Trump’s DOJ Threatens To Strip Funds From NYC And Other “Anarchist Cities,” Prompting Cheers From NYPD Unions

But while city leaders and New Yorkers mainly ridiculed the threatened cuts, the move was immediately celebrated by some of the city’s police unions — including the Police Benevolent Association, whose longtime boss Pat Lynch recently endorsed Trump.

Ed Mullins, the president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, also said he that he agreed with the Attorney General’s announcement.

“Barr is correct we are living in criminal anarchy,” he told Gothamist over text message. “People are afraid and the police are unable to protect them.”

Asked if he was concerned about the impact on New Yorkers if the cash-strapped city lost billions in federal funding, Mullins, a Long Island resident, said the ends would justify the means.

“Of course I’m concerned but this will force regular New Yorkers to vote out the people who did this,” he wrote.

From Joe.My.God.,  “Mullins has been involved in multiple racist incidents and has taken to appearing on Fox with a QAnon mug perched within view”.

There is more at the link above.   Notice what the police unions are really doing and saying.   They are acting like no one has the right to control them, and in fact they are refusing to be controlled by civilian authority.    The authorities speak for the local government but the police now think they are the local government or at least equal to it.   The police have become thugs.   Greedy thugs.  The police have become occupying armies, controlling forces for the wealthy status quo.   I am serious, if we do not defund and defang these renegade cops and their unions will will continue to be a police state with only the rights they wish to give us as they will be above the laws.    Hugs

Mike Pompeo Plans to Push His Anti-LGBTQ Commission at the UN

I do not understand how any LGBTQ+ person could support the Republicans, any of them, but some sad self haters do.   Hugs

Mike Pompeo Plans to Push His Anti-LGBTQ Commission at the UN

Two months after a controversial State Department commission elevated religious freedom at the expense of LGBTQ equality and reproductive rights, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning to promote its findings at the United Nations, Mother Jones has learned.

During the UN General Assembly, which begins on September 15 in New York, Pompeo is expected to lead an event centered on human rights and, specifically, the report from the Commission on Unalienable Rights, which he formed last year. Meanwhile, on September 16, the commission’s chair and secretary are staging a virtual event with the US ambassador to the UN office in Geneva to present its report to the international community.

Since its formation, the commission has been a Pompeo project through and through, stacked with anti-LGBTQ scholars and headed by his former boss. Its ostensible purpose, which Pompeo outlined in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, was to distinguish between unalienable rights, which “are by nature universal,” and ad hoc rights created by “politicians and bureaucrats.” That argument—and the extremely public, anti-LGBTQ views held by its members—led the human rights advocacy community to disavow the commission and its report, which unsurprisingly turned out to prioritize religious freedom while labeling abortion and same-sex marriage as “divisive social and political controversies.” 

The harsh response has not deterred Pompeo in the slightest. Within weeks of the draft report’s publication in July, it had been translated into six languages, including Farsi. (Given the Trump administration’s increasingly hostile stance toward Iran, that was certainly no accident.)

There is more at the link above.   It is incredible the hate these people have for the LGBTQ+ community.   I don’t understand it at all.   We are not harming them, not taking their god away from them, we are people who deserve the same equal rights in society as they do.   They want to take our rights away, they are the aggressors, they are causing the problems, they want special privileges to disregard the laws and rights of anyone they don’t like.   Hugs