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June 16, 2020

Why the bigotry? Why to they let their bigotry influence their legal rulings


Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Alito are using the Constitution like toilet paper.

Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The future has potential

Political Cartoon U.S. Trump 2020 prison 


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Don Landgren editorial cartoon

Dave Granlund editorial cartoon

John Deering Comic Strip for June 16, 2020

Rob Rogers Comic Strip for June 15, 2020

Jeff Stahler Comic Strip for June 16, 2020




(cartoon by David Horsey)

Tom Toles Comic Strip for June 16, 2020


Editorial Cartoon U.S. police reform George Floyd

June 15, 2020








June 15, 2020

What matters to evangelical Christians


Trevor Moore: High in Church – “Gays Got Married”

June 7, 2020

Incel Plotted To Bomb Cheerleaders, Blew Off Own Hand

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Hello Everyone.   I thought about not posting this.   I thought about making it a video as I want to start doing them again.  I am going to post it but add my thoughts.    There is no winner here.   Yes it is great he couldn’t hurt any others as he was planning.   Yes he was injured trying to commit horrible violence on others and he did not seem to care about that.   However a young person clearly unable to deal with reality injured himself and the fact is to me he seems mentally ill.  This seems to me a failure of our society to teach proper understanding of personal interactions, sexual educations, how to mix socially in dating situation, and lastly how to be a decent better person.   We some how have given some of these boys the idea that girls, women, females are property with only one purpose  in life.  Really these boys got graduated out of high school with that attitude towards females?  How badly did society and their community fail these guys.   They should have been identified and give mental health care.  Also the venues of this idea should be better check, better handled, and the people on them better watched.   To me these seem like little kids with a weird obsession and we don’t just ignore it, adults address it.  The weird fixation these guys have on one act of sex is due to the lack of sexual understanding taught in our country.   Any way here is the story and the links.    Hugs

Incel Plotted To Bomb Cheerleaders, Blew Off Own Hand

The New York Post reports:

A sexually frustrated Virginia man blew off a hand while trying to make homemade explosives — ones he planned to use on a revenge attack on “hot cheerleaders,” according to federal prosecutors.

Cole Carini, 23, went to a health clinic in Richlands last Wednesday suffering from an amputated hand, amputated fingers on the opposite hand, and shrapnel wounds to the neck and throat, the Department of Justice said.

He claimed it was from a devastating lawnmower accident — but investigators found his garden overgrown, they say. Instead, they found evidence of a recent explosion, with explosives materials, rusty nails, pipes and pieces of flesh, prosecutors said.

From the Justice Department:

According to court documents, on June 3, 2020, Carini went to a health clinic in Richlands suffering from an amputated hand, amputated fingers on the opposite hand, and shrapnel wounds to the neck and throat. After being interviewed at the hospital by officers, Carini reported that his injuries were caused by a lawn mower accident at his home.

During a search of Carini’s home, agents found the lawn was overgrown and found no other evidence indicating a lawn mower had recently been used. They did, however, find evidence of an explosion, more consistent with the types of injuries Carini had suffered. Agents also discovered significant quantities of what is believed to be Triacetone Triperoxide, an explosive substance used in the creation of improvised explosive devices.

When questioned again, Carini insisted that he was injured when the lawn mower flipped over while he was mowing the grass. The investigation of the case is ongoing and is being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the Virginia State Police, the Richlands Police Department and the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office.

Please go to the link above and check out the videos and comments.   Hugs

June 4, 2020

The DOJ filed a brief with the SCOTUS to allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ in adoption

DOJ Files SCOTUS Brief Against Adoptions By LGBTs


June 3, 2020

Read This Christian Dad’s Letter to the Boy Who “Stole” His Daughter’s Virginity

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Read This Christian Dad’s Letter to the Boy Who “Stole” His Daughter’s Virginity

More than a decade ago, two high school students ended their relationship.

Breakups are always tough. They’re especially heartbreaking when it’s your first love. But that situation happens all the time. Hopefully you learn something from the experience and carry that with you into your future relationships.

Last week, however, the past came back to haunt the boy… even though he’s been married (to someone else) for the past seven years.

According to a Twitter user named Isaac, that boy — a friend of his — received a letter from his ex-girlfriend’s father. And it’s a doozy.

In all seriousness, what troubled him the most about this letter was the father treating his daughter as if she’s his property. That’s something that he thought only existed in some other cultures and religions, not the Christianity he’s most familiar with. Even when he dated the girl in question, the father was perhaps overprotective, but nothing like this.

