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April 3, 2020

Private business wins, the US people lose. To Republicans profit is god

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French evangelical church set off a COVID-19 ‘atomic bomb’

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French evangelical church set off a COVID-19 ‘atomic bomb’

AUTHORITIES say they have traced COVID-19 infections in France to the country’s second largest evangelical church, run by Samuel Peterschmitt, above, who is recovering from the virus.

In a plea that should be heeded by idiotic American evangelical pastors who are defying lock-down orders he went on urge his followers to respect the social distancing measures introduced by the French authorities.

On April 1, The Washington Post reported that a health official described a prayer meeting that attracted 2,500 people to Peterschmitt’s church, which has been accused of operating like a cult,  as:

A kind of atomic bomb that went off in the town in late February that we didn’t see.

Someone in the crowd had the virus and kicked off what soon became one of Europe’s largest regional clusters of infections, which then quickly spread across the country and eventually overseas.

More at the link above.    Hugs

People are not livestock to be used by the “owners”, this situation needs to be changed if the country is to continue for the good of all of us all instead of for just a few at the upper wealth level.

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He is for sure the number one asshole of all time

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What a totally made up thing to say. ‘Number one’ at what? There is no context.

He is for sure the number one asshole of all time.

The Republican way to cull the herd. They think of lower incomes / poor people as nuisance livestock to be used then gotten rid of

This is a national emergency and a crime,

Add that 10 million to the 30 million or more without healthcare insurance but then add to all of them the underinsured or too poor to use their insurance.  See the need to completely revamp the medical system of the US?   HUgs

That’s 10 million reasons in two weeks.

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Reality check

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(cartoon by Jen Sorenson)

(cartoon by Dave Whamond)

Tom Toles Comic Strip for April 03, 2020

Mike Luckovich Comic Strip for April 03, 2020

Chris Britt Comic Strip for April 02, 2020

00 Editorial Cartoon U.S. Fox News delays news coronavirus hoax rhetoric

Political Cartoon U.S. DeSantis orders statewide stay at home Florida dead

Political Cartoon U.S. Tiger King Joe Biden not electable 2020 election

Editorial Cartoon U.S. USNS Comfort Coronavirus Love Boat New York City hospital ship public health medical aid

Editorial Cartoon U.S. Coronavirus Brinks Charmin hoarding security truck

April 2, 2020

Political Cartoon U.S. Coronavirus Stimulus Congress haircut check disaster relief

Ken Catalino Comic Strip for April 03, 2020

Signe Wilkinson Comic Strip for April 03, 2020

Spectickles Comic Strip for April 03, 2020


White House To Urge Public To Cover Faces As Scientists Say Virus Can Be Transmitted By “Normal Breathing”

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White House To Urge Public To Cover Faces As Scientists Say Virus Can Be Transmitted By “Normal Breathing”

The Washington Post reports:

Simple cloth masks that cover the mouth and nose can prevent virus transmission from individuals who are infected but have no symptoms when they are out buying groceries, the guidance states.

It makes clear the cloth covering is not intended to protect the wearer, but to prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer to others. It noted the face coverings could be made at home at a low cost.


CNN reports:

A prestigious scientific panel told the White House Wednesday night that research shows coronavirus can be spread not just by sneezes or coughs, but also just by talking, or possibly even just breathing.

“While the current [coronavirus] specific research is limited, the results of available studies are consistent with aerosolization of virus from normal breathing,” according to the letter, written by Dr. Harvey Fineberg, chairman of a committee with the National Academy of Sciences.

March 31, 2020

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives coronavirus update

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An Outdoor Church Service Backfired When People Got Out of Their Cars to Worship

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An Outdoor Church Service Backfired When People Got Out of Their Cars to Worship

Christian Hate-Pastor Greg Locke, who runs Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is one of those leaders who has no understanding of the virus, but insists he’s going to keep his church open because that’s what’s best for his community. He acts like attempts to prevent gatherings amounts to anti-Christian persecution.

