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January 8, 2018

My thoughts / rants on end of life.

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The third in a three part series I recorded.   This one covers end of life issues.  I talk about the dignity of death,  hospice care, dying.     Hugs

My thoughts on Pro-life, Pro-woman’s rights, quality of life.

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If you seen my first video in this series you know I was asked about some of these issues.  I needed to break it down into several videos as they got long.    This video covers my thoughts on abortion, the real meaning of being pro-life, and my support for a woman’s rights to her body, I also cover what is written in the bible about abortion and when life begins.  Hugs

My thoughts and rant on the subject of suicide.

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I was recently asked to do a video on suicide.  The subject was more than could be covered on one video by me.  I broke the issues down into three videos.  This is the first one.  As always I welcome your thoughts, your opinions, your ideas.   Be well and happy.   Hugs

December 14, 2017

Tribalism. My thoughts on the subject. Hugs

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December 13, 2017

Imagine a World

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YouTuber Godless Cranium did a collaborative video with the idea of “Imagine a world…” Where other YouTubers added their ideas of what a better world would look like without religions or superstitions.  It is a great video with no swearing or violence or even hatred.    Simply along the lines of the John Lennon Song.  Well of course sad hat god followers who can not stand to discuss their ideas sensibly kept flagging the video and YouTube responded by restricting it, and causing lots of trouble.    You can see that video here where he talks about it. .  He asked everyone to mirror the video but I will be danged if I can figure out how with additionally downloading a bunch of software.   But I have this Blog and can mirror his post here.   So below please watch.  Hugs

Imagine a World  By Godless Cranium

mirrored from

You have to click on the video and then go to youtube to watch it, it won’t let me do it any other way that I can see.  Hugs


November 27, 2017

Just thoughts on where I want to take my YouTube channel and a few other things

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November 22, 2017

Net Neutrality 11 22 2017

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Editorial note:     In the post below I made the point of how much money you can save by buying your own Modem / Router.    Either as a single unit or a seperate units.    However I misspoke in one way.   In listening to the play back I realized I said …”from the cable company”.    That is a mistake please do not try to do that.   Buy them from an office store , Amazon, or other store where they people understand what they are talking about.   I apologize for the slip up.    I do not use a script as some people do, I speak from the heart as I would to a friend sitting beside me.  That will sometimes cause errors.   Be well.  Hugs

August 27, 2017

Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox – YouTube

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Enjoy the video, I am going back to bed.   Hugs

November 20, 2016

Dear Us: For Everyone Who Is Afraid of the Future | MTV News – YouTube

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Thanks to those who shared this with me, and many thanks to all who understand and are willing to stand with us.   We can make a difference.  Hugs

June 29, 2016

OK, who let their boyfriend out after feeding time ???


September 21, 2015

Top 10 Coming Out of The Closet Scenes – YouTube

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June 24, 2015

this would be great..but not true to the bible.. I have studied this..look at AronRa’s youtube series, or Dawkins, or The great and grand Christopher Hitchens. The truth is there if you will listen to it.

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Imagine a world where people worshipped Jesus like liberal Christians.

May 28, 2015

How Religion Harms Education – YouTube

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How Religion Harms Education – YouTube.

May 5, 2015

The Lie We Live – YouTube

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The Lie We Live – YouTube.

April 1, 2015

The Bible Skeptic – YouTube

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The Bible Skeptic – YouTube.

I am watching these videos.  I like the science used.  I am trying to watch them from beginning of the series.  I am watching the one what Genesis got wrong part 2.  I enjoy learning and it sure shows up the whole creationist view.   Hugs

February 12, 2015

Ultimate Close Call Compilation || FailArmy – YouTube These scared the crap out of me, these drivers think it is a contact sport

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Ultimate Close Call Compilation || FailArmy – YouTube.

December 20, 2014

Ray Jessel: 84-Year-Old Sings a Naughty Original Song – America’s Got Talent 2014 – YouTube

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Thanks Randy.   Wait till we get that age.

Ray Jessel: 84-Year-Old Sings a Naughty Original Song – America’s Got Talent 2014 – YouTube.

December 11, 2014

Damaged Goods (Short Film Premiere) – YouTube

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Ron is the one trying to repair me, heal me.   I am damaged goods, but that is not how he sees me.   It is how I see my self.  I wish I could see me as he does.   Love is such a cure for so much wrong.   Hugs

Damaged Goods (Short Film Premiere) – YouTube.

November 24, 2014

Best Snow News Bloopers EVER – YouTube

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Best Snow News Bloopers EVER – YouTube.

October 5, 2014

¡ Cathy Don t Go ! “666” – YouTube

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OK I normally don’t post stuff like this as I feel it is in someways making fun of and mocking others beliefs.  I have my own beliefs and my own type of faith.  I wear crystals, and I where Chakra’ as I feel they help me to touch the energy of the planet and to recharge from it.  I have one crystal that holds energy for me and another that stores all the good feelings between Ron and I so if I need it to help me I have it.   I believe you can turn any object or item into a thing of power by simply putting energy into it. I have a few wrist bands done by TinRicky I love.  I have worn them so much and all the time that they are desperately in need of a wash.  I feel they have special meanings to me.   My pain doctor even loves them because she thinks it is one of the reasons I have stopped cutting my wrists because the bands help me remember good things and they also block my wrists.  She suggested I wear a bunch more.   I laughed and told her I did not make them, and so these are all I have.   So I wouldn’t want others to make fun of these beliefs of mine.  

However I did post this because I simply don’t understand it.  It makes no sense to me that we are going to be damned by having a tattoo or because you sue a debit card or electronic means for buying stuff.   In that case my IPhone has done me in, because of the mode of using your phone for purchases.   Also Google and Norton’s and others all have electronic wallets to let you buys stuff on the web more securely.   In fact all of these have made our life better and easier, and they have been around a long time, and we have not had the the world end yet.   Look I loved the easy of the debit card, the credit card, the self check out even, and so if I could just get what I want and then with out standing in any line, just leave the store and get a secure acknowledgment of my amount of payment, and a OK to pay, once I agree to it the doors open and I walk out, OH that would be sweet.  

I don’t even understand the 666 thing. If that is all it takes for their evil semi God Satan to damn us, we are screwed.   If  a bar code bothers these type, the new way of doing away with bar codes and going to the IR chips should make them poop their pants.   Now one last thing, at the end of the video they all meet up and run in the woods to live off the land.  Oh Gods, not that easy, none of them has a set place set up, no farming, no domesticated animals for food, no shelter, and they are paranoid so they think everyone is out to get them.   What do these people think, they can pick enough wild berries to live off and be happy?  Get real please.  So that is why I am posting this.     Hugs

¡ Cathy Don t Go ! “666” – YouTube.

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