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March 15, 2019

Mother Fatally Stabbed Her 11-Year-Old Daughter in Order to Send Her to Heaven

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No sense typing it out, you all know what I think already!  As always there is more at the link.  Hugs

An Orlando mother has been arrested for stabbing her 11-year-old daughter multiple times until the girl’s death… under the mere suspicion that she was having sex.

The alleged violence, the mother said in an affidavit, was a way to make sure her daughter would go to Heaven.

Investigators said in the arrest report that Rivera admitted to killing her daughter to prevent her from having sexual relationships with men.

According to the affidavit, the mother said she believed her daughter was having sex with men because she smiled “different.”“Rivera stated she believed with her actions that her daughter is now in heaven,” the affidavit said.

As if having sex is the worst thing a kid could do…

March 10, 2019

When they defend make excuses for themselves in advance.

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(Comment made in 2002.)

(Comment made in 2002.)
When they defend make excuses for themselves in advance.

March 6, 2019

Leaked Chat Logs Show White Supremacist Hate Group Conspiring To Keep Racist GOP Rep. Steve King In Office

Again we are shown proof that the republican party has long been racist, and the party of tRump depends on the racists to keep them in office.  We need to worry about these people.  Hugs

The Huffington Post reports:

Newly leaked chat logs linked to a prominent hate group reveal that white nationalists have actively worked to keep Rep. Steve King and his racist ideology in office — by donating to his campaign, calling members of Congress to show their support when King stumbles or by attempting to reach the congressman directly.

Oh yes, there is more. By the way, that was Identity Evropa’s banner at the top of today’s post about the 182% increase in white supremacist incidents.

March 5, 2019

Again religion used as a club to deny equal rights

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UTAH: Republicans Gut GOP Bill To Ban Ex-Gay Torture After Testimony From Anti-LGBT Christian Hate Group

Family Watch International — an Arizona-based organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as an anti-LGBT extremist group — brought its resources to bear against Hall’s version of the bill.

Fliers with a photo of a smiling, heterosexual couple on their wedding day were piled around the committee room, directing readers to the organization’s website.

The SPLC reports on Family Watch International’s founder:

Sharon Slater forged close ties over the years with virulently anti-gay African activists like Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa — an enthusiastic supporter of the country’s “ Kill the Gays ” bill — who have helped her lead campaigns to oppose the decriminalization of homosexuality. While these laws impose long prison terms on LGBT people, Slater insists that her position is a compassionate one: by reinforcing a culture inimical to homosexuality, she claims, LGBT people will be encouraged to unlearn their attraction, in turn neutralizing the threat they present to what the Christian Right calls the “natural family.” The rights of LGBT individuals, she argues, are “fictitious.”

FLORIDA: GOP Bill Would Undo All Local LGBT Rights

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The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Just when advocates for a statewide LGBTQ civil-rights appear to have more support than ever — including from a growing number of Republicans — another bill in the Florida Legislature is threatening to eliminate anti-discrimination measures already enacted by cities and counties.

Grant is the Majority Whip of the Florida House. About 60% of LGBT Floridians are currently protected by local anti-discrimination ordinances.

March 2, 2019

Forgot to add this to the last post

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During the interview the conservative Catholic lawmaker said:

The question is: What is the value of that life? And is it subordinate to the value of its host body?

Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva Calls Pregnant Women ‘Host Bodies’

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In states like Florida white republican men do not think anyone but their group have rights or matters.   If you are other than a White Republican Male ( WRM ) you are not a full citizen.  You are not worthy of respect nor consideration.   Females only worth is as a sex tool for men to get off in, be an incubator for the males children, and be a domestic servant.  That is the life the wish for females.  I get so angry that these are the same people claiming to be the ones of higher morals.   I am so angry I forgot to title the last post and had to go back and do it.   Hugs

video and more at the link.

Casual Misogyny: Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva calls pregnant women “host bodies” five times during a recent interview with CBS Miami.

Oliva, a conservative Catholic and a Republican, was widely criticized after repeatedly referring to pregnant women as “host bodies” while discussing abortion.

CBS Miami notes:

Oliva’s use of the clinical term “host body” in describing a woman did not appear to be accidental. He used it five times during the interview.