This past weekend, he said he would still be having a service… outdoors. Everyone would just drive up and he’d preach from a distance. See?! Problem solved! Stop worrying. He actually told a reporter that would allow the church to “be in compliance… somewhat.” He went on to say the goal was to allow everyone to stay in their cars — quarantined — while still hearing the biblical message.

Except if you look at the video from Sunday’s service, it’s clear that people weren’t just sitting in their cars. They got out and got close to each other, which is exactly what public health officials are urging people to avoid!

Locke is too dumb to realize that being close outside is no different from being close inside. He put everyone at risk of catching the virus because he’s cosplaying as a Christian martyr.

More at the link above.   Hugs

March 30, 2020

An update on my spine

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We got to the pain clinic a bit early as with everything closed down our normal high traffic was a nearly empty roads.   Ron drove me and waited in the car as he did not feel it safe for me to drive with as much trouble as I am having with that leg.   When it was near time for my appoint I hobbled to the door.   A sign on the door said only one person at a time in the waiting area, and so I waited outside.  They had it set up so that when you entered the entry room, the waiting area was blocked off.  Instead a person was there to squirt your hands with sanitizer, and to escort you to a exam room.  Very efficient way to handle things to keep exposure down.  

I am standing at the entry door when this buffoon swaggers up right next to me and booms out of the way I need to get in.   I turned slightly and explained they were only letting one person in at a time.   No way the guy bellowed and then decided that he really felt a need to talk with me while ignoring personal space.   I backed up from him and made it clear I was not interesting in talking.  He did not seem to hear me.  He went on to tell me that he had a back operation and the doctor operated on the wrong thing and how none of them could be trusted and how this whole thing with the virus was just hype so the doctors could charge more.  I flat out told him he was wrong, I did not care about his back operation, and I wanted him to stay at least 6 feet from me.  I am normally much more patient with people and I do care about people.  However I was getting angry now as he sure did not seem in pain, I was in a lot of pain, and he was being a jerk.    A car pulled up with an older lady in the passenger side and a younger woman driving.   The guy about bounced over to the car and stuck his head into the open window and said that I was next and claiming they were only letting one in at a time.  There was a big sign on the door that said that but I doubt his ability to read.   

I got in next, was squirted, weighted and put in an exam room.   When the person came in to do my vitals I asked the young woman if she would go to a routine doctor’s visit and go to have blood work done right now.   She said she wouldn’t do it unless there was something wrong.   Then Josh , the doctor’s assistant in the spine shot came to get me.  As we waited for the doctor I explained about the upcoming every three months primary care visit and asked what he would do.  Josh said he wouldn’t go right now.   The doctor came in, I have known him a long time and like and respect him.   I asked him as he was preparing the spot.   He was going to do both sides but stupid me said I could live with the left but really needed help on the right.   I explain my problem with the primary care visit and asked him his opinion.   He was very clear, concise, and adamant.  No I shouldn’t go and he explained why.   He said 60 % or more of the people in the primary care waiting room would be there for symptoms of the virus.   OR worse.   In the blood lab the same thing.   He said I was too high risk and there was nothing in my health records that would reasonably suggest the risk was worth a return three month visit.   I am paraphrasing as he was a lot more emphatic.   He basically told me to stay home, that we all should stay home unless an essential service or needing food.  Told me to order food delivered if possible.  

Then he had Josh put the scope over my spine and the doctor said he could clearly see the trouble, the damaged spot.   I said did I mess my back up in the fall.    He said yes it was clear more damage was done and where the nerve was being damaged.  The shot was really painful but I forgot about my leg for a minute, I also forgot to ask him what the exact problem was.   Then I asked him about the instant morphine.  He looked up my medical record and said he couldn’t.  That I was already at the max dose of 90 MG permitted by the state of Florida.   The state kept cutting back on the limits and giving pharmacists the power to fight doctors prescriptions of painkillers.   While I was thinking I was not taking 90 but only 45 I let it go for another day.   Then on my way out I seen Brenda, my normal provider and the one I did the video call with that was so messed up.  

