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June 5, 2019

leashed psychopaths

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Well, at least you are on a leash.

Do anything you want, declare yourself “forgiven,” feel morally superior.

Because everybody knows nobody ever tries to influence the world around them based on the things they only want to believe.
Things that are true are true whether you want them to be nor not, whether you believe them or not.
This is an admission that...


“It’s historical because I want it to be historical.”


June 3, 2019

Microsoft account demand and frustration.

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I use Microsoft Office Outlook for my email.  I have all my email forwarded to my Gmail account and then I use Outlook to bring it to me and I like the way the program works.  I guess I am use to it and I like look of the program.  However starting Thursday I had a situation develop.   I did not even realize it until Saturday.  My Email stopped updating.   On Saturday I tried to fix it and it kept telling me I was not connected to the internet but it would also do the updates.  I reset the computer and started the windows environment fresh.  It worked for a day and on Sunday I noticed it had again stopped getting my mail claiming I was not connected to the internet.  Well as you know Sunday was taken up with another issue.  

I do not use my Microsoft account to sign on the computer.  I also restrict usage of that account on my computers as I feel they are too lose with the privacy and let far too many applications monitor / store / transmit to Microsoft for a data file on you.  Remember we are all commodities to these big companies, the data on our selves / likes / web sites we visit / and basically all they can glean from our lives.  

Well I had to go out early this morning and only got home about noon.  So I looked at the email problem closely.  I went to my Microsoft account, looking at the devices attached to it.   When I dump the computers to reset them, I tend to give them new names.  It helps me to keep track of when , what , and where.   I noticed that the names were wrong for both of my main computers.  I deleted them.  Then I opened opened the Outlook which again said I was not connected to the internet.  I then opened word and when it asked to sign in with my account I did so, and this time when it asked to use my account on everything on the computer I clicked OK.  Prior to this I either clicked no or Microsoft apps only.   I was able to sign in / active word / and when I checked my account on Microsoft web pages the new name of the computer I gave it Saturday was there.   I then started Outlook and surprise it worked!  I went into settings and had a bit of a fight to first shut off the Microsoft account and then to remove it but I won.   Once I had the account controlled again I checked Outlook and it is working fine and I am getting my email again.  Yea!  My unread email count is now up to 35,423.  I soon have to zero this out.  

On a separate note.  When Ron was rushing to get the last part of the old kitchen torn out so he could get the new appliances set in place and try to have a functioning kitchen he rushed the last 3 foot on the eastern wall and it was sloped rather badly to the wall.   I need to set up the rolling cart I had in my old office for making candles to now hold the two coffeemakers and my bread maker.  Right now the bread maker is in the cupboard and the two coffee makers are on the other counter.  On the cart is the deep fryer, and it is blocked to be flat.   So Ron is tearing out the floor in that area to level it all again.  He has had about 4 hours sleep.  I hope his eyes are not to crossed to read a level.  😂🤣😍 Hugs


June 2, 2019

MDavis sent me this: The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

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I really strongly ask everyone to read this.   I can not take quotes from it because everything is totally valid and super important.  I was stunned at how the US I am living in today fits all these criteria.  We need to react now to save the ones our fascist government wants to harm, or suffer what history has show will come to us next.  I know what choice I make.  I hope you make the same.   Hugs

June 1, 2019

For every gun nut who thinks he will take on the government: Delusional

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US needs gun control

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BREAKING: Mass Shooting In Virginia Beach, At Least Eleven Dead, Multiple Injuries, One Gunman In Custody






May 30, 2019


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My bad.

Understand for most of the people the economy has not improved

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Trump tax cuts did nothing that they predicted. No wage growth, did not pay for itself.


they are destroying democracy and proud of it

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I think the center is very small

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May 29, 2019

Can this be made any clearer? We need to save democracy now before it is gone

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Democracy will take second place

If you still wonder why far-right lawyers like Bill Barr are supporting a move toward an unchecked executive & single-party rule, you’re not paying attention to changing demographics and the effect it has on politics.

Democracy takes second place to power when conservatism’s control is threatened. It always has.

Obama’s election and popularity showed conservatives that they needed to employ several tactics to retain control:

  1. Voting must be limited for minority groups, especially in battleground states.
  2. Census methods must be changed to count fewer people in minority areas.
  3. The GOP must consolidate the white vote, so it needs to be seen as the “white” party for casually racist whites, and a fear of the “other” must be promoted.
  4. A politics of cruelty as a virtue will amplify division and tribalism.
  5. Admiration for authoritarians must be promoted as a reaction to the brown mob. Putin worship started on Fox long before Trump came along, mainly due to his abuse of gays & the press.
  6. Corporate and secret money must flow into campaigns, to continue to align wealth with political power.