During the interview the conservative Catholic lawmaker said:

Well the challenge there is that there are two lives involved. So, where I believe that we should stay out of people’s lives, I don’t believe that people’s lives should be taken. It’s a complex issue because one has to think, well there’s a host body and that host body has to have a certain amount of rights because at the end of the day it is that body that that carries this entire other body to term. But there is an additional life there.

As technology moves along, a human body can exist outside of its host body earlier and earlier. And so then one has to think, until what time does the host body have veto power over this other life?

Idaho Republicans Kill Bill That Would Have Ended Child Marriage In The State

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Just what the fuck!!!  They would rather a girl get married at 14, be pregnant at 15, be forced to carry the child to term, give birth and spend the rest of her life being a mother which she started doing when she was still a child.   Think of this, they want the right to have a girl have sex and give birth while a child herself.  She can not vote, drink, smoke, sign a contract, or even legally view pornogphy, yet she can see all the penis and do all the sex her husband wants her to.   This is sick and has had religion behind it.   Hugs

Oh and while they do not want the government involved in marriage they also insist on the government having laws against same sex marriage.  WTF!

American Taliban: Led by conservative Christians, Republican lawmakers in Idaho vote down legislation that would have ended child marriage in the state.

Earlier this week, Idaho legislators voted down a bill that would have blocked marriage for children under the age of 16.

If we pass this legislation, it will then become easier in the state of Idaho to obtain an abortion at 15 years old than it will to decide to form a family and create a family for a child that has been conceived.

While Republican Rep. Bryan Zollinger said:

I do not think courts should be involved in marriage at all. I don’t believe there should be a license required to get married. I think two willing people should be able to go and get married.

Today was a sad day in the Idaho House. What I thought was a modest compromise to try to prevent coercion and potential abuse of children, by raising the floor on the marriage age to 16 – let me repeat, 16 – turned out to be too progressive for too many of my republican colleagues. Arguments against: parental rights and a disagreement with aligning marriage laws with the statutory rape laws. I’m at a loss.

Fun fact: According to a national report, Idaho has the highest rate of child marriage in the U.S. And the numbers are appalling. The Idaho Statesman reports:

From 2000 to 2010, 4,080 children in Idaho were married, according to data compiled from 38 states by Unchained at Last, a national advocacy group working to end forced and child marriages in America. The youngest minor wed in Idaho was 13.

Think about that – in the 21st century, a 13-year-old child was married in the state of Idaho. Not Pakistan. Idaho. Can you say “American Taliban”?

Bottom line: Led by conservative Christians, Republican lawmakers in Idaho voted down legislation that would have ended child marriage in the state.

March 1, 2019

CPAC Head Matt Schlapp Blasts “Radical Democrats” For Being Intolerant Of Mike Pence’s Hatred Of LGBT People

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Does he even see the irony of his statement?  Does he intentionally turn the truth upside down and inside out like this to make Christians who want to tell other adults they can not have consensual sex with each other and who demand the right to control a female’s body and reproductive rights, the victims?   Again because they do not get to persecute and force others to live their doctrines they are not the victims.  The victims are the ones these Christians use their faith to attack and bash.  The real victims are the ones they deny rights to because they demand we all go by the standards of goat herders from 4000-2000 years ago.   The real victims are the children they deny an education so they can stay true to a myth that has no evidence of being real.   Ggggrrrrrr.  Hugs

“It is the growing intolerance on the left towards Americans who want to make their own religious choices, including their own sexual choices, that should be respected. I’m sad the left won’t respect their choices.” – CPAC head Matt Schlapp

February 26, 2019

Will they also deny service to adulterers, remarried or divorced people, shellfish eaters, people or other religious faiths?

Again this is not about religious views, this is about bigotry clear and simple.   Do they feel they have a right not to sell cake to other races as well?   Hugs

February 23, 2019

Do as I preach , not as I do ? Notice both of these men were police officers as well as church leaders.

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February 22, 2019

Brian Brown: The Jussie Smollett Case Proves We Must Stop LGBT Civil Rights, So Send Me Money Right Now

So it begins !!!    Thanks Smollett.   Hugs

And even worse than that is when elected officials seek to codify special legal status and rights for gays and lesbians, which can easily be used as a weapon against other Americans, particularly those who hold to traditional biblical views of human sexuality and gender.

As is his usual practice, Brown’s email features more than a dozen links to NOM’s donations page.

