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March 15, 2020

A reminder

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March 11, 2020

Is the Christian right now in charge of public health inside the Trump administration?

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If you’ve been following the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak, you probably saw at least some snippets of President Trump’s visit to the CDC last Friday. It will stand as one of the most astonishing appearances by this or any other president — and that’s saying something. When asked if he regretted firing the entire staff of the Office of Pandemic Preparation, Trump said, “This is something that you can never really think is going to happen.” He said that everyone who wants to be tested for this virus can get tested, which is not even close to true. He called Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state, who is on the front lines dealing with this epidemic, a “snake.”

He made it clear that he wants to cook the numbers so it doesn’t look as if the nation is in the midst of an epidemic. This has been obvious from the outset, but for the president to come out and say it is something else again:

The most unnerving aspect of the government response so far has not been Trump’s gibberish. He’s in over his head and it shows, as usual. And we know from his response to Hurricane Maria and other natural disasters that his only concern in a crisis is for his own political well-being. But I wouldn’t have expected to hear the director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, laud Trump like a Fox News pundit:

There’s something important happening under the surface here. It may not simply be that these health policy professionals are trying to keep the kooky president happy so they can do their work on behalf of the country. They may be Trump true believers.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, for instance, is a Mike Pence crony who previously served as the Indiana state health commissioner. He was intimately involved in the horrific HIV outbreak in that state, where Pence refused to authorize a needle exchange program until a number of people had died unnecessarily. Naturally, Trump appointed him surgeon general.

Redfield and Birx are both evangelical Christians who have been associated with HIV research for many years, going back to the 1980s. Birx runs PEPFAR, George W. Bush’s global AIDS initiative, and both she and Redfield have been involved with Children’s AIDS Fund International, which lobbies for abstinence-only sex education around the world.

Anita Smith was hired by Birx to “improve prevention programs aimed at preteen girls.” I’m pretty sure we know what she recommended.

Redfield and Birx both served in the military doing AIDS research in the mid-1980s. Redfield is well-known for recommending measures that were considered extreme even within the Reagan administration, including the forced quarantine of AIDS patients. He later had a financial interest in an HIV vaccine that didn’t work, but which he continued to push. Birx, on the other hand, has maintained a stellar reputation.

To be clear, none of this means that these people aren’t qualified for the jobs they hold. They both have medical degrees and relevant experience. But they seem to be part of a conservative subculture of evangelical Christians who have found a foothold in the Trump administration clustered around Mike Pence’s office. Along millions of other evangelicals, it appears they really believe in Donald Trump.

March 10, 2020

Conservative Christians Are Furious About Washington’s Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill

I am not going to copy any quotes from this as it is short read and everything in it is equally important.   If you want to see a great comprehensive sexual education program this is a good one, and if you want to see how ignorant these Christians are about sexual issues and how they want your kids as ignorant as they are, this is also a great read.    Even the idea of teaching students consent drives them crazy.     Hugs

Conservative Christians Are Furious About Washington’s Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill

February 16, 2020

The misogyny of Republicans, laid bare.

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The misogyny of Republicans, laid bare.

February 7, 2020

Anti-LGBTQ Lawmaker from S. Dakota Proposes Bills That Will Hurt Everybody

They are driven to enforce their idea of biblical standards on everyone including other non-religious people and their children.   In these laws they target divorce to force women to stay in bad marriages, and they target sexual education to lie to children and teach them religious ideas of morality instead of biological facts with modern understandings.  This is what letting religious groups take over government brings.  We are in a fight for the direction of the nation, forward into a progressive future or backward hundreds if not thousands of years regression into a new dark ages.   Hugs

Anti-LGBTQ Lawmaker from S. Dakota Proposes Bills That Will Hurt Everybody

But Republican State Rep. Tony Randolph (below) isn’t finished imposing his religious beliefs about sexual sin onto everyone around him… and this time, his legislation stands to harm everybody, gay and straight alike.

Last week Randolph introduced HB 1158, a bill that — if made law — would remove “irreconcilable differences” from the list of permitted grounds for divorce.

