Exclusive: White House orders end to COVID-19 airport screenings for international travelers


The orders to cease prescreening operations came from the White House, with strict orders to keep the information secret until a public announcement is made. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the various agencies — and contractors — involved in the airport screening operations are working frantically to prepare for Monday’s shutdown.

The White House orders to shut down the airport screenings for inbound international passengers comes amid rising COVID-19 case numbers and death counts and as experts warn of a potential second wave of the pandemic this fall.

The White House, the CDC, the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection and AMR did not immediately respond to Yahoo News’ request for comment.

A government official told Yahoo News that the Transportation Security Administration, which is not directly involved in the screenings, had been briefed on the upcoming changes for its awareness.

The airport screening changes come not long after news late last month that employers were shedding more than 100,000 jobs, with airlines a major driver of those cuts.

This is also not the first time the White House has struggled with the question of airport COVID-19 screenings. The House oversight subcommittee on economic and consumer policy has previously criticized the White House for what it regarded as lax health screening of international passengers, and expressed concerns that plans to expand those screenings to domestic travelers were sidelining scientific advice.

There is more at the link above.   I wonder if this is more of the project things are back to normal even as more people get sick and more die, more large unpaid hospital bills, and more unemployment with no help from the government.  But hey his Brownshirt thugs can pal around with the police after beating up BLM people.   Hugs