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January 23, 2020

GOP OK Gov Bans State Travel To CA Over Abortion

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GOP OK Gov Bans State Travel To CA Over Abortion

On his first day in office in January 2019, Stitt declared that the mission of his office would be to “bring people to Jesus.”

MISSOURI: GOP Bill Would Jail Librarians Over Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag Queens To Protest At Capitol

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Again a Christian politician trying to ram their church doctrines in to everyone else’s lives.   They don’t care about anyone’s rights or freedoms only about enforcing their religion on everyone.   I am not going to pull any quotes as the story is from different news sources and each has great information.   Please go to the link and see what this guy and those like him want to do.   Jail librarians for having guys dress up and read stories to kids.   The fact other parents are fine with it and want their kids to be there, this guy knows better because his god.     Hugs

MISSOURI: GOP Bill Would Jail Librarians Over Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag Queens To Protest At Capitol

Why not use …

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Watch This Christian Lady Swear Up a Storm While Preaching at Walmart Customers

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Watch This Christian Lady Swear Up a Storm While Preaching at Walmart Customers

***Update***: A Reddit user says this occurred in a Meijer grocery store, not a Walmart. No confirmation yet.

Imagine you go to Walmart, do your shopping, and now you’re ready to pay for everything and leave.

That’s when the customer behind you begins to proselytize. She wants you to know all about Jesus. Awkward. Annoying. You want it to end. You politely tell her you’re not interested.

Then she gets mad. And she yells at you. And it turns out she swears like a goddamn pirate. (Sample line: “Shut your f**kin’ mouth, b*tch. If you don’t have Jesus Christ in your heart, I feel f**kin’ sorry for you.”)

That’s when you break out your phone to get it all on tape.

There is a video at the link.  It is not safe for work.  Hugs

GOP Lawmaker’s Bill Would Allow Christian Company to Sell Religious Dog Tags

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Republican lawmakers again trying to enshrine in secular laws a Christian right and force the military to lose control of their own insignias.  There is no way they would do this for any other religion.   This is a clear signal is that Christianity is endorsed by the US government as the countries religion.   Hugs

GOP Lawmaker’s Bill Would Allow Christian Company to Sell Religious Dog Tags

The company, Shields of Strength, didn’t seem to care that using the official logos of the military illegally suggested an endorsement of religion that the military wasn’t making. (The Department of Defense’s own rules prohibit the logos from appearing on any items that promote certain ideologies or religious beliefs.)

All of that happened because the Military Religious Freedom Foundation‘s founder Mikey Weinstein sent letters to all of the military branches urging them to put a stop to what the Christian company was doing. It worked. The U.S. Marine Corps Trademark Licensing Office was able to get the store to take down the Marine Corps and Navy dog tags. The Army followed suit later. (The Air Force dog tags are still available for purchase.)

Now a Republican lawmaker is trying to change the rules in order to benefit Christians.

Rep. Gregory Steube of Florida has introduced a bill, HB 5657, that would allow any trademarks owned by the Department of Defense to be “combined with religious insignia on commercial identification tags (commonly known as “dog tags”) and to be sold by lawful trademark licensees.”

In short, it’s a bill that would allow this company to keep suggesting — wrongly — that we have a Christian military.

But this is what Republicans do. They carve out opportunities for Christians to get away with damn near anything no matter how much it hurts the country. Passing this bill would send a clear message that our military is okay being used as a pawn in a faith-based culture war. There’s a reason the government is supposed to be secular. It provides religious freedom for everyone. Allowing religious groups to co-opt the military in order to make some cash is a short-term gain that would create long-term damage.

It’s irresponsible. It’s also what we’ve come to expect of conservative Christians.

White House posts video of bishop saying ‘demonic spirit’ is behind homosexuality during sermon attended by Mike Pence

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Not only are these people willing to lie but they are also unwilling to learn.   They want people like me dead or imprisoned.    They want to make me a crime in itself to further their church doctrines.    This is the government of the country I am a citizen of.    Hugs

‘You never see two male animals coming together,’ preacher incorrectly tells congregation

“It is a demonic spirit that causes a woman to want to live with another woman,” he said. “It is a demonic spirit that causes a man to be attracted to another man.”

The preacher, who has been named as the bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor, claimed the “devil” is trying to “destroy the foundation of marriage” and “cut off the reproduction process”.

“Two men can’t have a baby. Two women can’t have a baby,” he told the congregation at the Holy City Church of God in Christ.

Research has found that over 1,500 species engage in homosexual behaviour, and two lions were pictured having gay sex in Kenya several years ago.

“We’ve got to expose what the devil is doing,” the bishop added after his incorrect comment about the animal kingdom. “I might get beat up out in the wild but that’s alright.”

The religious vice-president, whose wife teaches at a Christian school banning gay and transgender staff and students, has voted against policies supporting LGBT+ and abortion rights in the past.

Donald Trump, the US president, reportedly once joked Mr Pence  “wanted to hang all gay people”.