She said they fixed the video stuff so the calls would be better and she sent my new scripts in this morning.   ?? I was clueless and everyone was busy so I thanked her and tried to walk down the hall to the check out.   

Talking to Ron on the way home he said she must have increased my morphine from 15 MG three times a day to 30 MG three times a day.   She had said scripts though?  When I got home the local drug store called and Ron went to get my new pills.  When he returned it was only one bottle of my existing tramadol.   Weird.   So tomorrow I will call and see what the story is.   All this mess because of a messed up video call and me not thinking fast enough to ask questions.  

For those interested I did call the primary care office and canceled this upcoming appointment and scheduled one for three months from now.  See I listen.   Hugs

March 29, 2020

it is punctuation

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March 28, 2020

Uninsured Teen With COVID-19 Symptoms Dies After Being Denied Care

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Home and hard to see but interesting eye news

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Hello everyone, you happy and wonderful grand people.  I am home from my eye checkup, with eyes still dilated and seeing sort of blurry.   So I have good news and some not so good news. 

My doctor has a great deal.   If you get an eye exam and buy your new glasses from him you do not pay for the exam, and you also get to choose two frames.   They charge you for the most expensive pair and the other is free.   You select the options you want for your primary lenses.   Such as progressive no lines, tints or transitions, the type of lenses such as Crizal or lens coatings.   The secondary pair gets regular lenses with your prescription.    So you get two glasses with your prescription, a primary pair with all the bells and whistles, and a secondary backup pair if your primary pair breaks.  I have had that happen as have others I have known.  Ron and I keep the second pair in the car.   If we are out and our glasses break we can still have a pair to use to drive home with.   

I got new glasses last year.  Then the doctor was able to correct my vision to 20-40.   I got the deal I mentioned above.   I really like the primary I picked out which was a much larger lens than my old ones.  I also liked but never wore my secondary frames which had a slightly smaller lens size and different lens shape.   My plan was if my prescription had not changed I would get new lenses for my secondary pair so I would have two glasses with all the good stuff on them to use interchangeably.  

Ah the best laid plans of mice and men.   

However my sight had changed a lot.   I did not notice it because last year when I went for my check I had been putting it off due to price for several years.   My vision had gotten really bad, turned out I needed a prism.   So this time I did not see the change because the prism need had not changed.  Last year he could only get my vision to 20-40.    This year he got my vision with correction to 20-20.  Other good news is I have no signs of diabetic retinopathy.  Other good news is my cataract in the right eye has not gotten larger.  The bad news is the cataract in the left eye is growing but still out to the side of my vision.  

So I went back and forth with getting new frames or keeping the frames I have.  It would have saved us $100 but I wouldn’t have a second pair with my prescription should I need them.  Ron decided that I needed the availability of the second pair and if I wanted to go back to my current frames next year I could.  So the next thing was to pick out a couple new frames.   I found a really large lenses gold frame I liked.   Both Ron and the woman fitting them, Erica, felt they were so large they overwhelmed my face.   I thought they looked great.  Ron found a silver gun metal pair with lenses just slightly larger than the pair I love to wear now.   I fretted that they were not gold.   I have worn glasses since I was 17 years old, and I always had gold frames.  As Ron explained to Erica my hair then had been a nice auburn darker red.  Now as Ron pointed out to me my hair has gone a more grey and lost the redness.   They both liked the silver on me.   I asked if they had the same frame in gold, and Erica said no.   Then she left me and Ron to lash it out.  When she got back she told me that she had ordered the gold last week from the sales person when they had come through last week.    So I only needed to pick which one I wanted as my primary and which as my secondary pair and which as my secondary pair.   I decided to get my primary the silver gun metal pair, and the other as my secondary pair.   If I want I can get the lenses put in the other pair later.   Hugs

