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April 25, 2018


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April 24, 2018

Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Losing Status, Not Economic Anxiety, Study Finds

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A study published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences questions that explanation, the latest to suggest that Trump voters weren’t driven by anger over the past, but rather fear of what may come. White, Christian and male voters, the study suggests, turned to Mr. Trump because they felt their status was at risk.

“It’s much more of a symbolic threat that people feel,’’ said Diana C. Mutz, the author of the study and a political science and communications professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where she directs the Institute for the Study of Citizens and Politics. “It’s not a threat to their own economic well-being; it’s a threat to their group’s dominance in our country over all.”

“It used to be a pretty good deal to be a white, Christian male in America, but things have changed and I think they do feel threatened,” Dr. Mutz said.

The other surveys supported the cultural anxiety explanation, too.

For example, Trump support was linked to a belief that high-status groups, such as whites, Christians or men, faced more discrimination than low-status groups, like minorities, Muslims or women, according to Dr. Mutz’s analysis of the University of Chicago study.

April 17, 2018

There Is No White Jesus. A short 2 minute funny but true video

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April 15, 2018

Racial Stereotyping: You see a black guy, white guy, pretty girl committing a crime. What you do?

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PLease watch this.  I know some of my readers do not like videos, but the time spent is of value.   It shows clearly that even when people claim not to be racist they act very differently to the skin color of the actors.   Thank you to Xena for posting this in her comments section.  Hugs

April 13, 2018

White privilege

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(cartoon by Clay Bennett)

April 7, 2018

Let’s make that dream a reality.

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(cartoon by Dave Granlund)


(cartoon by Signe Wilkinson)


April 4, 2018

Police shootings and race

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(cartoon by Matt Bors)

(cartoon by Clay Jones)

Just for white christian people.

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(cartoon by Nick Anderson)

(cartoon by Dave Granlund)


February 3, 2018

Racism is fear based

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The rambling rant of mine below is on my idea that racism is based on fear.   If you don’t like videos that is OK, basically I say that videos of the white nationals marching showed they feared displacement.  Videos where white nations claim they a white genocide is happening is again simply fear.   I was inspired to do the video by the following news article:

And the video here:

Thanks to those who watch, please comment or go to youtube and rate if you feel so inclined.    I plan to do more rants as I think of things other than the disaster tRump administration to talk about.  Oh don’t get me started on that idiotic Nunes memo.  The BBC is openly mocking the USA on this and shows other countries also thinking we are a laugh stock.  Hugs

January 7, 2018

Better training needed for police. Their job is to serve and protect, not to judge and execute. Hugs

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(cartoon by Barry Deutsch)

November 25, 2017

very long, but has some great points. Hugs

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Trump’s supporters now have what they want, writes @adamserwer: a president who justifies the rage they feel toward those they hate and fear, while reassuring them that their anger is nothing to be ashamed of.

November 16, 2017

Walking while black… Again videos of racism by white police towards and against black people.

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October 25, 2017

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history – YouTube

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October 17, 2017

T-Shirt: “I Stand For The National Anthem” – Joe.My.God.

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The protest is about lives, not the damn flag.   The protest is because black people are being shot and killed for no reason.  Again another one where the police say they were scared so they had to shoot… but the suspect was a 50 year old man running away.   The video shows he was clearly no threat, but rather than chase him, the police just shot him.  The reason they stopped him, a broken light on his bike.   One thing I ask you all to think on, the very same people who are screaming that kneeling during the anthem is disrespecting the flag, those are the same people proudly flaying / waving / proclaiming love for the confederate battle flag.   That is a flag that went to war against the US flag.   So don’t by into that misleading hype.   Hugs

Source: T-Shirt: “I Stand For The National Anthem” – Joe.My.God.

September 29, 2017

‘Evil Depends On Good People To Be Quiet’ : NPR

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William Weaver, who helped integrate his Southern high school, recounts painful memories of football games he played with teammates he says may now wish they would have said something supportive.

Source: ‘Evil Depends On Good People To Be Quiet’ : NPR

September 4, 2017

Racism Scottiestoybox 9 4 2017 – YouTube

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August 12, 2017

I don’t understand the need for fear / racism.

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Good morning and great weekend to you.   This will be a short post as who really wants to hear me rant on and on for longer than it takes to pour more rum in your glass?  Ok I have been well.  After surgery with all the complications I have in other health areas and with being denied my normal medications for so long, I got really ill.   I seem to be coming back, I am happy and have no real issues with my recovery.  I am fighting an emotional distress issue at night with nightmares right now along with unwanted feelings.  But I shake it off and have good days.  That is the thing to take about me, I am having good days and I am happy. 