Make no mistake: while the law affects people of all genders, its consequences will disproportionately fall on married women, who are more likely to end up in situations of abuse and control. Blog editor Cory Allen Heidelberger, writing for his online publication Dakota Free Press, put it like this:

Citing irreconcilable differences is a lot less wearing on couples and their children than forcing them into a court battle to prove who did what wrong to whom. Under HB 1158, a controlling jerk who doesn’t want to let his wife seek a better situation apart from him can say, “You think I’m not good enough to be your husband and raise our kids? Go to court and prove it.”

The law would also amend grounds for divorce related to felony conviction in a subtle but crucial way. In the past, divorce was permitted if one spouse was convicted of a felony. Under the new law, criminal conviction would be grounds for divorce only in cases of incarceration.

Through this change to the legal framework for divorce, Randolph would make life more difficult for everyone of marrying age in South Dakota. But never fear, he’s got something for the young people in the form of HB 1162, a bill to make parental consent necessary for students to opt in to sex education:

Any parent or guardian who wishes to have the parent’s or guardian’s child participate in any planned instruction or presentation on sex education or sexuality at a public school shall opt-in by filing written permission with the school district board of trustees. The board of trustees shall make available the appropriate forms for such permission within two weeks preceding the instruction or presentation.

The bill specifies that, alongside some basic provisions for learning about anatomy and reproduction, educators must:

(1) Stress the importance and benefits of abstinence from all sexual activity before marriage;

(2) Stress the importance of fidelity after marriage for preventing certain communicable diseases and strengthen the bond between spouses [sic];

(3) Communicate that sexual abstinence is the only effective method of eliminating the risk of unplanned or out-of-wedlock pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases;

(5) Inform students of the benefits of ceasing sexual activity if a student is sexually active;

(6) Discuss the possible physical, emotional, economic, and legal consequences of sexual activity and advise students of the laws pertaining to their responsibility as parents to children born in- and out-of-wedlock;

(7) Provide information pertaining to the risks associated with sexual activity, including sexually-transmitted diseases or infections;

(13) Teach refusal skills and mechanisms to avoid sexual activity.

In other words, the students who opt in will get a crash course in sexual shame and fear-mongering that doesn’t leave them any better able to make responsible decisions about sex, whether or not it’s within marriage.

As important as what is being included is what’s being left out — namely, any useful information about how to mitigate the risks being laid out in such careful and loving detail:

Sexual abstinence programs may not include models of instruction, based on risk reduction, encouraging or promote or provide instruction on the use of contraceptives products or methods. Materials and instruction may not be excessively graphic or explicit and may not include explicit descriptions of sexual activity that encourage erotic, lewd, or obscene behavior.

More information at the link above.   Hugs

February 1, 2020

A Nashville Art School Will Purge All Non-Christian Faculty Now That It Has Been Taken Over by a Religious University

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More theocratic take over of education.    Hugs

A Nashville Art School Will Purge All Non-Christian Faculty Now That It Has Been Taken Over by a Religious University

“We do not hire people who are not Christian,” Thomas Burns, Belmont’s provost, clarified in a response to questions at a town hall on Wednesday. “So the ones who are not Christian will not be eligible to work at Belmont. That’s just part of who we are.”

“The problem with the merger is that we have two different cultures,” a faculty member told Artnet News on the condition of anonymity, for fear of retaliation. “The reality is that there will be restrictions. Our students are taught to be uninhibited and explore subjects and issues that may clash against Belmont’s Christian culture.”

Students have been told by Watkins faculty and Belmont officials that their freedom of expression would be somewhat restricted at the Christian school where filmmakers must make PG movies and artists not permitted to draw from nude figures to study the human form. Concerns over potential censorship are compounded by recent Belmont controversies that have made national headlines.

In 2010, Belmont reportedly forced its soccer coach, Lisa Howe, to resign from her position after she announced to her team that she was lesbian and would be having a child with her partner, a former assistant coach. According to the team captain, the university’s athletic director Mike Strickland said that “the baby ‘was going to be a problem’ and would conflict with the university’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ approach.”

