Trump Calls Giuliani: “I Had To Confront” COVID So That The American People Stopped Being Afraid Of It

Trump Calls Giuliani: “I Had To Confront” COVID So That The American People Stopped Being Afraid Of It

The New York Post report:

President Donald Trump phoned Rudy Giuliani from his hospital bed Saturday afternoon to declare he feels so healthy, “I could get out of here right now.”  The former Big Apple mayor said his friend of 30 years sounded hale and hearty during the conversation. “If you can judge by the way he speaks, he sounded like vintage Donald Trump,” Giuliani said. The president dictated a statement to Giuliani.

“You go tell people I’m watching this coverage. I feel I could get out of here right now. But they’re telling me there can always be a backstep with this disease. But I feel I could go out and do a rally. I am the president of the United States. I can’t lock myself in a room. I had to confront [the virus] so the American people stopped being afraid of it so we could deal with it responsibly.”

‘I’m going to beat this,’ Trump tells Rudy Giuliani of COVID-19 during phone call

“We have made tremendous progress on treating this disease. Fatality rates are very low compared to [the beginning].

“I’m going to beat this.

“Then I will be able to show people we can deal with this disease responsibly, but we shouldn’t be afraid of it.

“If I had handled it any other way, I would have created more panic, more fear in the American people.

“We are making great progress on dealing with this disease and making better progress with the economy than anyone had the right to expect.”

The president’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, told reporters Saturday morning that Trump has no fever, is not taking oxygen and is in “good spirits.” But he warned, “The first week of Covid, and in particular days seven to 10, are the most critical in determining the likely course of this illness.”

Again notice tRump had better medical care, and access to the most restricted treatments / medications available.     Also I am watching two different narratives play out.   Hugs

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs tweets against wearing masks, gives other questionable COVID-19 advice

Is this what the GOP is now, shilling for dollars while being willing to sacrifice the people they serve to their god of economy?   They are no longer trying to take the country back to the 1950’s but instead to the 1650’s.   A time of little education except for the elites and slave labor with early death for the rest.   A struggle for survival for most with luxury for the privileged few.    Hugs

Rep. Andy Biggs is neither a physician nor a scientist but he continues to attack public health advice and scientific evidence on COVID-19.

Biggs, R-Ariz., whose 5th Congressional District includes most of the East Valley area, in recent days has posted a string of pro-hydroxychloroquine and anti-mask messages on social media.

In his latest tweets, Biggs urges Arizonans to flout national and local public health guidance on COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or new coronavirus. He says Arizonans should be able to use hydroxychloroquine as a preventive COVID-19 measure, though it’s not recommended for prophylactic use by the federal or state government.

He’s also been urging members of the public to “unmask.”

Earlier this summer, Biggs challenged Arizona’s rising hospitalization numbers and suggested the COVID-19 pandemic was being blown out of proportion.

As of Tuesday, the Arizona Department of Health Services was reporting  206,045 COVID-19 cases and 5,221 known deaths from the respiratory illness.

“There’s no medical basis for what he’s telling people do to and he has no scientific standing to make these statements,” Dr. Lee Ann Kelley, Maricopa County Medical Society president, said of Biggs.

“It is absurd this has become a political issue instead of a public health issue,” Kelley said. “There is tons of evidence that masks do work and I do believe one of the reasons Arizona’s numbers went down was because of the mask mandates.”

There is real “cause and effect” evidence that masks do work and for Biggs to tell people that wearing a mask is about freedom is “highly irresponsible,” she said.

Arizona experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases in June and July that overwhelmed hospitals to a point where they canceled elective surgeries, scrambled to add COVID-19 beds and negative pressure rooms, and hired nurses and respiratory therapists from other states.

Arizona has one of the highest infection rates in the country, the CDC’s COVID tracker says. Its death rate of 72 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people is above the U.S. average of 57 deaths per 100,000 people, the CDC says.

In his tweets, Biggs says Arizonans should “fight the medical establishment” to have more access to hydroxychloroquine. The drug “has unfortunately become too politicized, including in Arizona,” he tweeted Aug. 31. He has since tweeted in support of Arizonans’ “right to try” hydroxychloroquine five more times.

The FDA revoked that emergency use authorization June 15 because the federal agency found that that found the medicines “showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery.”

On July 1, the FDA issued a summary of safety issues with the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Those issues include reports of serious heart rhythm problems, blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries and liver failure.

Biggs told Martin in the interview that hydroxychloroquine is “a safe drug that seems to have some positive effects, so let us make that choice. Let us as free individuals make that choice after meeting with our physician.”

He blames restrictions on the drug that are in place in various states on “petty tyrants.”

There is more of his craziness at the link above.   I waded through it, and if you want to see how devoted to every word tRump utters and such blatant dismissing of education along with public safety, then give it a read.  These jerks and assholes act as if 200,000 thousand people dead of this are nothing, at least to them.   He is only interested in getting people back to what was so that his hero tRump can win and his wealthy donors have their money flowing again.    Hugs

Greed is killing the US


Today, Bernie Sanders traveled to Canada with a group of diabetics to purchase their insulin. The cost is a fraction in the United States.

Every day, people in the US can’t afford their medications. They are forced to ration or choose between paying for it or rent/food.

The greedy pharmaceutical companies that artificially charge high prices know that Americans will suffer, even die, but to them it’s worth it for a little more profit.

Why I have not been on blogs, and not answered emails. Medical stuff.

This got long.  34 minutes of my voice.   So place consider this to be tortured and several humanitarian groups have formed to help those who have listened to the whole thing.  🙂  I am not whining about anything in the video, just explaining.    IF you force yourself to occasionally glance at the screen you see my normal smile and happy demeanor.   The reason it got long was the confusion I get into with my pain medications and the changing blood sugar.  So enjoy and try to not stuff too much into your ears to block the sound.   Hugs