Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

Trump Campaign Flack: Voters Hate It When People “Make A Lot Of Money Trading On Their Family Name”

ABC News reports:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace questioned Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller about the Trump campaign’s attacks on Democratic nominee Joe Biden in connection with his son Hunter’s work at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, noting that two GOP-led Senate committees had cleared both men of any wrongdoing.

“The fact is Vice President Biden has actually released his tax returns, unlike President Trump and there’s no indication he’s gotten any money from anyone in these business deals,” Wallace noted.

In response, Miller cited a disputed New York Post story published last week about Hunter Biden and then invoked Hillary Clinton, saying “Voters hate it when people make a lot of money trading off of their family name.”

I have started to really hate the gaslighting from the tRump camp.   I have always hated lying, I think it is one of the few things I really get hung up on.   I hate that these people have made reality meaningless.   His base cult followers spout these accusations all the time not even caring about how tRump’s hell spawn is raking money hand over fist off his name and his presidency.   It is sickening to me.   Hugs

You DON’T know there is a god: Point 1 – Conflicting World Views

Great mythical gods I love this guys work.  I hate his taste in into and outro music, but I love his videos and I love his book.   His series on evolution for kids is phenomenal.   Total science done in understandable terms backed up by clear evidence.   There is no way to dispute it.  It is used in Science classrooms.   Hugs

Seattle Cop Runs Over Protester’s Head

The police are not even trying to hide their disdain and hate for those they want to rule over.  The police are proving the point that they are brutalizing and abusing the public.  It is a right to protest, but the police don’t like it, so they hurt people, they lash out in anger.  Is this serve and protect, or is it a occupying armed force in a police state.   Don’t tell me it is just a few bad apples, every officer there who did not arrest the cop who did this is just as guilty.  You don’t have the right to run over someone’s head, but they do?   Hugs

Virginia Sees Massive Lines On First Day Of Early Voting

Virginia Sees Massive Lines On First Day Of Early Voting

Reuters reports:

In Fairfax County, election workers were scrambling to open an additional voting room at the county government center where a line of hundreds of voters, spaced six feet apart, stretched down the block.

Long lines were also evident in other northern Virginia locations, where Democrats outnumber Republicans. Equally long lines, though, were reported in Virginia Beach — where voters stood in the rain — and other parts of the state as well.