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May 21, 2019

They only care about controlling women’s bodies

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A Methodist Pastor Is Brilliantly Calling Out the “Pro-Life” Crowd’s Hypocrisy

A Methodist Pastor Is Brilliantly Calling Out the “Pro-Life” Crowd’s Hypocrisy


“The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage tha..See More

You can see why that statement was so powerful. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the Christian Right’s hypocrisy about abortion: They get to hoist up the “pro-life” banner while avoiding all the political work that goes into making actual people’s lives better. They get to pretend to have the moral high ground while directly causing others to suffer. And here was a Christian pastor saying what secular liberals and other progressive religious groups have been saying for years.

Dave Barnhart

last Wednesday

If Alabama politicians and preachers really cared about preventing abortion, we’d have comprehensive, medically accurate sex education in schools. This new bill criminalizing abortion is entirely about controlling sexual behavior and taking away bodily autonomy.

A few years ago, some conservative clergy proposed a resolution in our local denominational body about defunding Planned Parenthood. The resolution was tabled until we could talk through it. I offered to meet with itSee More 

As he says, the authors weren’t interested in his thoughts. They certainly didn’t care about reducing the number of abortions.

The fact is, if comprehensive sex education and free/easy access to birth control made elective abortions almost entirely disappear, pro-life zealots would still whine about the existence of Planned Parenthood.

They aren’t interested in lowering abortion rates. They only care about controlling women’s bodies. They’ll punish them for having sex (in the case of Alabama, even when the women didn’t want it) or they’ll punish them for not wanting to raise a child in certain conditions.

The entire “pro-life” movement hinges on getting a whole bunch of people obsessed with something that doesn’t exist to the point where reasoning with them is all but impossible. It’s the same thing religious leaders do with God.

May 19, 2019


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May 5, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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While this man is not my first choice for President, I can totally support him.  I know as a preteen realizing the attractions I had for boys made me a target and “bad” ( at age five my 10 year old sister informed that because guys used me for sex I was queer, something I had no choice about but she told me how bad it was, and so I was bad ) seeing him on TV doing what he is doing would have changed my own opinion of myself.  Back then I had no good role models and was constantly told of all the evils and horrors queers were.   In fact years later as an adult after two tours in the US military I told my adoptive father I was gay.  He recoiled and said I will have to take care of you for the rest of your life because no one will hire you.  This was 1987.  He then went out and bought a grave plot in a local cemetery for me.  He wouldn’t talk to or look at any male friend I might have in his presence.  Of course he still called black people niggers all his life.  Sad hugs

May 3, 2019

Christian Anti-LGBT Group: Equality Act Will Legalize Pedophilia, Bestiality, Prostitution, Incest, Necrophilia

I am so tired of this shit.  However these crazed hoards of delusional want-to-victims do react as a vocal army to get what they want.   So if you can, please counteract them with calls and letters of your own to your congress people.   Thanks and hugs.

Christian Anti-LGBT Group: Equality Act Will Legalize Pedophilia, Bestiality, Prostitution, Incest, Necrophilia

Bryan Fischer writes for the American Family Association:

If the “Equality Act” were to become law, pedophiles would have special privileges and protections under the law that you and I would not have. Because religious exemptions are specifically forbidden in the bill, pedophiles could not be prevented by Trail Life USA (the conservative Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts) from becoming leaders of small boys. And if you have a problem with that, you’re the one who is going to wind up in jail.

Churches could not prevent pedophiles from working with their children and their youth groups. The Roman Catholic Church could not prevent self-admitted pedophiles from becoming priests and working with altar boys. It will not be long before bestiality (sex with animals) becomes a protected category. Prostitution will soon follow, as will incest and necrophilia (sex with dead people).

This is what the future holds if this law passes. If you want to keep our country from becoming the Disneyland of Deviancy, it’s time to bombard our men and women in Congress with phone calls urging them to vote against the “Equality Act.” Why? Because it, in reality, is the “Pedophile Protection Act.”

