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December 20, 2018

Aron Ra takes Matthew Powell to the wood shed.

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Worldviews of Knights and Knaves


September 11, 2018

Tragically true

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April 17, 2018

There Is No White Jesus. A short 2 minute funny but true video

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March 21, 2018

So it happened again! A child dies when parents decided to pray away sickness.

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December 11, 2017


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October 5, 2016

A great man

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June 29, 2016

OK, who let their boyfriend out after feeding time ???


Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Orlando Tragedy in Ryan Murphy-Produced Tribute – YouTube

March 1, 2016

I would change the line abused by… anyone… but yes I agree with this.. I remember praying to that god I had been told of that it would stop.. He never answered. Guess I did not put enough in the collection plate.

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via Christopher S Simmons

September 19, 2015

the one who prays to god… however I think it is different if you pray to understand, if you pray to life, to energy instead of a deity. Hugs

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September 3, 2015

A prayer for Ron

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I was watching Ron sleep and these words came into my mind, and the feeling flooded through me.  

By the flame that I see,

Of Mother Earth I ask of thee:

Grant to us peace, calm, and clarity,

And to all others that we may show charity: 

Help us with the energy here,

To honor and love those we hold dear:

For grace, peace, and prosperity,

We ask this help for Ron, Randy, and for me:

so mote it be

so mote it be

so mote it be

February 17, 2015

Question Everything • Some quick facts Senator Brown and Senator Sanders…

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Question Everything • Some quick facts Senator Brown and Senator Sanders….

Disability has been a fail safe life saver.   It don’t get you rich, try living on 1,200 a month.   With the cost of things today, it is horrible hard to get by as it is, and to talk of cutting that amount is cruel in the max.   Hugs

January 24, 2015

The Movement to Put a Church in Every School Is Growing | The Nation

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This stuff scares me.  In a public school, paid for with ALL taxpayers money with All different faiths.  look at the quote below, a Jewish kid who wanted to play football at his PUBLIC school is forced to pray to Christian God Jesus.   It is against his parents faith, his faith and the people doing this see nothing wrong with doing it to all the students.   Turn it around, say their children were required to say a Muslim prayer five times a day, or a Buddhist chant before lunch.    They would go totally nuts saying it was persecution and unfair attack on religious freedom.   It is OK for them to do it to others, great idea they say, but if others were to do it to them, it would be the greatest crime.  What the gay kids in these school now hearing them preach all the bad stuff they say against gays, what about the atheist kids.   Really it is so wrong.  Very wrong and that they get away with doing it scares the crap out of me.    Hugs

The Movement to Put a Church in Every School Is Growing | The Nation.

here is an excerpt from the posts:

Another student, Kyle, says that the influence of religion isn’t restricted to football. Kyle, who is Jewish, played on the baseball team for two years. His teammates said Christian prayers before every game. “I just said the prayers to go along with everybody,” Kyle adds with an uncertain shrug. “You don’t want to be, you know, that guy.”

January 20, 2015

Bill Nye talks to Bill Maher about the Creation Museum debate with Ken Ham!!! – YouTube

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Bill Nye talks to Bill Maher about the Creation Museum debate with Ken Ham!!! – YouTube.

for a new internet friend who has issues like I do with Ken Ham.   Hugs

December 28, 2014

Beautiful Life: A Real Life Scrooge & Being Surrounded by Angels

Beautiful Life: A Real Life Scrooge & Being Surrounded by Angels.

Some times the best we can do to help is to let others know of things.   This is the case today.   I can not do more than let everyone who comes here know of this families struggles.   Maybe one of you or one of your friends could find a way to help.   Thank you.   Hugs

October 15, 2014

A prayer I quickly wrote for my wonderful love, Ron.

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( I had to post this four or five times as every time I tried to post it the words went all over the page, I wanted to have it be two lines, and a space, two lines and a space, so forth.   Sadly the only way I could do it is with a space between each line, instead of the way I wrote it which was in two line verses.   Hugs )

Yesterday Ron texted me from work, he suddenly felt very sad.  He had no idea where it came from.   He just felt this heavy sadness.   So I took my amulets in my hands and sat in the sun shining through my bedroom window and reached out for the energy of Mother Earth.   I quickly felt the life force, the spirit of our world as I try to touch this spirit several times a day.   I drew in energy and then thanking Mother Earth for the help and assistance, I sent it to Ron, and kept Ron in my mind, his image, his love, his needs, his life, and gave that to Mother Earth.  

Then I sat down at my desk.   I reached in to my feelings and quickly wrote the following prayer.   After I said the prayer out loud three times with sending as much energy as I could to Ron with each spoken word.    Here is the prayer I wrote so if you need a prayer for positive energy to help bring you back to center.  

Earth Mother of life,                                                                                                                                     

Filled with energy and delight

Give us peace and joy,      

Protect us with your power and might

Positive feeling safe from harm,  

Fill us again with protective charm

The good in life may we see,  

Mother Earth so mote it be

So mote it be

So mote it be

Ron loved it and he texted me soon after I did this and said he suddenly felt much better and the sadness had lifted.   So I know Mother Earth heard us and our need.   He titled it “Peace From Mother Earth”, and added it to his book of shadows, which is a book with all the positive and helpful things he has found in his studies.   I hope this helps you if you need it.   Many hugs and loves for everyone.   

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