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April 29, 2019

Guy pulls girls hair then gets knocked out

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January 18, 2019

I feel so old

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January 5, 2019

For Jill. Oliver – Good Morning Starshine

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December 2, 2018

Seriously disturbing video. Watch: High School Staff Forces Bathroom Stall Door Open While Trans Girl Uses Toilet

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She was only trying to use the bathroom when school staff forced open the stall door, exposing the minor to several leering adult staff members.

In a deplorable demonstration of transgender discrimination and poor judgment, staff members at Osseo Senior High School in Maple Grove, Minnesota, can be seen on video forcing open a bathroom stall door because a transgender teen was using the toilet.

The transgender teen said she was “scared and violated” when the group of adults forcibly opened a private stall while she used the bathroom in her Minnesota school.

The teen captured her horrifying ordeal on video:   Remember to turn on the sound.  

***Please go to the link above to view the video as it is not posting correctly here. ***

more information at the link.   A bunch of perverts force open a bathroom stall while a child is using the toilet.    They then keep the door open.   This is the nightmare that republicans keep saying will happen if you let trans people use the bathroom they identify with, but it is not the trans person doing this, it is the horrible bigots.    The bigots are a threat.   Think of the huge outrage there would be if they had done that to a non-trans student.     Hugs

August 14, 2018

Bigotry on display as adults threat harm and castration towards a 12 year old trans girl.

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Please notice the call was for churches to enforce an action in a public school.   There was not any problem problem for years.  I don’t believe the girl was “peeking”, I think that was made up to cause trouble for the trans girl.  First kids do not have to peek today to see genitals, they have the internet on just about every device in their lives.   That whole “peeking” thing sounds so old school I am confident a parent made it up.

One parent found out, and took to a private Achille Facebook group to complain. That’s where the threats started. Adults called Maddie by “it” and “thing.” Some said she should be stabbed or beat up. One even suggested it was open hunting season for transgender people. “That’s a threat against her life–that’s scary,” Rose said. “These are adults making threats– I don’t understand it.”


“Why are parents letting their kids be transgender?” said one post. “Parents and Churches need to shut this down, the Bible says God created man, and woman . . . not any transgender bs,” said another. “Hell with new laws and new rules, this is what our future is if WE don’t stop it.”

Others made disturbing threats of violence: “If he wants to be a female make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick.” “Just tell the kids to kick a– in the bathroom and it won’t want to come back!!”

May 9, 2018

They are everywhere, they walk among us

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So on my way home after getting my stitches out of my mouth ( for the second time ) I stopped at the grocery store down the street from our home for a few items.  We shop there often and are recognized by the people working there.   I had passed the manager a few times and joked with him.  We both happened to be at the egg display case at the same time and I found a case of eggs with a few broken ones.   I gave the case to the manager.   I then checked another one and it also had broken ones, and I gave these to the manager also.  He was trying to take the broken ones out and get a full unbroken case and at that point a young store worker I had not seen before stopped by us.   I told the manager that three weeks ago I had checked a case of eggs, turned to put them into the cart, and hit the handle.  At that point the eggs flew out of my hands and flipped three times in the air, landing in the cart right side up.   Not a single egg got broken.  When I finished the young teen / adult boy spoke up and told me and the manager ” That was god Sir”, he blurted out.  “It was God, it had to be, only God could have kept them from breaking”.  Then as I just stared at him and the manager was also less than pleased he continued again with his lesson to us about the egg saving grace of his God, “God is with us, he is with you Sir, God is all around us and …”.   Noticing the manager was now giving him a very icy stare the young man began walking away.  As he departed I could hear him finish his joyful telling me about how God was with me.   The Manger turned to me and I shrugged while mentioning I had not known God was so good at designing styrofoam egg cases.    He laughed and I went on my way.  I wonder if that boy will be getting a talking to about telling people about his god while at work.  I felt bad for the boy really.  He honestly felt a deity had intervened to save the eggs I was buying but the boy never thought about the  kids his God lets starve and be raped.  The look on the boys face as he was telling us about his god was so happy.  I wonder, what happens when the light comes on , when that boy’s god fails him?  It seems cruel to me to teach young people to have that faith over reason.   Even though I live in the southern USA in a state known for its churches and religious fanatics, I was still stunned to see this.   What has education become in our country, this young man was praising his God and telling me he protected my possible eggs purchase but the boy was not thinking of the human engineers who worked on the packaging nor the many far more important things his God should have been doing and did not do.   Any thoughts?  Hugs

April 23, 2018

Push … and Push-Back — Filosofa’s Word

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We have all been so encouraged by the young people, led by the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, mass school shooting, and we should be encouraged, we should be proud of these young people. They are the first generation, with the possible exception of the Vietnam generation, to take a firm stand, to make their […]

via Push … and Push-Back — Filosofa’s Word

April 5, 2018

Teachers & educated students are a threat to republicans.

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(cartoon by Jim Morin)

NRA smears shooting victims

(cartoon by Steve Sack)

March 29, 2018

Gun manufacturers & NRA & congress scared of students. They should be.

(cartoon by Paul Fell)

(cartoon by Nick Anderson)

June 29, 2016

My brother has a weird way of showing he’s excited – YouTube

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What It’s Like to Be a Teenage Sex Offender

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As if teenagers didn’t have enough to deal with already.