Just two years ago, in 2018, Belmont officials requested that a university production of a play called The Wolves omit the words “goddamn” and “fuck.” (Most theatrical productions are forbidden from making alterations to the text without the express written permission of the playwright.) Instead of cancelling the play, faculty member and director Jacqueline Jutting took the production off campus with the Actors Bridge Studio. The university later ended its employment of Jutting and severed its 23-year relationship with the studio.

January 31, 2020

‘Welcome to Chechnya’: Sundance’s Horrific ‘Gay Purge’ Documentary Every Human Must See

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This horrifying reality is what the bigots and evangelical Christians want to see happen in the US.  This is the religious freedom they are pushing for, this is where it leads as they gain more power.   I can not imagine what these people go through, I can not see life in these places as worth living.   Hugs

People suspected of being gay or trans have been kidnapped and taken to secret holding cells—compared by survivors to concentration camps—where they are tortured, starved, and raped. Beatings with fists. Beatings with batons. Stabbed. Electrocuted. Suffocated. Waterboarded. One eyewitness reported that a guard put a rat on someone’s back, covered it with a pot, and then heated it until the rat tried to escape by crawling through the man’s skin. He died.

Some of these people were forcibly disappeared. Some were killed. Some were eventually killed by their families out of shame. When the media began reporting on the story, that by spring of 2017 over 100 men had been rounded up and at least three murdered, Kadyrov answered for it by claiming that gay men did not exist in Chechnya. Three years have passed since.

The transport missions, each harrowing in their own right, are intercut with footage recorded on cell phones and security cameras that had been attained by LGBT+ activists.

In one, gays who were caught kissing in a car are gruesomely attacked.

In another, a gay woman is dragged into the middle of the street by her relatives. One leaves to retrieve a boulder from the side of the road. He bashes her head in with it.

Another video shows a man anally raped by police as punishment.

The videos are horrific, the kind of atrocities no human should be meant to see. And it’s exactly why everyone must see it.

It’s a horrific and shameful reality about where we are as a human race that even now in the year 2020, a person who thinks about their sexuality intrinsically and viscerally associates it with death.

There is no accounting for the experience of a person in Chechnya who is captured, beaten, electroshocked, raped, and threatened with death because of their sexuality, or of the men thrown off buildings by ISIS because they are suspected of being gay, or of the LGBT teens driven to suicide. But the knowledge of this and a spiritual connection to it lives inside every gay person, no matter how local the atrocities may be or far away the tragedy seems.

January 30, 2020

what hypocrisy looks like

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January 29, 2020

Out of womb, out of mind

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Republicans deserve extinction over this

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Republicans deserve extinction over this.

January 27, 2020

Department of life ???

Power and control

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January 18, 2020

South Dakota GOP bill would jail doctors for 10 years if they provide trans health care to minors

Please understand this is not about safety or helping kids, it is about erasing trans people.   Puberty blockers should be started for trans kids just  puberty starts.   They do no harm, they simply stop the effect of the hormones from affecting the  body to make / change gender characteristics.    This is important because that lets a person who is trans keep from looking like the wrong gender.   A trans girl wants and should be allowed to look like a female, not forced to look like a boy in drag.   Same with trans boys, they should be allowed to look like males.  The blockers do not harm as if they are stopped regular puberty begins.   It simply is delayed but the process starts and continues as it would if the blockers were not used.    No one is letting kids get vasectomies and sexual reassignment surgery.  It is a scare tactic just like the misinformation about puberty blockers.  This is all about hurting and stopping people from identifying as trans.  It is another case of legislators wanting to be between the patient and their doctor.   Hugs

South Dakota has proposed 16 anti-trans measures in recent years. Now the GOP wants to imprison doctors

House Bill 1057 would make it a felony to prescribe puberty blockers and hormones to people under 18 years of age and bans surgeries like vasectomy and vaginoplasty.

The bill was introduced by Republican state Rep. Fred Deutsch and has already drawn more than 40 co-sponsors in the Republican-dominated legislature.

This part is just a lie.  The medications are not dangerous and are used all over the world and the US without complications.  Rep. Fred Deutsch is wrong and using debunked scare tactics to outrage people.