Time has moved on this morning since I finished the above.    Just as I finished it about noon, Ron had finished making our lunch.   He had gotten a london broil the other day when out.  I suggest he slice it on an angle which is how it is tendeerest, then cut the pieces short.   Then cook them in the Instant Pot I got him for christmas with peppers, celery, mushrooms, beef broth and all the seasonings for fajitas.  Once they were cooked really tender he took them out, spread them on a large tray, seasoned them well again with more fajita seasonings and fried them for a few minutes.   Oh great cat ruling the universe they were good.  Then we both needed a nap.  So now at 3:45 PM in the afternoon I am up and ready to try to get to the comments I have missed all day.   I think when I get the new glasses I will be faster on the computer as reading will be even easier for me than they are now.   Hugs


Please help where you can

My Husband is a ICU healthcare provider.   He is a CNAA.  The demand is real.  The number of PTs are growing exponentially.   The supply shortage is damningly drastically critical.   These workers are putting themselves and their families on the line to take care of people who are dying from this very real virus.  The stimulus bill gave 500 billion leveraged times 10 which is in the trillions, yet for hospitals less than 1.5 billion from reporting I have read.  The government cares more for the feelings of wall street wealthy than the life of workers and the poor in hospitals who are sick and dying.  

The states are bidding against each other to get whatever supplies they can.  This is jacking up the prices massively.  The manufactures are loving this.  The sudden increase in profits on top of the already huge profit margins of these products are mind boggling.  The solution is simple but our government won’t do it because businesses making huge profits off the lower incomes is their dream come true.   The federal government needs to take the needs of all the states, go to the manufactures as one bidder, order the supplies, and give them out to the states fairly without politics of the dear leader in the way.  Thank you for contacting your elected officials and leaning on them as much as you can.  

Personally I fear every time my husband leaves for work.  He puts on a brave face, but I know he is worried.  We have taken steps to deal with his uniforms / clothing worn at work to keep them from spreading any hazards to the rest of the house and family.   When he arrives home I open the doors where needed.   He doesn’t touch things or us at all until he showers and sprays disinfections where needed.   This is some of what we are dealing with each night he works.  Think of the anxiety many people have going shopping for essentials right now, multiply that many more times because he is dealing with known PTs that do have this virus.    Add to this is the fact that both Ron and myself are considered high risk.  With our medical conditions if we get this we are most likely to die instead of recovering.   Hugs

Editorial Cartoon U.S. New Orleans Coronavirus Hurricane Katrina aid hospitals flooding

Today’s real superheroes

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(cartoon by Gary Varvel)

Missed my cartoon / meme post yesterday

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Sorry all you wonderful people.  Just realized I still had my tabs open for the cartoon / meme post.   I will try to do yesterdays and todays in one post.   

Also I have an eye doctor appointment this morning to have my yearly eye check.  Ron will be taking me.   They have to dilate my eyes.  Thank means it may take a while when I get back to get back online and to the blog.  Hugs

March 27, 2020

An update for my leg pain problem

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Many people have been pushing me to contact my pain doctor over this really bad pain that has developed in my right leg since my fall.   I had a video call with my provider.   It is a system they hastily set up to work with / diagnose patients with out them having to come into the medical offices.    I like it, once they get the bugs worked out of it.   The call I had was all broken up and choppy video, but it worked well enough for our needs.    She thinks I jared or twisted my spine at the L4.  She is hopeful I did not blow out the disc.   She scheduled me with the doctor who does the shots for Monday morning at 9:30.  I guess from what I could make out there is a new system to handle PTs because of the virus, plus the state of Florida was trying to impose new rules on the pain providers that again are not required of other medical doctors offices.   It is like how Republican states are trying to get rid of abortion by putting all these rules on them that only abortion doctors / clinics have to follow.  