These aren’t new ideas, clearly. But they became urgent due to Obama’s popularity. In 2008 and 2009, the SPLC reported white supremacist groups crowing about how they would benefit from white fear of minority power in upcoming elections. And those groups turned out to be right.

I didn’t expect those white-supremacist groups to be right, because I was naive. I didn’t believe that enough white people would vote for blatant racism to change the trajectory toward progress. And I underestimated the effects of the six tactics above, especially the first one.

Voter suppression in swing states won Trump the election, combined with international corporate support and secret (often foreign) donations. The other tactics will ensure he wins again. This isn’t a small part of conservative politics. It is the dominant long game. It must be, because there is no other way to remain in the game.

in 2016 that sense of urgency on the American right moved closer to desperation when a liberal woman appeared to be the popular front runner. As demographics shift in the US, any politics based wholly on maintaining traditional roles is doomed to fail spectacularly, especially in a society that was built on racism, genocide & privilege.

The ONLY way to maintain conservative control in today’s environment is to change the rules, and to follow new tactics, including those above. And so the rules are being changed. Right now.

Anyone on the left looking for respect of the electorate from the right, or cooperation, or even moderate Republicans, is thinking much too small. Today’s conservatives are instead working to limit our democracy, in order to maintain traditional roles of class, race & sex.

They know for certain that it is the only way they can hold on to power and thwart change.

This observation is a practicality, not a stretch. It is simply the nature of a political philosophy whose purpose is to maintain the social hierarchy. Conservatism exists to keep traditional roles & power structures in place. That is its primary reason for existence. Those structures–at least the ones that determine who is in control of the government–are more threatened today than even during the upheaval of 1968.

Liberalism’s focus tends to be on democracy itself as a method of power sharing, on tolerance, and on equal distribution of justice. By its nature, amassing power isn’t a goal in itself (although it is of course for specific liberals). Rather, limiting the overreach and maintaining balance is paramount. This is why American politics can become asymmetrical. If one side believes that fair play is the end that drives the means, and the other sees it as a threat, then the latter will have the upper hand because they will avoid fair play, while the former insists upon it.

(A progressive or socialist agenda is in some ways better suited to challenge traditionalism, since liberalism promotes tolerance of ideas, even offensive ones. This does not imply that American liberals are centrists or moderates, but that they are more likely to fall victim to Popper’s Paradox and be hamstrung by it.)

This also explains why a statement as innocuous as “black lives matter” is so obvious to liberals but such a threat to conservatives. Of course black lives matter as much as anyone else’s. But simply stating that challenges the traditional application of American law & power, attacking traditionalists. It suggests that the hierarchy of American power needs to shift.

So while I’m massively frustrated with Pelosi’s refusal to begin impeachment hearings, I understand it. She’s a classic liberal who values our system of elections more than she values power. The system is more important than this battle, and she appears to fear upsetting that system, and insisting that voters address the national security problem in the White House, for fear of undermining the system that keeps any leader there.

It’s why Gore conceded to Bush. It’s why Republicans can successfully paint Dems as weak during elections. It’s why Obama waited patiently while McConnell blocked any judges or legislation.

It’s why our democracy might not survive this asymmetric need for power. Any fear of upsetting our system may now be more dangerous than aggressively testing it. When elected Democrats finally see the threat to equality and justice as imminent and disastrous as Republicans now see the existential threat to white male control, they will act. But by then it may be too late.

(via reagan-was-a-horrible-president)

May 27, 2019


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Secular morality is about balancing how individuals and society will be affected.
Religious morality is about how the believer’s afterlife standing will be affected.


Secular morality is about balancing how individuals and society will be affected.

Religious morality is about how the believer’s afterlife standing will be affected.



Dem’s can pass legislation and investigate the crime family in the White House

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Our biggest enemy bought the GOP because they both share the same policy: destroy the America that is inclusive and principled.

Republicans can not handle expanding rights. They have sided with homophobic Russia. It’s that simple.



Eighteen months ago, a GOP-controlled Congress said no. Since them, MsB has cut up a journalist with a handsaw, and Saudi Arabia has committed atrocities toward Yemini civilians, including children. You know, those people with heartbeats.

Fuck Pompeo for having this attitude that he is loyal to Saudis out of concern for security.

convince us it says that

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May 25, 2019


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I just read a news report and then read it again.  I am conflicted about it.  Those who know my history can understand how I feel about child abuse and that I really get upset about sexual abuse of anyone.  I am not really sure how I feel about the news story I just read.  

According to the article the story starts in a pricey private school where a sophomore student in a honors class took a shine to his female teacher.  The article says the student complained to the teacher about being shy around girls.  The article then jumps to when the student was 17 years old so now he is a Jr about to be a senior in this private high school.