“Children need to wait until they’re mature to do it,” he said, arguing that the procedures and medications barred under the bill are “dangerous” because of the psychological and physical effects they have on young people.


Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Jack Turban, who researches the mental health of transgender youth, told NBC that it is “unsettling to see state legislators proposing that standard medical care, as outlined by The American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and The Endocrine Society, should be a felony.”

The Endocrine Society and World Professional Association of Transgender Health both recommend puberty blockers and hormone treatments for transgender teens, though both organizations also recommend delaying surgeries until 18 years old. The report noted that only a quarter of transgender and gender non-conforming adults have reported undergoing transition-related surgery.

“Transgender kids, like all kids, deserve a chance to experience joy, to learn in a safe environment, to get the health care that they need, and to survive into adulthood,” said the ACLU’s Libby Skarin. “When the government proposes laws that would stigmatize them and undermine their care, they lose those opportunities.”

“The spate of anti-trans bills in South Dakota and elsewhere in recent years reflects an intentional strategy on the part of the anti-LGBTQ right wing,” wrote Gordon-Loebl. “Having lost the fight on gay marriage and recognizing the increasing national acceptance of lesbian gay and bisexual people, groups like [Alliance Defending Freedom] — alongside the Trump administration — have decided to pick off trans people, who are in many ways the most vulnerable and least protected members of the LGBTQ community.”






January 16, 2020

Florida Republicans submit 4 anti-gay bills on last day to file

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I do not understand the hate in these people, nor their desire to harm others not like them.    Also I am tired of politicians trying to make medical decisions for people instead of leaving it up to the patient and their doctor.    I use to have a muscle relaxer that worked really good for me.   The Florida state legislature in an attempt to look like they were addressing the opioid addiction problem, made it illegal for a pain doctor to prescribe it, while other doctors still can.   I have to use other drugs that do not work as well and have worse side effects.   The drug was not even an opioid.   I shouldn’t be forced to take medical advice from a legislator instead of my doctor.    Hugs

The bills would repeal LGBTQ antidiscrimination ordinances, criminalize trans health care for minors and allow conversion therapy in places that had banned it.

Seven Republican lawmakers in Florida filed anti-LGBTQ bills late Monday, just hours before the deadline to file new bills for the coming legislative session.

If passed, the bills would ban gender-affirming health care for transgender children, repeal municipal and county ordinances protecting LGBTQ workers, and legalize so-called gay conversion therapy in places that had banned the medically debunked practice.

Equality Florida, the state’s largest LGBTQ rights group, also decried the late-session bill dump.

“This is the most overtly anti-LGBTQ agenda from the Florida Legislature in recent memory,” Jon Harris Maurer, the group’s public policy director, said in a press release. “It runs the gamut from openly hostile legislation that would arrest and imprison doctors for providing medically necessary care, to legislation that would carelessly erase critical local LGBTQ protections.”

“It is outrageous that conservative legislators would threaten their health and safety,” she said in a statement. “Medical professionals, not politicians, should decide what medical care is in the best interest of a patient. Forcing a doctor to deny best practice medical care and deny support to transgender youth can be life-threatening.”

Conservative Republicans across the country have lately moved to introduce bills that would criminalize the provision of medical care for transgender children — including treatments endorsed by all major medical organizations. Florida’s trans health care ban proposal joins a list of similar bills that have been filed in recent weeks by staunchly conservative lawmakers in Tennessee and Texas.

“Sadly, the medical care of transgender youth has been sensationalized and politicized,” Jack Turban, a researcher at Harvard Medical School, said. “Gender-affirming medical care for transgender adolescents is endorsed by major medical organizations, including the Endocrine Society, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. It should go without saying, but providing standard medical care should not be a felony.”




