Fox Guest: Masks Are Slowing Down Herd Immunity

Fox Guest: Masks Are Slowing Down Herd Immunity

“In fact, lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates are probably slowing the onset of herd immunity. We want people who are generally healthy to actually contract COVID if they do naturally. If you’re under the age of 50, you have got a 99.95 chance of survival.

“You need herd immunity to develop and that’s going to be between about 50-66 percent. Young healthy individuals get COVID, they get sick, they move on with their lives. For the vast, vast majority.

“Look at President Trump, he is 70 plus, he got COVID, he did beautifully. I think we’ve, we need to talk about fundamental issues, vitamin D, zinc.

“If you’re sick, quarantine. If you’re fragile, you’re vulnerable, again, stay safe, quarantine. But the rest of us have to get this society moving. This is a cruel experiment.” – Dr. Ramin Oskoui, speaking last night on Laura Ingraham’s show.

There is video at the link above.   The fact is scientists are not sure herd immunity is even possible with this virus.   They do know it would spike the death rate possibly into the millions.   How many of our population is expendable for someone else’s profits?  Are you?  Is your family?  Your children or grand children?   Why is it that these people can not see that the great USA is saying it can not do what most other countries on the planet managed to do?  When the presidents chief of staff Mark Meadows said that they wouldn’t try to control the spread of Covid he was asked why.   He replied that it was contagious, it was a virus.   Yet again other countries did control it, and even some states in the US are containing it.  I am tired of being thought of a work animal only here for someone else profit.   Also who is going to pay the large medical bills for those who get sick.    I know I was not born a wealthy entitled brat like Jared Kushner and tRump and his family, but I have as much right to life at they do.  Or damn well should.   Hugs

VIRAL VIDEO: Texas Cultist Arrested After Sucker Punch

VIRAL VIDEO: Texas Cultist Arrested After Sucker Punch

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports:

A verbal argument erupted between the victim and supporters of President Donald Trump outside the Buc-ee’s store in the 2800 block of South I-35E, Denton police said. Jason Lata, 44, punched the victim in the face and left the store’s parking lot, police alleged. The victim suffered an abrasion below his right eyebrow and a broken tooth.

Viral video of the incident shows a man in a hat yelling profanities at the victim and screaming “Turn it off!” as an anti-Donald Trump rap song by YG appeared to be playing in the background, according to the Associated Press. The suspect, who was standing with other men who were wearing Trump T-shirts, then punched the victim in the face, the AP reported.

Lata was arrested on suspicion of assault causing bodily injury. He was at the City of Denton Jail late Saturday. Bail was set at $15,000. Officers were dispatched to a hospital about 12:45 p.m. and interviewed the victim.

More tweets at the link above.    And interesting comments.   Hugs

Mask Refuser Pointed Gun At Head Of Grocery Shopper

Mask Refuser Pointed Gun At Head Of Grocery Shopper

Two cashiers who witnessed the incident told officers that the offender “freaked out” and then pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victim’s head. According to the police report, the man put the gun back in his pocket and hit the victim four to five times in the head and then took off without paying for items from the store.

There is more at the link above.   Hugs

Trump extends ban on racial discrimination training to federal contractors

President Trump on Tuesday extended his administration’s ban on training involving race- and sex-based discrimination to include federal contractors, doubling down on an issue to appeal to his base, and white voters in particular. 

The White House released an executive order that outlaws the teaching of “divisive concepts,” such as the idea that one race or sex is superior, that the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist, that any individual should feel “discomfort, guilt, anguish” or physiological distress because of their race or sex or that an individual bears responsibility for past actions by others of the same race or sex.

“[T]raining like that discussed above perpetuates racial stereotypes and division and can use subtle coercive pressure to ensure conformity of viewpoint,” the order states. “Such ideas may be fashionable in the academy, but they have no place in programs and activities supported by Federal taxpayer dollars.”

The order applies to executive departments and agencies, the U.S. military, federal contractors and federal grant recipients.

The president announced the order via Twitter roughly three weeks after his administration ordered federal agencies to cancel programs that discuss “white privilege” or “critical race theory.” The latter concept teaches that racism and racial inequality are a result of systemic power structures.

