Trump Admin Sues Grocery Giant Kroger Over Firing Of Two Staffers Who Refused To Wear “Rainbow” On Apron

Again religious people wanting special privilege to advertise their religious beliefs by not wearing the store uniform.   Really it is about their wanting others to know how holy they are.   It has little to do with the LGBTQ+ because the heart is not a rainbow.   The US government is joining the side of two people who want the god given right to be assholes to a segment of the population, to disregard laws and discriminate freely against those they dislike.   Can we say 1950 amem.   Hugs

NBC News reports:

The complaint was filed Monday by the  EEOC on behalf of Brenda Lawson, 72, and Trudy Rickerd, 57, who both worked at a Kroger store in Conway, Arkansas, for several years before being fired last spring.

The two women were allegedly disciplined and eventually terminated after they refused to wear new aprons issued last April that featured an embroidered rainbow heart on the top left portion of the bib.

The lawsuit states that both women “believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible” and “hold a sincerely held religious belief that homosexuality is a sin.” Lawson and Rickerd both, it continued, each “believed wearing the logo showed her advocacy of the [LGBTQ] community, which she could not do.”

There is more at the link above and I think it is time we worry about the white supremacist Christian takeover of the US government.   Hugs

A PA District is Letting Christians Preach to Kids at a Remote Learning Site

Again Christians trying hard to preach their dogma to other peoples kids.   Hugs

A PA District is Letting Christians Preach to Kids at a Remote Learning Site

All of that sounds really great — for families, for students, for the district itself.

But here’s the problem: Camp Susque is a Christian camp with a self-described mission of “Biblical evangelism.” The camp’s website says its goal is “introducing campers of all ages to our God and Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, as proclaimed in His Word, the Bible.”

Why is a public school district partnering with a Christian organization with a goal of evangelizing?!

Maybe, you think, they’ll turn off the “Christian” switch when WASD kids are there. It might look like a problem, but we don’t have to worry because safeguards are in place to make sure WASD students still receive a secular education, right?


[Is religious programming part of this at all?]

PETER SWIFT: … definitely. We are concerned not just for the physical and mental needs of all the students, but also their spiritual needs. Our application and registration makes this clear, and it does have an opportunity to opt out of any specifically religious programming….though from my perspective as a Christian, providing the space, love, and attention to the students is “religious” – but that would be the same for me whether I’m working here or elsewhere.

Not to mention, the remote learning time is expected to take up about 2 hours of the day. We are planning up to 6 hours of programming during the day. We’re gonna certainly use our core competencies.

In short, unless parents go out of their way to say “no proselytizing,” kids will be preached at… for several hours a day.

Some kids who aren’t Christian — and whose parents aren’t raising them in Christianity — may be coerced into going along with it because their classmates are doing it too. This is nothing more than target practice for Christian zealots using local schoolchildren. If it took place in the building, it would be an open and shut violation of the Establishment Clause. That doesn’t change just because the learning is happening in a remote location.

There is more at the link above.    Hugs