My provider Brenda apologised to me that she couldn’t bring me in right then and asked if I would be OK for the weekend.   I said I would make it.  She reminded me I had this happen before and it was the same problem and the same spot and I had not been able to walk for three weeks when I finally called them.   I remember having the problem but not how long nor what they had done to fix it.   So she is hoping that will do the trick  again.  If not they will increase my pain medications.   They do not increase or refill medications on Friday, I had forgotten that.  Again she apologized that she couldn’t do that for me.  I think it maybe the MD’s don’t work Fridays and she is a well qualified ARNP  with a doctorate degree but the state of Florida doesn’t let her sign for my morphine, which means she couldn’t increase it nor give me break through instant relief morphine.    

So to everyone who wanted me to call earlier yes I might have been able to get my shots earlier or gotten pain medications to help but I will make it through this.  I always do.   Remember that which cannot be changed must be endured.    Thanks again to everyone.   Hugs

EPA suspends enforcement of environmental laws amid coronavirus

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a sweeping suspension of its enforcement of environmental laws Thursday, telling companies they would not need to meet environmental standards during the coronavirus outbreak.

The temporary policy, for which the EPA has set no end date, would allow any number of industries to skirt environmental laws, with the agency saying it will not “seek penalties for noncompliance with routine monitoring and reporting obligations.”

“EPA is committed to protecting human health and the environment, but recognizes challenges resulting from efforts to protect workers and the public from COVID-19 may directly impact the ability of regulated facilities to meet all federal regulatory requirements,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement.

“Incredibly, the EPA statement does not even reserve EPA’s right to act in the event of an imminent threat to public health,” Giles said.

“Instead, EPA says it will defer to states, and ‘work with the facility’ to minimize or prevent the threat. EPA should never relinquish its right and its obligation to act immediately and decisively when there is threat to public health, no matter what the reason is. I am not aware of any instance when EPA ever relinquished this fundamental authority as it does in this memo.

The diminished compliance requirements for industry comes at a time when the EPA has refused to budge on deadlines for comments as they proceed with a number of deregulatory actions.

Environmental and public health groups had argued that those with science and health backgrounds who would normally weigh in on such regulations have been pulled into the coronavirus fight, leaving them unable to divert their attention.

“The Environmental Protection Agency has not shown the same concern for the impact the coronavirus has had on the ability of community and public interest groups to respond to various proposals to weaken environmental standards,” Schaeffer wrote in the letter.

But the EPA has argued exceptions were not needed.

More at the link above.   Hugs

Some doctors do not understand how dangerous this virus is.

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I just got caught up on my comments from the last couple days.  I thank everyone who has waited patiently for your understanding and concerns.   Before I post the daily morning cartoon / meme roundup I want to tell you of my recent exchange with my primary care doctor.  

I have an appointment in two weeks that requires me to do lab work the week before.   This is a routine appointment, my primary care doctor schedules me every three months and does a full blood and urine work up the week before the appointment.  He does it I guess as a precaution for all the medications I take and my type 2 diabetes.   I have no issues that I need him to address immently.  

I used the PT portal and wrote to his nurse asking if due to the Covid-19 virus and that I was considered high risk, if going for blood work to the local hospital and then waiting in his office waiting room ( the place has like 15 or more doctors so it is a large room with lots of people ) was advisable and shouldn’t I reschedule my appointment for another time.     It seemed reasonable to me, Ron doesn’t want me out at all.   

The response I got seemed to not understand how easily spread the virus is.    The nurse said the doctor felt there was no problem with me getting the blood / urine lab work done and that he wanted me to keep the appointment.   He felt there was no problem with me waiting in his waiting room at all.  I can not decided if he thinks it is medically necessary , if he is unaware how dangerous the virus is, or if he wants that insurance money?   Ron is not happy about it, but Ron works in the ICU and sees the deaths from this virus.  I will keep the appointment.    Hugs

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