There is more at the link above.  Is any in doubt that this is an attempt by tRump, Stephen Miller, and those racist ilk to stop any equality teachings.  They are out in the open white supremacist.   This is the change in the US.   In four years we have gone from the building equality of rights for all, to rights for wealthy whites only.   Look how tRump keeps claiming that he is protecting the suburbs for the white women from the “lower incomes” moving in by which he means POC.   I know a lot of tRump supporters are racist, but this idea of the suburbs being all white is from a past age only viable in the mind of Republicans of tRumps age.    The truth is the suburbs are well mixed and suffering as the rest of us are.  I do not get the racism of the current “educated’ Republican politicians.   They have to know it is bullshit!   So for them to keep up the charade it has to have some meaning or benefit to them.   Other than pleasing their racist base and trying to create a larger racist base, I am at a loss.  It is beyond stupid and will fail.   Hugs

Mask Refuser Dragged Out Of School Board Meeting

Notice this person claims the board is being divisive and making trouble, just because they wont give him his own way.   Yes he is the problem but in his tRump like mind not giving in to him is the problem.   Also he fights with the police, and even though the smaller one pulls his taser he doesn’t use it.   If the guy had been a big black man doing that he would be dead on the floor.   Also you can hear the woman say he just wants his say.   White privileged assholes who are making the virus worse for all of us.    Hugs

Mask Refuser Dragged Out Of School Board Meeting

The Mitchell Republic reports:

A member of the public was escorted out of the Mitchell Board of Education Monday night by Mitchell Police after he refused to don a mask as per district policy that mandates mask wearing on school property. The man, whom Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves identified as Reed Bender, appeared at the meeting and sat in the front row of the audience area while not wearing a mask.

Graves contacted the Mitchell Police Division, which arrived approximately 20 minutes later and also asked Bender to leave. Bender again refused, saying he would have to be physically removed from the meeting. Two officers spoke with Bender for a few minutes before attempting to escort him out of the building. Bender resisted the officers while several audience members implored Bender to not resist.

Mitchell, South Dakota. Population 15,000.






MAGA-Clad Anti-Maskers Parade Through Target Demanding ‘Take Your Masks Off’ and Shouting ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

Disgusting!  These are thugs, running on their emotions to feel good about themselves, to feel powerful.   They are not interested in letting people do their own thing.   They do not care about other people’s rights.   They are entirely about forcing everyone else to live by their ideas, their wants, their needs, their beliefs.    They claim to be super patriots and love the constitution, but by their actions you can see it is not true at all.   You wearing a mask doesn’t harm them, but it makes them feel they are wrong, so they must make you take it off.  This is the tRump cult, the special ones claiming others are snowflakes.    Hugs

MAGA-Clad Anti-Maskers Parade Through Target Demanding ‘Take Your Masks Off’ and Shouting ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

“Take your masks off!” one yelled while another added, “Yeah! Take it off!”

“Wooo! Yes! Take it off!” another protester yelled while excitedly jumping up and down. “Look at these kids! Let them be an example,” added another who was gesturing towards a group of maskless children. “Take it off! Look at the kids!”

Anti-masks “protests” have been popping up throughout the United States, despite the shocking number of coronavirus cases and deaths per day, especially in Florida — home to this particular demonstration.

Florida is, in fact, home to the most coronavirus cases per capita in the United States, with over 35,000 positives per million people.

Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, also testified to the Senate on Wednesday that face masks “are more guaranteed” to protect the public than a vaccine.

“Face masks, these face masks, are the most important, powerful public health tool we have, and I will continue to appeal for all Americans, all individuals in our country, to embrace these face coverings,” Redfield said Wednesday, during his hearing before the Senate Committee on Appropriations. “I’ve said that if we did it for six, eight, ten, twelve weeks, we’d bring this pandemic under control. We have clear scientific evidence they work, and they are our best defense.”

These assholes scared kids, took away the parents rights to teach their children, what would they have said if this had been anti-Christian people?    There is more at the link above including video.     Hugs

GOP Nominates Another QAnon Candidate—This One for Senate Seat

Really.   The Republican party is dead.    Call it the party of tRump, call it a cult, but tRump is its leader and every single member in congress that bows to that shit stain dear leader needs to have these Qanon idiots hung around their neck for ever.    Hugs

GOP Nominates Another QAnon Candidate—This One for Senate Seat

Media Matters includes Witzke in its running list of candidates who have supported the outlandish ​but dangerous QAnon conspiracy theory, which holds that President Donald Trump is secretly battling a network of satanic pedophiles connected to prominent business, political, and entertainment influencers who are​ allegedly trafficking children. Media Matters notes that Witzke has tweeted a QAnon slogan and has been photographed wearing a QAnon t-shirt. Earlier this year, Witzke attempted to distance herself from the ​QAnon ​movement.

Witzke’s campaign has been marked by its closeness to extremists. Witzke​ is campaigning on a staunch anti-immigration platform, calling for a 10-year halt on immigration into the United States, and has associated with ​white nationalists. She was endorsed by Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, who has his own longtime ties to far-right nationalists. And although the Delaware Republican Party endorsed her primary opponent, she claimed on Twitter in February that members of the state’s GOP had “been really good” to her.

