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August 6, 2020

Let’s talk about DeSantis, Florida, leadership, and initiative….

I like how he points out the entitlement of the ruling class and how they simply do not care about the rest of us, only their own privilege.   Hugs

August 3, 2020

This is the promise everything, deliver nothing Presidency

They’re black, white, latina, asian, straight, gay moms

FAILED AS THE CHIEF | A Parody | Don Caron

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August 1, 2020

Nationalist Geographic

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July 31, 2020

We WIll Vote

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Are the Secret Police Finally Pulling Out of Portland? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Watch the part where he compares Fox coverage of Portland with the Fox coverage of the Bundy’s taking over federal land.    It starts about 1:25 minutes.  Hugs

July 30, 2020

Too many deaths, quite a video. We are losing as tRump plays politics to change reality for his own good. He has no concern for the people of the country.

let them eat cake

VIRAL VIDEO: Passersby Hurl Racist Abuse At White Man Holding Black Lives Matter Sign In Arkansas Town

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VIRAL VIDEO: Passersby Hurl Racist Abuse At White Man Holding Black Lives Matter Sign In Arkansas Town

The Washington Post reports:

Over the three days Rob Bliss held the sign in the sweltering July heat in Harrison, Arkansas, a town known as a haven for white supremacists and home to the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, similar interactions happened again and again.

Bliss captured his interactions in Harrison on a GoPro camera that he strapped to his chest and peeked out a hole in his T-shirt. He edited his footage down to a two-minute video, which he argues provides vivid firsthand evidence that racism is alive and well in parts of the country.

Bliss’s video swiftly went viral after he uploaded it Monday, with various uploads of the video on YouTube and Twitter receiving roughly 3 million views as of early Thursday.

July 28, 2020

Let’s talk about what the 2021 school year might be like….

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July 26, 2020

Who knows how many lives he’s ruined with something like this.

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This is hard to watch due to the shouting and the news.   But the actions of the filmed cop are clear as day including how he reacted when he realized he was being filmed doing it.   The cop had a bag of drugs palmed in his right hand, he brings his hands together and then while looking / speaking to the other cop places the bag on the ground next to the black guy.   Then he picks it up like he found it.   Then when the people watching shout he is being film he jumps up and charges at them I guess to get the phone and destroy it.    How many black people have had their lives ruined by cops like him?  No wonder people want the police defunded and reformed.   Hugs

Put a F**king Mask On!

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Kayleigh called out for Trump demanding OPENING schools while CANCELING his convention

July 21, 2020

Trump Unleashes Authoritarian Nightmare on Portland

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Is the US a police state?   David has some good points.   Hugs

Why This Longtime Republican Rejects Trump

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Thank you Randy for sending this to me.   Hugs

Law and Order

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July 20, 2020

87 Peaceful Protesters Charged With FELONY

Is the US a police state and are the elected officials above responding to the people.   Hugs

hypocrites great video

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July 19, 2020

The Federal Police Operations Will Not Stay In Portland

I have been worried about something like this happening for over a month now since the beginning of the protests in response to the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. That teams of Federal law enforcement, with the majority coming from the Bureau of Prisons Disturbance Response Units (they’re trained to go in one on top of each other into cells or areas of Federal prisons and use maximum force to achieve compliance) and C&BP’s equivalents of Rapid Response Units would be deployed to all the major urban areas, especially those with majority or plurality minority populations (African American, Latinx, or a combination of the two). Specifically, that they will be used in an increasingly visible manner over the next 100 days or so culminating in widespread visible use of them during early voting periods and on election day in or near voting precincts, as well as near mail in ballot drop boxes at municipal facilities. A program of voter suppression under color of law. While the mayors and governors of these states who are Democrats will push back, and the Democratic governors won’t allow their National Guard to be pulled into these operations, the states that have Republican governors aligned with the President like Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, etc, even if the cities being targeted have Democratic leadership (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Cincinnati, etc), will play ball with the President, the Attorney General, and the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security.

The goal of such operations would be to increase the fear and stress levels in big cities with significant minority populations that overwhelmingly vote Democratic to depress turnout. Voter suppression under color of law. I expect that whatever executive order (EO) the President issues next week will be declaring some sort of national emergency regarding the degradation of law and order in US cities that authorizes the Attorney General and the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security to utilize Federal law enforcement to respond. For those not following it, as it did not get a lot of coverage, the President telegraphed the signing of such an executive order on Wednesday regarding restoring order while flanked by the Attorney General.

Fortunately local law enforcement in Richmond arrested the allege Klansmen who were impersonating law enforcement officers before anyone was hurt or killed. But it raises a real problem vis a vis what we are seeing with the Federal law enforcement operations in Portland: are you being scarfed up by real law enforcement in sterile uniforms or by the Klan or the Proud Boys or the III% militia or Ammon Bundy’s crew who are trying to overthrow the Republican governor of Idaho or any of a dozen other white supremacist, neo-NAZI, neo-fascist, militia, and/or patriot cosplay groups impersonating law enforcement in sterile uniforms?

Now that the Republican National Committee is out from under the Federal court imposed requirement not to use paid election monitors, I have long predicted that they would hire off duty law enforcement to work as election monitors while in uniform. While this is what got them in trouble to begin with in the 1980s and resulted in the Federal court order that was finally lifted last year, the RNC knows it works and paired with an escalating use of Federal law enforcement within urban areas between now and the election in November would go along way to suppressing the vote under the color of law.

There is a lot more important information at the link above.   I strongly suggest everyone go to the link above and read the article.   I was worried that bad actors would impersonate the police during this time when the federal agents are not identifying themselves and it seems the KKK and proud boys are already doing so.  How do we know any of these people are federal agents?   They could be Eric Price stormtroopers tRump is so enamored of.  Please go read the article.   Hugs

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