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September 16, 2019

Joe Walsh: GOP Is A Cult, Trump Is A Would-Be Dictator

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Joe Walsh: GOP Is A Cult, Trump Is A Would-Be Dictator




Christian Website Condemns Religious Indoctrination… by Muslims

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Christian Website Condemns Religious Indoctrination… by Muslims

A very interesting short read about a religion bitching another religion is doing what they also do.    Hugs

September 15, 2019


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They can’t scam or defraud imaginary people.

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September 14, 2019

Another Christian acting illegally to please his god

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This man was told by the authorizes to leave the statue alone.   I did not bother anyone else.  It was accepted as normal art as it should be.  Yet he couldn’t accept that because in his mind what his god wanted comes before anyone else, and any laws.   He is making his god supreme over everyone else.  He is like the American Taliban Christian thugs.  Hugs

Man Uses Chainsaw to Cut Phallus off Māori Carving in Order to Please God

Man Uses Chainsaw to Cut Phallus off Māori Carving in Order to Please God

Self-described devoted Christian Milton Wainwright says he was doing God’s work when he used a chainsaw to lop off the phallus of a Māori carving on New Zealand’s Manawatū Gorge Reserve walking track.

Believe in the concept of mana or don’t, but Wainwright’s act was a deliberate imposition of his own cultural and religious values without consent onto an indigenous people, an echo of Christianity’s history as a colonizing force around the globe.

His complaints were ignored completely by everyone except Tararua mayor Tracey Collis, who explicitly told him to leave the statue alone. Wainwright has since been fined and sentenced by a New Zealand court. But he continues to maintain that he had God’s approval for the statue’s defacement, insisting

… I don’t see how it can be wrong to make an indecent thing so decent. He who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything. I stood for decency in public places.

September 11, 2019

California church leaders charged with forced labor of homeless, US attorney says

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Imperial Valley Ministries leaders recruited people by promising food and shelter, and instead forced them to beg for money for nine hours a day, six days a week and to give up their welfare benefits “for the financial benefit of the church leaders,” prosecutors said in a news release Tuesday that announced the indictment had been unsealed.

“The indictment alleges an appalling abuse of power by church officials who preyed on vulnerable homeless people with promises of a warm bed and meals,” Brewer said. “These victims were held captive, stripped of their humble financial means, their identification, their freedom and their dignity.”
The indictment alleges church leaders kept victims inside group homes with deadbolt locks only they had keys to and confiscated IDs such as driver’s licenses, immigration papers and passports to prevent victims from escaping.
One victim was a 17-year-old girl who escaped by breaking out of a window, Brewer said. She went to the police, he said.
More information and examples of the abuse the church made these people suffer at the link above.   Religion has always been about controlling others and moving money from the base to the religious leaders.   Hugs


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September 10, 2019


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A Christian Victim of Female Genital Mutilation Wants KY to Criminalize It

This is some of what I mean by Religion harms children.   Remember this is happening in the US and a judge recently allowed it.  I just posted about the woman in the UK who basically kidnapped a little boy and took him to be circumcised against the parents wishes because of her Christian beliefs, and the judge gave her a small fine because of her faith.  Mutilating children’s genitals because adults are scared of sex has to stop.  It needs to be a serious crime because the child will have to deal with the effects all their life.  It is a life long sentence and so the people doing it need a serious punishment.    As always more at the link below.   Hugs

A Christian Victim of Female Genital Mutilation Wants KY to Criminalize It

Here are some uncomfortable truths: Female genital mutilation occurs. It’s a crisis. It’s almost entirely faith-based. And it’s not limited to Islamic nations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found in 2016 that 513,000 girls and women in the United States were at risk for being cut or mutilated.

Just last year, a federal judge dismissed most of the charges against a Michigan doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, who allegedly mutilated more than 100 girls, on a technicality. He said that federal law prohibiting the practice was unconstitutional, as despicable as FGM is, due to a technicality in the way the law was written. (The doctor hasn’t been cleared of everything; she could still receive jail time.)

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Julie’s testimony was finding out she isn’t Muslim, as she explained in a joint essay for the Courier-Journal:

Born and raised in a white, Christian household in the United States, I (Jennifer) was sent on a long plane ride by my parents for a “special trip.” As a 5-year-old, I was led down dark stairs by strangers, held down, and my mouth covered. Without anesthesia, I was cut.

Every day I am reminded of the emotional and physical consequences of being cut. Though I can’t change what happened to me, there is something that drives my passion to get an anti-female genital mutilation bill passed in Kentucky: my daughters. Unfortunately, I have family members who still subscribe to this practice and believe it must be performed to control the sexuality of women and girls. As long as there is no law banning female genital mutilation in Kentucky, my daughters remain at risk of being subjected to the trauma of this practice.