Now about this race issue and all these white nationals and white supremacists seeming to come out of nowhere.   First what is the difference between the two?  Second what is the difference between them and the older hate groups like the KKK?   

The state of Virginia just declared a state of emergency because the rally / demonstration went violent and got out of control.   I had thought the hate for people of a different skin was dying out with an older generation that we excused as simply not able to understand the false nature of their views.   Seems that not only did these old people keep the hate going in their children and grand kids, they also infected the kids their kids hung around with this hate.   It is spreading every sense some people gave credence to a skin color as the enemy after 9 / 11.  It seems it is far easier to hate than try to understand cultures and motives.  

Motive is what I want to address on racism and what I don’t understand.   I have worked with, been friends with, have respect for, and enjoy the company of people of different skin colors, different first languages, sexualities, and genders.   I never once thought to see a difference between them and me based on skin color alone.   Some people are smarter than me and I learn from them, some are less educated or skilled in an area I am good at and I share that if appropriate.    What I am saying is people spending time with other people are all just people.   What is so hard about the concept or people are people?  

Do people from different areas have different cultures?   Yes they do.  We in the United States of America have cultural traditions also.  I think the July 4th celebration is ours alone.  The people on TV tell me that the white nationalist / supremacists are worried about losing the white majority in society.   They worry that the unconscious privilege white people have even when they do not realize they have it.   The idea that things will be as it was in their grandfathers day, and the frustrations they feel with new accents they feel they shouldn’t have to deal with.   Well I remember as a young man in the 1980’s in Germany I had many German friends.   We would go out places and I would order from menus and talk with people.  I had horrible German.  I really have trouble with languages and I admit I slaughtered German badly.  But no one got angry and everyone spoke english back and helped me, very friendly.   I would listen to U.S. soldiers talk of how hard it was to get stuff in restaurants and stores, how no one seemed to understand what they wanted or would wait on them.   I found this so strange and was confused, it was totally different than I experienced.   One day in the cafe I sometimes went to with my friends they explained why it seemed so easy for me.  I did not treat the German people like they were less than me.  I did not expect them to change their ways and speak my language.  I treated them with respect , and they returned that respect.  See even though I did not speak it well I did try to use German.  The German people saw that as a sign of respect.  I did not give attitude.   So the German people responded to that.  The truth is most people in Germany spoke English far better than we in the military.   I understand their feelings.  Now what does that have to do with what is happening here.   The fact is the nationalist / supremacist are not even seeing the people of different culture or race as people equal to them.   Regardless if the person of color is a citizen or their family has been in the U.S longer than the white person the supremacist feel equality or respect.  

SO they are worried about losing white majority and the white privilege they have come to expect.   They don’t realize the lives they live now have been influenced by others not white and that did not have english as the first language.    Also why are they afraid of us becoming a more homogenous country.    Given enough time it is normal for the country to change and become a generally intermixed country.    I think the people so worried about the loss of majority are afraid that the new  majority nonwhites will treat treat the new minority whites the way the whites treated the non whites when they could.  That is their fear.  They were jerks and now fear those people will be jerks to them.   They got away with treating others as less than, it scares them that they may be treated that way.  

The solution is simple.  So simple even the nationalist / supremacist can easily understand.   Treat everyone the same and regardless of race and treat everyone fairly.   Everyone.  Fairly.   it is easy.   Then no one needs to fear.  We will be one country.  We will be more prosperous and our country will have a better standing with other nations.  

I call on everyone to not accept the fear and hate.  I ask people to stand up to it when you can.  Do not engage in it your self.   If you a race is deficient because of a single person or two, go be around others of the same race.  Find a larger group and you will see they are as different as you and your race are.  

