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June 23, 2017

The Senate health bill: poor people pay more for worse insurance – YouTube

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Why does this 76 year old wealthy white man hate the people so much that he is hurting them so badly

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June 10, 2017

The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it – YouTube

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June 9, 2017

Freedom To Force Religion – YouTube

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June 6, 2017

REPORT: Trump’s $110B Saudi Arms Deal Is Fake – Joe.My.God.

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** Update** I recieved this from a grand Swiss lady at .    Here is the truth from someone who knows.  Thank you.  Hugs.

Hi Scottie – you know I read this in Facebook this morning on a newspaper enclosure. I do not believe all those junk newspaper editions in Facebook, so always check to see where it came from, and yes this was bona fide, a real fake. I was an export clerk for many years, working for a Swiss machine tool manufacturer, and me countries were mainly english speaking, amongst them the middle East. We had many orders for such countries, but first of all you wrote an offer, a so-called Pro forma Invoice, showing all the details of price, quantity and delivery dates. There would be a lot of back and forth and eventually, if you were lucky you got an order. Then I had to plan the deliveries, deal with the financial side of it (mainly Letter of Credit payment) and that was then a concrete order. What the Trump calamity probably got was a squiggle in arabic on an offer, Pro forma Invoice, but not more. This is not a billion order, but just a suggestion for one. Come off it Trump we are not all idiots and do not believe everything, especially from you. Lots of hugs (see it is catching 🙂 ).


I have been a follower of this site for years.  It is a community also if you are into that sort of thing.  The reason I like it is the site covers news often overlooked or hard to track down.   Here again we see that tRump lies completely and forcefully and yet his supporters believe it.   What is it about blind faith that causes this devotion when the lies are clear?   Hugs

Source: REPORT: Trump’s $110B Saudi Arms Deal Is Fake – Joe.My.God.

May 29, 2017


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May 25, 2017


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May 18, 2017

A Wonderful dazzling shining young lady. Chelsea Manning is a hero.

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I have never made a secret that I admire Chelsea Manning.   What she did took a heck of a lot of courage I doubt many would have had.   She showed the country what illegal acts our country  was doing.  We wouldn’t have known about the shooting of journalist and first medical responders.  She paid a huge horrible price for outing the crimes of the USA government.   Think of it, the ones who committed murder in Iraq never suffered a single thing.  Other illegal acts she exposed and again no one but her paid for it.   The torture she suffered at the hands of her own government is unthinkable.   Yes it was torture.  Legally we can’t do to prisoners what was done to her.  She twice tried to take her life, and I don’t blame her.  I am glad she is safe now, but facing what she faced, I can understand.   Think of the sexual abuse trauma she lives with.   I can’t recount all the things here such as her forced nudity because thinking of it is triggering me.   I think Chelsea should have been pardoned.   I hope in the future someone will do it.  I hope the country will hold her gratefully in their hearts.   For her courage and dedication I thank her, and wish I had a chance to know her.   Best wishes for you Chelsea.   May the rest of your days be filled with joy and happiness.   Hugs 

May 17, 2017

Where is the outrage now? Or is it complete Hypocrisy.

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I read and heard all during the 2016 election cycle about how Hillary had possibly compromised security with her private email server.   I heard anger over how her server could have been hacked, even though repeated sources said there was no sign of that.  She had the audacity to let her staff printer her emails for her to read, even though nothing marked secret at the time was sent, only classified  at a later date, she should have been able to see into the future on it.    Oh and let’s not forget how corrupt she was said to be.   The Clinton foundation was held to as higher standard than her opponent’s foundation even though one was clearly breaking the law and it was not the Clinton one.   Oh the horror that the Clintons were involved with giving speeches to the banks and investment houses.  Over all this she was deemed unfit to hold the grand office of President.   I still hear the shouts of lock her up lead by people like Ret. General Flynn.   Isn’t he the one asking for immunity to testify?  

So where is the outrage now from those tRump supports.  Where is the outcry from those who said give him a chance.  Enough chance to do damage yet?   He has openly done everything Hillary was wrongly accused of.   Not a peep from Fox News.  Doesn’t that show they are the propaganda arm of the republican party and are far from “fair and balanced”.    Where are the crowds who were so vocally outraged at fake news stories about Hillary now that it is clear that tRump did break the law, gave secret intel to a non-friendly nation,  and allowed a huge security risk by allowing a Russian state news person to roam and photograph the Oval office?   I wonder that all those hearings that were held into Benghazi all 9, or was it 10, at the cost of millions of dollars that ALL had the same conclusion, no wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.  The republican response was to hold another hearing.  All gone now?  Why is it no longer important to flail that durm?  

Republicans have no stomach for hearings now.  Republicans in congress see no wrong doing worth of holding any hearings on.  They Roll their eyes and run when the questions come up.  Hey why is there no outrage at the actions that were constantly screamed about in outrage over the Obama terms.  Remember the outrage and scandal of his vacations, even though he took far fewer than other republican presidents?   What about the damn cost of them Fox News fumed!  tRump goes most weekends to his private clubs and golfs at taxpayer expense yet that is OK now.    It is far more Christian to take health care away from the needy that ask tRump to treat the job of President as more than a 9-5, 5 day a week job.   Why when so many people were concerned about Hillary’s character and denounced every fake thing brought up, where are is the concern about tRump’s fitness and character?   It is OK to lie now.  Remember when people said they couldn’t stand the thought of holding Hillary up to their children as a role model?    How do they feel now about telling their kids to act like the President?   Are the Christians now telling their kids to lie, abuse females, have multiple wives?   Pay lip service to the words of their God?   

So tell me why all the outrage and vitriol I found on so many websites and news stations for every democrat that supported Hillary not directed towards tRump?   Is it just those people did not want a woman for the job?   Was it they would take anyone who had an R by their name?   You tell me because I am really tired of the hypocrisy!   Also do those who said they couldn’t stand to vote for Hillary so voted for a non possible to win candidate feel now about their vote?  Can’t say they were not warmed.  Oh so many times I heard tRump may be bad but Hillary is much worse, look at her email scandal.   Does it seem that big a deal now?  Be honest!   Hugs 

May 9, 2017

More worried about the American Taliban and the Christian sharia laws

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