Source: What It’s Like to Be a Teenage Sex Offender

I am always bothered by what can land you on the sex offenders list, with all its restrictions and never ending punishments.   A while ago I posted about a teen boy who killed himself because he was put on the sex offenders list for streaking.     Another boy killed himself because he got put on it for something he did as a Preteen!  He couldn’t put up with all the things he was required to do, and I posted it because what they forced this early teen boy to do was child abuse to me.   When you think of the registry you think of a 40 or 50 year old man having sex with a 12 year old girl.   Or maybe a 12 year old boy.  The fact is that is not the case in a lot of the time.   I have read of people who took a pee outside and got on the list.  I have done that… driving on a road with no rest areas, pull over run behind a tree.  Well that can get you on the sex offenders regestry.  Well here is another interesting article to read on the crazy parts of the registry.    Hugs

May 3, 2016

Prep football player charged with felony for exposing himself in team photo | | USA Today High School Sports

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File this under: High school pranks gone wrong. Terribly wrong. Red Mountain (Mesa, Ariz.) senior linebacker Hunter Osborn, 19, faces 70 charges for exposing himself in a football team photo that a…

Source: Prep football player charged with felony for exposing himself in team photo | | USA Today High School Sports

A good friend sent this to me. Again this shows how our country has run right off the rails on the subject of nudity, body parts, genitalia, human bodies, and anything deal with sex. This also shows how crazy the sex offenders registry is getting. this country acts as though no one has seen even their own body parts , much less someone else’s. Look anyone with an internet connection has seen all body parts. No one has ever been traumatized and permanently harmed by just seeing a small part of genitalia. We are nuts in this country with how we deal with the human body, nudity, and yes sex. look at all the crazy stuff over transgendered people using the bathrooms they feel is appropriate to their situation. It is all hysteria and lies, and totally one sided and wrong. Other industrial countries have a much better attitude towards the human body and nudity. The way some people go on about the subject seems to hysterical and far from reality. Plus the idea of the useless and increasing punishing offender registry used for something like this is beyond stupid, it ruins what the registry was originally set up to be. How can it be used seriously when a streaker who no one really saw anything is on the list, or what a young person doing consensual sexting. Or a person who goes behind a tree to pee…and then is on the sexual offenders registry. This boy will have his whole life ruined, for a small harmless prank..and trust me, it was small as no one noticed until some one pointed it out. I am so saddened at the stupidity of the people in the legal system in this country, the stupidity of those making the laws, and the hate/fear we seem to have against our own bodies. Sad hugs

February 3, 2016

Harlem Hate Pastor Blows a Gasket Over ‘Sodomite Fags’ Trying to Buy His Church: WATCH – Towleroad

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Harlem Hate Pastor James David Manning is furious that his church might become a “homeless building for “sodomite fags”.

Source: Harlem Hate Pastor Blows a Gasket Over ‘Sodomite Fags’ Trying to Buy His Church: WATCH – Towleroad

I normally don’t post stuff asking for help or donations. I do on a few occasions because I really believe in the cause. I have done so before in the cause of keeping Native Indian children with their families and their culture. Now I ask again. This pastor has spewed such hate I had dismissed him as mentally unstable long ago. How ever now there may be a way to help gay or transgender youth who have been kicked out of their homes, who are preyed on in the streets, and yes they are preyed on. They are mostly forced to give their bodies for food or a shower or even a few hours of sleep. It is so sad but very true. Yes boys give their bodies up for this as do girls. This is a chance to help. If you can help please look into it. If you can’t help, don’t feel bad, we all have times when we simply don’t have the resources to give to others. However you can look into this and post it on your own blogs. Thanks and hugs.

August 19, 2015

Why Won’t Cops Release Zachary Hammond Dash Cam Footage? – YouTube

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Why Won’t Cops Release Zachary Hammond Dash Cam Footage? – YouTube.

August 12, 2015

Every generation thinks the generation after them is immoral

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Every generation thinks the generation after them is immoral.

It saddens me when someone paints a whole generation, paints all people, all kids, all of one race or the other with out any understanding of the idea that all these groups are made up of individuals.  So are heroes, and some have lost the path they walked, some struggle and some seem to just know where they are going and how to get there, some are hungry and others have more than they ever could use, and some give more of themselves than their elders did because they believe, and some sadly have lost all hope.   If the youth of today have lost something special it is because they have watched us, their elders.   we are not all shining patrons of virtue and grace.   While some save lives, others take them with no regard.   While some try to clothe and feed those who have nothing or are with out, others of us turn our heads and walk by.   They have seen what we have done.  They learned from us.  For some we took all they had, we took their hope for tomorrow.   If the youth of today has become better than us it is not because of anything great in us, but because they did not let us and our ways drag them down.   Thanks for reading the post.    Hugs

July 26, 2015

How do they do it

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Again some one tell me how the young can keep long hair out of their eyes, while I at my old age am trying to grow very long hair , and find it a constant problem.  It has to be held back at eating time as it falls into my food, my mouth and other embarrassing things if I don’t use things to hold it back.  It looks no where as cute on me as it does this kid.  I find I have to take extra time washing it, and conditioning it, you have no idea how painful long hair snarls are.  Plus there is it getting snagged on clothes, or messing up my glasses as it falls over them once in a while.  Then after all that , I see some long haired kid and think..gods how can they make it look so good.  Hugs

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