September 9, 2019

Rallying around racism

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Uber Driver Ejects Lesbian Couple Over Kiss

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Uber Driver Ejects Lesbian Couple Over Kiss [VIDEO]

Please go to the link to read the quotes and watch the video.   Another Christian who thinks their god gives them the right to discriminate in a public accommodation.    Hugs

September 8, 2019

Pharmacist, 70, posed as boy’s mother to have him circumcised against parents’ wishes

WTF.   This is what the religious right wants for the US also.  The right to force their religion on everyone else with no consequences.   The parents rights and wishes were totally ignored.  The child’s body parts were permanently altered and can not be made whole again.  This was done by lies and deception.  But the people got off with no jail time because of her religion.  The judges says she is a woman of good moral character.  No she kidnapped a child, lied to get a medical procedure done on him, all in the name of her religion.   And basically gets away with it.  What is to stop others from doing this.  Be sure the evangelicals hear this with glee.  We have to keep our country from being coming a Christian theocracy.  Please notice the last quote I used.  Also note the judge downplays and seems to agree with the idea of boys needing to be circumcised.    Hugs

A devout Christian pharmacist posed as the mother of a young boy to have him circumcised against his parents’ wishes, a court heard.

Obi-Uzom was accompanied by a male friend and filled in a consent form, duping the mohel into believing they were the boy’s parents.

His mother was furious when she found out and reported Obi-Uzom to the police, Inner London crown court heard.

Obi-Uzom, who runs a pharmacy in Clacton-on-Sea, was acquitted at trial of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm but was convicted by a jury of unlawful wounding.

“The procedure is a well-recognised one carried out over history in many different communities and countries. It’s up to the parents, and that is what was missing here. You imposed your will as to what should happen.”

The judge said Obi-Uzom had committed a “massive violation”, but said she had lived an upstanding life and contributed to her community, including charity work with disadvantaged children.

Prosecutor Louis Mably QC said the boy had suffered an “irreversible and lifelong injury” in the circumcision procedure.

The court heard Obi-Uzom believed circumcision in boys had “great religious and cultural significance”, in accordance with her Christian faith.

September 7, 2019

Their god is a perv who likes to watch but never stops the attacks.

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September 6, 2019

Arizona’s Governor Is Leading Republicans’ Quiet, Radical Takeover of State Supreme Courts

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There is much more at the article.  Please take a read.  This affects all of us, and is a real danger we are facing.   A minority ruling roughshod over the majority.   Hugs

September 5, 2019

Learn your holy book

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September 4, 2019

Snake Preacher Gets Bit | Cody Coots (Part 2)

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September 3, 2019

Your rights

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September 2, 2019

Christian-Owned Wedding Venue Refuses to Host Mixed Race Wedding Because Jesus

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Christian-Owned Wedding Venue Refuses to Host Mixed Race Wedding Because Jesus

When LaKambria Welch heard that Boone’s Camp Event Hall in Booneville, Mississippi was refusing to host her brother’s wedding, she wanted them to explain why to her face, so she went there… with a video camera.

A woman who works for the venue told Welch that, since the owners are Christian, they don’t host same-sex weddings… or mixed-race ones. Because Jesus.

The worst part of this story? While refusing to do business with customers on account of racism may be illegal regardless of reason, the only reason this venue may have thought they could get away with it is because, in 2016, Mississippi passed a “religious freedom” law that permitted businesses to discriminate against customers if serving them posed a faith-based conflict for the owners. (The law remains on the books despite a legal challenge.) The intention was to permit anti-LGBTQ bigotry. But is anyone surprised that these Christians believe it protects their racism? (For what it’s worth, the law itself doesn’t explicitly say race is an acceptable justification to refuse service.)

The irony is that conservatives always get furious when critics say these laws permitting discrimination by Christians are a slippery slope. We know they don’t want to serve gay couples, but when we argue the same rules could allow them to say no to Jews, mixed-race couples, etc., they cry foul and get defensive. How dare we accuse them of potential bigotry racism when they’re just trying to be devout Christians?!

Nope. Race isn’t totally different. It’s something else conservative Christians can use to discriminate against minority groups. Some bigots are even worse than usual.

It’s not the first time a Christian in Mississippi has done something like this within the past few years either. Christians refusing to take part in a mixed-race wedding is far more common than you might think.

Stupidity runs rampant

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September 1, 2019

Is the US Becoming Less Christian? Yes. And That’s OK.

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