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April 16, 2017

Happy Sunday for everyone

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April 14, 2017

Baking Breakfast Together

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Hello Everyone.  Thanks for coming by, pull up a chunk of wi-fi and have a stretch out.   Some of you may know I have good days, and I have not good days.  Well that is not special, we all have that.  What makes mine a bit different is my health issues including pain problems can make a not so good day both happen a lot more often and makes them be quite a bitch.  However the great thing for me is I have it very good comparatively and with out being a blind pollyanna  I would say I am a lucky person.   I am rather happy.  I am not going to write a post on all the bitchy health stuff I am dealing with.   Instead I am going to tell you the great thing we did this morning.

Ron and I love to do stuff together.  One of the things we love to do is cook together.  I admit I use to do more of my share of it than I do now, but I still am part of the two man team.   Yesterday I came up with the idea of creating a breakfast bake this morning.  I had made one 11 years ago and Ron loved it.  So I gave Ron a list of things we needed and off he went to the store.  The last time I had to cook everything in advance, prepare it , and then bake the finished mixture.   

Ah how things have improved.   Ron was able to get a couple bags of precooked crumbled sausage and bacon.   The ham also was cut up, even though Ron did cut it smaller.   We got a huge bowl out and I went to town creating my own recipe.   First I added the crumbled meats with the chopped ham.   Then I added three different types of shredded cheeses.  Then Ron cut up a velveeta spicy cheese and added that.  Then I added a bunch of hash browns, which are simply shredded potatoes.  Now if you like peppers and onions you can add them.  Once we had all the stuff in the bowl, I mixed it up by hand.   

Ron had 6 really nice mini loaf cooking pans.   I filled them with the mixture up to about an inch from the top of the pan.   At the same time Ron took 9 eggs and put them in a bowl and using his new stick blender I got him, he whipped them up with some water.  This he poured over the mixture in the baking pans up to the top level of the mixture.   This gives the eggs room to rise as they soak into every part of the mixture.   Ron gave the pans a shake as he filled them as the eggs settle  in the nooks and crannies.  

We preheated the convection countertop oven to 425.   We set the timer at 30 minutes.  We checked them at 20 minutes to make sure.   Ron ate a slice or two and pronounced them great.   I ate mine with hot sauce.  I did not add salt with the mixture as I prefer people to add the salt at the time of eating as people have such different tastes.   I agree it was great.   The most wonderful thing is Ron and I did it together.  It was a great joy to be creating side by side as we made this with no measurements or complete recipe.   Poor Ron had to do all the clean up as just the small part I did wore me out, but he did not mind at all.  

Here are some pictures.  Sorry I did not think to take the pictures until after it had been baked and we started to eat.      Be well.  May your days not be bitchy.   Hugs


April 13, 2017

Do not mess with a cat’s special friend.

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Edit update.   More on this story and more video here.   Hugs


April 12, 2017

It gets messed up doesn’t it.

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I have been warned for a while now that I was running out of options on my diabetes.   The oral meds were not working.  As I have to have surgery very soon, they have to get my sugar down and under control.  My primary is not really the greatest and I have had to lean on her a bit to get things accomplished.  So Monday I had a visit with my pain care provider and got my shots.   I only got ten shots this time because even though we went lower I asked for her to start lower rather than just below the shoulder blades.  The pain care ANRP is the best.  Then Tuesday I saw my primary care.  She is a PAC.  I don’t hold that against her, she is just not really consistent at her job.   In fact I asked her if I should go to a specialist for my diabetes management, and she got a little offended.  Well the thing is I was put on injection insulin.   Now that doesn’t bother me, I have given shots, I don’t mind shots, I get a lot of them already anyway, and so giving myself a shot is not a problem.   I don’t care for the new way they do it, these pens injection devices as I have twice not gotten my full dose.  I prefer the old way of drawing it up out of a vial and such.  Well she put me on this super new pen injection insulin which has both the insulin and some other drug in it.   It is like super new, the rep is really hitting the doctors to prescribe it even though the pharmacies don’t stock it and insurance doesn’t cover it.  Which is what happened to me.  She gave me a sample to use while she sent the prescription into the pharmacy.

The pharmacy called me this morning and flat out said no way.  OK I have had that happen on several meds.  Here is where it gets to be a problem.  Most doctors offices work closely with the pharmacies, especially the one I use as it is the largest health care hospital system in the county and they use the huge pharmacy to provide all the employees and families durg needs.  It is really huge.  so like if your prescription has run out the pharmacy will call the doctor’s office for a new script for you.  Or in this case they would call the doctor’s office and say they won’t cover that script and here are the options.   This all makes it much easier for the patient.  But the primary care I have ( until I can change it ) hates the pharmacy to call them, and has actually told them not to call and often refuses to take the calls.  I have complained about it but got nowhere.

