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June 5, 2020

Using the entire government to enforce racist fascism.

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The Next President Of The United States

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Please contrast the difference between Biden and tRump.   Hugs

Is this policing?

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Three stages of …

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Please tell me what huge threat were two unarmed women to a dozen battle dressed armed trained police officers that they had to beat these women like this

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This was not law enforcement.    This was clearly an attempt to ensure unquestioning obedience to police superiority and to instill fear of ever questioning the police again.   This is not an enemy country in a battle zone.   This is a city street in the US.  For years our country chastised places that did this to their people, now we are doing it under tRump.   Look how the cop holds  the first woman down with his baton on her neck as if she might hurt him with even more officers thundering in to help out the number already there.   This is a militarized occupation force, not a police department.    Hugs

Let’s talk about how we’ve seen enough….

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Two Buffalo Cops Suspended After Shoving An Elderly Man, Police Had Claimed He “Tripped And Fell”

This is the police state we live in.  An authoritarian brutal police in charge at all costs country.  Even when some wanted to help the man others forced them not to.   IS this protecting the people?   Is this for the public good?   Only two cops suspended?   What about the others who were there and did not offer aid?   Hugs

Two Buffalo Cops Suspended After Shoving An Elderly Man, Police Had Claimed He “Tripped And Fell” [VIDEO]

Please go to the link above and read the reports from the various news organizations that were there and seen this.   The police originally lied about saying the man fell during a skirmish with police.   Hugs

An unidentified, 75-year-old man was shoved by two officers in the line. The man lost his balance and fell to the pavement, audibly hitting his head with blood running out from under his head. The man is in serious, but stable condition at ECMC as of Thursday night, reportedly with a concussion and lacerations.

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The presidency is a prop to authoritarian dictator want-to-be

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Political Cartoon U.S. Trump Bible photo op prop

Robert Ariail Comic Strip for June 03, 2020




Political Cartoon U.S. Trump bunker chaos hate George Floyd

Tom Toles Comic Strip for June 05, 2020


Editorial Cartoon U.S. black lives matter George Floyd police brutality

Matt Davies Comic Strip for June 04, 2020

Marshall Ramsey Comic Strip for June 04, 2020

Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for June 05, 2020

Ken Catalino Comic Strip for June 04, 2020

Chris Britt Comic Strip for June 04, 2020

 [Bill Day --]


We the people, the way it should be

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Steve Breen Comic Strip for June 05, 2020

June 4, 2020

We need police reform NOW

The pres loves him some …


Trump Has Flooded DC With Law Enforcement Officers Who Won’t Identify Themselves

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Trump Has Flooded DC With Law Enforcement Officers Who Won’t Identify Themselves

On Tuesday, while walking alongside hundreds of protesters giving the finger to the Trump International Hotel as they marched toward Congress, I spotted armed men in quasi-military gear standing on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the FBI’s headquarters.

I approached, noticing they had no obvious insignias, unlike the DC Police and some of the other law enforcement out tracking protesters and guarding DC buildings this week.

I asked two men who they were with. “We’re with the Department of Justice,” one answered. “Are you with a specific agency?” I asked. “Are you regular DOJ employees or just detailed there?” He responded: “We’re with the Department of Justice” to all my questions. He asked me who I was with, which I was happy to share, and why I wanted to know, which I’d hoped was obvious. This is America. We are supposed to know who’s policing us.

But things are changing. The Trump administration, in the name of order, is claiming the power to use unidentified federal law enforcement personnel to police protests. On top of the dizzying array of federal law enforcement already out in force this week, these are some of the “federal assets” that Donald Trump said he was deploying in DC in the wake of large protests and substantial looting and property damage on Sunday night. These officers, if that’s what they are, have not only declined to identify themselves, but appear to be actively taking steps to hide their affiliation.

As the march Tuesday continued east, I saw dozens more men dressed similarly—green fatigues, black undershirts, helmets, shoes not boots, and no masks. A group of them were spread out around the Navy Memorial between 8th and 9th St. on Pennsylvania. One told me he was with the “federal government.” He said, a little apologetically, that this was all he was allowed to say.

Another said that he and his colleagues were “Justice Department assets.” When I asked if they always wore those uniforms, he said no: “We put on what they tell us to.”

More information and pictures at the link above.   Scary times and we are going to have to desperately fight back to keep our democracy and our rule of laws.   Our civil rights.   Hugs

Video captures police officer in Florida kneeling on a black man’s neck during an arrest

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I think most people don’t realize one reason that police use the knee in the neck / back of those they are attacking is it stops the ability to speak or yell out what is happening to them.   The action makes breathing very hard, as we know it can kill due to people not being able to breathe, but if you can not get air in you can not use it to form words going out.   It is a way to silence the ones the police attack, it is a way to take voice away from the ones abused.  With video / audio now so common, the police want their victims kept silent and no evidence if they go to court.    Hugs

“Chief DiPino was disturbed to see an officer kneeling on the head and neck of an individual in the video. While it appears the officer eventually moves his leg to the individual’s back, this tactic is not taught, used or advocated by our agency,” a statement released by SPD read.

