‘Dunes and Deplorables’: A Trump rally in the sand

Notice for them it is all about money.  Having more money than others they feel don’t work as hard or are not as deserving.   They do not care about anyone or anything else.   They do not realize that they are uninformed and that Biden’s tax plan only adds tax to people making over $400,000.   I just posted about hundreds of children who will never be returned to their parents because of the hate of this administration, yet these all white well off people don’t care.   Entitled pricks.   Hugs

Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

ABC News reports:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace questioned Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller about the Trump campaign’s attacks on Democratic nominee Joe Biden in connection with his son Hunter’s work at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, noting that two GOP-led Senate committees had cleared both men of any wrongdoing.

“The fact is Vice President Biden has actually released his tax returns, unlike President Trump and there’s no indication he’s gotten any money from anyone in these business deals,” Wallace noted.

In response, Miller cited a disputed New York Post story published last week about Hunter Biden and then invoked Hillary Clinton, saying “Voters hate it when people make a lot of money trading off of their family name.”

I have started to really hate the gaslighting from the tRump camp.   I have always hated lying, I think it is one of the few things I really get hung up on.   I hate that these people have made reality meaningless.   His base cult followers spout these accusations all the time not even caring about how tRump’s hell spawn is raking money hand over fist off his name and his presidency.   It is sickening to me.   Hugs

Systematic Classification of Life – ep50 Human Races

I have often explained how I was denied an education growing up, and how I love science and learning.   This series that Aron Ra has done on evolution for school kids is amazing.   I recommend everyone to start at the beginning and walk forward to what our species is today.  I have learned so much from this series, I can not recommend it enough.   Best wishes.   Hugs