January 19, 2020

More Evangelical Non-Profits Are Becoming “Churches” to Avoid Transparency

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The con game continues.   Hugs

More Evangelical Non-Profits Are Becoming “Churches” to Avoid Transparency

How did an otherwise typical non-profit pull that off? Simple. They lied. Or at least stretched the truth beyond any conceivable reality. They said their employees were “ministers,” and their members were the “congregation,” and their cafeteria was a “place of worship,” and their board of directors were the “elders,” and their president was the “head deacon,” and their radio shows were just an “extension of its congregation.” The IRS bought it. They approved the change in 2016 and details leaked to the public in 2018.

And with that new distinction came a whole bunch of new perks… which is presumably why Focus on the Family made the switch. They won’t admit this, but being labeled a church meant they could hide salaries from the public eye, keep their major donors a secret, and never tell anyone where their money was going. They could now do all this while maintaining their tax-exempt status with the IRS.

According to the Washington Post, a number of other large Christian groups have pulled the same move: calling themselves churches when they’re really not, all to get away from any notion of transparency.

How are the “churches” getting away with this? Some leaders say they just want to avoid “government interference,” which is laughable since it’s not like the government was interfering with their work in the first place, but it’s also because Christians who belong to these groups never demand the information. They’re perfectly happy to let their grifting leaders grift, and they live in a bubble where Christian superstars, like big banks, are essentially too big to fail. The leaders know they’re surrounded by yes-men too pathetic to step away from money and power or call out bad behavior, and they’re propped up by Christians who have been led to believe everyone on the outside is out to get them.

The IRS, of course, has been short-staffed and underfunded for too long. Unless there are more employees who can investigate wrongdoing, this won’t change.

January 17, 2020

Missouri Bill Would Jail Librarians Who Let Kids Check Out “Inappropriate” Books

Again another Christian attempt to force everyone to live by the doctrines of their religion.  They do not care about other parents wishes, LGBTQ+ kids who need to information or see someone like themselves in stories.   They do not care about religious people who have different views from them.  They only crave the power to oppress those you do not like.   Hugs

How would that even work? Baker lays it all out in the bill: Public libraries would have to create a five-member “parental library review board,” via an election, for a two-year term. Those parents would get to decide what’s “age-inappropriate sexual material.” Kids would then be blocked from checking out whatever books are on their list.

If librarians violate any of these rules, they would be subject to a fine of up to $500 or a year in jail.

In theory, then, a heavily Christian community could elect a board that says books featuring LGBTQ characters are “inappropriate.” And then if librarians allow kids to check out Heather Has Two Mommies or I Am Jazz — books meant to help kids understand LGBTQ identities — they would be severely punished for it.

All because a group of conservative parents with sticks up their asses decide to play censor instead of letting kids follow their own curiosity or deferring to the wisdom and expertise of professional librarians.

This isn’t the first time Baker’s had a dumb idea. Years ago, he tried defending a giant Christian cross on public property. Last year, he pushed for Bible classes in school. That bill passed the State House but not the State Senate.

Now, rather than calling for book-burning, he’s just trying to find a loophole that allows Christian bigots to block kids from learning more about topics he doesn’t like.

Knowledge is power. Unless you’re a Christian like him, in which case, it’s the enemy.

‘Repent or die’: Panama religious sect kills seven in bizarre ritual

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Seven people were killed in a bizarre religious ritual in a jungle community in Panama, in which indigenous residents were rounded up by about 10 lay preachers and tortured, beaten, burned and hacked with machetes to make them “repent their sins”. Ten people were arrested.

Police freed 14 members of the Ngabé Buglé indigenous group who had been tied up and beaten with wooden cudgels and Bibles.

“They were performing a ritual inside the structure. In that ritual, there were people being held against their will, being mistreated,” Baloyes said.

“All of these rites were aimed at killing them, if they did not repent their sins,” he said. “There was a naked person, a woman” inside the building, where investigators found machetes, knives and a ritually sacrificed goat.

The rites had been going on since Saturday, and had already resulted in deaths.

About a mile (2km) away from the church building, authorities found a freshly dug grave with the corpses of six children and one adult. The dead included five children as young as a year old, their pregnant mother and a 17-year-old female neighbor.

“They searched this family out to hold a ritual and they massacred them, mistreated them, killed practically the whole family,” said Baloyes, adding that one of the suspects in the killing is the grandfather of the children who were slain.

Nine Federal Agencies Propose Undoing Obama-Era Executive Order On Grants To Religious Organizations

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The program to change the US in to a theocracy continues.   This push comes after tRump notice a softening of his frantic fanatic Christian base.   These people will stop at nothing to change history to their narrative of a founded Christian nation which is not true, and to insert their church doctrine in our secular laws to force everyone to follow the precepts of their religion.   Remember not only do these people want to discriminate against those they do not like, but they want to criminalize people like me just for existing.   They want to copy the very Islamic theocracies they claim to hate yet only they want to do it in the name of their Christian religion.    Please read the article, this is the enemy we fight.     Hugs

Nine Federal Agencies Propose Undoing Obama-Era Executive Order On Grants To Religious Organizations

The Washington Post reports:

Nine federal agencies, including the Education Department, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Justice Department, are proposing rules that would reduce requirements for religious organizations. The rules would lift an Obama-era executive order that compelled religious organizations to tell the people they serve that they can receive the same service from a secular provider.