Tony Perkins Hails Trump’s “Conscience Protections” Allowing Healthcare Providers To Refuse LGBT Patients

Well it was nice to be a full citizen of the United States while it lasted.  I have to pay taxes, and churches do not.  They claim equal rights is special rights when it is about the LGBT+, however religions can demand special rights which they see as their due.  Soon my marriage will be regulated to “not a real marriage status” as Christians who violate all other biblical laws will demand to negate my rights so their gods / their feelings won’t be hurt.   Will my spouse and I be refused at a restaurant because the server has a religious dislike of our kind eating?  Are we really that icky and yucky?   Will I be able to get my car fixed if the only dealership in town is a “god fearing religious establishment”?   Can I depend on first responder assistance in an accident if they see my rainbow sticker on my car.   I am so tired of fighting for all my life just to be treated equally.   Hugs

Tony Perkins Hails Trump’s “Conscience Protections” Allowing Healthcare Providers To Refuse LGBT Patients

May 2, 2019

Thousands Of Immigrant Children Say They Have Been Sexually Abused While In US Custody

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I am so depressed over this stuff.   Kids in cages, kids in concentration camps, kids in jails, and kids being sexually assaulted by the ones holding authority over them in government detention.   I hope everyone is as upset over all this as I am.  Hugs

There have been nearly 6,000 reports of sexual abuse involving unaccompanied immigrant children while in the custody of the United States government in the last four years, according to documents made public Tuesday.

Over the past four years, 4,556 allegations of sexual abuse were reported to HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), and 1,303 were made to the Justice Department, the documents show.

These HHS documents detail a staggering number of sexual assaults on unaccompanied children in their custody,” said Deutch in a statement. “Clearly this administration is not equipped to keep these children safe inside their facilities.”

The descriptions of the abuse and other information are in the article.  I am not up to reposting clips of it.  Hugs

April 30, 2019

The Religious Hypocrisy in This Decades-Old Adoption Controversy is Appalling

This is important to read and understand what they were doing.  It is what trump does.  It is projection of their own actions on to others.   Hugs

The Religious Hypocrisy in This Decades-Old Adoption Controversy is Appalling

You’re going to want to sit down before you read this.

More than 20 years ago, there was a controversy in Indiana involving a gay man (and his partner) who wanted to adopt a family of three boys and a girl from foster care. Because the girl, Ashley, had been living without her brothers with an older Christian couple, her custody became a battle in the culture wars. You had an entire community of conservative Christians railing against the possibility of kids being placed in the home of a gay man. The Christian couple’s pastor, Brad Brizendine, wrote a nasty public letter blasting the child welfare officials for their lack of “heartfelt concern for the moral well-being of the children.” (Emphasis his.)

Ultimately, the boys were allowed to go home with the gay man, Craig Peterson.

Ashley stayed with the Christian couple, Sandy and Earl “Butch” Kimmerling.

What nobody else knew at the time was that Butch Kimmerling — who had told the media how horrible it would be for Ashley to live with gay men — was molesting Ashley.

The moral hypocrisy and sexual assault had been going on during the custody battle. The entire time Pastor Brad Brizendine was telling the world about why every child needed a mother and father, Ashley was being abused by her church-going, Bible-believing father.

Far-Right Smear Merchants Try to Slime Pete Buttigieg with Bogus Sex Assault Claim

Why is this scum Jacob Wohl not in jail?  Hugs

A Republican source told The Daily Beast that lobbyist Jack Burkman and internet troll Jacob Wohl approached him last week to try to convince him to falsely accuse Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, of engaging him sexually while he was too drunk to consent.

The source who spoke to The Daily Beast said Burkman and Wohl made clear that their goal was to kneecap Buttigieg’s momentum in the 2020 presidential race. The man asked to remain anonymous out of a concern that the resulting publicity might imperil his employment, and because he said Wohl and Burkman have a reputation for vindictiveness.

But the source provided The Daily Beast with a surreptitious audio recording of the meeting, which corroborates his account. In it, Wohl appears to refer to Buttigieg as a “terminal threat” to President Donald Trump’s reelection next year.


April 29, 2019

A religious cult leader destroyed lives and separated families.

April 28, 2019

This Christian Teacher Ended Her Husband’s Porn Habit… By Shooting Him Dead

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This Christian Teacher Ended Her Husband’s Porn Habit… By Shooting Him Dead

According to the New York Post,

Patricia Hill, 69, had asked her dearly beloved to cancel his smut subscription with the Dish Network— after she caught him watching dirty TV shows on multiple occasions.

But her concerns weren’t primarily financial, it turns out. Rather, Patricia Hill, “a religious woman who taught Sunday school,” believed that the shack where her husband indulged in his porn habit had been taken over by the Evil One.

“She felt that the devil was in that shed,”

… explained her attorney, William O. James, Jr.

James told the court that the Jesus-loving murderess

viewed pornography as a “personal affront to her and to her god.”

