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August 2, 2018

1500′ TV Tower Watch it in full screen mode.

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December 16, 2016

Late night / early AM bad decisions.

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Last night I stayed up really late talking with a friend.   Then after they went home I stayed up even later.   About 2 AM after falling asleep in my office, I stumbled off to bedroom.  When I got there I decided for some reason it would be a great idea to get the trimmers up and shave and trim my beard.   Nothing good comes when you decided to do something at 2 AM after a long day.   So then after thinking wrongly that I had done a grand wonderful thing, I went to go to bed and Milo stole my pillow.   Oh well I lost all way round.  🙂   Hugs

June 29, 2016

OK, who let their boyfriend out after feeding time ???


July 15, 2015

Summer Camp for free Kids | milkboys

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Summer Camp for free Kids | milkboys.

This is wonderful.  After my last post of such hate and violence faced by two brave boys in Russia, this was such a breath of fresh air.  Tell me what world you prefer to live in.   I know I prefer this one and will work to make it so, open, enlightening, moving and uplifting.  Let love flow, let people be what ever they are , accept and rejoice in our differences.  Let us try to remove hate from our words, our lives, our people, our souls.  Hugs

November 15, 2014

I think Tommy is growing up

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Here is a small slice of the great things on Tommy’s blog.  I like to showcase blogs I like, and I really like the items that Tommy posts.   He has a quick and active mind, he loves animals like I do, he posts incredible pictures of both the stars above and the planet we live on.  One thing I have noticed over the last year or so it that it seems Tommy is growing up.   I think every boy here can remember the incredible pressure of the hormones that surge through your body, creating intense interest in things you once were only moderately interested in.  I see a lot more desire in his posts.   He seems like a grand young person and he is not a child anymore.  I wish him the very best in the world, the greatest happiness, and hope he is always safe.    Hugs and happiness from Scottie

November 8, 2014

Random acts of kindness and compassion from Countii’s little blog :3

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Thank you Alex for showing us these wonderful act of kindness and compassion.   It is great to be able to share these in a world sometimes so dark.  Thanks and many hugs.  

Countii’s little blog :3.


January 1, 2014

9GAG Tumblr • Oh Americans…

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9GAG Tumblr • Oh Americans….

December 30, 2013

wanderlust…cabin in the snow

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ॐ spire

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ॐ style amazing style…

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