NYPD Officers Caught Beating Cyclist With Batons in ‘Horrifying’ Viral Video

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“This isn’t a problem of bad apples or incidents. This is an institutional and systemic crisis”.   This is again another example of a brutal police state trying to protect itself.   The police are occupying the country, they love their power, they are fighting to protect their power.   It must stop while there is any rights left in the land of the free authoritarian police state.    Hugs

Video at the link above.    I am having trouble watching these clear abuses against unarmed people.   These police bullies want a fight, but they don’t want a fair one.   They are totally shielded, padded, and armed attacking unprotected unarmed civilians.  Real tough of them, really shows how macho men they are.   Punks.   Hugs

‘What Authoritarianism Looks Like’: Trump Condemned as Busloads of US Soldiers Arrive in Nation’s Capital

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“The numbers of U.S. military security forces in D.C. right now is just ridiculous. This is pure intimidation,” Tim Shorrock, correspondent for The Nationtweeted in response to a video of troops lining up in the capital. “Trump is very afraid. The longer we stay in the streets, the more frightened he gets.”

“This is what authoritarianism looks like,” added journalist Ben Norton. “After decades of waging war across the planet, the U.S. empire is waging war directly on its own people.”

More at the link about.   Think about what is happening and try to remember it if we get to vote in November.    Hugs

Officer Involved in George Floyd’s Death Beat Up Unarmed, Handcuffed Black Man in 2014

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Thao has had a spotty career with law enforcement since he started with the Minneapolis Police Department as a community service officer. After going through the police academy in 2009, he was laid off a year later. In 2012, he returned to the department.

According to Minneapolis’ Communities United Against Police Brutality, six complaints have been filed against the now-former police officer—but no disciplinary action was ever taken. The details of the six complaints were not immediately clear.

In 2017, Thao and another officer were sued by Lamar Ferguson, 26, after Ferguson alleged the two officers used excessive force during an Oct. 7, 2014 arrest. According to the lawsuit obtained by The Daily Beast, Ferguson said the officers “punch[ed], kick[ed], and kn[eed]” him “to the face and body” while he was handcuffed. The incident was so violent he suffered “broken teeth as well as other bruising and trauma.”

“What happened back in 2017 was a pretty serious incident in my mind but it made no headlines—at all—and was not nearly as serious as what happened to George Floyd,” Seth Leventhal, one of Ferguson’s attorneys, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “But seeing that horrific video begs the question, ‘What did the police do internally in response to the 2017 incident?’”

The two were stopped in the block-and-a-half walk from his grandmother’s home to his girlfriend’s home. The lawsuit, which said that the officers had no probable cause to stop the pair, began to search the pair without explanation.

Handcuffing Ferguson, Thao allegedly stated that there was a warrant out for his arrest—a claim the lawsuit said was false. While questioning him, the officers began to grab and pull the handcuffed Ferguson, before Thao threw him to the ground “and began hitting him.”

The lawsuit stressed that Ferguson was not resisting arrest, was unarmed, and was lying face down on the ground as the officer began the assault, even after Ferguson began to shout for help.

“Facedown on the ground and handcuffed, Officer Thao pulled [Ferguson’s] head up by grabbing the back of his hooded sweatshirt,” the lawsuit stated, while the other officer kicked him in the mouth.

After the assault, the two officers took Ferguson to a hospital for medical treatment. Ignoring the hospital staff’s concerns that Ferguson should be allowed to get dressed before being discharged, the officers took him to jail in only a t-shirt and underpants, the lawsuit stated.

In an August 2017 deposition about the suit, Thao argued that the officers arrested Ferguson because of an outstanding warrant—and only began punching him after one of his hands slipped out of the handcuffs.

“At some point one of his arms, I believe it was the left arm, pops out of the handcuffs and he tries to pull away,” Thao said in the deposition obtained by The Daily Beast. “And he puts his hands on me and tries to give me a stiff arm in a way to try to get me off of him. After—at this point, he’s actively resisting arrest. He—so I had no choice but to punch him. I punched him in the face.”

More at the link above.   The US has a deeply entrenched militarized hateful arrogant vengeful police system out to satisfy their base interests.   The US needs to see the truth of this right now and fix it while we can.  Those of privilege never see this side of the police as they use it and take out their angers on the lower incomes, poor, and POC.    Hugs

Had enough of the abuse

Police or thugs, I say they are thugs with no respect for the law nor for people.

This is serious people.  This is what we are fighting against.  The take over of authoritarian thugs in police uniforms.   They have terrorized POC for decades unopposed, now they want to be able to do it to everyone.   The scared man child in the White House is proud of these people and their actions.   Fascism is how democracy dies.    Hugs

murdered in daylight

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Police opened fire on a gay bar because the owner was handing out water to protesters

Police must be obeyed at all cost in the land of the free … fascists.  Hugs

Police opened fire on an LGBTQ bar in North Carolina after they received an anonymous tip that the bar was giving water bottles to protestors.

So on Sunday evening he decided to stay at his business, in part to deter vandals. He also set up a first aid station for people who needed medical attention, washing tear gas and pepper spray out of people’s eyes and handing out water bottles and granola bars.

He said that he and some staff were working there for about seven hours before six police officers arrived and told them to move just after midnight.

“This is my business,” Lemuel responded in video that has since been posted online. “I rent this space.”

The police officers again told him to move. “The game is over. Get out.”

Lemuel walked back toward his bar, and police said, “You’ve been told,” and opened fire.


Lemuel said that deputies had already passed by the bar, which isn’t far from the Wake County Justice Center.

“During the seven hours, they had, you know, every opportunity to come down and check on us, see what was going on or tell us their concerns,” he said.

“They just chose not to. And at some point they just went straight for guns blazing.”

Jen Varani was also helping at the first aid station. She said that it was clear that they weren’t protestors.

“But we weren’t chanting. We weren’t yelling. We weren’t gesturing to them. There was nothing that we were doing to instigate a response like that.”

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office, though, said that the shooting was justified because it worked and forced the first aid station to disband.

More at the link above.   What has our country become, the very kind of place we use to stand up against.    Hugs

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