So this morning the nice lady at the pharmacy called , explained everything to me, how they wouldn’t cover it, how they would cover my insulin lantus but my copay would be $50 for three months for that and $50 for three months for something else, on top of the $50 I pay for my blood pressure meds, and some other drugs that cost me less amounts.  Not complaining because while that is tight for me, it is doable and a lot of people don’t have the insurance I do and their copays are a lot more.  I agreed to the $100 for three months added payment.  Then she said she would try to work it out with the doctors office and explained the problem.  So I am waiting for a call to be told what medications to take and how to get them.  Plus am I staying with a pen system or the old ( better I think ) system of vial and syringe.   So the thing I really need to do is get the hip surgery as soon as I can.  I am to see a different orthopedic surgeon because the first one I had such a dislike for.   My pain care giver says the one is much more suited for me and so I think it will work out.   Get that done and it is one less problem and a lot less pain.  I won’t need the wheelchair and I won’t need a new scooter.

Speaking of scooters I just found out that it takes a filled out 12 page form that takes about 2 hours to complete.  Most doctors offices won’t do it.   So I would be out of luck as they say if I needed it anyway.  Be well and happy.   Hugs


April 11, 2017


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Noah’s Ark-God, Giraffes & Genocide – YouTube

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Majestic Animals Photos…

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I was in a doctors office when I read this post. These made me laugh hard . People were looking at me like I was one of the ones pictured here. One lady moved away to another seat. I kept thinking of the bird looking over her many brood thinking “oh my God, what have I done”. Thanks and enjoy. Hugs

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April 10, 2017

When saying “OOPS” is not enough…

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Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. I have had days like this. I can say one guy was really happy he invested in the better trailer hitch system. I wonder, if one of these had happened to you, would you have cried in frustration or swore in anger? Thanks to The Story Reading Ape for posting them. Now I have to go see if there is a few salvageable beers. Hugs

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

My thanks to The Vermont Varmint for these:

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April 9, 2017

Brunch Fave: Sausage & Cornbread.

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For people who love to cook, and who feel breakfast is a great meal to try new things with, this reblog is for you. Jamal writes about a lot of different subjects. I recommend a visit to his blog for anyone who has missed out on it so far. This breakfast idea is great and one I have not tried. I will be trying it this week. One of the good things about Ron working nights is he comes home in the morning hungry. I will try this for him. If he likes it as much as I think he will, I might even tell him where I got it from… 🙂 Hugs

Gays in the Life

So can you tell bread was one of my favorite things before living a low-carb lifestyle? I’m telling you, I could turn anything into a sandwich. Sandwiches – no one in particular – were my favorite food and I’d have them often. That’s why so many of my last meal remixes have included keto bread. It must be a craving coming to test my will.

FullSizeRender (2)

Today, I put a twist on one of my favorite college brunch items: sausage and cornbread. The original recipe comes from an old friend and roommate. With a single box of Jiffy cornbread mix, baked over cooked, crumbled breakfast sausage, the epic breakfast dish is ready when golden brown.

image1 (1)

Instead of using the keto bread recipe to make biscuits or buns, I spread the uncooked dough over spicy crumbled sausage I’d prepared in the skillet. I doused the sausage with cayenne pepper, black pepper…

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April 8, 2017

Time Patrol. WWII or III?

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This is a powerful post that can either dislodge your reality or reaffirm it. It speaks eloquently on a subject that has no right to exist. I hope that everyone who reads it can find the peace in themselves, and that it soothes the body as it does the mind. I wish you well. Hugs


Another rabid dog has rammed his lorry, truck, whatever, into a crowd of passersby. Dead? Several? Injured? More? Where? Stockholm. I searched my memory. Was Sweden a colonial power? No. Involved in slavery? Probably not. Crimes of war? No. Well, some of their descendants conquered England in 1066, but I’m sure there is a statute of limitations on that. Let’s cut to the chase. Once more, a rabid dog has killed civilians. How long will we endure? Until WWIII? The following photos come from my father’s archives. Taken in 1948, they show scenes of Le Havre, a major harbour on the French North Coast, before and after WWII and the Allied bombings.

Le havre 01

Place Gambetta, le Havre. The only thing standing after the bombings are the lampposts and the statue on the right, probably a memorial to WWI, judging by its style. Look closely to the right on the…

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