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August 12, 2017

Abusive relationship. Hugs

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August 6, 2017

9 Arguments Christians Give Against Same-Sex Marriage

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Source: 9 Arguments Christians Give Against Same-Sex Marriage

You Think You Understand What Leviticus Says Against Homosexuality?

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Source: You Think You Understand What Leviticus Says Against Homosexuality?

Heaven or Hell on Earth , your choice. Hugs

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August 3, 2017

Think on this. It is NOT ok just because their prophet did it. Fight this abuse. Hugs

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July 30, 2017

(5) Islam – Behind the Veil – YouTube

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This is graphic and horrifying because it shows the plight of women under fundamentalism Islam.  Make no mistake there are many religions where men feel they are so much better than women and have the right to rule them as they see fit.  IF the christian religions could get away with it they would also treat women in the most horrible ways.  We can see the way females are minimized in the Jewish religion and in the bible where it says women should be silent.  A great racket for men, to write the book that promotes them as superior so they can then point to the book and claim those superior rights.  Hugs

July 16, 2017

grand question. Hugs

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July 15, 2017

(25) Did Jesus Exist? – YouTube

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I talk to my pets…….. Hugs

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July 3, 2017

Religious discrimination in the military | Secular Coalition for America

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A 2004 report on religious preferences of military personnel conducted by the Population Reference Bureau found that 21% of service members identified as Atheists or as having ―no religion.(1) The report also revealed that 35% identified as Protestants, 22% as Catholic/Orthodox, 11% as ―Other Christian‖ and less than .5% as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu. Despite data indicating that one-out-of-five U.S. service members identify as ―atheist‖ or as ―having no religion, nontheists serving in the armed services are frequent victims of religious discrimination and coercive proselytizing.

The problem of coercive proselytizing in the military came into public view in 2005 when a report(2) was released showing that officers, faculty and cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs promoted evangelical Christian beliefs and displayed insensitivity towards and harassed cadets who practiced a different religion or who chose to practice no religion at all.(3)

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Source: Religious discrimination in the military | Secular Coalition for America

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