Please go to the link above and read the ranting letter of an evangelical Christian who thinks he owns his daughter as property and that her purity, her virginity was his property, that was stolen from him.  It is sickening and something you hear Christians complain about in other religions.    Control of the female body, control of the female sexual organs seems to be a large part of Christianity these days.    Hugs

May 17, 2020

PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations

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The interviews revealed previously unreported details about the Biden office when Reade worked there, such as an account that she lost her job because of her poor performance, not as retaliation for lodging complaints about sexual harassment, as Reade has said.

Other recollections from former staffers corroborated things she has described publicly, such as Biden’s use of the Senate gym and a supervisor admonishing her for dressing inappropriately.

Overall, the people who spoke to the NewsHour described largely positive and gratifying experiences working for Biden, painting a portrait of someone who was ahead of his time in empowering women in the workplace.

None of the people interviewed said that they had experienced sexual harassment, assault or misconduct by Biden. All said they never heard any rumors or allegations of Biden engaging in sexual misconduct, until the recent assault allegation made by Tara Reade.

t’s certain that Biden has made women on his staff uncomfortable at times throughout his whole career, so we might expect that some interpreted it as sexual harassment. Yet, none did.  Instead, they said this:

Female staffers who spent countless hours with Biden, including in one-on-one settings, like his small private office in the U.S. Capitol, known as a “hideaway,” said he never made passes at them or behaved in other ways that suggested sexual impropriety.

The takeaway is that Biden did not exhibit a pattern of behavior that supports Reade’s allegations. If her charges are true, it represented an aberration.

Much more at the link above.   I think this is an important read for everyone interested in the presidential election regardless of party.    Hugs

Powerful motive

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May 10, 2020

Survey: White Evangelicals See Trump As ‘Honest’ And ‘Morally Upstanding’

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The Pew results also show white evangelical Christians as showing support for a version of Judeo-Christian nationalism. More than 90% say they want their president to stand up not only for religious beliefs in general, but for their religious beliefs in particular, including biblical teaching.

Nine in 10 white evangelicals say they want the Bible to have “at least some influence” on U.S. laws, according to the Pew findings.

“Two-thirds of them go a step further,” notes Greg Smith, the associate director of religion research at Pew. “They say that if and when the Bible conflicts with the will of the American people, the Bible should have more influence on the laws of the land.”

May 5, 2020

Sorry media, Biden case isn’t like Kavanaugh’s — Kavanaugh lied about everything

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Insisting the two cases are the same, the press wants to portray the Biden story as a case of the #MeToo movement boomeranging on Democrats, revealing them as being two-faced. There’s a huge hole in this comparison. Unlike Kavanaugh, Biden hasn’t lied about almost every facet of the distant claim of sexual assault the way the Republican jurist did. Kavanaugh shattered all precedent and falsified his way through his confirmation hearing, likely perjuring himself in the process.

In order to secure his lifetime appointment to the Court, and facing specific, multiple and credible allegations of sexual assault, Kavanaugh lied about witnesses; he lied about corroboration; he lied about friendships; he lied about parties. He also lied about Maryland’s drinking agevomiting, his yearbook, his accusers, Yale, and drinking — he lied about that a lot. (Separately during his confirmation hearing Kavanaugh lied about his childhoodfederal judges, warrantless wiretaps, his nomination selection, and stolen emails.) “Republicans know Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath,” Armanda Marcotte wrote at Salon. “They just don’t care.”


Unlike Kavanaugh, there’s not a single suggestion that Biden has lied, changed his story, or fudged any fact regarding the allegation made against him by Tara Reade. We know that because virtually every major news organization in American is now combing over the story, looking for any tiny piece of evidence that would move the controversy forward and, yes, that would damage the candidate.

There’s also been zero evidence that Biden and his team is trying to cover-up the Reade story. That stands in stark contrast with the White House’s order to the FBI, which forbid the bureau in 2018 from actively interviewing key witnesses, including one person who publicly said he saw Kavanaugh push his penis into the hand of a female student at Yale.