January 14, 2020

Involuntary Celibates are an ‘emerging domestic terrorism threat’: Texas warns of an ‘Incel Rebellion’

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Involuntary Celibates are an ‘emerging domestic terrorism threat’: Texas warns of an ‘Incel Rebellion’

“Although not a new movement, Involuntary Celibates (Incels) are an emerging domestic terrorism threat as current adherents demonstrate marked acts or threats of violence in furtherance of their social grievance,” the report noted. “Once viewed as a criminal threat by many law enforcement authorities, Incels are now seen as a growing domestic terrorism concern due to the ideological nature of recent Incel attacks internationally, nationwide, and in Texas.”

“What begins as a personal grievance due to perceived rejection by women may morph into allegiance to, and attempts to further, an Incel Rebellion. The result has thrust the Incel movement into the realm of domestic terrorism,” the report explained.

“The violence demonstrated by Incels in the past decade, coupled with extremely violent online rhetoric, suggests this particular threat could soon match, or potentially eclipse, the level of lethalness demonstrated by other domestic terrorism types,” the report warned.

January 12, 2020

A new video from me about my marriage and Medicare For All.

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January 11, 2020

Tennessee Lawyer Threatens County Clerks Who Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

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Here is another Christian saving the country, the world, and everyone’s souls by being as hateful as possible to his preferred victims.   What a way to spread the love of the lord?   When will these asshole learn that freedom of religion is also freedom from their religion.   They have every right to their thoughts and to practice their faith, they do not have the right to push it on to anyone else nor oppress those they don’t like.  I am sick of these people.   Hugs

Tennessee Lawyer Threatens County Clerks Who Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

This week, every single one of the 95 county clerks in the State of Tennessee received threatening letters accusing them of breaking the law and violating civil rights… all for doing their jobs by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


As general legal counsel for the Constitutional Government Defense Fund, an initiative run by Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT), he was involved in the state’s earliest challenges the Obergefell ruling. Currently, he’s also partnering with Tennessee Independent Baptists for Religious Liberty (TIBRL) as they file a legal challenge against the Tennessee Department of Health, claiming ministers’ conscience rights are being violated when the government requires them to sign marriage certificates that “define marriage without regard to the sex of the two parties.”


The Department’s Certificate is inextricably tied to the marriage license issued by County Clerks that, according to Tenn. Code Ann. 36-3-103(a), is the legal document that actually authorizes my clients to solemnize the marriages they conduct by ceremony… However, the issuance of licenses by county clerks to persons other than a “male and female contracting party” as stated in Tenn. Code Ann. 36-3-103(a)(1) presents my clients with a grave civil rights issue of conscience under the Tennessee [Constitution], Article I, section 3, as well as a grave civil rights issue under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution regarding the free exercise of religion and government-compelled speech.


In conversation with noted LGBTQ news outlet The Washington Blade, Fowler described his intentions:

The purpose of the letter was simply that which was stated, to call to the attention of our county clerks the constitutional fact that the provisions in our state constitution applicable to marriage licenses have not been enjoined by a court or repealed by vote of the people, meaning they have not been excused from complying with it and, because they are purely administrative officials, they have no judicial authority to interpret the U.S. Constitution or the Tennessee Constitution, or to interpret licensing statutes in light of the language in the two Constitutions and the Obergefell ruling. They are not judges.

Neither are all of us, but we have to follow the law, too.

In any case, Fowler is just admitting that he wants to make county clerks nervous that they might be falling afoul of the law if they continue to do their jobs as they’ve been instructed.


According to Chris Sanders, president of the Tennessee Equality Project, Fowler’s letters amount to little more than a bad-faith attempt to undermine settled law:

We are well aware that some continue to look for ways to deny and ignore the plain meaning of the Obergefell ruling and the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Marriage equality is equal protection of the laws, and it is the law of the land.

It’s hard to avoid the impression that Fowler is playing with emotional manipulation here. He’s sent county clerks hefty packets with an important-looking letter full of hard-to-parse jargon, backed up by no less than five enclosures packed with legalese, and he’s playing on understandable fears of repercussions in the hope that maybe, somewhere in Tennessee, some LGBTQ couple will have a harder time getting a marriage license because of him.