The teacher and the student started to have a relationship including sex during the summer after school got out when the student was still 17 but going into his senior year.  The article says they saw each other secretly during the summer including have a mock marriage ceremony.  At no time does it appear that any force was used, and the student was no longer in her classes.   She was in her 40’s and he was younger and there was a power dynamic that makes me worried, but the 17 year old male was not unhappy and seemed to be a willing participant in this arrangement.

The male student’s parents found out and they were not happy and contacted police.  Lets stop and think here for a moment.  In a climate such as ours where we have set the laws of consent at 18 the student couldn’t consent to sex no matter how much he wanted it nor what he did to get it.  Other countries have ages around 16 and one has a lowest age of 12 but only with the permission of the 12 year old and that permission can be withdrawn at any time, any attempt to make the 12 year have sex is considered child abuse.  So think of this in our culture.   The boy is happily have sex with a woman ( he is heterosexual so no problems there ) and his disproving parents find out.  They contact the police.  

I can imagine the pressure put on the boy.  Even if he denies it, in the eyes of his parents and the police investigating this he is the victim of sexual assault.   The teacher molested him.  Remember he is not mentally disabled.   So they get the boy to start recording the woman’s every text and conversation with him.  The boy still doesn’t claim to be a victim, in fact at no time in the news report does it say the boy  felt the relationship was wrong and wanted it to end.   It seems the push for the rest of this came from the “adults” around the boy.  The article at this point seems to forget about the boy at all other than saying he then started to record the woman, but no mention of how the boy felt about all this.  

Long story short, the woman is recorded saying sexual stuff to the boy she is having sex with and fretting about the start of the school year when it will be harder for them to have piracy.   She is arrest and charged with sexual abuse of a minor.  She is awaiting trial.  Again no further mention of how the boy feels about this.  He seems to not count any more.  

I well understand the power dynamic of positions of authority or respect.  However this doesn’t seem to be the case here.  Also there doesn’t seem to be any force.  It does seem there was emotional attachment on the woman’s part but we don’t hear the boys side so he may have been as emotionally attached and wanted this to continue.  

I am conflicted because to me this doesn’t seen to be child sexual abuse.  The boy was old enough to know what he wanted and seemed to be enjoying what was happening.  There seemed to be no force or coercion and the only ones upset were the parents.  

My question:  Is this sexual abuse of a minor?  Who was the wronged party(s)?  If the woman had not know the boy as a person in her class 2 years prior would it still be abuse of a minor?  See I am struggling with at what point a young person becomes responsible for wanting, having, enjoying sex?   I know by the time I went through puberty I was use to and understanding sex.  I know in my teens I wanted sexual relations with several adults and it wouldn’t have been abuse.  In fact I did have sex with non-family member adult males as a teen willingly at my choice.  I do not consider those to be abuse.  Today those men would be charged with abuse of a minor and be sex offenders.   How is that right?  I was the one who wanted it, I sought them out, I was aware of what I wanted and was not forced nor harmed.  I think the US is a bit backward in our thinking of nudity and sex.  

So wonderful readers I am conflicted.  I want real child abusers to never be able to harm a child.  I also think these kind of things cheapen or distract from real child abuse.  It muddies the waters of what is really abuse.  When the younger person is empowered with the ability to say no there is no problem.  I remember when I was 14 or 15 baby sitting for a couple.  The man took me home.  On the ride he suggested, hell he came right out and asked me to have several sex acts with him.  I might have, but it was late, I was tired, I knew I would be integrated when I got home and I simply did not need the hassle.  So I said no even though I would have enjoyed it.  The guy dropped it and did not pressure me.  I don’t feel I was abused or treated unfairly.  He made an offer and I rejected it and it was OK.  However had that been made public his life would have been ruined and all my abuse I had hidden would also been made public.  

OK, I am going in circles here and not getting anywhere.  Let me know what you think.  Hugs




Great points to ponder

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If China is paying the tariffs, why does Trump need a $16 billion welfare program for US farmers?



White nationalist pardons white terrorist. #GOP

This is beyond disgusting. It’s a disgrace to everyone who serves/served with honor.

Not a shock that Trump identifies with the worst in others.



Trump created a brand new welfare program for victims of the trade war he started, and claimed was easy to win.

Republicans are against free trade, are clearly picking winners and losers, and giving the already subsidized takers [US farmers] even more tax dollars.


YOUR taxes should pay for YOUR education.

The taxes on corporate profits should be used to provide a standard of living for the exploited labor that created historically high profits.

Taxes on billionaires need to be increased because the system that allowed them to siphon so much surplus value from labor is systematically flawed in favor of the mega-rich.


When the entire party is based on misogyny and oppression of women, Republicans are unable to call out any violence, even something so obviously cruel and detestable as punching your wife in the face.

Violence towards women is not a flaw, it is a GOP feature.


May 21, 2019

Brought to you by. Never forget!!!!

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All vote

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Once again

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One reason to get rid of the death penalty and to be careful who we put in prisons

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