Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Doomsday if tRump wins

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for October 19, 2020

About to die


Jeff Stahler Comic Strip for October 19, 2020

Over Covid

Thanksgiving 2020

Moderately Confused Comic Strip for October 19, 2020

Drive in

Tim Campbell Comic Strip for October 19, 2020


Brian McFadden Comic Strip for October 19, 2020

Too late


Editorial cartoons from 2016.   Seems really familiar today.





Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

ABC News reports:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace questioned Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller about the Trump campaign’s attacks on Democratic nominee Joe Biden in connection with his son Hunter’s work at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, noting that two GOP-led Senate committees had cleared both men of any wrongdoing.

“The fact is Vice President Biden has actually released his tax returns, unlike President Trump and there’s no indication he’s gotten any money from anyone in these business deals,” Wallace noted.

In response, Miller cited a disputed New York Post story published last week about Hunter Biden and then invoked Hillary Clinton, saying “Voters hate it when people make a lot of money trading off of their family name.”

I have started to really hate the gaslighting from the tRump camp.   I have always hated lying, I think it is one of the few things I really get hung up on.   I hate that these people have made reality meaningless.   His base cult followers spout these accusations all the time not even caring about how tRump’s hell spawn is raking money hand over fist off his name and his presidency.   It is sickening to me.   Hugs

WH Backs Herd Immunity Statement Signed By Such Notables As Drs. Johnny Bananas And Person Fakeman

WH Backs Herd Immunity Statement Signed By Such Notables As Drs. Johnny Bananas And Person Fakeman

The New York Times reports:

The White House has embraced a declaration by a group of scientists arguing that authorities should allow the coronavirus to spread among young healthy people while protecting the elderly and the vulnerable — an approach that would rely on arriving at “herd immunity” through infections rather than a vaccine.

Many experts say “herd immunity” — the point at which a disease stops spreading because nearly everyone in a population has contracted it — is still very far-off. Leading experts have concluded, using different scientific methods, that about 85 to 90 percent of the American population is still susceptible to the coronavirus.

Sky News reports:

Sky News found dozens of fake names on the list of medical signatories, which anyone can add to if they tick a box and enter a name. These included Dr. I.P. Freely, Dr. Person Fakename and Dr. Johnny Bananas, who listed himself as a “Dr of Hard Sums”. One medical professional on the list gives his name as Dr Harold Shipman, a general practitioner in the United Kingdom. A GP called Harold Shipman killed more than 200 of his patients before he was arrested in 1998.

Sky News also found 18 self-declared homeopaths listed on the open letter as medical practitioners, despite the fact that homeopathy has no scientific underpinning or clinical evidence to support its use. In addition, the letter has been signed by well over 100 therapists, including massage therapists, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and one Mongolian Khöömii Singer who describes himself as a “therapeutic sound practitioner”.

This is a death sentence for a lot of people in the country.  This is the government saying it is better for a lot of people to die, get sick and have huge medical bills than the government doing anything, paying anything, helping in anyway for people to live and be safe.   Basically this is the tRump administration throwing their hands up and saying we don’t have a plan and don’t know what to do while we are afraid of the pain we will face if we do what we know needs be done.   

Think on it, the rest of the world knew what to do and they reduced deaths of their people and their economies are still going, they never took the great hits ours did.  Stop thinking the US is the entire world, that is killing us.   This idea of herd immunity is basically saying your life and your suffering means nothing as long as you keep the wealthy making their money from the stock market.   Your life is worth nothing compared to the money the wealthy desire.   That is the entire thing.  tRump doesn’t care if you die, in fact he doesn’t care if you live, to him you are nothing.  If you are not wealthy or you can not help him personally you are only fodder, only to be used until useless then discarded.   Hello People do you not see the point and issue?  tRump wants far more people intimidating poll watchers to prevent people from using their right to vote than he has to preventing the spread of Covid across the country.  

tRump and his ilk have drawn the lines, it is them and their profits over your life.   I mentioned before how every governor telling people to return to how things were before Covid also are not the ones at risk.   The ones demanding the opening of schools so the working parents can be free to go back to the jobs that do not exist are not putting their kids in the public schools, not having their families shopping in stores or malls.   They want you to do what they think their families are above doing.    It really pisses me off.   Hugs

Trump Spawn Funnel US Money Into Daddy’s Pocket

Trump Spawn Funnel US Money Into Daddy’s Pocket

And in three weeks we can end this grifting:

Eric Trump took his Secret Service agents to Trump golf courses in Scotland, as he led transatlantic tours for paying customers. Donald Trump Jr. took his protectors to the Trump hotel in Vancouver, stopping over on hunting trips to Canada. And Ivanka Trump took her Secret Service detail to the Trump golf club in Bedminster, N.J., again and again — even after she asked other Americans to “please, please” stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

On trips like these, Secret Service agents were there to protect Trump’s children. But, for the Trump family business, their visits also brought a hidden side benefit. Money. That’s because when Trump’s adult children visited Trump properties, Trump’s company charged the Secret Service for agents to come along. The president’s company billed the U.S. government hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for rooms agents used on each trip.

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More at the link above.  Hugs