April 7, 2019

The Consequences of Threatening Lifetime Sex Offender Registration To Juveniles

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But there’s little question that our criminal policies on sexual offenses — especially relating to “ancillary” consequences like the sex offender registry — have blown way past anything that could justified as either valid retribution or proportional deterrence. There are consequences that can be imposed on juvenile offenders that are adequately severe given the alleged wrong that do not entail lifetime registration on the sex offender registry (with all the attendant restrictions on personal liberty that carries). Here, as in many other cases in the criminal justice system (especially when dealing with minors), we need to think creatively and break our reliance on extreme punitive measures, and we should reject the false dichotomy that says hyper-criminalization is the only way to get “serious” about these wrongs.

In short: tragedies like this happen because of the reality of the law, not because that reality was relayed. If this feels like a tragic case, then it’s the law, not the communication of the law, that needs changing.

March 31, 2019

A MAGA person stalking LGBTQ outside a known LGBTQ place calling people faggot stabs someone

March 27, 2019

Religion doesn’t own marriage so leave my same sex marriage alone

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March 21, 2019

True Facts: The Lemur

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I love this guy and the videos he posts.  While he is factual and gives correct information, he is hilarious.   His voice is great and his is so funny you forget your learning.   I think Inspired will love this particular one.  Hugs

March 15, 2019

Mother Fatally Stabbed Her 11-Year-Old Daughter in Order to Send Her to Heaven

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No sense typing it out, you all know what I think already!  As always there is more at the link.  Hugs

An Orlando mother has been arrested for stabbing her 11-year-old daughter multiple times until the girl’s death… under the mere suspicion that she was having sex.

The alleged violence, the mother said in an affidavit, was a way to make sure her daughter would go to Heaven.

Investigators said in the arrest report that Rivera admitted to killing her daughter to prevent her from having sexual relationships with men.

According to the affidavit, the mother said she believed her daughter was having sex with men because she smiled “different.”“Rivera stated she believed with her actions that her daughter is now in heaven,” the affidavit said.

As if having sex is the worst thing a kid could do…

March 10, 2019

When they defend make excuses for themselves in advance.

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(Comment made in 2002.)

(Comment made in 2002.)
When they defend make excuses for themselves in advance.

March 6, 2019

Leaked Chat Logs Show White Supremacist Hate Group Conspiring To Keep Racist GOP Rep. Steve King In Office

Again we are shown proof that the republican party has long been racist, and the party of tRump depends on the racists to keep them in office.  We need to worry about these people.  Hugs

The Huffington Post reports:

Newly leaked chat logs linked to a prominent hate group reveal that white nationalists have actively worked to keep Rep. Steve King and his racist ideology in office — by donating to his campaign, calling members of Congress to show their support when King stumbles or by attempting to reach the congressman directly.

Oh yes, there is more. By the way, that was Identity Evropa’s banner at the top of today’s post about the 182% increase in white supremacist incidents.

March 5, 2019

Again religion used as a club to deny equal rights

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UTAH: Republicans Gut GOP Bill To Ban Ex-Gay Torture After Testimony From Anti-LGBT Christian Hate Group

Family Watch International — an Arizona-based organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as an anti-LGBT extremist group — brought its resources to bear against Hall’s version of the bill.

Fliers with a photo of a smiling, heterosexual couple on their wedding day were piled around the committee room, directing readers to the organization’s website.

The SPLC reports on Family Watch International’s founder:

Sharon Slater forged close ties over the years with virulently anti-gay African activists like Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa — an enthusiastic supporter of the country’s “ Kill the Gays ” bill — who have helped her lead campaigns to oppose the decriminalization of homosexuality. While these laws impose long prison terms on LGBT people, Slater insists that her position is a compassionate one: by reinforcing a culture inimical to homosexuality, she claims, LGBT people will be encouraged to unlearn their attraction, in turn neutralizing the threat they present to what the Christian Right calls the “natural family.” The rights of LGBT individuals, she argues, are “fictitious.”

FLORIDA: GOP Bill Would Undo All Local LGBT Rights

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The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Just when advocates for a statewide LGBTQ civil-rights appear to have more support than ever — including from a growing number of Republicans — another bill in the Florida Legislature is threatening to eliminate anti-discrimination measures already enacted by cities and counties.

Grant is the Majority Whip of the Florida House. About 60% of LGBT Floridians are currently protected by local anti-discrimination ordinances.

March 2, 2019

Forgot to add this to the last post

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During the interview the conservative Catholic lawmaker said:

The question is: What is the value of that life? And is it subordinate to the value of its host body?

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