More at the link above.  Well worth the read.   I like the last line “Different press standards for Republicans — again.”    Hugs


April 21, 2020

A very interesting read and shatters the myth he likes to pretend to have about himself

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April 17, 2020

Public service reminder

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April 16, 2020

Pro-life cupcake

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April 13, 2020

The Christian Right Is Very Angry That Pornhub is Offering Free Premium Content

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I do not get these religious creeps who are obsessed with telling consenting adults what they can or can not do with their body parts.   It is not any of their business!  In fact the idea they want to insert themselves verbally or mentally in others sex acts seems a rather strange kink to me.   The very idea seems to imply they are adults and everyone else is a child needing to be told what to do.   Sick.   Hugs

The Christian Right Is Very Angry That Pornhub is Offering Free Premium Content

Beyond just a marketing stunt, hoping to convert those free users to subscribers down the road, the site did more than just offer free high-quality adult content:

… For the month of April, Pornhub will offer [adult performers] 100 percent of their video sales after a processing fee of 15 percent. Their total payout on both Pornhub and the clip site Modelhub will be 85 percent.

Additionally, Pornhub is donating $25,000 to the Sex Workers Outreach Project, contributing directly to relief funds for those impacted by COVID-19.

They’re also donating surgical masks and cash to first responders and hospitals.

Not a bad donation at all.

But naturally, the Christian Right is upset about all this because adults making their own decisions goes against everything they stand for.

Wednesday’s episode of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” featured the host complaining about all the free content — because, I guess, before now, there was nowhere on the internet where anyone could find free porn…

There is more at the link above.  Hugs

April 10, 2020

I looked into this and it is true. Good advice but how to let those know who need it but not their abusers? Hugs

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March 15, 2020

A reminder

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March 11, 2020

Is the Christian right now in charge of public health inside the Trump administration?

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If you’ve been following the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak, you probably saw at least some snippets of President Trump’s visit to the CDC last Friday. It will stand as one of the most astonishing appearances by this or any other president — and that’s saying something. When asked if he regretted firing the entire staff of the Office of Pandemic Preparation, Trump said, “This is something that you can never really think is going to happen.” He said that everyone who wants to be tested for this virus can get tested, which is not even close to true. He called Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state, who is on the front lines dealing with this epidemic, a “snake.”

He made it clear that he wants to cook the numbers so it doesn’t look as if the nation is in the midst of an epidemic. This has been obvious from the outset, but for the president to come out and say it is something else again:

The most unnerving aspect of the government response so far has not been Trump’s gibberish. He’s in over his head and it shows, as usual. And we know from his response to Hurricane Maria and other natural disasters that his only concern in a crisis is for his own political well-being. But I wouldn’t have expected to hear the director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, laud Trump like a Fox News pundit:

There’s something important happening under the surface here. It may not simply be that these health policy professionals are trying to keep the kooky president happy so they can do their work on behalf of the country. They may be Trump true believers.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, for instance, is a Mike Pence crony who previously served as the Indiana state health commissioner. He was intimately involved in the horrific HIV outbreak in that state, where Pence refused to authorize a needle exchange program until a number of people had died unnecessarily. Naturally, Trump appointed him surgeon general.

Redfield and Birx are both evangelical Christians who have been associated with HIV research for many years, going back to the 1980s. Birx runs PEPFAR, George W. Bush’s global AIDS initiative, and both she and Redfield have been involved with Children’s AIDS Fund International, which lobbies for abstinence-only sex education around the world.

Anita Smith was hired by Birx to “improve prevention programs aimed at preteen girls.” I’m pretty sure we know what she recommended.

Redfield and Birx both served in the military doing AIDS research in the mid-1980s. Redfield is well-known for recommending measures that were considered extreme even within the Reagan administration, including the forced quarantine of AIDS patients. He later had a financial interest in an HIV vaccine that didn’t work, but which he continued to push. Birx, on the other hand, has maintained a stellar reputation.

To be clear, none of this means that these people aren’t qualified for the jobs they hold. They both have medical degrees and relevant experience. But they seem to be part of a conservative subculture of evangelical Christians who have found a foothold in the Trump administration clustered around Mike Pence’s office. Along millions of other evangelicals, it appears they really believe in Donald Trump.

March 10, 2020

Conservative Christians Are Furious About Washington’s Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill

I am not going to copy any quotes from this as it is short read and everything in it is equally important.   If you want to see a great comprehensive sexual education program this is a good one, and if you want to see how ignorant these Christians are about sexual issues and how they want your kids as ignorant as they are, this is also a great read.    Even the idea of teaching students consent drives them crazy.     Hugs

Conservative Christians Are Furious About Washington’s Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill

February 16, 2020

The misogyny of Republicans, laid bare.

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The misogyny of Republicans, laid bare.

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