Even with the news people trying to explain it, I guess I am slow of thought because I can’t understand why anyone in this day and age acts like that, on that idea.  I feel ashamed when I see the news reports of what my fellow countrymen do.  I feel anger when they hurt others to somehow prove they are the better ones.   We are stronger together as a place of people of many races, cultures, gifts.   I am sad.   Hugs

February 6, 2017

84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial – The Entire Journey – YouTube

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Good morning.  I overslept and I am just getting started.  I really need the sleep.  This was a great video to watch first thing. It is uplifting and ends in hope.  I like hope.  I guess I am a dreamer because I look forward to a day when people mean more than boarders.  I had often hoped that the three major states in the continent would join, becoming simply one.  Canada, the US, and Mexico joined as one people.  I know it will take time.  I know people will want to keep parts of their own culture and will want respect for their heritage.  We have vastly different cultures in our own country and until recently we managed to get along.  We managed to respect each other.  We all want a future like in Star Trek.  However to get there means works.  It means give and take.  It also means reining in religions and any ideology that seeks to dominate everyone else.  I recently watched a religious leader say they needed FADA because they should be able to have their faith in the public square.    They can already do that.  They can pray in public, they can preach in public, they can gather in public.   What they can’t do it force others to do that with them.  They can’t force others to pray in public, to wear what they insist on, to listen to their preachers, to gather in their meetings.   That is the thing they want.  To force others to do as they do.  That is wrong.  They are not being persecuted, they want to persecute.  The world of peace if out there.  It can be ours if we learn to respect others.  To let other be if it is not hurting us.  To kill someone because you are worried about their soul yet willing to destroy their body, is a weird concept.  So worship what you want, celebrate the culture you want, but live in harmony with others, respect the same things in others you demand for yourself.   Hugs

January 3, 2017

Exclusive: Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance | Reuters

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There is a fact I love here.  “In fiscal year 2015, the latest year for which data is available, border patrol agents apprehended 2,626 illegal migrants on the U.S.-Canada border compared to 331,333 apprehended on the U.S.-Mexico border.”  Think on it.   Far more illegals came over the generally thought of as “White Border” than came illegally over the “Brown Border”.   Bigots picked out the southern border to demagogue on because in their mind that is the land of the “brown people”, and they do not like brown people.  These numbers shows the clear bias and bigotry involved.   Hugs

In a wide-ranging request for documents and analysis, President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team asked the Department of Homeland Security last month to assess all assets available for border wall and barrier construction.

Source: Exclusive: Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance | Reuters

November 12, 2016

Saudi college student in Wisconsin dies after assault – The Washington Post

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So many this is how it begins.   But we don’t have to accept it.  Yes we have to accept Pres. elect Trump and we can’t change that he doesn’t want to govern and wants to let Mike Pence be the president behind the curtain.  However that doesn’t mean we have to go along with every crazy non human, anti-progressive idea that comes out of that administration.  Nor do we have to accept bullying, nor should we put up with it.  We have a voice.  They used theirs , now lets use ours.  I intend to use mine.  I have been heart-sick for days.  No longer.  Now someone may have been hurt over the losing of the racist dogs.   This election clearly gave light to the racist and hateful part of my country.  However it also showed there were more that were willing to stand up to that.   We did it in the past, we fought against government oppression and lack of recognition.  WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!   I will do it again.  I just got down one of my many candles, thought quietly what I wanted to say to the universe, and lite it.   I took a deep breath and got back into the game.  It is real now.   We can say no every time a bully raises up, we can speak out without fear every time someone unfairly treats other or at least call for help when someone is attacked.   If you see, help deal with it.  In the grocery store, in a food court, in a bus stop, if you see someone attacked shout as loud as you can about it, demand it stop, get the authorities and tell them what you saw.   Demand they act.   We will not go back to the closet nor will we deny our friends of different nationalities or ethnic backgrounds.   I remember when we first came to Florida we had a black man who had known us for years come stay with us.  We went to a local restaurant for a meal.  I remember how shocked I was as a white young man from the north when the waitress refused to talk to him, refused to take his order and wanted us to tell her what he wanted.   I blew my stack!   Laddy simply sat there with no expression.  I later asked him why he did not tear the place down.   He said it was so common and aside from Ron and I he felt no one would have stood up for him.   I will!   I will stand up and I have a voice and I will use it.  So if people think they are going to take the country back to the hatreds and fears of the 1950’s they will have a fight.  They will lose.  We won once by helping each other.  We will help each now.   Until the day all people have rights, we all suffer.  Until the day all are safe, none of can be sure we are safe.   If I don’t speak up now for others, who will be there to speak up for me.   Best wishes to all.   Be well.  Be safe.  Know we stand together against the storm.   Hugs  


Hussain Saeed Alnahdi was attacked by a white male near the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus in Menomonie, Wis, police say. He died of his injuries Monday.

Source: Saudi college student in Wisconsin dies after assault – The Washington Post

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