, they either retired or capitulated.

The Russians own the GOP.

March 14, 2019

Case in point, see what happens

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Who they are

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