Anti-LGBT Fox Contributor Accused Of Abusing Patients, Allegedly Lured Them Into Slave Relationships

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The Boston Globe reports:

A prominent North Shore psychiatrist is facing lawsuits from three female patients who say he lured them into degrading sexual relationships, including beatings, conversations about bondage, and, in one case, getting a tattoo of the doctor’s initials to show his “ownership” of her, according to court documents.

“He began to hit me when we engaged in sexual activities,” wrote one plaintiff, a New York woman, in a sworn affidavit filed with her lawsuit. “He would have me on my knees and begin to beat me with his hands on my breasts,” she wrote, “occasionally saying, ‘I own you,’ or ‘You are my slave.’”

There’s much more at the link. No paywall. Ablow has appeared on JMG multiple times for his attacks on LGBT rights and for his claim that same-sex marriage will result in legalized polygamy and humans marrying dogs. Oh, and Donald Trump is a literal genius. He still appears on Fox News opinion shows regularly.

Scott Lively Warns Trump: God Will Withdraw His “Hand Of Favor” Over Push To Decriminalize Homosexuality

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Scott Lively you may recall was involved with making homosexuality a death penalty offence in Uganda.  He travels the world trying to get countries to enact harsh laws against the LGBTQ people.   He has a virulent hatred for gay people.  Hugs

Scott Lively writes for World Net Daily:

True conservatives are in a real bind here. If we oppose the Grenell gambit, that fact will be spun by his leftist media allies as support for violence against homosexuals.

But if we capitulate to the idea that sexual deviance is a universal human right alongside true family values, what are conservatives actually working to “conserve”? How can we Make America Great Again if we openly embrace the corrosive LGBT sexual anarchy agenda that has been so instrumental in her collapse?

Lively has twice run for governor of Massachusetts, taking 36% of the votes in the 2018 GOP primary. He is considered by some to be a prime architect of Uganda’s infamous and ultimately failed “Kill The Gays” bill and was unsuccessfully sued in US court for crimes against humanity.


February 10, 2019

The State of the USA today

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February 9, 2019

WV GOP Rep: Gays Are A Modern Day “Terrorist KKK”

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Please note again how religion has taken over the secular government of the the USA.   This man is a Baptist Preacher.    He is seeking to impose his religious faith on everyone else!  He does not care if you are a believer or if you have a different belief, he feels you MUST obey his church doctrines.  IF you are outside of his understanding of what his god approves, then you must be done away with.  How is this different from Islamic sharia law?   Hugs

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports:

“The LGBTQ is a modern day version of the Ku Klux Klan, without wearing hoods with their antics of hate,” Porterfield said in an interview Friday morning. He also called the gay community a “terrorist group” and said he is being “persecuted” by the gay community in retaliation for his remarks, including receiving threats on Facebook and voicemails.

Porterfield’s original rant came in support of a GOP bill that would override any local LGBT rights ordinance. That bill failed in committee. Porterfield is a Baptist preacher and runs an outfit called Blind Faith Ministries, so-named because he is severely vision-impaired

February 8, 2019

Christian “Family Values Warrior” hypocrite seems to not understand this is a secular nation

TENNESSEE: Four Times Married Alleged Adulterer Files Bill To Ban Same-Sex Couples From Adoption Services

Hensley has been divorced four times. In 2015 his most recent ex-wife took out an order of protection against him after she claimed he deliberately hit her twice with his car.

There’s also this charming tidbit via Wikipedia: “For several years, Hensley attempted to pass a bill allowing college counselors to refuse to serve LGBT students who are considering suicide. This bill was eventually signed into law in 2016.”

Juicy un-Christian fuckery details (his cousin!) are at the second link above. Hensley was also the sponsor of Tennessee’s infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill and authored a bill which would have declared children conceived via artificial insemination to be illegitimate.

January 31, 2019

Again more reason we LGBTQ and others must fight back

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January 29, 2019

Sex, Evolution, And How The Patriarchy Gets It Wrong | Abby Hafer

January 26, 2019

Again LGBTQ attacked by right wing religious nut jobs.

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This is the wife of a Supreme Court Justice.  How can he get away with not recusing himself in any cases involving LGBTQ.  He is biased, his wife runs an organization to fight any rights for LGBTQ.  Yet Justice Thomas votes against us every chance he gets so he can MAGA.  Hugs

In 2017 Thomas, who writes for the white supremacist Daily Callerpresented an award to notorious video hoaxer James O’Keefe.

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