The Education Department plans to issue guidance that will require local school districts to certify that they have no rules or regulations that conflict with students’ right to pray at school. It will also require states to notify the Education Department if there are complaints against a school system regarding the right to pray. The department does not have similar reporting requirements for states when a school district is accused of other types of discrimination.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Camilla B. Taylor, an attorney with the LGBTQ civil rights group Lambda Legal, said the changes would affect huge swaths of government contracts. She said that when people they think of religious groups and social services, they “think a neighborhood soup kitchen in a basement”

“But we are talking about government grants to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. And increasingly, they are excluding members of the public from receiving services based on who they are,” Taylor said.

The Rev. Stan J. Sloan, chief executive of Family Equality, which supports same-sex families, said “once again, the Trump administration is putting the personal beliefs of taxpayer-funded service providers above the needs of vulnerable children, families and people they serve.”

There are quotes from other news sources and anti-LGBTQ+ groups, and from pro-LGBTQ+ groups.   Hugs

January 16, 2020

Why call it god

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America is guilty of everything we accuse Iran of doing

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The truth is that Soleimani was not all that different from any of about five dozen current and former American politicians and bureaucrats — if anything, he was considerably more restrained about the use of force. Yes, he was involved in a lot of bloody wars — but so was every American president since 2000, and besides half the wars he fought in were started or fueled by the United States. It’s just another instance of America’s gigantic hypocrisy when it comes to war.

Yet even the worst of Soleimani’s record pales in comparison with the most blood-drenched American warmongers. If Soleimani deserves condemnation for arming Iraqi insurgents, then George W. Bush and Dick Cheney deserve 10 times as much for starting the war in the first place. It was a pointless, illegal war of aggression sold on lies that obliterated Iraqi society and killed perhaps half a million people, almost all of them innocent civilians. (Our own Soleimani, General David Petraeus, was connected to the operation of Iraqi torture dungeons and paramilitary death squads during the fight against the insurgency.)

If Soleimani deserves blame for helping Bashar al-Assad brutally defeat Syrian rebels, Henry Kissinger deserves 10 times as much for orchestrating the bombing slaughter of perhaps a quarter million Cambodians and paving the way for the Khmer Rouge genocide that killed 1.7 million people.

If any accused war criminal at an airport is fair game, then there are a lot of people in D.C. and Northern Virginia who better start traveling by train or ship.

Chauvinist American commentators always presume America has the best intentions, and that the American military is composed of saintly warrior-poets. The reality is that the lumbering American colossus has unleashed a Thirty Years’ War-level of violent chaos all around Iran for no good reason at all. We are ruled by a president who recently reversed the demotion of a guy turned in by his own fellow soldiers for war crimes — namely, gleefully murdering helpless prisoners, old men, and little girls for sport.

The apparent fact that the Soleimani assassination was carried out by drone strike at a civilian airport really is the perfect capstone for the last two decades of lunatic American violence. Nothing deflates the hysterically macho chest-thumping self-image of American warmongers than the fact that for the last decade and more the signature U.S. method of killing people has been a robot plus a gamer in a box 10,000 miles away. Raining down drone missiles on a guy in plain sight at a civilian airport — built at vast expense with U.S. money, by the way — just drives the cowardice home further. Nothing gets the armchair generals more fired up than vaporizing somebody who can’t defend themselves or fight back in any way.

The United States is so powerful that it has been able to get away with decades of pointless atrocities. One of these days it will pay for its imperial hubris. That day may be quite soon.

January 14, 2020

From the chosen one

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This needs to be repeated often.

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Uhm, ya sure if you say so

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January 13, 2020

Same God

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In the interests of the church

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Conformation bias

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White House says Trump will issue new rules to expand ‘constitutional prayer’ in public schools

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This is dangerous pandering to his evangelical base.   He desperately needs then right now and so this push to expand forced Christian prayers lead by the establishment in public schools.   Note the presidents lawyers attack on “Buddhist Meditation” which shows that any accommodation of people of other faiths is not to be tolerated to them.  This shows that the religious groups are doing everything they can to force the entire country to live and practice the doctrines of their religion.  They are not interested in others rights, not interested in fairness, they only want the right to rule.   A theocracy.    Hugs

President Donald Trump plans to introduce new guidance for expanding “constitutional prayer” in public schools.

The details of Trump’s guidance were not immediately available but the president is on record suggesting that he wants to expand prayer in public schools under the guise of First Amendment rights.

On Saturday, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow condemned schools for practicing “Buddhist Meditation,” which he said was different than “Christian meditation.”



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