RWW revealed in May that Witzke’s then-campaign manager Michael Sisco displayed an affinity for far-right figures and anti-Semites, and had once proposed implementing royal rule in the United States as a means of driving Jews out of positions of power. Since our reporting, Sisco appears to have left Witzke’s campaign team.

There is more at the link above, oh boy is there more.   She likes the white supremacists and people who are anti-semites.    Hugs. 

Long Island student who keeps showing up for school on remote days suspended for a year

A Long Island student has been suspended for a year after repeatedly defying his school’s remote learning schedule, insisting that classes should always be held in person — even during a pandemic.

The 17-year-old was initially suspended for five days last week after attending in person-classes when he was scheduled for remote learning. He continued to defy school officials and appeared in person again last Wednesday and Thursday, resulting in an arrest on criminal trespass charges.

The William Floyd School District has set up a hybrid learning schedule to lower the number of students attending classes in person, an effort aimed at reducing their exposure to coronavirus in accordance with state guidelines.

But Stow continued to protest the decision and even picketed outside the school Monday, arguing that virtual learning is not good enough and that students should be in school every day.

“The written determination of the hearing officer was made after an exhaustive hearing at which numerous witnesses testified to Mr. Stow’s repeated insubordination and disruption despite being given multiple opportunities to avoid suspension,” the district said in a statement.

In an interview with WABC last week, the teen’s parents said they stood by their son and disagreed with the five-day suspension.

“Kids need to be in school every day. Virtual learning is not learning,” said his mother, Nora Kaplan-Stow. “My son is being suspended because he wants to be in school.”

But an online petition condemning his actions has drawn more than 2,000 signatures, many of which came from Stow’s own classmates.

In a statement following his arrest Thursday, school officials described his behavior as a “publicity stunt” and called his actions “irresponsible and selfish.”

“He arrived wearing a neon green shirt — for high visibility — with a contingent of media just outside the fence line trying to capture him getting arrested as he entered the building,” they wrote.

More at the link above.  Notice how he and his parents do not care about any other kid or teacher.   Notice he feels he is above the rules.   He seems to be trying to make a statement and I bet if you asked about his political leanings or his parents view of Covid 19, you would find he is a tRump supporting Covid denying asshole.   He lost a year / or a quarter of a year if he behaves of schooling to prove a political point while trying to claim he feels school is so important.   He doesn’t care about in person school, just as he did not care about the other students he would have displaced or put in danger.   A perfect little maga soldier.    Hugs

Trump steps off the golf course and takes a swing at John McCain, as Losergate continues

Again the professional victim.   It must be horrible to go through life thinking everyone has it out for you.    Hugs

With the news cycle exploding over reports that Donald Trump called American soldiers who died to stop a German attack on Paris “losers” and “sucker,” it’s obvious that Trump had only one choice: Spend the day honoring America’s military by chasing a little white ball around his private golf course in Virginia.

But if Trump’s scheduled for Saturday seemed incredibly callous and tone deaf, his continuing reaction to the scandal is just as predictable as the way he shaves off just a few strokes on his scorecard. Trump’s most recent tweets starts off with a series of lies about all the great things he’s done for the military. A list that for some reason doesn’t include stealing the money that was meant to be used for housing, schools, and hospitals to be used for his nonexistent and useless “Wall.” Then Trump declared that The Atlantic author Jeffrey Goldberg was a “slimeball reporter” who was ruining all his hard work in doing things like the Veteran’s Choice bill that President Obama actually signed.

Trump also accused Goldberg of “making up a horrible charge” and said that he was “maybe working with disgruntled people.” Disgruntled people apparently covers any White House official because the statements first reported by Goldberg have been confirmed by The Washington Post, and the Associated Press, and Fox News. Not only that, Losergate is perfectly in line with everything Trump has said since before he was elected. Oh, and Trump couldn’t even make it two tweets without taking a swing at John McCain.

Trump has always claimed superior military knowledge, apparently conferred on him by years of wearing a very fancy uniform and being abusive to other students at his preppy academy. And, of course, by his ability to bribe a doctor into writing him an excuse to get out of serving in Vietnam, proving that he’s not “a sucker.” This superior knowledge allowed him to declare that he knew “more about ISIS than all the generals do” in 2015.
Six months into his time in the White House, Trump attacked military leaders for defending the benefits of the NATO alliance. Trump declared it “crazy” and “stupid” to fund bases designed to protect allies and prevent wars from being fought in the United States. When generals and historians tried to explain, Trump snarled at the whole room. “I wouldn’t go to war with you people. You’re a bunch of dopes and babies.”
There is more at the link above.    Hugs