December 27, 2019

Trump’s New Legal Adviser Is an Anti-LGBT, Fox News-Ready Bomb Thrower

I really would like to ask the Log Cabin Republicans and Peter Thiel, who are all gay but support a party / person who would slit their throats without any remorse.   I keep hearing they think their money will protect them.  How the heck did that work out in Germany in the late 1930’s?  This has gone beyond a thought exercise we are watching the complete dismantling of every protection LGBTQ+ people have, and next will come the denial of jobs and housing, then the rounding up and jailing.   Damn it people remember history.   This is what the white evangelical hate preachers desperately want.   Hugs

And yet, Ellis, a constitutional law attorney who’d worked since last year as the public policy director at the James Dobson Family Institute, has quickly gone from relative obscurity to talking directly with the president about politics and impeachment. In recent weeks, he’s reached out to her to ask about fighting back against his Democratic enemies, and has casually analyzed and praised her TV hits when she’s not around, say two people with knowledge of the president’s conversations.

“She gets it,” Trump has privately gushed in the past month, according to one of these sources.

“I’m disappointed conservatives are acquiescing to the LGBT agenda… The Orlando shooting was absolutely terrible and tragic. But the response to this tragedy should not be embracing and advocating for gay rights.”
— Jenna Ellis, after the Pulse nightclub massacre

More recently, Ellis says she’s even had the opportunity to flex her influence by counseling the president on his bombastic six-page letter delivered to Capitol Hill shortly before he was impeached this month, bashing Democratic leaders and insisting that “more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials” in the 17th century.

“I reviewed [the letter]…but it’s 100 percent him. It’s perfect,” Ellis told PJ Media last week. The letter’s drafting process included White House brass such as Trump’s immigration adviser and chief speechwriter Stephen Miller, though White House attorneys were largely cut off from the initial process.

Ellis’ roots are firmly in the Christian right. Her 2015 book, The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution, argues that progressive judicial philosophy has spawned “a culture that lacks objective morality and embraces secular ideas” and urges the country to “get back to being a biblically moral, upright society.”

“In an increasingly politically and religiously diverse America, we have been sold the idea that the political questions of government, rather than being dependent on faith, are completely separate,” Ellis argued in a 2017 column. “But the Founders saw these questions of who we say Jesus is and what we say government is [as] inextricably intertwined.”

Much of her recent fire as a legal commentator has been aimed at the 2015 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. And while she couches those arguments in legal terms, Ellis has also exhibited some general antipathy to the gay community. Her book complains that the Supreme Court “told the LGBT community that their homosexual lifestyle was not just legal privately, but morally validated openly through government recognition and social celebration and therefore equally as valued as heterosexual unions.”

In the wake of a 2015 shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando that left 49 dead, Ellis penned a column that condemned the massacre, but bemoaned that it was being used to dignify homosexuality.

“I’m disappointed conservatives are acquiescing to the LGBT agenda,” Ellis wrote. “Let me be clear—the Orlando shooting was absolutely terrible and tragic. But the response to this tragedy should not be embracing and advocating for gay rights.” The piece was headlined, “Two Wrongs Do Not Make an LGBT Right.”

The facts are clear, they are not just coming for the brown and black people, they are coming for the rest of us who do not fit their idea of normal upstanding people.   We have seen this before and even in the last few years.   We need to be aware.   We are under attack.   Hugs


December 13, 2019

ICE Destroyed Footage Of A Trans Asylum-Seeker Who Died In Custody Despite A Request To Save It

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The video of 33-year-old Roxsana Hernández Rodriguez, who died in US custody on May 25, 2018, was requested by an investigative division of ICE as part of a review into her death. In the June 4, 2018, email, an analyst with ICE’s Office of Professional Responsibility requested a number of records related to Hernández’s death, including footage of her time at the Cibola County Correctional Center (CCCC) in Milan, New Mexico, on May 16–17.

“Please archive and retain all facility video surveillance footage,” the analyst asked, with the word “all” underlined.

However, in late August 2018, 95 days after Hernández’s death, ICE officials said in emails previously reported by BuzzFeed News that the footage was “no longer available,” suggesting it was because surveillance video is only kept for about 90 days.

December 12, 2019

Hard to argue this one

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